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Some Things Are Meant to Be

NurseyDex, 7100 words, Rated Teen, AU, Fake Relationship, Meet Cute, Wedding, Fluff (here on AO3)

“You want another one?” Will yelled, and Chris made some sort of loud, affirmative noise from the living room.

Will took a second beer from the fridge, balancing both in one hand while he grabbed a container of guac with the other. He slammed the fridge door shut with his hip but misjudged the necessary force, and several papers affixed to the front floated to the ground.

“Fuck,” he muttered. He set everything on the counter and crouched down, picking up the notice about his rent going up, his reminder card for his dentist appointment yesterday, and—shit.

Will plopped down on his ass, staring down in horror at the piece of heavy cardstock in his hand. Goddamn, he can’t believe that he forgot.

“Hey, what happened to that—shit. What’s wrong? What’s that?”

Will looked up at Chris, who circled the breakfast bar and sat down in front of him. He vaguely waved the paper. “An invitation. To my ex’s wedding. It’s…it was hidden on my fridge. I forgot about it.”

“Do you still love her or something? Is this an existential crisis type of situation?”

Will rolled his eyes. “No, definitely not. But I said I was bringing someone, back when I got the invitation, and I totally forgot. It’s on Saturday.”

“And you don’t wanna go alone?”

Will made a face. “Not after I RSVP’d with a plus-one. She’s still an ex, you know? Not that you would know anything about that,” he added dryly, and Chris grinned.

“You’re just jealous of me and Cait.”

“True,” Will murmured. He stared down at the invitation and sighed. “I guess I could text her and pretend to be sick or something.”

“No, you can’t do that!” Chris plucked the invitation from his hand. “Just pretend to be dating someone and bring them.”

Will lifted his eyebrows at him. “Uh, that’s not an actual thing that people do.”

“You don’t know that!” Chris protested, and Will snorted.

“Oh, yeah? And where exactly am I supposed to find a fake boyfriend?”

Chris grinned. “So I have this friend from college.”

“Yeah, and?”

“Yeah, and I bet he’ll do it. He’d totally be down for something like this. Here, I’ll text him right now,” he said, raising his voice over the sound of Will’s seemingly-fruitless protests. He dug his phone out of his back pocket and spoke slowly as he typed. “Hey dude, you wanna pretend to be the boyfriend of my friend from work for a wedding? Saturday night.”

Will groaned, bracing his elbows on his knees as he buried his head in his hands. “Chris, you can’t just—”

“He said yes,” Chris reported, staring down at his phone, and Will’s jaw dropped.

“Are you serious?”

He scooted around to sit next to Chris, who helpfully tilted his phone so Will could see the message. Sure. He cute?

Very, Chris wrote back, and Will grimaced. “Don’t—don’t oversell it, jeez.”

“You’re super hot, Will, deal with it.”

“Is he cute?”

“Very,” Chris repeated, and Will snorted. “I’m giving him your number. His name’s Derek, by the way.”

Will sighed and scrubbed a hand over his face. “I have a feeling that I’m going to regret this.”

“Worst case scenario, you’ll have a great story to tell.” Chris got to his feet and held a hand out to Will to haul him up. “Grab those beers, third period’s about to start.”

Hey, sugarplum.

I don’t think I could keep a straight face if someone called me sugarplum in public.

Ok, strike that one from the list. Lovebug?

Just my name is fine. Which is Will.

And this whole thing was Chris’s idea, btw.

Oh, I have no doubt.

I just wanted to feign illness.

But this will be way more fun!

Yeah? You pretend to be people’s boyfriend often?

Nah, you’re popping my cherry.


Ok, what did I say about that.

This is gonna be fun. So where’s this wedding? Saturday, right?

Yeah. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Ooh nice. Dress code?

Suit, no tux. Should we meet up beforehand?

You know that random bar/bakery @ Union/Franklin? Wanna meet there?

Great. 6:30?

Awesome. See you then, studmuffin.

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Kai Parker x Reader

WORD COUNT : 1 899

Reader is a witch and her friends try to hide her existence from Kai , but he finds out about her and shows up unannounced at her house.
*not my gif

Y/N was a witch , a few years younger than Elena and one of Jeremy’s frinds. Y/N didn’t like to practice and tried her best to stay out of it instead of the middle of it.  None of her friends however believed that she could protect herself and they kept treating her like a procelan doll. She understood why her friends were being so over protective , specially with everything they’ve had to deal with over the years - vampires , witches , hybrids , original vampires , travellers … and now Kai. Damon was a little freaked out when he learned Kai had got out and since Kai was a siphon and didn’t have his own magic , everyone were afraid if he finds out about Y/N , he’d go after her , siphon her magic and kill her. Over the past few days Damon had been over to her house in Grove Hill more than a few times , trying to get her to stay home and to tell her how dangerous Kai is.

“I am not afraid of him , Damon !” she nearly screamed for what seemed the 100th time this week.
“I know you are not , but he is dangerous … So for now , stay at home. Don’t invite anyone in. You will be safe there.” Damon said , his tone making it clear it was not up for discussion.
Y/N sighed and sat on the stairs. “Fine. I’ll stay here.” she gave up , “But I won’t be a prisoner in my own home. I still have school..and honestly if I get stuck between four walls for more than a few days , things will get ugly and Kai will be the least of your problems.”
Damon sighed. Y/N was strong and stubborn as Hell , sometimes he forgot about it and just saw a young fragile girl who needs protection.
“OK , Y/N … ” he gave up. “I’ll have Caroline come pick you up in the morning , take you to school and then someone will go pick you up after … …”
Y/N smiled and hugged Damon.
“Thank you… for being the big brother I never had.” , then she turned around and walked inside , leaving Damon alone on the porch.

A few days passed …

Caroline came to pick her up , drove her to Grove Hill High School and then took her back home every day. She was a fun person to be around. On the way to school they’d blast music in the car loudly , singing along then go get some coffee. Even tho Caroline had a lot to deal with at the moment , she always found time for fun things to do with Y/N.On the fifth morning things turned horribly wrong.
Y/N woke up , got ready for school and waited for the doorbell to ring. When that happened that morning and she opened the door , it wasn’t Caroline who was standing in the doorframe.
“Nice house.” the boy said. He was tall , chiseled jaw with brown hair and blue eyes. For a moment she felt her knees go weak but recovered fast.
“Who are you ?” Y/N asked confused. The boy standing in front of her was a complete stranger , yet he acted as if they had known each other for years.
“Oh , sorry… Manners. Hi , I’m Kai.” he said outstretching his hand to shake hers.
So this is Kai , Y/N thought to herself. He was hot and didn’t look that dangerous at all.
Kai kept starring at her.
“Aren’t you going to invite me in ?” he said.
“I’m Y/N , and no.” Y/N said plainly , grabbing her backpack and going outside , locking the door behind her. “I am late for school. I assume you are not here to walk me there … are you ?” she asked curious.
“Not really.” Kai said , a smirk showing on his face. “I actually came to see who it is everyone is ready to do anything to protect.” he said , walking with her down the street. “I assume you are not a vampire ? You are a human.”
Y/N stopped abruptly and turned to face him.
“Look , Kai. I know the others are scared of you for some reason. Honestly … to me you seem like a nice guy.” she said , pausing for a minute. “Whatever dissagreement or whatever you have with Damon or Bonnie or whoever …. leave me out of this. It’s my senior year. I have enough to worry about as it is.”
Kai looked surprised and amused at this girl. Something about her … she wasn’t like the rest of them. He couldn’t understand why the Salvatores were so over protective , she looked fragile but … clearly wasn’t. 
“OK.” he simply said to her after a few minutes. “Can I walk you to school then ?”
Y/N looked at him , then looked down the street. There was no sight of Caroline and she was going to be late.
Y/N took out her phone and typed in a text message to Caroline :

‘Hey , Care. I’m not feeling well today , think I might be coming down with something. I’ll be OK. Call you later.’ and clicked sent.

Kai was looking amused.
“Did you just lie to Caroline ?” he asked , laughing. “I’ll admit , I didn’t see that coming.”
“Maybe…” Y/N said , trailing off. “If you want to walk me to school today , we had to be alone … or else who knows what would’ve happened.” Y/N smiled and started walking down the street leaving Kai a few steps behind her completely taken off guard. A moment later Kai ran up for a second to catch up with her.

That same afternoon when Y/N’s classes were over and she walked outside , she saw him again. Kai was sitting on one of the benches in the school front yard. Y/N sighed and walked towards him.
During their walk to school today , she had gotten to know him better. Y/N saw something in him , she couldn’t quite figure out what it was but it made her think that maybe there is good in him and eventually that good could balance out the bad , if he was given a chance.
Y/N sat next to him on the bench , looking straight ahead.
“Did you stay here this whole time ? ” she asked , turning to face him.
Kai turned around and smiled at her. It wasn’t his usual arrogant smile. There was none of that now.
“I had forgotten what school feels like.” was all he said. “It’s so funny how everyone is running around campus… or sitting somewhere with their noses stuck in a textbook.” He laughed. His laugh making her laugh.
“Come on ” she said. “I want to show you something.”
They walked for a while , reaching the cemetery. Going straight throught it and into the forest. Kai didn’t say a word to her , but she could feel his eyes burning into her back. After about 30 minutes of walking in silece he finally spoke.
“Where are we going?”
Y/N turned around to face him , “Just a little bit further. Can’t you hear it?”
“Hear what ?” he asked curious.
“The waterfall.” Y/N smiled and took his hand. Kai looked at her confused but just shrugged his shoulders and went along with it.
Y/N couldn’t explain it but a part of her was starting to trust him already. He had had a chance to hurt her earlier and he hadn’t. It was curiousity that brought him to her door that morning… and now she was curious about him.* * *A few days later Y/N called in sick again. Kai had shown up early in the morning at her door.
“Why are they so over protective of you?” Kai asked her. He kept wondering about that. There had to be a reason why they’d all go through so much trouble to keep her off his radar.
Y/N hesitated for a moment. A part of her was scared what Kai might do if he found out.
“Do you want some breakfast ? ” she changed the subject and headed to the kitchen. Kai following her closely behind. “Eggs or pancakes?” Y/N asked.
Kai studied her for a moment , resting against the kitchen’s door frame.
“How about … I make breakfast and you answer my question.” he said , moving to the stolve.
“Fine.” Y/N said , a loud sigh following before she continued. “I know Jeremy. You know , Elena’s little brother. We were kind of a … thing.” she lied.
Kai glanced at her for a moment before speaking.
“Crinkle.” he said.
“What ?” she asked confused.
“When you lie , you always get a crinkle.” he said simply.
Y/N was actually amazed he had picked up on her tells so fast. They had barely spent a few days together.
“No , I don’t.” Y/N lied again.
“There it is again …” Kai said a smirk on his face, nearly done with the pancake dough.  "I could’ve killed you the moment I met you a few days ago. I could’ve killed you about a dozen times since. Including 15 minutes ago when I walked inside.“ he said , already starting to make the pancakes.
Y/N shifted uncomfortable in her seat. That was true , she couldn’t been dead the moment he had stepped through the door. She spent the next few minutes watching Kai flipping pancakes in the air.
“Why won’t you tell me? It can’t be that bad.” Kai said , flipping another pancake in the air , the pancake landing perfectly in her plate.
“I’ll tell you. … when you are done flipping the pancakes. It’s distracting.” she said indiferently.Nearly five minutes later Kai had flipped the last pancake and they were about to have breakfast together. He sat next to her , looking at her expectantly while pouring maple syrp all over and eating his pancakes.
“Those are really good.” Y/N said. “You have some pretty awesome pancake skills … I like that.”
“Quit stalling.” he said suddenly serious.
There was something in his eyes , he was starting to get impatient.
“Fine. I’m stalling.” Y/N said pausing for a moment before leaning in closer to him. “I am a witch.” she whispered.
Kai’s eyes widened in a surprise and he reached to grab her wrist. His hand glowing red where he was touching her skin. Y/N flinched a little but didn’t try to escape or push him away. A second later he let go off her hand. Kai laughed for a moment.
“Yes , I am a witch…. but I don’t practice.” Y/N said taking another bite of her pancakes. “They were afraid you might siphon my magic and / or kill me.”
Kai studied her face. She wasn’t lying but there was something else that surprised him.
“Why aren’t you running away?” he asked. “It was so easily for me to grab your wrist and siphon your magic … what makes you think I won’t do that again?”
“Because …” she said “.. unlike the rest of them , I don’t hate you. In truth … I actually kind of like you.” Y/N said refusing to meet his eyes. “You are actually a fun company. Plus if you want my magic - go ahead , I don’t use it much anyways.”
Kai grabbed her wrist again , not siphoning just to make her look at him.
“If it makes you feel any better… I don’t hate you either. If I did , we wouldn’t be having pancakes right now." 


