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i'm so scared of sexuality and relationship.I'm 15 and all my friends have/had a boyfriend.I feel so alone because i don't really like how relationship works like send good morning text,doing photos togheter...i don't like that.Also i think i'm asexual and that makes it even harder because i never had a partner so i can't confirm?This is all anxiety fault but i'll be glad if someone could help me .

Hiii darling 🌷 I want you to know that everything you’re experiencing is very common, especially for teens. We just don’t talk about these things nearly enough!

The truth is the majority of people actually stay single throughout school, and even stay single into their late 20′s. I truly admire you for sticking to your genuine beliefs despite all of the pressures there are to be in relationships and to have sex. It’s even more difficult at a young age. Try to ignore what everyone else is doing. If you don’t want to be in a relationship, it’s more than okay to stay single and be happy with being single !! Romantic relationships are not the epitome of love.

You may not have been in a relationship before, but your feelings of asexuality are still completely valid. Being unsure of your sexuality is another common struggle. It’s human to want to know who we are and where we fit in. The reality is it takes time and patience to discover ourselves. Another common experience is that your identity may change over time. 

It took me years to find clarity about my own sexuality because I was questioning for so long. And that’s okay !! We are all continuously growing and learning. Above all I want you to remember that there is absolutely no rush, and your identity is your decision. 🌈✨


Embarrassed Part 3 - (Request)

Waking up at 12pm with a terrible headache and a sore throat, you pushed your blankets off of you and slowly looked around. Everything from last night was slowly wearing off but the headache was killing you. Changing from one of Justin’s tee’s into some sweatpants and a t-shirt, you made your way downstairs to find Justin.

“Hey” You greeted him as you found him slouched on the sofa, eyes glued to his phone then to the TV, back and forth.

Not replying to you and just sitting with a blank facial expression, Justin was either ignoring you for somewhat reason or he didn’t acknowledge your existence.

“What’s up with you?” You asked before settling down on the sofa next to Justin whilst running your fingers through your completely unbrushed and messy hair.

“Nothing” He just shook his head, still with a blank facial expression, staring at his phone screen like his life depended on it. “It’s just what you said last night made me realise how selfish I seem” He continued before letting out a sigh.

You furrowed your eyebrows, confused for a second at what the hell he was talking about. But there was a sudden realisation of what happened last night and you had completely forgotten until now. It was nothing extreme though, at least that’s what you remembered, but Justin sure did save the argument from happening. Smooth.

“Oh” You replied as you remembered, watching as Justin finally put down his phone and looked straight into your eyes.

“Do you really feel that way?” He asked before resting a hand on your thigh. Looking down for a second with slight embarrassment, you swallowed a lump in your throat, then nodded your head in response.

Despite the fact that you and Justin had been a relationship for so long, this topic has never came up and Justin had never actually told you the exact reason he wanted to keep everything private. I mean, you just figured from common sense that it was to keep the press and the paparazzi off of his back the whole time.

“I just never understood why, I mean yeah, sure it made me insecure because it’s like you never wanna be seen with me, not even in a Snapchat or an Instagram photo, come on Justin..” You explained feeling as if there had just been a massive weight lifted off of your shoulders. “But I’m not gonna-“

“Don’t think like that baby, you know I’d never be embarrassed of you, that’s stupid” Justin hushed you from finishing your sentence and pulled you closer to him. You weren’t having it though.

“That’s hard to believe.” You rolled your eyes. This time, you were telling yourself not to give in to Justin’s sweet words like you always do, but it’s never that easy, all you wanted an answer right now. “You’d clearly love to be seen with all of your model friends more than me” You continued. Your aim wasn’t even to make yourself seem small and hurt and petty, but it was the sad truth.

“Don’t turn this around on me Y/N” He snapped showing his stubborn side you had seen many times before. “You know how the press can be and it’s hard. I don’t wanna hurt you”

“Alright” You let out a sigh as your eyes met Justin’s gaze. Not wanting to cause more fuel and argument, you let it slide for now and believed maybe it was because of the press. You couldn’t blame him if it was. You’ve seen first hand how arrogant they can be.

“Come on baby, don’t make this hard” Justin said after realising that you still cared. You always would. “Now, let me take a picture for Instagram if that’s what you want” He finished with a giggle, before taking out his phone and typing in his 6 number passcode.

“No, I look disgusting” You laughed looking down at the grey sweats you had on. You hadn’t even brushed your hair yet nor done your makeup plus, last night left you practically hungover, did he really think he was getting a photo right now? Never in a million years.


I was tagged by the beautiful parandawn to do the 6 selfies tag so here they (finally) are!!

I used to be incredibly self conscious and would only upload photos of my face that were 90% flashed out but slowly I’ve been able to start uploading pictures including my actual body in them and despite it still being difficult at times I’m really happy I’m now in a much better place with everything than I was even a month ago.

Also I tag everyone who reads this cos I’m terrible at putting everyone I’d like to then I get paranoid ppl think I don’t like them when really I do


I made these as fanboards (more like stringed square pennants ??) for today’s fanmeet xD I didn’t get a photo of the actual product cos it was so last minute T^T It’s been 4 years since I last saw B1A4, today’s meet has been special despite the rush and how fast everything went by…I really hope I’ll be able to see you guys again~
Also to my husbando Shinwoo, know that no one will ever take away the ideal crown of my heart hahahaaaha imissyoualready