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Don’t Say Anything (part 1)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angsty angsty angst


“Nat?” you spoke softly as the two of you laid on your bed, staring up at the ceiling.


You turn your head to her. “Do you think it’s time I tell you know who that I like him?”

Natasha looks over at you and smiles. “I’d say yeah, you’ve been talking about him for years now Y/N. You’re madly in love with this dude which, by the way, I still do not know.”

You blush. You weren’t about to tell her that the man you’ve been crushing on is Bucky. No one knew how you felt about him and you’re surprised that Natasha didn’t already figure out who you always talked about.

“Well, if everything goes well I’ll tell you who he is.” you say.

“You better. It’s not nice keeping your best friend in the dark like this.” she jokes.

You laugh. “Oh hush.”

“I need to interview this guy. Make sure he’s good for you.”

“Soon my dear, soon.”

Your door suddenly opens, revealing the man you’re in love with.

“Hey Y/N, I just came by to ask if you wanted to go get a milkshake with me.” he smiled.

“I’ll get going. See ya later, snooka.” Nat says, kissing your cheek before leaving your room.

You look over at Bucky. He’s so beautiful.

“So, what do ya say?” he’s now leaning against the doorframe.

Steve would kill you if you drank a milkshake, especially since you’re training with him tomorrow. But Bucky throws on his best pouty face and you’re done for.

“Let’s go.”

You enter your room after a tiring training session with Steve only to find Wanda sitting on your bed with a smile on her face.

“What are you doing here?” you question.

“I’m here to train you.”

You scoff. “I don’t know if you knew this but I just got back from training with Steve so..”

Wanda playfully rolls her eyes. “Not that kind of training. I’m here to train you for when you tell that guy that you like him.”

You nod. Wasn’t Natasha supposed to help you with that?

“Nat said she had something to do and asked me to help you.” she adds as if she could read your mind.

“Okay.” you nod. “So what should I do first?”

“Well if I knew who he was..” she trailed off and you laugh.

“You’re not getting it out of me, Wanda.”

“Darn.” she frowns. “When am I going to meet the guy? He could be a murderer for all I know!”

You chuckle. “If he feels the same way about me, you’ll meet him soon.”
Although you’ve already met him.

“He’d be a fool to not like you back, Y/N. You’re a big ball of happiness mixed with cute things and sprinkles.” she tells you and you smile. “Okay so we have to work on what you’ll say to him. You don’t want to be stumbling over your words or stuttering. That’s really awkward.”

“This is going to be harder than I thought.” you sigh.

“Pretend I’m Jake.” she says and you give her a confused look.

“Who’s Jake?”

“The guy, duh.” she spoke. “You won’t tell me who he is so we gotta improvise.”

“Oh, right. Okay.” you clear your throat and close your eyes, Bucky’s face coming into your mind. You can see him smiling at you, waiting for you to speak. You open your eyes. “Hey.. Jake.” oh god saying Jake was so weird.

“Hey, Y/N. What’s up?” Wanda responds. Your throat began to feel dry. Why - how?

“I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I love yo- your sweater.” you sigh and squeeze your eyes shut.

“Wrong! Do it again. And be less.. Cringy.” Wanda says.

You glare at her. “Oh jeez, thanks for boosting my confidence.”

“I’m trying to help you get laid here.” she gives you a look.


“Do it again.”

You take a deep breath and nod, speaking from your heart. “Jake.. We’ve known each other for quite some time now and every time we hang out it’s amazing. You’re amazing. You know how to make me laugh and our conversations are never boring. You’re a really interesting person Jake. What I’m trying to say is.. I like you. I have since the day I met you, and I want to know if you feel the same way.”

You exhale, not knowing you were holding your breath before and Wanda’s lips turn upwards into a smile. “You did it.”

“I did it.” you breathe out. Wanda chuckles and you break out into a grin. “Thank you so much Wanda.”

You pull her into a hug and she squeezes you. “Go tell him. You got this.”

You rush down the hall, nearly tackling Tony down in the process. Bucky’s door comes up into view and your heart starts beating quickly. You’re going to do it. You’re going to tell Bucky how you feel. Finally.

You stop in front of his door and take a deep breath before twisting the knob and pushing it open, not even bothering to knock. At the sight in front of you, your heart drops.


Bucky moves away from Natasha, both their hair a mess. Nat’s shirt was discarded, thrown across the room and Bucky was just in his boxers. His lips were red and swollen from kissing. You almost forgot how to breathe.

“Oh god..” Nat murmurs, throwing her head in her hands.

“Y/N, hey.” Bucky grabs your attention again, standing up from his bed. “Listen I-I.. No one knows about.. Nat and I.. Please don’t tell anyone.”

You look between Natasha and Bucky. How stupid could you be? To actually think that Bucky might like you back. Of course he doesn’t. Of course he likes Nat. Of course they have a thing going on. Why wouldn’t they?

You muster up a fake smile. “Your secret is safe with me.”

Bucky lets out a sigh of relief and pulls you into a hug. “Thank you so much Y/N.”

You keep your hands at your sides, not daring to wrap them around him. When he pulls away, you clear your throat. “I’ll uh.. Get going.”

Bucky nods. “Thank you.. Again.”

“No problem.” you back out of his room and he shuts the door, leaving you to stare at it.

If only you knocked.

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a masterpost solely dedicated to notes and stuff part one: general stuff you should know

UPDATE: Part 2 is on! Check it out here!

Heyooo everyone!

Yeah I’m finally doing stuff hahaha :D I still have some masterpost requests pending, so I decided to make one of them. This one was requested by @information-learner, so I apologize for the long wait and here you go!

Note: I know there are other requests, but I still have to figure out what to put in there… sorry and stay tuned!

Okay, so as you know, notes (!!) are one of the most important things you do during your studies. There are many types of notes and methods of taking them and tbh, there is no right way to take them cause human everyone is different and has different needs and patterns of thinking yaaay i love differences okay let’s stop this weird intro and get into the actual masterpost *cough cough*

… oh and it will focus mostly on handwritten notes, but due to my recent experience with notes on laptop, I will mention that, too ^^

And it got quite long so consider this as part one of… right now it looks like three :D


Okay, so first of all. DON’T WRITE YOUR CLASS NOTES IN SENTENCES UNLESS IT’S A GIVEN DEFINITION. Never ever. And I’m gonna tell you why. Firstly, it’s too long. Straight up you’re wasting time with it and probably you’re gonna miss the next thing that your teacher says. And you don’t want that. So no. Secondly, as I said before, every person has a different thinking process. Which means that someone might think of and say a collocation of words that you would never use in any way. Which means that you write a sentence which might really confuse you in the future. So please do yourself a favor and write in bullet points.

Again, I’m emphasizing that I mean class notes. It actually is a good idea to come home, take out your notes and summarize them in sentences OF YOUR OWN aka how would you yourself say it. It is really a cool method to kinda develop your own thinking process, find out about phrases you are okay with using and also finding a way of explaining the thing by yourself and you develop a better understanding of the subject leading to actually thinking about it better and being able to analyze it. Which is great and let’s be real, this is gonna help you in your future studies, especially at uni.

