i actually look like a deer trapped in headlights thanks to that

— american candy (01)

pairing: reader x jeon jungkook
themes: smut / high school! au 
word count: 4.3k
summary: what’s a teenage house party without a few fun and games? you’re trapped in a bedroom with soccer star, jeon jungkook, for a whole thirty uninterrupted minutes — but apparently it only takes eleven for the two of you to get better acquainted.
( a/n: i’m still on the fence about making this a series, so if you guys want me to keep the kook smut train running - speak or forever hold your peace !! EDIT: this will be a series ! )

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My Wild Side (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Taking a deep breath, you felt your muscles contract and stretch as you slowly shrunk. Fur burst through your skin like a flower escapes the ground, and you shuddered out of habit. Can’t help that it’s ticklish, obviously.

Moments later, you admired your Animagus form in the nearby stream. Even after shifting to and from your foxy-form for years, it still amazed you how much magic could truly do. When stress got to you, and threatened to take over your life completely, you decided that you had to find a way to escape. And running through the forest to enjoy nature did the trick. And you loved feeling that you were truly part of the landscape, since foxes tended to roam these parts. You felt as if you belonged, and that feeling was rare and almost foreign.

Sensing the train for the daily trip to miserable memory lane about to arrive, you quickly shook away the sadness. You started your slow trot across the forest floor, then quickly broke out into a brisk run. You craved the overwhelming blend of scents and colors, which were even more vibrant in your Animagus form, that were best received in a whirlwind.

Then, the joy and freedom you felt came to an immediate halt when your leg erupted into an explosion of pain. There weren’t any more flowers or trees or fellow creatures. There was only pain and blood. Blinking through the tears that uncontrollably flowed, you realized you were stuck in a hunter’s trap. Worried about causing further damage, and rapidly losing energy besides, you laid still and yelped in frustration. Then darkness overtook you and all was lost.


You blinked sleepily in confusion as a pair of warm, calloused hands caressed your fur gently, seemingly checking for something. Opening your eyes, you saw the most beautiful boy that you knew existed. He gave an aura of protection and comfort, and his reddish-brown hair reminded you of an untamed animal. You flinched as he touched a sensitive spot on your leg.

“Oh, hello little fella. Glad your body healed enough to at least let you join us once again,” he said with an awkward, caring smile. Your mind was at a loss, not used to someone caring about you.  You let him continue his treatment of you, unable to do much else.

Once he was finished, he tentatively pet your head, like a child pets a puppy, and your animal instincts caused you to lean into his touch. While his hand was close, you breathed him in, and sensed a multitude of creatures. Ones you knew too well, along with foreign ones. But, you could tell he dealt with animals often, and that he was most likely used to treating them. So you felt that you had nothing to worry about regarding your health. Unable to muster enough energy to shift back into your human form quite yet, you figured you would have to stay with him quite a while.

He cautiously picked you up, setting you on his lap. He continued to pet your head soothingly, and you drifted away peacefully into a deep slumber. For once, everything felt calm and right.


Waking up, you smiled as you heard snores that didn’t belong to you. You peeked and saw your unnamed hero sleeping, while you still were comfortably positioned on his lap. Almost as a reflex, you reached out to brush the curls covering his forehead, and widened your eyes until you had the “Deer-In-The-Headlight” look. (Or is it Fox-In-The-Headlight?) You saw a hand, not a paw. And the hand was attached to an arm, not a leg. You were back in your human form (luckily clothed) and sitting on this stranger. He must have sensed you stirring, as he blearily opened his eyes and smiled at you. You were surprised at the lack of surprise on his face.

“Good morning, love,” he murmured. You quickly stood up, knocking into a nearby table covered with vials and dishes galore. But, he stopped you by gently grabbing your shoulders. “Please, calm down. Breathe. I realized from the beginning you weren’t an actual fox. Merlin, I’m not an idiot when it comes to creatures,” he chuckled, rattling off differences between an actual fox and your Animagus form.

As he excitedly continued, you noticed how he had tried to comfort you in your moment of alarm. And how that was his immediate reaction, instead of being angry that you almost knocked over countless medicines and Merlin knows what else. As if he actually cared about your feelings and health. Thinking it untrue, you stopped his explanation, “Thank you for helping me, but I should really be going…..I’m sure you have other animals to take care of.” Halfway through your statement, you had remembered the scents of other creatures that engulfed his hand. They probably required his time and care more than you, and you wanted to flee before your mind started believing in a fantasy where there were was a beautiful curly-haired stranger who cherished you and wanted what was best for you.

