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AHH AHH AHH okay you guys are chill so I'm gonna blab about my day k cool :) so I came out as ace/aro like 2 years ago and I've never met anyone else who identifies as either IRL so I've always kinda been a little bummed about that, but my best friend just came out to me as ace!questioning and I'm just so fucking blindsided that all along my very best friend actually understood me for the first time in my life and I'M SO VALIDATED AND ALSO EXCITED FOR HER????? YAY WOW

THATS GREAT!!! I remember when I had one of my closest friends come out to me (yep you guessed it it was Az) and I got kind of excited? I knew he was queer, but it was more that he understood the whole masculine thing. Having someone who understands what you’re goin’ through feels great (Partially the reason why this blog exists, to give people an outlet to rant and talk to people who understand)
Happy to be the chill people~~

-Emeyn <3

An ENTP’s thoughts on the types

INTP: Dude, live a little. Stop hiding in your numbers and facts no one cares about. Also fewer details. But still, your brain is the coolest thing. Brainstorming with you is one of the most fun activities I can spend time doing. Who the heck cares if we didn’t end up making that Role Playing system, it was fun discussing theoretical mechanics of magic for 3 hours.

ENTP: Duuuuuuuude. You either SUCK as the looseriest looser of all losers or you are a ton of nerdy, chill, sociable fun. 10/10

ENTJ: Where are you? Probably somewhere more successful than me. From the one or two I’ve observed you look super cool and successful and put together. Well done gentlemen

INTJ: CALM DOWN. You don’t have to hide in a dark room just because there are people outside! Though, when you aren’t hiding from others, you are like, the best person to conquer the world with. Fun, Intelligent, and oh so delightfully logical.

INFP: Man you are fun. Like, there is not a single type that makes me giggle with silly glee more. Also, the only type to have a relationship with based on memes. Most excellent.

ENFP: Eww. Stop being so happy. The world is not great and people suck and just stop having so much optimism. Idk why I just have a hate for you. Nothing personal.

ISFJ: Ummmmm. You are nice and sweet? But pretty boring? So yay you? Also can be hella passive and manipulative, so boo you

ESFJ: Oh my god. Just stop. I don’t care if Timmy’s brother’s mom’s said that you were failing her. You aren’t and you are great and you try too hard for too many people. Super sweet but you try way to hard.

ESTJ: You are pretty sweet and GETTING STUFF DONE and it blows my mind but no to relax I would not like to chat about my goals and current objectives.

ISTJ: You are a human calendar/reminder/notebook thingies with one or two shy quirks. Please be happier and don’t freak out when people don’t write out lists for you.

ESFP: You are tons of goofy fun in short doses, then I just get angry with how stupid you are.

ESTP: Bruh. You are like the sexier more active version of me. I dig it.

ISFP: You have such a simple beautiful view of life. I’m not good at communicating in colors but it’s actually kinda nice even if I can’t rationalize it. Also, you like animals more than people so that’s.. yay?

ISTP: I wanna be you. You are cooler, sexier, smarter, everything that I have the potential to be but no drive for. Rock on Mr backflip genius doctor sexy man!

ENFJ: Honey… please calm down. It’s okay you aren’t dating anyone and it’s okay you aren’t making a difference. You are pouring yourself into like 20 people and super chill and high-class hipster.

INFJ: I just wanna keep you safe and let you do your silly change/save the world thing while I keep all the bad things away from you. You are too pure for the world.

Hmm, so… This is short and entirely self-indulgent, and the dialogue is probably pretty bland, but it’s my first attempt at writing fanfic. If you have suggestions on improvements or ideas on how to create better dialogue, I am all ears. I hope you enjoy it!

Tony woke with a groan, immediately deciding that any movement would be a Bad Idea.


For a moment, he doesn’t have the energy to answer, but he recognises the voice as Bucky’s and starts to rapidly blink his eyes open despite the prior caution. He only regrets it a little bit when the lights dim and he hears Bucky settling back into a chair.

