i actually kind of really like the colors here

5 Favorite Lucy Outfits

#1 Tartaros Prologue

I just really enjoy the colors here. It differs from the typical blues and whites she wears.

#2 Sagittarius Stardress

I’m a sucker for archers and this A+++ Usually I don’t like boob-windows, but I don’t mind it too much here! (Side note: is Lucy wearing pants or not??? Because I always thought she was???)

#3 GMG Fight 

Again, I mostly like it for the colors! They all looked great in this dark purple :3

#4 Avatar Arc

This was kind of a throwback to the “Classic Lucy” look, but I actually like this one better than any of her other blue/white outfits!

#5 Leo Stardress

Is it practical for fighting? Not really! I do like the colors and this is what has fueled my urge to write dance!AUs. It’s just pretty…

Honorable mentions!

They were just cover/art book things, but boy did I like them! I’m a sucker for braids + sweaters and the second one actually has armor, which I adore!

Send me a character and I’ll tell you my Five favorite outfits they wear!

Daily Notes

Summary: The one time Bucky decides to go get coffee, he finds you, a feisty barista, along the way. Strangely enough, you’re the exact reason he continues to keep coming back.

Word Count: 1,324.

A/N: After many visits to my local Starbucks, I’ve gathered up some inspiration for this fic and I really loved how it came out! Big thanks to my friends @heaventide & @galaxayy for helping me come up with these sweet notes included. Hope you guys enjoy, and as always feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

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Get To Know Me!
Favorite Youtubers 2/? - danisnotonfire

“That’s why I’m here, I’m here for two reasons. To entertain you with stories of my life so , you know, you can find them entertaining. But then maybe compare them to your own lives and not feel so alone with the issues that you go with, go through. And think, “Wow, I’m scared of going to my first day of work, but there is a guy called Dan who actually sold an axe to a child”. And the other half of it is me kind of like articulating my own profound observations on the universe, which is really just an excuse to give myself a therapy. Apparently other people enjoy watching it too wow” 

i really like the concept of an ice fighter in overwatch , and thought id give a shot at making one in tf2 ! i havent played overwatch, so uh, i dont exactly have a grasp on what kind of character mei is/ any attacks.

but heres the cryo ! (thats the best name ive got rn, trying to play off of ‘pyro’).

he was an accomplice to medic (hence the similar outfit), and he used to work with him as a sort of mentor, except he actually has a medical license ahahh. at one point the two had conflicting motives to use the australium for. medic wanted to use it to help people, but cryo wanted to harness the power as a weapon, as he found he could use it with liquid nitrogen (*shakes hands mysteriously* cause u know, tf2 universe). this led to them breaking off and continuing their projects alone. the two were hired by mann co, medic first, then they soon learned about cryo through medics records.

he got in an accident when experimenting with the gun and froze his right arm off (definitely not an excuse to give an oc cybernetics.,., cause cybernetics are cool) he reloads his gun with the cell packs on his belt, they slide out and refill through the tubes connected to the liquid nitrogen storage tank on his back. (i’m definitely gonna fix this to actually be accurate,,, and i also havent figured out his attacks yet . may need help with that if anyone has suggestions !!) im still figuring out his design, but im very happy with the way this came out :>

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Hello !! I really love your art. I keep scrolling all your blog almost everyday ♡♡♡. I saw your drawings of the au with young Gabriel and Jack farmer. Do you have tips for using the grey maker ? I got several ones but I feel like I'm more coloring the character with several nuance of grey instead of doing like you do with just a light grey that lighten up and make the drawing nice. Thank you ♡ I hope to see more art of you ♡♡

thank you for your kind message anon. >/////< I’m happy to know you like my art this much to check it daily am truly honored <3

about your question. I apply grey areas only to give the picture more depth, instead of leaving it plainly Black and White. it’s not really coloring. the closest example ( and actually where i learn and still learning this ) is toning in manga. 

here’s a small example (it is digital not in markers, but this is how i use grays in both mediums anyway) 

line art: it’s plain, characters and BG are all equal. you can’t really separate them.

the toned picture: now you can visually separate the background from the characters and you can tell that one of them has different skin color.and the clothes they’re wearing is dark shade of something (green in this) you don’t need to add more shading to the grey areas, yes it’ll make the picture look much better. but in comics you don’t have the time to color each panel in grey scale so you basically take the basic values (grays) to separate the objects you have. you need one or two hues to do the work. 

you can try this using your markers and before adding grey try to balance the black and white areas.

