i actually laughed out loud at that line

Try - Erik Lehnsherr One Shot

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Erik let out a loud sigh, flopping down on the couch beside you. You cuddled into his side, resting your head on his shoulder while Erik wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“He’s good, Charles, he really gets it out of you.” He said thoughtfully, tracing lines on your arm softly. It tickled but was also relaxing.

“It’s exhausting though.” You murmured.

“Yes. That’s true.” He nodded. 

“I’m definitely exhausted.” Erik said, lying back on the couch flat and pulling you gently with him.

You laughed slightly, resting your head on his chest. His heartbeat was steady and soothing which, accompanied by his finger tracing on your arm and the peaceful afternoon silence lulled you into a state of relaxation.

“Are you alright?” Erik whispered, checking, like always, that you were okay.

“I’m fine Erik.” you said, breathing slowly, “How are you?” You tilted your head back to look at him.

“Better now.” He said, pressing his lips to your forehead, gently, not pulling away too fast. You smiled, lifting your arm to touch his cheek gently.

“I love you.” You whispered.

“I love you too, (Y/n). I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.”

“Then don’t lose me.”

He smiled, tracing on your arm thoughtfully.

“What if I can’t help it?” 

“Well, with both of us trying desperately not to lose the other, we should be fine.”

Erik’s heart rate quickened under your head and you squeezed his hand gently.

“Sometimes just trying isn’t enough, (Y/n).” He murmured, not making eye contact with you.

Glancing back down at you, your head rested comfortably on his chest, his arms around you, your hand on his cheek, he smiled.

“I will do everything in my power not to lose you, I promise.” He said.

You propped yourself up on one elbow, turning around to kiss him gently. Your lips lingered against his before pulling away. Erik leaned up towards you, not wanting to part.



1.) The symbols seem to be “evolving” from a few lines/bird-like figures to a dog, raven/crow/something, and a wolf. I suppose you could call Jake a lone wolf.
2.) If Diego “Hides much of true personality from conservative family,” could he be gay?
3.) “With her hacking skills & lack of loyalty, we should consider her for recruitment.” I actually laughed out loud, whoops 😄
4.) That bounty though. I really want to know how that happened.
5.) Estela still holds the highest threat assessment.
6.) We should be seeing the files for Quinn, Aleister, Craig, and Michelle soon, right?

Okay because I love torturing myself and being sad lemme talk about a tiny small line from the latest episode of TI. Spoilers obviously. (I know I’m making sad headcanons here but this episode was super funny I actually starting laughing out loud several times)

So this may sound crazy, but I feel like Gregor is trying to ask his friends for help, but he doesn’t know how. He’s so used to helping other people and being the strong one. When the group was discussing hiring Harlock to “adventure” people, Gregor says, “So I’ve been having these dreams about people from my past.”

Ashe asks him if they should hire Harlock to kill them, but he says, “Nah.” Why is this important you might ask? Well most of Gregor’s friends are already dead. His family, the Outriders, they are all pretty much dead. So why would he even bring the dreams up at that moment? Because maybe he wanted to talk about his dreams, or more likely nightmares, but he could never find an opportunity to. Once the group was talking about people from the past he sorta just jumped on the chance, but lost his nerve a bit once they started talking about assassination. It probably brought up bad memories. Remember in his flashback way back in the camp fire episode, we see what are probably members of the Outriders being hung.

Then later on when Inien comes over and asks Ashe to join “Team Cynicism,” Gregor immediately pops up and runs over well before Ashe. I just thought that was pretty interesting.

So there is my over analysis of Gregor. I believe he’s hiding some deep trauma and is running out of ways to deal with it, but he has no way to ask for help.


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this is an old post! updated info is HERE!

How would EXO act if they saw their crush pushing away a guy that hit on them?

Thank you for the request! And sorry for da late reply <3

~Complete Reaction List~

Xiumin - That’s right. She’s not into you, buddy, move on. That girl will be mine soon enough.

Luhan - *laughs out loud* Look at this guy…

Like he’d ever have a chance against… the deer.

Kris - Uhh, did you actually expect to get anywhere with that corny ass pick up line or…?

Suho - You go girl! Kick him to the curb!!!

Lay - She actually said no! Maybe I have a chance.

Baekhyun - Aish, he got dumped bad.

Now time to seduce her with my eyeliner game.

Chen - Byeee. Byeeeeeee. BYEEEEEEEEEEE.

Chanyeol - Aww, they’re so cute together let me make a hea-… oh nope it failed just like you’re relationship. Too bad.

D.O. - She said no, get it through your head.

Tao - *is a happy panda* Hehe, loser.

Kai - How dare he even flirt with her?

But who are we kidding? How could she ever prefer him over all this…

Sehun - YES!!! Tell him to fuck off already!

Okay so we were in math class today getting homework on parabolas (curvy line graphs) and the math teacher wanted to be very clear that we weren’t supposed to put all our lines on the same graph. 

To enforce the point, she says “I don’t want you guys drawing your parabolas on top of each other! No sexy parabolas!

The class died laughing. And she just stood there looking at her notes for a moment and said “Did I actually say that out loud? I always think that in my head but I never say it!” So she burst out laughing too.

