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Sense8 + Tumblr Text Posts

Jonas : don’t joke about murder I was murdered once and it offends me

Lito : *sticks leg in the air* give me attention

Dani : i hate when people ask “who you tryna look good for” bitch myself bye

Riley : *planet explodes* *removes one earbud* what

Wolfgang : flirting aka staring at u and when u look back at me i look away very fast so u wont see that i was staring at u

Sun : I may seem like an angry person on the surface but deep down I’m actually angrier

Amanita : while you were busy being hetererosexual I studied the blade

Will : @theuniverse please chill. I’m trying my best i’m like four days past my bedtime

Kala : I don’t want the d, I want the a. I want to ace this class

Hernando : I want to sit on a kitchen counter in my underwear at 3am with you and talk about the universe

Nomi : no mom I already have a job it’s called being hardcore

Capheus : So tired of being human I want to be a flower

A/N: I was bored at work when i’ve started this, and it kept haunting me until I got back home. Needless to say I did so little at work for being so distracted. Hope you guys enjoy!

“Harry, please,” you begged once more as you tried to grind yourself against him, but his hands were holding you tightly by your hips to keep you from doing so.

Yes, he’s asked you to sit on his lap, but you didn’t think it could end up like this. He’s been holding you down in place for a good while now as he nibbled and licked and sucked on your skin. And every single time you squirm or beg for more, there’s only one answer, “Not yet.”

You could feel yourself getting wetter as his lips brushed against your neck, leaving a trail of kisses down to your collarbone. Your hands were squeezing on his shoulder as he continued down towards your chest. His breathing had also been laboured, and you could see and feel how hard he’s already been under his boxers. Just one small movement and you both can feel a bit of pleasure from the friction, but as his hands stayed put on your hips, it won’t happen.

A gasp left your lips as you felt his own wrapped around your nipple, sucking and flicking his tongue over the bud until he’s felt it harden from his touch. Your hand quickly reached for his hair, tugging and urged him to keep going. Once you’ve felt his teeth grazed on your bud, you started pulling back, feeling how incredibly sensitive you’ve already been. But he never stopped. He continued tugging and everything felt numb and achingly pleasurable, you didn’t know what to do. He was all too determined as he pushed you closer to him, brushing his crotch against yours, eliciting moans from the both of you. You pressed yourself down harsher and felt him thrust up against you, creating friction as his lips travelled from your nipple to the other.

He’s already let you grind yourself against his as one of his hands sneaked up towards your breast, squeezing the unattended one and pinching the nipple while his tongue swiped on the other. He could already feel how wet you are, soaking over your underwear through his. His hand that was holding onto your hip hand gone down towards his crotch, squeezing himself lightly. You felt his knuckles touch the bundle of nerves that was pulsing with need, making you moan and grind towards it. He was quick to pull down his boxers, revealing how hard and red his cock is; the tip was just leaking as time went on. He’s given himself a few strokes before he’s slid your panties to the side - being too impatient to pull them down like how his boxers were just down his knees - and slowly pushed himself in you.

“You got so wet because of this, love?” He breathed as he took your nipple in his mouth once more, causing you to jump and scream as he sucked harshly.

With the way you slowly moved yourself against him and the way he thrusted upwards every time you pushed yourself down, the two of you were letting out curses as your highs were slowly building up. Harry was unstoppable with his mouth. Every inch of space he’s filled with either kisses, bites, or sucks. And with his hands pressed firmly on your hips, he’s helped you grind yourself harder and took him deeper in you as you possibly can. Your moans were uncontrolled as you squirm and shake against his body, hiding your face on his neck as you clenched and squeezed his cock. His chest heaved as he continued to move below you, his own orgasm reaching him and taking over his body. His grunts and moans filled the air as he spilled himself in you, holding you in place as he twitched and relaxed after a few short moments.

With sweat dripping down both of your bodies, the two of you were speechless. His eyes were fixed on your body, from your head down to where the two of you were still connected. He’s taken a deep breath as he leaned in towards you, pressing a kiss on your lips and trailing down your jaw and neck, ready to do it all again.

