i actually kind of want to do some of these but

why you should stan these kpop groups~

Super Junior:

  • I mean they’re legends and basically kpop gods that’s all there is to it
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again they’re kinda gay invented fan service
  • the members’ parents yell at them ((grown ass men)) if they get into fights w each other
  • they’re literally a family and Donghae cries every time they don’t do something together as a group 
  • they have this member named Kim Heechul


  • kpop legends pt.2 their name should be enough to stan them tbfh
  • the members are like brothers 
  • there’s no stopping them once they start exposing each other and spilling all the tea
  • have been thru many scandals but they always get thru it bc they’re bigbang binch
  • underrated maknaes squad 


  • Kyuhyun and Taemin are the reasons why evil maknaes exist honestly
  • hella legendary discography 
  • they made this ramen commercial years ago and it still haunts them to this day 
  • don’t come for them bc they’re ready to fight 25/8
  • shinee don’t give af about reputation and they’re out here exposing celebrities and comedians and label-mates left and right………….we need ot5 shinee variety shows again pray 4 us


  • they’ll take your breath away bc wow dancing wow hips wow vocals
  • their maknae is legit the prettiest person alive
  • their songs make you nostalgic for some reason and it’s rly nice studying while listening to them
  • all are great MC’s
  • none of us can get over infinite showtime aka do yourself a favor and go watch it


  • concept kings who are probably vampire fairies voodoo dolls
  • besties w/ all the 2012 groups and they all hangout w/ each other esp exo and btob 
  • the mommiest leader you’ll ever see
  • one of the maknaes is the angel while the other one is quite literally the devil…………let’s see how long it takes you to find out lmao
  • we got members wanting to be the maknaes while the others wanna be the hyungs smfh


  • one of the most talented and versatile vocal line in the history of kpop
  • literally everyone’s intimidated by them but they’re ??? dorks ???? clumsy and always shook ?????
  • some of the members have known each other for 10+ yrs 
  • when they get drunk they’re tickling and undressing and fussing over each other lmao
  • even tho they’re international kings they reign over Asia basically 


  • the wildest kpop group and you can quote me on that
  • a bunch of short hyper kids who can’t help but embarrass themselves and literally everyone around them rip
  • refuse to act normal and have dressed up as various movie characters for their ‘Movie’ promotions lmaoooo
  • besties w/ vixx and bap
  • maknae line straight outta hell minus our Chicago sunshine Peniel


  • their whole concepts are cool………..bunny aliens w/ super powers from outer space………..sign me up
  • they have the cutest fandom name I promise you won’t regret stanning them
  • they ship each other so you don’t even need to
  • angsty and righteous rebels or brooding soft boys there’s rly no in between
  • someone give them the daesangs they deserve 


  • remember when I said btob was wild…………maybe take a few advils before watching any variety show w/ these 7
  • the tol maknae wants to fight all the hyungs and will not hold back
  • one time Mark threw a laptop @ Bambam yrs ago bc they couldn’t understand each other during an argument
  • what kind of extra $hit
  • hype up everyone during their performances at award shows


  • they literally do everything perfectly themselves and don’t even need pledis who’s w/ me 
  • their sad songs still get you hyped 
  • even w/ 13 members you’ll still be able to memorize their names in like 2 hours trust me bruh
  • the different units are rly cool and unique and they always do something unexpected
  • vocal line can rap hella and rap line can spit verses I’m shook

Monsta X:

  • them and seventeen invented healthy supportive friendships 
  • you’ll get whiplash from the different comebacks like they’re so versatile oml
  • always doing some unnecessary extra adorable shit on vlive
  • stripping and grinding the floor on stage………excuse you wonho
  • shameless in front of monbebes and we love it


  • someone actually gave these weirdos mics and instruments and said ‘go out there and debut, bois’ and we couldn’t be more thankful amen god bless
  • they don’t even have concerts it’s just playtime for day6
  • someone save the hyung line and their manliness
  • the oldest, Jae, does vlogs on youtube where he exposes the members and the kpop industry and the world in general
  • have never once had a bad song and they never will……………..mark my words


  • the cooliest kids on the block
  • they are v v passionate about their music and doing their own choreography
  • look up to their sunbaes a lot but it definitely sucks when they’re compared to bigbang and other groups………..ikon has their own unique sound for sure
  •  loud and hyper af and it’s always a party w/ hanbobby tbfh
  • we’re recruiting more ppl to sue YG if they don’t promote ikon right in Korea :)))))


  • the weirdest / coolest idea for a kpop group……..unlimited members???? boi if you don’t
  • the oldest members baby the younger ones and it’s so cute
  • they’re the biggest fans of all their sunbae artists from SM aka nct dream are exo’s kids basicaslly
  • even people who aren’t in the fandom are about to fight SM if they put Mark in another subunit
  • actually rly well-mannered and respectful except when it comes to annoying each other rip 
mixtape (m)

pairing: min yoongi x reader 

genre: smut, fluff, comedy / college, podcast personality au

word count: 15,610

description: Two mystery students from your college run the podcast dubbed ‘mixtape.’ It’s become a sort of phenomenon around campus, listened to by almost everyone. In their most recent episode they discussed various study methods… One of them being oh so tempting.

