i actually kind of feel bad for the kid

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little schuyler sisters trying to make flower crowns: eliza gets all romantic and dreams about a wedding with tons of flowers and talks about it more than she gets actually flower braiding done, peggy eats the flowers, angelica is the only one who actually gets the flower crowns finished for all of them?

  • Ok but you KNOW if Peggy started eating them, Eliza would take that as a challenge and then it would turn into a “who can eat the weirder thing” contest. Angelica sighs and looks up the number for poison control. 
  • I feel like Peggy had bad hand-eye coordination, and was really bad at arts and crafts stuff like that- braiding, beading, sewing, that kind of thing. It made her really frustrated, because she felt left out when all the other kids had bracelets or whatever and she didn’t. So Eliza, who was really good at that stuff, would always speed through hers and try to make Peggy one as well.
  • Eliza loves the flower, star, and fairy crown filters, as well as the artsy-lookin’ ones. Peggy loves the filters that give you superpowers or make you look like a monster. Angelica secretly loves the furry ones.

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I don't know how I feel about non sexual daddy/mommy/little stuff like adult babies kind of shit where it's never a sex thing, it's just one person wanting to regress and be a kid and do kid shit for a bit and be treated like a kid by a trusted partner who wants to play the parent role for a little bit. Because I know a couple people who are like that who actually despise dd/l because they turn being childlike into a sexual thing. Idk I just feel like if it's legit innocent it's not bad??? Idk.

keep it!!! keep it all away from me