Nesryn Faliq. Wind-seeker. Neith’s Arrow.

Tbh, I actually like the concept of this Nesryn inspired doodle more in my head than in reality (because I think her body turned out weird), but regardless, I decided to share this anyway because my love for this character is too strong.💕


I feel like I’m lowkey procrastinating when it comes to finishing this book, because I know that once I’m done, it’s going to be a while until the next Throne of Glass book. Isn’t it crazy how this series started off as one of my least favorite series (because I couldn’t stand Celaena in the first book), but now it has become one of my most favorite series of all times? How things have changed~

Things I desperately want in the Teen Wolf finale !!!

- Theo taking Liam’s pain (cmon this has to happen after the scene with Mason)

-Coach knowing about the Supernatural

-A scene in Derek’s Loft all around the table hatching a plan (very unlikely but I can dream)

-Jackson’s reaction to Stydia (also where is Jackson???? He better pop up)

-An actual decent explanation of how Stiles and Derek met up

-Just give me atleast one quality Sterek scene please

-Don’t touch Corey or Mason they’re so innocent please protect them at all costs


-To see Gerard die a horrible painful death

-Justice for Nolan

-Derek deciding to stay in Beacon Hills and Derek being happy like he deserves

-Allison needs to be mentioned atleast once or imma be mad

-Thiam endgame !!!!

“My parents fight pretty often. They fight over nothing really… My mom actually cried one time over something so little. But once, when I was little, I found a letter at home. I opened the envelope, and there I saw a letter mom wrote to dad the day before their wedding. It started with, ‘Today is finally the last day before we get married…’ I couldn’t help but smile as I read that letter. When mom saw what I was reading, she was startled and was like, ‘Did you read this?’ She even acted like she was going to tear up the letter. But even with all that, looking at that letter made her smile.”

“저희 부모님은 엄청 자주 싸워요. 서로 아무것도 아닌 걸로도 막 싸우고… 엄마도 아무것도 아닌 일로 울기도 했었어요. 근데 제가 어렸을 때 집에 무슨 편지가 있는 거예요. 열어봤더니 엄마가 결혼하기 하루 전날 아빠한테 쓴 편지였어요. ‘드디어 오빠와 결혼하기 전 마지막 날이네.’ 그렇게 시작하는 내용이었는데, 제가 보면서 씩 웃고 있는데 엄마가 보더니 깜짝 놀라서 ‘너 이거 읽었어?’이러더니 막 편지를 찢으려고 하시는 거예요. 근데 그러면서도 그 편지를 보고 웃으시더라고요.”

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List 3 facts about your favorite sim couple! Send this to 10 simblrs who has some of the most adorable couples ✿

u know what time it is

i had to use this pic of them because someone was going through my story tag yesterday and liked this pic and i just frowned because look at them, everything was so simple when santi was just trying to kiss gianni at rooney’s family functions :{

  1. i mentioned this in an ask from a while ago so i don’t think many of you know (although it’s definitely somewhere in my character stuff tag), and in fact when i brought it up recently everyone was like wHAT so i guess it bears repeating: they used to mess around when they were in boarding school together. gianti is real
  2. they both tried to start a band with drako once (pre-astropussy), and they actually did do one sole performance before disbanding; it was at a school function and they did a cover of “another brick in the wall pt. 2″ (drako’s idea) and got in trouble for it because the line “we don’t need no education” promoted the idea of rebelling against educational authority. it was worth it tho
  3. when santi lived with girooni in the lighthouse last summer, he would sometimes text gianni in the middle of the night when he couldn’t sleep and gianni would keep him company (which usually involved making fun of the george lopez show when it came on tv at 4 am)
BTS React to their ‘little’S/O acting bratty

Requested:  Their S.O is a little and has been acting bratty all day

Thank you for the request <3 I finally have it done. I actually had it done once before but tumblr glitched (I honestly don’t know wtf happened) and deleted it from my queue, so I had to rewrite it :/

But it’s done now! I hope you enjoy it. 