“This week’s topic is—” Sugar started, of course only to be swiftly interrupted by the second half of the two-man show podcast that had sort of gone viral around your college campus.

But regardless of being cut short, the metallic nature of his voice still managed to worm its way directly into your chest, where it festered into something so captivating that you couldn’t help but sigh. It was cool to the touch as the syllables of his chosen words sent an intrusion of goosebumps along your arms and thighs. It had a certain gravel, a deepness that you could sometimes feel in the pit of your belly if you listened to him long enough with your eyes closed. However, more times than not, the grit would be severed with a vibrant laugh that rang so sweetly that you could feel it clamoring around your heart with giddiness on its heels.

“—Studying! So sexy, right?” Jay interjected mid-sentence, something that anyone who listened to their weekly episodes would quickly learn is a norm.

However, there were times of course where Sugar was allowed the courtesy of going off on long tangents without his friend’s interruption, and in those moments his voice was hypnotic, if you had to put it simply. It tugged you beneath the current of concentration until you were pressing the volume button on your phone to raise his vocals higher. The small hitch of his breath, or exhale against the mic when he would sigh due to the topic at hand, they made you lean in closer to the invisible man on the other side of the pre-recorded audio that filtered through your headphones.

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anonymous asked:

Will you answer any questions about the new episodes?

Okay, here’s what I’ll say after seeing the first five:

  • MS3 is definitely a My Struggle episode (packed with all the bad voiceovers you’ve come to expect) but for most of the hour it’s a slight step up from the first two, if only because it’s got some momentum and Mulder and Scully are in a good place. But someone makes a highly upsetting suggestion that puts an episode from the original series in a new light. It will clearly affect this season’s story but hasn’t yet. That’s all I’m saying.
  • This: Glen Morgan can write my life. His Mulder and Scully have exactly the dynamic I believe they have, flirty in a comfortable, lived-in kind of way, and also they’re badasses. The time jump between MS3 and This could be anything from a few weeks to, like, over a year, depending on whether you believe they’re actually paying attention to the fact that MS3 was set in 2016 and This seems to exist in a present-day political climate. Personally I do not come to The X- “Our Pilot Is Set in 1992 for No Reason”-Files for a timeline that makes sense. God bless the inventor of handcuffs.
  • Plus One: Entirely fine. No one needs to worry about the doppelganger thing. Not all of Chris’ interpretations of MSR jive completely with the other writers’: I did a few double takes in one scene, mostly for very small reasons (like, spelling out things that are good but that I just didn’t think needed to be spelled out) but for a couple of slightly bigger reasons too. But that scene is also easily my favorite of the episode; it is a Mood. There are some really sweet lines in this one, all the “intimations” David promised, and a pitch-perfect ending.
  • The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat: I didn’t stop smiling for a second. Classic Darin Morgan: meta and sincere at once. Really absurdly funny. An examination of truth and interpretation. Like Jose Chung’s From Outer Space if Jose Chung’s From Outer Space were actually as good as everyone says it is.
  • Ghouli: James Wong knocks it out of the park and gives Gillian the best dramatic material she’s been handed from this show in a very long time. I wanted to personally hand-wrap one scene and deliver it to the Emmys. She’s incredible. This episode is weighty and has a lot of heart, and it’s handled really deftly, I think, and in a way that feels organic to the show. I love it. 

Overall, everything after MS3 pulled me back from the ledge, and I came away from the first half of the season really happy. David and Gillian just naturally fill out all of their interactions and spark against each other. Everybody looks good. The MOTW stories are solid and distinct and all feel like the show, but there’s also more blurring of mythology elements into the cases of the week than we got even in the original series, which is especially necessary for such a short season. I guess I don’t really have a sense of the Skinner plan yet? He has a cool FBI hat. (Also he’s hilarious in LAFS and I just realized that’s the perfect acronym.) So far, so X-Files. 

anyways im feelin emo so heres some reasons why u maybe wouldnt want to watch guardians of the galaxy

1. film number one had some unfortunate subtle sexist content & only 1 main character girl

2. the Suave Womanizer Action Hero trope

here are some reasons why u maybe should definitely watch guardians of the galaxy

1. they threw that shit right out REAL QUICK in film #2

2. beautiful messages about the transformative, healing, and restorative power of All Kinds of Love

2.b. I Am Not Kidding Around The Main Characters Canon Superpower Is Love

3. actual nuanced storytelling abt healing from different kinds of abuse and trauma

4. absolutely BANGING soundtracks iconic like uve never heard that are actually deeply emotional relevant to the plot and characters

5. “has anyone got any tape” ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Peak Comedy

6. the MOST COLOURFUL films!!!!!!!!! the AESTHETIC ……. the POPPIN VISUALS ……. in SPACE,,,, feels like ur right there in a comic book homies

7. space pirates. an entire culture of them. u guys. michelle yeoh and sylvester stallone are married space pirate royalty,

8. instead of grey gridmark depressing storytelling the whole Point is that even when the world is aboslutely AWFUL u can still find it within u to have lots of fun and sing and dance and hold love in ur heart and be Good

9. all the character relationships are deep and nuanced and organically developed

10. passes the bedchel test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! w flying colours!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 UNIQUE COMPLEX AMAZING LADIES!!!!!!