The second thing I want to say is that you should choose a pen that you can write with comfortably. Writing a lot hurts, actually, but if you have a good pen, it won’t hurt that much. I know it’s quite difficult to find the perfect pen, but try everything, from the cheapest ballpoint pens to whatever ink pen or like anything, just make sure your hand won’t go crazy from hurting. And choose a notebook you like. Just to motivate yourself to actually write in it.

And lastly, colors. Brain needs them. I hugely recommend using colors in your notes, because let’s be real, colorless notes are dull and boring. Colors help you associate information and retain them better. But don’t overdo it. In general, it’s better to write your notes with a blue pen and use a maximum of three additional colors. Too much colors lead to confusion about what the hell is actually important on this page??? yeah okay. Anyway, this of course depends on the person, as there are people who need to use more colors in their notes. Generally speaking, you should have some kind of a color-coding system.

Okay this is getting really long so I decided to split it up and make a series! Wow :D so I’ll continue and I’ll add links to the rest of it so stay tuned everyone!!! 



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BTS Reaction to you singing one of their songs

request: Could you do a reaction of BTS finding their GF singing to one of their songs?

[requests are open]

-Kim Seokjin-

Jin would be so proud of you. Even if you couldn’t carry a tune, he loved how enthusiastic you were about the song. He also loved the endless support you gave him and the other members.

“Ahhh were you standing there this whole time Jin?” “You may not be able to carry a tune perfectly, but all the support and enthusiasm makes up for it love.”

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-kim Namjoon-

He would smile widely and let you finish the song before letting you know he was here. Namjoon would immediately compliment your voice.

“Wow, you sounded really amazing (y/n)!”

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-Min Yoongi-

He would be weirded out at first when he caught you jamming out to their songs, but Yoongi soon became impressed when he saw you were able to hit the high notes in songs like ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Let Me Know’.

“I never knew you could sing that high babe. Your voice is quite good actually.”

Originally posted by sugagifs

-Jung Hoseok-

Like Namjoon, he would smile at the sight. He loved the fact that you got really excited over his music just like his fans did.

“Ahhh look at you jagiya! Singing our songs! Oh my hearteu!”

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-Park Jimin-

Jimin would be absolutely amazed that you loved their music. He only wished you weren’t so shy about singing them aloud around others.

“You should sing in front of others!” “Absolutely not.” “Why? You sound great! And what’s to be embarrassed about loving your boyfriend’s music?”

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-Kim Taehyung-

He would tease you for a little bit, but compliment you nonetheless. Taehyung would pull you into his arms and squeeze the life out of you.

Oh you love me that much to the point where you memorize every one of our songs! By heart too!” “Stop it Tae! Don’t tease me!” “I’m sorry, you’re voice really is amazing though.”

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

-Jeon Jungkook-

Jungkook grew excited when he heard you singing “Lost” (personal fave btw lol). When he noticed how you struggled slightly with remembering some of the lyrics, he wouldn’t hesitate to help you.

“Here (y/n), I’ll help you. This part of the song goes like this.” 

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Summary: you’ve been spending an awful lot of time with Tom’s family. And it seems as they prefer you, to him.
Warnings: none I might’ve put a swear in there so watch out for that
Word count: 1k+
Requested: nope


Tom had decided that in between breaks of filming for Chaos Walking he wanted to spend his time in London with his family. So you also decided to stay there because the Hollands as Nikki puts it, “adore you” and you absolutely love them too. And there’s nothing better than spending your days in such a wonderful place. Sure you do get homesick and your family and friends absolutely miss you, they also accept that you’re happy where you are.

And have you mentioned how much the holland brothers love you? As they like to put it you’re like the “coolest best friend that’s a girl they’ve never had”. So naturally they come to you when they want to have fun or need help on something. But with Tom being gone half the time he doesn’t realize how close you guys have gotten. He feels sort of ……………. replaced?


“Hey, can you come help me talk to this girl I’ve been liking for a while now?” Paddy asks popping his head into Tom’s old room you guys are lounging in, even though Tom’s flat is literally a five minute walk away.

“Alright lad, ready to hear some advice from the master of dating?” Tom says starting to sit up as you do too. Paddy’s cheeks turn pink as he started to remember that Tom got home yesterday, and it was no longer just you that sat in his room anymore.

“Uhhh this is awkward now. I was actually speaking to y/n.” Paddy says awkwardly looking at Tom with a sorrowful look. Your cheeks turning red caught in a weird moment with them.

“Oh uh that’s ………quite alright I guess. Y/n make sure my little guys pads gets the girl alright?” Tom says turning to you as you fully stand up walking over to Paddy to help him with his girl troubles. You nod a response to him and leave calling out a “bye babe” as you follow pads downstairs. Leaving Tom by himself, feeling a little lonely.


“Now why do you look so gutted?” Sam asks you finally looking up from his phone to see you sprawled against the couch. You were in a moment of despair as to seeing you were extremely bored.

“ I am at the maximum level of boredom you could ever reach.” You explained to him as Harry soon joined you both in the lounge. Harry just looks at you in confusion starting to wonder why you aren’t with Tom.

“Dare I ask why Tom isn’t latched at your hip at the moment?” Harry questions you. Still just staring blankly at the ceiling you respond to him.

“He has an interview at some London radio station till like 8.” Sam seems to take your state of boredom into consideration and offers you a nice idea of fun.

“Harry and I were going to check out this new pub in the center of town. Would you like to come with us?” Sam asks you. You quickly sit up letting out a small gasp being taken aback once again, by how amazingly nice they were being to you right now. But really you should start getting used to it since they always treat you this kindly. You squeal in excitement.

“WOULD I? OF COURSE I WOULD! THANK YOU!” You jump off the couch about to head to Tom’s apartment to get ready.the


You burst back into the house in a heap of laughter with Sam and Harry. The three of you a little tipsy from the night of fun you had. You guys go to the lounge in hopes to sit down and calm your swirling brains. But what you didn’t expect to find was Paddy and Tom sitting side by side their noses up in the air, and an expectant look on their faces.

“May I ask, where on god were you?” Tom starts off the interrogation.

“At a pub?” Harry answers looking a little squeamish under Tom’s and paddy’s stares.

“And what hours are these to get home?”

“Paddy’s still awake?”

“……… very well we’ll be on our way, goodnight.” Tom says taking your hand and dragging you out the house.


The short walk to Tom’s flat is quiet with Tom looking everywhere but you. Which is quite different to his usual self considering he can never take his eyes away from you.

You start to get worried seeing as how he’s been more so quiet than he really has ever been around you. He doesn’t look mad or anything of that sort he just looks rather sad. Taking this into notice you squeeze is hand in a way of reassurance to him. And just like always, he squeezes back.

You make your way into your shared room and decide to stop this unending quiet.

“Tom? Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m quite alright love. I’m just thinking stupid things.”

“No thoughts of your could ever be stupid. Come on just tell me what’s on your mind.”

“It’s just… ever since my family has been spending more time with you, and you more with them, and I’ve been gone the whole time. It makes me feel like you guys don’t even care? Or need me there?”

“I take it back. That might be the dumbest thing you’ve ever said.” He just groans in response to that. Knowing he shouldn’t have said anything.