Looking back up to meet his eyes, you frowned as an almost disappointed countenance took over his charming features. As if he didn’t want you to leave. Shyly, your hero muttered a soft, “Oh,” and looked away. “Of course, you’re obviously free to go,” he said, and then added almost reluctantly, “Though, I loved your company, in all honesty. You felt as if you belonged in my arms, and I’m not quite used to the feeling of…..belonging. You may go, if you’d prefer. But please know that I would be happy to let you stay.”

Your face softened as his words rang in your ears. You relented, thankful that he, too, sensed this natural connection between the two of you. “I will stay, if you’ll have me,” you replied with a small smile. His face lit up, and he hugged you tightly, obviously thrilled at your choice. Sensing his mistake, as you winced as he brushed against your wound, he quickly let go, but the smile never left.

“I’m glad you have decided to do so!”, he said happily. All of a sudden, you were taken on a grand tour of the Case (not that you knew that’s what it was at the time) and met the other creatures. You settled into your new life with Newt (as you later found out was his name) easily and effortlessly. This was the beginning of a beautiful new life with Newt, and you, deep down, were happy that you had found someone who could truly love your wild side.

“Well, howdy y’all,” McCree drawled to everyone, “Welcome back to another installment of our little monster hunter fun.”

This time, instead of going back to their usual DnD adventures, the group was once again playing their monster hunter adventure again. The main reason was that most of their group was missing because Athena was still on lock down and various operatives were still doing their own things to keep their sanity.

The group for this adventure was Angela, Genji, Zenyatta, Hanzo, Gabriel and then Jack with McCree as the DM.

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Woman of Letters - 9

I can not express how much I love this asthetic. It was made by the wonderful @hanny-writes-spn. Thank you a million. 

A/N: This is loooong overdue, but here it is. Chapter 9 of Woman of Letters. I hope I’ll get teh inspiration back for this now. I have a plan for 15 chapters all together, might be more if I get wordy. Thank you all for your patience with me. And thanks to my super beta @thorne93. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Characters: Dean, Sam, Louisa (OFC)

Warnings: A duchy guy, some alcohol.

Wordcount: 2019

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“So, you ever fired a gun before?” Dean questioned as he and Louisa were about to have their first shooting lesson.

When she had decided to stick around for a while longer, Dean had stayed true to his word, he made her a promise and he intended to stick to it, teaching her how to shoot as well as trying to get to know her better.

“I haven’t,” she confessed.

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A Serving Of Awkward Wrapped In A Shy Little Bow

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count:1600

Pairing: CastielxReader

Summary:  You’re desperately in love with Cas but you’re so awkward and shy around him that it’s comical. And, of course, in true Winchester style, Dean and Sam tease the hell out of you for it.

Part 2: The Food Run From Hell 

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Tinder - Blaine x Reader

Name: Tinder

Pairing: Blaine x Reader

Summary: The Reader gets a match on Tinder while working on the Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rating: E for Everyone. 

Word Count: 1,835

Notes: Finally, I’m getting my RT fanfic blog up and running, feel free to send in your prompts! I got the idea for this one while watching Podcast #282, if that isn’t obvious. I downloaded Tinder for this, and I still don’t understand it.

You glared as Miles took your phone and held it above his head. So far he’d taken your mouse, your journal, and now your phone. If this went on much longer, you would actually have to murder him.

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A Dying Art - Part 5

summary; a prompt from phanfic 

phil has been a technician at radio 1 for a few years after graduating uni (he doesnt do yt) and dan is an up and coming vlogger who’s just got his own radio show. They meet at work and sometimes phil has to wander to the desk (in front of cameras) during a show and he and dan always joke around/flirt during songs so people start to ship them and things snowball from there

warnings: swearing + implied smut which isnt actually written because i can’t write smut for love nor money

a/n: hooray!


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Writing Request: Robbie finds out Sportacus is an elf.

This one’s going under a readmore because I felt like It was too heavily influenced by other fanfics for me to rightfully post it as my original work on Ao3. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy!

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Just Friends? - Calum 5sos (Slight Smut)

Your relationship with Calum was simple, he was your best friend, your rock. Meeting as babies your mums became close resulting in you both growing up together and becoming inseparable. Although you were close and spent almost every day texting, Calum had to move to another high school which made it tough, you found it hard to live without him joint to you everyday. It did make it easier as you never had to witness past girlfriends all over him, crushing your heart. The thing was you secretly loved Calum, more than a best friend should and it tore you apart having to keep it to yourself, having to make do with what him being your friend offered.

