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your art style made me start drawing in a way i actually enjoyed rather than strictly photorealism - i feel like that's what a lot of people assume art is supposed to look like or evolve into all the time, and that's why you get a lot of unfair comments. keep doing what you love artistically and don't feel pressured to evolve your art unless it seems natural for YOU. just this year your style made STRIDES and it didn't have to do with realism at all - just depth and color. you are AMAZING ida

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what do u think about ace/aro erasure ? i'm pretty mad bc a lot of people say that we're not actually part of the community and that makes me so sad (doggos are better than sex tbh)

I dont personally feel the need to be a part of the lgbt community but I think other a- people should have that option. Like often I will feel like something’s wrong with me when my friends talk about sex n relationships and stuff and I just cant relate so the lgbt community should be a place people like me can turn to to feel understood and welcome if they need that

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I mean realistically every animal with night vision has poor day vision, but somehow faunus have both. I actually think it would have been pretty cool if they did have poor day vision, to balance out their advantage at night, but RT obviously didn't go that way. As much as I like RWBY, faunus genetics don't make a lot of sense sometimes.

To be honest though in a world where monsters spawn out of lakes of goo; dust from the ground is used to make lightning, fire, energy, ice; kids go to schools to train to weild deadly weapons that they build themselves and everything on the planet basically has the equivalent of a video game health bar: Faunus Genetics aren’t all that out of place.

However I do like the idea they have poor day vision and wear contacts.

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I can't buy "L was a good leader" either. It's like they go on trying to convince us that L was great and also Clarke's true love because they didn't sufficiently highlighted it in S3. Had they done a good job in S3, I would have believed it but I only got that she was contradictory and pleased her love interest's wishes because she had vowed to protect her. The writers can try to shove L down out throats in every episode, I still could not believe their inconsistencies.

That makes me lose a little faith in the writers, where I had faith all last season when the story took us on a trip through hell, camped us out in the seventh circle, jabbed us with pitchforks and tore out our hearts, before leading us out of hell and back home.

You can’t betray your story. You can tell a story that is not where I want it to go and I won’t lose faith, but if you start backtracking and changing the story to fit politics or hollywood or money or trends or bullies, then I’m going to have a problem. You can change things going forward, but do NOT go backward and say what happened didn’t happen. 

This is no good.

If you want to give fanservice where it doesn’t change the story, no problem. If you change the story to kiss the ass of people who hate you, and thus forget about the people who are devoted to you? Starting to have a problem with that. 

I’ll trust the writers as long as they don’t screw over the story. But I’ve been watching tv a long time. I know what happens in hollywood. And I know how shows can lose their integrity to the pressures of the business.

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(Hey, Andy here, um, could you not delete that last angst thing- the two parter- I'm actually very proud of it but I don't remember exactly what it said. When you start doing angst again, can you post it? Or send it to my account? @andy-the-anon I really liked my wording.)

i haven’t received any two-part asks i’m sorry ??? i rarely delete asks unless they make me uncomfy or they’re repeating what a lot of people have sent me i’m sorry tumblr must’ve eaten it 

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hi!! I'm the original bumblee anon and can I just say thank you!! Any time I've tried to ask what people see in the ship I'm immediately torn down for being "stupid" or something of the like. You calmly explaining it and not belittling me has actually given me a lot more perspective into the ship and makes me feel better about it. Thank you again.

Of course :) I was happy to - any excuse to pull pictures from the show and talk about my team lol. 

i dont get yall who come on here just to argue over discourse like..literally just make a post asking ur mutuals what side of the bed they sleep on its a lot more interesting and u get to know something interesting about ppl u actually like instead of tumblr randos…just one girls onion!