“Tom, how on earth would that even make sense? I wouldn’t know any of your family if it weren’t for you. Of course I will always need you. And so will your family. I mean we were just bonding really if you think of it. I’ve been trying to create a relationship with them that I’ve made with you. I’m sorry you were feeling left out, that wasn’t our intention.” You finish talking now wrapping your arms around Tom.

“It’s fine love, I knew I was overreacting I just miss you all. But enough of my foolishness, let’s get bed, yes?” You nod and give him a sweet longing kiss.

“What was that for?”

“I just realized we haven’t kissed all day.”

Spelling Fights

Originally posted by elennemigo

Word Count: 1,816

Authors: Deka & Ale

Warning: None, just fluffiness

Pairing: Benedict Cumberbatch x Wife!Reader

Summary: The little fight between an American and a British couple

Credits to this video for the awesome interview: https://youtu.be/eX2M6Lf8WKc

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INTP (f) and ISTP (m) are in a relationship.

INTP: Do you ever get jealous? I noticed that sometimes you glare at guys, but I don’t even interact with them.

ISTP: Oh, that was kind of a weird thing. Some of them were looking at you, mostly curiously, but not in a suggestive way or anything. You’re the nerd with the awkward ponytail-braid thingy, with a book in a book on philosophy in your hand (Guys, go read Tuesdays with Morrie, it’s awesome.)

INTP: Well why’d you stare at them then?

ISTP: Kind of a glaring contest, I suppose. I felt the need to exert my Se.

INTP: Ahahahaha. :) So can I conclude that you don’t get jealous?

ISTP: Oh no, I actually do, quite more than you think.

INTP: That’s normal for a human being, what do you mean “more than I think”?

ISTP: Hmmm, you talk a lot to ENTP and you find him very relatable, sometimes you tell him things you don’t tell me, like that one time your siblings set the house on fire, or when you talk about anime stuff.

INTP: Yeah, but that was kind of in the moment, I didn’t mean to tell him, it seemed apparent at the time.

ISTP: You don’t need to justify anything to me, that’s fine lol. And then there’s the dynamic between you and ENTJ. You guys are awesome as a pair, he get things done and you tell him how and what to get things done in the most beneficial and efficient way, in account of factors and materials.

INTP: Ah yes him….we get along nicely, he’s cool, and he respects boundary. It’s kind of a “best friend bordering on professional” relationship.

ISTP: Exactly what I mean. I wish I could relate to you a little bit more than I can right now. :’(

INTP: *panics as she sees ISTP’s inferior Fe come out* *grabs ISTP’s favourite sweets, milk chocolate, in a bowl* I’m proposing to you with this bowl of chocolate. Please don’t be sad.

ISTP: *snorts* Sure. *accepts bowl* When’s the wedding?

INTP: 30th February 2018. :)

ISTP: You’re cool. I like being with you.

INTP: I like being with me too. There, that’s something we can both relate to! :D

ISTP: Shut up. It was my inferior Fe.

INTP: Uh-huh. Sure.

Pancakes And ‘Action Figures’

Originally posted by hesragnorssoulmate

Steve Rogers x Friend!Reader

Length: 502 words

Warnings: none, just a little something for the Caps birthday

You wore socks on your feet, to help you sneak into the Captain’s room, but you were convinced that he’d catch you anyway – being the light sleeper, and trained agent, he was. As you believed, your socks ended up being pointless. However, it was the door which betrayed you, really. First of all, as you opened the heavy bedroom door, you knocked your elbow on the handle, effectively jostling the metal tray you were holding, clinking the china on top of it, and getting a soft ‘ow!’ to escape your lips. Then, the heavy metal hinges attached to the door, suddenly let out the shrillest noise you’d ever heard in your life.

“Who’s there?” Steve’s voice was sleepy (which was to be expected), yet threatening (which wasn’t). The combination of the two things was what you’d expect from a puppy training to be a guard dog. You internally laughed, because you often thought that Steve reminded you of a golden retriever. The man in question was staring at you, in all your wide-eyed, rumpled pyjama-clad glory, as you simply stood in his doorway. “…Y/N?”

Quickly, you pulled yourself from your state. “Morning!” You fumbled slightly with the tray, trying to close the door with your hip, and managing to get it on the second try. Steve said nothing as you scrambled to his side, thrusting the tray at him. “I made you pancakes!” You were rather proud of the pancakes you’d made – they were shaped (and coloured) like his vibranium shield. “You like them?”

Steve couldn’t help but smile softly at your efforts, before accepting the metal tray from your hands. “Thank you, Y/N. But, is there any reason for all this?”

You were genuinely confused by his response, “Steve, it’s your birthday.”

The blonde man blinked, as if he was amazed to find out such a thing. “Oh.” The Captain didn’t say anything for a moment, “I just- I’ve never really celebrated it.” At your questioning look, he went on, “There wasn’t much money growing up… and then, I didn’t really, uh,” Steve cleared his throat awkwardly, not quite meeting your eyes, “like the reminder.”

Now you felt stupid, “Oh, sorry… In my family, we just… sorry.” Feeling a little sheepish now, you reached into the weird pocket sewn into the shirt of your pyjamas (why would you need pockets in bed, anyway?), “Here.”

Steve took the object you were holding out to him. “A doll?”

“An action figure, actually.” It was of Captain America. “My granddad got it for his birthday, in 1942.” Steve looked at it intently now, his face not really telling you much about his emotions or thoughts. Thinking he may not like it, you told him, “I know it’s not much, but I-”

“It’s perfect.” Steve’s voice was a little shaky, but the smile that slowly grew on his face was strong, “Thank you, Y/N. For the, uh, ‘action figure’ and for the pancakes.”

You were pleased that he liked them, “No problem. Happy birthday, Steve.”


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Warning: Swearing 

    “So this was is our new apartment!” Your Dad took off your blindfold.

                                               It was a shithole 

   Your Dad and Mom recently got a divorced and your father won custody of you. Your Mom was a common day whore, slept with everyone in town. She barely took care of you and she was drunk most of the time. Back in Kansas, your family was poor but your dad made an effort. When your Dad lost the house due to legal fees he packed you and your dog up and moved you to his home town of Oceanside, CA.

   Here in Oceanside your family was poor but your father made an effort 

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Yugyeom and Jackson Imagine - Two Confessions

A/N - I had a lot of fun coming up with an idea for this one so I hope you all enjoy it~ I’ve not written too many imagines where two of the boys like the reader so hopefully it worked out okay!

Hello! New to your blog >^_^< I see such good work and I want to put in a request. May I have a l scenario w/ Jackson and Yugyeom? Where they both like the same person and they confess in their own way. I appreciate it! No rush on it though I know you’re busy.

You were sat at home thinking. The past few days had been a little weird for you. Mainly because two of your closest friends had confessed their feelings. What didn’t help matters was that you kind of liked both of them and could easily see yourself dating either of them. And now there was a choice. A choice you didn’t really want to make, even though you knew you had to. Sighing to yourself, you thought back to the two confessions and how you had felt in the moment it all happened..

