i actually like making these a lot

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the woody collective was like originally this one guy who was claiming a bunch of deleted nazi/white supremecist blogs and would change the icon to woody from toy story and post "howdy pardner" and then a bunch of people started making pedos/nazis/etc delete and stealing their urls to change the icon to woody and add to "howdy pardner" posts and its great

i say i hate tumblr a lot but i actually fucking love this website

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When you say credit where credit is due, you mean the tracing over the artist's work, not so much as copying a style. No one really owns an art style, right? Because there are people in this world who do believe they own a style that's as generic as Disney's style.

Yes, I meant credit when you trace a drawing.

My opinion about copying a style: It’s totally OK to emulate (copy) a style and make it your own. I do know of some artists that do not like it when people ‘copy’ their style and make a really big fuzz about it- (as if someone stole their idea or genius). But reality is … everyone copies other peoples’ styles. If someone copied mine I’d actually feel flattered.

Now, a better situation would be to copy or get influenced by a lot of styles that inspire you, learn from them and come up with your own as a result… Isn’t that a little more gratifying? Why not do that instead?

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This is your Thursday reminder for writing a thing on hand-holding.

lmao I can’t believe someone actually sent me a reminder.

It’s not gonna be a long thing, I just wouldn’t have had time to make even really shitty gifs until I finished my finals today.

So when I watched volume 3 in theaters when they were doing the screenings last year, I noticed that in this shot, it looks like Blake’s stroking the side of Yang’s hand with her thumb. It’s the tiniest movement, so I never noticed it before then because it’s such a small part of the shot, but if you’re watching it on a huge screen, it’s a lot easier to notice it.

After I got home, I decided to rewatch the scene while staring at Blake and Yang’s hands in every shot they were in to see if there was anything else.

And there’s this other shot where there’s a tiny movement that looks like Blake tightening her grip on Yang’s hand.

Funnily enough, to me anyways, this is the “Sun looking back at Blake and Yang and the focus of the shot is clearly Blake holding Yang’s hand” shot.

And the best part is, they changed the way Blake’s hand is positioned just for this shot. Her fingers are resting in Yang’s palm in every other shot of their hands except this one.

Besides the two gifs, here’s a compilation of every time we see Blake and Yang’s hands in that whole scene.

The order of events is the left shot of the compilation, the middle shot of the compilation, the gif where Blake’s hand is positioned differently, the other gif, and the right shot in the compilation.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender AU (or even just headcanons, because the Host is Toph and no one can tell me otherwise)

(*internal screaming* My time has finally come!!)

Host as Toph makes my heart so happy that I’m actually about to shed a tear!

Bim as Aang most definitely.

Amy as Katara is also just so perfect that it hurts.

Wilford as Sokka even though Warfstache would be an excellent firebender.

BUT I refuse to have Darkiplier represent my beautiful sunflower child Zuko (Dark would be Azula and you know it).

So I’d say Mark as Zuko. I feel like post-redemption arch Zuko is a lot like Mark, and plus, Amy is Katara and ZUTARA SHOULD’VE BEEN A THING AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE!!! (this is why I don’t discuss ATLA…)


If you’re someone who is making requests to see me in certain clothing/lack there of, PLEASE keep in mind that me selling pics on my side blog and using patreon are literally my income.

If you want to see me in something, you have to pay me, and being on anon will make me assume you aren’t willing to be an actually customer. I’m sorry if this seems a little rude, but I’ve been getting a lot of messages like this lately.
You wouldn’t ask something to give their products just because it would make you happy, so please don’t ask that of me either

also please direct all questions regarding my pics to my blog @little-sun-boy . I know you can’t ask anon on that blog, but if you have to be on anon, you probably shouldn’t be asking it :p
Okay, so let me get this straight.

Guy #1: 8 years together, with the whole “I don’t like assigning titles to things” and “aren’t we too old for saying boyfriend/girlfriend”, and now its taken you two years apart to decide that I actually was your girlfriend that whole time?  What? Because it sounds so much better when you throw “ex” in front of that instead of “that person I was committed to but didn’t want to make it sound serious”? 

Guy #2: My marriage is falling apart, but you’re single right?  We used to have fun, didn’t we?  I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.  The sex was good, wasn’t it?  Wanna hang out?  Send me a pic, but make sure you only text me after 11pm because she checks my phone.