I am not really good in explaining things XD but I hope this answered your question. ^^

Make Me Jealous

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader, a few guys in bars 

Warnings: Jealous!Sam, fluff, swearing, implied smut

Word count: 1865

Tag list: @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove @spectaculicious @bambinovak @spnfanficpond @writingthingsisdifficult @rocksalts-and-winchesters @aliensdeservebetter

Summary: The Reader realizes that she’s making Sam jealous and decides to roll with it. 

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I would really really really really really like to hear your opinions on Marie Lu's WARCROSS cover. Like, really.

SO this cover has been Much Discussed since its release earlier today and I have seen some very mixed reactions. understandable. it’s a weird rainbow cube.

But I actually like it? I appreciate the non-traditional, very dynamic way to present the title. It’s definitely Out There conceptually, and kind of obtuse in terms of semiotics; like, what are we looking at here? A Rubicks cube but……. future? gaming? sci-fi? what? But I’m in favor of weird abstractions on the cover as long as they’re relevant and interesting, and the colors/ iridescent metallic effects here are SUPER striking. The motion blur effects could have been handled a little better, but that’s a nitpick. There’s a very slight tilt shift/ depth of field blurring and it’s v classy; one of the hardest things about doing a Single Photorealistic Item as ur cover focus is maintaining some sense of depth (and therefore visual interest) despite your object ostensibly not existing in a real space; this nails that. Given that the goal here is basically to communicate “VIDYA GAMES/SLEEK TECHY STUFF” and there’s any number of super obvious/ less interesting ways they could have gone with that, I think this is a cool, surprising solution, executed well. And it’s super unique; I can’t think of a single cover to compare it to.

(I’ve had design teachers espouse that good design is liked by all but great design is always going to have some people passionately hate it. I don’t know if I’d call this great design, but there’s something to be said for inherent controversy of opinion re designs that take real creative risks.)

Also, regarding the Queen’s Thief covers that have been asked about (still working on a full post for those, BUT), the War Cross cover is actually a good entry into “cover designers using 3D rendered text/ objects.” And, wouldn’t you know it, there’s a reason; Lu linked to the person who designed this and they specialize in 3D modeled typography; like, that’s their entire instagram gallery. @ art directors take note.

I’m also gonna take this opportunity to look at Lu’s other covers, bc they’re not very good.


Regarding the Young Elites series, um, there’s a difference between typographically driven and “hey we just put some type over some textures” and this is rly straddling the line. They also don’t look great together, and. lol. how bout those SUPERIMPOSED WOLF EYES.

I’m not saying it looks like a werewolf romance novel but I don’t have to.

the evidence speaks for itself.

bet y’all didn’t expect this post to end on werewolf smut, did you.

we have fun here at bookcoversalt.

 yesterday’s inktober. i’ve been really behind due to my body not feeling so great lately, but i’m ready to do the last few days now. i said i would do another MLAATR one, so here it is~ i actually had a dream about this show kind of recently, that it had some kind of big comeback and i remember being really upset when i woke up and found out none of it was real, LMAO

i still like this pairing and human jenny is cute so why not dsfsdfhdsgfjdfg let me wallow in my self indulgence

storm in the room: an analysis

alrighty here we go. i watched tonight’s episode in full and i’m ready to pick it apart and give my general thoughts on it!

first: the animation.