“(Y/N) noona, can we talk?”
“Of course, Yugyeom. What’s up?”
“Actually, not now. Do you want to go out and grab some lunch and we can talk then? I don’t want the others to listen in.”
“Sure, let me grab my coat and we can head out.” The two of you went to a nice little restaurant that you and the members would often visit together. This time felt a little different though and you couldn’t quite pick out why. As you both ate, you noticed Yugyeom giving you weird looks. Something was up and you were determined to find out what. 
“Yugyeom, what was it that you wanted to talk about earlier?”
“Oh, uh well, I wanted to say that I think you’re really pretty and funny and kind and I really like that. Uh, I really like you. And I would like it if we could um date. If you don’t like me that’s okay! And you don’t have to say anything right now, I just wanted you to know that.”
“Wow, okay, Yugyeom. I wasn’t expecting that. I’m really flattered but I do need a little time to think about it.”
“That’s okay, I can wait,” he replied smiling, happy that there was a chance for him to win over your heart. He placed his hand on yours and smiled even more. You could feel your heart melting over his sweet gesture and you returned the smile, thinking you knew what you’d say to him.

But unfortunately things weren’t that easy. They were never just that easy. No, just the next day Jackson had asked you to go on a walk with him around the local area. As you were both walking, Jackson randomly stopped beside a bench and asked you to sit down. 
“(Y/N), I know about yesterday with Yugyeom but I just couldn’t let you make a decision without knowing about my true feelings for you. Ever since we first met, I thought you were absolutely gorgeous and then when I learnt what an amazing you person you are, I just fell for you more. I know Yugyeom confessed yesterday and it’s okay if you choose him but I thought you had the right to know how I felt about you.”
“You don’t need to say anything. Just, if you do choose him then please just give me some time to adjust and get over it. And do the same for him if you choose me. Obviously, you can decide to date neither of us, if that’s what you really want. Just know that I’ll always be here for you no matter what.”
“That’s really lovely, Jackson and I promise I’ll make things as easy as possible for both of you, regardless of who I choose. But I will admit, it’s not exactly going to be an easy choice.”
“Take as long as you need. Both Yugyeom and I can wait.”

And now here you are, trying to decide. There was Yugyeom, a couple years younger but still fairly mature for his age. He was sweet and always seemed to be quite a romantic. But then there was Jackson, closer in age to you but also more lively. You liked them both but as you sat there thinking, you realised that you actually liked them both in different ways. One was friendly. A shoulder to cry on and someone to laugh with. The other was like a boyfriend to you already. He treated you like royalty and would always do everything he could to make you happy. Feeling that sense of realisation was relieving. The doorbell rang and you knew it would be them, coming over to hear your decision. When they were both sat down, you took a deep breath and told them, 
“I’ve thought for a while about this. And I’ve decided that I want to date…”

Not Dead Yet (Part 27)

*Quick update! Don’t forget to let me know what you think. Love ya!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: language

“Wow, you almost look like a lady.” Devin remarked as I cleaned myself up the best I could.

“How dare you.” I dragged my comb through my hair again. “Take a good look now because you will not be seeing me like this again.”

“Here’s the dress.” he handed me a large bundle of lilac colored fabric. “Lot of fabric there, need any help…”

“Shove off,” I kicked him and he scampered off. I unfolded the dress and sighed. I know that this was my idea but the thought that I was going to be playing a damsel in distress made me groan.

I stripped out of my clothes and changed into the dress and shift that went underneath it. But, wait, the back is open! I craned my neck and saw the loose ribbons that were meant to lace it up. Guess I do need Devin to help with this. I gathered up my clothes and started back to camp to find Devin. I tossed my other clothes in my tent and grabbed the little cracked mirror studying my reflection in it. My hair looked tidier than it ever had and there was not a speck of dirt nor drop of sweat to be seen on my face.

“Need a hand there?” I turned around and saw Peter studying me with an amused look. “I’m not the most adept with woman’s fashion but I don’t think they’re supposed to look like that.”

“I just need Devin to lace me up.” I stood upright.

“I got it,” he motioned for me to turn around, “What? It’s a dress, not that hard to comprehend.”

I rolled my eyes but turned around anyways. He took either ribbon in his hands and started to lace up the dress quite deftly. “So, you found this rather quickly. Did you just happen to have a dress my size lying about?”

“Conjured it up from an old cloak.” He answered.

He finished lacing it and tied it tightly in place. “There we are, let’s have a look.”

I turned around once more. “How weird do I look? Let’s have at it.”

“Believe it or not, you actually look pretty. As pretty as a Lost Girl like you can, that is.” he gave me a sincere grin.

“Oh why thank you.” I smoothed out a crease in the seemingly endless yards of satin. “Did it have to be such a girly color?”

“It’s only for a little while. Now let’s go have some fun. You still have your dagger?” he asked. I pulled up the dress to show the dagger safely strapped at my thigh.

“Duh, just round up the boys and we’ll head off.”

He held out a hand, “Let’s have some fun then.” I took his hand and in a whirl of wind we were in a different part of the island. A group of boys were there and jumped when Peter and I appeared out of nowhere.

“Find them?” I asked. No one said anything and kept staring at me. “Yes I actually look like a girl for once. Just cause I’m wearing a dress doesn’t mean I can’t still kill you all. Now, pirates?”

“Over there.” Nick pointed off to the west.

“Was that so hard?” I muttered. “So you guys know your part right?”

“We get to chase you down like we’re going to kill you. I’ve been looking forward to it!” One of the other boys, Flint, said.

“You hurt me, I hurt you.” I warned him. “Don’t overdo it with the theatrics, keep a good distance, I’m heading in.”

I started running toward the west. The boys were going to wait till I was further ahead to start chasing after me. I glanced back to see how much space I had put between us when I ran right into a body. First instinct made me fear it was one of the pirates but was relieved, if not a little annoyed, to see Peter had manifested right in front of my trail.

“What the hell are you doing?” I pushed myself back up.

“I needed to tell you if things should go awry–”

“I’ll be fine. I can hold my own, even against pirates.” I rolled my eyes.

“I know just–”

“Are you worried about me?” I gaped at him, “The fearless Peter Pan is scared that his little Lost Girl is going to get herself into a compromising situation she can’t get out of?”

“You do have a habit of getting into near death experiences.”

“Then you should be used to this by now. I’ll be back before you know it.” I gathered the front of the dress up and moved to run towards the pirates when Peter grabbed my arm stopping me.

He pressed his lips to mine in a hot open-mouthed kiss. Despite the situation I kissed him back without another thought. He pulled back, our mouths making a slight popping sound as they came apart, “We’ll finish that when you get back.”

“Great. I look forward to it.” I pulled myself free of his grip, “Now get out of here and let me work.”


“Stop,” Hook and the few of his crew halted behind him. “Someone’s out there.”

“The Lost Ones?” one of the crew suggested. Towards the east he heard the ruckus of the Lost Boys making some big ado. They readied into fighting stance as some shuffling came closer. A girl crashed through unto their path looking frightened and dazed. She spotted them and her eyes grew to the size of dinner plates.

“Who are you? You look too old to be Lost Boys.” she panted heavily. Giving the pirates a once over before glancing back behind her. “Nevermind, run!”

