i actually kinda like it yay



So this is what i was talking about in my last post and im actually kinda proud of this. These are just some concept sketches i finished early February that i really wanted to make and i might make more or draw some scenes?? i dont know yet but thats just an idea.

i hope you like it !!!

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Can u draw frank and gerard practicing witchcraft idk I'm very tired rn.....

theyd have completely different styles and (((vibe)))s,,, like i know nothing of witchcraft but i do have a tumblr so ive seen more than one or ten moodboards and stuff

gerard would have that… kinda standard goth aesthetic…… edgy

but consider this: frank actually learning magic from his family and treating it like a Normal Thing that doesnt need a specific aesthetic

How far are those actually "Bechloe" moments?

Snow/Chloes lip stare

Kendrick/Beca looks at Snow/Chloes butt.

Kendrick/Becas lip stare

Kendrick/Beca looks at Snow/Chloe and gets “caught” and has to awkwardly look away.

Kendrick/Becas lip stare no 2.

I was just wondering….how far are all those “Bechloe moments” actually Bechloe moments? Like:

  • Did the producers tell them to look at each other like that?
  • Was it written down in the script?

–> In which case Kendrick and Snow know damn well that Bechloe is a thing that’s going to happen. They probably aren’t allowed to tell us. (Even tho they already kinda did.)

  • Or was it just Kendrick and Snow improvising because they thought it would be fitting? Because you all know how much they both ship Bechloe (yay).

  • Or maybe: Was it just not a Bechloe moment at all, and never planned for the movie, and just a Sendrick moment?

–> That’d be nice too but…that means Bechloe was never planned to be as….real and as awesome as it is. It would really give the producers problems of whether to really make Bechloe happen, really make Chloe and Beca be in a relationship even if that was never the plan in the first place…

That’s what I am asking myself. E.g. why did Anna Kendrick stare at Brittany Snows lips like that?

  1. Someone told her to do so, for the movies sake. -> Bechloe
  2. Kendrick: “Staring at someones lips is a sign of attraction. And Beca and Chloe are so cute together, I’m gonna do it ^^”
  3. Anna Kendrick is attracted to Brittany Snow. -> Sendrick

Meh. So, about six months ago, I might have fractured my foot falling whilst climbing. Still able to walk, no external sign of injury, but major pain, like someone was slicing into my big toe. I hate going to see doctors, after my entire teenage years were spent being told that chronic costochondritis was actually just panic attacks, so I kinda hoped it would just heal. After a month of denial, a week of being refused appointments by my GP (“go to A&E”) and the Minor Injuries Unit (“go to your GP”) and three months of just hoping it was gradually healing by itself, I tripped on a step and yay, back to the pain level of the first month, and after the pain and tingling hadn’t completely died down after two weeks, I made a doctor’s appointment, telling the receptionist my reason was private. Spent five minutes trying to convince the doctor that yes there was a problem, even though I wasn’t actively in pain right that moment, and finally requested an x-ray. She said they’d get back to me within two weeks if there was anything wrong on the x-ray, and told me to take ibuprofen in the meantime.

It’s been three weeks and I am now out of ideas :/ There is obviously something wrong because it hurts, and I am not a bloody medical professional so I don’t know what, but at this point all I want is for someone to tell me whether this is the rest of my fucking life or if I’ll ever be able to go hiking or climbing again, and if there’s anything I can do to not make it worse.


Okay, so I wasn’t sure what oc’s you wanted, so have my Batim oc’s. To kinda make their backstory short, Christina worked at the company/animation..thing, and liked to take care of bendy (you know, cause most people think bendy was alive before Henry left or some shiz) Christina is special though, because she’s missing an X chromosome in her genes, making it impossible for her to have babies (I actually have a friend with this genetic problem, she’s really cool), so she used to ink machine to make her own daughter, Beatrice, or B. Before anyone noticed, she would bring her daughter to work and let her play with bendy. Yay friendship. Basically she left when Henry left, cause things started getting crazy and wasn’t comfortable. Long story short, Christina took B with her to see the company work place again because she got a letter (do you see where this is going??) and basically both died by bendy, but for now, they live. What do you think? I mean, I like them. They are my children. -awkward, smol, human bean. That is your friend *finger guns and rolls away*


Please don’t repost, trace, claim you painted it, use for avatars or otherwise steal. Thank you. I finished a big project and opted to celebrate by doing even more painting (yeah, I know it makes no sense), since I’ve been wanting to try a bit of DragonQueen because all that shiny pretty makes me happy. Seriously, I’ve been wanting to try painting Kristin Bauer for forever (okay, so there may already be a couple of total fails on this front). She has such elegant bone structure, really bold features and yet really subtle expressions. A lot of challenges there. Anyway, I kinda like how it came out. Went for somewhat broader and less detail than I often do, and I think it works. I actually just made the pose up as I went using the smudge tool (yay, fingerpainting for the digital artist). 