…………………………..yeowch. that’s rough, buddy

i don’t understand why rose is so….powder white? part of me wants to think it’s because she’s an illusion and it’s some kind of ~symbolism~ but i highly doubt it, it’s probably just more eyebleeding palette choices, although here since it’s supposed to be an illusion/dreamlike sequence i can at least understand the choice of eyebleeding colors here

while everyone still looks……..squished and cramped and off-model as per the norm for s4, i gotta admit some of the palettes here i did really enjoy. i wish they would use palettes like this more often instead of the eyebleeding ones they’ve been insistent on using lately

plus, i actually really enjoyed where this one was going for a while. i love how unnatural rose acts throughout this episode. the uncomfortable way she articulates things and how weirdly perfect she seems to be really pushes the point home that this version of rose isn’t real, and is just a projection from steven of what his mother could have been like. or should have been like, rather

but where this episode really takes a nosedive is the ending. even if it is just an illusion, this is steven FINALLY calling out his mom for all of the absolutely abhorrent things she did, he finally gets to yell, he finally gets to tell her what she did was wrong

the way it was voice acted, the way steven finally lashed out, it was all so well fucking done and i was so happy to finally see this happen. i thought all of that buildup would finally pay off to steven realizing that his mother was a liar and a hypocrite who only cared about herself, and it’d just end with her disappearing into smoke for steven himself to think about and have him realize that he can be what his mother couldn’t. 

he could try and free the humans from the zoo, he could try and liberate homeworld with the help of bismuth and the other cgs, he could free bismuth from her bubble and realize that she was right and apologize, and he could do his damn best to be better than the person who brought him into existence only to hide from the fact she ruined so much. he wouldn’t live in her shadow, her meek, hiding shadow, he could do what she couldn’t. 

but nooooooo, no we can’t have that, we can’t leave things up to audience interpretation, we have to have a ~ooohhh but i wuv you so much so that makes all of your points about me being a liar and a hypocrite moot, come give your mama a hug~ scene and ruin EVERYTHING this episode could have been

like, i know steven is a kid, i know he wants everything to be okay, i know he’s reluctant to hate his own mother, but this was just…unnecessary. he’s seen all the horrible things she’s done. he said it himself that he knows the truth about her. like, it could be construed as steven going to far into his own fantasy he’s in denial that his mother wasn’t perfect and might actually be (gasp) A Bad Person, but with crewniverse’s “uwu If You Fight Your Oppressors You’re Just As Bad As Them!” attitude that interpretation kinda flies out the window since they probably were just playing this straight. like, if you cut out the last two minutes of this episode, it’s waaaayyy better and leaves more room for interpretation.

all in all, i feel like there was a lot of potential for this and in the beginning despite my continued animation gripes i thought this might be the writers learning from their mistakes and Actually making something thoughtful for once, but i was sorely mistaken. this episode felt like such a missed opportunity and i’m sincerely disappointed in that although i shouldn’t expect much nowadays

BTS Reaction to Seeing A Beautiful Foreign Girl

A/N: Okay, so this is the first reaction that I will be doing and I’m not sure if it’s going to be accurate or anything, hopefully it will be though. After you’ve given this a read, you guys can send in whether I should continue with them or find another admin to write them. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this one!

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Jin: In the middle of a conversation with all the boys, Jin just happened to glance in your direction but glanced back again quickly, shocked by your extremely beautiful and glowing appearance. His lips parted and his eyes widened, not believing that someone as gorgeous looking as you existed, let alone was in his presence. He would only stare at you, not being one to go out of his way and start a conversation with someone he didn’t know until you looked in his direction and sent him a small smile. He would react just the way he did when he first saw you, just more dramatic this time before he sent you a nervous and shy smile, feeling as if his cheeks were on fire.

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V: To be honest, V would still act like his weird and alien self, even in your presence. Even during his weird moments that left people thinking twice about the boy’s sanity, he still would have managed to glance in your direction, stopping all weird actions he was doing before and looking at you with curiosity since you didn’t look like you’d come from anywhere in Korea. Nevertheless, V would approach you, being his weird self and doing some odd dance that caused him to shake his shoulders while he sang a old song in Korean, catching your attention and amusing you with how care-free the boy was. He introduced himself in English which immediately earned a happy smile from you, admiring the fact he had gone out of his way and spoke English to you. The best thing about it was when V would say simple sentences like, “You are my new friend.” that you would find amusing, V smiling broadly because he knew that this was a good start to something beautiful between the two of you.

