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MC steals a hoodie from the RFA bois ( plus V and Saeran) I will actually die reading it!!!!!

This was a very fun thing to write because I would totally be a hoodie stealer. They’re just so soft and look so good aaahh. (I swear I can literally just get turned on by hoodies)

Anyway, here goes!

RFA react to MC wearing their hoodie


-You weren’t going to see him for a few days because of a University trip he was going on
-You decided to steal one of his hoodies- a light blue one- before he left
-It smelled just like him
-Yoosung didn’t know you’d stolen it because he’s oblivious
-Whilst he’s away you take a selfie in it to send to the messenger
-Seven’s reply is quick
-“Wait- that hoodie looks familiar.”
-“MC, did you steal Yoosung’s hoodie?!?”
-Queue Seven teasing you mercilessly
-Until Yoosung enters
-You forgot he could still go on the messenger
-He’s not mad, though
-“Aww, MC you miss me that much?”
-“But wait, when did you steal my hoodie?”
-You cautiously explain but he finds it adorable
-“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon!”
-“Also I want my hoodie back.”
-You really want to keep it, though
-Steal the same hoodie every time you’re at his until it smells more like you than him


-“Babe, why are you led on the sofa?”
-“Babe, is that my hoodie?”
-You blush and shrug, pulling it closer to you. You can smell Zen’s shampoo on it
-Zen wants his hoodie back
-???But you look adorable in it???
-“Can I have my hoodie please?”
-You shake your head.
-He’s starting to get kind of jealous that you seem to prefer snuggling the hoodie than him
-“Why are you even wearing it?”
-“It smells like you,” is your honest answer.
-“Don’t I smell like me more?”
-He has a fair point actually
-“Ok, fine, I’ll cuddle you.”
-You grab his wrist and pull him onto the sofa next to you
-“That’s better babe, you were starting to make me jealous.”
-He smiled and tries to take the hoodie back but you’re not letting go
-You look up at him
-“The hoodie is warmer than you”
-That’s it, he’s gonna fight the hoodie


-You two pretty much just share all your clothes at this point
-I mean, you’re practically the same size so why not?
-Plus you have similar tastes
-But Jaehee has this one hoodie that is exclusively hers no matter what
-You really want to wear it, even just for one day
-Jaehee’s downstairs making coffee and organising one of Zen’s musicals for you to watch
-So you decide to put on The Hoodie™
-You weren’t disappointed
-It smelt exactly like her and was so warm and soft
-You wonder why you hadn’t always worn it
-Until Jaehee finds out
-Activate judo mode
-“MC, you know that hoodie is mine.”
-Queue a very embarrassed explanation of how you just wanted to wear something that smelt like her
-She becomes a blushing mess and is highly flattered
-So you think you’ve gotten away with it
-But she still demands for it back
-“Whilst it looks very cute on you, that hoodie does belong to me and only me so you’re gonna have to take it off”
-You try and guilt trip her by pouting and pulling the puppy dog eyes
-Jaehee’s having none of it


-Jumin is on a business trip and isn’t due back until tomorrow
-So you decide to search his wardrobe for a hoodie or something to steal
-He only has shirts and suits
-What are you supposed to steal now?
-When Jumin gets back, you ask why he doesn’t have any hoodies.
-“What is a hoodie?”
-Jumin explains that he never needs to wear commoner clothes so he doesn’t have any.
-“But what am I supposed to steal when you aren’t here?”
-This precious bean is just so confused
-“Why would you want to steal my clothes? I could just buy you a new hoodie or an entire new wardrobe if you want.”
-No Jumin, you don’t understand
-You explain that you just want to be reminded of him while he’s away and wearing your significant other’s hoodie is a thing that couples do
-Still doesn’t quite understand but he decides to buy a single very expensive hoodie
-“Here, you can steal this.”
-“Jumin, it won’t smell of you if you don’t wear it.”
-Even? More? Confused?
-You decide to just give up


-This boy’s entire wardrobe is just hoodies so there shouldn’t be a problem
-Plus they’re all just the perfect amount of bagginess on you and smell just like him
-Is this hoodie heaven?
-You put on his black and yellow one because it’s the only design he owns
-He’s sat at the computer hacking so he doesn’t notice when you first enter the room
-But when he does
-Error: 707.exe has crashed
-He is so turned on by you wearing his hoodie
-So he just stands up and makes out with you
-“Please wear my clothes more often, MC.”
-That wasn’t quite how you expected it to go
-But, hey, you ain’t complaining
-So he continues to kiss you until…
-Well, the hoodie ended up being the only item of clothing on your body in barely no time at all


-He’s blind, he couldn’t even tell you were wearing his hoodie
-But when he hugs you and feels the length of the sleeves he’s so concerned
-“MC, why are your clothes so big on you?”
-“Oh, I wore your hoodie.”
-He doesn’t understand at all
-“Wait, do you not have enough clothes? Do I need to buy you more?”
-You explain that it’s fine and that you just wanted to wear something that smells of him
-He’s almost as confused as Jumin
-They did grow up in the same environment, though
-“Oh, well I guess if you want to do that you can”
-This precious cinnamon roll
-Let’s MC steal his hoodies all the time even if he doesn’t understand why
-We don’t deserve him 


-All his hoodies are black Edgy™
-When he sees you in one he just snatches it off your back
-“Saeran,” you whine at him
-“This hoodie is mine.”
-“I want to wear it though.”
-He continues to refuse so you get all pouty on him.
-“Why do you even want to wear it?”
-You explain you want to wear his scent
-Then tomato child gets red in the face
-“Well you could….um…..just hug me if you want”
-This smol bean just wants cuddles
-But you’re still not getting the hoodie. 
-They are strictly his.

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Any thoughts/fave moments on the new gaming vid? :^) bless us with your words pls

ahhhh god they just seemed so happy and chill in this video didn’t they? i enjoyed it quite a lot. it was unexpectedly funny in places and pretty typics bants for them and i loved that phil voiced pretty lengthy opinions throughout it. i also thought dan went out of his way repeatedly to signal his awareness of the audience gaze, making this an interesting video in that it was simultaneously more calm and less “produced” or over-performed but also v self-aware (whereas normally when dnp get super in their heads about recognizing that everyone is watching them they become v persona-y and overdone.) i’ve divided up my thoughts for each of them and thought i’d go sort of question by question (they are bolded)!!! i think in general there aren’t too many profound conclusions to be drawn from this video–the thing about their being super aware that this is going to go out to their audience of millions is that they become more restrained in saying anything actually illuminating about their more serious thoughts/feelings. but that being said there were obvi a solid number of noteworthy moments