11. the emotional core of the films is peters love for his Mom

12. male characters who are very emotional and cry all the time // female characters who are more stoic/rational

13. no seriously the main character Action Hero Man cries openly @ least twice in every film

14. not to deliberate the point but that sweet sweet Deconstruction Of Toxic Masculinity, thanks

15. women with swords!

16. the “morally ambiguous gruff old man accidentally adopts angry child” trope, at PEAK quality

17. no unnecessary shoehorned hetero kissing but rather a slowly developing romance built on deep friendship and partnership

18. there is a tiny tree that talks

19. everybody is ride or die as hell for each other and i would die for every single one of them bc theyre all explicitly working really hard to overcome their past trauma and heal together as a team and they all support and forgive each other even tho t hey can all be assholes sometimes but they support and forgive bc they recognize the lasting effects of that kind of baggage while also not giving anyone a free pass and theyre all so Good while being objectively flawed and complicated characters but theyre so good just bc theyre trying so hard to be good, im so prou do f them a l l thank for listening 2 my ted talk

"Speculating about Real People's Orientations and Relationships"

Can we ARMYs talk about this? Because our fandom is a mess and I have questions.

Where is the line between outing someone (and/or spreading opinions as truths) and discussing the orientation of a public figure from the point of view of either the person’s personal well-being or social issues and politics? Can this kind of discussion ever be justified if the person isn’t out? Are there such things as gradual or partial coming out? When and how does supporting these people begin? Why do some of us think that speculating orientation is fine but speculating relationships is against their morals? Why the hypocrisy?

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Howlin’ For You - 4/?

Description: When Y/N gets an unreal deal on her first home, she wonders why her neighbor scared away all the other buyers. Despite being cautious, she doesn’t fully understand what gave Bucky Barnes such a bad name.

Pairing: AU - Biker!Bucky x Fem/Reader

Word Count: 4,059

Part Three 

After that morning, things got complicated. Everything seemed to change, yet somehow it still felt the same too.

Bucky still hadn’t made any move on Y/N. But he seemed so set on assuring she knew the truth about him. Even though he told her the story of just one arrest, an arrest where he offered himself as scapegoat to save Steve, Bucky had yet to disclose any other part of his past. In fact, he still hadn’t told Y/N how he’d gone from war veteran to the leader of The Howling Commandos.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, Love your blog and all the posts. I have a question. Why do you think ‘pinning Keith’ is so popular in VLD fandom? I never took Keith to be a pinning type sort of person, not that it’s bad, but in most K/lance fiction, it’s mostly pinning Keith or mutual pinning with most emphasis on pinning by Keith. Maybe it’s because Keith is suck a guarded character that it’s fun to imagine what’s going on inside his head? But most pinning-keith-fic have keith do nothing BUT pine and that’s just....Meh

The thing that confuses me about this is that I can’t see the dynamic at all for k/l, as the ship has no basis to me in canon. I can however under pining Keith in the context of sheith. As Shiro’s safety is always his top priority, and the two allow themselves to be uncharacteristically vulnerable and affectionate with one another. In his Marmora trial, canon literally establishes Shiro as the person Keith desperately wants to see, the living embodiment of his greatest hopes and dreams. The Blade of Marmora book acknowledges that Keith decided to give up his knife for Shiro’s sake, because, “Nothing was worth Shiro’s pain.” 

Not only that, Keith is also terrified at the thought of losing Shiro. When commenting on the scene, Josh noted that, “[Keith’s] always scared he’s gonna say or do something wrong and he’s gonna lose Shiro.” (source). That level of longing sure reads as pining to me. 

Keith also prioritizes Shiro’s safety above all else. He’s singular devotion to Shiro can certainly read as love and longingly, particularly when reexamined in the context that their dynamic shares so many thematic parallels with Zarkon’s unwavering love for Haggar. Keith is typically not someone who will look past the greater good for personal loyalties, but he does so when it’s Shiro on the line. This is the character who was against going back for Allura because it was too risky, but then ten minutes later, broke away from the team because Shiro’s safety was worth so much more than mission. Even when Lance called him out for it, he didn’t listen. Shiro was in trouble, and that’s all that mattered. 

Keith’s unrelenting loyalty to Shiro is so integral to the plot, the narrative actually questions how strangely invested Keith is in him. Kuron jokes, “How many times are you going to save me before this is over?” And Keith’s admission is an easy, “As many times as it takes.” He’s completely unabashed in his confession, neither surprised nor embarrassed. He means those words wholeheartedly, and it’s something he’s believed now for a long time. Keith will do whatever it takes to save Shiro, no matter what, and that kind of devotion certainly sounds like pining. 

It was especially disheartening to me that fans were excited by Shiro’s disappearance on the shallow assumption that Lance would step up to replace the void in Keith’s life Shiro left behind. Surprise–he didn’t. In fact, Lance even has the audacity to trivialize Keith’s very personal attachment to Shiro by claiming he only wants to pilot Black for his own glory. 

And Keith’s response isn’t how you react to someone you love. Quite the contrary, in this confrontation Shiro is established as the person Keith loves most, whether you interpret that as romantic or platonic. And it’s something Keith outright confirms–“Shiro was the only one who never gave up on me, I’m not giving up on him!” The fact that he feels Shiro’s the only one who never abandoned him, the very noticeable point that he values his bond with Shiro over the rest of Team Voltron–it’s very telling. Lance literally spits on that dynamic in this scene, and Keith understandably lashes out. He’s still so deep in mourning when Lance makes these accusations, and it’s heartbreaking to watch. 