NOTE : This is actually one of the first stories I wrote and had completely forgotten about it until I started cleaning up my laptop today.. So, I did I few edits and here it is :) I hope you like it ! 


This day went from decent to awful in what seemed like only a few mere minutes. The weather forecast was wrong; 30% of rain. Bullshit. It was currently downpouring, and the windshield wipers can only do so much. In fact, it was so much rain that the streets were practically flooded. Or were starting to become flooded at the very least.

Tord had just went out for a quick cigarette run. When he left, it was fine. Cloudy, but fine. When he came out of the store, shit got crazy. Music was playing softly from Tord’s phone that was connected to his radio, a song not known by many but loved by him. It was “Quiet nights of quiet stars” By Stacey Kent. Tord had a unique taste of music. This song was so relaxing, so soft.

More thunder rumbling.

The Norwegian gave an annoyed sigh and turned up the music. The rain was so loud, and the thunder surely wasn’t helping. The car slowly came to a stop at the red light, Tord’s eyes looking at the road in front of him before proceeding to scan the area… Wait. What the hell? Tord blinked, rolling down the window despite the rain coming through. Someone was there. Someone he knew very well in fact.

Where he was, was near a park. And there was a long path that looped around in a big circle, then split off into many areas. Along the path, where people would walk along or hang out, there would be some benches to sit on. On one of the benches sat a hunched over ginger who was drenched head to toe, his head faced down. Matt.

Rolling up his window, Tord flipped on his blinker and took a right turn instead. He pulled into the parking lot and shuffled through the random shit in the back of his car to find an old black umbrella, then took the key out of the ignition and got out of the car. Once he was outside the warm car he shivered. It was so cold. Tord popped open the umbrella and gripped it, making his way into the park and starting to walk along the path.

So many puddles. Tord hated this. A nice, light shows of rain was enjoyable, but this was morbid and awful. It took a while, but Tord soon found himself approaching a sad Matt who was sitting now with his feet up on the bench, hugging his knees with a frown. He couldn’t tell if the man before him was crying or not.

“Up.” Tord said flatly, standing right in front of the bench now with the umbrella over Matt’s head. Matt didn’t seem to be affected by Tord’s sudden appearance at all, he just looks at him and sniffled sadly. Oh yeah, he’s crying.

When not getting an answer, Tord sighed and said, “Matt, get off that wet bench right now, you will catch a cold at this rate.”

“I have a strong immune system.” Matt mumbled, flinching at the sound of thunder in the distance.

“I have known you all my life. You have the worst immune system I have ever seen, and you get freaked out by thunder. Well, loud and or alarming noises in general actually.”

Matt grunts. “Leave alone to w-wallow in my own misery.”

“There is no chance that I am leaving without you, so you are out of luck my friend.” Tord brought his free hand down to push Matt’s feet off of the bench, and sat close beside him so they could share the umbrella. “Do I have to play the guessing game or will you tell me what is troubling you?”

Giving in, Matt let his body lean against Tord. “I have been on so many dates with so many people, but nobody makes it past the first date. I-I don’t get it Tord, it isn’t me, I’m obviously great. But if it’s not me then what is it?”

Ah, so that’s what it was. It must be incredibly frustrating for this to happen. But Tord had a simple answer. “They are obviously intimated by your perfection, Matt.” Tord said, offering a slight smile.

At this, Matt looked up. “… You really think so?”

“I know so. You shouldn’t doubt yourself. You have that child wonder ascpect about you, breath taking looks, a charming personality, silly, yet lovable behavior…”

“Hm. That is very true! But they said I was loud and obnoxious and annoying-”

“Well in my opinion, they’re wrong. And their opinion shouldn’t matter to you.”

Matt smiled a bit, wiping his damp cheeks. “You’re right. It’s about what I think about myself!”


“And I think I’m awesome!” Matt threw his arms into the air for effect, almost knocking over the umbrella.

Tord laughed, patting his friends back. “Exactly. Always believe in yourself and whatnot. Now let us get back home, you must be so cold.” He said, standing up and holding out his free hand for Matt to take.

When Matt took it and was brought to his feet, he quietly mumbled to himself, “Believe in yourself, huh?” Tord’s payed no mind to Matt’s mumblings, taking a few steps forward, then looking back when Matt didn’t follow.

“Are you coming, friend?” The Norwegian raised an eyebrow, Matt getting soaked yet again from not being under the umbrella. “Or do I have to drag you to the car? You know, your hair is getting fucked up from the weather.”

Suddenly, the umbrella was on the ground. Matt had knocked it out of his hand. Tord looked at him with a confused, yet pissed off expression. “Matt?!” So many confused hand gestures. Matt took one of the hands and held it for a moment, before setting the hand on his own shoulder. Then he took Tord’s other hand and held it. Matt’s free hand rests on Tord’s waist and well. They were in quite the position here.

Tord stared at the ginger as he did this, and felt his face heat up. He is not- He IS. Matt started to dance with him. In the POURING rain. So casually.

“Matthew Heartves.”

“Tord Larsin.”

“I am freezing. Stop this immediately.”

“If you’re freezing then let me,” Matt dipped Tord. “Warm you up.”

Tord gave him a look, trying not to grin and giggle wildly. “You- God damn it.” He snorts, shaking his head no. “How are you going to do that?”

“Hm… I didn’t think this through.” Matt smacks his lips together to make a popping sound as he thought. But when he got one he gasped. “Wanna wear my hoodie?”

Well this wasn’t what Tord was expecting. “Your hoodie is soaked, kjære.”

“Shoot! I can warm you up with the intense burning love that radiates from my skin!”

“If it is anything like your socks, then no thank you.”

“Hey! Rude!” Matt pouted, still keeping Tord in a dipping position. “Then I don’t know!”

“You could kiss me.”

“Yeah I could but I- KISS YOU?!” Matt almost dropped Tord, but luckily he had gripped Matt’s hoodie and held onto his hand for dear life.

“FAEN! Do not drop me I will loose my balance!”

“I’m sorry! But you told me to- t-to–” Matt got bashful, then whispered, “Kiss you!”

The Norwegian laughed. “Well you are the one who out of the blue started dancing with me in the rain. That is pretty damn gay if I do say so myself.”

“Oh bugger. I mean… Maybe if you wanna we could I guess…”

As Matt continued to ramble quietly, Tord simply stared, blinking slowly. Enough of this. He leaned up to steal a kiss from the ginger’s lips, only the sound of rain crashing upon them, and more quiet thunder filling their ears. Matt slowly brought Tord up from the dip, the sound of the puddles or water under their feet splashing.

When they pulled away Matt practically had stars in his eyes, looking at Tord like he had just discovered nuclear fusion or stole the Declaration of Independence. A very shocked, happy, excited look. Many emotions.

Tord stared right back with a smug grin, patting his cheek lightly. “Alright, that’s enough of that solider. Let’s go home now, yeah?”

“Y-Yes! Yeah! Let’s- Let’s do that!” Matt watched as Tord took his hand and guided him back to the car.

A while after this incident, Matt found that Tord was running through his mind. A lot. And caught himself staring at him… And has gotten Tord catching him stare. Which surprisingly wasn’t all that awkward. Staring at Tord is much more appealing than staring at himself nowadays…

Until he started sneezing. Then he wanted to look at nobody and lock himself in the room forever and stay on his bed under a pile a tissues.

Tord was right. What a weak immune system.

Prompt 7 - Touch

Something that the lovely @somethins-gotta-give and I came up with last night!

Prompt Request - When soulmates touch they can see each other’s past. Like maybe he finds her and refuses to touch her cause he doesn’t wanna scare her or doesn’t think he deserves her. 


The first thing that you notice about Jason Todd is that he is always wearing gloves. Whether they are thick motorcycle gloves or thin flesh colored ones, he always has something covering his hands. Most people never cover their hands. Most of the time people go out of their way to touch hands with everyone that they meet because the only way to find our soulmate is to touch their hands. So when you shook Jason’s hand and you felt the glove you were taken aback.

“Hello, I’m Y/N” you hold your hand out to shake, and when you make contact the only thing you can think to say is, “You’re wearing gloves”

Jason chuckled “Very observant of you. I’m Jason”

“Do you ever take your gloves off?”

“Only when I shower, sweetheart” he winked and pulled his hand away, “It was really nice to meet you but I have to go”

You jutted your bottom lip out in a pout, “Do you really? Or are you just uncomfortable with my questions?”

“I really do have to go, I have to talk to Bruce before he goes out to lunch, but here …” Jason quickly scribbles down his number and hands it to you, “Give me a call sometime, you seem like a really interesting person”

You smile and nod, quickly buzzing Mr. Wayne so he knows that Jason is on his way and not to leave yet. When you get off the phone you look down at the number Jason had given you. You felt strangely drawn to a man who was practically a stranger, one who wouldn’t let anyone touch his hands. You decided right then that it would become your mission to touch Jason’s hand. You had a slight feeling that if you did you would find out that he was your soulmate. You smile and begin figuring out a plan of action. Operation Touch was ready to commence.


It had taken several months of friendship for you to even get an invitation to hang out at Jason’s apartment. In that time you had limited any form of contact with him to a minimum, and whenever you did touch him it would be on his hand.

“Y/N do you want pizza of Chinese?”

“Pizza” you yell back. Hopefully he will take off his gloves to eat the pizza, giving you an opportunity to touch one of his hands.

Jason walked back into the room, “Alright, it should be here in about 30 minutes”

“Will you ever let me touch your hand?” you ask

“No” that one word was sharp, it brokered no argument, but of course you didn’t listen.

“Why not?” you demanded. You stood up, standing toe to toe with Jason, refusing to back down.

“No one deserves to live through my past” His answer was vague, and unsatisfying.

“How do you know? How do you know that my past isn’t worse than yours?!”

Jason’s laugh was loud and mocking, “What did daddy hit you? Did you not have very many friends in middle school? Did someone mess up your Starbucks order?” he sneered

You jolted backwards in shock, his words like a slap to the face. “You don’t know anything about my past!” you screech. “If that’s how you feel then I should just leave!”

You storm out of his apartment and trudge home in the rain. Jason doesn’t know anything about your past, he thinks is life was the worst thing ever, he thinks he knows everything, but he doesn’t. You fling open your closet and grab the box from the bottom. You didn’t think that you would ever put the suit on again, but you needed to hurt someone, you needed to be who you were trained to be.


Once all of your gear was on you look in the full length mirror. Y/N was completely gone and in her place was The Shadow. That was what the League of Assassins called you. You were never seen, you were never heard, and your targets would never even know you were there. You had been Talia’s right hand, you had helped train Damian when he was younger. You had talked to the child many times since you were banished from the League and he knew not to reveal your identity.

“He thinks dying was bad” You chuckle, “He has no idea”

You glanced over at the cloths that you wear when you are the adorable secretary for Mr. Wayne, someone had once referred to you as a ‘cute little kitten’. Those cloths were so much different than the all black you were wearing now, a scarf covering your entire face, the only thing that was visible was your eyes. You were quick to exit through your window and leap from rooftop to rooftop heading towards Crime Alley.

“Fucking vigilantes, popping up left and right!”

Jason. You hadn’t really expected to run into him tonight, you had actually gone out to get away from any thoughts about the Red Hood. You turn around and face him, “I don’t want any trouble, I just need to let off some steam”

“See the problem with that is that you could get hurt, and if I let a civilian get hurt the Bat will be on my ass.”

You sigh, “Just leave me alone Hood, I am in no mood for your nonsense”

Jason opened his mouth to retort, but suddenly a scream echoed up from the alley. You wave and flip backwards off the side of the building, catching the fire escape ladder and using it to slide down. In the alley are four muggers and a young girl backed into a corner.

“Boys, I suggest you leave now while your balls are still attached to your body.”

The four men snarled and turned on you. You jerk your head slightly, telling the girl without words to run. Then the first man lunged. The fight was short and sweet, painful for the muggers but not one of them managed to even land a blow on you.

“I suppose you aren’t an amateur” Jason admitted, landing on the ground beside you

“What tipped you off? The fact that I am wearing League cloths or that none of them touched me?” You put your hands on your hips and gave Jason an incredulous look.