  • the boy was so assertive and even sassy in this. i was excited. lil comments throughout like, ‘I’m a bit concerned that you’re seeing it as a brown circle .. new video: getting dan’s eyes checked,’ or ‘life isn’t grand theft auto guys,’ or just the way in which he delivers the ‘let me tell you my answer’ during the monkey question .. he was just so forthright in voicing his thoughts and taking no shit and i was rly loving it the whole time, bless him
  • when introducing the vid dan talks about how the audience will judge them but phil quickly follows with a reassuring ‘we’re learning things about each other’ and i thought that was interesting like he wants to insert that note of authenticity to push back against dan’s comment. i mean i rly doubt they’re doing this game to learn a single damn thing they don’t already know about each other but phil with this comment is trying to make us feel more like we are watching them do something genuine on a chill afternoon at home, instead of something that they are literally performing for us. cool cool 
  • illegal firearm: good stuff. a lovely demonstration of phil’s ~lateral thinking~ and tendency towards constructing a fuller narrative for whatever info is presented to him. 
    • i liked that he kept asking for more information and questioning dan w details like “how do i know they’re illegal” “whose drawer” etc. and dan tries to move on and end the speculative questioning but phil literally says “wait” to keep talking about the methods he would use to evade being accused of any crime if the firearm was in his own drawer. 
    • also his voice is so northern here when he’s like ’then they’d know i didn’t touch it’ the way he says ‘touch’ yes good
  • the power to stop time: this one was mad interesting. 
    • first of all. they’re not sleeping. phil only slept 5 hours. we’ve written so many posts about their being tired and rushed in their content bc they were churning out so many vids in the time before they left for australia but damn, to hear phil confirm he only slept 5 hours is p cray. it’s no wonder they were soooo ‘chill’ in this. they’re tired. 
    • with respect to the actual question tho. i love phil asking ‘what is a pervy stuff’ and dan being so done w phils attempt at maintaining innocence. but then i also loved dan trying so hard not to smile when phil is grinning and clarifying that he doesnt mean that he doesnt know what a pervy stuff might entail but just that he needs to know ‘how pervy are we talking.’ lol dan is so amused and fond. then phil actually laughs so hard at dan saying ‘as long as u don’t leave a trace’ which is great bc phil’s unfiltered/genuine reactions to sex talk that aren’t trying to be revolted or unaware or uncomfortable are great
    • phil’s actual real time go-to thought for what he would do with this power is sneaking into a locker room and he says it with a glaring lack of gendered pronouns. noted. in conjunction with his interest in abs this is very fascinating information to me. 
    • and then dan is very insistent phil would do the pervy stuff even after phil states he’s going with disappearing from a convo. he signals it while phil is explaining his choice then even explicitly says ‘you tell the audience that.’
  • trapped in sewer: phil would lick a foot. dan needs us to know so he repeats it. ok sure fine
  • shitting when sitting: phil is a creative. the iron pants solution, king of innovative undergarments 
  • mike tyson fight: 
    • the synchronized ‘why would u let him win’ was cute. 
    • dan saying ‘punch me dad’ is so chill now. like. no one gives any fucks. and phil is at the point where he literally agrees and says ‘guess that’s why’ 
    • i’m constantly shook about character development it’s starting to be unhealthy
  • visiting space: ok the first and only thing this made me question is whether we have ever heard phil utter the word orgasm. have we? i actually don’t think we have and i was laughing at how much he evaded saying it in the way he talked about this question. g-rated phil may be long dead but he’s still keeping things as clean as he can, given the circumstances. dan did not try and insinuate that phil is just saying moonwalking for the audience. so dan is fine saying phil rly wants to perv if he had the power to stop time, but he draws the line at insinuating phil wants to orgasm in space. good to know dan has (completely arbitrary) boundaries. 
  • ah yes. the already iconic monkey question: several noteworthy lines.
    • p: i would spoon a monkey for sure. he didn’t miss a beat w that. confident statement of interest in animal intimacy from phil. splendid.
    • p: k-k-mar-kiss? i didn’t say kiss? d: that’s non-sexual it can be like a friendly kiss, a romantic one. interesting to me in that it confirms that dan draws distinctions between friendly (platonic), romantic, and sexual intimacy but that he also sort of equated platonic and romantic. on twitter he stated in a reply that he thinks friendly kissing is like a cheek kiss in greeting. its likely that romantic kissing is something more than that and more like the spooning and whatnot he suggested, but he lumps both of them into this category of a loving and intimate relationship. meanwhile sexual kissing is obvi ,, sexual kissing. but cool to hear a little bit about the way dan conceptualizes these categories
    • d: (about acting like a married couple) that could have a lot of drama and tears. you’d fight non-aggressively. i mostly think he’s using the common dumb jokes that society makes about marriage as being a loveless trap but also interesting that he went right to that dig and didn’t rly laugh about it or try to make it seem like a joke. he just said it and it’s sort of weirdly specific. ofc we can easily speculate that this might reveal some of dan’s thoughts about marriage or rly just his thoughts on a long term relationship bc it’s less about the institution of marriage. but i have doubts on whether that’s reasonable since, as i’ve been saying, dan is v aware he’s being watched and i doubt he’d take this as an opportunity to voice his thoughts about marriage and commitment and what is likely to happen when two people “act like a married couple” 
    • d: i mean you couldn’t have anyone else in your life if you have this loving relationship. ah i love this one. dan confirming that whether or not sex is in the equation, a loving and intimate relationship would mean there would be no space for another person in phil’s life is just. good. unlike the marriage comment i do think we can analyze this one a bit further bc it’s almost a throwaway comment–it’s not the punchline or centerpiece of what dan is saying making it more likely to be a reflection of how he really feels. and it’s not a common thought to be honest, that if you’re in an intimate/loving relationship you can’t have anyone else in your life, meaning it doesn’t seem like some common joke he’s just repeating. i take it to mean that dan sees romantic love as a true marker of closeness and connection with someone–a closeness that you can’t and don’t share with other people whom you do not romantically love. and that that intimacy doesn’t have anything to do w the sex that you may or may not be having with the person that you love. what a romantic fuck. honestly spoken like a man whose best friend and long term romantic love are one and the same. 
    • p: let me tell you my answer. i would spoon the monkey and watch some game of thrones and then go to bed in separate rooms. honestly, to me, this is the least interesting comment in this whole exchange. i know a lot of people think this sounds oddly reminiscent of dnp’s relationship or something but i genuinely think phil was in this scenario in his head. maybe he’s pulling from real life when thinking about the elements of being romantically intimate w someone that he could use for his example (aka spooning and game of thrones) but i think he’s rly thinking about the monkey and how not to spend too much time with it in this scenario, hence the sleeping in separate rooms addendum. idk. he’s talking about a relationship w a monkey yall i dont think he’s going to use that as a proxy to give us a thinly veiled clue about his day to day habits with his not-as-yet-confirmed boyfriend. mostly confused that a lot of people are treating it as “confirmation” that dnp don’t have sex lol


  • ‘this is really going to say a lot about our personalities and you’re going to judge us.’ he opens strong with that audience awareness. it carries throughout the video.
  • house is on fire: probably the most interesting of the dan questions.
    • dan looks so uncomfortable as soon as phil inserts himself into this scenario by saying that he (phil) would be “all the people.” the sigh is so real bc dan clearly did not want to treat this like a serious question but phil framing it as dan needing to choose between his own life and a kitten’s life and phil’s life suddenly really ups the seriousness of it. 
    • i feel for him. that’s honestly such a fucking difficult question to answer. i thought of the closest relationship in my life which is my sister and what i would do if she was like ha ha who would u save me or yourself and then having to actually think about both of those horrifying scenarios. either dan lives and has to live without phil or phil lives and has to live without dan and like jfc how r u supposed to pick or even try to take that seriously idk
    • i say all of this to add more context to dan’s answer and the sarcastic ‘bc the internet is watching,’ that he adds to it. i genuinely think dan was uncomfortable with this question and i also fully empathize with that so i think the sarcasm was added as a way to treat it more like a joke like ha ha i guess i’ll save u bc i’m a good person not ha ha i guess i’m picking this bc idk what to do since this question is horrific
    • ‘everyone is inherently good,’ says phil. ‘or at least that’s what i want to believe.’ i always think the thing w phil+optimism is a bit overhyped but like damn if he’s rly out there trying to believe this, then that’s p cool and very very lovely
  • everything turns into gold: there was def a dan rant about physics or monetary inflation or something that got cut out of this question bc he yells about it being stupid then there’s a v glaring jump cut then he’s saying ‘in a universe where this makes sense,,’ lol idk whether to be relieved or intrigued about the fact we didn’t get to hear it
  • phil dead and he’s been hanging w the twin: i loved the bit when phil asks dan to ask him a question only phil would know the answer to and dan responds, essentially, that there isn’t a question he could ask phil bc ‘you’ve been fernando the whole time.’ dan is wrong lol the question doesn’t say that the best friend has always been the twin–just that the best friend died at some point in the friendship and was replaced w a twin, unbeknownst to dan. i love that dan can’t even entertain the possibility that phil could be replaced with someone at some point in their friendship like nope too outlandish it’s obvi just saying phil has been a person w a different name all along .. in which case, as dan rightly points out, there’s hardly a dilemma. it’s just that you didn’t know your friend’s real name. what is the point of that. lol. a cute and probably unintentional way of avoiding any of the emotional weight of this scenario and i love it
  • dan as pres: dan thinks he’d be good in the role of president. he probs would be ok
  • spider: i am very fascinated by the way dan leans kinda forward and mostly into phil at 9:04 when he’s talking about being a spider and exploring someone’s body. why did he do that. what is he doing idk
  • become a god: 
    • making fun of lads and lad culture. i’m into it. i am always into them lowkey shitting on toxic masculinity. so funny. 
    • again phil tries to insert himself in the scenario by saying that if dan chose to incinerate earth he’d be incinerating phil, but dan was absolutely not having it 

overall they are cute and clever and good at knowing where to draw boundaries about the things they talk about but to do so in a gentle and natural way for the most part so this video was good and interesting but probs not revelatory but still very entertaining and funny and sort of soft in unexpected ways so i really liked it. i really like them xx 

