i actually like this drawing which is a miracle

what your fav act 2 song says about you

Welcome to Falsettoland – you just really want to punch nancy reagan in the face

The Year of the Child – your favorite line in the whole musical is “look, look, look, look, look, it’s a lesbian from next door!”

Miracle of Judaism – you are secretly a 12 year old boy on the inside

The Baseball Game – you live for marvin trying to flirt with whizzer

A Day in Falsettoland – you are in awe at the groundbreaking way finn draws parallels between all the romances in the show

Everyone Hates His Parents – you either had a bad relationship with your parents of just really love mendel 

What More Can I Say? – you truly believe marvin and whizzer invented true love

Something Bad Is Happening – you call dr. charlotte your wife

Holding to the Ground –  you definitely support trina and love her character development

Days Like This – you love the tight knit family antics and probably want your own found family

Cancelling the Bar Mitzvah – you actually trust mendel’s advice (which you shouldn’t)

Unlikely Lovers – you’re literally gay

Another Miracle of Judaism – jason is your child and you would die for him

You Gotta Die Sometime –  you just really want andrew to win that damn tony part 2

Jason’s Bar Mitzvah – you cried when mendel said “son of whizzer, son of mendel, and godchild to the lesbians from next door”

What Would I Do? – you just love crying I guess

Fujimaki Tadatoshi’s Interview in Entermix May 2017

Ahhhhh. Everyone was like “READ THIS INTERVIEW” so I went ahead and read this above anything else and it was so worth it because it gave me hope as a fan in despair. 

This is just a rough translation :D I just wanted to put it so people who would like to read can read it too :D

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This is exactly the style I wanted, which by some miracle actually worked.  I used a short wig tied in a tiny ponytail as a base; the length is a core of wire and cord sewn into black fabric, with four lengths of wig-making wefts sewn onto that (layered kind of like shingles? they overlap by like, 2″), and 15 little shiny leather cuffs.  I was extra pleased that it worked out to be 15 and look proportional, since 15 is how many I always draw Baharoth with.  I want to decorate the cuffs at some point, but I’m not sure if I want them all to be identical or unique.  Flyaways are going to be an issue, and obviously I’ll have to be careful posing him, but I can deal with that.  Impressively enough, the weight doesn’t pull his head back, though I’m sure I’ll have to keep an eye on his stringing to maintain that.

svolto  asked:

Honestly I find mental disorders fascinating too. I just like to learn about how some people think so differently than others. I have mental disorders of my own. A lot of mental disorders are based on imbalances in the brain. Not that you are messed up.I find it odd that you find it offensive when people take an interest into how the brain works and how other people think. How is this a bad thing? I'm confused. Im not offended when people take an interest to how other people think and function.

this. bothers. me. so. much. like you people keep coming into my askbox telling me how you’re not offended and you dont think its ableist and whatever and like?? what. do you want me to light candles for you? clap??

i mean okay you’re not offended that’s your thing, idk what disorders you may have and its not my place to police whether something offends you or not.

however you have to know that

  1. it’s not the same for a neurodivergent person to take an interest on mental illnesses that we actually HAVE and to want to get to know ourselves, than it is for a neurotypical person to find it fascinating and what not.
  2. having mental disorders doesn’t magically keep you from having toxic views and internalized ableism. i have bpd and bd but i could still talk about say, did in an ableist way.

its also worth noting that sixpenceee’s blog is not a science blog per se. it’s main attractive is that its a horror/oddities blog, she’s not posting just because it’s educational, and behind these disorders there are real people who deserve to be seen as more than an illness, and as more than just ~crazy ppl~. also, looking through her blog, one post she claims is ~educational~ keeps using the word psychopath, which is a)a slur and b)not an actual personality disorder which she should fucking know given that she studies neuroscience. another post are the drawings of a schizophrenic boy and it’s literally tagged as ‘creepy’.

i would elaborate more on why it’s ableist but for that you can check my /tagged/the-sixpenceee-shitstorm.

finally, maybe it doesnt offend you and you like it and whatnot, but a lot of us are 'offended’ (which is not exactly what this is about,but that’s a talk for another time) and i dont see what harm it would do to you if sixpenceee (by nothing short of a miracle) stopped posting pieces about mental disorders that strip us of our humanity, to help the people who are truly bothered by her behavior. like seriously, would it be /that/ terrible to make a few changes to accomodate the people in the community who have been truly harmed by the 'mental illnesses are Fascinating’ mentality?