It was Friday night and just like always Calum and you had plans but this time he wanted to take you out which lead to right here right now. Fixing your hair in the mirror after various outfit changes and cursing yourself for trying to look good for a boy who had you stuck in the “friend zone”.

The sound of a knock on your door snapped you out your thoughts and you ran for the door since your mum wasn’t in to answer it. Tripping over the last two steps of the stairs you almost sent yourself flying through the front door. Steading your feet you braced yourself to answer your boys knock.

You were instantly crushed into a hug, smiling into Calum’s chest feeling warm and happy inside with his arms around you.
“Ready to go babe” Calum’s use of “babe” caused your heart to flutter as he grinned at you with his cheeky smile.

“Hey Cal, sure” closing the door behind you, you both made your way down the steps to the street in front of your house. Putting his arm around you like always to keep you warms, it just made things harder.

“You gonna tell me where we are going??” You smiled at him slightly nervous due to how close he was next to you. You never got nervous around him but tonight was different and you knew you would have to pull yourself together before he noticed.

“Ermmm nope, you just have to wait and see, but you will love it i promise” looking down at you looking up at him he replied chirpily.

After walking a while the silence began to make Calum curious.
“Are you alright?…. Y/N???” Stopping in front of you Calum pulled a concerned expression followed by his hands on both sides of your face.

“Huh, yeah im fine sorry Cal” you lied, to be honest you were far from fine, your feelings for Calum were taking over and it began to break your heart knowing you would never have him.

“Hmmm, your too quiet, you can tell me?” Starring at you it felt like he was searching you soul.

“Im just tired of walking” lying even more it took you by surprise when he turned round and signalled for you to jump on his back, holding your arms round the top of his torso, and wrapping your legs round his waist you mentally high five’d yourself for your lie had bought you a chance to be closer to him.

“Your lucky i love you” he chuckled causing chills to run through your body at the statement. “I don’t give just anybody piggy backs you know” laughing more you started to relax and rested your head on his shoulder after kissing his cheek in response.

“Okay here we go, you better hold on tight so i don’t drop you madam” you laughed at his cheekiness before he set off for your destination.

Before long you reached a house which was about 30 minutes from your own. It was pretty normal with a garage and front garden, flowers and all. Putting you down Calum took your hand guiding you down the path to the front door.

“Where are we?!” You started to panic praying it wasn’t some frat party or a new girlfriend to introduce you to.
“Relax babe, theres a few people I want you to meet” he smiled down warmly at you, relaxing you slightly.

Knocking on the door you waited with Calum before you heard murmurs on the other side. The door swung open and a tall blonde boy with piercing blue eyes and what looked like a rather painful lip piercing stood before you. “Call” he chirped smiling before glancing at you and grinning wider “hey Y/N” he spoke cheerfully at me, but i couldn’t speak nothing came out. “Y/N?! Shes here, she came?!” You head somebody else shout from inside the house and before long another voice replying “Good work Cal!”

“Hey..?!” Calum shook me out of my thoughts once again as we were invited in. “Calum what? Who? Im so confused?” And you were before it clicked “Omg Cal are these the boys from your band?”

“Actually its not his band but yeah we are and you must be Y/N, Cal’s told us all about you and finally he let us meet you” you looked up to see a pale boy with pink spiky hair smiling at you. Before you could process your thoughts you were pulled into a bear hug from the third boy who looked slightly older and had a slightly curled mop on his head with a bandana round it, he pulled back and smiled “its lovely to meet you, I’m Ashton, thats Mikey” he stated pointing to the pink hair’d boy. “And I’m Luke” the blonde boy added coming back into the room with a bowl of popcorn and various bags of sweets. “And I’m Calum” you all chuckled as Calum responded pulling you close again.


“Guys! Nooo” Luke shouted as the food fight you were all having turned nasty with a cup of pepsi thrown over him. None of you could help but laugh at his “deer trapped in the headlights” expression before he reached for the half eaten bowl of popcorn and chucked it over you all.

Falling on the sofa you pulled Calum down with you as you both laughed together at the situation. “Hey, Cal you need to bring Y/N more often” Ashton shouted “Totally, she helped you guys make a mess of my house” Luke joked. You seriously had an amazing time with all the guys. They were easy to get on with and just as weird as you and Calum. It meant a lot to you that he had brought you here to meet them, he had only ever talked of them before. It made you feel pretty special to actually spend time with them.

“We should really go, its like 11:30 cant have your mum shouting at me for keeping you out late Y/N” Calum laughed “Heyyy don’t blame me for you being tired Cal” you joked nudging him in the side. The others laughed but agreed.