“Wait, who are–” Hook tried to ask.

“No time! Run! They’re right behind me!” She screeched as she pushed past them and took off down the trail they had just come from. The noise of the Lost Boys was getting closer and they didn’t sound happy.

“Go!” Hook barked at them and they all turned to follow the mysterious new girl. They ran, the noise of the boys following after them until they reached the sanctity of the beach. When they felt they were safe Hook took a moment to really look at the girl they had blindly followed here. She was knelt in the sand gasping for breath.

“Alright, love,” Hook approached her, “Who are you and why are you running from the Lost Boys?”

She peered up at him, “They had me locked up as ransom, I was able to escape, need I say more? And you are?”

“I’m Captain Jones, this is my crew.” This poor girl, she looked so out of place in this grand jungle.

“Pirates…the ones they’ve been talking about.” she sat back on the sand, “So that means you have a ship? You can get me out of here?”

“Aye, we do and we could. But how can we know that we can trust you?” After they found Alf Mason rotting in the bowels of the Jolly Roger they were wary of everything and everyone on this island.

“Pardon?” she gaped at them visibly abashed.

“Well as much as I would love to believe you I have also been bombarded by mermaids and my men slaughtered since coming to this island. So forgive me if I’m not entirely trusting of sudden pretty face.”

Tears started to well up in her eyes. “I’ve been strung up in the center of their camp for years. I know everything about it, about them. I can help you get off this island. Just take me with you when you do.”

Hook watched the girl carefully. Her large eyes reflected that of a fish out of water panicked and desperate. He held out a hand for her, “Come lass. Let’s get you out of here before those boys track you down.” She glanced at his hand before taking it and pulling herself to her feet. “That a girl. You didn’t say what your names was.”

“Y/N,” she answered. “My name’s Y/N.”

“Well, miss Y/N, allow me to more properly introduce myself. Captain Killian Jones at your service.”

“Thank you. Thank you so much.” she spoke softly. They rowed back to the ship and Hook gave her his quarters to rest. She explained that she had been taken from her home one day and that according to Pan the only way her family would get her back was if they relinquished one of her brothers. So far it had been to no avail.

“Father never wanted any girls running around. Found them too high maintenance to raise.” Y/N mumbled, her hands wrapped around a warm teacup. “Should have seen this coming to be honest. He’s rid of me and has his sons to carry on the name. Only regret probably is that he wishes it would have happened sooner.”

“Don’t speak like that. I’m sure your father is worried out of his mind about you.” Hook tried to assure her.

She let out a small scoff. “If he truly was worried then he would have come for me by now, wouldn’t he?”

“Love, how long have you been on this island?”

“Trapped in a cage it’s hard to tell but I believe it’s been a couple years. A decade maybe.” she shrugged, “If father wanted me home then something would have been done a long time ago.”

“A decade. You’ve been locked in a cage for a decade?”

“They let me out to eat and such but all my time was usually spent in a wicker cage suspended off the ground. I only escaped because they had let me out to eat and I clocked the boy that was supposed to be keeping an eye on me over the head. Then I started running as fast as I could.”

“If I may ask, you seem impeccably dressed for someone who’s been locked in a cage for years.”

“Oh this?” she picked at the sleeves of the dress, “It was a present from their leader, Pan. He thought I should have something pretty to wear for…for being a good girl. Oh dear, it makes me sound like a mutt. Obey: get a bone. Misbehave: get rapped on the snout.”

“And did you ever…misbehave?” he gestured the question carefully.

She gave a slight nod and rolled pulled down the fabric at her shoulder to reveal a large jagged scar. “That was for spitting at one of them.” she gulped heavily, “I can’t go back. I just can’t…”

“You won’t. I promise.” he pulled the sleeve back up over her shoulder. “Now try to relax and rest up. We’ll deal with any Lost Boys that come snooping. When you’re stronger you’ll tell us what all you know of this place and it’s inhabitants, alright?”

“Of course. Thank you, Captain.” she smiled up at him for the first time.

“Please, call me Killian.” he returned the smile. Peter Pan was playing a dangerous game. First there was his fun assaulting Hook’s crew but to kidnap a young girl and hold her prisoner for a decade…that was the final straw.


This was painfully easy, I thought as Hook left the room. A scared girl in peril, add a sob story and sprinkle on some tenderness and he was putty. I think it was the flashing of that old scar that really did the trick, an old reminder from one of my run-ins with Slightly so long ago. If things went well then I should be able to find the eye and be back home by tonight.

Now alone I stood up from my seat and began my search of the captain’s quarters. He’d have to keep it here if it wasn’t on him. A secret compartment or safe hidden somewhere. I lifted the mattress of the bed but there was nothing under it. First rule of searching, never dismiss a hiding spot just because it’s obvious. I dropped the mattress and flopped back on the bed. This ship is full of nooks and crannies how am I gonna find something as small as an eyeball?

This bed is very soft though. Not fit for a king but much better than my cot back at camp. I glanced back at the doorway. I had already gained entry to the ship. There was no way off this island without Peter’s knowing so I didn’t have to fear an unexpected departure. If I could actually relax for just a moment…

I nestled further under the blankets and let out a long sigh of pleasure. This was the most comfortable thing I have ever laid on in my life! The gentle rock of the ship and the sound of the water lapping against the hull was so soothing. I shut my eyes and started to drift off. Peter’s eye could wait, there was no way I was passing up a great sleep like this.


“Pan,” Felix tried to get his friend’s attention, “You haven’t stopped pacing since Y/N left with the pirates. She’s a strong girl, you know she can handle herself.”

“I know,” Peter snapped, “But it’s nearly nightfall. The way she spoke she made it sound like she’d be back by now.”

“It’s a large ship and a lot of pirates. If she’s going to find the eye without getting her throat slashed open she needs to be discreet.” Felix’s words did nothing to calm him. This was a stupid plan! What had he been thinking?

He sent his Lost Girl to a ship of malicious pirates with only a dagger for protection. It wasn’t exactly like she was hideous or a child either. What if one of them–

“Pan!” Felix shouted and Peter stopped his pacing. “You’re gonna make it start thundering if you keep thinking whatever it is you’re thinking.”

Peter looked up and noted that dark clouds had started to invade the once clear sky. He cursed the island for betraying his real worry. No doubt Y/N had taken notice. How smug she must feel seeing it. He tried to force the clouds away but more rolled in against his will.

“I’m going to check on the ship.”

“Pan, you know that’s a bad idea.” Felix warned.

“Only if they know I’m there.” he blinked away from the camp and reappeared on the beach. Out on the ocean was the Jolly Roger with it’s lanterns aglow in the quickly darkening evening. If he used his pixie dust he could just fly over and check but pixie dust was in very short supply. Besides the emergency vial he kept on him at all times there was barely any left. He couldn’t go wasting it on stuff like this.

So he sat down on the beach and watched the ship swaying on the sea.