Suddenly you hear a crackle in your ears, “Shadow, nice to see you out on the street again”

You grin, “Hello, Robin, Batman”

“Wait you two know her …”

“Of course I know her, Todd” Damian snapped

“No names in the field, Robin” Batman reprimanded

“I already know who everyone is … Mr. Wayne”

Bruce sighed, and Jason looked at you with wide eyes.

“Take off the scarf” he demanded.

You only raised one eyebrow at him, “Take off your gloves”

His eyes widened, “Y/N? Are you fucking kidding me?!”

You quietly unwind the scarf an let it hang around your neck, “Surprise. I told you that you weren’t the only ones with secrets Jay, but you didn’t even want to try. Am I that repulsive where you weren’t willing to risk the chance of me being your soulmate?”

Jason’s shoulders slumped and he pulled off his helmet, “Its not that, not that at all! I was scared” he admitted, “I was scared that you wouldn’t be able to accept me! I mean I’m the fucking Red Hood! I have dies and come back! I have had the Pit Madness! Why would I ever want someone to see that!!” Jason was shouting by the end of his rant.

You sigh quietly, “I was raised by the League, I had to murder my mother and father just to keep my little sister alive, I have been beaten, stabbed, shot, and almost killed. You think you are the only one who was brought back by the Pit? I was too, several times. I have killed hundreds, possibly a thousand people on Talia’s orders. I have done countless horrible things, but I was willing to risk everything for you!”

You quickly wrap your face back up in your mask and turn to leave, right as you get to the mouth of the alley you turn back, looking Jason right in the eye, “Who do you think took care of you before Talia put you in the pit, when you were nothing but a shell! I was the one who brought Damian to you when you couldn’t even say your own name, Jason! I loved you when were a husk, and when you were whole again I realized that I had the chance to fall in love with you again”

Jason looks taken aback, “Why didn’t you touch me then!?!” he shouted

“It was against Talia’s orders then, by the time I was banished you had already left and started wearing the gloves”

You stormed away, deciding that you would rather go home than stay out patrolling the city. But by the time you get home you already know that someone else is in your apartment. You unsheathe your knife and get ready for an attack. The light flicks on after a second and Jason is revealed standing in the middle of the room.

“Give me another chance” he demands, slipping off his gloves and reaching for your hand. When he comes in contact with it he looks surprised to find that you are now the one who has gloves on, blocking any contact.

“Why should I Jason? If you hadn’t found out the things I told you tonight, would you let me touch you? Would you accept me as your soulmate if I was just the cute little secretary who worked for Bruce?”

“Of course I wouldn’t! I would never have hurt you like that! If you were normal my memories would have scared you for life! But you aren’t normal! You understand my life, you understand my memories, what I have been through because you have been through that too!”

Hesitantly you bring your hands together and start to pull off the gloves, “You really want to see if we are soulmates? What if we aren’t?”

“If we aren’t then we remain friends, we continue as we were”

You nod quietly and reach out a tentative hand toward Jason. Your fingers make contact and it feels like everything is imploding. Both of your knees buckling but your hands remain clasped. Memories poured into you, Jason’s mind giving you everything, and yours doing the same. You feel his anger, his betrayal, and eventually the forgiveness of his family. You see yourself through his eyes, and he sees himself through yours. By the time everything has faded into the background and you are once again in your own mind you understand how everything that Jason went through would have probably hurt a normal person.

“Are you alright?” he whispered

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine”

Suddenly you are yanked forward and your lips crashed into Jason’s. His hands running over your neck, desperate to get in contact with more skin. You pull away and both of you change, him into pajama pants and you into nothing but one of his t-shirts. Jason can’t keep his hands off of you. It isn’t sexual, not yet, just the need to feel someone else, to feel their skin under yours. You understood his need, you could see from his memories that he had rarely been touched since his death.

“You know something?” you whisper

“What, sweetheart?”

“You looked really hot in those short pants”

Jason groaned and covered his face with his hands. “I knew I didn’t want you to see my memories for a reason”

You laugh when he pulls you up onto his chest, so you are pressed together from head to foot. Jason was touch-starved, and you were fully prepared to give him all of the touch that he needed, not that he had allowed you in.

30 day OTP Challenge Day Fifteen: Different Clothing Styles

Note: Fluff, seducing other men, Jealous/Possessive Loki!

Words: 1150

“Alright you two, tomorrow you’re going on a mission. You’re going to a party that one of the notorious Hydra agents is throwing. I need you to seduce him (Y/N). Loki, you’ll be there for backup. Understand?” Nick asked looking from one to the other. “Loud and clear.” You said with a fake salute getting a smirk from the God of Mischief who tilted his head down in understanding. “Good now get out of my face.” He said as they stood up before walking out. “God that man acts like he’s got a pole up his ass.” You huff walking down the hallway.

“I agree, he’s very serious in everything he does. Even I know when to be playful.” Loki comments as you cover your mouth to stifle a fit of laughter. “What?” He asked raising an eyebrow. “You are the God of Tricks! You are always playful in what you do!” You exclaimed as he gasps placing his hand on his chest in fake offense. “Hush.” You smile pushing him away before you left the building to go back to the tower. Suddenly your phone started to ring as Loki answered it due to you driving, because he didn’t know how when he put it on speaker for you.

“Hello?” You asked. “Ah! So you’re done dealing with Nick?” Tony’s voice asked. “Yeah, we’re actually heading back now.” You turned down the street before stopping at a red light. “What mission does he have you for?” He asked before you started driving again. “Apparently, this Hydra agent is having a party, (Y/N) is to seduce this man, and I am going for ‘backup’ I guess.” Loki answered. “Is he trying to get the guy killed?” Tony laughed as a smirk spread across your face. “That can be arranged.” Loki said casually as both you and Tony started to laugh.

“Well I shall be providing you two with a lovely attire that doesn’t make you look gross.” Tony said when Loki raised an eyebrow. “What we look gross any other day?” He asked as you bit your lip waiting for Tony’s answer. “Yes.” He said nonchalantly when Loki held a scowl. “Tony, I’d watch yourself. You are stepping in shallow waters.” You said teasingly. “My bad.” Tony commented and you could feel his eyes rolling when you shook your head. “We’re pulling into the tower.” You said before hanging up the phone.

You two were now standing in front of Tony as he showed you the attire that you were going to wear. You felt a little self-conscious due to the way the dressed looked, mostly because it wasn’t your style of clothing. It was a beautiful color, sadly it was thinly strapped, though it was long enough go to down to your feet. However there was a slit in the dress that lead up to your mid-thigh as you looked at Tony who smiled. You rolled your eyes before he explained how it would be easy access to a gun in case the mission went south.

“Well have fun tomorrow.” Tony said as you both took your outfits back to your apartment when you looked to Loki. “You’ll look handsome in that.” You whispered hanging the clothes into the clothes as Loki chuckles before pulling you towards him. “Are you trying to sweet talk me?” He asked when you giggled burying your face into his chest. “If I am is it working?” You asked looking up to him when he rolled his eyes before kissing you gently. “That answer your question?” He asked when you nod smiling. “Come on, tomorrow is going to be long.” He said.

You both had fallen asleep before getting up the next morning as you got dressed for the party. Nick explained everything that was going to happen,how you and Loki would walk in separately about ten minutes from each other. You were sitting in the back of the limo one of the Shield agents was driving as you waited to get dropped off alone. You fixed your makeup before glancing down to the dress, you felt a little exposed considering this wasn’t really your style of clothing. That thought left you as the limo pulled up to the hotel when the door open and a hand was offered to you.

“Thank you.” You smiles to the man before walking up into the ballroom immediately noticing Loki was standing with a group of people laughing with a smile. You were about to look for your target when you felt a hand wrap around your waist when you looked to see the man in question smiling at you. “Now what is a beautiful flower like yourself doing all alone.” He whispered as you smiled that heart breaking smile. “Oh I just was waiting for the right man to come and sweep me off my feet.” You said before brushing your hair back as he led you over to his table.

Loki glanced over feeling anger tick in his body at someone else touching you, but he knew he couldn’t blow their cover due to his jealous. He had to bite his tongue as the man whispered naughty things into your ear while you poured him alcohol. Before too long he spat up everything he had panted to do and even gave her the flash drive with all the information in it. Who the heck just carries that with them everywhere? Loki shook his head when you told him you had to go, and the man tried to insist, but your lips silenced him.

Loki and you finally left with the information you needed as you wiped your mouth and threw his number out the window. You looked to Loki grinning as you held up the flash drive when you noticed the dark look in his expression. “Loki?” You asked before suddenly his mouth was on yours as he pulled you over into his lap causing you to gasp. “This was by far the worst mission I’ve had to participate in.” He growled as his lips nipped down your neck leaving marks making you shiver at the slightly harsh contact from him.

“If I heard that man call you flower one more time I was going to make him puke them.” He growled when you laughed wrapping your arms around his neck. “He may have called me flower, but I am only your darling.” You whispered as his hands tightened onto your waist. “And don’t you forget it.” He said pulling you closer when an image of the Avengers came onto the screen. “Agh! See I told you!” Tony said covering his eyes. “Did you get what was need?” Nick asked ignoring Tony’s fake gagging noises. “Yeah.” You said holding the flash drive. “Good.” Nick said smiling. “See you soon.” He said before hanging up when Loki pulled you back into a kiss.

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Author’s Note: I am so sorry for not updating! This had to be one of the hardest days I had to think of an idea for! Like my brain just shut down! I had no muse! The rest are okay! I have ideas and I can’t wait to get started on them! Hope you enjoyed loves!

Riarkle College AU

Hi guys! So here’s another Riarkle one shot. This is a college au, so Farkle and Riley never met before this! 
Rating: T (minor swearing and alcohol use)
Word Count: 1666 (yikes)

Prompt: The one in which Riley and Maya are roommates in college and meet Farkle in different ways. 

Maya and Riley had done it. They had made it through the New York public system and now were on their way to bigger and better things: college. Of course, they had to be roommates. While Riley begged Maya to have a themed room, Maya needed to hang up all of her artwork that didn’t go with Riley’s happy theme. If someone was to walk into their room, they would wonder how these two were best friends.

Within the first two weeks, Maya had already gone to 5 parties, while Riley was practically drowning in homework. Riley had enrolled in all Honors classes. While the work was hard and she almost dreaded going to class every day, there was a boy in her class that made it worth it.

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majassandberg-deactivated201611  asked:

75/86 with Calum

Here you go!! Sorry this took me actually 98 years to get to you. Most of this had been sitting in my drafts and I honestly forgot about it until I came across it rn. So I finished it up and here it is! Some angsty calum for you! I hope you like it!!

Calum let out a loud groan when the rays of sunshine from his hotel window pulled him from his deep drunken slumber. He had been awake not 30 seconds and was already plagued with a headache from his heavy drinking the night before. He had no desire to get up from the comfy bed to deal with anyone in the world so he rolled over and pulled the pillow onto his face attempting to block out the persistent sun. His mind was slowly slipping back to sleep when the memories from the night before came crashing into him like a two ton truck.

“Calum don’t you think you should maybe take it a little easy on the drinking?” (Y/N) asked softly, from her spot on the bed. She had been in her pajamas for hours now, chilling in the hotel room alone, again. He had abandoned her once again to go to another club, or house party she couldn’t keep track at this point. She understood sometimes being alone was part of the deal when she would visit on tour, the boys were busy doing promo, interviews, their job. What she didn’t understand was her best friend, the person she came all the way here to see, seemingly insist need to leave her behind. But even all that paled in comparison to her actual concern about what the media was starting to say about him. Horrible things about how all he did was drink now, the party boy who caused trouble, started fights. She was terrified those things were becoming true and she never wanted him to become that person.

“What are you talking about? I’m fiiiiiinnne,” He slurred, still making his way into the room wobbling with each drunken step.

“I don’t think you are. You should probably tone the partying and drinking down a bit. Maybe take a rest from the whole scene for a while,” She suggested.

“Just because you are a dud doesn’t mean I should have to be,” He said offhandedly, starting to attempt at taking his shirt off. All he managed to do is get tangled and frustrated in his drunken stupor.  

“This isn’t about me, Calum. This is about your health for one, this can’t possibly be could for you to be spread so thin all day doing promo and shows every night then partying and drinking out until,” She quickly checked the clock, “4 in the morning when you have to get up again tomorrow to do it all over again. Also its bad for your reputation. Do you really want to be known as the party boy who can’t handle his alcohol and starts fights?”

“Who the fuck said I can’t handle my alcohol?!” He asked, ignoring all the concerns (Y/N) had just voiced.