Note: this is a lg/dd request, no one depicted is underage. 

- Admin Crys


Tsundere Daddy. 

He likes to think he’s this tough strict daddy, and that he doesn’t tolerate that kind of behavior. He would act like he’s pissed at you, not offering a kind word the whole day. 

“Why do you have to act like such a brat?”

“That’s okay, Daddy’s going to show you that bad behavior is not rewarded.”

Yet he:

- Fixes you your favorite meal when you get home (Chicken nuggets and Mac ‘n Cheese).

- Snuggles with you while you watch your cartoons

- Lets you have extra playtime in the bath with your ducky. 

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He would be exasperated with you, and a little bit fed up. He wants to be a good daddy though, and lets you tell him your side of the story, without getting angry or punishing you right off the bat. 

“Baby, you’ve got to tell daddy these things.”

“How am I supposed to know what’s wrong? I’m not a mind reader, you have to let me know, okay?”

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As soon as you both get home and have walked through the door, he turns to you, grabbing your arm and leading you over to the couch, pushing you until you’re leaning over the back. 

“I have to spank you, baby.”

“What kind of daddy would I be if I let you get away with being so naughty?”

*he unbuckles his belt and starts pulling it through the loops

“You get 15, and I want to hear you count every. single. one. of them.”

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He takes his role as being your caregiver/daddy very seriously. That means not letting you get away with such awful behavior, but that also means not just mindlessly punishing you either. 

He knows exactly how to put you in your place. 

“When you act like this baby, it really hurts daddy’s feelings.”

“It makes me feel like I”m doing a bad job, like I’m the worst daddy in the world.”

Hearing this, you start to tear up. 

“No daddy! You’re the best in the world! The best!”

“I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings daddy, I’m so sorry.”

The rest of the day you’re on your best behavior, wanting to make it up to him. 

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He does his best to scold you, but when it comes down to it, he is no match for how cute you are. You know how to use your charms to your advantage to wriggle your way out of it. 

As he’s getting onto you for being bratty you go up to him, looking up at him with pitiful eyes, and wrap your arms around his neck. He does his best to resist. 

“Don’t think I’m going to let you off so easily.” You just continue to pout, and he finally sighs, the tension leaving his shoulders. 

“Okay, I’ll let you off just this once.”

“If it happens again you’re in big trouble missy.”

*quietly whispers to himself “Why am I so soft?” 

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He tries his best to be a good daddy, but it can be hard for him. Sometimes he doesn’t have the best temperament and can easily get overwhelmed and emotional. 

When you arrive home for the day, Taetae has had enough

“You’re not the only one that knows how to throw a tantrum!”

“It’s times like these when I hate this!”

He sees the effect his words have on you, and the heartbroken look on your face tears him up inside. 

“Baby, god baby. I didn’t mean it.”

“You hate being my daddy?”

“No! I love being your daddy, you know I do. It’s just been a really horrible day and I shouldn’t have said it, because it’s a lie. I’m sorry.”

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J Hope: 

He doesn’t get angry or yell at you for being so bratty. He just sends you to time out. 

“Go to your room. After you’ve thought about your bad behavior today and why that was unacceptable you can come out.”

Later, when you finally venture out of your room, you immediately head for him, crawling up into his lap and hiding your head in his neck, crying softly. 

“I’m sorry daddy. I was really bad.”

“I’ll be good for you, promise. Please don’t send me back to time out. I was wrong.”

He would shush you, gently rubbing his hand up and down your back to comfort you. 

“It’s okay baby, I know you’re a good girl.”

“Let’s do something fun, okay? Why don’t you pick a movie to watch? Or do you want to play with your toys?”