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graciiie-deneuve-deactivated201  asked:

Aww yes a new headcannon blog! It's very nice to meet you, and I wish you luck in running your blog! Can I request the RFA's (maybe V and Rika too? But that's fine if you don't do either of them 😁) reaction to their partner thinking that they are cheating on them, even though they aren't? Like, how would the RFA try to convince their partner they aren't cheating on them, that kinda thing. I'm sorry if it doesn't make any sense 😅

Thank you so much! You’re very kind, and don’t worry, I understand what you mean! Thank you for requesting!! Hopefully my headcanons are good enough! I’ll try my best with Rika’s, though it may not be very good as I don’t have an amazing grasp on her personality outside of everything with Mint Eye! I’ll do my best, though!! I’m sorry if they aren’t very good..!

V’s and Rika’s headcanons turned into more of a..’Do you still like them?” sort of thing, I apologize! I just started to run out of things that would make a person seem like they were actively cheating without them actually being cheaters if that makes sense! 

Headcanons below the cut ~ Very long post!

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Fuck! BOOM! Auch.
  • Series: Overwatch
  • Pairing: Boombox (Junkrat x  Lúcio)
  • Chapters: 10/10
  • Words: 19.270
  • Subject: Soon after you are born, on the palm of your right hand a text will appear, a tattoo if you want to call it that way. That will be the first sentence your soulmate will tell you upon meeting you.
  • Check it also on AO3 + 2 bonus oneshots

It’s here! Finally finished the Soulmate AU! Ten chapters of… probably too much Junkrat’s point of view… you are warned for the stream of thoughts, now enjoy.

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anonymous asked:

Eurovision ask nr.2: Reactions to Romania and the rap-yodel

Elsword: “I, uh.  Wow.”

Aisha: “Why would they ruin perfectly good music…”

Rena: “Catchy!  I like it!”

Raven: “It sounds like a bunch of screaming goats, but with a melody.”

Eve: “The tune is quite pleasing.  What is this ‘yodel’ everyone is talking about?”

Chung: “Hamel’s mountains are perfect for yodeling!  It’s a cool song!”

Ara: “Uh…. It’s not the type of music I’m used to, definitely.”

Elesis:  “Cool, but not my thing.”


Lu: “Human music is weird!  Back in the demon world, we’d have the screams of tormented souls as the instruments!”

Ciel, looking queasy after Lu’s description: “It’s much better than demon music.”

Rose: “Hmm… I like it.”

Ain:  “Why do I care?  Oh, right, I don’t.”

Dangan Ronpa One Despair Disease Headcanons

In this ask, you asked if you have any headcanons for the despair disease symptoms that the DR1 students may have. I have some headcanons for it.

Makoto Naegi (The Cynical Disease)

Naegi will lose all of his optimism and become way more cynical. He actually outright believes that a murder will actually take place during that time compared to how Naegi usually feels.

Chihiro Fujisaki (The Manly Disease)

Chihiro will become extremely cocky and “manly” where he often takes off his shirt, no longer wears a skirt, and do all sort of “manly” things.

Kiyotaka Ishimaru (The Rebellious Disease)

Taka will no longer care about the rules and acts way more rebellious towards things. He will not care about studying one single bit and instead he just wants to barely pass his classes.

Mondo Oowada (The Timid Disease)

Mondo loses all his confidence and becomes more timid and shy when it comes to things. He cries way more often now and is scared about the situation he is put in.

Byakuya Togami (The Niceness Disease)

Compared to Byakuya’s usual jerkass tendencies, he will become a lot more nicer and actually cares about what the other students will do.

Yasuhiro Hagakure (The Intelligence Disease)

Hiro takes a major level in intelligence where he has the intelligence of a Straight A student. He often goes on stating random scientific and trivia facts by the way,

Leon Kuwuta (The Anti-Music Disease)

Instead of wanting to become the Ultimate Musician, he hates any kind of music and does not wish to become the Ultimate Musician one single bit.

Hifumi Yamada (The Unperverted Disease)

While Hifumi is usually a bit of a pervert, he tends to be way more respectful towards women and believes violence against women is wrong.

Kyoko Kirigiri (The Dumbass Disease)

Kyoko takes a major level in dumbass and believes in very stupid things. In addition, she will lose her abilities as the Ultimate Detective and solve crimes.

Aoi Asahina (The Depressed Disease)

Hina becomes much more depressed and sad towards things losing all of her excitement and hyperness towards many things.

Sakura Oogami (The Jerkass Disease)

Sakura becomes a lot meaner then usual and she is no longer a gentle giant stating she will be ready to kill someone anytime she wants to.

Toko Fukawa (The Girly Disease)

Toko becomes a lot more girly then usual and instead of believing that she is ugly, she outright believes she is beautiful and often picks people who she believes is ugly.

Genocide Jill (The Killing Disease)

After Jill gets the disease, she will ready to kill anybody regardless of their gender, and how she kills them.

Sayaka Maizono (The Terrible Singing Disease)

For her disease, she will sing every thing that she will have to say and let’s state that she lost her singing voice and became a terrible singer.

Celestia Ludenberg (The Truth-Telling Disease)

For this, Celestia will tell the truth and nothing but the truth. She lost her ability to lie and has become the ordinary Taeko Yasuhiro.

Mukuro Ikusaba (The Junko Disease)

While Mukuro was pretending to be Junko during the whole entire killing game, she outright became the real Junko with all of her personalities and her love for despair.

Junko Enoshima (The Hope Disease)

Junko lost all her love of despair and becomes a “hope lover” to the point she ended up letting all the students out of the killing game. ~ submitted by callmemayans

*more despair disease HCs under the cut!*

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//oh, look I’m actually posting here again!! I had previously written out a post explaining why I haven’t been active outside of OOC interactions, but tumblr quit on me right as I was finishing it and I immediately couldn’t remember what I had wanted to say, and had lost the will try try again. XO So I’ll try to make another one now! Basically I’ve been in a really weird place mentally and I haven’t been that capable of doing ANYTHING creativity-wise. I have muse, but my mind can’t do anything with it, and the same is with any other things. I could go into explaining why I think it happened, but I don’t think anyone is that interested in reading about it lol. I don’t know when I’ll be able to start rping again, but I’m trying to get myself back into practice. Sorry!!!

How to NOT be an Ally, a response to Arielle Scarcella

This is a transcript of this youtube video. 

So my video that I made yesterday directed towards arielleishamming has caused a little bit of controversy as I’m sure you all know by now if you’re on literally any of my social media profiles.

My twitter interaction with her specifically was very telling and I had a few thoughts that I wanted to share with you.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that being an ally, for many people, is akin to a fashion statement. You can wear a Slayer Tshirt, but not know a single Slayer song. But you’ll look really cool in your snazzy band tee and you’ll get lots of attention from other people who think Slayer is just great and some who are just as ignorant as you are.

Let’s be honest, It’s a cool to be an ally. You get all sorts of appreciation and praise for it. So much so that you can completely turn your back on the people you’re trying to ally, disregard their opinions, alienate them and still receive all of the accolades for being a brave ally.

I’ve noticed a trend in certain allies where they back into a corner when criticized and essentially say that we should be thankful that they are brave enough to be our allies. They say that we shouldn’t criticize them when they do problematic things because they’re trying to help.

But this is what they don’t understand:

Because you are an ally, we hold you to a higher standard. While a lot of trans people would love for cis het people to understand and support us, we’re also realistic. We’ve realized that, well, the likelihood of them siding with us is very slim.