“That’s not the main concern here,” She said, pushing up off the bed in frustration. “You need to make serious changes Calum, I’m worried about you.”

“Well, stop worrying. I’m fucking fine. Stop trying to tell me what to do, I didn’t fucking ask for your opinion,” He said beginning to wrestle his shirt off once again. This time succeeding. “Everyone wants to offer their fucking opinion when no one asked! I didn’t ask, (Y/N)!”

Do you even realize how much stuff like this hurts me? I hate seeing people say disgusting things about you Calum! You’re my best friend! I want people to see you as the caring thoughtful person I know, not this drunken fool you are being,” She said.

“Maybe you don’t know me as well as you fucking thought! Why are you even here?! All you do is bitch at me. ‘Don’t do this Calum. Don’t do that. Smoking is bad, watch your drinking.’  Why the fuck do you care? You’re not my mom, and you sure as hell are not my girlfriend so leave me the hell alone.”  He exclaimed before he plopped down on the bed, shoving his face into one of the pillows obviously too drunken or too pissed off to care about continuing the conversation. But it didn’t even matter at that point. Before his face even hit the pillow (Y/N) was already gathering her things, packing everything back up into her suitcase. She was ready to leave within minutes, pajamas long gone regular street clothes replacing them. Calum was right, she wasn’t his girlfriend. No matter how deep her feelings for him were or how much she loved the idiotic boy she wasn’t his girlfriend and wouldn’t ever be. So she picked up her bag and left Calum in the dark room, snoring oblivious to the mess he had caused.

He bolted upright, his eyesight going spotty for a second from the sudden movement. The bed next to him was empty, his chest tightened, what the hell had he done?! He swung his legs to the floor getting up to look for her luggage, but it was gone. All that was left in the room was his duffel. Forgoing shoes and a shirt Calum ran out of his hotel room making a beeline for Michaels. He refused to stop knocking until the blue haired boy answered the door.

“Wow, you look rough,” Michael snorted, but Calum didn’t even take notice he pushed right past the pale boy into his room.

“Where is she?” There wasn’t much room to search in the tiny space. Luke and Ashton were occupying a bed together passing a phone back in forth laughing at whatever was on the small screen. There was only one other bed in the room and (Y/N) was not there, she wasn’t in his room, she was gone and Calum was struggling to breathe.

“Where IS SHE?! Where is (Y/N)!” He shouted, as if the boys could just pull her out of thin air to calm his racing heart.

“She fucking left, mate,” Michael said crossing his arms, obviously pissed off at Calum.

“Wha-what do you mean she left? Like left to go out and explore the city or..or left..” He didn’t even want to finish asking. He didn’t want to believe he had been such a horrible dick to her to make her leave the country to go back home. He would never forgive himself.

“She went home, Cal. We took her to the airport this morning,” Luke said quietly, obviously sensitive to Calums distress.

“Well, why the fuck would you do that!!!” It wasn’t a question, it was a demand.  

“Because we aren’t a bunch of shit heads! We weren’t going to force her to stay! She didn’t feel wanted here Calum and it wasn’t because of any of us. We love (Y/N) and we told her so, insisted we did want her here. It wasn’t anyone but you who made her feel unwelcome! I can’t even believe you’d treat her like that! She does so fucking much for you! She’s been there for you through it all! Always defending you always standing by your side and how do you repay her? By being a major dick,” Michael was infuriated.

“She really left,” He couldn’t breathe, really couldn’t. His chest was impossibly tight and all he kept thinking was don’t cry, don’t fucking cry. “I really lost her.”

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Can you make an imagine about Ruby Rose an (Y/N) being together,and one night a girl flirt with (Y/N) and Ruby is so mad she is fighting with that girl and the police comes and she needs to go with them then Ruby and (Y/N) are fighting and you can imagine the rest.

So idk if this is good but yolo!

“But Y/N, you know I don’t drink,” Ruby whined, flopping back on our shared bed, still trying to get out of going tonight.
“And you know I hate my coworkers and need someone there to entertain me,” I fired back, pining a few of my curls back so they wouldn’t get in my face. “Come on, it’s not like I’m going to force you to have a drink. Someone needs to drive home anyway.”
“Why can you ask Y/BF/N to go with you?” she pouted, rolling onto her side so she was looking straight at me, clearly not happy about being asked to go.
“She’s out of the country Rubs,” I rolled my eyes, pulling my pyjama shirt off and throwing it at her. “I thought you’d like to see me in a short dress.”
“Doesn’t mean I want everyone else to see you in one,” she huffed, lifting herself up to lean on her elbows, watching me walk around the room in only my bra and undies.
“I’ll even wear the navy lace dress you bought me,” I teased, taking said dress out of the closet and holding it up against my body, giving her a hopeful look. She let out a groan, trying to cover her smile with her hands and failing miserably.
“Fine, I’ll go with you,” she sighed, making me squeal and jump on top of her, peppering kisses all over her face. “But you’re limited to like 3 drinks.”
“That’s fine by me,” I grinned, giving her lips one last kiss before rolling off, throwing various clothes at her, instructing her to quickly get dressed. “Tonight is going to be a great night.”

You had been at the club for just over an hour and things were going fine. Ruby had indeed limited you to 3 drinks only, so you were making the most of the one you had in your hands right now.
“Y/N, come dance with me!” my drunken colleague Amy giggled, tugging on my arm, trying to persuade me to dance.
“You are so drunk,” I laughed, pulling my arm free and cuddling further into Ruby’s side, shaking my head at the drunken girl standing in front of me.
“I’m drunk on your sexiness,” she swooned, making me chuckle.
“Sure you are Amy,” I rolled my eyes, used to her flirting ways. A lot of the people I worked with weren’t straight, and whilst a majority of them were respectful of my relationship with Ruby, Amy just never seemed to get that I was off the market. “Go be with that girl that’s been eyeing you off all night. I’m sure she would love to dance with you.”
“But I wanna dance with you,” she whined, pouting her lip mockingly. I raised my brow challengingly, giving her a dead look before she finally sulked away to the bar.
“Jesus christ, does she not know the meaning off ‘in a relationship’,” Ruby huffed, watching the retreating girl with a stern glare.
“She’s always been like that,” I shrugged, leaning my head on her shoulder. “I’m used to it.”
“Someone needs to say something before I do,” she pulled a face, tightening her grip on my waist when she saw Amy turn back around and stare at us.
“Come on, don’t start a fight Rubs,” I chuckled, resting my hand on her upper thigh teasingly. “You know I’d never leave you, especially not for her. You’re too pretty.”
“I knew you only wanted me for my looks,” she playfully scoffed, poking my sides, making me squeal.
“Well, you do make pretty good pancakes as well,” I teased, letting out a loud shriek when she pounced on me, running her hands up and down my sides. “No n-no please stop! I’m sorry!” I giggled, trying to push her hands away from my body.
“Say ‘Ruby is the best girlfriend in the world and I love everything about her’,” she quoted, a devilish smile on her face.
“But it’s not true,” I teased, squealing louder when she continued to tickle me. “Ok ok! Ruby is the best girlfriend in the world!”
“And…” she raised a perfect brow, removing her hands from my waist.
“And I love everything about her,” I grinned, wrapping my arms around her neck and yanking her down to me, biting my lip and giving her, what I hoped was, a sultry look.
“God, you drive me crazy,” she sighed, pressing her lips against my own, making me giggle into the kiss. “Stop laughing.”
“Sorry, I can’t help it,” I mumbled. “I just love you so much.”

“Ok just wait here, I’ll go get the car,” Ruby wrapped her blazer around my shoulders, pecking my cheek quickly before running off to wherever we parked the car. I had been complaining for the past 30 minutes or so about my feet hurting, Ruby just commenting that I shouldn’t have worn 5 inch heels to a club. I shivered as a sudden cold wind ripped through the empty street, making me pull her jacket tighter around my body, mentally cursing myself for wearing a dress instead of pants.
“You alright there Y/N?” Amy appeared beside me, slipping her arms through her own coat. “You look a little lonely.”
“Ruby went to get the car, I’m just waiting for her,” I gave her a small smile, eyeing the clearly drunk girl swaying next to me. “Do you need a lift home Amy?”
“Imma get a cab,” she grinned, stumbling slightly in her tall heels, making no effort to actually call a cab.
“Are you sure? I don’t think I feel comfortable letting you go alone when you’re like this,” I reached my arm out, preparing to catch her incase she fell.
“Awww,” she cooed, staring up at me through her messy hair. “You do care about me.”
“Of course I care,” I rolled my eyes, letting out a sigh of relief when I saw Ruby’s car stop in front of me. “Ruby, we’re taking Amy home.” Ruby screwed her nose up but gestured to the back of the car. I opened the back door, all but throwing Amy into the back, struggling to put on her seatbelt whilst she was trying to give me a hug. “Amy stop. Sit still.”
“But I want a cuddle,” she pouted, whining when I closed the door. I stumbled around to the passenger seat, toeing my shoes off and blasting the heater, sighing when Ruby began to drive.
“I can’t believe I’m driving the girl that flirts with my girlfriend home,” Ruby sighed, shaking her head slightly.
“Think of it as driving your girlfriends work friend home,” I placed a hand on her thigh, patting it comfortingly. “Plus, I think she’s asleep anyway.” One glance to the backseat confirmed my suspicions, seeing Amy passed out on the backseat, head occasionally smacking lightly against the window whenever we would turn or go over a bump.
“I should make a sharp turn… Might knock the stupid out of her,” Ruby huffed, making me scoff, trying to hide a smile. “Even you have to admit she’s an idiot.”
“She’s good at what she does, that’s all I care about,” I shrugged. We sat in silence for the next few minutes, the only talking being me directing Ruby where to go, much to her annoyance. When we stopped outside of Amy’s apartment building, we both got out to help the drunk out of the car.
“How do you even know where she lives?” Ruby asked, grunting at the dead weight she was holding up.
“We had to work together on something once,” I shrugged, ignoring her annoyed look. “I came over a few times so we could get it done.”
“You’ve been with her alone!” her eyes widened to the size of saucers, almost dropping the girl we were balancing between us.
“And she loved it,” Amy suddenly spoke, her words slurring. “We had the time of our lives with no girlfriend to stop us.”
“Shut it! If I let you go right now, you’ll probably break your ankle,” Ruby growled, making the drunk girl laugh.
“Y/N will hold me up,” she grinned, squeezing my shoulder. “She’s done it before.”
“I swear to fucking god I’m literally going to kill you,” Ruby let go of the girl, making me squeal and stumble slightly, trying to support the dead weight in my arms.
“Try me you fucking queer,” Amy sneered, pushing herself out of my arms, staggering slightly.
“Are you serious?” Ruby laughed. “You like girls too you dumb fuck!”
“I’m straight, Y/N is just an exception,” Amy grinned, glancing at me out of the corner of her eye.
“Alright, you’re both acting like idiots,” I stepped in-between the two, placing a hand on Ruby’s chest to try calm her down. “Amy, get inside your apartment, now.”
“Why don’t you come with me?” she bit her lip, reaching out a hand to try and pull me with her.
What happened next was something neither of us expected.
I was pushed back gently by Ruby, my fuming girlfriend literally jumping on Amy, fist connecting with her nose.
“LEAVE MY FUCKING GIRLFRIEND ALONE!” Ruby yelled, one hand gripping Amy’s hair tightly, pulling her head back painfully. “She’s in a relationship! She would never go for an easy slut like you!”
“Ruby stop!” I squealed, tugging on the arm that still had Amy’s hair in its grasp, trying to stop the fight before it escalated any further.
“You obviously don’t know the shit your ‘girlfriend’ has done when you’re not there,” Amy sneered, making me roll my eyes at her comment.
“Don’t listen to her Ruby, she’s just drunk,” I pleaded with her, wincing when I heard sirens. “Ruby stop! The cops are here!”
“Hey! What’s going on over there!” a loud voice yelled, making Ruby let go of Amy’s hair, standing up and pulling me against her chest, continuously muttering sorry’s into my hair. “Ladies, what’s happened here?”
“This fucking freak just attacked me,” Amy slurred, clutching her head in pain.
“You were sexually harassing my girlfriend!” Ruby yelled back.
“Everyone just needs to calm down and stop yelling,” the office held his hands up, obviously tired from a long night of work. “Now you.” He pointed to me, making me tense up. “Tell me what happened.”
“We were just out at a club and Amy drank a lot so I told her we would drive her home. She’s always been a flirt but since she’s had a lot to drink, she just said a lot of crap that she wouldn’t usually say and Ruby got angry,” I simply said, avoiding his gaze. “This is just a misunderstanding sir.”
“Well be as it may, I still need to take you guys in,” he gave me a soft look, gesturing for Ruby to get in the car. “You can drive behind if you’d like.”