The way Keith grieves Shiro is also further proof of his deep attachment to him. While everyone else has moved on, Keith cannot. He scours the same debris field for months, he adamantly refuses to seek out a new pilot, he sinks deep into depression until it eats away at him. He’s distant, despondent. He longs to see Shiro again. And he feels he’s completely alone in his mourning, can’t fathom how everyone else can just be moving on and doing fine. He’s the one deeply affected, he’s the one who can’t break past this. And he’s incredibly, understandably livid about it. “We don’t have Shiro anymore, either. Everyone else seems to have forgotten that.” He’s essentially saying, None of you care about Shiro like I do

Keith even tries to speak to Shiro through the Black Lion. He’s the only one who ever does anything like this. He latches onto the Lion because of his bond with Shiro, desperately reaching out to try and reconnect with him any way he can. For him, the shared mental link with Black offers some measure of solace. It’s a comfort he clings to. Despite everyone else on the team voicing that they’re for him, he’d rather isolate himself and speak to someone who’s no longer there. The depth of Keith’s longing to reunite with Shiro is absolutely heart-wrenching, and you really are seeing him pour his heart out here. His bond with Shiro is a level of intimacy we never see replicated with anyone else. 

Keith mourns Shiro in much the same one someone would grieve a lost lover. He fixates on this one person, blocks out everyone else, hangs onto whatever’s left behind. He’s continually carrying a torch for Shiro despite scenes like Lance saying that Shiro would want him to move on. And even still, Keith is ever loyal to Shiro, swearing he’ll find him no matter what. Never giving up on him. That sure sounds like love. Never mind how Keith was waiting for Shiro after Kerberos, but I degrees. 

Consider also the look in Keith’s face during all three of his reunions with Shiro. In the pilot episode, he appears teary eyed as he gently reaches out to touch Shiro’s face. His very first line is choking out Shiro’s name. In Across the Universe, he chuckles softly and breathes Shiro’s name in palpable relief. In The Journey, he and Kuron slowly drift into each other’s orbit, all while Keith is gazing back at him with such loving, tender fondness. 

So yes, Keith is typically a very reserved person. And, as he realizes in his vlog, a lot of that stems from fear of rejection. But in the same way that Keith freezes up when others reach out to him but easily opens up to Shiro’s embrace, there’s one person he’s wiling to let his walls down with. One person he’s not afraid to be vulnerable in front of, someone who has always loved and supported him no matter what. Shiro is the exception, and I don’t think we’ll ever see Keith be so openly affectionate with anyone else to this degree. This bond is very unique to just them. And in that respect, I can see where the idea that Keith is longing after someone he loves comes from. But the way it’s presented in fanon often doesn’t do his canon character justice. 

The Net Neutrality post

I guess I should get around to writing something on this topic, especially now that people are convinced that the internet as we know it is over, and we’re all about to be bent over the table by ISP megacorps.

Let’s lay this out first: The internet isn’t about the be throttled and you’re not about to start getting notifications every 5 minutes telling you that you have to pay extra if you want to access sites or services that your ISP has put in the slow lane. They aren’t going to start shutting down websites left and right. Really, not much is going to happen. Comcast and Verizon will continue to be shitty companies, they just won’t have to pay lip-service to the FCC like they have been for the past couple years. 

You see, all this Net Neutrality stuff kind of failed to talk about certain other aspects of our legal system and the way it regulates businesses. A lot of the stuff that people believed only the FCC and Net Neutrality covered was kind of already covered by various antitrust laws, consumer protection acts, and other shit. Some of the things they told you might happen without Net Neutrality are already illegal. Before Net Neutrality was a thing, many of the crimes that Comcast, Verizon, Apple, and Google got in trouble for were things that they also did after it became a thing. It’s mostly been digital slapfights and shitty business practices, by the way. Not listing a competitor’s app. Restricting consumers from using 3rd party SIM cards. Awful contracts and markup of hardware. It’s not really so much of a “destroying the internet” thing, as much as it is just “being a shitty company that thinks it can do whatever it wants” thing.

There’s also the point that most of this stuff about being forced to pay extra to access social media and netflix separately and so on.. That’s all a big maybe. Don’t get me wrong. It’s certainly a dumb thing they could try. The catch is that bad ideas and really awful business practices make for terrible PR. Just recently, Patreon announced they were going to roll out a new billing method that was going to screw over small donors. The PR was so bad and the backlash so large, that they dropped the idea entirely, one, because it made them look bad, and two, because it pissed off people so much that they immediately started losing money.

Which brings me to my final point. Net Neutrality was just one layer of protection. Not even an especially good one. All they were really aiming to do was to tax and charge fees for internet activity the same way they did for telecommunications. Either way, you’re terrified that these megacorps are going to start screwing you and ruining the internet, right? Then make it a point to keep an eye on them. By now, this whole song and dance of learning about an issue and then using social media to spread awareness should be easy enough.. Even though this time around it mostly worked to spread misinformation and rile people up over nothing… But regardless, you are worried that without the FCC big corporations will do bad things that will harm the internet. So, keep doing the same shit we always do! Stay informed, keep an eye on their policy changes, make sure big news outlets are actually reporting on these things, and get the word out.