“I-“ Tony paused to clear his throat as he attempted to sit up. “I don’t remember there being a fight…”

“That’s because there wasn’t one.” Bucky said lips twitching in amusement. He leant forward to help Tony sit up, his amusement fading slightly. “Hey take it easy sweetheart, you banged your head pretty bad there.” Bucky said laying a hand on the back of Tony’s head to make sure he wouldn’t bump it, and Tony gave a fond smile for his efforts. “You, uh, you slipped. On some kind of smoothie?” At this point Bucky couldn’t help the chuckle when Tony twitched his nose, like being a little clumsy every now and then was beneath him. “The doctor said you’ll just have a mild concussion so you just gotta take it easy for a little while.”

Tony watched, scowling, as Bucky fetched a cup of water, following the line of his shoulders and the stretch of his arm, then tilted his head back in embarrassment when Bucky turned back to him. “Great. The Invincible Iron Man, defeated by an evil smoothie.” He pouted at the ceiling, wondering why the universe wanted to punish him.

“Don’t worry Tony, I’ll protect you from evil smoothies in the future.” Bucky gave an amused smirk, “and evil milkshakes, just to be sure… But maybe keep Dum-E out of range of the blender…” He added, squinting, because the ‘bots could probably be more careful

Tony snorted. “At least he tries to help, U just stands there like a lemon, waving his arm around for attention.” Bucky gasped in U’s defence, and Tony felt the familiar tightness in his chest that had nothing to do with the arc-reactor, “what are you doing here anyway, surely there’s something better to do than wait for a clumsy lout like me to shake off a fall?”

Bucky’s eyes softened and he took Tony’s hand, “I wanted to make sure you were really okay,” he said quietly, rubbing his thumb over Tony’s knuckles, “besides even if it’s nothing serious, I still care about you.” At that he looked Tony in the eye and placed a small but lingering kiss on the back of Tony’s hand.

Tony swallowed, mouth suddenly dry. “Well, um, thank you? Yeah. Thank you… That’s… really nice of you. Really great. Thanks… Um.” Bucky started to grin as Tony babbled, and squeezed his hand, seeing how Tony was reacting gave him a little more confidence to do what he had been trying to do for weeks.

“So Tony, I was wondering…”


Women of the Tolkienverse | Part I

VARDA was a Valië, the wife of Manwë and Queen of the Valar.
THURINGWETHIL was a Vampire servant of Sauron during the First Age.
TAR-ANCALIME was the seventh ruler and first Ruling Queen of Númenor.
GALADRIEL was a Noldo, a ringbearer and ruler of Lothlórien.
NESSA was a Valië and the wife of Tulkas and sister of Oromë.

finally finished that painting i was talking about

its my first time painting so if it doesnt look great then riP- i tried. :’^)



So this is what i was talking about in my last post and im actually kinda proud of this. These are just some concept sketches i finished early February that i really wanted to make and i might make more or draw some scenes?? i dont know yet but thats just an idea.

i hope you like it !!!

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Ok, who is wes and what ep are they from?

Wes isn’t actually from an episode, but I know the general history of who he is. (Unfortunately I don’t remember who came up with what, nor do I have all the links, so if anyone wants to fill in my gaps feel free)

I believe it started with a screencap of a background character–an orange-haired kid in basketball attire who looked kinda like Danny. (I found the cap, yay internet sleuthing!)

This kid. The person making the post pointed out that maybe this was why Danny was never directly linked to Phantom, because there were other kids who had an uncanny resemblance to Phantom, not just Danny.

For a brief period of time, this turned into crack ideas that this kid (who the phandom named Wes Weston because…???) was actually accused of being Phantom, but not Danny (because who doesnt love irony). And to add to the irony sandwich, Wes alone realized the link between Danny and Phantom. So as people are accusing him left and right of being the ghost kid, he’s the one flailing his arms at Danny going “No! Him! Am I the only one seeing this?!”