(what would you do if…)

In bed with... Ten


Okay I didn’t even write this, becAUSE I WAS STRESSING FOR TIME AND NEEDED HELP, but thankfully Devina aka @chittaporno was there to save me and I asked her to write this since she loves Ten and shE HAS LITERALLY CREATED A MASTERPIECE  THIS IS THE BEST ONE OF THE ENTIRE SERIES AND IM NOT EVEN JEALOUS srsly pls go and give her a follow and lots of love or ask for some medical advice lmao because this is fucking credible and I’m so blessed to have her write this for me :’-) TYSM AND ILY❤️❤️❤️

In bed with… series:

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Kara is a Lesbian: an analysis by tumblr user aimee the-damnvers-sisters:

Ok so season 1 right we open with Kara being Very Bad at dating, insisting (too adamantly) that she’s not gay then turning around and using coming out metaphors. She definitely has a crush on Cat but not one she expects anything to happen, just one of those “Wow I really Admire her for some reason…” kinds of crushes.

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Fic rec no one asked for but I delivered~

Send Me Your Location (I don’t need nothing else but you)  - (1 of my current faves)

Taemothy: Thts it, I’m ready 2 die
Taemothy: Tell ma eommathti love ha
Taemothy: Gonna eat da Tide paks now
Taemothy: Gudbye cruel world
Jimothy: U liked a 65 week old instagram pic didnt u?

Take Me Home (Take It Slow) - ( FAVFAVFAV)

Jungkook is an idol and Taehyung is his chaebol sponsor.

 a lesson in selcas - (FAV BUT ALSO THIS IS SO CUTE I DIE??)

Jungkook is too cute, and he hates it.

or: the “hey your selcas are so nice and I have no confidence whatsoever so maybe you could teach me how to do it” AU

he wants the succ - ( Idk what to say about this yet???)

taehyung messages the wrong number and jungkook is gay as hell


Unknown Number:
my dick is wet and u said ud be here 15 minutes ago

Of Angels, Dicks, and Chance Encounters - ( OK no but actual fav dont @ me I love single parent au’s and Jungkook as a lawyer yES)

The actual summary for this is too long so Jungkook is a lawyer who meets architect Tae because their lil boys got into a fight and they were both called into the princi’s office ;)  They’re both hella soft and just wanna protect their babies :(

fuck you and your chin mole - (But like this is so fluffy I lived???)

Taehyung is very enthusiastic about dogs and also very enthusiastic about dog owners. Well, just one dog owner actually. One very cute dog owner.

Pretty in Pink - (I actually avoided this fic for so long but I actually love it and read the entire thing in a day)

Kim Taehyung was a legend in Jungkook’s books. He had just arrived to Busan and was already incredibly popular, either because of his looks or his personality. Taehyung drew everyone’s attention, even Jungkook’s. But along the road Jungkook finds one of Taehyung’s biggest secrets..

no more parties in seoul - ( no words just fave. I DIED laughing at this fic no joke tho)

tittytae: mail me my death certificate pls

tittytae: i jus accidentally liked Jungkook’s pic from fifty weeks ago

jimin neutron: YES YES YES

tittytae: I UNLIKED IT

tittytae: did i just make it worse

That one chatfic where Bangtan are in college, live to expose each other, and Hoseok is a modern day cupid.

come, pick me up - ( I SMELL ANGST AND PROMISE)

The road less travelled is not always the easiest. When Jeongguk joins Produce 101, he doesn’t expect to meet one of his ex-members, not after BTS disbanded almost three years ago. He doesn’t expect to meet Kim Taehyung.

ok for the finale.


Stop My Heart - ( gvhjwqbffhqo NO WORDS HOW MUCH I LOVE. IT HAS EVERYTHING I LOVE IN A FIC WITH GRADE A SMUTTT. I cried reading this art. Its not complete tho :((( and the author rarely updates so ha my heart dies a lil… shoutout to my main bb @dumbndumber for recommending this ily <3)</p>

“What does it feel like?”


“Knowing you fixed the heart of the man who broke yours?”

ASDFGHJKL thats it for now~

I still have more to rec but the list was becoming a biiit long…

Proof that this entire episode was fan fiction:


(2) No seriously though, are the writers telling us that Coulson and May flirted this much on every mission?? Posing as husband and wife with included bra strap fumbling?? I’M DROWNING IN MY OWN TEARS


(4) “you have game?” Chriiist the eye sex is real with this one - i mean, how much flirting can one woman do while on mission??


(6) ok and let’s not forget that scene in the car (!!!) - like they actually  cannonically admitted that they’re hella interested in dating each other (!!!!) HOW IS THIS NOT FANFICTION

(7) And fiiiiiinally, now half the team are freaking androids?? AND FITZSIMMONS HAVE TO FIGHT THEM OFF? ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE STYLE?? 


i know it’s midnight but i just saw a production of rnj that was So Good just everything but for now i want to talk specifically about tybalt and mercutio:

- so the play was set somewhere in the middle between 1590 and 1990 and it was Great listen: mercutio had a snap back, skinny jeans, and a doublet, tybalt had khakis and a red button up and a Good Jacket and it was just?? wow the costumes were amazing

- “make it a word and a blow” mercutio blew a kiss ?? and tybalt Blushed ? confirmed ok i was in the 2nd row Trust Me.

- the build up to the fight. and then mercutio seeing the fight as a game, tybalt all riled up by that. the montagues were trying to stop mercutio and the capulets were egging tybalt on, the contrast was!! and the fight choreography!! wow!

- speaking of fight choreography. during one sword-cross mercutio actually, honest to god, kissed tybalt right on the mouth just gonna leave that there

- as mercutio is dying it really looks like a joke at first; like it could really be just a scratch. and tybalt saw that, started smiling because “haha well he’s just joking he’ll laugh in a minute and have been fine all along”

- but then, mercutio starts to lose his step, his confidence. and everyone sees it’s serious. and tybalt’s smile fell and i can’t describe how horrified he looked. it actually broke my heart. and tybalt fell to his knees and just Stared at mercutio dying, even while gregory tried to get him to run, he just wouldn’t move.

- and then mercutio was dead and Hell if it didn’t kill me too. the actor had this aura about him the whole play that made mercutio just feel untouchable. even when he was fighting he made it look like a game, like he just Couldn’t Get Hurt. and when in the end he does get hurt, for me it was just like reading the play for the first time. it was like a new death and it wrenched my heart and i fucking loved it

- tybalt still on his knees in shock and grief while romeo ran at him and grabbed him and started screaming at him oh my God. i know I’ve said about 18 things broke my heart already but this broke my Heart.

i just wanted to share this with you all im sure ill talk about this phenomenal show more but for now this is all my heart can take.