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J-Hope: We all know that this ball of sunshine has mad confidence, so when you entered the shop he was currently searching around looking for who knows what, he didn’t hesitate to go up to you and try to strike a conversation between the two of you. Judging by your appearance, he assumed you weren’t from here and didn’t speak the language as fluently as yet and decided to try his best and speak English with you. You smiled at his effort to speak English to you since you knew translating Korean to English was very difficult since the grammar was very different and spoke just a bit slower than you normally did just so the boy would understand what you were saying. Even if he didn’t know that much English, every time doing something that made you laugh or smile when he didn’t understand what was going on during your conversation, you still continued to talk with the boy because he was amusing and happy, qualities you favored most.

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Rap Monster: As Namjoon quietly ate his fast food at the lonely booth he sat in, his ears would perk up when he heard someone speaking English instead of Korean, immediately causing his head to turn in the direction of the voice, left stunned for a moment as he was taken aback by your beauty. It took him longer than expected to pull himself out of his trance, coming back to reality as he heard you sigh in frustration because no one at the American fast food restaurant could speak English. Without a second thought, Namjoon would casually stroll up to you, asking you with confidence and a cool attitude what you wanted, translating what you wanted to the worker at the counter who looked more than relieved when Namjoon spoke a language she understood. After your food was ready to eat, you had decided to eat with Namjoon, him showing off his excellent English vocab that you hadn’t heard much of when you arrived in Korea.

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Jungkook: Just like Jin, Jungkook would stare at you. When his eyes first caught site of you, he thought he was imagining things right away because no one who looked like you ever roamed the streets of this part of town, but when he glanced back and finally started staring at you, he realized that you were real. You were absolutely breath-taking and gorgeous in so many ways, so gorgeous that Jungkook couldn’t keep his eyes off you. Since Jungkook is still young and was shoved into the spotlight at young age and was forced to act like an adult before the cameras, he didn’t know what to do in such as situation where he had seen a beautiful girl. Eventually, all the other boys had noticed the Golden Maknae’s attention was somewhere else and decided to have a bit of fun, physically pushing Jungkook towards you before they ran off and left him standing right in front of you. He smiled nervously, not knowing what to do in this situation he prayed would end happily before you asked him if he spoke English in what you thought was your terrible Korean. Jungkook was surprised by the words spoken by a foreigner that were words all too similar to him, nodding his head slightly before you continued to have your conversation in English, sometimes watching as Jungkook flushed a pink color in his cheeks when you had misunderstood what he had tried to say in English. 

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Jimin: It would be on the bus where you two had first met, you using the bus to travel to a very popular tourist site you wanted to check-out during your time in Korea while Jimin was using the bus to get to the grocery store and buy some food supplies since they were running dangerously low at the dorms. That day, the town was very busy, making every mode of transportation very packed and busy. You grabbed a hold of a railing in the bus, standing before a passenger who you secretly envied because they were sitting while you were standing, all before you watched the passenger who you finally looked at, a cute boy with a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts stand and gesture for you to sit in his place. You mumbled an audible thank you, confirming the theory that you weren’t from Korea but were just visiting the country. As you settled down in your comfortable seat, you tucked a fallen strand of hair behind your ear before you looked up at the cute passenger that had given up his seat for you, watching him smile charmingly your way which instantly caused your cheeks to flush a pretty pink color that Jimin already loved seeing on you. Somehow during the duration of your trip, you two had begun talking in slow English because he warned you beforehand that his English wasn’t that great, but you didn’t care because your were enjoying his presence so much that nothing really mattered. You two continued to talk to each other slowly and sometimes in broken English, Jimin missing his stop and abandoning his plan to go to the grocery store and instead showing you around town, suggesting all kinds of different places you should definitely go to during your stay in Korea.