The whole Wes-is-accused-of-being-Phantom thing got dropped pretty quickly, and just turned into Wes-is-the-only-one-who-realizes-Danny-is-Phantom and is hell-bent on proving it. But no one believes him. Ever. To the point where Danny is free to be an absolute shit to him because no one would ever back Wes Weston’s claims.

(Side note, just to mention, people also decided that Wes’s dad works for Vlad. Because of reasons. Who knows but it strengthens the lore.)

So there’s 0 canon behind this. It’s purely fanon, but the whole idea is a lot of fun and I’m glad to see it making its rounds again. If you go to any Danny Phantom blog (me, thickerthanectoplasm, aqua-twin, for example) and search through their “wes” tag you’re bound to find more stuff. 

TL:DR Wes is a 100% fanon character. He alone realizes that Fenton = Phantom but no one else believes him. Danny is a shit about it. Wes’s life is hell.

this is what happens when you let a tired and sad faa tell you what to draw

she says i cheered her up so YAY SUCCESS!!

i will probably work on the original picture idea later xD

so reason behind lossi having two sais
me and faa made a second sai once for fun naming him saini aka sai 2 and
lossi just kinda really ended up loving both of them so much that he kinda became a
actual side thing for fun hes kinda like maybe a younger ver of sai??? idk but its fun and
we love it its like a inside joke for us

(yes sai has a collar kink)

(lossi started it though)

sai and saini belong to me
lossi belongs to @foreverafterall

so uh, SATURDAY YAY GZLY Day 15,

Jean and Luke if their souls were switched.

well it was pretty fun to try draw on an actual drawing tablet…it feels kinda wierd but im sure i’ll get used to it XDDDD

well so this is what i think they would look like i guess?
all i did was change facial expressions

but it was cool to draw them, i never had an excuse to sooooo here it is XD

GZLY challenge by @anrez-op-skele GZTale by @golzy

how to even tag via computer. i spent so long tryna lookit up cause idk how hhhhhhh

dis html stuf is so hard.

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Can u draw frank and gerard practicing witchcraft idk I'm very tired rn.....

theyd have completely different styles and (((vibe)))s,,, like i know nothing of witchcraft but i do have a tumblr so ive seen more than one or ten moodboards and stuff

gerard would have that… kinda standard goth aesthetic…… edgy

but consider this: frank actually learning magic from his family and treating it like a Normal Thing that doesnt need a specific aesthetic

How far are those actually "Bechloe" moments?

Snow/Chloes lip stare

Kendrick/Beca looks at Snow/Chloes butt.

Kendrick/Becas lip stare

Kendrick/Beca looks at Snow/Chloe and gets “caught” and has to awkwardly look away.

Kendrick/Becas lip stare no 2.

I was just wondering….how far are all those “Bechloe moments” actually Bechloe moments? Like:

  • Did the producers tell them to look at each other like that?
  • Was it written down in the script?

–> In which case Kendrick and Snow know damn well that Bechloe is a thing that’s going to happen. They probably aren’t allowed to tell us. (Even tho they already kinda did.)

  • Or was it just Kendrick and Snow improvising because they thought it would be fitting? Because you all know how much they both ship Bechloe (yay).

  • Or maybe: Was it just not a Bechloe moment at all, and never planned for the movie, and just a Sendrick moment?

–> That’d be nice too but…that means Bechloe was never planned to be as….real and as awesome as it is. It would really give the producers problems of whether to really make Bechloe happen, really make Chloe and Beca be in a relationship even if that was never the plan in the first place…

That’s what I am asking myself. E.g. why did Anna Kendrick stare at Brittany Snows lips like that?

  1. Someone told her to do so, for the movies sake. -> Bechloe
  2. Kendrick: “Staring at someones lips is a sign of attraction. And Beca and Chloe are so cute together, I’m gonna do it ^^”
  3. Anna Kendrick is attracted to Brittany Snow. -> Sendrick

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any headcanons of yuske and our good doggo ryuji? cuz damn i love these two so much

boy do i smell ryukitas

cause i think it is ryukitas

but if it’s them in general being bros, i’m here to serve!