  • Acnologia: Ok so Zeref got a lot of information on his backstory and motivation. When am I gonna get my part? I'm the second most important antagonist.
  • Mashima: Ehhh... I'm not gonna put your backstory in the manga.
  • Acnologia: ...pardon?
  • Mashima: Yeah, I can't really make it work...
  • Acnologia: Can't you just... have me mention it in my final fight or something?
  • Mashima: Noo... you see, I'm gonna put your motivation in this new movie we're making
  • Acnologia: Oh cool. So like it's gonna play a big role in the plot of the movie?
  • Mashima: Well, kinda but not really we're only showing it a post-credits scene
  • Acnologia: What? That's bullshit! Ugh, I hope it's at least a good one..
  • Mashima: Ok so let me give you a run-down: You arrive at what's later going to be called Crocus and you see a litte girl being attacked by dragons. It looks like she died but she isn't really dead. And then you decide to start killing all the dragons.
  • Acnologia: What? I was fighting in a war, I probably saw hundreds of little children get injured or actually die! This doesn't make any sense. Why couldn't I have started killing dragons because of, i don't know, a flawed ideology or the belief that all dragons have the potential to be evil. Or just plain revenge for my probably dead parents?
  • Mashima: Nah, little girl it is. Btw the movie is just a cheap rehash of that other movie except there's more ship pandering in it.
  • Acnologia: ......Suddenly that time-lapse doesn't seem like such a bad place after all...

Long post ahead y’all but this was a lot of fun to go back and reminiscence about markson and their antics together. I hope all of y’all enjoy! 

Also, please remember that these are my own personal opinions and that they shouldn’t be taken literally or seriously. But if you ever wanna come talk markson with me, I’m always ready :) ((Note: All gifs should be linked directly but videos and pictures with have physical links above them because I’m not sure how to link those to their respective tumblrs– if your post is here and you want your content removed bc you don’t like the linking, msg me and I’ll take it down.)) I’m a litlle late but here we go!!

1. This was one of the ones I already had in mind ;) I just love it bc it’s such a weird situation to be in but Mark, ever the gentleman, just takes it in stride and keeps his hands to himself. I love how near Jackson gets to Mark and if that isn’t the simplest testament of how (pun coming) close they are, I don’t know what is. In all honesty, if Mark really wanted out, a simple hand on the back or a squeeze on the shoulder or even just shifting out of the way would have sufficed but he stays and although his face is stoic, his eyes are constantly on Jackson. LOVE IT!

(Make sure to click the gif to see the whole gif post!)

2. SOFT!! My heart always swells a bit when I see this picture!! It’s natural and pure and they’re both enjoying this moment and it’s evident on their faces. I personally think jumping around puts a smile on most peoples faces and if other people, friends, are doing it with you, then there’s no way that isn’t going to make you shine. SO, jumping+BFF+concert adrenaline+love= BIG A__ SMILES !! Oh they’re also cuties so there’s that factor too.

LINK: http://fyeahmarkson.tumblr.com/post/136342100342

3. TBH I GOT DISTRACTED WITH THIS ONE AND REWATCHED THIS SECTION OF THE REAL GOT7– anyways…THIS IS PROBS MY ALL-TIME FAVE, THAT I FORGOT ABOUT. So the whole episode itself was hilarious with got7 and we got some markson moments sprinkled in but THIS, THIS takes the cake. I mean who doesn’t want to see their otp get this close to kissing? I love Mark’s hands cradling the back of Jackson’s head. I’d like to believe that Jackson stretched his neck up a bit more when Mark touched the other side of the paper but I’m not sure in this gif bc its quick (maybe I’ll add another one after I publish this). Like omg still can’t believe this happened though :D

4.  Ok all the Got2Day Vapp stuff was gold and I loved the fact that we got to see everyone but of course my faves Mark and Jackson had the best one ;) It was cute and relaxed and I just love them in light/soft colors. Also #no#personal#space !! The video is just a short moment but it is super cute and I love them smiling at eachother bc heart palpitations~ OH but the second gif is MY FAVORITE bc it’s Mark just watching Jackson talk and he just looks so content and caring and its just one of those moments ok

(Make sure to click the gif to see the whole gif post!)

LINK: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/152683520387/jackson-lays-on-the-table-and-mark-laughs 

5. I could rant FOR YEARS about this but idk if tumblr has a character limit or no.. BUT SERIOUSLY THIS IS JUST ICONIC!! It was actually the 1st to pop into my mind bc it was my icon (no joke for that one sorry) for a month I think? ANYWHO, I just straight up love this. They’re close. Jackson’s shirtless. Said Jackson is pressed along Mark’s backside. Said Mark is very very very smiley. Like Jackson could’ve chosen someone else- JB was kinda close I think- but he chose bae and got all up in bae’s business. And the fact that he’s partially restraining Mark? Keeping him flush with his body and leaning in to talk to him? My heart cannot keep up, this some tachycardia **** right here omg seriously!! Is it hot for anyone else in here or is it just them? *wink* 

PICTURE LINK: http://bangtancity.tumblr.com/post/149470443176/fyeah-markson-please-tell-me-again-that-markson

VIDEO LINK 1: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/149317913961/shirtless-jackson-hugging-mark-from-behind

VIDEO LINK 2: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/149277241258/two-angles

6. GO WATCH THE VIDEO PLEASE. Like the caption is spot on in my mind and I couldn’t agree more on the fact that it looked like Jackson was going to do something intimate and then he hesitated and looked at the camera!! UGH. seriously a fave moment bc its like what were you gonna do? huh?! You can’t not agree with the fact that that boy was playing around behind Mark. And then there’s Mark’s small smile and that little thing he does with his mouth, which reminded me of someone keeping a smirk in check. Oooooh there’s def something going on there and I wish I knew what it was!!

LINK: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/151033384652/i-already-posted-this-but-ill-post-it-again

I couldn’t find a gif of this video D: but I found some others from the same video (they’re faves but this ^^^ moment is the one I really cared for)

7. ANOTHER VIDEO!! 9/10 markson shippers should remember this badboy right here. I don’t even remember what video this moment came from but even if I see a still I freak out bc this is literal gold. One of the best shows of touchy!Mark and cuddly!Jackson ever. Seriously, Mark kept putting his hands on Jackson and moving subtly, and then he even has the nerve to lean into Jackson further to whisper something-BOY!! And then there’s Jackson who decides it’s perfectly ok to rest his head on Mark’s chest all casual like he’s done it a thousand times before. And one moment I really love to see is Jackson noticing Mark playing with J’s bracelet, looking at him, and then Mark moves his hand away so quickly like he’s been caught. its cute. don’t fight me on this. Also I got newly-dating vibes from this: not sure how much actual touching is safe, leaning into one another, glued at the hip, private jokes. Markson or never ;) I’ll add a gif when I find one!

(Make sure to click the gif to see the whole gif post!)

LINK: http://awesomemeowww.tumblr.com/post/128284251380/markson-httpifttt1hebms6

8. This picture satisfies like 3 things from my otp goggles-on checklist: smiling towards the other, touching, and suggestive posturing. Don’t tell me that this doesn’t look like Jackson’s about to pull Mark in and plant one on him! The positioning of Jackson’s hands make me wanna punch something bc who puts their hands there unless its for a headbutt or a kiss?? And lemme tell you that I’m 99% sure that he’s not about to headbutt Mark. (ALSO ARMS 4 DAYS JACKSON OVER HERE #hot hot hot) Back to the smiling and touching and pose- they’re close for one thing, and then Mark’s about to go into hug mode, there’s full eye contact going on, and what a beautiful smile!! It seems so loving and happy that I just can’t deal with them rn. I have a link to a gif, Jackson jumping into Mark’s arms :) , so I’ll add that in later!

PHOTO LINK: https://dani-okem.tumblr.com/post/160701529358

9. Ok but I really think they fit together so well sometimes~ Like their heights aren’t monumentally different but it’s enough that they look good together. SO there’s that sly BUTT tap and then the blessed hand moves up to the lower back (i like ur style boy) and eventually falls off the waist when they stop in front of the fans. Mark is totally guiding Jackson here and it seems like he’s 100% a-ok with it. Oh and there’s definitely some smiles going on here! I wish we had more concerts but the fanmeets are still great but there’s something about concerts that really let otps shine.

(Make sure to click the gif to see the whole gif post!)