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Ooo That was such a cute ask~ What if you and V were photographers together tho? What would that be like? ^_^


  • a lot of me buying starbucks i already know it
  • i know V’s coffee order by heart but he usually has to text me the size he wants
  • “today’s a venti kind of day”
  • “big spender”
  • probably lots of my lugging around all of his equipment and like, holding the flash for him and shit
  • makes me wake up ridiculously early and i hat e him for it
  • driving to remote ass places to get certain pictures
  • he probably has some lame nickname for me like grasshopper and im just ??? why are you like this,

omg this would actually be a really cute fic now that i think about it. MC studying under the master photographer V, and they grow really close and there are moments when they catch V snapping pics of them and,..,, im EMO NOW,,, dkskds i should write this

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Let me make this very clear. This is MY blog. I post things on here that I BELIEVE are beneficial to my anons. I like to post various view points so y'all can get lots of information. I told y'all when Tom said he was single I was done discussing TNT. I can’t make them be together. I also found this great blog that gives great opinions on taylor. He isn’t bashing her or being negative. Everything he has said my mutuals and I have actually discussed before. Stop acting like I shot your dog. Hell if you find concrete TNT news then message me. I am not going to continue discussing something when one part of my ship has stated he is single and the other part of my ship has been missing for almost 2 months. Stop bitching to other blogs because it makes you seem like a child.

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers!

Oh lordy…

1. The fact that I am no longer shy, like talking to new people and have no issues with it

2. The fact that I am pretty laid-back, don’t get emotional about much and barely worry

3. That I actually love to help people and I think I generally am nice to 99% of people

4. I am very easy to make happy

5. I have a lot of determination and self-control which makes things easier, and combined with the fact I am a total realist and logical thinker means I am often not disappointed and can organize myself in a way that I am efficiently lazy…

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Do you ever find it hard combining a norse world view with most witchcraft information? The correspondences seem off, like the moon is always a goddess, intuition, etc. Any resource tips?

I don’t actually! I’m comfortable with the fact my moon is Mani and my sun is Sol. I don’t think Norse mythos really clash with witchcraft at all to be honest, I think it clashes with certain branches of witchcraft like wicca and I think because of that a lot of people think it’s hard to mesh with the craft.
The difficult part is honestly finding correspondences and resources on the Norse pantheon. I just base most of my craft of the stories and the gods and what I know about plants. I don’t know if that really makes sense? There’s not a lot of resources (I’ve found) on combining the two, it’s mostly about offerings and how to commune with the gods.
I made a post a few days ago you can find here and there’s a post here about some variations of traditional magick in the mythos. Sorry if this wasn’t more helpful!

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I feel like dan doesnt know himself when he started watching phil and it really was 2009, not literally 2007, when phil had 100 subs

We know Dan had a youtube account as early as 2006. By early 2008, Phil had over 5,000 subscribers. Since we don’t know exactly when in 2007 Dan is saying he subscribed, and we don’t have accurate sub counts for 2007 we’ll just say that he had somewhere between those two numbers, yeah? 

But even 100 subs in 2007 was a lot more impressive given that there weren’t actually that many people regularly making videos on the website at all. Dan said he was buying Smosh merch when he was sixteen. He was watching Bryony and Nat Tran and Shane Dawson. He was clearly invested in youtube, so yeah. My tl;dr answer is that it’s not unreasonable to me to think Dan started watching Phil in 2007.

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Hello, I was just wondering whether or not you could do a Human Evolution theme month for August. I don't know if there would be enough hominins for 23 days, but if you already have something planned for August already, that's fine. I still like your wonderful work, and I look forward to it every week.

I haven’t decided on the theme for August yet, but unfortunately that’s not a subject I’m likely to cover anytime soon, as interesting as it would be.

The problem here is that I’m actually super uncomfortable with drawing humans and human-relatives. (And not for lack of trying! I’ve done a lot of figure drawing practice and whatnot over the years, but I’m still not remotely confident with portraying any sort of hominins. At least not without plunging headfirst into the Uncanny Valley.)

So, basically – maybe it’ll happen one day, but I’m not going to make any promises.