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I’m going through my old notebooks from senior year of high school and I swear I took more notes in one class in high school than my entire three years of being in college

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Personally, I like having the ponies be anthros in the pokquestria AU. I like their designs and I feel like if they were humans they would be too weird and EQG for my taste. However, I do see that one anon's point. It's a little strange to see an anthropomorphic unicorn owning a rapidash (essentially another unicorn) as a pet. I don't mean to bash your stuff, I actually love your work! Just maybe some explanation would be nice, like do they have a human to ape type relationship?

It’s not a human-to-ape thing at all because that insinuates that the equine were once pokemon themselves. No, they’re two entirely different species, one with more sapience than the other. Are pokemon in this AU intelligent? Sure, but the vast majority of the breeds with the select few exceptions don’t have human-level intelligence; they’re, if anything, generally a bit higher than a typical wild animal, but animals all the same (powers, but still). 

So to keep at it’s very most basic, there are 3 species: the Sapient, which is what is generally used to group a bunch of races that are not pokemon and essentially take the place of humans (with human-like intelligence, cultures, societies, and in the case of this AU anthromorphic,): ponies, zebras, griffons, so on.

The Pokemon: animal-like life creatures that generally have a higher intelligence level than a regular animal but most breeds do not reach human intelligence. Very select few pokemon that have human-leveled intelligence exist in the wild with the exception of a few god-like pokemon. They can essentially be likened to Mega Fauna or literal monsters given their inherent ability to utilize their powers the way they do. In the case of the AU, it can be likened to them using powerful magic.

Animals: Apparently real animals actually exist in the canon pokemon world and, also surprisingly, Pokemon and animals are not at all the same thing despite the similar appearances. So while I might just rid of this section entirely, for now Animals is a very general “category” used to describe a creature that is below the intelligence of a Sapient race or a pokemon, such as regular common birds, rodents, and so on.

TL;DR: No, horse-like pokemon and the actual ponies themselves are not in any any way, shape, or form related to one another despite possible similarities in this AU. They’re completely separate species. It’s, or at least the way I see it, no different than how in the canon pokemon show/games humans live alongside the likes of Hitmonchan, Gardevoir, Jinx, Mr. Mime, Sawk, and a few other breeds that very clearly look similar to humans but are accepted as not humans.

Things only people with Pocket Daehyuns will understand
  • When he’s sad for no fucking reason, Buy him clothes, literally just spend all your money on clothes, the dude is ridiculously in love with shopping
  • All your goals will be food related???? like everytime I don’t understand
  • He’s greasy and boyfriend from day one, just a really small cute
  • He bitches… A lot, you could have his energy and nutrition up to 100% and he’ll still complain 
  • you get him sick even once and he’s an actual infant about it, he will not let you live it down for D A Y S 
  • You’re basically just a really cute sugar daddy. 

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I'm going to regret asking this.... Weirdest food in Japan?

Another toughie.

I’m not too picky about food, I can eat almost anything - stuff like octopus and even whale are pretty normal. That being said, I have tried some weird shit, including:


Ahhh, the dreaded breakfast food of many a gaijin and nihonjin alike. Literally fermented soy beans. They smell about as bad as you might imagine, BUT are actually delicious mixed with raw egg and rice. I’ve heard natto is good for your health, not sure why, but I try to eat it a few times a week just to be on the safe side. 


Okay so maybe don’t think too hard about this one. Yes, those are little tiny fishies, yes they are alive, and yes you’re supposed to drink them down like that. I’ve done it once on a dare from some students, and…well…. More than anything, I felt morally disgusted.

Uni (Sea Uchin)

You heard me. And it’s fucking delicious!!! 

