i actually love these idiots


↳ Favorite friendship with non-Nekoma members: Bokuto Kotaro & Kuroo Tetsuro


the 100 au: minty’s always been a thing (even back in season 1)

do you ever think about how robert and aaron literally wiped the floor with everyone at a couples quiz because they can basically read each other’s brains but emotionally they’re still the worst communicators I’ve ever flipping seen with my own two eyeballs

like why are they like this but also i love them??????

The few times Deacon actually does sleep, he usually ends up crashing wherever it’s warmest.

Most of the time that happens to be Nick.

The absolutely lovely @haalpine finished my commission and I’ve been screaming about it for the past few hours, guys look at how cute it is

They were absolutely wonderful to work with and y’all should definitely check out their commission page, and now I will continue screaming because !!!!!!!

Picture this:

Eren leaning against a brick wall toward the end of autumn, only a red scarf keeping him warm beyond his tattered shirt and pants. His fingers pluck at the worn strings of his broken guitar, the flimsy case flung open beside him. Only a few scattered coins and a dollar bill occupy the space, urging Eren to continue despite the cold.

A little girl with black hair and a hard face comes along, throwing a handful of quarters in. Rather than leaving immediately, she hangs around to continue listening. A few songs later, Eren notices her shivering and pauses his playing to unravel his red scarf. At first she frowns, but then her eyes light up when he wraps it around her neck gently. Wordlessly, she flings herself at Eren for a hug and takes off skipping down the sidewalk.

Without the scarf, the cold bites even harder. Even as a human furnace, Eren struggles to keep himself warm. Stubborn as ever, Eren takes his seat once again and resumes playing. 

Not long after, a formal business man dressed all in black moseys up to the oblivious Eren. After giving a few of his songs a listen, he bends down and drops a hundred dollar bill in his case. “Not bad, kid.”

Eren stares at the bill in disbelief. “H-how can I repay you??” At first, the grumpy midget considers ignoring his question. However, after thinking a bit, he comes up with a better solution.

“Come with me, let me get you somewhere warm.” Absolutely flustered, Eren gathers his things and follows after the tiny, mysterious man.

Listening In

My first coffee shop au thanks to the wonderful @authorkurikuri‘s prompt list. Thank you for this list, even though you aren’t even in this fandom. Please enjoy some oblivious Obi-wan meeting Mando’a speaking Rex and Cody in a coffee shop. (also on ao3 ) Thanks to @all-stars-burn-as-one for being a lovely beta <3 

Obi-wan sat back in his usual cushy chair, sipping his black tea and enjoying the view. The two guys who were always together were back in the cafe again, and sitting closer to him than usual.

They were always wonderful to look at, but this was the first time he’d been able to get a closer look. One had buzzed blond hair, and Obi-wan was unsure if it was natural or dyed, but it was lovely either way. He also had soft amber eyes and an easy smile. The other one had dark hair – a bit longer, but still neat. There was a wicked scar reaching along the side of his face, but rather than being disfiguring, or distracting, it only enhanced his looks. Both of them were well-built, but not overly so – their muscle was used for practical purposes, not for show.

Obi-wan honestly tried not to stare, but it was rather difficult.

The afternoon rush finally died down, and Obi-wan realized he could hear the attractive men’s conversation. He struggled to not raise his eyebrow in interest. They were speaking Mando’a, the very language he had been teaching himself in his spare time the past few months. This could be an excellent opportunity to hone his listening comprehension skills – the recorded teaching videos were pretty bad.

Obi-wan decided to pick up his book and pretend to read, so he wouldn’t be quite so obvious.

At first he could only grasp a word every so often, until he got settled in and used to their particular accent. Usually it was just words like the, day, and work – things that are learned early on. But soon enough, he picked up context and figured out they were talking about their day. It seemed as if they were both … cops? Detectives? Obi-wan would have to look up beroya later.

