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The Siren of War


Terror chokes the air, as if the collective breathe of the camp had been sucked from its lungs. No soldier exists who hasn’t heard stories of about the Siren or her song.

“Its her.” One soldier stammers. “It’s–”

“Shut up you idiot!” Another hisses. “Don’t say her name!”

“But why is she here? Why isn’t she on the front line with her father?!” The first soldier cowers.  

“How am I supposed to know?!” The other snaps.

“Stop your squabbling, both of you, and draw your weapons.” A third hunter interjects, eyes narrowed as they stare into the distant horizon. “She’s here.”

Here she is, Eda, Falon’din’s Daughter, the Princess of Death and Siren of War in all her glory. Her song floats across some battlefield, confusing her enemies so they turn on one another and helping mask as her soldiers and refugees fall back.

I have been working all day to finish this up. It would have been finished earlier but I kept going back and forth on the color of her coat. I decided on white armor because a) its fun to see white used as a symbol of death and b) because secretly she really is a pure symbol like white is recognized as in some cultures. Also because this means the idea can exist that Eda’s white cloak is enchanted to keep it from being stained with blood, but in reality there is rarely ever any blood to actually stain it thanks to her illusions.

I also scrapped the sword because I got tired of coloring things. XD 

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