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Suga: Suga would be sat at a table in an overly priced coffee shop, headphones on that blocked out all of the sounds of the earth around him and allowed the sound of what he wanted to hear into his ears while he worked alone at the table on his computer, trying to come up with a sweet melody for the new BTS song that was soon to be produced to the public. Suga removed his headphones from his ears out of habit, feeling as if someone had called out for him even if no one did, making sure no one called out for him as his eyes scanned the room but ended up laid on you who stood at the counter and ordered. Suga was one that didn’t show much emotion but couldn’t help it when his head jerked backwards a bit, surprised to see someone so different and so beautiful in this part of the city. Although Suga would admit you were completely beautiful in every way and had a certain angelic glow around you, he placed his headphones on and went back to work, removing them once he saw you stand before him and ask if you could sit down at his table. Suga, who still wasn’t use to seeing people from outside of the country, only nodded as he heard you thank him and watched you sit down. For a while it remained quiet between the two of you, you not wanting to disturb Suga who was clearly busy with something while Suga tried to distract himself from your beauty but that was hard because you were just too damn beautiful and he had to know your name before he lost his mind. He asked your name in English as he removed his headphones, the language he spoke catching you off guard because you hadn’t heard much of that here before you replied with a smile and continued to talk with Suga, having moments where he would think he said something wrong in English and flush a pink color in his cheeks as he placed his hands over the smile that grew and grew on his face, not understanding why he did this because why cover up something that was too beautiful for any words in any language to describe?

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First reaction! I’m actually kind of pleased with this, but I’d really like feedback from you all if I should continue doing reactions or find another admin that can do them. The choice is yours guys. Don’t forget our ask box is currently open, so feel free to request any imagines, texts, reactions and ships! Love you all! x

XOXO Admin Tina 




This is a scene that started playing in my head after reading the first chapter from the very promising haikyuu!! fanfiction Vienna Waits For You. If you prefer tumblr to read fic, there you go.
Noya doesn’t look like Noya AT ALL so you’ll just have to believe me when I say it’s him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I spent more time trying to make this look presentable than actually drawing it, my brain is fried. I miss my scanner so much. So much. I shouldn’t look at the original or I’ll start crying. Pouler, I hope all the suffering was worth it. 

And because I mucked that part up, the most important part, the only kind of action there is to this scene (why) I will try to word it in an attempt to explain what is supposed to happen in the third panel. You know what happens when you pour cold water into a glass and it stands there for a bit? And then you touch it? Noya draws a line with his thumb.
(someone save me and write that more beautifully? I’m not kidding I’d love to have writing accompanying this, it feels very incomplete)


“I look different from everyone else. And since I’m with you, people will laugh at you, too.”

Snake is a precious darling. Snake is one of the characters that I genuinely worry about, because even though he shares the same ability to take care of himself as the other servants (as the forest in Germany indicated), I’m so scared of what’s going to happen the day he finds out that the Circus is dead because of Ciel and the others. It’s like a bomb waiting to go off that we’ve all collectively forgotten about.

He seems to have fallen in as part of the family with the other servants, so hopefully they can explain what happened, that they were trying to protect themselves and Lizzie when everyone was killed, and hopefully he’ll believe them. Because I feel like if he snaps and gets angry, he’ll end up dead, and I really don’t want that. He deserves to be happy where he is.

Snake was actually kind of hard to color, because I didn’t know what to do with all of that shiny leather. X’‘‘D So I dunno how that came out, but at least the snakes turned out awesome. ^_^

(If you want to use these icons for anything, just ask first, please! Other Kuro icons here.)


My sun&moon team in order!

Primarina: my OP ‘lil son. He sat out many battles so the other children could get exp.

Slowbro: first thing I did was go find a suitable natured slowpoke. Is a good boy.

Lilligant: second thing I did was catch a petilil. She was my leech seeder + quiver dancer + giga drain. Looks kind on the outside, but likes to slowly and painfully kill.

Arcanine: another good boy!! Fire coverage. Would dress up as santa claus to play with other kids.

Muk: the last kid to join the group. A beautiful colorful mess. Surprisingly strong and bulky.

No sixth ‘mon because I didn’t need ‘em~ actually I really wanted a chikorita or pikachu but failed to catch one on the first island and didn’t want to go back.