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Irl tomlinshaw ahh okay I feel as bad as every emotionally stunted fic character I ever read about I fell asleep ON HIM yesterday (he made me watch LOTR with him omg it's so long) and I woke up head on his chest him playing with my hair and our other housemates just side eying us in a very Harry kinda way. Can my life actually stop being bad cliches??!(Also he just sat up with me to 3am trying to make me laugh bc I got some bad news today and couldn't sleep and I am a flailing pile of feelings)

I get these email notifications and I’m like YAY MY FAVOURITE WIP HAS UPDATED only it’s real life and it’s not my real life, but ANYWAY. I am sorry you got bad news but I’m glad you had someone with you, even if that person is someone you hate* but who will make you laugh and play with your hair**

* ”hate”


Something I noticed in Anne’s Rank 9 romance.....

With Shiho

Easy to see where her head is (also Shiho is saying she loves Anne and gdi I ship Anne with everyone I swear)

After you confess you hug her, her head is kinda resting on your right shoulder as you see her move her head so that the MC can rest his head on her right shoulder/right side of her head (side note, no the option is not to hug her it’s actually to say something, and even if you don’t want to confess that non-romance option doesn’t make you feel like an ass like Rise does so yay for that! :D But really why wouldn’t you romance Anne she’s the best! XP)

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT THE 3RD HUG (and the MC’s 2nd hug)!!!


Guys….I’ve read enough shojo manga to know what those signs mean….I THINK THE MC FREAKING SURPRISED KISSED ANNE! 

That or it’s one of the most awkward hugs ever, cause I mean it’d also make sense that he’d pull her close and she’d rest her head on his chest but….Anne is obvs standing up right compared to hug #1 and #2. It’s just, she does get an actual kissing scene with the MC (and is one of the two people that do), tho sadly the screen fades to black as it happens (similar to Maiko to the P3MC and Margaret to the P4MC)……thoooo by the way they are facing it’s hard to tell if it’s an actual kiss or not so it could mean that this was one way Atlus could do it without fading it out (I think the scene with Tae is similar, hard to tell if they are kissing but yeah). And if that’s not enough implied proof how about this! This is what she does when she pulls away! 

MY MY MY ANNE WHY WOULD YOU PUT YOUR HAND TO YOUR MOUTH LIKE THAT?! 8D IS IT TO HIDE A BLUSH OR A KISS FROM YOUR SUAVE BF?! ;D Aaaaand she also says “Let go of me! You trying to kill me?!” Now it could be she means that she’s “dying of embarrassment” as she did say she was so embarrassed for not noticing her feelings. Or it could also mean by how much the MC was hugging her….OR IT COULD MEAN THAT THEY WERE KISSING FOR SO LONG OR THAT SHE WAS SO SURPRISED BY THE SURPRISED KISS THAT SHE COULDN’T PREPARE HERSELF AND THEN SHE BECAME OUT OF BREATH! 

I dunno just something to throw out there. ;D You guys decide! XP

I Need You

Originally posted by rorgers

Summary: Derek has a terrible nightmare, so you comfort him in the middle of the night, giving him exactly what he needs.

Author’s Note: Yay, this was my own idea, not based off of a request. I’ve been having some nightmares lately, so it was actually kinda comforting to write something like this. Please let me know what you think! Enjoy c:

Warnings: Language; sweet smut


I groaned inwardly as I felt myself starting to wake up. My body rolled over, trying to find a more comfortable position. I reached out for the warmth that was usually next to me, looking to snuggle into it, but my fingers only met cold sheets. Forcing myself to crack my eyes open, I found the bed empty.

I sat up, wiping the sleep from my eyes as best as I could. Glancing at my phone, it read around 3:30 am. With a yawn, I crawled out from under the covers, my eyes finding what I was looking for in the darkness. My feet gently padded on the floor of the loft, soft thuds the only sound in the night.