Man, I really don’t have time for this.  I really, really don’t.

I don’t actually hate Pixar and still like a lot of their movies, I just like making fun of Pixar cause of the view that it’s unfailing and unflawed is weird these days and “moist doll eyes” is a powerful description of their pretty but usually bland visual style

How to be a nice big sib(tot)!

-Play with your lil sib!

-Watch shows they like together!

-Make hot cocoa for them when it’s cold!


-Tell them “your big sib will always be here to help you!”

-Or… “You can always count on me! I’ll fight everyone who hurts you!!!!!”

-Buy socks together. Socks are great.

-Actually, you should get socks that match!

-Color together! 

-Take a bath together and play with toys there!!

-Tag them in posts about things they like!

-A lot of forehead kisses!!!!

-Protect them from bad monsters under their bed!

-If you start to date someone, ask them what they think about the person and introduce !

-And don’t forget to say how much you love your lil sib!

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I don't know why, but I had the idea of Newscaster Jim having a really bad vision but instead of him being the victim, he's seeing it through the killer's eyes during like a home invasion or a mass murder. It's never happned like that before and he's panicking more than normal (Sorry, I've been watching a lot of criminal minds and I had this idea)

Oh!! This is actually one of the ideas I had for “how to make visions really bad for the twins”.

Imagine that there’s also a time when he ends up seeing through both their eyes, feels the terror of a child with a stranger with a knife in the their room and the rush the stranger feels at plunging his weapon onto the child’s neck. He feels the child’s pain, feels his life slowly draining away and then feels the parent’s anguish when they find him and are killed too.

And at the same time, he’s feeling the giddy joy of the killer as he massacres a helpless family for the hell of it, feels the blood covering his hands afterwards and his stomach twists because it’s so wrong that it felt so right. He actually doesn’t know which is worse.

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#this is probably hella obvious but i identify a lot with her!#mainly when she lives in the woods with the animals#but also when she cleans with the vermin and starts singin in the park omg" hey are you like an actual disney princess bc you look like one too


Thank you, you’re the best and the real princess tbh ;///; I think I’m a little too battle-ready/FIGHT ME (even though I’m kinda… really weak, uuhg) and a bit harsh sometimes to be a real Disney Princess. 💗💛💚💙💜

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My body is so weird in how it like, responds to touch.

Like, adventurous, active, creative sexytimes make me very happy, but only in an existential way. Like in a “i feel so alive and connected to my fellow women” way. But in order to like, actually reach orgasm, I need quiet and restraint. Like, literally the best scenario for me is alone in a dark room, looking at porn with no other distractions. Then in can reach ecstasy. And for some reason this seems to confuse a lot of folks so i guess others dont work that way? Like, other folks dont have like, a diminishing utility value to sexual stimulation I guess.

Maybe its my sensory processing issues related to touch (and sights, to some extent) that ive had since I was a kid. Like, everything just sort feels too much. Like how people who are “supertasters” with extra sensitive palates only like to eat bland food, I get my satisfaction out of a situation otgers would describe as dull and lonely. Of course there is still a balance. My body prefers the quiet and reserved but my mind is a slutty gay bitch who likes to make these sorts of sexual connections woth people I like. Living the life of pure hermit hurts me in other ways and cause despair. But I just find it interesting that like, my subconscious, reflexive mind is the irritable, reserved loner and my conscious ego is the outgoing one, bc the very common stereotype is the reverse. Maybe this is why I like Jungian psychology so much. Like, 1) it posits difference as a key element to understanding personality. Everyonr most certainly DOES NOT want the same thing in the Jungian schema. And 2) its very dialectical, in that it understands the conscious and unconscious minds as opposites in conversation with one another.

Rambling sexual psychology talk

I was actually thinking one year because of tradition and clichés, but this makes more sense.



I like that he recognizes this and is okay with it.

There are a lot of people who are born without the proper abilities or resources to do something, and most of the time they do have to work harder than people who have those things. It sucks, and the people who are able to come ahead of that are commendable.

Me whenever I start a year of college.

I know someone like this, and they are as adorable as Midoriya.