Leaving the boys tool longer than expected with all of them needing to hug both you and Calum, goofing around and making you tell them you loved them all in a silly voice. “Promise you will come back Y/N” Michael said in a weird voice refusing to let go of you till you promised.

“I p..promise! Ha stop tickling me Luke” you laughed as he had joined in with Michael being weird. “C’mon guys let her go” Calum chuckled as he pulled me out their grip and we made our way to the door. “Seriously it was great meeting you guys, thanks for having me” they all laughed at your statement “Cal where did you get her shes so polite” Ashton chucked along with the other boys. “No problem, make sure to come back soon though” Luke smiled and you and Calum left.

Walking home in the icy night, Calum’s arm found its way around your shoulder again, pulling you close to him. “Thank you Cal, tonight was so much fun” you snuggled into him causing him to hug you tight. “No problem babe, i really wanted you to meet the boys, I’m so glad you all get on so well.” He spoke softly into your hair. Pulling back he was looking down at you and there you were, the feelings you had hidden rising to the surface again, causing butterflies to stir in your stomach. His eyes were glistening in the streetlight and his hair slightly messy after the food fight and various hugs from the boys. He still managed to take your breath away you weren’t sure if it was the way he smelt or the way he looked at you but you weren’t sure how much longer you could hold back your feelings for him.

He was still looking at you and you starred back he intimidated by the feelings he gave you but his embrace relaxed you all the same. You reached up to fix his hair running hour hands through it slightly and he held his hands round you resting them on the bottom of your back. You smiled and he let out a soft laugh. You were so close at this point, anybody walking by would think you were together but unknown to them you were only two best friends gazing at one another. His lips looked so soft and warm and you found yourself glancing at them imaging what it would feel like to have them on yours during this cold night. His gaze met yours and you were aware of your faces becoming closer, his breath hitting you nose, his eyelashes brushing your face gently as the best bit approached. His lips hit yours melting into one another, like soft marshmallows, but warm and slightly wet. Goose bumps rose all over your body as you tilted your heads to deepen the kiss. You felt so loved and wanted as he held you in his arms and you put your hands on either side of his face. The butterflies in your stomach now came from excitement as all your nerves were gone, it was just you and Calum.

You both pulled back for air, steeling soft pecks and one last deep kiss before you rested your foreheads together. “Y/N that felt so good… It felt right, you know?” He whispered into you “I know, i really liked it…more than liked it, i loved it…. The thing is i think i love you.” You looked down at the floor after your confession, your shoes becoming more interesting as you awaited his reaction. You felt his finger touch underneath your chin and gently he tilted your head up to look at his beautiful face, he was smiling widely with sparkling eyes. “Hmmm, well heres the thing, I love you too” he replied starring in your eyes “i have for a very long time Y/N” his words were sweet and you couldn’t believe that the boy you grew up with, knew inside out and had fallen deeply in love with loved you too!

You leaned up and kissed him again, he caught your face in his hands and your tongues danced in the dark.

The forest was quiet...too quiet {W.C #44}

Author: @canadianspnhunter

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 1000

Warnings: Swearing

Prompt: The forest was quiet… too quiet.

A/N: This fic happens during 8.01 We Need to Talk About Kevin. It’s part of my Harder to Breathe Series, but it is not the whole fic. I was inspired by the alloftheimaginesblog prompt challenge, so I started the fic with intentions of adding to it later! Enjoy!

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Fic: A Little Flirting Won't Hurt

Because Blaine using awful pick-up lines is probably canon, let’s be real. 930 words, no sp-oilers, PG-13 for implied sex.

“Is there a mirror in your pocket?”


“Is there a mirror in your pocket?” Blaine repeated himself. The shit eating grin on his face had Kurt a little worried, if he was being entirely honest. “Because I see myself in your pants.”

“Blaine, why- since when do you use God-awful pick-up lines?” Kurt asked, facepalming hard and stifling a reluctant laugh into his hands.

“Sam told me he uses them all the time on Mercedes,” Blaine said. “He actually bet me that he could get her into bed using ‘awesome’ lines faster than I could get you.” Blaine air-quoted around “awesome,” pulling a face that showed his true opinion on Sam’s idea of flirtation.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: the return of Killian's hand was only temporary and Emma does silly things to cheer him up? Please and thank you. :)

OK so this got a bit more feelsy than silly, I can’t help going there when dealing with Killian’s hand. Hope you still like it! :))

I Fell; ~1, 000 words; also on ff.net

She was being ridiculous. He knew what she was doing and he loved her even more for it (she’s not ready to hear it yet, mate!) but she was being ridiculous and she needed to stop.