So our expectations for them aren’t nearly as strong as our expectations for members of the LGB community who claim to be our Allies.

Something that makes me awfully uncomfortable about Arielle is that it’s very clear that her ally status is conditional and that while she may broadcast herself as an ally, there are stipulations and requirements for the sort of people that she allies. Those people are mainly people that agree with her and well, that’s really not what being an ally is about.

During our conversation on twitter she bought up the civil rights movement. I find it really fascinating that people can rarely have a conversation with me about anything without bringing up my race…but that’s a different video for a different day

What she insinuated is that we need the support of cis white men in order to succeed and in a way she’s right. But here’s where she messed up:

During the civil rights movement white allies used their position of privilege to amplify the voices of the black people. They did not snatch the mic from them and speak for them and frame to everyone around them the struggles of black people. They used their privilege to put them on the stage and handed them the mic so that they can speak for themselves.

Here’s the reality, Arielle has privilege and she has an audience and as an ally she should be using that privilege to amplify the voices of trans people, not framing the people who have legitimate criticisms of her as haters. I have been nothing but cordial with her,but she’s started to frame me as a hateful person, I’m not.

I’m holding you to a higher standard because you’re an ally.

During our twitter discourse she also decided to say that just because I was trans does not make me an authority on trans issues. I just wanted to highlight that this is the complete opposite of what an ally is supposed to say.

As a trans person I do uniquely have an understanding of what goes on in the minds of trans people. I also know what our needs are. My issue with many people, like Arielle, is that they’re far more invested in telling us what we need and how we need it than they are listening to our needs and fighting for them.

I am not a child that needs to be directed towards a path that is beneficial for me and you’re not helping me by telling me how solve my problems that, by the way, I already have solutions for. We know what we need and as an ally your job is to listen.

I wanted to shout out chescaleigh and thank her for defending me on twitter. She is a great example of an ally who amplifies the voices of trans people and listens to their concerns without feeling the need to us what we need. That is what an ally does.

Being an ally is not a fashion statement, it’s a statement that you will stand side by side with someone and fight for their needs even if sometimes you don’t quite understand them. If you’re not interested in hearing and understanding all of the voices of the people that you’re trying to ally, then I’m sorry to say, you’re not an ally.

I’m kinda mad that this outfit looks so cute on me. I’m trying to look like a poser

I need to actually listen to bands so i wont’ feel weird wearing band tshirts….

orrrr i can design my own band tshirts for bands that don’t exist and act super superior when people don’t know about the band.

“oh wow you haven’t heard about the Problematics? You’re so fucking lame”.

On that note, don’t forget to like share comment and subscribe and remember that you are beautiful and you are loved!

Dark Paradise: Part 1

A/N: okaaaayyyy, so, I’m back with another dark story. I hope you guys aren’t too mad. ): it was requested and I hate to let people down! Hopefully you all understand. If this isn’t your thing, don’t read it for your own sake. I decided to break this down into two parts, so here is part one. I realize this is short but this would have been super long with the other part. Anyway, enjoy!

Requested by: Anonymous.

Warnings: swearing, sexual abuse.

Summary: Y/N and Mr. J have been together for a while. They’ve always been happy. Not for long though, when a scumbag decides to kidnap her and rape her. It causes problems for them as a couple.


Mr. J made y/n happy. she was in love with him. they’ve been together for what seemed like forever and she wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. she was the only family he had and he was hers. everything was great. they always had their moments but that’s because J always liked to play his sick games with her. they were already basically married ever since the chemical wedding of theirs happened. y/n has always wanted a baby but she knew their lifestyle wasn’t good for a baby. Mr. J knew this. he would’ve happily given her a baby but he knew he wouldn’t be a good father either. she didn’t know this though. she just thought J didn’t want a baby. they just decided that when it was their time to start a family, they would. y/n wasn’t very patient but she was willing to do anything for J. she didn’t want to lose him. like she would.

J had a business meeting in one of his clubs. just the usual. he always took y/n with him. he always wanted her on his lap or just by his sight. except for tonight. she was on his lap, kissing his neck while he was talking to the business associates.

“y/n, darling, I need some space. why don’t you go dance or something?” he said, annoyed.

“oh, uh, okay.” she says, smiling at him as she gets off his lap and walks towards the bar. she ordered herself a vodka shot.

‘that’s weird. he never wants me out of his sight.’ she thinks to herself as she gulps down the shot.

she shrugged it off and danced by herself. a couple of guys approached but she blew them off. there was one guy in particular though. he kept asking her if he can buy her a drink or dance with her but she didn’t want to make Mr. J mad by dancing with someone other than him. he never danced with her but still. she danced for what seemed like hours. she goes by the bar to order another drink; this time she got whiskey. she glanced over to J’s booth to see what he was up to. she does a double take as she see two girls sitting on his lap, kissing his neck. one of the girls get up to get on her knees and starts unbutton his pants. she could tell that he was purring. she started shaking with rage. J scans the club to see where y/n was at. he grins when they make eye contact. she knew he just wanted to get her jealous. she was so pissed. she wanted to go up to them and shoot both of the girls. instead, she waited to see how far J would go. he went as far letting the girl touch his member, but as soon as she did, he pushed them off and signaled them to go away. he whistled for y/n but she ignored him and stormed out of the club. he went too far with his game. she felt her eyes fill up with tears. she starts walking away from the club as fast as she could before J can catch up to her. she decided to start walking home since she was already close by. she was cold, crying, and tired. she was so hurt. she felt like J cheated on her but technically, he didn’t. or did he? she was super confused. she was so upset. a car pulled up beside her. it was the guy from the club.

“Hey, want a ride?” he asked with a smile.

she hesitated for a second but she decided to get in the car. the car was surprisingly warm. she shivered.

“thanks.” she says, flashing a fake smile.

“I’m Brandon, by the way. where to?” he says, as he starts driving.

she began giving him directions. she sensed a weird vibe from him but she ignored it.

“so.. why the tears, beautiful?” he asks, making small talk.

“I got into a fight with my boyfriend.” she says, wiping them away.

“oh, that’s why you rejected me at the club. I thought it was because you thought I wasn’t good looking or something.” he chuckled.

“no, you’re actually quite cute.” she says, chuckling as well.

she stops as soon as she realizes that he’s going a different way.

“um, do you want me to tell you where I live again?” she says looking out of her window. they were in the middle of nowhere.

“no, I got it.” he reassured her as he smirked.

he suddenly stopped the car. he takes his seat beat off and leans over to her to kiss her. she pushes him away.

“what the fuck are you doing?”

“well, you’re single now so let’s hook up.” he smirked. he tried to kiss her one more time. she pushed him away once again.

“what? I didn’t say I was single! stop!” she sternly says.

she gets out of the car and starts running. Brandon gets out to chase her. she was in heels so he got her. she yelled for help but no one was around. it was hopeless. he shoved her back into his car, but in the backseat this time. he threw her so she would lie on her back and he crawled on top of her. he forcefully takes off her panties from under her dress and starts unbuckling his belt and pants. as soon as she realized what he was trying to do she panicked.