It’s so good to be a member of that part of the Martin Freeman fandom that is actually A FAN and makes it all about SHARING and not being SELFISH. Glad most of us are in this same side and I have lots of friends here. I was never selfish irl and will never be selfish in the fandom as you are and in fact will continue sharing everything that I manage to get, even with people like you. Cheers!

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love your work and I'm so happy to see you accepting prompts again; jaytim in prison au? either a case where they have to work together or they really are in prison for crimes

“Pretty sure this isn’t how this kind of thing usually works in prison,” Jason mutters as he looks up bemusedly at his hands. Crossed and tied to the rusty bars of the bunk bed over his head. Not tight enough to actually hold him if he wanted to get out of it, but the fact that they’re there is interesting enough that he misses the snake-like move Tim makes next. Turning out from a crouch by Jason’s head to straddle Jason in a way that’s a lot more interesting than the fact that he’s tied up.

“I really don’t want to know anything else about the prison porn you watch,” Tim says in a low voice as he shifts his weight experimentally. The creaks from the bed are loud and obvious going by the crude whistle that comes out a few cells down from them, an even cruder comment gets thrown out closer but they both ignore it.

“Says the man who has be lashed down. What kind of porn you been hiding from me, hm?” Jason says in a low voice before chuckling loudly and brings his feet up so they’re planted firmly on the bed. It jostles Tim from his perch, much to the man’s obvious irritation, and Jason mourns the fact that there’s no light to really see his eyes by at night in here. With the leverage, Jason can roll up into Tim suggestively.

The lurch and squeal from the bed is almost deafening but Jason still hears Tim’s snort over it before hands push him firmly back down onto the thin mattress. Tim’s voice is pissy when he leans down to hiss into Jason’s ears, “I’m not having sex in a prison cell. But if you behave and play along with out cover we can revisit this,” calloused fingers pull at the cloth around Jason’s wrists, tightening the hold in a way that kind of surprises him, “later. Now start moaning before the guards get here.”

With a promise like that, Jason really doesn’t need much incentive to pretend.

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I kinda want to poke your muse with a stick. What would happen if all your AU!Harrys met? (either one on one or in a group)

Yes! Poke the muse!

You’re gonna laugh, I was actually already planning something like that! Well, here we go:

Just for clarification, my various brainchildren Harries:

Harry (female): Red like the Storm
Rosa: Sky Rose
Harry (male): Desolation
Hariel: Death Bringer
I: Riko, Growing Strong, Chasing Shadows
You: Kacey from Cirrus Cloud

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I love your clois/supercorp parallels. Thanks for making them! I thought I'd ask since Ive only seen the first few seasons of Smallville. Do you see more parallels between Clois and Supercorp, or Lex/Clark and Lena/Kara? I see them both, but wanted to get your opinion. Thanks.

thank you, i enjoy making them! oooooh, this is an interesting question. i’ve actually made this clark/lex parallel awhile back. and like you, i see A LOT of parallels there too. i think that my clark/lex, clark/lois parallels just goes to show that SG can really go either way with the way they’re writing supercorp rn. they can so easily take either of the two clichéd paths: the clark/lex path, “best-friend-turned-arch-nemesis” or they can go the clark/lois path, “best-friend-turned-lover” (which would be absolutely groundbreaking but i doubt it)  

idk if this made sense but yea…….

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yugioh crash course! there are 3 yugis: smol yugi (aka normal yugi), tall yugi (yami), and tan yugi (atem is a fandom name but pretty sure he's just "the pharaoh"). the smol one is normal yugi. he plays a lot of card games. he's got a puzzle. the puzzle has the spirit of an egyptian pharaoh living in it. tall yugi is normal yugi posessed with the pharaoh's spirit. tan yugi is the actual pharaoh. he shows up in like flashbacks and backstory parts but doesnt really have a body. hope this helped!

yes! thank u!! that makes sense now hahaha so its kind of like a gem fUsion !!? anyway cool the artists who draw yugioh stuff are so good! i have respect