Some of the things they do may not even be illegal, but they can still be shitty. That’s no reason you can’t be pissed off about it. Incidentally, google, facebook, twitter, and several other big companies are guilty of manipulating information on the internet. I think you should be pissed about that too.

Large scale consumer action, which is easily organized through social media, can lead to quicker and more meaningful results than simply waiting for the government to take notice and then simply slap them on the wrist with a fine. They can weather that sort of thing easily. In some cases, it doesn’t even make them flinch. However, a massive wave of bad PR, a total shift in public attitude and perception, and the ever-effective ‘voting with your wallet’ can more quickly and easily force large, wealthy companies to get their shit together and fly right in a far more effective and efficient way. You literally don’t need to rely on the government to do this stuff for you.

Going forward, be vigilant and be ready to act. If your ISP is screwing you over, drop them, and when their pitiful customer service rep asks you why on their recorded phone call, you tell them because you are sick and tired of their shit and the awful way they treat their customers. Be prepared to move to one of the small companies if you can. These guys were squeezed out of the market because they couldn’t offer you anything that the big companies couldn’t. Now they have the edge and you have the ability to spit in the eye of any company that dares to offer you a fast lane or premium access package for you internet connection.

tl;dr - Stop panicking and thinking that you’ve lost the only means to protect yourself and fight back against shitty companies. Your voice and rights as a consumer are potentially even more powerful than ever, especially in the event that comcast or verizon decides to start some awful service again. You just need to be aware of what’s going on and quick to speak up about it.

Then Again, P17  Peter Parker x Reader

Author’s Note: 

Hey, everyone! I’m almost done with finals, meaning I’ll finally have time to write 🎉 Thank you to everyone for all your messages of good luck - it’s turned out wonderfully! Of course, thank you to everyone for liking, commenting on, and reblogging this fic, I’m so excited that you’re still enjoying it :)

Part 1, Part 2Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16

Without further ado,

Then Again, Part 17:

(Words: 1,825)

Oh, God.

The door opens.

Y/N has her hair up in those towel tornado things like Aunt May always does. She’s wearing sweatpants and some sort of tank top undershirt thing.

And I’m wearing a bedsheet.

She freezes when she sees me, stalling in the doorway.

For a split second, we stare at each other. This might be the worst possible moment, but I can’t help noticing how pretty she is right now. It’s twisting the knots in my stomach even tighter than before.

“Y/N I’m really-”

“Why do you look like a hobbit?”

Of everything I thought she might say, I wasn’t expecting that. How does she always take me off guard? Her eyes flit between the pillows strewn on the ground. I should’ve picked those up. This definitely looks weird.

“Ned, um, Ned and MJ took my clothes,” I say, looking down at my make-shift cloak.

“Oh. That sounds like something they’d do.”

It takes everything in me to not stand up and pull her into a bear hug. With all of my energy right now I’m somewhat afraid I would actually hurt her.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry. About everything. Everything. Are-are you okay?”

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TomoyoxSyaoran BROTP appreciation post

I mean, this post was long overdue, because I think there isn’t enough appreciation for the relationship between these two.
It’s a really beautiful relationship of trust in which they help eachother on many levels. Syaoran keeps Tomoyo safe during the battles (it’s mostly seen in the anime), Tomoyo offers support and love advice.

So let’s put aside the SyaoSaku fangirling for a moment and let’s dive into this beautiful blossoming friendship (beware, it’s a loooong post)!

They started like this

Despite noticing that the new kid was burning her Sakura-chan alive with his stare (or maybe precisely for that reason), Tomoyo offers kindness and politeness to Syaoran right from the beginning (no way she was just trying to distract him to make him stop harassing Sakura)

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Do You Wanna Be A Serpent Part 10

Fp jones was a damaged man, scarred and broken but strong and willful. He had failed so many times in his life, lost so many things , lost his wife, lost his daughter, all the while watching his son follow so close in his foot steps that the bright and charming young man seemed to be a spitting image of his own failures, a 3D picture of the path he had taken as a young man.

But Jughead was proud, he wanted to make a difference, lead the way, make things better and nothing was going to stop him, definitely not his fathers fears. Jughead jones had been raised on the Serpent lifestyle, an empty beer bottle as a pacifier and an old orange crate as a bassinet. The handsome young man was cunning and bright, the smartest damn kid Fp knew. He was ruthless and violent when need be but he more often than not used his words to cut through competition like a knife. Fp had cried when Jughead had come home at 11 years old, a leather jacket, far too big, hanging over his shoulders and a black eye covering up his cloudy blues. It was the beginning of the end. Or at least that’s what he had thought.

These last few weeks had been.. different, a lighter version of Jughead was emerging from the ashes. Nothing major but visibly noticeable, a different tone to his laughter, a smile on his lips when he came home from school, locked doors and late night phone calls, things so desperately teenage that Fp couldn’t help but wonder what miracle had brought this lightness to his boy.

“Do you like lemon?”

The soft and sugary sweet voice broke Fp out of his thoughts, his eyes falling on the green eyed Beauty staring at him, a lemon in her painted fingers.