He was pretty sure she had left half the chocolate sauce from her pancakes all over her mouth just because she knew he loved kissing it off her. He was certain she had worn that low-cut sweater on purpose. She had actually gone as far as sticking her tongue out at him behind her father’s back earlier today!

“Aaaalright! Blanket? Check. Copious amount of popcorn? Check. Hot chocolate spiced with rum, you know you have forever ruined that for me, right? Anyway, check. The Princess Bride? Check.”

Emma jumped over the couch, landing half in his lap, half on the cushions, hair flying all around her in disarray. He wanted to brush it away from her face but his hand was trapped beneath her legs and for the first time he couldn’t bring himself to do it with his hook. Not anymore. Not when he knew what it felt like to do it with his left hand.

The blonde sighed as a shadow passed over his face, her hand reaching up to brush his hair off his forehead.

“Killian, I-“

What could she say really? What could she do to take away his pain? She hated feeling like this. Helpless, useless, unable to help him or even to cheer him up as it would seem.

“Do you wanna go out?” she asked eventually, tangling her fingers with his and tugging lightly to get his attention.

“No, lass, we made plans, right?”

I made plans, you went along with it.”

“Well, I’m perfectly content with the arrangement.”

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love and kickin’ timestamp

so. I wrote a thing. in the love and kickin’!verse because apparently I’m not quite ready to let that go just yet.

this is a timestamp, set during chapter two of love and kickin’ when Louis returns from Nick’s at five in the morning. so, spoilers, I guess, for chapter two. Louis’ POV. 

unbeta’d and not britpicked. sorry about that.


It’s a chilly morning, and Louis shivers as he walks from the garage to the front door. He moves slowly, still feeling a little floaty. It’s past four in the morning and he should be tired, probably is if he stops to think about it, but for now there’s no room in his head for anything but Nick. He’d suspected they’d be good together and he had been right. The last couple of hours feel a little like a dream, like something too good, too hot, to be real. He’d asked for Nick to make him feel it and, well, he can fucking feel it, alright. The memory of Nick on top of him makes him shiver for a whole different reason as he unlocks the door, quietly slipping inside the house.

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Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer [Part 1]


Summary: Gaping, Clara tries to think of something to say, anything at all, a stuttered apology at the very least. She thinks that maybe, somehow, something witty or attractive will come out of her mouth, but all she ends up doing is staring like a deer caught in headlights.

After an agonizingly long moment of silence, he asks, in the witty manner she wishes she could have voiced, “What? What are you looking at? Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

The words come out as a delayed reaction, Clara’s desperation to break her silence mixed with her nervous motor mouth, creating a demon spawn of embarrassing blurting, “Can I? That would actually be really great.”

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Moving Blues

Rated PG, no warnings. Artemis makes her displeasure about a life-changing event well-known. Part of the Artemis & Felicity Verse, takes place a few weeks before Carnival Dreams. Artemis & Felicity Verse: Not That Kind of Hero || Council Meeting || Responsible Parenting || First Day of School || Saturday Morning TV || Moving Blues || Carnival Dreams || The Peanut Gallery|| Youth Culture

“She’s been playing that death metal rock for three nights,” Oliver said, pushing his hood back as he traipsed down the stairs to the Foundry. “How is that not driving you crazy?”

“You’re the one she drives crazy,” Felicity said, turning around in the chair with a smile. “And she has a long way to go before she can get on my nerves with music, as of the two of us here, only one of us survived living next door to Beatboxin’ Steve Gleason at MIT for her entire sophomore year, and it’s not you.”

“You’re not making that up, are you?”

“Oh, Beatboxin’ Steve. Every day that passes is one that I don’t miss him.” Felicity levered herself up to give Oliver a quick kiss when he leaned in, and plopped back down in her seat. “Before we get too deep into a discussion about Artemis, though, how’d it go?”

“Officer Lance and the boys in blue thank us for our help in protecting Carl Swann from the Triad.” Oliver carefully placed his bow on the rack. Thea’s red bow was already there—she and Roy had checked in from their own mission twenty minutes before and had headed out for dinner—and the compound bow Artemis trained with hung at a fastidious angle, the grooves polished to a high shine. He unzipped his uniform tunic. “Really? Beatboxin’ Steve?”

“Being at MIT does not automatically grant you the power to do all things. But Steve, he tried.” Felicity only paid the computer screens in front of her a small amount of attention as Oliver changed into street clothes. “Want me to talk to her about the music?”

“I just worry we’re being too lenient.”

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