i actually kind of really like the colors here

5 Favorite Lucy Outfits

#1 Tartaros Prologue

I just really enjoy the colors here. It differs from the typical blues and whites she wears.

#2 Sagittarius Stardress

I’m a sucker for archers and this A+++ Usually I don’t like boob-windows, but I don’t mind it too much here! (Side note: is Lucy wearing pants or not??? Because I always thought she was???)

#3 GMG Fight 

Again, I mostly like it for the colors! They all looked great in this dark purple :3

#4 Avatar Arc

This was kind of a throwback to the “Classic Lucy” look, but I actually like this one better than any of her other blue/white outfits!

#5 Leo Stardress

Is it practical for fighting? Not really! I do like the colors and this is what has fueled my urge to write dance!AUs. It’s just pretty…

Honorable mentions!

They were just cover/art book things, but boy did I like them! I’m a sucker for braids + sweaters and the second one actually has armor, which I adore!

Send me a character and I’ll tell you my Five favorite outfits they wear!

Some Winter-Eruris I’ll probably never finish…

I really want to try and do a ‘proper’ pic with actual coloring that has some kind of background and is more than dumb chibi-jokes (though I love them dearly)…but because I know I’m a lazy shit with no real drive I’ll share what I have with you or it will probably get lost :)

What I DO indeed intend to finish are the requests in my inbox…I just lacked inspiratiom for a bit :)

lily evans headcanons and stuff

in fics and headcanons, lilly evans is always described as very pretty and sophisticated but idk i want the opposite

lily with frizzy, uncontrollable curly fiery red hair (it got so annoying and hot all the time, and once in third year she actually chopped it off)

pale lily covered in a billion cute freckles but her face is also kind of blotchy red on her cheeks and chin but she doesn’t really care

CHUBBY LILY chubby cheeks chubby neck chubby hands chubby legs chubby lily

lily with very thin lips that barely have any color to them

lily with kind of crooked teeth

and also here have some other random lily headcanons

  • she really likes her warm sweaters even though she’s hot all the time
  • she has a few thin golden rings that are her favorites but she can’t wear them because her fingers aren’t slender enough so she keeps them in a little compartment in her makeup box
  • once in fifth year a boy told her that she was wearing too much makeup (just eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick) and so the next day she caked on foundation and eyeliner and eye shadow and dark lipstick and penciled her eyebrows and looked totally stunning
  • she really likes to go out in the woods with a book but she never actually ends up reading the book, she just sits there and watches the nature until someone comes to find her (usually remus)
  • her favorite class is care of magical creatures or transfiguration or charms or DADA or potions oh who is she kidding she can’t decide
  • she loves muggle candles with the pretty scents especially the pink blossom ones (possibly the only person who loves candles more than she does is remus, but he likes the rustic woodsy ones but also the clean linen ones)
  • she loves flower crowns and makes several for each of the marauders (they all love them honestly and remus is the only one who doesn’t wear one as often because he doesn’t like hats or anything on his head so instead lily makes him flower bracelets which he definitely wears all the time)
  • she is really protective over peter because she knows he sometimes gets worried about being left out (even though he’s not) so she makes sure to always look at him when he’s talking because he’s actually really interesting
  • she’s made all the marauders into hardcore feministists as well
  • she and sirius sometimes trade out sweaters and shirts and hair products and she lends him her eyeliner and lipstick and they just have sleepover-esque hangouts
  • she’s really close with remus in a way that is sometimes interpreted as romantic but it’s completely platonic, they just really get each other and they have long philosophical talks about things
  • she loves it when people play with her hair (which james does a lot)
  • she’s the first to find out about remus and sirius and she claims she knew it all along when it actually is kind of a surprise but it makes sense
  • she and james hang out a lot, usually not doing much but they’ll do homework together and sometimes just copy off each other for certain classes but also just talk about random things while they work, usually either close together on the couch or outside somewhere

i could go on for hours but this post is already really long so there you go

Okay so I was sober and lying in bed and I couldn’t get to sleep and my mind was going to weird and stupid as fuck places last night and I had a thought about Unicorns in MLP.

Why are their horns the same color as their coats?

This makes no sense to me and it’s been bothering me since about 4 am last night in that particularly bad bought of insomnia.

Horns are bone, right? Stop me if I’m wrong here. So, the classic unicorn is white with a white horn. This makes sense if the unicorn’s horn is actually bone, which is usually some kind of white-ish color.

But I think people got side-tracked into thinking that because the unicorns are white, the horns are white too. Like, there must be a correlation/some kind of causative relationship between coat color and horn color. Because the incredibly vast majority of the classic unicorns have white coats. So nobody’s really questioned it, and it was just kind of assumed, I think. And then this bled over into the character design in MLP as a kind of unconscious thing.

But if the unicorn horns are actually bone jutting out of their foreheads in MLP, shouldn’t all the unicorn horns be white? I mean, that makes sense if they’re all bone, right?

So why in the blueberry apple cider fuck are their horns the same color as their coats?! Do they dye them?! Is it, like, a fashion thing? Cuz there’ve been young child unicorns who’s horns are the same colors as their coats, so that would mean they’re dyeing children’s horns just for fashion.

This has vexed me all. Fucking. Day. For about 17 hours, not counting the times when I could actually get some sleep.

This is what happens when I try to sleep sober. I must’ve been up for at least a half hour puzzling over this stupid fucking thing alone. And people wonder why I drink so goddamned much.



;-; i can’t believe this exist ……….my internet went off the whole day and when i come i see this !?]

actually to be honest my internet was very very bad that i could see your messages but couldn’t response it was like this 

 but seriously guys OMG i couldn’t imagine how to response to all this kind and awesome messages ……you guys really helped me get my motivation back and continue a lot of unfinished things ;w;………. thank you <3

and as a reward i started an animation and i am in the half of finishing it and here is a screenshot

yes it’s flowerfell :D

and also i am almost done with the first few pages of my new undertale au series about color!sans

othertale the name of the series :D

thank you all so much <3