i actually love how he's basically the same as gabe from the office

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Soul mate marks? Or what about the not aging after you turn 18 until you meet your soulmate

honestly i know this was sent for the other meme but like

  • okay that second one: i love
  • so here, on your right, you have chat noir
  • whom has been chat noir for a very long time
  • was probably the son of a duke or something in 18th century france
  • wanders around aimlessly for a very long time — plagg lets him know when chat noir is needed, the rest of the time it’s just adrien trying not to let on just how old he is
  • he’s met and worked with many ladybugs in the past and privately thought he should’ve aged for each of them
  • he, obviously, did not
  • (probs got the ring v v v young — 15, like in canon, maybe?)
  • his life is a tragedy of never being The One, despite how sure he is of his own feelings
  • ON YOUR LEFT you have ladybug
  • who does not get the miraculous for a very long time
  • born probably somewhere around the turn of the twentieth century
  • she doesn’t wander so much; she stays with her parents until they die and then keeps running the bakery in their absence
  • it’s not really in her nature to stay still, but the bakery has been lauded as the best in paris for a good many years, and it’s the last thing she has of her parents — the least she can do is make sure she maintains its good name
  • she gets the ladybug miraculous somewhere around the turn of the 21st century? probs in 2015, like in canon
  • gabe IS the one who necessitates this, but he’s not adrien’s dad this time around — he’s just a fashion icon who’s bitter about losing his wife before they could spend the rest of their years together, and the miraculous actually have been proven effective in bringing back dead soulmates
  • the cost is astronomically high, of course, but it works, and, at this point, that’s all gabe cares about
  • (bonus points if gave knows full well the cost; if, at some point in all those years, adrien helped one of the ladybugs bring back their soulmate, and gabe was witness to that)
  • and at this point, adrien’s just like: oh, we’re dealing with a butterfly miraculous holder this time? cool, chill, where do i find my ladybug, let’s get this over with
  • he has, maybe, relegated himself to the role of overly-wise mentor and dorky sidekick before he’s even begun — it’s the role he almost always finds himself in, why not get a headstart
  • except ladybug…
  • oh ladybug
  • marinette is so happy with her new role
  • she’s been sick and stuck and stagnating and useless and grey for so long, and being ladybug is like finally getting to breathe for the first time in her life
  • and it’s a lot of pressure, and she’s terrified, but chat is there and she’s finally doing good, and she didn’t realize that this was what she was waiting for, but it was
  • she’s spent her whole life dreaming of meeting a soulmate that would make her existence worth it, and lived long enough to find something better
  • and that enthusiasm just spills out of her every which way, infecting every part of her life, and she loves it
  • remember: chat is very much a large feature of this new life of hers
  • chat is in the background, smiling blankly into the void and going, oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit
  • (she’s beautiful in a way he’d never seen before, charismatic and quick-witted and magnetic in everything she is, and she’s embracing the world — him included — with open arms and a wide smile, and oh gods above if he doesn’t start aging after this, he never will)
  • (it also turns out to be very difficult to be a mentor or a sidekick when your partner insists on actually treating you like a partner)
  • i’m not sure how or when ladybug comes to the realization that chat is most likely her soulmate, but she does, eventually
  • hawkmoth bites the dust before either of them can do anything about this
  • they’re… sort of? ripped away from each other — it turns out that they aren’t actually allowed (on some deep, fundamental level of ‘allowed’) to transform when there isn’t any need for them to be around
  • they’re both kind of understandably ripped up that they won’t be able to spend the rest of their lives with their soulmate, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles and they deal with it
  • adrien decides to settle down in paris, just in case he manages to find her again, and becomes a regular at this nice little bakery nearby
  • (yeah, adrinette is basically a coffee shop au in this au, i know, leaf me alone)
  • and then la paon just sort of… springs out of the woodworks?
  • and adrien’s all ‘oof here we go again, god i miss her alrea— wait what’
  • because normally it’s a new ladybug for every villain no matter how close together said villains are, but this time it’s… the same ladybug? that same ladybug who may or may not be his soulmate?
  • adrien is o v e r j o y e d
  • marinette’s just thankful to get out of the bakery again — maybe she should look into a career switch? into a police officer or a firefighter or something, but chat wouldn’t be there and that’d be kinda sad :(
  • basically, they are stupid happy to be back together again — even if it’s only been a couple of years, they didn’t think they’d see each other again at all
  • la paon goes down too
  • they still don’t know each others identities

okay so, summarizing up the rest of this, they keep going like this, meeting up every so often like this, for a really long time, and by the time they hit their 50th anniversary and neither of them have aged, they kind of lose hope

at least they have each other

(and then it comes out that tikki and plagg are actually their ‘soulmates’ (or at least filling the gap) and, given that the actual function of the whole ‘aging’ mechanic is to make sure that each side ages at the same rate as the other, and the kwami are immortal gods, adrien and ladybug are effectively immortal until they give up the miraculouses)

(idk their identites come out at some point and they spend another few hundred years enjoying each other’s company)

(give me happy otp i beg)

Prophet City: Part One

A Dean x Reader / Superhero!Au

A/N: Here is my superhero!au I promised. I had a really fun/terrible time writing this, but I’m pretty proud of what came out. This is more so Batman/DC-esque than Marvel, so keep that in mind when reading it. Thank you to @balthazars-muse for betaing the first half of this, and to @theerinpage and @leatherandwinchesters for helping me with fine details and being so supportive. Please, let me know what you think and if you want me to keep going with this. I love hearing from you!

Word Count: 2,881

Other Characters: Jo, Gabriel, Rowena

- for now, just language.

Tags: At the bottom. Everyone who asked me to tag them, will be tagged. If you’d like to be tagged in future parts, please shoot me an ask or message!

*gifs are not mine.

Prophet City.

Whenever anyone hears the name, they can’t help but think of the obvious - wealth, money; regardless of the spelling difference. While sections of Prophet City are extremely profitable, thanks to big businessmen who invest their money into mostly shady deals, these are only small parts of a vast network. The biggest parts of the city, especially downtown, are littered with criminals; men and women who make their profits in the only way they know how - gambling, drug dealing, and prostitution. Some people say that the small time criminals actually work for the big businessmen uptown, but this has yet to be proven. At least, not yet.

Many citizens view the name Prophet City in a different way. When times are tough and the police have no desire to clean up the streets, we have The Hunter; a ruthless vigilante who doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit, taking it upon himself to manage the especially raunchy and vile criminals that run downtown. The Hunter patrols the streets at night, opting only to cover his body with bulletproof black armor, his face always covered with an even darker mask. The only thing that can be seen are his sharp, emerald green eyes peeking out of the eye holes deliberately cut from the fabric. 

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