Interesting that Bakugo doesn’t seem to… well, he does care, but he doesn’t show it outwardly anymore. He’s not teasing Midoriya after the slime guy incident it seems.

I wonder why.

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If requests are closed than feel free to ignore this. But how about a scenario about noctis taking his s/o to meet his father and he's a bit nervous his father might disapprove of them, but they actually get along and even crack a few jokes with one another!

Requests are never closed so don’t you worry. I am really sorry it took me a while though! School got in my way and when I did end up having time I was working on my fanfic! I’m also, like, real bad with jokes (I an’t make them up or make them up at all) so it’s just having a great talk and such if that’s okay?????

It’s also pretty short because otherwise there’d be a lot of boring information that wouldn’t really keep the flow going. My apologies in advance.

Standing in front of his father with you by his side made his throat dry. He was absolutely terrified that he wouldn’t like you, that he’d tell him that you and he couldn’t be together. His palms grew sweaty whilst King Regis looked over you at dinner, speaking to you kindly and politely.

“I’m surprised my son managed to pick up someone as beautiful as you, ___.”

You giggled and he blushed. “What can I say? I have a think for cute boys who treat you right. You’ve raised quite the gentleman. Even if he doesn’t show it.”

“Oh?” King Regis rose a brow in amusement, a smile appearing on his lips. “A gentleman? My son? Now that’s a surprise.”

“Daaaad….” Noctis mumbled through a mouthful of smoked Baramundi. 

“Yes, son?”

“Stop embarrassing me…”

He merely chuckled. “But it’s good fun, you know. Right, ___?”

You nodded with that sly grin of yours and he groaned in annoyance. “Definately, your majesty. Especially in public.” You laughed again and you moved onto dessert. “Seriously though, Noct is really cute.”

And Regis only lit up like the sun with bright eyes, previously filled with a sadness which Noct hated to the core. “He truly is! You should have seen him when he was younger with his chubby cheeks and bright smile. His mother would always be so annoyed at how I just took him everywhere, not wanting to let him go.” He chuckled. “On his third birthday I had managed to persuade the council to give me some time with him - it constituted as four hours - and I refused to pass him to his mother.”

You smiled sweetly. “Did you end up running late?”

“If running late counts as not going, then yes.”

Noctis stopped eating then, his mouth agape, and you stared at the King with wide eyes. Both of you were in complete shock. King Regis didn’t seem like the type of man to miss a meeting even if he was sick. Noctis could never remember a time where his father didn’t go to a single meeting. 

“Majesty you… you…you did?”

“Of course.” He simply shrugged, unsure what all the surprise was about. “He wouldn’t stop asking me to read to him. And when he did stop he had fallen asleep. And I was about to get ready to leave but I must have dosed off, because next thing I knew his mother was shaking my shoulders and he was drawing squiggles on my face. With eyeliner. Waterproof eyeliner… and he did the same on my eyes. With permanent marker.” He laughed loudly - almost guffawing - and leaned back in his seat. “At the time I was less than pleased, but now I find it absolutely hilarious. Especially with his little laugh.”

You laughed. He blushed. Regis laughed even louder. And Noct was… well… he wanted to be swallowed up by the floor…


“So… you… um”

Regis had asked Noct to carry a box for him from the archives up to his room: any excuse to spend time with him. “I what?”

“You accept her? Right? You weren’t just putting on a show to be polite?”

“I may be good at many things and lying isn’t one of them.” He smiled. “My boy, she’s good for you: allows you to relax and be yourself. I just hope that whatever happens in the future won’t break what precious time you have apart and separate the both of you.”

Noctis went to ask him about what that all meant, but he decided not to in the end. Just in case he would get no answer, or, worse still, an answer in which he didn’t want to know.

“Well, come on then. Chop chop. We don’t have the day to waste.” Regis nudged Noct’s arm with a smile and Noct smiled in dismay.

It was safe to say that by how Regis ended up inviting you to almost everything and was talking to Noct all about the things he loved about you, it was safe to say that you were welcomed with open arms.

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Top 5 ED characters (that are not Robron) and why <3

1. Bob Hope - I mean this man is an absolute legend. I don’t feel like I need to explain this one. Bob is Bob. That is enough to make him number one.