“I guess that’s a silly question considering you had a lemon in your fridge, but I just figured I’d ask.” Her laugh sounded like music and her warm smile had FPS unspoken question answered instantly

This girl was the miracle. Beautiful Betty Cooper with her perfect ponytail and bear tight hugs, the tiny little power house who had insisted, even after all of the drama she had just witnessed, that she make both he and jughead dinner. Her hands clasped together as she looked up at him with such bright, hopeful eyes he had no option other than to agree, not that he would ever say no to a home cooked meal, he hadn’t had one in years.

It was no secret that Jughead was desperately in love with her, his eyes following her every moment almost protectively. The way his sons fingers curled around the ends of her ponytail when she reached over the counter, a dopey smile on his lips as Betty chartered on about lemon chicken and how she would have to go out and by them some spices “just to have for future reference!”

The all out verbal brawl that had taken place wasn’t brought up again, Fp admired the way Betty’s words seemed to soothe his frazzled sons mind. Sweetpea has squeezed her tightly before heading off to school, it seemed nearly impossible not to adore the fiesty cheerleader.


Fp grinned when The beanie wearing boy lifted Betty up and hefted her over his shoulder

“Tell her she can’t set the table too. Tell her we got it dad!”

The smile on the grown mans face dropped into something of complete shock. It had been years since Jughead had called him dad, it was always Fp. The one simple word sent chills through his spine and warmth to his stomach. Things had been rough but they had maintained a somewhat stable relationship, he’d always wanted it to be closer but in their environment there were more important things to think about than bonding.

“I was just going to put the plates down Fp!” Betty defended, he hands smacking Jugheads butt from her position over his shoulder. It was so incredibly domestic that the entire scene made Fp feel like his trailer could actually be a home, atleast for a tiny dysfunctional family.

“I’ve gotta side with my son on This one betty, you cooked we’ll set the table and clean the dishes.” He grinned, making his way over to the makeshift table in the tiny kitchen.

“Well okaaayyy.” She sang, her feet touching the ground, “I actually promised hot dog a walk and I never break a promise, especially not to such a fluffy friend.” Betty clipped the lead on toy he dogs collar and headed out the front door. Fp got the sense that she was giving Jughead and himself some alone time, time to discuss what had just happened. Not only was she beautiful and kind she was apparently very alert. A wonderful combination.

Fp took the plates from Jugheads hands as his son dug in the dishwasher for clean forks.

It was quiet for a moment before Jughead broke the silence.

“I don’t blame you. Not for mom and not for how she is. I know she’s crazy and I know it’s not your fault.”

Fp swallowed thickly, he had always wondered that, wondered how much Jughead blamed him for his mother leaving.

“I wasn’t the best husband, I drank, I couldn’t keep a job.” He admitted

“You had no support, you were doing your best. You’re still doing your best. I’m not mad at you dad, I never was.” Jughead turned to face his father now, the latter had tears gathered in the corners of his eyes.

Fp took a shaky breath

“Thankyou. I…I just.. Thankyou.”

Jughead nodded certainly


The moment was still there, lingering in the shadows of the trailer that raised them both.

“Anyway” Fp cleared his throat “we’re getting ourselves a homemade meal tonight.”

Jughead rolled his eyes, turning back to the dishwasher

“Oh please. I’ve been getting homemade meals for weeks. Betty loves to cook.” Jughead bragged slightly, his shoulders a little taller and his chin higher, FPS smile spread at the look of pride on his sons face. It was a relief to see him so proud of something other than the Serpents.

“I’ve noticed you’ve been getting a little chubbier.” He teased.

Jughead Spun back around

“Excuse me? I’m flawless”

Fp chuckled, deep and real, the sound echoing through the trailer

“You are definitely something else.”

Betty chose that moment to walk back in

“Who’s something else?” She questioned, scratching Hotdogs ear as she released him.

Fp walked over to the pretty blonde

“You my dear, I tried a taste of that sauce. You’re a chef extraordinaire.”

Betty giggled

“why thank you sir.” She squeezed him again, it was in that moment that Fp noticed the purplish bruise on her forearm, definitive finger marks poking through her soft skin, his spine stiffened and his eyes flew to jughead. Jugheads whole face darkened as he nodded sharply, mouthing the two word

“Her dad”

Fp squeezed back a little tighter

Oh no. This would not do at all.

Betty pulled away, looking between the two men with a smile so bright it nearly burned

“Who’s ready for dinner?”

Fp shook the anger from his bones, she witnessed enough of that at home apparently and he wasn’t about to bring it to her here.

Jughead stepped forward, reaching for her hand

“You know I always am love.” He dropped a kiss to her forehead. Fp nodded to his son over her back. A promise.

“I’m always ready for food green eyes.”

As Betty made her way towards the kitchen, Jughead close behind Fp made a promise.

No one was going to hurt either of those two kids.

Never again.

Sebastian Stan - Esquire interview

In January of this year, while filming I, Tonya, Sebastian Stan dropped into a bar to meet up with a bunch of his Marvel co-stars in Atlanta. These are people he’s known since at least 2010, when he was cast as Bucky Barnes in Captain America: The First Avenger, a film that propelled one of the biggest movie franchises in modern history and Stan’s own career. Since that first Captain America film, he’s repeated the role in its two sequels; he’s also slated to appear in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, which began filming earlier this year. He’s pretty good friends with some of the most recognizable superhero movie stars on the planet. They’re his people.