I had been sat in an uncomfortable chair at the station for a little over an hour, resorting to playing candy crush on my phone, pulling the blanket that an office gave me tighter around my shivering body.
“Ms Y/L/N?” a deep voice spoke, making me look up, seeing Ruby standing her with her knuckles wrapped, grinning sheepishly. “You guys can leave now.”
“Thank you officer,” I smiled, handing back the blanket and taking Ruby’s hand, tugging her out to the car. I zoomed out of the parking lot, hands gripping the wheel tightly.
“Y/N,” she started, giving me a soft look.
“No,” I interrupted, glaring at the road ahead. “Ruby are you seriously that fucking stupid! Amy was drunk as hell and you could have been put in jail for hitting her! You can’t just go around punching anyone that looks at me!”
“I’m sorry,” she frowned, picking at her nails nervously. “But she was just saying so much shit and I couldn’t handle the though of you actually leaving me.”
“Ruby, I’m not going to fucking leave you!” I pulled over to the side of the road, turning in my seat and giving her a stern look. “This is going to be all over the news tomorrow! Think of what this is doing to your career!”
“I know ok!” she sighed, dropping her head into her hands. “I know I was being an idiot and I know I can’t go around hitting people, but you mean everything to me, and I don’t particularly like when people are saying disgusting things like that about you!”
“Rubs, I can handle the shit that everyone says about me,” I sighed, placing a comforting hand on her knee. “Your fans aren’t exactly the most comforting group of people. You just need to know that I am not going to leave you. Ever.”
“I-I know,” she placed her hand on top of mine, her thumb rubbing soothingly against my own. “I still don’t like the comments.”
“I know you don’t,” I gave her a small smile. “How about next time you get angry with someone because of what they’ve said, you tell me and we can have crazy rough sex all over the house?” She started to laugh, turning so she was looking at me.
“That sounds like a wonderful idea. In fact, I think we should go and do that right now.”

Mutual Help (1/3)

Summary: You an Sebastian help each other out in times of need (I suck at summaries)

Word count: 1,579

Pairing: Sebastian Stan X Reader (Sort of)

Warnings: None really…idk man


Your phone rang out on your kitchen counter as you searched for  your left converse shoe, you ran to our phone before the call was dropped, not checking the caller ID

“Hello!” You chimed

“Y/N, hey!” Sebastian laughed on the other line

“Oh hey, Seabass!” you responded excitedly as you spotted your stray sneaker under a stool

“You need to stop hanging out with Mackie” he commented

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Sandwiches : Reader X Jungkook OneShot

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     "Quit staring, man.  You’re drooling,“ Jimin chuckled.  "No, I’m not!”  Jungkook glared at his friend before turning around and quickly wiping the corner of his mouth…just in case.  "I saw that,“ J-Hope laughed at his friend’s growing blush.  The youngest boy rolled his eyes and leaned against his locker, gazing at the girl across the hall, surrounded by her friends.  "Why don’t you just ask her out like you would with any other girl?”  "That’s just it.  She’s not like any other girl.“  "Aish, our boy’s gone soft on us,” J-Hope cooed, pinching his cheek.  "Fuck both of you guys,“ Jungkook muttered jokingly as he swatted J-hope’s hand away and walked down the hall, the two other males following him while giving a lecture on "respecting your hyungs”.  

     "Hey, _____.  Guess who was just looking at you,“ your best friend, Macy, said.  You raised your eyebrows in curiosity, although you had a feeling you already knew who it was.  "Jungkook~~,” she answered.  You rolled your eyes playfully.   “It’s obvious that he likes you.”  "Then why hasn’t he said anything?“  "He’s probaly just nervous.”  "Nervous?  Jeon Jungkook, nervous?  You’re kidding, right?“  "Well, sure he’s the bad boy type and everything, but I’m sure he’s much more complex than that.  He could very well be intimidated by you.”  "If anything, it’s the other way around!  I can’t even look him in the eye, let alone talk to him!“  "Intimidated? _____ _____, intimidated?,” another friend, Talia, asked, mocking your tone.  "Whatever.  Popularity doesn’t automatically mean that you’re confident.“

     You were sitting in the cafeteria, eating your lunch, when you looked up to see Jungkook across the room.  You watched him for a few seconds, but felt a wave of nerves wash over you when his eyes met yours.  He gave a small nod and something that was a cross between a smirk and a genuine smile.  You felt your cheeks heat up as you averted your gaze.  Gathering up a bit of confidence, he took the chance to walk over.  "Hi,” he said, pulling out a chair and turning it backwards before sitting down.  You looked up at him and gave a small wave with an even smaller smile.  "So, uh…..,“ he began to feel his confidence falter as he looked for anything to start a conversation about.  "That looks like a really nice…sandwich.  What is it; turkey?,” he asked nervously.  You furrowed your brows for a second but nodded, trying not to smile.  "A woman of few words, I see,“ he mumbled more to himself.  Clearing his throat, he spoke up again.  "Look, _____, the reason I came over here is…I wanted to ask if, um-”  "_____, we’re gonna be late for sixth period,“ your friend called, unaware of what was going on.  You gave Jungkook an apologetic smile and collected your things before rushing after your friends.  He sighed and rested his forehead against the back of the chair.

     Talia and Macy were walking down the hall when Jimin and J-Hope casually slid next to them.  "Sooooo, we heard what happened,” J-Hope said.  "Yeah, it was actually kinda cute in a pitiful way,“ Macy giggled.  "He asked her about her sandwich,” Jimin and Talia laughed at the same time.  "They’re both usually so outgoing and confident, but they freeze around each other,“ Macy said.  "Yeah, well, we were hoping to change that tonight at Jordan’s party,” J-Hope smiled, rubbing his hands together.   “Keep talking.”  "All we need you to do is make sure she shows up.“  "8:30,” Jimin added.  "She’ll be there.“

     "Guys, I’m gonna do it.”  "You’re finally going to ask her out?,“ J-Hope asked.  "Yeah.  I think I can do this.”  "Of course you can, bro!,“ Jimin encouraged his friend.  "Yeah, you got this!,” J-Hope gave him a pat on the back.  "Just gonna walk up to her and talk to her.  And then I’m gonna ask her out.  Simple,“ Jungkook said, seemingly trying to convince himself more than anyone else.  "Yeah, man!  You can do it!”  "You totally got this in the bag!“  "It’s all you, dude!  It’s all you!”  They called out motivational words as he straightened his collar and walked towards the door.  "He’s gonna choke, isn’t he?,“ Jimin asked with a blank expression.  "Yeah, probably,” J-Hope sighed.

     You walked into the party with your two best friends on your arms, eagerly socializing with your peers.  After about fifteen minutes you heard a loud commotion near the front door.  "Ayyee, man!“  "They’re finally here!”  "Now we can really get this party started!“  Following the noise, you saw Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope walk in, giving fist pounds and high fives as everyone greeted them.  J-Hope handed  someone his i-pod and they made their way to the middle of the dance floor. As the music started, they were the first to start dancing.  They were well known for their dancing skills and ability to turn up any party, and you stood near a wall, aware of their ritual of pulling people in to dance.  Jimin pulled Talia in and you smiled watching how much fun everyone was having.  

     Jungkook glanced over at you and looked back to his friends.  They gave him a thumbs up and he decided to make his way over to you through the crowd.  "Hey there.”  You forced yourself to make direct eye contact and speak.  "Hi…“  "Ah, so you can talk,” he smiled softly.  You let out a light laugh and tucked a piece of hair behind your ear.  "So, you’re not just going to be a wallflower all night, are you?“  "That was kinda the plan.”  "Well, plans can change can’t they?“  You paused for a second, figuring that he was going to ask you to dance.  "I…I don’t dance.  I can’t…”  "Everyone can dance.“  "But not everyone can dance well,” you corrected.  He chuckled and said, “You may be right about that, but how would you know if you don’t try?,” he whispered, leaning in a little.  He bit his lip to hold back a smirk as he watched you blush.  It was nice to know he had a similar affect on you that you had on him.    You were about to excuse yourself, nervousness taking over you, when Jungkook’s hand met the wall beside you to stop you from leaving.  "I can’t let you slip away from me again,“ he said, looking into your eyes.  "One dance; that’s all I ask.”  You smiled, pulling his hand off the wall and locking your fingers with his.  His smile widened into a grin as he pulled you onto the dance floor.  Just then, the song changed to a slow one and he looked over to where the sound system was located.  J-Hope stood there with an arm wrapped around Macy’s waist.  They both winked at him and he figured that both his friends and yours had planned this.  

     "You really didn’t have to walk me home, y'now.“  "Yeah, but I wanted to.”  There was a comfortable silence for a few minutes as you walked down the street.  "Cheddar…,“ you said.  "What?”  "From when you asked about my turkey sandwich…There was cheddar cheese on it.“  He took a second to remember what you were talking about and laughed.  "Nice choice.  I personally like American cheese.”  "Hmm…How about Swiss?“  

     The two of you finally stopped in front of your house.  "Uh, you know I only asked about your sandwich because I was nervous, right?”  "I had a feeling,“ you giggled.  "But, why?  You could talk to any other girl.”  "Well, as cheesy as this sounds,“ he paused to laugh at his pun.  "I don’t just see you as any other girl.”  "You’re right……..That did sound cheesy.“  He ran his hand though his hair as his cheeks turned red.  "But it was also very sweet….kind of like Swiss cheese.”  "That was really bad,“ he laughed.  "Not nearly as bad as yours though,” you defended, joining in on the laughter.  He spoke once the laughter died down.  "So, if I said I wanted to spend time with you again…?“  "I’d say I would like that very much.”  You reached into your purse and pulled out a slip of paper and a pen before jotting something down.  You placed it in his hand and kissed him lightly on the cheek.  "Goodnight,“ you smiled.  "Night,” he said, fighting the urge to touch his cheek until you went into your house.  He looked down at the paper, seeing your name and phone number with a heart drawn next to it.  Smiling to himself, he flipped the slip of paper over and realized that you had written on the back of a coupon for the local sandwich shop.

1. The most beautiful thing you can do is smile.

2. Embrace whatever genre of music you enjoy listening to. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s “not music.”

3. But just know there will never be a better song than “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.

4. It’s OK to think another woman is beautiful.

5. Don’t be catty to other women. You’ll need them when we all overthrow the world together.

6. Don’t let any man convince you that he is powerful enough to change you.

7. Even if he bought you dinner, you owe him nothing.

8. The amount of pride you feel when you look good in your bikini for 20 minutes is far less than the happiness Taco Bell can bring you. I promise.

9. Develop a lust to see the world around you.

10. It’s OK if you don’t want to play princess or put on makeup.

11. But it’s OK if you do, too.

12. But at least try rugby once for me.

13. Make sure your life is actually as fun as your Instagram profile makes it out to be.

14. Don’t smile if you don’t mean it.

15. You really don’t need another girl to go to the bathroom with you.

16. Be blind to gender, race, sexuality and religious beliefs.

17. People are people.

18. There are few things in life that candles and Fleetwood Mac can’t fix.

19. Don’t let any man whistle at you on the street and get away with it.

20. If you can’t wear sweatpants and be beer bloated around them, they aren’t really your friends.

21. Find friends who are OK with holding your hair back.

22. Be there to hold theirs, too.

23. Never let a location be your excuse.

24. You can be the best from wherever you are.

25. Develop a voice, and make it loud.

26. Your success is not my success. It’s yours and yours alone.

27. Even if you’re tall, wear the damn heels.

28. I would really like it if you read Jane Eyre.

29. But if you end up liking Twilight, that’s cool too.

30. No 50 Shades of Grey, though.

31. That sh*t is terrible.

32. Please, watch Friends.

33. At least consider joining the Peace Corps.

34. Go antique shopping.

35. Keep the ticket stubs.

36. Always wash your face before you go to bed.

37. You don’t need to bathe yourself in perfume.

38. Go swimming with your clothes on.

39. Go swimming with no clothes on.

40. A juice cleanse is never, and never will be, a good idea.

41. You’re obligated to watch The Lion King with me at least five times in your life.

42. Believe in guardian angels.

43. Make wishes on fallen eyelashes.

44. Be passionate.

45. Be overly passionate.

46. Be so passionate that people think you might be a little insane.

47. Feminists aren’t scary.

48. Learn to play the game Spoons.

49. And Euchre.

50. Don’t stretch yourself too thin.

51. Never shrink yourself.

52. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a phase if you don’t think it is.

