i actually kind of like these!!!!


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For once this doesn’t have a filter on it?? Bless the sun☉❤
i couldn’t take my earphone out for 2 seconds to take a selfie but apparently neither can taeyong so it’s okay

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i know this sounds really sappy and everything but sometimes i just want to be in a relationship where it’s like something from a tv show, i want the passion and love that the characters have and just having someone there to love me, hold me, be there for me no matter what


Went and saw the Lego Batman movie tonight and it was so good. It was so good you guys it was so GOOD




I imagine the family skate was….A Lot for Jack.


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.

so there was a post floating around a while ago about ngozi saying during a stream or something that holster knew about Bitty’s crush on jack and thought jack was leading Bitty on and was a little annoyed with him about that and I just

I really want a fic where him drunkenly and stupidly calling jack out on it at the end of year 2 is the catalyst for Jack’s “oh” moment

Not his father quoting Gretzky at the last possible moment, but adam birkholtz, drunk on his trademark svedka & pepsi, going on a tirade about the Cruel Sheep Empire that briefly turns into almost incoherent rambling about being cognizant of Bitty’s feelings and not giving him false hope, and then turns into nothing but retching sounds because holster’s throwing up in the bushes because, really, svedka and Pepsi?? is a terrible combo????

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long haired yurio.

there he is!


Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite

Okay, I just have an idea about a possible tv show with autistic characters. It would be about this family, with the majority of its members being autistic (except the little brother who, funnily enough, is the kind of guy who’s into maths and trains, but he’s super neurotypical too).

Like the mom would be non-verbal and using an AAC app and there would be gags like the fact that her AAC app doesn’t allow her to convey properly that she’s angry because her children had a bad behavior, so she’ll ask her husband to play out her anger for her.

The father could be the awkward dad full of dad jokes and I kinda see him having a special interest in cooking. It could be one of the activites he shares with his neurotypical son, because he’s dyspraxic and his son is way better than him to peel fruits and stuff like that.

There’s the little brother I mentioned, of course, who will probably one of the best allies for his autistic family while also fearing a bit that he might not have a relationship as strong as his sisters with his parents (of course, there will be a feel good episode to show him that he’s wrong and that he’s an essential part of his family).

And there are the twins, two high school girls completely different from one another, but who still love each other.

The first one is the cheerleader popular girl, the kind of girl who can set out any trend in high school (like wearing a fidget spinner as a necklace), very feminine, who can seems a bit shallow sometimes, but it’s really just a stereotype, because she embraces her feminity and her love for make-up, fashion and cheerleading.

She doesn’t hesitate to use her popularity for good purpose (like helping her sister to be allowed to take her girlfriend to the prom).

The second one is the punk nerdy girl, the type of girl who will reject authority if the person in charge is not able to explain to her properly why she needs to behave that way. She’s lesbian and completely in love with a cheerleader (her sister’s best friend).

I’m picturing this show as a wacky, funny, heartwarming type of show, a bit like Malcolm in the Middle or Speechless. But of course, we won’t have it, because producers can’t possibly imagine that an autistic family could exist.

And they can’t possibly fathom the idea that a tv show can present a very diverse cast (I haven’t really pictured the family in my mind, so they could as well be white, black, mixed and so on. Also, they would came across other LGBT people and other disabled people and, sometimes, LGBT disabled folks)

I started thinking that a place called Seasoning City would have lots of great places to get the best snacks after school ^^ ///

i cant wait for dnp to get married and make a golden future for themselves just… lying in bed wrapped in soft blankets and love warmer than anything listening to quiet music and watching the clouds move by their window bc they have to be floating at this point..