  • people would think they are an odd duo
  • one is a loud mouthed, delinquent looking dude who speaks like sailor despite being unable to say efff lmao
  • and the other one is an artistic, kinda classy guy who is actually a goofball that is a clueless pretty boy 90% of the time
  • did i forget to mention that ryuji’s a sweet heart with a heart of gold who loves his friends?
  • yusuke too loves his friends right?
  • so yeah there you have it!
  • them being bros, yay! down below is the things tho
  • sometimes yusuke would be surprised by his brash behaviour
  • and ryuji would be weirded out by the things that goes through the artisans’ minds.
  • but nevertheless, they would still hang out.
  • ramen dates? ramen dates.
  • ryuji would take and treat the boy for ramen or any other food bc he’s a sweet boy that cared for his friends! and wanted to feed the boy and stop him from the saltwater and beansprout diet
  • though those are not often bc school boy budget tm
  • basically ryuji done a LOT for yusuke
  • here is some point: him nagging yusuke not to sleep during mementos so he wouldn’t catch bad dreams, him offering to be his friend because no one approaches yusuke at first, him pointing out that yusuke’s been pale for donating blood, him telling yusuke to focus on the job and not just arts for being such an arthoe
  • and many more
  • gosh i can make a long ass list for this
  • ryuji would help yusuke with his carsickness too
  • but that doesn’t mean yusuke doesn’t do anything in return
  • him reminding ryuji not to waste energy, him reminding ryuji to cool down, so and so
  • they might even do study dates! 
  • fox is smart and ryuji’s the opposite when it comes to brains sorry boo
  • and he would be amazed when fox explained the whole thing
  • not because he get it but boy foxy is hella poetic LMAO
  • other than that, ryuji might groan when yusuke invites him to have a taste at the sample kiosk or looking for sales but he’ll do it for a friend!
  • “hey bro check out deez guns i’ve been sportin! :D ”
                 “they lack composition, i’d prefer a more dynamic subject-”
    “aWW MAN at least you can praise me or something for it! >:’(”
  • but nonetheless, foxy would defo ask him to be a model
  • remember that convo when ryuji brags about his pushups and yusuke needs a model to handstand LMAO RIP ryuji’s hand maybe
  • ADDITION bc i just thought of this lmao rip snek
  • remember how ryuji would love to grow stronger with the friends he loved?
  • yeah they might even go to gym dates
  • but poor fox boy ain’t sporty most of the time, too much time used to art
  • after a while he’d look like a deadbeat then say that he’s giving up LMAO
  • but he might be okay doing static bikes
Playing with Fire cover comparisons

Annnnd we’re back! This time with PWF, which in my opinion is rather underrated? Definitely not the best book in the series, but I like it better than the other middle books. YEAH, GET READY FOR UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Also, apparently almost every country universally decided the main character gets to appear, so this time there’s lot of Val! Yay!

Anyway, this list has some weird mixups. Let’s go.


Indonesian Cover

In my opinion? The best Skulduggery Pleasant cover, ever. It’s beautifully drawn, the compositions great, the PERSONALITY!! the font is not the greatest (that blue is… out of nowhere) but good god I will forgive for that BEAUTIFUL val. this is the only official art i’ve ever seen that actually looks like a pretty teenage girl, so, props. I also love the hand tucked into her jacket. “yeah, im shooting fire, but it’s not a big deal.”

also, indonesian artist learned to draw skeletons!! it is kinda weird to see him standing far back not doing anything, but it works better here than other places…


UK Hardcover

This and #3 are really close, but this is probably one of my favorites of the original hardcovers. I like the lemon/lime color scheme, and the composition is great - maybe the best of all of them. The hands popping up out of the frame really work, and the splatter effects actually look good here! Yay! I … kinda suspect someone else did the composition here, lol. Not sure how I feel about the bats, but. Eh. 