10. VIDEO— ITS THE FINAL ONE Y’ALL AND ITS A FAVE BC I’VE BROUGHT IT UP A FEW TIMES. (lol I still get pissed every time I remember that I posted the screenshots on my old baeksoo account instead of this one but oh whale:) ) anyways I just love love love this bc it was so fleeting but so memorable. I know Mark was running around messing with everyone during this time (and that he did something similar to JB) but this was something special for Jackson. There was NO SPACE between them and their heads were so so so close. And then there were lots of giggles and smiling and DID YOU NOTICE THAT JACKSON HITCHED HIS LEG UP WHICH IN TURN BROUGHT MARK’S LEG HIGHER AND BY DEDUCTION, THEIR HIPS CLOSER?? bc I did. bc I know that. and it’s true. AND THEN AS MARK (the little tease) LEFT, JACKSON TRIED TO KEEP HIM THERE!! GRABBED AT HIS WAIST!!  I just want to know what on earth was going through Mark’s head when he decided to go and lay flush against his group member. seriously tho. but 11/10 would recommend them recreating this, in the presence of a solid 1080p filming camera preferably. 

PIC LINK: http://bangtancity.tumblr.com/post/144433607756/ss-baeksoo-you-can-see-that-jackson-brought-up

VIDEO LINK: http://awesomemeowww.tumblr.com/post/127118208761/jackson-doesn-t-want-mark-to-leave-so-he-was-about

Random Lloyd Headcanons

Because I can. 

  • Has the biggest room in the temple, like no one, can fight me on this. He definitely went ‘MINE!” when he saw it.
  • Needs glasses, I mean c’mon. His original design had glasses, he probably refuses to wear them to the point that none of the Ninja actually know he needs them. So he wears contacts instead.
  • Gets called ‘Kid’ by Nya and Ronin, and doesn’t mind it one bit.
  • Wasn’t ok with his Mother and Uncle dating (ANDREASON CAN MEET ME AT AN IHOP PARKING LOT!)
  • Definitely, has a tabby cat called Fritz cus he’s a nerd and I love him.
  • Counts the days until he’s eighteen so he can adopt all the orphans in Ninjago.
  • Intelligent as fuck, like he probably got A’s in the non evil subjects at school.
  • Genuinely interested in Nya’s projects.
  • Was crushed when he found out Samurai X wasn’t Nya again.
  • Finds Ronin surprisingly easy to talk to.
  • Sick of not being taken seriously by the team other than Zane and Nya.
  • Has definitely worked out how to kill them all and get away with it.
  • Knows who he’d save in a fire.
  • Makes weekly visits to the hospitals and Orphanages of Ninjago.
  • Has his expenses worked out.
  • Asked Ronin to teach him how to drive REX, and didn’t get shoved out the door like the others sans Nya who knows because she worked it out.
  • Lloyd hates his middle name, and wants to know where it comes from but Misako won’t tell him.
  • Investigates everything in Wu’s room after the Time Twins incident.
  • Always takes Wu’s words with a pinch of salt, and never really believed anything his uncle said.
  • Needs a holiday and a best friend.
  • Please.
  • Definitely got a book on how to prank the Ninja.
  • Misses his Dad more and more each day.
  • Plans to find out everything he can about Garmadon’s life.

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If u could draw bts in greek gods au, what would they be?

((sorry haha im getting impatient so i’ll posts these now but pls do not come to me and say “oh this person should’ve been this!!” like no dont do that ok))

Namjoon: So can we get out of these costumes now and go back to bed??

Hobi: No we still got one more left

Yoongi: I feel naked

Jin: Shut up, all of you

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Replaying botw, and I just gotta say drawing out the boss fight to hear Revali shout stuff like 'You OK?' and 'Go for it!' is well worth letting Windblight Ganon hand my ass to me

Revali is the kind of person who knows what you’re SUPPOSED to say to encourage people during battle, but doesn’t pay enough attention to the actual fight, so he ends up saying stock phrases at the most inappropriate times.

Go for it!

*Link gets blasted on his ass*

Yeah! Another one!

*He’s struggling to get up, the boss is closing in*

You’re almost there!


…..Watch your health!


Anonymous asked: “Yooo jk!! What do you like to do for fun???”

jk: i’m a serious guy!

~ M

ps: excuse my handwriting. i tried to draw on paper and i like it bc of my pens (and paint’s annoying). how did it turn out?

MBTI Traits Based Off Of People I Know

- you scare me
- today you were cutting beets to make juice and I saw the red knife and immediately assumed you killed someone
- you only view yourself as The Best™ or Scum of The Earth™

- why do we suck at dating
- for people who are usually amazing at reading people, we have terrible taste in significant others

- stop. arguing. with. me.
- if I needed a lawyer I would call you
- you’re really interesting and good at conversation
- one time an ENTP passionately hated me and two days ago she invited me out to dinner lmao

- I’m worried about you
- you have a diary full of illegible scribbles
- *points to stain on said diary* “I don’t know if this is soy sauce or blood”
- you make me feel mentally stable

- everyone likes you
- why can’t you just…..commit to someone

- precious people
- good taste in books
- you guys are so trustworthy and I have nothing bad to say about you

- good at party planning
- please…….let other people have opinions

- you guys know exactly how much to reveal about yourselves and I admire that
- I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: you are incredibly kinky

- would survive an apocalypse
- I’d trust you with my life tbh
- you like people to think you’re super conservative but I just found out about your wild side??? what???
- you have great hair and it’s really under-appreciated

- you know what you’re doing
- people always interrupt you
- keep doing your own thing ok you’re fine

- actual definition of the Mom Friend™
- I love your clothes???? and makeup??
- hey friend…….you don’t always have to be the one breaking up the fights ok? shh….chill

- you confuse me
- are you like……okay?
- thanks for giving me food you a homie

- deep breath
- please stop interrupting me mid sentence
- who hurt your feelings? I’ll kick their ass
- you’re amazing at decorating
- your emotions overwhelm me
- you have the best intentions
- warm hearted !!!

- Emotionally Vulnerable
- very very creative
- um I’m kind of hesitant to get close to you because of your emotional intensity
- at least you guys channel your emotions into art??

- actually has a life
- usually found around other ESTPs
- people always give credit to ENFJs for being group-orientated but honestly ESTPs don’t get enough recognition for always finding something fun for everyone to do

- Cool Guy
- you’re attractive and you know it stop
- you’re also awkward and you know it, but everyone takes your awkward silences as being mysterious
- *bong rip* “yeah I don’t mess with hard drugs. I mean, I snorted cocaine once but it wasn’t that much so I don’t count it”

Shit People Say After You Tell Them Your Sign
  • *actual events by actual people
  • Aries: "Damn that explains your muscles"
  • "No wonder you have a temper hahahhhaa ok don't hit me"
  • "But you don't like sports????"
  • Taurus: "Okay nice so are you hungry now?"
  • "But you can't even decide what shoes to wear today wut"
  • "but you're always too lazy to argue COME ON FIGHT ME"
  • Gemini: "Lmao you two-faced hoe what did I tell you"
  • "Okay but if like you have a pair of gemini twins...would they both have one face each or four"
  • "You're loyal for one OR ARE YOU hmmmmm"
  • Cancer: "I've never seen you cry though"
  • "Stay away from me I might get cancer"
  • "You're not even selfish thoughhhhh"
  • "That's why you a thot"
  • Virgo: "But you never study wut"
  • "You don't even clean your room this is a lie"
  • "So are you a eternally a virgin or"
  • Libra: "This is why you can't decide on what to eat. Like, ever."
  • "What happens if two libras go on a date omfg how to you choose where to go fuck this is giving ME a headache"
  • "I don't care if you flirt with everyone don't steal my gurl fam"
  • Scorpio: "But you're so nice"
  • "Is this why you're always dressed like you're going to a funeral ahaaa- okay sorry"
  • "That explains your horrifying tweet damn"
  • Sagittarius: "Stop liking every girl you meet man you're more of a hoe than libra"
  • "But you're scared of heights"
  • "But you don't even go out of your room what do you mean adventure is this a sick joke"
  • Capricorn: "But you is the biggest party peep I know"
  • "no wonder you do so well without studying fuck you"
  • "is this why you never find dates"
  • Aquarius: "....so what does your sign do"
  • "Aren't you basically Sagittarius? What's the difference"
  • "...okay nice"
  • Pisces: "isn't that why you're so adorable awwwWWW"
  • "so are you and cancer like. TItanic buddies"
  • "Wow all my pisces friends are art people how are you good at science"
Am I Enough PT 9

Bucky X Reader

Warnings: angst, fight fight FIGHT!!!