53. Your sexuality does not define your morality.

54. Go to a music festival at least once.

55. Don’t dress the way fashion editors tell you to dress, dress the way they dress.

56. If your job or your success emasculates him, he isn’t worth it.

57. Find a man who has more balls than you do.

58. Or woman.

59. And that’s OK.

60. If a guy talks to you in clichés, run.

61. Your value does not come from your appearance, age or size.

62. It never will.

63. High school is not the best time of your life.

64. College is.

65. The question “What are you thinking?” will work wonders.

66. Dance like a maniac in your room with your headphones in.

67. I won’t laugh.

68. Meet someone who makes you laugh so hard you pee.

69. Hold onto them forever.

70. Go barefoot.

71. Don’t be naïve.

72. Sometimes being classy is overrated.

73. Keep your head up.

74. Believe in magic.

75. Don’t regret the times you feel sad. How else will you appreciate the times you feel good?

76. Everything in moderation.

77. Even moderation.

78. Coffee is good for your soul.

79. Be unapologetically honest.

80. Connect to music on a level deeper than even you understand.

81. Wake up early.

82. Find a good gay best friend.

83. He’ll let you sleep in his bed and borrow his eyeliner.

84. Don’t let anyone push you around.

85. Surround yourself with colorful, beautiful people.

86. Remember that not everyone will think like you.

87. Never pass up an experience in favor of sleep.

88. The painful truth is always easier than a messy lie.

89. Drink champagne and dance on the table.

90. Make a Bucket List.

91. Make a Nectar List.

92. Always say “I love you” before you leave.

93. Never ignore what’s in front of you in favor of taking a photograph.

94. Learn how to successfully get to the front row of concerts.

95. Go camping without worrying about how dirty your hair will get.

96. Learn to love the way you laugh.

97. Laugh often.

98. Be cheesy.

99. When you feel a good moment, absorb it.

100. Find beauty in everything.

101. Don’t let fear hold you back from anything.

This Might Be Mad

I posted this on my own blog (go check it out *wink wink*) but thought I’d submit it here too! 


Katje xx

This Might be Mad

     You and Robbie have been friends for about 6 months and your friendship is one that’s enviable. You both share the same sense of humour, are passionate about the same issues, like the same shows, and happen to live next door to each other….

     You’ve always been platonic friends up to this point because you were dating someone at the time you met, then he started dating someone as soon as you stopped, but for the past 2 months you’ve both been single, and you’ve both suddenly noticed there’s an undercurrent of attraction and tension - without mentioning it to each other, of course. Maybe it’s not so sudden. Maybe it’s always been there, but we were both just too busy with other people. You think as you try to recall any incriminating moments where either of you may have shown some jealousy about the other one dating. He’s your friend, so that would be weird, right? Then again, some of the best relationships started off as just being friends… You ponder as you hop in your car to run an errand. You turn the key, and it makes a jamming sound before the engine sputters to a halt. Your parents are gone for the weekend, and that happens to be the weekend your car decides to break down. Great, I’m trying to save money and a mechanic will cost a small fortune. You sigh as you pop the hood and see what you can see. Grease on your arms and red tank top, you knock on Robbie’s door. He answers with an amused look. “Well what do we have here?” “Here we have a very ticked off girl wondering if you know anything about cars.” You say in a cynical tone. “Okay, garage bunny, calm down. I can take a look.” He says, taking in what a hot mess you are. Did he just raise an eyebrow at me? You wonder. You quickly shake it off. 

      You lead him into the garage and he puts both arms against the popped hood, leaning forward. You suddenly find yourself realising how nice and toned his arms look in that white tee. He studies everything for a moment, looking very concentrated and serious, though his features are still soft. You step closer to see what he’s looking at. “Oh! There’s your problem!” He says, causing you to break away from your conflicted thoughts. “Is it something you can fix easily or do I need to take it into a shop?” “ Oh it’s just the spark plug.” You cross your arms. “English, please?” “Oh, right.” He says, clearing his throat. “Sparky plug make car go vroom vroom!” He says in a childish voice. You push him in retaliation, losing your balance and shoving into him. He catches you and you both laugh before looking right at each other. “So you can fix it, then?” “Yeah.” he says quietly before turning abruptly and heading back to his house to get the part. “You coming?” He says when you don’t follow him right away, still considering that moment you just shared.

     You get to his garage and hop up on his washing machine as he looks for the spark plug in a drawer. “So what were you up to before I came to you all damsel in distress-y?” He chuckles, “I was actually just looking through the script of a role I’ve been offered. I’m glad you stopped by though because I was in need of a break.” “Yeah well not much of a break seeing as I put you to work right away.” “I really don’t mind.” He says, flashing that mischievous smile of his. “So.” He says, hopping up on the washer next to you. “ So are you looking forward to having the house to yourself for a while?” He says, suddenly seeming to be in awkward small talk mode. “I am! Music as loud as I want, I can sing terribly, you know, the works. I’m a little nervous to be alone at night, though.”

    “Why? Did you watch a scary movie again? You know you always regret that.” “No - didn’t you hear about the break ins that have been happening in nearby neighbourhoods?” He furrows his brow and scoots a little closer to you, unintentionally or not, you’re somehow glad he did. “What? I didn’t hear about that. What’s going on?” “Well there have been four houses so far, and the last one was just down the street. I mean, I know it’s unlikely they’ll just happen to target my house, but I don’t know. I’m still a little on-edge.” “Well, you know I’m just a phone call away if something happens.” He says, lightly brushing your shoulder with his fingers. “Yeah I know…” You say as he locks eyes with you. His bright green eyes suddenly look different to you. You’re not sure quite how, but it’s like you’re seeing something in them you haven’t seen before. “We should probably get back to my garage.” “Right!” He says brightly as you both hop off the washing machine. It’s as if you’re both acting like nothing is different and pretending like you aren’t both finding yourselves seeing each other in a new light. 

     “There, good as new.” He says as he slams the hood shut and wipes his hands off on a rag. “Thank you! I’d be stuck inside with cabin fever if you weren’t here.” He looks down and runs his fingers through his hair. “Yeah, anytime. Listen, I was going to ask you to hang out tonight, but turns out my uncle is in town and we’re doing this big dinner thing downtown.” He can’t hide the disappointment in his voice. “But still call me if you get worried or hear anything strange, okay?” He says, looking a bit like a lost puppy. “I will. And thanks for the thought, but you go have fun with your fam bam! Besides, I’ve got some pretty important things to do. Those Buzzfeed quizzes aren’t going to take themselves, you know.” He laughs and goes in for a side hug. “See you, Y/N.”

     Later at about 9:30 that night you’re just hanging out at home, about to make popcorn. You saw his car pull up to his driveway about an hour ago, and you’ve secretly been hoping for a knock on your door. Instead the sound that comes next is much more startling. You hear someone yelling outside, then a crash upstairs, coming from inside your house. Your hand flies over your mouth, forcing yourself not to scream. This is really happening. You grab your phone and run outside your front door, only to run straight into someone, making you jump back and scream. Robbie grabs you by the shoulders. “It’s me! It’s just me, Y/N.” He says, grabbing your hand and leading you away from the house to his front yard. You’re breathing fast and shaking. “I came outside to get something from the car and I saw someone climbing up your trellis to the second story. I yelled at him and he saw me, so maybe it scared him off. I’m calling 911, okay?” He says quickly. 

    He stands there talking to the operator and you’re still in shock, eyes wide and struggling to steady your breathing. “It’s going to be okay, they’ll be here any minute.” He says, putting his arm around you. “Oh my gosh, you’re shaking. It’s okay, it’s going to be okay. You’re safe now.” He says, pulling you in for a hug and stroking your hair. You stay like that for several minutes. “Here, let me get you a jacket.” He whispers. He leads you to the porch and grabs a hoodie from the coat rack just inside the house. “Thanks.” You manage, taking a deep breath. Just then, you hear sirens and see the flashing lights of two police cars and an ambulance. He keeps his arm around you as you approach the police. One officer stays with you and asks your name, if you’re injured, etc. while two others go inside the house, guns drawn. The whole thing seems surreal. After a few minutes the policemen return, the one clearly in charge saying, “It’s clear. It doesn’t look like he took anything either, but we can go back in with you if you’d like to check.” “Uh, yeah. Yeah in a minute I’ll go look.” You say, still processing everything. 

     “Listen ma’am, I know you’re a little shaken up, but I’m going to need both of you to tell me everything that happened for the report. We want this to be the last time the perp gets away.” Robbie’s grip tightens around your shoulder and his warmth is comforting. “I’ll start with you, sir, since you made the call.” He says to Robbie. “Right. Well I came outside about 15 minutes ago to get something from my car, and when I looked toward her house I saw someone climbing up the trellis on the left side there, so I yelled ‘Hey!’ or something like that, and then he disappeared inside the upper window. I ran toward her house to go help just as she was running out, then I called 911 and we’ve just been waiting on my porch.” He says, gesturing to his house. 

     “Mhm, okay, mhm.” The officer keeps saying as he jots down the info. “Alright, now your account, miss.” You recap everything, then go back in your house with Robbie and two officers to search the upstairs bedroom for anything that was stolen. The window was broken, but nothing was missing. “I don’t understand, why would he break into a house that has lights on in the inside, then not take anything?” You ask the cops, completely perplexed. “Well you’re very lucky to have this young man here. This situation could have been a lot worse without him.” He says, nodding in Robbie’s direction. “But honestly ma’am, your story is the same as the last one’s. They broke in while everyone was home, then didn’t take anything. I’m not at liberty to discuss the investigation, but we do suspect there are drugs involved, so it’s very possible the perp simply isn’t thinking clearly.” “That makes sense.” Robbie says, rubbing your shoulder.

     You thank the officers and let them out, then immediately sit down on your sofa and put you hand to your forehead. Robbie sits down beside you. “Are you okay?” He says gently. “Yeah, I’m fine. That was just so scary. I’ve never had anything like that happen before. Gosh, I knew I had a bad feeling about tonight! I’m really glad you were there. Thank you. I mean, I don’t know what I would have done without you.” “You would have done just fine on your own.” He says, playfully bumping into you. “But I’m glad I was here too. That’s really unsettling and I’d hate to think of you going it alone. I can stay for a while, if you’d like?” “Oh, you don’t need to do that. I mean I’m sure you have stuff to do at home.” “Look, Y/N. I’ve got a disc set of Doctor Who with our names on it and there’s a good Chinese takeout place nearby that can be here in 20 minutes. I’m not asking if I can stay, I’m definitely staying with you! Besides, I want to spend some time with you. I feel like we haven’t done that in a while.” 

     “We haven’t, have we? Well you can stay, but only because Chinese food and Doctor Who sound good right now.” “Yeah, okay.” He says sarcastically. You get the living room tidied up while he runs over to his house to get the dvd’s. The food comes and you sit side by side on the sofa as the episode starts, but with about a foot between you. “Oo, can I try yours?” “Yeah sure.” You say, putting the takeout box toward him, not taking your eyes off the screen. This is nice. You’re just hanging out, no expectations of each other, being yourselves. You stay like that, laughing and making comments about the show for the whole episode. You get up to go put away the leftovers. “Oh no, you let me do that!” He says as he jumps up. “No, I got it, really! You pick the next episode since I picked the last one.” 

     You sit down next to him, your legs folded under you, a little closer this time, but he notices your eyes aren’t on the screen about five minutes into the episode, and instead you’re looking at the window and biting your nails. He pauses it, getting your attention. “Why did you stop it?” He sits facing you. “What’s wrong? Are you still a little shaken up?” “Yeah. I mean, that guy is still out there and even though I know he probably wouldn’t hit the same house twice… I mean, they did say it’s probably drug related, so what if he’s just some psycho? And he’s probably seen me, and maybe even figured out I’m all alone. I mean, I’m kind of the perfect target here and that could have been so much worse and…” You say, starting to ramble. “Y/N, Y/N.” He says quickly, cutting you short. He puts his hands on your shoulders and looks you square in the eye. “Why don’t you let me stay the night tonight? I’d sleep down here, of course. I’d feel much more comfortable with staying over. It’s really unlikely he’d come back, but I don’t think I could sleep any more than you could knowing you’re here by yourself.”

