i actually look terrible here

I really need to practice my facial expressions more, since I’ve never really done it before ;-;

I couldn’t decide on a style so welcome to the worst amalgamation of kawaii desu and actual serious attempt at line art you’ll ever see

Anyway this is for an anon requester, who asked for the 4 yuubaes and the 4 bracelet girls in a fantasy AU. Naturally, I was intimidated by the prospect of drawing so many things, even as just sketches, so I put it off… until today, when I realized I could shove each of the kiddos into a Fire Emblem unit class and do wHATEVER I WANTED so I might do more than just this one

I’m not very creative so we’ll say Yuuya is an OUTLAW instead of a normal archer and it’s maybe definitely not because his name literally has ‘arrow’ in it and ALSO I ALREADY COOKED UP AN ENTIRE AU AND THAT CLASS FITS hence the reliance on manga!yuuya’s outfit so SUE ME, WHATEVER i’m typing up an outline post right now


Note:  I made this video because I had been working on a list of some of my favorite literary characters. Some were from my childhood, a few were from recent reads, but all of them where white. And that was a problem. It is a problem because there are many, many books written featuring people of color that I’ve read that are amazing, groundbreaking even, and yet none of them were my favorite. It brought to my attention an internalized racism I had not realized about myself, so I felt the need to address it rather than running away from it or rewriting the list to feature those people of color. I wanted to talk about it with my followers, not only to share my revelation, but to have a discussion about race and literature.