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Honestly if the big pigs-sorry big companies actually decide to make it so you have to pay to access web sites I'd just drop their cable it's not like they need my money right? 😈😉 as someone once said libraries are completely free so no I don't have to pay you

libraries are being shut down as more and more figures feel that they’re useless (which they aren’t). libraries are also being choked out with smaller budgets and more limited resources.

also as someone who works with a lot of digital mediums, just getting rid of my internet isn’t an option unless i’d also like to get rid of my hopes to do more freelance work and independent projects, as i’d no longer have a way to share those works to a larger audience.

this kind of mentality also tells corporations that you don’t care enough to fight them on it, so they feel free to do as they please.

please do not give up on net neutrality. it’s so much more than just being able to wiki things. it’s ease of access to multi-media works from around the globe that otherwise couldn’t exist without the fair platform that the internet provides. it’s the ability to support small businesses and give recognition to artists without having to be a wealthy blue-blood. that what you can research and find isn’t heavily regulated to support the agendas of whoever is in power and prevent you from questioning them.

please keep fighting.

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I mean to not be rude, just curious, but why do you ship MadaTobi? Whenever I ask someone who ship them, they always seem to think I attack them. I only ask what they see in it, just curious like I said, cause it's my first time I see this rare pair and wanna know about it. Lots of love ^^

The main reason that I ship them is because they’re opposites in their temperaments, but they’re actually incredibly similar as far as their values go, and it makes for a surprisingly steady pair. Madara and Tobirama both value the idea of family more than anything else, and they’re ruthless in the protection of it/ Hashirama is softer - he values peace over family, and though peace is often a means of protecting said family, it isn’t always. Where Madara and Tobirama would, in my opinion, break a peace treaty in order to protect a brother or a friend, Hashirama wouldn’t (as in canon, where he chose to kill Madara in order to protect Konoha and the established peace). 

The way their ideals mesh is one of my favorite things about them. And then on top of that you have their personalities - Tobirama is icy and cold but he also has an explosive temper, whereas Madara is hotheaded and loud (going by his personality as a child) but also capable of deep contemplation and a ten-steps-ahead type of cunning that’s terrifying. In a world where Tobirama didn’t kill Izuna, it seems easy for me to imagine them as that one pair who are always at each other’s throats, but the second there’s an outside threat they’re the perfect team-up, because they’re so alike under the surface. 

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Hi! Do you have some prompts for a ghost/ghost pairing where one is from the past and one from present days? Thank you ^^

This is a really neat idea, so I’d love to give it a try! 

1. “Woah, you’ve been a ghost for that long? Doesnt that like, kind of suck? I mean, it’s got to be boring?” 

“Not really, It’s actually rather fascinating. I get to watch humanity evolve and history be made but I never actually have to be a part of it” 

2. “I have seen a lot of odd things in my life, and in my after life, and I will never be as confused as I am when trying to understand your modern day humor” 

3. “You know what sucks? I don’t know how to make small talk with you. I can’t be like ‘So, hows work?’ or ‘Got any plans for the holidays?’, so what the hell are we supposed to talk about? The Weather? It doesnt even apply to us!” 

4. “So, you uh, come here often?” 

“I’ve been stuck on this plane of existence for the last 200 hundred years, technically, I never leave”

5. “You know, When I met you, I thought I was gonna have to explain to you all about modern day stuff, and it’d be hilarious to watch how confused you’d get over technology, but you seem to know more about whats going on in this time then I do.” 

“I am dead, not blind. I’ve been observing this era from the other side of the glass before it was even in motion”  

6. “Excuse you, respect your elders!” 

“You’re like the same age as me!” 

“No, I was the same age as you when I died. By all technicalities, I am a couple hundred years older then you” 

7. “Who would have thought I’d have to die in order to meet the love of my life?” 

That’s all I’ve got! Hope they work for you! If you need anything else, let me know!

Say it with me, kids: your experience is not representative.  The rules that seem to explain everything in your life, the phenomena you notice over and over again in a consistent pattern, are not The Way The World Works; they are incredibly localized, and in many places outside your sphere, things are going to be very very different.