    You consider it for a moment, knowing that could make the tension between you build up even more, but also that you’ll spend the whole night a nervous wreck if he doesn’t stay. “Okay. Yeah, I’d like that. I’d drive myself crazy with every little sound if I were alone. Thank you. You know, this is the second time in one day you’ve saved me.” You say, meeting his eye line. He flashes that smile that makes everything okay again and you feel the urge to just throw your arms around him and hug him tightly, but don’t. You know he feels it too because he opens his mouth, about to say something, then shakes his head slightly and grabs the remote to press play. You pretend not to notice and turn back to the tv, leaning toward the other side of the couch. 

     Halfway through the episode you hear a noise outside and both lean in for the remote at the same time, your faces inches away. You’re both caught off guard and you know he just glanced down at your lips. “This is getting ridiculous.” He says quietly, still staying just as close.“Yeah, I know. That was just the neighbours.” You say, nearly whispering. “I wasn’t talking about that.” He says, raising an eyebrow. You sigh and put some space between you. “I know.” You say, pressing play again and concentrating on the screen. You both stay like that for the next five minutes, hardly aware of what’s even going on in this episode.

     You glance at him out of the corner of your eye and can’t help but smile slightly, noticing that you’ve both gradually gotten closer to one another, shoulders almost brushing. He smiles too. “Isn’t Doctor Who just so great?” He says with a glint in his eye as he laughs at his own joke. “Yeah, Doctor Who just makes me smile every time, for sure.” You joke as you both laugh and turn back to the tv. A couple minutes pass when, “Y/N?” “Yes?” You say, not taking your eyes off the screen, pretending to be focused on the show. “This might be mad, but…” His lips crash into yours as he pulls you in closer. 

     You barely kiss back because so you’re so caught off guard; you were expecting a confession of feelings, not a kiss! You pull back and stare at him, mouth agape. “I’m sorry, that was all wrong!” He quickly apologises. “I shouldn’t have…” You cut him off by kissing him passionately as you run your fingers through his hair. His hands find their way from your arms to your back as he pulls you in closer, deepening the kiss. You both pull back, leaning your foreheads against each other, breathing heavily as you both break into a smile. He leans in for one more kiss, cupping your face in his hand. “Why did we wait so long to do that?” He says incredulously as you both catch your breath. “I have no idea.” You say, shaking your head with a laugh. “But you know what?” He says, cocking his head slightly. “Hm?” You reply dreamily. “I’m glad we waited, because I got to know you for you. I learned to appreciate you without a bunch of physical stuff clouding my judgment. I mean, don’t get me wrong, that was, that was something else.” He says, shaking his head as if reliving the moment. “But I think if we had started off like that, it would have sort of, cheapened it. Do you know what I mean?” “Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I wouldn’t have been able to get to know your real personality if I was so preoccupied with what an amazing kisser you are.” “Oh, you think I’m amazing? Well…” He says, brushing off his shoulder, feigning arrogance. You laugh, “But no, seriously. Before I would have just been kissing some cute guy, but now I’m kissing someone I took the time to get to know.” “Exactly.” He says, brushing your hair behind your ear. “And I wouldn’t want to change anything about us right now.” 

     You stay up for the next hour just talking about life, plans, and anything and everything. Finally your eyelids are starting to droop and you sigh and say, “Well…” as you stand up. “Yeah, we should get to bed. I mean, you should. You should and I should, separately. Oh, bloody hell.” He cringes, putting his face in his hands. “Oh come on now Kay, it’s been six months. Don’t go getting all awkward on me now!” You say, pushing his arm. “I’ll try my best. Still just can’t believe my luck.” He says, looking down at you as if you’re the loveliest thing he’s ever seen. He kisses you again, softer than the time before. “Listen, Y/N.” He says, looking into your eyes. “I could kiss you a thousand times. And part of me wants nothing more than to go upstairs with you, but I like what we have right now too much, and I like you too much to compromise that.”

     “I understand.” You say, smiling softly. “I was hoping you’d say something like that. I feel the same way. It would be really easy to go really fast right now, but I like the idea of going slow.” “Right, and if I’m going to get to know you and appreciate you the way you deserve…” he says, lightly stroking your hair as you look up at him. “then I want to take my time doing just that.” He leans down for one last good night kiss. “Night, love.”

Do You Fondue?

Summary:  Sharon Carter takes Steve out for dinner, and it’s not quite what he expected.

Notes:   I can’t believe this story hasn’t been done about a million times by people much better than me, but just in case it hasn’t, here is my take on it.  I suppose this technically is compliant with the MCU so far since we have no idea what happens AFTER Civil War yet, so I can just make that stuff up. :)  Also, for the comic book readers, I stole about three lines directly from a Steve/Sharon scene. :)

I don’t know if this needs a rating.  There is a bit of innuendo and some making out, but this is not smut at all. 

FYI:  Rassolnik is apparently a Russian Pickle Soup and according to Google translation, После ужина = After dinner. 

Thanks for reading!

Steve Rogers stood in front of one of the giant floor to ceiling windows in his living room, taking in the view of Brooklyn and the City of New York beyond.  When he finally decided to move to Brooklyn, he didn’t expect Tony Stark to get into realty and buy an entire building, but that is exactly what he did.  He knew that Tony offered him this apartment at a steep discount partially out of guilt, but he also knew that it would only push them further apart if he turned his back on the gesture so they haggled back and forth and finally came to a price that Steve could (barely) afford and Tony was happy with.  It was still way under what Steve was sure the place was worth, but it allowed them both to save face and he’d take it if it meant another step toward healing the rift between them.

This was nothing like the small Brooklyn apartment that he grew up in.  He was pretty sure that his entire childhood apartment would fit in the living area here.  However, it was as safe for him as anywhere could be and the other residents left him alone excepting the usual neighborly exchange of pleasantries when they were on the elevator with him or passed him in the lobby.  He also couldn’t complain about the windows or the view.  The natural light pouring in from every angle was excellent for drawing.  Something he’d been doing a lot since there was a break from the madness of Avenging.

“Hey Buck?  Which tie should I wear?”  He turned and held up two options to his collar for his roommate’s inspection.

“Ah, you look like a punk in both of them if you ask me, but I’d go with the blue one.”

Steve threw the green tie at him, hitting him in the face with it before putting on the blue tie. “Thanks, Jerk.”

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bonnykp  asked:

scenario when you're mark's bestfriend (crush on him) and don't like his gfriend so one day while they are together you tell him that you are not fine and ask if he can walk you home but he didnt because of her but you are faint while go home alone?♡

thank you for the request! at first, i forgot about the ‘crush on him’ part and wrote it as you are his best friend, it came out pretty well but i edited some part according to your request, hehe hope you like it  (◍•ᴗ•◍)

“I know she gives you mean looks but still, she’s my girlfriend, tolerate for the sake of me, ____,” Mark explained, after you walked out of the room, with rage. His girlfriend was getting on your nerves, constantly glaring and giving you dirty looks.

“I swear she is just here for your money and trying to get into your pants,” you protested. That lady was always touching Mark at sensitive parts and often opens his wallet to pay for her branded bags and shoes.

You love Mark, really, you do. He didn’t notice your affection towards him, well not yet. He would just assume everything you do is categorised as ‘just friends’, maybe he knew you liked him but he is Mark and Mark is the quiet and observant type, no one could guess.

“No, actually she’s just playing the role of a girlfriend,” he interjected, standing on her side even if both your friendship will be broken.

“Whatever,” you scowled, walking away. You were kind of disappointed. Wow, he was really risking this friendship for that woman? Your heart was in pain, but you thought Mark would eventually realise this…right?

You walked back into the room where his nasty girlfriend was trying to flirt with Jackson. Jackson was making it obvious that he was uncomfortable, yet she was oblivious.

‘Ew ew ew,’ you thought internally, keeping a straight face.

“_____ noona!” Yu Gyeom called out to you, grinning widely. He was one cute kid that was chasing for his dreams and you are proud of that. He was one of your precious dongsaengs that often texts you when Mark teases him.

“Someone called you and Jin Young hyung picked up the phone,” he said, turning his head towards Jin Young. You nodded, Jin Young was still talking on the phone but ended it soon.

“Your mom wants you back home in 30 minutes,” Jr. told you, in his ‘mother’ tone. Sure you guys are same aged but hell, his maturity is sometimes higher than Mark’s.

“Thanks, mom. I think I’ll get going now,” you declared. You took your jacket and headed out. Waving to your company for the night, you added, “let’s hangout soon!”

“____, I’ll get Mark to walk with you since his girlfriend lives near your house too,” Jin Young said. Before you could even protest, he yelled “MARK!”

You cursed under your breath. Greaaaat, more annoying eye contact for the night. You looked towards their way and you could see Mark nodding in agreement while his girlfriend tugged onto the hem of his shirt to ask him to say no. Mark looked at you in an apologetic way and mouthed, “sorry”.

“It’s cool, I can walk alone, mom,” you replied.

It was 11 at night, you wouldn’t consider this late because you normally sleep at 2am, thanks to your laptop. But sure, it was late to be out in the dark walking alone, having just the brightness from the street lights to accompany you.

You felt a sudden drowsiness in your head. ‘Shit, not again, ugh,’ you cursed again. This wasn’t the first time you felt like this, normally you just black out and wake up, in bed, considering you are always home at this time or there was someone with you. Now? None.

You decided to just quicken your pace. Unfortunately, you blacked out, right after you had that thought.
“____! ____! You okay, man?” Mark voice was so shrill, it literally woke your senses up.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s just the normal weird habit of fainting,” you muttered, getting up.

“Oh thank goodness. I forgot about that weird habit of yours, I was just plain worried when I got the call from a nice stranger,” he said.


“Yeah some stranger called me, he said my phone number was in your ‘favourites list’ so he thought I could come and get you,” he narrated, chuckling softly, knowing what you are going to ask him next.

You smirked and looked at him, that’s right Tuan, you know what’s coming on. “What about your baby girlfriend, what did she react after knowing?” you rolled your eyes, your words dripping with sarcasm and annoyance.

“Oh she said she wanted to sleep over and asked me to ignore the call. She assumed they will call your mom if no one went to pick you up,” he answered, relaxed. His face glowing with freedom.

“And then what happened?”

“I told her that we are over, she should leave instantly. I paid for the cab and added ‘goodbye, woman!’ at the end,” he snickered, tucking his hands behind his head.

“So you broke up with her?”

“No, I dumped her, coolly.”

You nodded slowly, a smile forming on your lips. You laughed out loud and so did he.

“She was asking for it, just as you told me,” he winked while grinning.

“Why though?” you asked. He didn’t to break up with her before, why now?

“No one ever messes with you, except me and the boys. She was literally being the biggest asshole for saying what she said. Leave you there? Heck no, you are someone important to me, very very important,” he exclaimed, looking at you.

You looked back, nervous at the fact that maybe he knew you have a crush on him. He looked serious.

However, the look on his face disappeared when he saw you staring at him attentively. He thought you were doubting him so he said something that made your heart flutter,

“Let me repeat myself, no one, I mean no one can mess with you, ever.“

Do send in your fluff requests (i’m almost out of them already!), i’ll work on them asap! Thank you!

“Damn it! This is like the twelfth time today that I’ve stepped on a pick!” You shouted picking up another one of Calum’s picks off the ground. You were cleaning the house for the third time this week, oh wait did I say clean, I meant deep clean. There was just this smell that you couldn’t get out of here and it was bothering you. You started the steam cleaner you rented again for the second time today and went over the carpet in the livingroom. Once you finished you looked at the time noticing that it was now 12 am, the normal time you would have just gotten home but you were let go this week.

You took the extremely heavy and now full tub off the machine and into your bathroom. You dumped the almost clear liquid into the tub and let it run. Normally this liquid would be brown and disgusting but you’ve done your carpets like 4 times this week. You stood up and wiped your forehead of it’s sweat and looked out the little window in the top of your shower. “I’m not taking a shower you pervert!” You shouted startling your peeping tom of a neighbor. You angrily grabbed the handle of the bucket and spilled some of the water on your pants.

“No! Not my favorite.” You shouted down at your pants. You held on tighter to the handle and left your bathroom and headed towards the machine. You wrapped the cord up and took the larger handle for the cleaner and carried it down the steps and to your open trunk. You threw it in and slammed the trunk. Picking up your keys and locking the door you walked back out to your car. You got in the driver side and went to start the car but your seat had been moved signaling that Calum must have borrowed your car, him borrowing it didn’t matter to you but put the fucking seat back, christ sake.