Thai Cover

im sorry about the sticker/website, this is the biggest I could find :,(

ANYWAY! DAMN! Once again, love the framing, and especially love the hand creeping out! The chains are great, the fiery background is great … also the grotesquery is creepy as fuck, much scary then any of the art Percival’s done of it. thoo…. why put the villain on the front cover, is my question? 


UK paperback.

It’s okay. Playing wirth fire, so… Skulduggery plays with fire. Composition is good, colors are good. Not much to say.


Bulgarian Cover

Yay, Val!! And Skul lurking protectively in the background. This one mostly comes down to me not liking the art style much. Also val’s weird very ooc (and age inappropriate??) top. Aight.


US Ebook

You know how I said the Indonesian/Bulgarian covers with Skul standing back worked? Yeah, this is an example of one that.. doesn’t. Seriously, there are vampires coming at them and Skulduggery is … actually, I’m not sure what Skulduggery is doing. What is he looking at? … SKULDUGGERY, SHE’S 13.

Speaking of that background, it’s awful. I can’t believe we’re only about halfway down the list and it’s already this dismal. Oy vey.

This is a cute Val, though. Yay. Why does Val never age in Percival’s covers? Questions, questions.


US Hardcover

this is hilariously awful to me in the way the czech cover of book 1 is. it’s just so HIDEOUS, I LOVE IT. i bought a copy of this in powell’s and it’s my ugly baby

people do not run like this. I mean, for one, they do not hover off the ground like this, but the arms should be opposite the legs (so right leg forward, right arm back). Both of them are wearing brown, for some reason? Val’s coat is super short? i don’t know, man. I don’t know. 


Serbian Cover

It’s a massive improvement over the last cover, though it’s still a mess. Their photoshopping is a bit more coherent, at least. Look at val’s emo bangs. And I’m sure she’s very proud to be 2 inches taller than Skulduggery.

Also, the bats return. Were there bats in this book??


Czech Cover


I’m impressed that they did worse.

it’s like Skulduggery cosplaying billy-ray sanguine, I don’t even KNOW. 


American Paperback

Exec #1: “well, the skeleton cover really didn’t work here… We think it might have been too scary. What should we do for this reboot?”

Exec #2: “what’s the title?”

exec #1: “Playing with Fire.”

Exec #2: “Hand. Fire. DONE, BOOM”

at least they TRIED with the first one by making a scepter. ths is just… utter laziness. 

“Vampires are just part of the problem!” what was wrong with don’t try this at home?? IT MAKES EVEN MORE SENSE HERE. it’s the only one of these covers with a tagline, too. lord. 


so I somehow thought of an au where Morro decides to possess all the ninja just to take them all out and not worry about them later

it gets kinda long so I put it under a cut lol but here’s why I paired each ghost with their ninja annnd why Kai doesn’t have one

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Fleur secretly wears glasses, hermione finds out *drama ensues *

Dudes, idk if it’s any good, I’ll try to get to the other prompts but this one I found kinda funny so I wanted to write it first. Didn’t spell check so any grammar mistake you find is mine. 

Ok? ok. Hope you enjoy, lmk if you like it. :D


Hermione has always thought it annoying, inconsequential and not at all worth her time. She would hear other girls talking about it, the “badump badump” your heart makes when you stare at this “new hot bloke from Durmstrang did you see how he wears that tie? absolutely fascinating” coupled with high pitch giggles and frantic waving of arms.

She scowled and rolled her eyes.

How utterly annoying. A waste of time. She would rather dedicate her time elsewhere, like perfecting her craft and memorizing wand movements and incantations.

Of course she hasn’t completely disregarded the idea of attraction, it is, after all, an important part of ones’ life, she concedes. It’s a natural process created by chemicals in your body and with it, a manifestation of these weird uncharacteristic actions and mannerisms that by now some of the girls in their year were experiencing- scratch that- she scrunched her nose- that these girls are currently manifesting.

But that does not mean they could not use a bit more of self control. She raised her chin slightly more so than usual as she passed by the giggling girls by the hallway, eyeing said bloke lingering outside one of the classroom as she makes her way towards the library.