(This is double-true if your sphere is full of people who are selected for being nonstandard in some common way.)

The fact that you spend lots of time on the internet does not change this.  The internet is a big and extremely heterogeneous place. 

If you make confident assertions about The Way The World Works, and other people act like you’re crazy…it is very possible that the things you’re saying actually just sound totally crazy to them, like you’re boldly declaring that the sky is green.  Which doesn’t make your experiences false or wrong.  But it does make them non-universal. 

This is an important precept, and I am as guilty as anyone else of ignoring it.

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ooh telepathy is a good one!! ive been trying to think of powers that would tie into their quirks from the actual show. so like kyle is able to transfer other's sickness/pain to himself, and he unknowingly does it a lot which makes others think he just gets sick easily. tweek thinking his power is just bc of his paranoia is perfect!! if i can tie in super strength to craig's quirks, then ill end up using it too. thanks!!

Yeah… I’m like really into this rn… because telepathy is the kind of power that would scare the living shit outta people, and Tweek does intimidate and scare people in canon. Poor boy just wants to be friends with everyone but nobody thinks they can trust him:/ 

But does he have the type of telepathy where he has to try to read peoples minds, or is that his default, and he has to use effort to hold himself back? I feel like when he finally stops drinking coffee, and is learning to adjust to his powers, he’ll have a lot of issues with his telepathy. 

Also, can he do more than read minds? Can he communicate with people inside their heads? Can he alter their perception, their memory? Can he erase people’s thoughts/memories? Can he protect his own thoughts from other telepaths? Can he protect his friends from other telepaths? 

I think Craig would be the first person to warm up to him, but he opens himself up so much that he gives Tweek permission to read his mind 24/7. And so while everyone else see’s Craig as this stoic, almost emotionless blob, Tweek sees everything he is, and loves it. 

Today my podcast made a comment about how you don’t HAVE to send out Christmas cards because they are expensive and a lot of work (they talked about ways to survive the holidays and self care during the holidays) and i was like ….. DUH!

Every year I scramble to send them out, getting the addresses together, making my list, adding a new name every day to my list, stressing about paying for the shipping so they come in time, getting the stamps. Then the actual work to stuff the envelopes, put the address stickers on…. I probably spend $50-$75 a year doing this because I have to order so many cards and so many stamps. Even figuring out what photo to use ( and making Gavin pose ) is stressful. Dan doesn’t want to be in the photo, the dog doesn’t cooperate. Having to order them and figure out Shutterfly or cvs or whatever… and plus half of the people I send them to… don’t even send us a card. Plus they just go in the trash eventually!!!

So why the fuck am I wasting all this time and money???? Dan sure as hell isnt going to do it. Gavin is too little to help.

So I’m done. I’m not doing it this year. If someone wants a photo of Gavin they can ask for it and I’ll gladly send them a photo. But I’m not wasting my time (or money) this year.


like. I hate grodd episodes. I hate grodd. but if we just completely ignore all of the parts with grodd in it this was actually an interesting and intense episode that showed a lot of different viewpoints on war and also shows a realistic depiction of an adult abuse survivor trying to cope? this is the first time in a while I actually felt my heart clench and genuinely felt tears forming in my eyes while watching a dctv episode outside of a finale? my heart and soul goes out to mick. it always did before but it especially does now. I hope that now they might actually mention with his mental traumas more often and help him cope instead of just flat out ignoring it and making him out to be some dumb lapdog character?

tfw I wrote a post-canon/episode IX fic where Rey and Kylo fought Snoke together in a throne room, but we might actually be getting that in episode VIII 👀👀👀

There’s definitely an argument to be made about separating a person from their art, and simply enjoying the performance. I’ve seen that making the rounds about Noah. However:

Is that separation even possible when you’re casting someone in such a high-profile show with a huge (and demographically YOUNG) fandom prepackaged in? Can you really be supporting the art and not the artist?