But when he walked into the middle of the bar, no one knew who the hell he was.

“I went and stood in the center of where everyone was hanging out and I realized that no one recognized me,” Stan says. “I had this haircut that was really high, a mustache and no sideburns, and I was very pale. I stood there for a minute before I went up to someone and was like, ‘Hey, it’s me.’”

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Time for a story - In sickness and in health

Originally posted by kissing-pleasure

Even for someone who didn’t know Felicity as well as he did, it was obvious how miserable she was. Her face was pale. Her lips had taken almost the same color as the rest of her face apart from the dark shadows under her glazed eyes. A thin film of sweat covered her face, making the strands of her hair that had fallen out of her ponytail stick to her skin.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, closing her car door behind her.

Oliver ignored her question and just crossed the distance to her. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders tightly, pulling her against his chest. He could feel her shivering slightly, and, when he pressed a comforting kiss to her forehead, he could feel how warm her skin was. The sweat seemed to do little to nothing to cool it. It only made him worry more.

“I’m gonna put you to bed now, okay?” Oliver whispered against her forehead. “I’m taking care of you.”

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anonymous asked:

You have been quiet about the episode. Did you hate it or love it? I really want your take on what's going on with Jughead's story. He's still a Serpent in the promo and in the episode they're filming now. Gross. They turned him in to a monster and recked his character.

I just haven’t fully processed my thoughts on the episode, but I didn’t hate it, no. 

Furthermore, as far as Jughead and/or Betty go, nothing has transpired this season that has wrecked either character, this last episode did not change that for me, for either of them. 

The Penny Peabody moment was extreme, I grant, but character ruining? No. And that’s not what they’re trying to do with Jughead, either.

The execution on the stories has been a mess at times this season, a mess, and I think it’s clouded people’s perceptions to some extent, and the Serpent narrative is definitely one that did not start out well, from the way they introduced T*ni, to having Jug get beat up and thus nobody trusting them, and a bunch of things, so I grasp that it was a messy intro, but it really pains me to see so much Jughead hate. He’s not wrecked, at all. At all. 

And, honestly, I’m okay being in the minority here, but I very much appreciate that the show hasn’t romanticized the gang situation as it pertains to Jughead, if I’m being honest. Or Betty, for that matter. There was a gauntlet, there was a stripper initiation, there was a drug run, and now… The Penny Peabody situation. It also makes Betty and Jug’s fight to stay together even more poignant, because they’re not up against superficial issues or angst. It’s real and it’s deep. 

If you’re watching the show and your takeaway is that Jughead = bad now, he’s just a bad person, doing bad things, now that he’s joined a gang, you’re missing his character arc, completely. His goal is to LEAD the Serpents to a more righteous way of life. He’s trying to bridge the gap between north and south, he thinks he can be that person to do so. Furthermore, he’s trying to keep who he loves safe. And moral ambiguity definitely comes along with that, no doubt. 

But you know what I say about any morally ambiguous moments when they pertain to Jug or Betty? Listen, there are only two characters on this canvas that ALWAYS pay for any perceived wrongdoings, whether they were actually in the wrong or not, and that’s Jughead and that’s Betty. 

So if you don’t think that Jughead isn’t going to learn a hard lesson and have some kind of fallout from that Penny situation or from some of the darker sides of gang life? Idk, idk. He always pays. So does Betty. Always. Mark it down. I personally bet Penny will be back. FP high-key foreshadowed it.  

If all it took was a threat from some people rocking masks and cutting her tattoo out of her arm to run her out of town, we think someone in the Serpents wouldn’t have tried that before? Lol. 

I mean… Really? She made all those threats and just like that… She’s gone? Lololol. Now, anon. I guess, maybe. But… 

She’s probably going to return and make good on her threats in some way or another. Whether she hurts Betty, or FP, or Jug… I highly doubt the whole thing is wrapped up in a tidy bow just like that. And when the reckoning comes…. Let’s see what happens, shall we? But, in the mean time…

The show has used this, since you noted the promo, to sort of… Allow Jughead to claim some of his agency, and feel secure about himself in certain ways, and start to ascend in to a more confident, self-assured, leader of people. They’ve used this to make him feel like he belongs, he has support, and people that get him. He’s not the same outsider he was before. That’s why plenty of people in gangs say they join them. It’s actually pretty realistic, no? 

And whatever happens with the Serpent situation, those attributes will stick, and that confidence, that leadership, that lack of insecurity on certain fronts? That will be good for his character on the whole. So will the lessons learned. 

You do see what they’ve now set up in merging the schools, right? They were actually going somewhere with these story arcs. 

Jughead’s returning to RD High. But this time… He’s going to be on equal footing with Archie Andrews essentially. Two alphas. You get how they’ve moved Betty, Jug, and Archie on the chessboard, right?. 2A was primarily about re-aligning this chessboard a certain way. You see that’s what they’ve done, yes? 

Let me just… 

Jughead returns to RD high, the leader of a pack. And they show that right off the bat. 

Reggie’s trying to force Jug to take off his jacket by ripping it off himself in the promo. Look how many people jump to Jug’s defense? Remember the last time they tried to pick on Jug in season one? Wasn’t it just Archie, basically, that came to his defense? 