She sighed as soon as she crossed the door, at last, some peace and quiet.

The library was half full, all the good seats with sturdy, less dusty tables already occupied. But being a regular on the library, she knew where the best studying spots truly lies.

She passed several book cases, made twists and turns and finally, finally. She arrived at her usual spot, a nice clean desk by the window that grants her a nice view of the lake and the forest.

She placed down her book bag and started unpacking, placing her unfinished work neatly in an organized manner. She sat down and smiled to herself.

She was halfway into finishing a particularly tricky part of her potions essay, staring at the latest sentence she wrote as her quill was scrunched on the space between her mouth and her nose.

(Years later, she still wishes she wasn’t in such a state the first time it happened.)

“Bon jour, is this seat taken?” A familiar voice echoed out of nowhere.

Hermione looked up and met blue, twinkling amused eyes.

Badump, badump, badump.

Her quill fell down the desk and rolled off to the floor.

Shi- bugger. Hermione thought.

Hermione stared, she just kept on staring. Mouth half opened and not really sure what to make of the her heart speeding up. Am I having a heart attack? She wondered wildly.

The girl stared back.


“Um.” Work, brain.

The corner of the girl’s mouth quirked, she was holding several books on her arms against her chest.

“Erm.” WORK.

Okay, it’s not as if it’s the first time she’s seen this particular girl.


And sure, of course she remembered this girl’s name. It was Fleur, yes. Fleur was her name.

“W-well, er.” WORK, FASTER, BRAIN.

Alright, and maybe. Just maybe, she was probably harboring some form of the aforementioned attraction towards Fleur. It’s not that she was completely unaware of it, it’s just that she hasn’t really had time to process this.

“Yes?” Fleur tilted her head. Hermione shouldn’t have found that adorable.

“Y-, no, I mean, yes- no.” Okay, that’s new. She observed internally. So, her basic motor functions aren’t exactly under her control right now, she’s packing up her things faster than she can remember her hands have ever moved- in hindsight this new skill may be an excellent one to have for the defense of the dark arts?

“Hermione, is everything alright?” Fleur asked again, moving to place down her books against the desk and stepping closer to Hermione.

“N-no, yes! I mean, It’s okay!” Wow, a full sentence. Hermione’s brain is definitely catching up now.

Fleur placed a comforting hand on Hermione’s shoulder and she all but squeaked, the arm she was using to practically hold herself up, because goodness. Her knees feels like jelly at the moment.

“Are you sure? Perhaps we should take you to the infirmary?”

Hermione felt Fleur’s thumb rubbing comforting circles against her shoulder. She stepped closer, and Hermione can almost see the specific dark and light blue flecks of the blonde girl’s blue irises.

I’m ready to die now, I might as well throw myself against the whomping willow.

Hermione thought even as she stumbled backwards, murmuring an unintelligible goodbye which probably sounded like “TABLE. HERE. NOT USING. TOTALLY DONE. YOURS. GOOD BYE.” only barely able to control herself from running instead of walking.

Fleur watched the gryffindor girl speedily walking away, slightly confused but mostly amused.

“Such an odd, adorable girl.” She murmured to herself.

She unconciously adjusted the black rimmed glasses currently perched on her nose.

“Oh, that’s where it has been all this time.”

She sat down the same seat Hermione was occupying and drummed her fingers quietly against the dark wood. Fondly remembering how adorably flushed the gryffindor was.

“Perhaps I should visit her in the library more often.“ She whispered happily to herself as she started working on her homework.


yay! hoodies! 

sorry if everything is kinda rough, i’ve been in and out of it all day. i sketched Tetsu’s hoodie from a picture i saw online and i thought ‘Wow, so cool! but should the wings be on his back or under his arms??’ then i passed out. 

i like Mahiru’s rabbit hoodie the best, coz i fits his personality, i guess (whoo, rhyming)  when i first saw him, i actually compared him to a rabbit. cute and innocent looking but actually little shits. :P 

everything’s blurry coz of camera quality, sorry!!!  (*・ω・)ノ