How about when you’re casting a show that at least feels politically relevant (versus, say, a timeless, politically neutral drama à la Andrew Lloyd Webber)?

How about a show in which, whether you like this or not, the actors and their personal lives have become a big part of the fandom?

And what about us as audience members? Not to sound cynical, but can we actually be trusted to be critical enough to do it ourselves, making this separation between artist and art? I’ve seen a lot of love for Noah, calling him a “cutie” and a “smol bean” and such. I’m 100% down with praising his artistic ability and choices once we get footage (people in New York, you know what to do 😏), but this blind fan behavior is making me a little uncomfortable.

I don’t have the answers. I’m puzzling over this myself.

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hello :) i am tentatively labelling myself as both ace and aro at the moment. i’m coming to terms with it ok, but i’m still struggling. do you know any movies, tv shows, comics, ANYTHING with aroace characters? i feel like it would help to see some rep :)

Man we need more rep so bad. There’s a bit out there though.

I strongly recommend the Jughead 2015 run for Archie Comics. At least all the ones written by either Chip Zdarsky and Ryan North (which I believe is issues #1-14).

Actually with Archie Comics in general, Jughead is great. It’s not usually named, but if you pick up any digests in like the grocery or whatever, he does act very aroace pretty much all the time (There were a couple attempts in the 90′s to give him love interests, but they were always really unpopular and they always went back to making him hate romance and dating). I personally read a lot of old Archie comics some 6-7 years ago when I was first figuring out I was aroace which is why I bring it up. (Luckily there’s a lot more rep out there now if you want more options)

We don’t know Todd Chavez’s romantic orientation on Bojack Horseman yet, but so far he’s coming off a lot as aroace (and is confirmed asexual). So I’d recommend watching that too, at least the last two seasons where Todd’s orientation starts to become a plot point.

Small parts, but the Rock and Riot webcomic, a webcomic about 50′s greaser teenagers, has a couple canonically aroace characters (and you can see who they are if you go to the characters page). Also just tons of a-spec representation in general in that comic. Strongly recommend it. It just recently finished so you can read through the whole thing!

Another small part, and unfortunately this webcomic is also on Hiatus, but Eth’s Skina fantasy webcomic about a selkie, has an aroace character and it’s written well.

Not really traditional, but if you’re not adverse to fanfic, there’s a few decent aroace Charlie Weasely fics out there, just search for ‘charlie weasley’ and ‘asexual’ in the ao3 search and you’ll get them. Just avoid any ones with pairings in the tags.

That’s all I’m personally aware of, but if you’re looking for more, your best bet is probably less traditional/more diverse type media. Webcomics and YA lit especially are a lot more likely to have a-spec characters. 

And if any followers have any recommendations for aroace characters, please free to share!

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Headcanons for Scrooge? :)

Yess!! I’m so happy many people is asking for Scrooge HCs! Thet means he’s a loved character, and that makes me happy!

•Second part here: https://tricia-morvill.tumblr.com/post/167754687450/headcannons-on-scrooge

•Although he was very proud of Della, he’s ashamed she was SO like him. Being like him is what made her take the Spear of Selene in the first place.

•Scrooge actually knows how to mend clothes.

•Very good at house chores.

•Plays the bagpipes very bad but he’s good with the piano.

•Has a lot of love and appreciation for his nephew, Donald, but he’ll never admit it. (His ego is too big).


Anyway, I think YG and JYP really get along ‘cause that’s a lot of battles man. I think this is probably what everyone’s been waiting for and I honestly would love to skip it 'cause it makes me so nervous lmao You have no idea.

Specially when they started talking about dividing the teams and Seungmin’s condition. However it seems like planning is going well so like, maybe I should worry until the actual battle begins, except I won’t 'cause I’m just a stressed person like that, send help.

Seeing Jongin having no confidence in himself really hurt, he must have lost a lot of confidence after the first two missions, he can’t even look at them in the eye when they make comments about his singing.