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Can we get some soft jax and khris content


cool so like on the surface they seem like. the literal definition of opposites attract. like we got jax and his black clothes and his bloody noses and his utter fucking lack of an ability to cope with literally anything and then we got khris with his ikea furniture and his gray suits and his like. like khris is the kind of guy to make a studyblr. but u dig a little deeper and they’re actually pretty similar when it comes to like?? attitudes. and values and stuff. which IMO is the most important bit, who cares if one of u likes hardcore punk and the other likes fucking house music or w/e. as long as you can get on the same wavelength and agree about the important stuff ur good. and they can get on the same wavelength!! idk what i’m saying anyway here’s the actual soft content you asked for

listen like. EVENTUALLY they move in together and once that happens they get DOMESTIC as fuck and it’s my fave fucking thing…. 

neither of them can cook for SHIT so they eat out/order takeout like. almost every fucking day because they’re HOPELESS. jax tried to make spaghetti once. he forgot to add water. similarly, khris has literally no idea how herbs work so whenever he cooks he throws in like a tablespoon of everything in the cabinet and it’s the fucking worst. THEY EAT A LOT OF CHINESE TAKEOUT

khris kept his apartment pretty bare when he lived in there alone? he’d just never been one to have a lot of stuff or w/e but once jax moves in, the whole place just starts to feel more like a HOME yknow…. jax puts all his records on the shelves and khris throws out his wine rack and they buy a lot of throw pillows because jax secretly loves lying around in piles of bedding and khris starts bringing home weird metal sculptures he thinks jax might like..

and whenever jax gets home he takes his shirt off like first thing and drops it on the floor and it annoys the fuck out of khris but whenever he brings it up jax is like “do you want me to put it back on” and khris is like “…..no >:/” 

khris will try to get jax to watch a movie with him on the couch in the evenings and jax will get distracted after like 15 minutes and start trying to make out

jax’s sister gets them a really low-maintenance plant in a skull-shaped pot and they both think it’s the coolest fucking thing and argue over who to name it after (jax says glenn danzig, khris says carl linnaeus)


…I wasn’t going to get any of the MH Funko Pops, but this one was a gift, so…  The reason I don’t really like the MH Pops is mostly the eyes, but I think because Skelita is a skeleton, the big black eyes work a bit better here than on the other MH characters. 

I do actually like Funko Pops (I know they can be pretty polarizing), but I think the style doesn’t always work, particularly when eyes are important (I do not like the Sailor Moon ones in particular).  I think they tend to work well as stylized figures of “real” people, and I do like that for some characters, it’s a way to get a figure of a character that may not have any other figures out there (for example, I am very happy that I was able to get figures of characters from Once Upon a Time and Hannibal).  (I don’t have a big collection of Pops, Skelita is my ninth… though I do want to get the one of Locke from Lost…)

Anyways, I love how much detail went into her skeleton parts, and her hair is awesome.  Overall, I really like her, but I think she’ll be the only MH Pop I have (unless they make more characters and I am really impressed or something).

Not that mind blown by Morty’s Mindblowers

Rick and morty’s Mind Blowers episode wasn’t bad. Like, come one, it’s R and M. It’s never gonna be bad. It definitely wasn’t better than the last one, but that’s only because that was the best one ever aired in the history of Justin Roiland.

It was still a nice ass spin on the inerdimensional cable episodes, though it doesn’t nearly top them.

It kinda feels like the Cronenberg episode, everything changing and feeling out of place. Until Summer saves their asses once again. What a woman.

I’m more focused on there only being 2 episodes left in season 3, like what the actual frickity frack… im sorry.

With the little hope left, for we will have to wait two or more fucking years. Still, stay geeky!

17. Instead of XYZ happening, I would have made ABC happen…

Lord. With Once, mostly I wouldn’t actually totally change major arcs, just edit them. I think a lot of the plots are actually good, the execution just often leaves something to be desired. That said, the chunk of Once I would have edited most heavily would have to be most of the Underworld arc.

I really liked the first episode in the Underworld, and I liked some of the narrative beats there, but overall it felt so muddled and weird. Hades never made any fucking sense as a villain, and his connection with Zelena was so paper thin and vague… So. Make the theme of the arc one of facing ghosts from the past, literally.

*Edit Zelena’s background some, and turn her into Persephone, except the story was wrong - she wasn’t kidnapped, and her mother wasn’t furious - Cora sold her and her magic to Hades in return for Hades’ assistance in some plot. Make Zelena’s angst purely about familial love, and make Cora earn the forgiveness she gets by helping Zelena, thanks.