Commissions are open! For more information, check my side bar or message me here or at my email: artbyaer@gmail.com

so i was thinking about what i count as my first protest and like the quote unquote activist work i did over the summer

and like, the first real (i say that bc i did go to a take back the night rally, but it was organized by university and it was very….nonthreatening) protest i went to was in response to Mike Brown’s murder and like i wasn’t really young ??? but i hadn’t really formed my political prospective yet.  and i remember leaving it so ?? not optimistic, but i left sort of with rose colored glasses about the state of the movement’s progress.  like, i just kind of assumed everyone there held a radical standpoint and that wow look at all these people who are here to say, in a concrete way, that yes black lives do in fact matter and are worth protecting. which at the time was really formative and important for me to see people actually getting together behind the movement. esp bc i’m in the women’s studies program at my uni, which really only trains you to talk in abstract academic jargon and not really in concrete ways to resist systems of oppression.

so like!! it was super important but like, the mindset that it left me with is what i think gave me such a quick burn out with the work i was doing over the summer.  like, when i was with the organization that me and some people were trying to get off the ground, it was really like disorienting to see like….the faults the activists in my area had yet to deal with.  like it was really jarring to be in a room full of people who claimed the title of activist and who created a space that i would assume is safe for someone like me, literally say that trans women are illogical and unnatural, and act like LGBT+ black folks don’t exist, and promote respectability politics, and like promote a reproduction of patriarchy under the guise of black empowerment.  just, it was really uncomfortable to be called queen by random black dudes who i knew were only calling me queen because they didn’t actually know me, my politics, or my identity in its entirety.  like, it was a really big smack in the face to realize like, what an uphill battle i had before me even within circles that would call themselves progressive.
and like, activist work has a huge emotional toll just by the nature of the work.  like, activist work truly has to be a labor of love for you to get anything done, and even then it’s hard not to completely burn yourself out, but like to have that emotional toll on top of having your identity erased, being told that people like you don’t exist and folks from your community are unnatural like. that was so hard to reconcile.
whenever i think about like, trying to get back into the activist circuit in my area, i just distinctly recall an event that had a local speaker who clearly had a following say into a microphone to a whole audience of people that trans women were “””””crazy””””” and having them laugh and clap and agree and just. like. have that same feeling of like flabbergasted disappointment.  or when i was at an protest regarding tr*mp’s campaign and having a black man yell about how LGBT people were the “””downfall””” of the black power movement, like somehow LGBT+ black folk aren’t the backbone of social progress like….
and it sucks because it was really really fulfilling work and it was so clear that my area has such a desperate thirst for a movement to get behind (or even just to have the space to talk about issues that effected them) and have that community support system but, whooo buddy.

lily evans headcanons and stuff

in fics and headcanons, lilly evans is always described as very pretty and sophisticated but idk i want the opposite

lily with frizzy, uncontrollable curly fiery red hair (it got so annoying and hot all the time, and once in third year she actually chopped it off)

pale lily covered in a billion cute freckles but her face is also kind of blotchy red on her cheeks and chin but she doesn’t really care

CHUBBY LILY chubby cheeks chubby neck chubby hands chubby legs chubby lily

lily with very thin lips that barely have any color to them

lily with kind of crooked teeth

and also here have some other random lily headcanons

  • she really likes her warm sweaters even though she’s hot all the time
  • she has a few thin golden rings that are her favorites but she can’t wear them because her fingers aren’t slender enough so she keeps them in a little compartment in her makeup box
  • once in fifth year a boy told her that she was wearing too much makeup (just eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick) and so the next day she caked on foundation and eyeliner and eye shadow and dark lipstick and penciled her eyebrows and looked totally stunning
  • she really likes to go out in the woods with a book but she never actually ends up reading the book, she just sits there and watches the nature until someone comes to find her (usually remus)
  • her favorite class is care of magical creatures or transfiguration or charms or DADA or potions oh who is she kidding she can’t decide
  • she loves muggle candles with the pretty scents especially the pink blossom ones (possibly the only person who loves candles more than she does is remus, but he likes the rustic woodsy ones but also the clean linen ones)
  • she loves flower crowns and makes several for each of the marauders (they all love them honestly and remus is the only one who doesn’t wear one as often because he doesn’t like hats or anything on his head so instead lily makes him flower bracelets which he definitely wears all the time)
  • she is really protective over peter because she knows he sometimes gets worried about being left out (even though he’s not) so she makes sure to always look at him when he’s talking because he’s actually really interesting
  • she’s made all the marauders into hardcore feministists as well
  • she and sirius sometimes trade out sweaters and shirts and hair products and she lends him her eyeliner and lipstick and they just have sleepover-esque hangouts
  • she’s really close with remus in a way that is sometimes interpreted as romantic but it’s completely platonic, they just really get each other and they have long philosophical talks about things
  • she loves it when people play with her hair (which james does a lot)
  • she’s the first to find out about remus and sirius and she claims she knew it all along when it actually is kind of a surprise but it makes sense
  • she and james hang out a lot, usually not doing much but they’ll do homework together and sometimes just copy off each other for certain classes but also just talk about random things while they work, usually either close together on the couch or outside somewhere