“Der?” I asked, my voice quiet and soft as I approached him. He was standing in front of the large window, eyes focused on the stars outside. I pressed myself into his back, my cheek leaning against his shoulder while my arms wrapped around his strong torso. “Another nightmare?” The only answer I received was one of his large hands moving to cover mine that were resting against his toned abdomen. He squeezed gently before running his thumb in small circles across my knuckles.

I’m not sure how long we stood like that, Derek staring out the windows while I hugged him, trying to be of any comfort that I could. Finally, I couldn’t take the silence anymore. I had to say something, needed to hear his voice.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked. Derek didn’t respond in any way. With a sigh, I unwrapped myself from his body, moving to stand in front of him. “Hey, look at me.” My hand cupped his rough cheek, tilting his face so his green eyes would mine.

“Y/N..” he whispered, leaning into my touch a bit.

“Was it about the fire again?” My words were almost inaudible, but I knew that he would hear them. Derek’s eyes closed and he took a deep breath, nodding a bit.

“You were there this time,” he said, the husk in his voice made more apparent by his quiet tone. My brows knitted together as I took in the emotion in his voice, the strain behind it. “You were screaming for me to come save you, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t find a way in without being burned. I listened to you dying-” He chocked on the word, his face furrowing at the terrible memory. Tears were forming in my eyes, but I had to be the strong one here. “I couldn’t save you..”

“Hey, it’s alright,” I cooed, pulling him down so his forehead was resting on mine. Derek was taking deep breaths, trying to compose himself. “I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. I’m here, Derek.”

“I need…” he started, swallowing hard. Derek’s hands found my hips, gently pushing me back against the windows. I gasped a bit at the cool glass against my warm skin. His body was flush against mine now, trapping me effectively.

“What do you need, Der?” I asked, prompting him to finish his sentence. His lips were centimeters from my own, our breath mingling between us.

“I need you,” he finally said, green eyes snapping open to find mine. I knew what he meant without further explanation. Derek just needed to feel that I was actually there with him, that I was okay. The nightmare must have really rattled him.

Gently cradling his face in my hands, I pulled his lips to mine in a soft kiss. Derek was stiff for a moment, then pulled me impossibly closer, his hips molding to mine as our tongues tasted each other. The heat from his body traveled to mine, enveloping me in a warm feeling. His hands ran down my sides, past my hips, and settled on the back of my thighs, lifting me up effortlessly.

“Derek,” I breathed, tilting my head back against the windows as his lips pressed to my neck, peppering hot kisses all along the column of my throat. My hands threaded through his dark hair, making him hum against my skin. Derek walked us back to the bed, laying me down carefully, his mouth never leaving my body.

My fingers gently lifted the he of his white undershirt, pulling it over his head and discarding the fabric. Derek returned the favor, tugging my pajama shorts down my legs afterward. His hands and his lips were everywhere, raising goosebumps all along my skin. He was looking for any signs of injury, making sure I was alright.

“Baby, I’m fine,” I assured him softly. Derek’s eyes met mine once again as he dragged his lips up my torso until he was kissing me yet again. I ran my hands over the expanse of his muscular back, tracing his tattoo without even having to look at it.

“I’m sorry,” Derek whispered against me, so soft that I almost didn’t hear it. I pulled his face to look at me once again, seeing the sadness behind his eyes.

“Don’t apologize,” I told him. “I’m here. I’m right here. With you.” I looked at his lips again before pulling him in for another kiss. Slowly, my hands moved down his body, tugging at the band on his sweatpants. Derek removed them, leaving him completely bare to me. Pushing him back, I sat up, still facing him, and stood from the bed. He watched with hooded eyes as I slid my panties down my legs, then climbed into his lap. Derek’s hands gripped my  ass while I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. He sat back on his haunches, allowing me to settle over him.

“I can’t lose you,” he admitted, nuzzling my neck as one of his hands moved to my bare center, fingers dancing over my folds. I gasped lightly when he pushed in one finger, then another, moving slow. My nails dug into the skin of Derek’s shoulders as I ground against his hand, a warm buzz spreading through me.