Summary: So what happened in the Gym and ho2 will Bucky react

A/N: I am sooooo sorry I got caught up in the holidays and wasn’t inspired like I usually was. But here it is. Also I do enjoy reading all my comments they brighten my day, so even a one word comment is always welcome.

“I’ve always noticed the looks between you, but I shrugged it off. You chose me but did you ever really pick me. I can’t compete against that. She’s perfection, and I actually thought you would be OK with having something like me. Like I could ever be enough for you. I shouldn’t have tried, you must have always known you were settling for less than you deserved. Why did you ever entertain myselfishness? She has everything, the looks, the skills, the charm, and the support you need. Why didn’t you leave me sooner?”


You stormed away from the pair looking for Sam. You were so angry you didn’t even think to ask FRIDAY for a location. Going from place to place you finally find yourself in the gym. Sam is alone and currently doing pull ups. You pause and take in the situation, why was it you always ran to Sam?

He was always there for you, lending a listening ear, even before this whole drama started. He chose to stay with you, instead of going with the team to save people. You can’t help but realize that Sam was the greatest friend you could ever ask for. Never once letting you down. You go back to all the late night movies and talks. The laughs over jokes and fun times.

“What was that like 2?” You call out knowing that he had done at least 8 since you came in.

“Haha, very funny. Don’t be jealous just cause you can’t do any.” He chuckles wandering over to you.

“I can take you any day, Ma'am.”

“Oh it’s on!” He starts stalking towards you eyes locked on you. You take off running around the room. You both weave in and out of the equipment. Finally you sprint across the room making a break for the door. He tackles you, on the sparring mat. You flip over attempting to to block the tickles that are falling upon you.

“Uncle, uncle I give. Stop. Please.” You weeze, trying to get more air into your lungs. He stops and stands up. He leans over offering his hand to you. You grab it and hoist yourself up, finding yourself alarmingly close to Sam. You look up suddenly meeting his eyes, it was like the world and all your troubles meant nothing anymore. You had never quite noticed how pretty his eyes were. How they seemed to draw you in and make it seem like everything was going to be just fine.

Suddenly he was leaning in, slowly bringing his hand up to cup your jaw. For the life of you, you couldn’t find the will to stop him, even more so you didn’t want him to. He guided you gently toward his lips, he didn’t force it even allowing you to pull back if you wanted to. You could try at least, your lips met pressing together in a tentative kiss. You both pull away, making eye contact you both react at the same time. Faces scrunched, you both wipe your lips.

“Not to be rude but nope not doing that again.” Sam says after a moment.

“Totally agree with you there, kind of like kissing my brother or something.” You nod back at him.

“You have been totally friend zoned now. You never coming out of there.” He laughs at you, you soon join in. That had been a mistake but now that you had made it you felt lighter almost like a decision had been made from it.

“You know, I only came in here to talk to you about what just happened with Bucky and Nat, but I have to say I’m glad we that out of the way.”

“So, what happened?” He says putting his arm around your shoulders pulling you in.

“Let me tell you, but first why don’t we grab something to eat first and maybe you can shower, because no offence but you smell something fierce.”

“What ever you love me. But I like that idea.”

You both turn and head out to the kitchen both now firmly on the same page.

Heading into the kitchen, you are murmuring to each other trying to figure out a plan. The team is gathered around in various places chatting together. You notice Bucky off to the side, Steve is talking to him but you can tell he isn’t paying attention. His hand is tightly gripping a cup and you can see the cracks forming on the cup. His eyes snap up to meet yours, you draw closer to Sam with the anger you see. It left you confused, he had no right to be angry with you. It should be the other way around. The glass breaks in is hand, you freeze watching hi. React to the situation.

For the life of you, you can’t figure out what has set him off. So you huff at him and begin to ignore him. If he wanted to act like an infant than so be it but see if you gave 2 cares.

“Sam, what would you like to eat?” You face Sam, ignoring the stunned look on his face. You raise a eyebrow trying to encourage him to make a decision.

“Uh, just get me a sandwich, and maybe some chips.” Sam says looking around the room. You couldn’t see it but everyone was looking at you like you had lost your mind. He shrugs at them.

“Coming right up.” You begin to assem le the requested items.

“Hey, uh (Y/N) You feeling alrigh?” Tony asks handing you turkey from the fridge.

“Yeah, I’m doing just dandy. How about you Tony? Everything good with you?” You smile up at him, head slightly tilted to the side questioning his question silently.

“Oh, I’m good a little confused though? Usually you go to help when you see… Well anytime something breaks you always…” He falls quiet not quite sure how to explain what should be obvious to you, what he thought was in your nature really.

“Not when the reason for it is a grown man acting like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum. Then no I don’t feel the need to help him clean up his own stupid mess.” With that you turn around and begin to march out.

“Excuse me?! You want to repeat that?” Bucky is absolutely fuming when you turn around. His face is red and his chest is puffed out.

You turn around to confront him. Slowly you hand the plate to Sam. “I think you heard me just fine, but let me repeat it for you. I don’t help a GROOWN man, who is throwing a TANTRUM, like a TWO year old, clean up his mess.” You cross your arms and stare him down. You could feel your own blood beginning to boil at this point.

“You dare call me that, when you’re over here pretending to be a victim. When the only thing you want is attention.” He takes a step forward and Steve jumps in front of him holding him back.

You meet him head on. “Don’t talk to me like that you prick, unlike you I didn’t have to jump into someone else’s pants to get it.” You’re yelling at him. Sam has placed the plate down and is now holding you back as well. “Let me go Sam, I’m going to knock him into next week.” You strain against him trying to get a punch in.

“Yeah try to get past him. You couldn’t knock me anywhere. You’re so weak and pathetic. I’m almost surprised you didn’t ask Sammy boy here to do it for you.” Bucky chuckles darkly.

“Don’t you dare bring him into this. Jerk, you think just cause you’re an avenger you can do and say whatever you want. Well you can’t. I could take you down a couple notches. You just have your head so far up your butt, you can’t even see what an arrogant douche you’ve become. Maybe when you’ve removed your head we can have a talk like normal adults, but I’m not going to stand hear and listen to you insult me or anyone else any longer.” You turn and walk out leaving Sam to scramble after you.

Bucky POV

He was clenching his fists and panting with how angry he was at her still. Just strolling in here pretending that she hadn’t just been lip locked with Sam.

“What’s the matter with you, jerk?” Steve finally releases him staring him down. He’s not the only one, the rest of the team is staring at him as well.

Bucky shook his head, they didn’t know. He wasn’t going to be the one to tell them either.

“If you thought that was going to help you get her back you are seriously demented.” Steve said. “You said you wanted her back. You certainly didn’t seem like you wanted that just now.”

Bucky pulled his glare to Steve, but it died quickly. He knew Steve only meant the best even if it didn’t seem like it. He pulled in a breath and counted. When he released it, it was shaky. He screwed up again.

“Why do I do this? It seems like the only thing I’m capable of doing is hurting her. Maybe I should just let her go. She doesn’t deserve someone like me, constantly making mistakes.” He’s looking at the floor and his shoulders begin hunching up more. From his tone, they can all tell he’s more trying to convince himself than anyone. How does he give up the greatest thing that has ever happened to him. Heck how did he manage it the first time.