The dancing team tho, Felix literally made my mouth open wide with surprise, that was amazing. Also, save Hyunjin please lol. 3racha, just hearing the name makes me excited, I seriously can’t wait for their presentation. Why is BangChan so relatable I’m– He also works so hard omg such a good leader, he was so tired he fell asleep while working ;A;

Can we please skip the moving montages? I’m a soft person, thanks. Actually, now that I think about it, I prefer the montage rather than the evaluation let’s return please. I really like Matryoshka, but it is so funny that they just bow after performing lmao And just as I say this he asks them to change the track and to take Chan out, I’m doomed lol.

Vocal team, the live performance of the melody was really cool, but Jongin… Man I’m worried for him, each chapter he just looks more insecure, weaker, and I feel like he’ll just have a breakdown at some point, I’m worried. The last performance though, it was really cool, I loved how it went from silly to rude, and I’m just glad he didn’t make any of the members leave the dance team.

Finally, D-Day, time to battle against the YG trainees, whom I know nothing about— Am I nervous? Of freaking course I am, YG artists have always been scary in my eyes lmao JYP dissing YG for being late lol Wait a minute… The YG maknae is 4 years younger than me?! This is a scary world, he’s such a baby. Suddenly Jongin is not that young XD

YG enters the scene and suddenly I don’t know what’s going on lmao No one gets their name correctly at first, my poor kids. I know they’re all smiles now but I bet this will get scary very fast. God I’m nervous.

Let’s start, rap team. Man I love the track so much, Matryoshka is really good, and I feel like Jisung and Changbin’s flow was really freaking good this time, they were shining with confidence, also the looks they exchanged between them and with the YG trainees, that was an intense game; the feedback was really good too, so I felt very relieved. Then we have Yedam, he is adorable send help, however he’s really cool when performing and his voice was fantastic, he also gained a lot of confidence during the performance and it was good to see him go to the front; the feedback he got was good too, so I’m glad 'cause he’s a baby and we must protect.

I can’t believe YG actually told them to not perform a title like that because it’s an elimination program, I laughed really hard XD Anyway, I can’t believe they ended it before the second round, this program is freaking 10 episodes only can you not? It really is so weird that they’re making things go so slowly when that program is so short, it almost feels forced to a certain degree, but well. I guess we’ll just have to wait for another week!

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How would Harley and J react to cp having a crush on Jonathan Crane? And how would cp react to it?

I think it would actually make a lot of sense to them. Like in a way they would be relieved because she likes someone on “their side” for lack of a better term. As opposed to her liking a bat kid or a cop, or just someone with normal morals etc etc. I think Harley would be really happy about it, thinking about her daughter being drawn to someone in the relatively same field that she worked in. She would see it as like the next generation of her and Joker. But for all that, I think Harley and especially Joker would also look at it as she is going for someone they know (even though they won’t admit) is equally powerful in ways. Knowing they can’t control the situation is terrifying to them. They know that if Crane pisses them off they’d go after him but also if they piss him off, he could come after them with his power whether it be fear toxins, poisons, or his own connections in gotham. It would definitely be unlike any other relationship for those reasons. All of them would walk a very thin line because of it. For all those reasons I think that’s why the clown princess would be attracted to Crane. Because he is a good combination of the life she already knows and is comfortable with but also refreshing because he knows the world outside too. 

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what are your weird habits? I eat Pb out the jar and cross my fingers if I’m on a night drive, it’s a childhood thing and even now I can’t uncross them because it feels like it would make a car crash certain 🎆🎆🎆 like your blog a whole lot x

I eat ‘duo penotti’ (some sort of chocolate hazelnut spread) on pulled-apart oreo sides. I also get up way too early because I like waiting downstairs before it is time to actually go to school

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That's some great advice there that I'd like to highlight for my own benefit, if no one else's. SOMETIMES, SOME THINGS ARE ONLY AN ISSUE IF YOU MAKE THEM ONE. Put a lot of stuff into perspective for me, Red. Thank you💜

Glad to help! It’s something my father used to say quite a lot and it just happened to stick with me and change my perspective of certain things and situations in many ways as well. Some things aren’t actually a big deal unless you make them so. There’s a lot of power to gain from that.