*Give Hades some fucking motivation for torturing Killian so much. I mean, good lord, I am not complaining at the content, because I do so love seeing that man in pain, but give it some kind of meaning, even something like being explicitly about getting Emma down there in the Underworld to somehow take advantage of her Savior-ness - which could be read as the reason, but is in no way clear.

*Let Milah move on. I actually accept the tragedy of her not actually seeing Killian to be a pretty great knife in the heart, so to speak, but her sacrifice just felt so pointless.

*Don’t kill off Robin. I mean. Jesus. It was just so shitty and ridiculous to be Super Srs about death as a show in the same goddamn episode that death is no big deal, Zeus ex machina, lol. Like. What. The actual. Fuck. Instead, have Marian there in purgatory, and he has to help her move on.

*In general, more content about Helping People Move On (or not) as the case may be, and the gift of closure.

*Make the arc for Rumple and Belle be about Rumple legitimately letting the Dark One thing go for his future child. I know, they’d never do it, but for an arc about facing past ghosts (maybe *literally* Neal, among others) it could have been done, and done well.

Wasted opportunities right and left in 5B, sigh.

23. Unpopular character you love?

Huh, this one’s hard for Once, because I don’t really *love* any unpopular characters. I like Neal more than a lot of folks I know, but I can’t say I love him as a character. Ditto Zelena. 

Isaac Heller, maybe - again, I wouldn’t say “love”, but I find his character weirdly delightful. Smarmy and full of himself and jealous and petty and also *clearly* a gifted writer and intelligent. I don’t buy that “oh woe is me people were mean to my nerdy ass so I get to lash out and it’s fine” and I do not sympathize with him at all, but I just find him and his self-absorbed self-righteousness funny.

I just realized

Ya’ll know like nothing about me??? I’m just some shadowy figure that comes out to shitpost and once in a while actually work on a request. It’s so weird to think about lol

If you have any questions about me feel free to ask them, I’ll answer as long as I feel they’re not too invasive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Just to make that shadowy figure cackling in the corner a little less shadowy

I don’t know if this secret Mordin side project I’ve been brainstorming actually takes place in the Red Streak ‘verse, but I have to admit there’s definitely a non-zero possibility that this is some kind of AU of my own AU, or it’s a really elaborate feverish sex dream that Jane had after breathing too many fumes or losing too much blood that one time, or it’s a self-insert fanfic she wrote to one-up Mordin’s self-insert fanfic about Aria, like some kind of Byronic challenge they set for one another AND HEY that’s actually not a bad framing device/excuse for this depravity…  or maybe I’ll have to actually deal with in-universe, Garrus-baffling consequences of pre-existing D/s Mordin/Jane relationship dynamics because I - am - insane????? (but probably not that, cuz even MY brain can only handle so much canon-fuckery at once)

what I can definitively say is that this particular random PWP branching-off has nothing to do with Grace from Paradox, because I imagine her relationship with Mordin is a lot more… ahahaaaa… REAL?? Or at least realistic, anyway. Nuanced and subtle and much closer to canon sources. Plus I headcanon her as demi/ace so this whole crazy kinky thing wouldn’t be of much interest to her, anyway.

JANE, on the other hand?

she’s into it

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Do we have any idea how many eps Bree and Roger are supposed to be in prior to Claires going back through the stones?

I don’t think they’ve said anything about that? Like they’re def in ep. 305 and I’m guessing Bree is going to be in ep. 303. Ep. 304 is supposed to be Jamie heavy so they might be in that one, but maybe not that much?

Does anyone remember if they’ve said anything about going back to Bree and Roger in the second half of the season? For some reason I thought that they weren’t going to and we won’t see them again this year once Claire goes back, but for the life of me I can’t remember if I actually read that somewhere or if I’m just assuming…


I’m a serious artist, I tell myself, every day a little less convincingly

Nessian to celebrate ACOWAR releasing today and my sadness cause I won’t be able to read it until the end of May *cries*