“Oh no you don’t just get to dip out when it gets hard, Tin Man.” Tony pulls in front of him. “You said you were willing to do anything to get her back. Now prove it! We all make mistakes, I’m King of those things, as much as I hate to admit it. Take it from me, don’t you dare let her go. You can show her that you can be everything she wants and needs.”

Bucky is staring at him. They never had a great relationship, when he started dating (Y/N) Tony had not so subtly told him he would pay if he hurt her. So the fact that he was helping him absolutely floored him. His mouth fell open.

“Shut it man, I know what I told you before, but I know for a fact that the one way to stop her hurting is to get you back together. You may not see it but the rest of us do. The lingering stares between you, the going out of the way to get advice on how to handle things. The only thing that hasn’t happened is a confrontation to get it all out.”

He continued to stare, that was some dang good advice. “How do I fix this? I’ve fallen so far I don’t see a way out anymore. This probably screwed any chance I had.”

“Well the good thing about the bottom the only way to go is up. To start you might just want to take her advice and get your head out your rear. She wants a genuine apology and to show her that she is worth everything you have to give. Let’s start with small things for now. She. Never was a big bang kinda girl she prefers subtle. So we start with….” Tony is going off now, full of ideas.

Bucky though grabs on to them drinking them in. The others throw in ideas and pitch out the crazies, yo which there are quite a few. The girls, yes even Nat comes to help. They are all wary of her words but after a while her words ring true, calling a halt to any hate towards her. In fact, most of what she says is put into play.

An hour or so later they have a plan. It’s derived of only the best intentions and everyone’s soul focus to make (Y/N) happy. They are calling it Operation Happy Ending. Syncing their watches they break and head out each with an assigned task. Bucky’s is by far the hardest as it begins with an apology.

He approaches her room, each step heavier than the last. Finally he knocks on your door, praying silently that Sam wouldn’t answer and wasn’t there. To his relief he wasn’t, she’s now dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Her face falls slightly at see him at the door. Obviously not who she expected.

“Can I help you?” Her voice is cold and holds a slight disdain for him, she is definitely still upset with him.

He drops his face down, not meeting her eyes. This was getting harder by the second. Not the apology but the outcome. What if she didn’t forgive him? Shut the door in his face? Wanted to never see him again?

“I…. I wan… I wanted to apologize for…… for what I said back there. About you just wanting attention and playing a victim. It’s not true, but you know that, I know that, everyone knows that. I… just got jealous seeing you and Sam together. Being friends, not that any of that is new.” He is tripping over his words forming a stutter he never had before. “What I mean is, I can’t believe I ever said something so wrong about you. You have every right to be mad at me and hate me forever. I was wondering though if you would let me make it up to you. You don’t have to forgive me, just maybe give me a chance to show you how sorry I am about everything?”

He finally looks up at her, heart in his eyes. Shirt balled in his hands from wear he has been pulling on the material during his spiel. He wanted nothing more than to run but he needed her to say yes.

“I don’t know, I dont think I’m ready to…” She is searching for an answer trying to better explain how she feels.

“I don’t want anything big promise maybe just a movie or game night with the team. A day out shopping, just let me show you how much you mean to me and how sorry I am.” He was desperate at this point begging her to see, and willing to give anything for it. “Sam can come to, anyone can what ever makes you comfortable. Really anything just give me one more chance, I won’t mess this up. I promise.” He gently grabs one of her hands holding on almost trying to make her feel how desperate he is.

“Alright, a game night and a day of shopping doesn’t sound bad.” She nods, Bucky releases the breath he was holding. “But one more chance, I don’t think I can handle anything else.”

“Ok, thank you, thank you. You won’t regret this I promise things will be better.”

She giggles softly at him and how desperate he is. He jerks his head again to meet your eyes. This time the hope was clear as day in his eyes. He had a chance now to make this alright with her.

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Ok so in light of your recent ask and the husband / brother in law dynamic (which I agree 1500%), I have a friend who's catching up and just watched 12x10. She says there is a Dean & Sam as Cas' parents dynamics. I didn't know what to say cos for me it's like 10000% clear its not. Thoughts? do you think it could be read as that? I need your amazing words and insight to FIGHT HER.

Ummm….. I mean kinda? maybe? but, actually, like, just…. No. Only if one parent cared a lot more than the other? And was actively eye fucking you the whole time? And taking in deep breaths and losing the ability to be coherent whilst telling you to take off your clothes? 

I mean, besides the attraction/sexual stuff, just the amount that they care and speak to him is different, to the point that it’d be kind of upsetting if it was your parents? If like 90% of my interactions were with one parent when the other was standing RIGHT THERE next to them or it was only ever one parent who called you or you called them, or when you’re speaking to both parents you spend 80% of the time looking at ONE of them? I’d be a little … upset?!

I mean, you can’t watch just one episode and make a decision based on that. You have to take the whole 12 seasons into account. 

So, taking this episode into consideration around all the rest of the show…

Dean is consistently shown as the one with the more “profound bond”, main bullet points are: 

1. Since s4 Sam sees Cas as a relatively indestructible Angel whereas Dean treats him much more as he would a Human, he worries. In season 8 Sam is insanely JEALOUS of Dean’s interactions with Cas, in s11 he still talked about Cas and his ‘vessel’, he still often speaks about Cas in terms of being an Angel, he still says “he’ll be fine” when we know Cas isn’t and Dean is actively worrying, like not sleeping worrying, he cares for Cas immensely but it is NOT THE SAME as how Dean cares about him.

2. Dean sees Cas as CAS, his everlasting crush and true love best friend, that he is sometimes vulnerable and he always wants to know where he is. He is NOT OK with Cas being away from him, especially this season. It is Dean, not Sam who is upset in 12x03-09 when Cas is away from them. It is ALWAYS Dean who speaks to Cas on the phone, see this meta about phone calls, because they are MARRIED. Again, if you always only called one parent or one parent only ever called you that would be a bit weird right? 

3. Sam is always put in the position of SUPPORTING DEAN when Cas is missing. They don’t support each other as parents would, it is ALWAYS Sam telling Dean that they will find him, they’ll bring him home etc. Note that in s9 when Dean kicks Cas out of the bunker Cas didn’t even say goodbye to Sam! Sam has no contact with Cas! AT ALL. It is only DEAN who is in contact with him. And what happens when Cas does call? DEAN GOES STRAIGHT TO HIM without even stopping to pack properly, even though theres practically no evidence that it is a case and they are super busy with research for the ACTUAL big bad and…. he just leaves? And Sam is all ???? And Dean tells him actively NOT to come, and Sam is OK with that.


I have written quite a bit about how Sastiel is a good exposition to Destiel as it is very different, also how Saileen is a good exposition in the way that A. it is a total mirror, they used all the tropes, the mirrored delivery of lines and everything, but also in how platonic Sam/Cas is and Dean/Eileen is in comparison to the others. Again, you wouldn’t say Sam and Dean ‘parent’ Eileen would you?! Of course not as its obvious that Sam and Eileen are flirting - and they use EXACTLY THE SAME TROPES AS WITH DEAN AND CAS, its just more obvious because they’re heterosexual and it’s crammed into one episode.

Regarding 12x10 in particular

Again it is just so much Sam supporting Dean in this episode, Sam does stand up for Cas re: Ishim and it is fantastic, because it is so important that we also see Sam and Cas as very close and strong as a relationship (see 12x12 and Sam’s “we’re doing this for you, Cas”) but it is also SO CLEAR that these two relationships are not on the same level.

in 12x10 it is Dean specifically, not Sam too who is Cas’s weakness, Ishim notices Dean’s postulating in the diner, not Sam. It is always Dean who calls or goes to look for Cas, not Sam, as usual. Also, aside, when Cas is dying in 12x12 Sam is so caring but it is Dean who is really struggling, Cas is looking 85% of the time at DEAN when he is speaking to them all about love and family.

I mean there is no way that this is an equal - way relationship. Dean and Cas are totally different to Sam and Cas, and that is why Sam is the brother in law to Dean and Cas’s marriage, on top of ALL the romantic Destiel subtext and text over the seasons.

