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hi! that fic rec list you wrote out was very thorough and i was wondering is you could add some more! i think what the fandom needs right now is a much good fic as possible.

I agree w you, doll!! and this fandom is blessedly full of good fics (seriously I’ve read a lot of fics from a lot of fandoms and I’ve never read as many beautiful ones as I have in the CS fandom) I was asked by @e98mh for a list w a lot of Captain Ducking so I’m gonna include as much of that as possible ~previous list~

Beyond the Horizon by @alexandralyman: Princess Emma’s ship is captured by the pirate Captain Killian Jones. She offers herself for ransom in place of her crew’s safety. It’s a beautifully written story. I’ve been following it for about two yrs now and boy has it been a wild ride. It’s a moderately slow burn and the payoff is spectacular. 212k words. Rated M. Another sinfully delightful fic by the same author is Between Heaven and Hell. An angel/demon AU, Emma’s the Angel, Hook’s the demon. Full of smut and forbidden romance. 113k words. Rated M.

I am mind boggled that I somehow left @this-too-too-sullied-flesh off the last list because I mean come on how to you have a fic rec list w out her? (smdh @ myself) The Next Wounded Soul: Killian, a sailor recovering from wounds received during the war against the Dark One, is aided by a noblewoman, who’s exact identity he is unaware of. A Captain Duckling fic full of slow burn, mutual pining goodness, bedsharing and foulmouthed princess Emma. 41k words. Rated E. Also of note, possibly my favoritest smut of all time, Theoretically: Let’s just put it this way, for Emma’s 30th birthday, Killian gives a gift that she will never forget. 36k Rated E.

Walking on Water by @msstarlight: Captain Duckling AU. Princess Emma, on her way to meet a powerful nobleman to help aid her kingdom in the ogre war, is kidnapped by…. you guessed it! pirate captain Killian Jones, set on avenging his brother’s death. Twisty and turny and the best kind of drama, that at one point, forces Killian to chose between vengeance and love. Ya wanna read it don’t ya? Some nice Captain Charming moments as well. An overall excellent fic. *side note: I wouldn’t say for certain that it was the first (I was horrible at clicking the follow button and would always have to go back and search for fics for new chaps lol) but it was definitely one of the first multi-chapter fics I started following for this pairing and it has a very special place in my heart. 138k words. Rated M.

Under the Crimson Flag by @a-fictional-life : Captain Ducking AU feat. an arguably bi Killian. Emma Swan disguises herself as a boy to escape upon the open seas but her ship crosses paths with Captain Hook’s. This is just like a really freaking good fic. I’ve read it multiple times and each time reading it is as good at the last. Family feels abound. 98k words. Rated M.

I’m gonna include some fics by @caprelloidea because by golly her writing is breathtaking. It’s captivating, her imagery lifelike, and I’m never disappointed after reading something of hers. Also, maybe an odd thing but I love her titles. Duodenary (the link to this is a stunning graphic of the story and the actual story link is attached to that but I just couldn’t not add the graphic link): A beautiful fairytale in which Killian finds himself in a place that’s existence allows for Neverland and its inhabitants’ immortality. There he meets a princess looking for help. 36k Rated M. Another notable mention Amaranthine: The most beautiful soulmates AU you shall ever read. 41k Rated M.

As You Wish by @gentlesleaze : A PRINCESS BRIDE AU, NEED I SAY MORE? Just as lovely as the film w Bonus drama. 38k Rated T. (The only fic not rated M/E on this list; idk what that says about my tastes…)

I just want to thank every person on the list for bringing such beautiful content to such a beautiful fandom. Shipping Captain Swan would not be the same w out you guys. ♥

app idea to remind you about your meds

sometimes you need that extra push, sometimes you fall asleep, most times you just plain forget. you can use it for yourself. you can use if for your family members. you can even use it for pets, actually. it’s all around very useful

possible features:

  • allows you to make user profiles (lets say you need one for you, and one for your child)
  • saving everything on these profiles to a cloud storage, so you can sync them across different devices
  • allows you to set alarms for each medication. you can specify:
    • the name of the medication (either the actual official name, or the purpose of it. for example: anxiety)
    • the time interval needed between each intake (in hours)
    • the amount/dose to be taken each time
    • other details, like if you should eat before taking it, shouldn’t drive after taking it, etc…
  • since they’re alarms and not notifications, even if you have your phone volume down they’ll still go off
  • allows you to set a certain location as your “home” location using gps. if you stray more than, say, 50 meters from “home” a notification/alarm goes off reminding you to take your meds with you.
  • you must mark the alarm as seen for it to stop ringing. unless you have it on snooze mode (or as i like to call it, shoosh mode)
    • snooze mode only becomes available to activate if:
      • it is between 9pm and 6am
      • you are away from your “home” location
    • if you turn it on, it’ll still send you push notifications. but since that’s a notification instead of an alarm, it has the option to vibrate instead of ring. like other notifications, it’ll depend on your phone’s volume.
  • if you had your app in shoosh mode and did NOT mark the notification as seen, once shoosh mode is off: 
    • your alarm(s) will ring. 
    • you will be notified of which meds you missed
    • and how much time has passed since you last took them (aka since you last marked the alarm for that medication as “seen”)
  • different color schemes (both for those with vision impairments/sensitivities and for aesthetics)
  • accessibility options (like speech to text AND text to speech)
  • maybe the option to display some nice message after you press the “seen” button. examples:
    • good job
    • i hope you feel a bit better soon
    • thank you
    • maybe an option to put in custom motivational messages for yourself (or to have friends put some in for you!) cause generalized positivity doesn’t do the trick for a lot of people (myself included)

basically you just input the info that’s on the bottle and the instructions your doc told you about the meds and then the app does the rest of the work for you.