Now? Oh. Good luck winning that battle, Reggie. You’re messing with the wrong guy. 

I know the fandom is split on Serpent!Jughead, and I’m not delving in to that right this second, but I continue to appreciate the parallels the show is not being subtle about setting up in regards to Archie vs Jughead. Or Archie, Betty, and Jughead. 

They’ve now used the Serpent storyline and moved Jughead in to a position where he’s a leader of a “squad,” too. He’s on equal footing with Archie, for maybe the first time in his life in this equation. And more importantly, he feels that way. He’s a big man on campus now, too, of sorts. There are two camps. Archie leads one. Jug helms the other. The symmetry is insane. 

Archie rules over the football, wresting team/squad and runs the show. Those guys are essentially at his beck and call. He commands them. Complete with leading them in that cult debacle where they were those masks. That’s Archie’s place in the ecosystem.

Now, the schools merge, and look who is going to have an equal and opposite similar place and power? Except his squad/team is the “gang” of Serpents. And they listen to Jug, similar to how Archie’s listened to with the football players. Complete with wearing creepy masks to pull off their plots. But, I digress. 

Whatever one feels about the Serpent storyline, they continue to elevate Jughead to a place where he can seemingly finally truly ~compete with Archie (even if in his head) and win/be equal. And they continue to also look for ways to grow Jug up and mature him and even conquer some of his insecurities. And this storyline strikes right at the heart of that, no? 

So, in general, for what it seems like is up next? Battling those Betty and Archie demons, battling those Archie demons in general… Isn’t it awesome that Jug will now be able to check off so many boxes that he didn’t feel he could check before? 

The moral ambiguity will probably take care of itself, again, because when doesn’t Jug pay? Tell me a time? Betty and Jug are the most selfless, always trying to save everyone, and the town, and tell me why they’re the two without their loves by their sides now? Because they always get tortured and pay. Always.

But, yeah. My sweet boy is not a monster. At all. And the narrative, if it is what it seems to be… is not illogical. Again, just messily executed, which has been the story of this season. 

There are so many parallels. They shook up the canvas for a reason, it seems. And so far, no, I’m not seeing either of my two favorite characters being assassinated, and I still think Jughead, Betty, and Bughead are going to be better for alllllll of this in the long run. Nobody got wrecked last night. That episode didn’t air for me. Sorry. 

I just got blocked from one of my favorite feminist blogs because I had the gall to say some men are good. I’m actually kind of sad about this.

Like they were one of my favorite blogs to see on my dash but if they want to block me simply because I said, on a post that stated there is no good man, that there are good men. Like my husband. Who btw was immediately branded a creep because apparently he’s 30 and I’m 21. (Btw no, he’s the same age as me)

But if that’s how they feel they can take their heads and put them firmly back in their asses because they’re plenty of good men. Yes there are so many bad ones. So many omg. I barely trust men but I do know there are good ones.

So basically in the end. All I want to say is don’t be ignorant. Ignorance breeds fear. And fear controls us.

anonymous asked:

Um, hi ^^ It's the Not-Transgender-Shy (Or I guess NTS) anon from before. I'm sorry all of this is keeping you awake at night, I don't really have much, but I do have an interesting and funny thought for you to help. It came to me as I was listening to a song from Mario Odessy and for some reason, my brain thought "...Transformers as characters in Mario Kart." I have no clue why I thought of it, but I thought it was funny and figured it make you feel a bit better :)

Actually that’s a really cool and fun idea :D there’s so much you could do with that!!! It’s been forever since I’ve played Mario kart but that would honestly be so funny.

Now I kind of want to do an ask on who would be gamers or how certain bots would play. Maybe sometime later this week if I can. XD

And thank you so much!!! ❤❤❤❤

anonymous asked:

why do all white women who want to excuse themselves act like woc aren't actually women jkdsgh... the accusations of infantilizing women because you said girls. the implications that woc don't experience/understand abuse. the idea that woc talking about white femininity is somehow misogynistic. they REALLY think we're some kind of subhuman class with No Issues

They really do lol!!!!!! I need to re-reblog that list of readings about colonialism and slavery’s impacts on the gender binary bc whoo…. they could do with a healthy dose of reading up on that 


Runaway Prince

AU where viktor thought yuuri was an angel sent from heaven to be his friend but he’s actually a runaway prince from a kingdom in the sky

“I almost married my high school sweetheart. She was a sharp girl. Very kind. Long brown hair, slim– the whole package. We moved to California together after graduation. We spent all our time together. We were in love. We even talked about marriage several times. Then one morning she decided she didn’t want to do it anymore. She told me things had changed. It destroyed me. Ever since then, she’s been the one that I’ve always wondered about. I actually saw her a couple years ago. She came to New York for her father’s funeral, and we took a walk in Central Park together. I hadn’t seen her in forty-five years. She looked amazing. Exactly the same as I remembered. She had two kids. She’d gotten married to some guy from Yale. Toward the end of our walk, she told me that if she could do it all over again, she probably would have never married the guy. I said: ‘That breaks my heart, because all these years I imagined you were happy.’ Of course, there might have been a small part of me that was thinking: ‘Haha! You married the wrong guy.’”