“I’m not going anywhere.” With that, I gripped his wrist and removed his hand, positioning myself over top of him and slowly sinking down. Derek let a low moan escape his throat, and I matched it with one of my own. One of his hands splayed wide across the skin of my back, his other holding my hip and guiding my movements. My hips moved back and forth, letting him fill me completely. I held his gaze as we moved together, sweat breaking out on our skin.

“Fuck, Y/N,” he sighed, beginning to thrust up into me as I moved down on him. I couldn’t hold back my gasps of pleasure, biting into his shoulder to try and muffle them.

“Oh, God…Derek,” I moaned, pressing my lips to his. He tangled a hand in my hair,  holding me against him as the pressure in my stomach finally exploded, pleasure coursing through my veins. Derek followed quickly after, groaning into the skin as his fingers bit into my skin. We rode out our highs together, grinding slowly, coming down and trying to catch our breath.

Derek’s eyes bored into my own as we sat, still clinging to each other, before finally detaching ourselves and crawling back under the blankets. He pulled me against him, my cheek laying on his chest so I could hear his heartbeat. We didn’t need to say anything about what had happened tonight. Placing a kiss to Derek’s bare skin, I settled in against him as we drifted back to sleep.

Fright Night (Sequel)

Yay! I actually kept my word for once! :’) ((kinda))

So, totally late to the party, but perhaps you all can end your spooktacular Halloween night with a hopefully heart-racing ending?

But yeah, here you are, my lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful, candy-filled Halloween this year! And if it wasn’t as sweet as you would have liked, then maybe Jacob can help fix that for you ;) 

Warnings: blood, gore, anxiety, violence, one savagely desperate beefcake, fluff (YES sue me I know it’s horror themed but you all should know by now I enjoy balance)

Words: 4,734 ((i wrote this all in one day I CAN T SEE ANYMORE))

((Jacob Frye x Fem!Reader))

Summary: Sequel to Fright Night - A horror-themed two-shot Halloween special!  -– You make plans to go through a haunted house attraction with Jacob and friends to celebrate Halloween, but it seems fate has other plans as a harmless joke becomes all too real. 

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Wow so my first tablet drawing! It only took 13hrs, my hand spazzing, and panic attack but yay…. art! 

I didn’t expect it to be so hard?? like i knew it was going to be bad but just not in the way i was expecting. Like yay if i messed up an arm there’s a a tool to move and re-size it but drawing a straight line… was so hard?? idk but im really sleep deprived (3 days now) so im going to just leave this here.. 

(Also a huge shout out to @eggmcmuffinboy for inspiring me and really anyone else that sees their art! So go check them out its worth it!!)

doesn’t it feel like our time is running out?

pairing: Chris Beck/Mark Watney
fandom: The Martian
rating: PG-13
note: soulmate!au, my first actually, which i’m kinda excited for. this is also the longest fic i’ve written in a while, so yay for that too! title taken from ‘phoenix’ by fall out boy. enjoy! 

on AO3 

five years ago

Chris was alone.

Okay, so he wasn’t alone, he was on a beach with two hundred other people. He wasn’t alone. He had lost his friends in the crowd though, and he had little hope of finding them again.

‘Just great,’ he sighed. He scanned the crowd again and took another pull from the beer in his hand.

It was his third already, and the buzz was just starting to hit him. He felt like he needed the liquid courage though, for one very important reason.

00:00:08:12 the numbers on his arm read.

Eight more minutes left until he met his soulmate.

Fuck he was nervous.

Chris downed the last of the warm beer in one go and started to push his way through the crowd. He still wasn’t sure what he was expecting; his soulmate was supposed to be his perfect match, but what did that mean?

Chris knew it would turn out fine, but that didn’t stop him from freaking out, just a little.

He’d meet the person he would spend the rest of his life with tonight. Anyone in their right mind would be nervous about that.

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I know a lot of people ship Emrey and i dont dislike them at all, like i wouldn’t be mad if they got together, i’d actually be kinda happy because yay another bisexual protagonist! but honestly i love what Bex said on afterbuzz, i always suspected that Audrey had a crush on Emma before season 1, but i never really shipped them, and I think it’s because there’s already too much baggage between them, Emma hurt Audrey so much already, it’s good that Audrey told Emma about how she felt, because now she has closure, all I want is for them to be friends and be happy and for Audrey to get a new amazing girlfriend and for Emma to be supportive and happy for her.

This are just my thoughts and you have every right to disagree with me, let’s all be kind and supportive :)