You moved it and adjusted your mirrors and backed out of the driveway. You pulled back up to the mega store that you rented the machine from and turned it in but you were 10 minutes late so no deposit back for you. You groaned and headed back out to your car. 30 bucks gone all because you were 10 minutes late. You got in your car and went to slam the door but dropped your keys, you reached out to grab the just in time for the door to slam on your hand.

You yanked your hand back and cradled it. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” You shouted quickly. It hurt like a bitch, so you cried. Finally, letting out all that happened this week. You grabbed your keys and left the parking lot. You pulled back up to your house but parked on the street cause Calum’s car was parked in the middle of the driveway plus two more behind it. You trudged up the steep driveway and unlocked the door.

The sound of All Time Low erupted through your house and you walked up the stairs. “That girl, that girl, she’s such a bitch!” You heard the boys shout. You walked up the steps and into your “Clean” livingroom that was now messy and no longer neat. Potato chips everywhere and a spilled Coke on the once pristine carpet. Fuming you walked into the kitchen where Calum was standing. He spun around quickly spilling some of the milk out of his cereal bowl on your just mopped floor. “Ahh.” You let out quietly, tears threatening to spill again. “Hey babe!” Cal shouted throwing his bowl into the sink getting more splatter from his chocolaty cereal on the wall.

You quickly turned around bumping into Michael. “Hey, Y/N!” He shouted. You knew they were all drunk, normally you wouldn’t mind but it was the third time this week they’ve showed up at your house and gotten drunk making a mess. “Not today, Michael.” You said throwing your right hand up signalling him to shut that face of his. You pushed past him and almost made it to your bedroom but Ashton gave you a hug from behind. “There’s my favorite person.” He said squeezing you.

You pulled away and tripped on the stool that was supposed to be under the chair but was in the middle of the room for some unknown reason. You put out your hand to catch your fall your luck it was the one you hurt earlier. You landed on it and let out a loud yelp followed by “Fuck!” Michael and Calum ran out of the kitchen as you scrambled up off the floor. You stormed past everyone and towards your bedroom. “Y/N.” Calum said following you. You turned to him. “Please leave me alone.” You requested. “Why, did something happen at work today?” He asked taking another step forward.

You laughed and turned away from him grabbing your Batman backpack from under the bed. “No, not today Calum. My luck I’ll never have a shitty day at work again.” You seethed at him throwing clothes in your bag. “Where you going?” he asked. “Over to Y/B/F’s house. I need a fucking drink.” You said accidentally slammed your hand into the dresser. You stopped and looked at it and really it looked broken and bruised. It made you sick to look at it. You finished and turned to Calum. “Why can’t you drink with me?” He asked playing with his hands like a kid that was in trouble.

“Cause I can’t be in this house right now. It’s a fucking mess with food and drinks spilled everywhere and picks all over the place.” You stepped past him and he grabbed your wrist, not the hurt one, and turned you around. “I’ll clean it.” He opted quickly. “Oh yeah. You’ll clean it.” You said and scoffed pulling your hand from his. “You said that about the fridge two weeks ago which I clean yesterday. If you’re gonna handle things now what about our neighbor, the creepy one, yeah he was waiting again.” You said leaving yours and Cal’s room.

You walked into the livingroom and cal followed. “Y/N, wait-” “Wait?!” You yelled turning around and pointing a finger at your boyfriend. The three boys were sitting shell shocked on the sofa one next to the other. They had never seen you so mad, neither had Calum to be honest. “Do something you’re supposed to for once. Clean up after yourself to do the least. Normally I don’t care and just clean after you anyways but this past month has been hell since you’ve been home. I love you but not right now. I need time.” You said through gritted teeth and turned throwing your bag over your shoulders.

You grabbed your keys and wallet and headed out to your car. “Y/N!” You could hear Calum shout running down your hill. “Calum Thomas Hood, take one more step and I’ll beat the living shit out of you.” You said in a thick southern accent. He stopped dead in his tracks and watched you pull away. The pain in your wrist got worse as you drive down to Y/B/F’s house. You called her and told her to come outside. You slid over into the passenger side as she got into the driver seat. “What are you doing?” She asked. “I need you to take me to the hospital.” “Why?” She asked starting the car. “I think I broke my wrist.” You said and bit your other hand in attempt to big down some of the pain.

You made it to the hospital and they took you back to check your wrist and everything. eventually the doctor came back after they put your wrist into a temporary cast, they’d be doing a real one soon. You were back in your normal clothes. “I’ve fucking gained 10 pounds since Calum came home, that’s ridiculous.” You said to your friend standing next to you. “You look fine, actually your skin looks better.” She said as you rolled your eyes. Then your phone went off again. You groaned and looked down at the caller. “Calum again?” She questioned.

You nodded and tossed your phone back into your pocket. Then a small knock came on the door and a doctor stepped into the room. “Ms.Y/L/N.” You nodded. “Well we did other tests just to make sure everything was okay and…” He paused. “Alright, you can’t just pause like that. What’s wrong with you?” You said a little angry that they hadn’t put a real cast on your arm. “Well, it’s just, you see you’re pregnant.” He said slowly. You blinked your eyes and turned to Y/B/F. Everything was going in slow motion.

You closed your eyes and the next thing you knew you were in the doctor’s arms being lifted back onto the bed. “W-what?” You asked totally out of it. “You’re pregnant.” He said again. You nodded your head. “Oh shit, fuck balls.” You said pushing away from him and Y/B/F. “Fuck.” You said again. “Y/N, it’ll be okay. You just gotta tell Calum and-” “What?”   

*Part two?? Enough requests and I’ll do a part two:P* **You can request other too by the way:)**    

Say Something (07/07)

Title: Say Something (07/07)

Pairing: Joel/Ray (Roosterteeth)

Rating: T

Summary:  It’s 4.20am in the morning and mistakes happen. And that’s basically the story of how Ray meets Donut.

You’re weird.


Chapter index: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Notes:  Format and premise inspired by Little Numbers. Ayyy! Last chapter! This one’s a monster in terms of length, but I hope that you guys will enjoy reading it! Shoutout to my sister, who’s been helping me beta this. <3

Joel in italics, Ray in regular, Michael in bold, Jack in underline. (underline does not show in tumblr mobile app)

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It’s been so loud in your head for what has felt like so many months. You’re not sure how you’re going to pay for college, your English teacher probably hates you, the boy you like…. honestly who knows, and you’re so weighted with so many thoughts all at once - thoughts that aren’t even thoughts, about things you can’t really think about, but they’re there and they’re loud. And it’s all been so loud for so long you forget what its like to have quiet. You haven’t slept in weeks, how could you? And it’s New Year’s Eve, maybe, and you pulled an all-nighter, and you cannot hear your friends anymore. Nothing can beat the volume in your head. So you get up. You get up, damn it. You get up and you fight for yourself for once. You don’t know why you get up, you have no idea, most likely. But you do, damn it. You get up, and it’s 6:30 in the morning and you say goodbye to your friends and you get your shoes on and you go.

You leave. You walk out the front door and you walk down the steps and you get into your car. And it’s so loud. It’s so loud and it’s 6:30 on the day after a midnight holiday and no one is on the road. And suddenly, it isn’t so loud anymore. You plug in your iPod and you press play. A song comes on that you’re maybe not crazy about. It’s not a bad song, not in the slightest. But you just stormed out of your friend’s house and got in your car on a whim and it’s not exactly what you pictured playing in the movie you’re no doubt rolling in your head. But you don’t skip it, because the roads are icy in the neighborhoods and you don’t want to end up on the news simply because the right song isn’t playing. So you listen. And you realize it is the right song. The singer, probably, is singing about being a drifter, about never being a fixed dot on the line of life. She’s singing to you, maybe, or to someone you once were. And your foot is on the pedal. And your singing. And, let’s be honest, you can’t sing. You sound akin to the gears underneath you propelling your car forward, forward to something maybe, a something that is becoming more and more concrete with every tick of the odometer. But you sing, damn it. You sing because you cannot possibly think of a reason not to. So you’re driving, feeling the steering wheel in your hands. And you turn the corner, onto a typically busy street, County Line maybe, and you see the mountains. You see them there, and if it wasn’t quite earlier, it sure the hell is quiet now. And a new song is playing now, a song you danced to in middle school, probably. And you’re singing still. You’re not thinking about the words. You’re not thinking about anything. Except, maybe you are. There’s a thought forming somewhere. It’s still not really anything yet. And you’re looking at the mountains, and the road is passing underneath undisturbed, and if it is disturbed its certainly not letting on to it. So you’re driving, and you’re staring, and suddenly you realize that you can be anything you want to be. It’s a New Year, isn’t it? And maybe it’s more than that. Maybe you’ll keep driving; it sure seems like a good idea. And maybe then you think of a book you read your Freshman year, The Bean Trees maybe, and you realize that you could start all over. Who could stop you? When the car runs out, turn around and look at the first thing you see. Whatever it is, is your new name. And so maybe your new name is Seesaw or Icicle or Sign. And who cares? Because not even a shitty name can stop you now. So you’ll drive and you’ll find yourself a perfectly shitty name, and you don’t know how you’ll make a living, but you know you’ll figure it out. I mean, your brain got you out of the house, right? And it got you in the car, yes? And it stopped thinking for a minute and found you quiet, didn’t it? So maybe you’ll figure it out. And maybe you’re starting to realize, and you wonder about your name and the road is passing underneath you and it’s quiet, that maybe planning is what got you and everybody else into this mess. Maybe this new you will forget the plan. Because maybe you realize that it isn’t worth it anymore, all this planning. Plan for this; prepare for that. That mentality hasn’t gotten you very far, so why not leave it under your car, on the road that is quiet, as you drive staring at the mountains?

Or maybe instead of a new life, a movie theater is waiting for you at the end of the road: a movie theater with a single film playing. And you walk up to it and you buy a ticket with all the money you have left in your wallet, which, in truth, probably isn’t very much, and you go in and you find a seat. And you watch the movie, yes, and you love it. In fact, you probably love it more than any movie you’ve ever seen. So you watch it, and it ends, and you don’t know what was so remarkable about it. There was nothing in it that was, you know, that great. But it was. It was wonderful. It was beyond description. And you get back in your car and you stare at yourself in the rear-view mirror and you sigh. You start driving again, and you realize you never found out the name of the movie. And as you live through the rest of your life, anytime someone asks you what your favorite movie is, you tell them you can’t remember the name of it. They laugh, usually, and make some smart-ass remark wondering how you could forget the title of your favorite movie. But you tell them you can’t forget something you never knew. So they ask you, probably, what it’s about, because they’ve probably seen a lot of movies and probably think they know them all. But they don’t, not this one. And you tell them, you try anyway, the basics of the plot, but you can’t remember. You can’t remember what it was about. But it had to be about something, didn’t it? Or maybe that’s what made it so great. But you remember, you remember when you’re crying alone at your house and you don’t know why. In fact, you remember so well that you can actually probably quote the entire movie from start to end. And the words comfort you.

Or maybe, as I likely expect, your home is the only thing waiting for you on the other side of the road, and no matter how hard you try to avoid it, and no matter how many minutes you waste on the side streets, you wind up pulling into your driveway and turning off your car and going inside your house and hanging up your keys and taking off your shoes. But you’re not really you anymore, not really. You’ve changed. You know things now, things about how life is ugly and people will leave you and gas is expensive. But you don’t care. Because you know the beautiful things – the mountains and the quiet and the road as it moves under your tires. You know those things are yours and yours alone. You know you can hold onto things. You can. You may not always remember that they are there, but they will be and you will quote along when you are all alone. But you know now, that you’re never alone, not really. You realize you’ve been waiting for someone to rescue you, for someone to look at you, for someone to reach right into your fucking pathetic life, and fix it. But you know that’s not going to happen. Not with all you know now. See, you’ve realized, among other things probably, that you are the best superhero to yourself you will ever meet. You cannot fix the world you live in, maybe. You cannot change your circumstance, most likely. But you can choose to get in the car and drive. And all will be quiet. And all the road will pass under you. And the mountains will still stand there. And you will be behind the wheel.

So you left their house, on New Year’s Day probably, and you didn’t know, maybe, that you were leaving your life behind. So when they come looking for you (and they will, most likely with police) you do not have to hide from them to be happy. You simply have to tell them that you do not live here anymore, that you let that person go a long time ago. And when they ask you where you left them, you tell them. You tell them, damn it, that you left it on the side of the road, the highway maybe, or your neighbor’s yard, but you left them the moment you got in the car. You drove away. You never looked back. Or maybe you did.

—  But You Drove, Damn It.