2. Cain Dingle - I’m a sucker for a bad boy. And Cain Dingle is the ultimate bad boy. And yet he somehow gets away with it and I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s his sarcastic sense of humour. Maybe it’s because I fancy him quite a lot.

3.  Adam Barton - My little puppy. I’m gonna cry actual tears when he leaves. Bartsy are #friendshipgoals and he’s basically on this list purely because he is on half of my favourite E V E R emmerdale scene where him and Aaron are sitting on a picnic bench throwing nuts at one another and discussing Aaron asking Robert to move in together. 

4. Ross Barton - I know he’s an absolute dick…but I can’t help but smile when he’s in scenes. He’s just an hilarious sarcastic little fuck and I’m sorry but I love him. 

5. Bernice Blackstock - I love her. She deserves a place on this list purely because of her scream-and-tray-throw from Monday let’s be honest. But just generally I love her and when will we get more Rob/Bernice scenes huh?

send me fluffy robron asks

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I know Lavi isn't your fav but just a stray thought- If Lavi ever learned Nea's name, he would probably make the connection of/odd coincidence-or-not case of "Allen" being an anagram for "Nea II". Idk but it is just a funny small thing to think about, especially in CC some reason? Like a student Lavi who has homework of "order the letters in correct order for the words" and since I can see him liking anagrams tries it out with names and is just like "wait- oh. /oh./" idk

*giggle* That would work a lot better if I actually spelled Neah’s name that way, anon. (Not to mention ‘II’ is ‘ii’, not ‘LL’, bc roman numerals.)

It’s a neat idea, though. I wonder if it works at all similarly in Japanese, or if Hoshino meant it that way?

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Hey there, I'm not really sure who to ask about this, but you're a big inspiration to me and so I thought I'd ask you! I'm a new simblr and new to tumblr in general I was wondering how I get myself more known? I'm having a lot of trouble gaining followers and stuff. Do I just keep posting and hope for the best or is there something I can actually do? Sorry if this is a weird ask, I just don't really know to go about it all!

Hiya I’m flattered to be called an inspiration ah ty bb! Well, When I first made this blog i feel like it took me ages to start growing, It took me about 6-7?months to make it to 100 and from there it started growing steadier and steadier over time. Every blog grows at a different pace and I think the BEST thing to do to grow and be happy is to post things with quality and content that you like and are satisfied with / find interesting, and worry less about the numbers. It all comes with time <3

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those ace and aro 'sensitive content' icons made me throw up in my mouth a little bit lmao. what the Fuck. why are they so desperate to feel oppressed or squeeze themselves into spaces for ACTUALLY OPPRESSED people?? blaine i don't understand

i dont understand either omfg like gay people, ESP wlw have been talking about how hard this censorship has been hitting them and a lot of young wlw have been really upset about it but nah acearo ppl gotta jump in and make it about them rather than supporting the ones who are actually getting hurt by this

like gtfo

the lack of queer asian community is especially frustrating for me cuz i actually know a lot of queer asians but almost all of them are closeted. one told me she wouldn’t come out until she either got married or her parents died. one outed herself to me making a gay joke on miitomo but that was the first and only time she’s indicated being queer, another messaged me to thank me for something i posted on facebook because she’s queer but not out. and i know a bunch of others scattered around. and like these ppl tell me theyre queer cuz im out and they know they can trust me but since theyre not out and dont know each other and since its not an overt part of their lives im just… alone. its lonely. i know why people stay closeted and they have every right to be but its still frustrating to often be the only visible one…

and i also hate complaining about my parents because i feel so guilty when i do. not just because i love my mom so much and because my parents do actually do a lot of things for me, but also because my own failures make me feel guilty and my father, through his abuse (physical through the years and then verbal/emotional), has conditioned me to feel like a burden every time he tells me just how much money he’s spending on x, y, or z aspect of my life, and how i have to “show something for it”, how i’m an “investment”, how “lucky i am” that he’s paying for x, y, z, etc. i think this works in tandem - feeling guilty over my failures because my parents do so much for me being informed and reinforced by my father constantly shouting or lecturing about money and how much he spends on me. i even hate acknowledging that my father is abusive because 90% of the time he’s smiling at me, laughing with me, caring for me, making me feel at home, but the rational part of me is aware that none of those things negates the violence & selfishness.