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The other day I was looking for the Russian dub of Cars on VK, and in Russian the title is Тачки, which means “wheelbarrows.” Which made me kinda curious. So I asked a Russian language group I’m in what the etymology of the slang was, and like… under what circumstances it can translate as “car” instead of “wheelbarrow.”

There was some back and forth about it, in the sense that it’s like “jalopy” but with an ironic vs. negative connotation. Or that it’s for cool cars–cars that are SO COOL you can call them wheelbarrows and it ain’t no thang because they’re too cool to crumble under the insult.

Finally someone just posted a Google Images search and was like “THESE ARE THE CARS THAT IT MEANS” and look at these ridiculous fools who pop up in the company of actual wheelbarrow cars. XD

I feel like this Google Search freaking outed me, man. Like, I tried to casually pose an etymological question to a college-level Russian language group without letting on I was talking about Cars, and Lightning McQueen’s just like “HELLO HI I HEARD YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT ME? YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT ME, RIGHT. KACHOW!”

O U T E D.

“God I love you,” he gasped as he broke away for air.

Ladybug froze, her eyes widening in awe at his sudden declaration. Adrien was poised above her, his shirt hanging loosely off his shoulders, one arm holding his weight while the other hand ran lovingly through her hair. He looked at her with eyes full of pure adoration, as if she was the sun and moon and stars all wrapped together into one glorious being.

For all their months of stolen kisses and secret meetings, they had never put a name to their relationship. Never once had they put words behind the feelings that drove them together.

super quick ladrien for bane for her new nsfw series of fics, drawn to you :D this one is from chapter 1, which i died over. it’s so sweet ;0; it’s smut but it’s super jdkfsklfjskl just really romantic and i’m still dead about it srsly ;0; bless u baneeeeeee 


Because these boys share their birthdays in the same month, I drew ‘em both!

When Shouri went home to Osaka, he found that his mom had set this up for him in the toilet room.  His room and his TV stand have something similar, since he has various Kuroo figures and art. (x

Couldn’t sleep last night.


Happy Birthday, Marimo! UwU

All of them had flowers I thought symbolized them and their colors best and then there’s these two:

Mihawk [ Anthurium : Hospitality ] & Perona [ Ghost flower ] Hehe.

“Awww, you’re so proud Mihawwkk.” “Quiet.”