The general stance for Sam regarding Dean and Cas’s dynamic this season is clearly in a supportive but kind of removed and different way:

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He is not an equal parent, he is a frustrated, annoyed brother - in - law who just wants them to either QUIT IT OR GET MARRIED ALREADY.

i know it’s been like five years but having tony be the one to confront loki without his suit in the avengers is like me calling GeekSquad and asking them to come fight off the intruder in my house,,,,anyways au where tony isn’t the prodigal son or iron man but actually just the IT Guy™ and somehow keeps getting called in on super hero missions

Why Lydia Martin s6 is DEAD for me, a master salty post

Because of:

-that smile when Mieciu kissed her even when she said NO – Lydia Martin from s5 would have screamed his brain out (btw, who counted how many times she said NO to him, but he did whatever he wanted?)

-that she was holding his hand and ran with him like a headless chicken when Riders wanted to take him, instead of I don’t know, screaming???

-that she just put her cute little ass to the jeep and watched how the Riders happily took the dick of her life, instead of, I don’t know, using her nuclear scream???

-that she had a mental breakdown because people though she was crazy – we have seen this already and she is too strong to behaved like that

-that she dramatically sat near the wall, sniffing like a rabbit, because her future daddy in law didn’t believe her

-that “I think I loved him” line, delivered like she was chewing a lemon

-that she bossed Scott around and stole his money to save the piece of crap aka jeep. Did she return money to her ALPHA?? HUH?

-that she put her cute little ass on a bed and rested like an excuse of a princess, thinking about dick she didn’t even remember, when her friends were risking their lives

-that sniffing Mieciu’s stinky jersey, like a terrier lusting for a rabbit

-that she put Scott and Malia into the fridge and almost froze their asses, but suddenly realized she can just look at the candle and remember her forgotten dick she has never really wanted

-that bitchy face when Malia almost opened the rift

-that “everything changed after that kiss” – no, it didn’t for the next TWO AND A HALF FUCKING SEASONS, because, surprise, she was not interested in teenage boys anymore.

-that once again I had to pretend that this gross kiss would not have killed Mieciu in real life

-that Lydia Martin has always known what she wanted and it was clear she didn’t want Mieciu, but suddenly nope, she desired the dick

-that she was the one who opened that fucking rift. The lust for dicks can save the world *sarcasm* 

-that face she made when the rift was opening and nothing happened… ok, that was actually hilarious

-that she once again left her fighting friends and happily ran away, even if she knew the Riders were afraid of her

-that she used her fucking nuclear scream only to save the dick

-that she looked like she sucked the soul of Mieciu but didn’t (too bad)

-that kiss that made me question every heterosexual kiss I have seen in my life

-that lip biting in her last scene that made me think about a possible Srydia sex scene and immediately made me question every heterosexual sex scene in every show and movie I have seen

-that she totally ignored Malia’s feelings for whole fucking season

-that she totally ignored Jordan and their bond, even if he struggled and was miserable for the whole time

-that she was acting like a hormonal, bitchy excuse of an adult woman she supposed to be

-that her story was focused only on her stinky love interest, NOTHING more

-that she turned from a badass to a crybaby reptilian

-that Holland said Malia would be totally ok with Mieciu and Lydia dating… said a woman who doesn’t understand her own character anymore…

Basically, screw Lydia Martin. I’m sad that I believed in her character and really liked her for years. I’m sad that stupid romantic storyline ruined her to the core and I can’t recognize her anymore. But well, bye bye beautiful. I hope you will die n the end :))

Attitude Problem- Part 4

Link to part 3: https://wwefinnbalorimagines.tumblr.com/post/161039783730/attitude-problem-part-3

“You seriously expect me to believe that, Finn?” Y/n smirked.

My heart began pounding in my chest when she rolled her eyes at me and yanked her wrist away from my grip.

She didn’t believe me.

She doesn’t trust me.

“Y/n, how else am I supposed to make you believe me?” I called after her as she headed towards the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water.

She took a small sip from the bottle, set it down on the counter and narrowed her eyes at me like she was adjusting the aim to shoot lasers at me.

“You’re telling me you asked me out to show off to the guys that you could get any girl that you want but then you allegedly fell in love with me YET you slept with some hoe bag, behind my back?”

Well, if she put it like that…

“We weren’t even officially dating when that happened…” I tried reasoning with her.

“What were we then when this happened?” She seethed at me, demanding an answer. I think, no matter what I said, her question had no right answer- only wrong answers.

Y/n exhaled sharply when I didn’t respond to her question.

“Yeah, I thought so.” She quipped and walked to her bedroom. Then she slammed the door with a loud bang and I traced the ceiling to see if there were any cracks visible on it.

I fucked up. Big time.
I wondered if I should stick around or leave y/n alone. This wasn’t like one of our usual fights where she’d calm down after a few hours and we could hug it out. The more she let the abhorrent thoughts fester, the more she’d grow to hate me.

The thought of losing her actually ached my chest. It felt like it was going to crack open from the middle and some grim reaper would just suck the soul out of me.

I sat on her couch listlessly, overthinking every thing when my phone distracted me. It was a text from Karl.

“Did you tell her? Is everything ok?”

“Yeah. She hates me.”

Just then Karl called me. He was laughing, trying to catch his breath so as to form a legible sentence.

“Oi dickhead. Why is this amusing to you?”

“I can’t believe you didn’t see this one coming, Balor. Did you think she was going to beg you to let her have your babies? She’s obviously going to hate you for it, man.” He jibed.

“So what am I supposed to do now?” I raised my voice in agitation.

“Relax babe. Winning back someone’s trust takes time. And with y/n, I know it’s going to take a hella lotta time.”

I knew what he was getting at. And he was right. I wasn’t going to win back y/n overnight. She needed to know I was a changed man. She needed to know that she could trust me because I… loved her more than anything else in this world.

“Thanks for getting me into this shit, Anderson.” I accused him jokingly.

“Hey, we had no idea you’d actually get the girl. I mean, let’s not forget Japan but nobody thought,you of all people was going to fall in love.”

For some odd reason that made me smile. As terrified as I had always been of falling in love, loving y/n was easily the greatest thing in my life today.

I felt better after speaking with Karl and I decided to wait for y/n come out of her room. Although, 15 minutes later I grew desperately impatient and tried my luck at turning the door knob.

It wasn’t locked!

The room was dimly lit with all the curtains drawn. Y/n sat on the floor, leaning against the foot of her bed, holding a book open on her knees. She read quietly, as she always did when she sought an escape from the outside world. Maybe right now, all she wanted to escape was…me.

I took a seat next to her on the floor. The marble flooring was kind of cool and it made me think of the numerous times I would ask her to stop sitting there.

“What’s this big bed for if you’re just going to lay on the floor all the time?” I asked her once, clearly bemused by her quirk.

“I don’t know, I just like it here.” She smiled sweetly at me.

I watched her read in silence for a few minutes. Then she lifted her head up from the book and slowly turned towards me.

“Why are you staring at me?” She asked flatly.

“Erm…I don’t know.”

“You should go home.” She looked at me with sad eyes.

“Until a few days back, we were living together. At my place.” I pointed out solemnly.

“I don’t want to live with you anymore.” Y/n whispered to me, almost apologetically, like she had no choice but to do this.

I think my chest was actually beginning to crack now.

“Y/n, please don’t do this.”

Y/n looked away from me, keeping her eyes down at the floor without saying a word.

POV change:

She momentarily flinched at his touch but didn’t move her hand as he held it. Finn traced his thumb across each one of her fingers as she sat there like a statue. He turned her hand to trace the lines on her palm and drew similar patterns all the way up to her arm.

Y/n always liked it when Finn did that. But right now the touch of his fingers was burning her skin. She removed her hand from his hold and ran her fingers gently across his short hair.

Finn closed his eyes at her touch as she fought to control her tears from falling. He leaned his forehead against her temple as she nimbly ran her tiny fingers across his hair.

Finn always liked it when y/n did that. And he didn’t want her to stop doing that. Ever.

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