Unfortunately, the first full sentence that Obi-wan understood was, “The redhead? Definitely. Only man in here hotter than you.” Which was the exact moment he was sipping, and subsequently choking, on his tea.

What Obi-wan didn’t realize, was that while he was recovering, the two of them looked over at him and then smirked at each other.

After Obi-wan got situated again, with his face almost the same color as his hair, he noticed that they were back to talking about work like nothing had happened. Obi-wan took that as a win.

Similar situations continued to happen all week, though never as obviously as the first time. The two men would sit nearby and have casual conversations about work, family (what seemed to be an unruly amount of brothers and cousins), music, and books, among other things. Then, at some undesignated point in the conversation, one of them would throw in an off-the-cuff comment that Obi-wan could have taken to be about him, but it was veiled in a way where he couldn’t be sure.

So Obi-wan continued to spend the week practicing his listening comprehension, blushing constantly and trying to not choke on his tea … again.

By the end of the week, Obi-wan’s comprehension had improved a thousandfold, and he found himself listening to these two extraordinarily hot men talk about wanting a third in their relationship. He was very glad he hadn’t been drinking tea at the time, because it easily would have been a repeat from earlier in the week.

These two remarkably handsome men were in a relationship together, and they wanted to bring someone willing into the fold. Obi-wan immediately became jealous of whoever got to be that person, because from everything he had learned over the past week, these two were interesting, funny, ridiculous, amazingly beautiful, and just plain wonderful.

Obi-wan looked up from his pout when he heard a huff and the scraping of chairs nearby. The two guys were walking right towards him, and he didn’t even have any time to panic before one sat down on either side of him – close enough for him to know they were there, but not so close that he felt trapped.

“You are honestly the most dense person we have ever met,” the blonde started off.

“Really, Rex? That’s how you want to introduce yourself?” The brunette shook his head and looked at Obi-wan. “Please ignore him, he’s… frustrated at the moment. I’m Cody, and this is my partner, Rex. We have been debating how to approach you for the past month.”

Obi-wan’s eyebrows rose almost to his hairline. The past month? How had he never noticed?

“Don’t get too upset with yourself, we are very good at our jobs. ‘Observe without being observed’ is kind of a speciality. Mando’a is our native language, but we don’t use it often in public because it can single us out. We noticed you with introductory books a while ago, and we decided that would be the best way to catch your attention.” Cody gave Obi-wan a sly smile.

Caught his attention, indeed. Obi-wan looked over at Rex, who was leaning back with a look that mirrored Cody’s.

Obi-wan was absolutely caught, and he had no intention of being let go.

*shyly coughs and slides this over*
@raininginadelaide I just wanted to say I absolutely adore your Dragon Age fanfic “Finding Home” and I couldnt help but draw some fan art for it

I need more puzzleshipping on my dash so I made sum! :D And I was grinning like an idiot the whole time I was drawing this. And I am STILL grinning like an idiot. I’m actually an idiot, okay? I just love them. I love this. Let me have this. There was plenty of other things I could have worked on today but I couldn’t resist. I have actually been showing some restraint because I COULD BE DRAWING OTHER THINGS, but I gave in to weakness.

This was one of those times I was afraid to go anywhere near this with clean lineart and actual colors because the sketch looks so nice and it was going to lose some of it’s charm. So I left it alone for the most part lol

i am puzzleshipping trash just throw me in the garbage where i belong 

Also, like……

my OTP is too perfect.

  • me: what's your favorite christmas movie
  • idiot in their head: Oh man I'm about to blow this person's MIND.. Do they even KNOW what they've gotten themselves into?? Alright pal... Prepare your ASS..
  • idiot: ACTUALLY.. I love Die Hard.. See it's not NORMALLY on Christmas movie lists but it does indeed take place during Christmas.. Heh.. More you know right?
  • me: i like a garfield christmas

Considering the fact that Levi had to live with a female Eren (Isabel) and Eren lived with a female Levi (Mikasa) I feel their relationship could dramatically deepen if they just T A L K E D.