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I do not know why some people can not accept that the relationship between Kobayashi and Tohru is canonical. Chapter 48 has already been revealed in both the official translation and the fansub. However, this story is not necessarily must have romance.

I bet you if it was two guys then a lot people would’ve accepted them as canon a long time ago

But fr tho even the anime hinted at Kobayashi catching feelings in the OVA and the last special even if it was just a little bit…like honestly they don’t need to freaking make out or straight up say “I love you” for them to be canon….you do know….that there are other ways….to say “I love you”….. than actually saying it….

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I saw the tweet from fiona and sharez that confirm the existence of zack snyder cut with junkie score and almost finish. Now I really happy to hear that news but at the same time I'm being cautious about not to get disappointed later. For one i know fiona and sharez is a number 1 fans but they are not exactly known to be reputable source of information like the Hollywood reporter or anything and i'm not so sure who is their source is. do you really believe in their claims and their source?

I do believe their claims. Theyre fans but they also actually have a lot of connections that makes me believe them.

I mean, even if their sources were shoddy, we do know for a fact that the snyder cut was screened to the execs. 

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Thoughts on Eto? (sorry if someone asked it to you already) I love her and her books. The way in which her books were interconnected with the plot was one of my fav aspect of the series.

I think it’s great haha, and is another way in which TG aims to be self aware when it comes to literature. 

I love Eto. Love her. She’s an extremely complicated antagonist and very well written. She’s morally gray in a lot of ways motivations and backstory-wise, but as far as her actions, they’re inexcusable, and that’s why I love her: because they make her complex. Her backstory is extremely tragic, and I cannot fault her for holding it against Yoshimura. From her perspective, it’s kind of like cool motive, still abandonment

About her death, I am on the fence as to whether she’s actually dead. Thematically it makes sense for her to die with Arima, their goal in making their son-coded Ken king fulfilled and it’s up to him to decide what to do with it. And yet. She also has unfinished business with her father, who’s presumably being farmed with Arata, and Yoshimura would have wanted Kaneki to save her, so I think it’s possible he did even if he did not want to (when has Kaneki ever done what he wanted to do, after all). But if she is alive, then where is she? (Maybe in one of the re tanks Amon was broken out of?) We kind of need you Eto if you’re around lol. 

Thank you for the ask!

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10 for the games I play?

10. What are some facts readers may not know about the games I play?

1. I know absolutely nothing about baseball - how it’s even played, the scheduling for the games, the official names for the techniques and such. I just ???? have no idea. I mean, @christicnborle helped me a lot with my questions so that’s like the only reason that you may not realize my complete and total ignorance of the sport. But if you are like an active baseball fan, you probably 100% picked up on my ignorance and I am sorry if I kept making you cringe with my mistakes, haha.

2. It was actually only going to be a one-shot!! An anon on here gave me the idea, and I just ran with it!! It turned out to be my second most popular fic - to which i am eternally grateful to that dear dear anon.

3. I actually have headcanons and fan art of this fic!! Just type in “baseball au” in my blog search bar and they should pop up!! For fan art, you might have to blog search “fab art” bc idk if i tagged all of them as baseball au but !!! you should and I have had people draw scenes and such from the fic!! it makes me eternally grateful

4. Out of the whole fic, I am most proud of my characterization of Jason. It is my crowning achievement that came out of that fic, in my opinion.

5. I actually hate the title “the games i play” bc i’d like to think i’m more original than that. But, at the time, I was more focused on writing and thought that the title would just come to me. It never did, haha. and now it’s wayyy too late to change it. Oh well.

10 Questions Every Fic Writer Secretly Wants to be Asked

I can’t remember who said it so I feel kinda bad but I’ll never get over how much joy I felt when someone told me I write the characters better than the actual rwby crew does sometimes.

That compliment made me cry yo

Also it makes me laugh whenever I write a post that’s so FRICKEN STUPID AND IT’S LIKE WOW Y'ALL LIKE THIS GARBAGE