i actually love the graphic for this idk


Supernatural Song Creations Challenge | blissfulcastiel vs. octomoosey
↳ Prompt: Angels + Trouble by Imagine Dragons


A look inside Hikari Yagami’s phone.
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Going through different phases is one of my favorite things about fashion. I love how it can mark the passage of time. It’s similar to my songs in that way—it all helps identify where I was at in different points of my life.” — @taylorswift for Vogue, May 2016


swoons tbh

aina what can i even say you’re like????? the sweetest angel i’ve ever met i’m so happy that i actually know you???? can call you a friend???? I NEED TO LIKE ACTUALLY TALK TO YOU MORE THOUGH JE SU S @ ME get urself together. my graphics are nothing in comparison to yours but like???? i still wanted to do something for you so here u go ur problematic son looking nice at least i hope he looks nice

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hey I think youd like game Firewatch (cause of the vibe and couse of delilah i love her) and Memoranda (because it looks goddamn cool and the vibe is also cool and is based on haruki murakami's stories) and idk Oxenfree maybe cuz it reminds me of you

!!!!!!!!!!!!! i watched a playthrough of firewatch last year and i rly rly liked it omg, i loved the graphics and the atmosphere a lot………

AND DUDE OXENFREE… IS MY FUKCING 2ND FAV GAME RIGHT AFTER NIGHT IN THE WOODS… its one of the only games i actually bought and didnt just watch a playthrough of lmao. i played it like 12 times already i love it (i love the two idiots ren and jonas hksjdf)

i never heart of memoranda before but i will check it out!!!!!

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Hello hello! Your SoC edits are gorgeous, and I was wondering if you could explain how you achieved that "fingerprint effect (idk how else to describe it) in post/131885956604/ ?? It looks uber cool and I'd love to try it out!!!

OMG thanks anon!!! No worries; you’re referring to the radiating lines in the first image right? Well actually I cheated and used Illustrator trace the lines before I placed it in Photoshop to add the effects, since Photoshop isn’t… the best for things with a lot of lines and paths.

If you have access to Illustrator, I have a tutorial here that shows how I created the radiating lines. If you’re able to use this then you can just skip to step 8 below (:

If you don’t have Illustrator that’s okay too! We’ll just be doing a simpler version using circles (like the “halo” around Inej’s head in the second image of my edit, which was kind of inspired by this). This effect works best against a dark background, and can be applied to other basic shapes like squares and equilateral triangles.

I’m not the best at explaining things but hopefully the tutorial below is clear enough!! (alt link)

note: I am using Photoshop CS6.

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Band Of Brothers Crime AU → Frank Perconte | Pickpocket

Requested by anonymous

“Jesus, you make this sound like a walk in the park. Stealing requires skill and precision.”

i’m not gonna lie to you, folks, i gave up halfway thru that graphic ( it’s supposed to be stars, by the way !! ). HEY, FELLOW EARTHLINGS !! i’m here to do a FOLLOW FOREVER, something i’ve been avoiding for quite some time. anyways, i’m terrible && here to announce who i think u should follow because they’re amazing. just a note: if you aren’t here, it’s probably because i’m pretty forgetful && tumblr is an actual menace. anyways, i’d just like to say tysm and that i hope u have an amazing day / night / evening !! ( and you know what? looking thru my follow list and seeing all my mutuals was actually pretty nice & sweet && made me super happy. and i also had a lot “omg they follow me back” moments ngl. i’ve also had a few where i was like, “omg why am i not folllowing them?? i thought i was following them.” )

@leorph: i felt the need to say something hearfelt here, but the simple truth is that i’ve been emotionally stunned for a very long time. anyways, you’re probably my closest rp friend currently?? i know the way we met was beyond shitty ( and i didn’t help make that situation any better, which i’m still uber sorry for ), but i think we’re pretty great now. you’re actually the one who got me to make this account. it went something along the lines of you saying you were making an rph, and me going “eh, sounds nice, i’ll do it too,” and here we are. i love you, leo. i love your characters, and your ideas, and our rps, even if we give up on ‘em. so idk how to end this?? yknow, emotionally stunned and all that. anyways, thank you for being you. <33

MUTUALS: whether we’ve actually talked or not, i appreciate you, promise. i mean, i do follow you for a reason, yknow?? and it’s not to make the dash quicker, it’s because i LIKE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. so thank you for making my day a little brighter. ( i’m starting from further back, so herE WE GOO !! )

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i know one of the big complaints about NV and fo3 were the lack of colors and how barren it was but like idk i absolutely love the color scheme of NV… reds, oranges, and yellows are such a good combo, even if theyre dull. and /i/ feel like they grasped the mojave pretty damn realistically for 2010 graphics and 18 months of work. goodsprings is pretty much 100% accurate tbh, primm is pretty realistic with the lore. novac doesnt exist but cabazon does, which is… kinda it.
idk if fo4 was actually worked on for 8 yrs or not, but i feel like if NV had that amount of time or was remade with the creation engine it would have blown me away lmao