i could go on for hours but this post is already really long so there you go

Nice things to say about cool art

So most artists I know on tumblr appreciate it when we get a nice comment in the tags (even if it’s just “this is lovely!” or “aaaAAAAAAA”, it still makes us smile). But I know specific comments are the ones that stick with me and really brighten my day. 

You don’t have to be a practiced artist or educated critic to talk about art. I remembered there was a post that gave you some suggestions on what to say about a fic if you don’t know how to comment, so I thought I might write something similar for fan art. (to be clear I’m not asking for more comments because that would be terribly hypocritical since I’m really quiet, but if you’re looking to make an artist really happy, here’s a place to start)

So here we go! I hope it helps anyone who isn’t used to talking about art.

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anonymous asked:

Your art looks so soft!!! Just a few questions (if you don't mind of course!) do you use SAI? Also, what brush settings do you use?? Thank you so much!! ✨

I don’t mind at all! ‘ u ’  
Yup I use SAI, and here are my brush settings:

1) is my sketch and coloring brush; it was introduced to me by my friend! It’s very soft and subtle when adding values so I like it a lot
2) is just the default marker. The textures don’t really matter since I use it to blob in solid color
3) default blur 

(here’s a bigger version if the text is too small)

thank you for 400 followers!

thank you all sooo much for following me and dealing with all my awful paissa posts! ive had a lot of fun with this blog and have met some really fun and friendly people on here and in game!! i figured i should actually do a small giveaway for this one, now that i have the time for these kinds of things hehe.

here’s what you can win!

first place:

a colored sketch of one character in this style!

second place:

a headshot sketch of one character (probably will be colored??)

third place:

$5 to spend on da moggy station! \o/

here are the rules~

  • must be following me!
  • no giveaway blogs
  • if you win a drawing spot, no NSFW. sorry!
  • likes/reblogs count! but you can only win once!

this giveaway starts today, Wednesday March 30th @ 12:30 am cst and ends Wednesday April 13th @ 11:59pm cst ! (i think thats enough time?? im not sure how long people make giveaways last!! @__@)

good luck! and thank you all again!! \o/

Okay so I was sober and lying in bed and I couldn’t get to sleep and my mind was going to weird and stupid as fuck places last night and I had a thought about Unicorns in MLP.

Why are their horns the same color as their coats?

This makes no sense to me and it’s been bothering me since about 4 am last night in that particularly bad bought of insomnia.

Horns are bone, right? Stop me if I’m wrong here. So, the classic unicorn is white with a white horn. This makes sense if the unicorn’s horn is actually bone, which is usually some kind of white-ish color.

But I think people got side-tracked into thinking that because the unicorns are white, the horns are white too. Like, there must be a correlation/some kind of causative relationship between coat color and horn color. Because the incredibly vast majority of the classic unicorns have white coats. So nobody’s really questioned it, and it was just kind of assumed, I think. And then this bled over into the character design in MLP as a kind of unconscious thing.

But if the unicorn horns are actually bone jutting out of their foreheads in MLP, shouldn’t all the unicorn horns be white? I mean, that makes sense if they’re all bone, right?

So why in the blueberry apple cider fuck are their horns the same color as their coats?! Do they dye them?! Is it, like, a fashion thing? Cuz there’ve been young child unicorns who’s horns are the same colors as their coats, so that would mean they’re dyeing children’s horns just for fashion.

This has vexed me all. Fucking. Day. For about 17 hours, not counting the times when I could actually get some sleep.

This is what happens when I try to sleep sober. I must’ve been up for at least a half hour puzzling over this stupid fucking thing alone. And people wonder why I drink so goddamned much.