i have like, basic knowledge about coding mobile apps, so i can’t really do this all myself. but if anyone wants to and is able to take this project on legitimately, please contact me so i can be a part of the process. i can - at the very least - contribute more ideas, and also help with graphic design (since ive got professional experience doing that already). i’d love it if this could become like, an actual thing. i know it’d help a lot of people.


             Just a few rambling notes about my Royalty!AU verse because I’m feeling inspired ? Also note that none of these things are set completely in stone ( especially the general notes ) and if something doesn’t work for you / your muse, we can totally discuss it if we decide to plot in this verse !!

             Also read more because this got really fuckin’ long :’))

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Going through different phases is one of my favorite things about fashion. I love how it can mark the passage of time. It’s similar to my songs in that way—it all helps identify where I was at in different points of my life.” — @taylorswift for Vogue, May 2016


Supernatural Song Creations Challenge | blissfulcastiel vs. octomoosey
↳ Prompt: Angels + Trouble by Imagine Dragons

heyyyyy.. kjfskjfs so this is super informal n i’m sorry i don’t have a boujee ass graphic n i’m kinda illiterate when speaking ooc but. hey :^) i’m katherine n after a lot of work (i’m so lazy idk how i actually plot a blog together) i’m finally ready to start interactions n plots n things! currently i have 3 muses but more will be around soon enough, i just wanted to start w some characters i already have a decent grip on. so. this is my indie. i’m in search of partners who love all sorts of themes whether it be angst smut fluff…. i’m down for it all. if ur interested in plotting, mayhaps like this or shoot me a message. i’m kinda rambling now. this is just my first post in the tags i felt like some sort of an intro was necessary. ok thank u…..:) please b my friend and rp with me.

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  1. First Edit?
    Well, I think I had something that was older but I may have deleted that at some point? Idk anymore.
  2. Favourite Edit?
    Sam. Kirk. LotR. Eowyn & this Thor gifset.
  3. Edit with most notes?
  4. Edit you spent the most time on?
    – Seriously, no idea.
  5. What styles inspire your edits?
    – Um, Idk. I guess kinda every graphic I see inspires me at least a little bit? Sometimes my mind is just blown away by how good some of them actually are (which I probably should put into my tags more). Yeah… and I love colors, so lovely colorful edits are always good as inspiration.
  6. How do you make your edits?
    – With patience, tears and sometimes small offerings of my soul to whatever higher being is listening and willing to help.
  7. Edit that got more notes than you expected?
    – The Natasha one from 3. Like, seriously, when that happened I was really surprised.
  8. Edit that got less notes than expected?
    – I tend to not expect anything anymore but I kinda hoped this Wonder Woman picspam/edit would’ve gotten to 1k. Or well, at least this Winter Soldier one could’ve done it.
  9. Any edits you wish you hadn’t made?
    – Nah. I think everything you make can teach you something. When I look at my older stuff I sometimes think ‘the hell was I thinking?!’ but I don’t think that has to be a bad thing.
  10. Finally, how long have you been making edits?
    – Almost five years now. But I had a break of ~1.5 years when I didn’t make anything.

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♡ *whispers* please and thank you.

HI FRIEND !!  So, I think you’re really cool, like a cool kid at school you wanna sit at lunch with but you’re like OMG WHAT IF THEY WON’T LET ME SIT WITH THEM ??? Yeah, that’s you. We’ve just started to talk- mostly it’s us just like HEY LETS PLOT and we lose attention, or I lose my attention because I actually have ADD- but I think we have the opportunity to be really good friends ! I want to write with you so badly, though; be it Angelus vs Catherine/Connor; Drusilla VS Spongebob idk; or Tinkerbell vs my Briar Rose IDK. I just want all the threads with you!!! Also your icons/graphics are cool pls tell me who you sacrificed bc I wanna know.

candace gives love !!!

Unpopular opinion: I thought MEA was a better game than DAI

Loved the characters more, loved the quests more, the combat was actually fun in MEA, and I thought Bioware did a better job implementing an open world this time (I actually wanted to do all the side quests and explore)

Hi love! Sure thing. Sorry for the late response, I didn’t have that many Jercy fics (please please please tell me i got the pairing right omg i’m not very good with pairing names but I’m assuming Jercy is Jason Grace/Percy Jackson?) ready to go so I combed through A03 and FF.net and some tumblr tags. Here’s a bunch that I liked, with a few bonus!Percy/Jason/Nico fics at the end because I wasn’t sure if you were into that and they were cute? :D Oh, and there a couple of Jercy blogs at the bottom too that post really lovely ficlets just in case my rec list didnt give you any new ones/ones that you like. Happy reading love, and I do hope you find at least one new fic that you like? All fics are below the cut.

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