But hands down the best part was when my friend turned to me and said “Parabolas have great curves though.”

(I swear I never felt like more of a math geek then when I was laughing at that joke).

Mommy's Laugh (Part 2)
  • A continuation of my previous chat comic about Genos’ laugh.
  • -Saitama still mulls over on how he could get Genos to genuinely laugh as he and Genos take the kids to the park.-
  • Saitama: Hmm...(I wonder what I should do. Though it's not like I haven't tried, but it just seems so difficult getting him to laugh out loud when he's usually so serious. And even though he's sensitive to touch lately, I don't know if tickling actually would work...)
  • -Genos returns with ice cream for Saitama and the kids.-
  • Genos: Here you are Sensei.
  • Saitama: Ah, thanks Genos. [-grabs the packet from him.-]
  • -The rest of the Minis line up to get there's, and San (as usual) climbs on top of Saitama's shoulders to eat his.-
  • Saitama: Hm, guess it might not be possible...[-opens packet at the same time as San-]
  • Saitama: [-breaks the ice cream top off-] Ah...!
  • San: [-breaks the ice cream top off-]Ah...!
  • -Genos blinks as he sees them practically do this in sync, realizing that San had inherited that habit from his Daddy, he can't help but think how cute and funny it is as he thinks back to the many times Saitama does it.-
  • Genos: ...Pfft...!...Ah ha...Ahahahahaha!! [-laughs out loud, clutching his stomach as the image of it is too perfectly adorable, tearing up oil at the corner of each eye.-]
  • Saitama: ...Eh...? ////// [-Can't help but watch him, accidentally dropping the top of his ice cream for Rover to catch.-]

so tons of people on twitter have been asking about the shirt rob wore to SNS in phoenix this past weekend:

(photo by the incredible meghan. source link)

well, I’m extra stoked for it because I gave him this shirt! I gave it to him at autographs at JIBCon this year. he said that he would wear it because (and I quote) “it’s totally a Rob shirt!” – but I didn’t actually think he’d wear it so publically? XD

anyway. the design is mine, from a Kings of Con scene that made me laugh out loud when I first heard it. it still makes me laugh to think of the way he says that line.

the shirt (and stickers, mugs, bags, phone covers - all sorts of stuff) is available here on my redbubble! while you’re there, please do have a browse through my other designs, too. there are a few in there I don’t mind saying I’m really proud of.

tl;dr: *squee*

i love hanging out with mal. i love seeing her when shes almost asleep and she only sorta watches whatevers on tv. she’ll be really still and quiet for a while, and ill think shes asleep, and then shes start rubbing circles on my stomach. i love when we ride in my car, because she always pulls her legs into the seat and she never sings along and she only holds my hand if i flip it a certain way. she always laughs when i sing too loud or rap something i dont actually know the words to. “thats not even the right line!” and she’ll grin, because we both know shes right. “well then what is it?” ill say, leaving the volume up really loud. and then she’ll tell me what it actually says. ive found that mal knows every lyric to every song ive ever heard. ill turn the music down, or even press pause on my phone if i feel like i have a lot to say. “that sounds stupid, im gonna keep saying it my way.” and she’ll laugh at me again. i love when she laughs. if we’re in public she’ll just roll her eyes and smile at me, but when we’re alone it’s completely different. she doesnt even cover her mouth when she laughs most of the time!! she squints her eyes and throws her head back and its so beautiful. she is so beautiful. i dont tell her that, though. instead i hang my legs off her bed because i know she hates it and i make fun of her when her arms shake when she holds herself up because she always says shes weak and we both know she is. i love when mal says my name. most of the time she’s groaning, or complaining, and she’ll say, “han, please stop watching that it’s an infomercial about a watch!” or “han will you please stop hiding under my blanket??” but other times, she’ll look at me and say “han, you’re not even funny!!” or “oh my god han, thats so homo” and then i’ll roll my eyes because i know she’s kidding. sometimes when im driving, ill lean over and kiss her and she always says “youre gonna die dude” but i always see her smile after she looks away.

thoughts re: the cursed child

there’s a lot of negativity going around right now about the cursed child, and while everyone is more than entitled to their own opinion, i just wanted to say that i really really enjoyed it. i thought the plot was really interesting, and although a bit fanfiction-y, very well thought out and executed. i loved the characterization of everyone, especially characters like scorpius and draco, and the character development of both harry and albus was wonderful. most of the things i’d seen people complaining about before the book actually came out was stuff that happened in the alternate realities, where all the characters and the setting were different. voldemort having a daughter didn’t seem overly cheesy to me. while i thought “voldemort day” would be laughable, it completely made sense in the alternate reality context it was set in. it was written very well, also, with a lot of witty lines that actually made me laugh out loud. while i don’t think harry would ever tell his child he didn’t want him, it was obvious that he didn’t mean it and that it was just a product of his tendency to say whatever comes to mind when he’s in a temper and was resolved wonderfully in the end. and i loved how the theme of it was consistent with the harry potter books - that, ultimately, love saves the day. that harry wins because he has those he loves around him, helping him. again, i understand that some people didn’t like it, and that’s totally fine, but i just thought i’d share the fact thought i thought it was a really good book/play/whatever it is and that i definitely don’t regret reading it