“no— NO! I don’t want to! please! please, leave me alone, LET ME GO!” she screamed.

“shut the fuck up!” he says, as he slapped her in the face. she cried.

“please, don’t do this..” she sobbed.

she tried to push him off but he held her arms down with his hands, as he slammed himself into her. she cried out in pain. she kept trying to fight him but he was so much stronger. she screamed as he kept going in back and forth. he was grunting and panting. she felt disgusted. he started getting annoyed by her screaming and crying so he decided to grab her throat. he held it tight enough for it to bruise. her arms were bruised too. her screaming turned into whimpering and silent sobs as she realized there was nothing she could do.

“aw, don’t cry, I know you like it.” he pants, kissing her breasts. “come on, tell me how cute I am, moan for me.” he says, going in harder and faster. she kept crying. he seemed to be getting off on it.

he kept going until he finally finished inside her. he got off of her and sat up, trying to catch his breath. she just laid there, lifeless with tears rolling down her face. Brandon got out of his car and dragged y/n out with him. she screamed as she tried pushing and kicking him away but she was weak. he got her out, and pushed her to the ground. he beat her until she passed out. he left her on the side of the road. she had bruises all over her body and face. if anyone found her, they would’ve thought she was dead. he drove away when he was done setting her up there.

Mr. J’s POV———————————

as soon as he saw y/n walk towards the bar, he called over two strippers to sit on his lap. they were lesbian. they went with his game since they couldn’t really refuse. he saw her glance at his booth. he chuckles as she does a double take. he can feel her anger. he begins to purr which was totally fake because he only purred when y/n pleasured him. one of the girls take it one step further and get on their knees. he decides to make eye contact with her and to piss her off even more, he grins. he started feeling himself tense up a bit and pushed them away. he sees y/n’s eyes starting to water so he called her over. she ignored him. he went after her but it was hard to go through the crowd. it was packed. as soon as he gets to the door, he looks around for y/n. she’s nowhere to be found. he starts getting angry and stressed. she was in a small dress walking by herself at this time of night? he didn’t think so. he went back into his club and called out for Frost.


“yes?” he attended him immediately.

“get as many henchmen as you can looking for y/n. she left walking and she’s all alone. if you don’t come back with her, you’re all dying a very painful death, GOT IT?” he growled. Frost nodded. “make sure they know that.”

he storms out of his club and into his Lamborghini. he takes off and starts going to places where she’d normally be after they’ve had an argument. she wouldn’t be shopping at this of hour, or at a friends house. he ran out of places to look and got very frustrated.

“you’re not getting away that easy, doll.” he says to himself.

he drove around for hours before he gave up and drove home. he walked upstairs to the bedroom and tried to fall asleep but he couldn’t. he needed y/n in his arms or at least by his side. he decided to stay up that night.

he gets a call hours later. it’s Frost.

“what? did you find her?”

“well yes but—”

“good! bring her back here so I can punish her for leaving.”

“I don’t think you want to do that, boss, she—”

“oh, I would love to. bring her back now.” he almost hung up.

“wait! she’s not in a very good condition, boss..” he hesitantly says.

“what do you mean?” he started getting worried.

“she’s unconscious. I’m driving her to you. I was calling you to tell you about it and ask if you wanted me to take her to your own doctor.”

he stood quiet. he didn’t know what to say or think.

“just bring her back, I’ll figure it out.” he hung up.

he was very concerned. he started blaming himself. he had to wait hours before they arrived. he started getting impatient. he was pacing back and forth in front of the front door. they finally arrived.

“FINALLY! where the hell is Frost?” he asked his henchman, Troy.

“He’s with Evan, helping him bring y/n.” he says with a straight face.

he walks out to the car y/n was in after Troy responded to him. she looks dead. he looks at her with emotional pain.

“what the hell happened to her?” he says, helping Frost get her inside.

“I’m not sure yet, boss, but I called the doctor. he’s on his way.”

they set her on the couch instead of going all the way upstairs.

“you’re dismissed. all of you are!” he shouts at his henchmen. they all leave in a heart beat.

“God, what happened to you?” he says, observing her bruises.

he felt horrible. he felt like it was his fault. if he hadn’t called the strippers over to him, she would have been in his arms, wide awake. he felt an empty feeling at the pit of his stomach. he’s never felt that before.

y/n started to move around on the couch. she wasn’t breathing very well and she was whimpering. tears started streaming down her face. Mr. J noticed.

“sh, sh, doll. you’re with me now. you’re safe. I’m gonna find the asshole that did this to you and I’ll make him pay.” he whispers, as he caresses her.

she calmed down a bit but she’s still not fully awake. the door bell rings. it’s the doctor. he went to y/n as fast as he could and started getting to work. Mr. J wasn’t allowed to be around for any of it so he went upstairs to his office. he impatiently waited, pacing in front of his office door. the doctor came in an hour later.

“she’s fine.”

J sighed in relief.

“she had a bit of a concussion but she should be good now. she was beaten. I ran some tests to see if she was drugged but she wasn’t. since the concussion wasn’t severe, she should remember everything that happened in the last 24 hours. as for her bruises and scratches, I think she’s going to need a full body massage with some ointment to cure them. I figured I’d leave that to you.” he tosses the ointment to J. he catches it. “she’s just sleeping in the bedroom now. she should be awake in a few hours.”

“a few hours?!” J groaned.

the doctor nodded. “look, the most important thing is that she’s fine. this could’ve gone a lot worse—”

“yeah, yeah, yeah, you can go now.” J interrupts as he walks out of his office into their bedroom.

he just watched her. he felt like he wanted to cry but he really didn’t. he just felt horrible about the whole situation. he was very tired though. it around 9 pm. he decided to lay down beside her. his goal wasn’t to sleep but he did anyway. he was just happy to have her by his side.


A Slight Miscalculation

I’d like to claim that @geeky-jez is partially at fault for this, but in truth the cruelty is all mine. (Here’s some super awkward Professor Solas for you, @andauril and @sgurrdearg)

Pairing: Solas /Lavellan
Rating: NSFW

Solas froze mid-thrust. “Please don’t call me that.”

Alya looked up at him, concern dawning on her face as she noted his discomfort. “Why? Is it weird?”

Yes, it’s weird. I’m very well aware that I am your father’s age, and when we’re naked in bed isn’t the best time to go reminding me of it.”

“Oh! Oh, Solas,” she cooed, cupping his cheek. “I’m so sorry. But, you know, if it helps, you really aren’t. The Dalish marry quite young, so you’re actually a few years older than my father, and I realized as those words were leaving my mouth that that’s probably the absolute worst thing I could have said right now,” she finished with a wince.

“And there’s the final torch on my erection’s pyre,” Solas sighed, rolling off of her in defeat.

Alya snuggled next to him. “I’m sorry,” she said again, kissing his cheek. “…Would some cupcakes make you feel better?

Solas considered. “Possibly.”

“I’m on it,” Alya announced, hopping off the bed and wrapping a robe around herself. “Don’t open the bedside drawers,” she called over her shoulder as Solas began to search for his discarded reading glasses.


“It’s where I hide my stuffed animals when you come over.”

Solas withdrew his hand from the knob as though he’d been burnt.