i actually kind of feel bad for the kid

So Isayama came out with a blog post that talks about a childhood friend he has. What I took away from that is him explaining his inspiration for Armin, and how he’s, in a way, a pure soul because he never lost sight of things that were most important to him as a child. There’s a sense of admiration for someone who is so headfast in his desire to obtain the things he wanted as a kid. And, to Isayama who has outgrown those desires, he kind of feels bad about himself.

I could see this as a parallel between Eren and Armin’s relationship, actually. It might be a clue into where things are with these two, especially after chapter 90.

A lot of people feel Eren’s lackluster reaction to the ocean is worrisome, and rightfully so. But this kind of goes back to what Eren was saying when he begged Levi to save Armin. He saw Armin as someone better than him, someone pure and unwavering in his desire to be free and see the ocean. He said he was terrible because he forgot those dreams and focused on something else.
I could say it’s the same with his reaction to the ocean. It’s not that he doesn’t care, and I don’t necessarily think he’s outgrown it either. His head is an absolute mess, and it’s very possible he was having his father’s memory flashbacks even at the ocean. He’s thinking maybe 15 steps ahead of where they are now, and if he took a moment to look at Armin and Mikasa to see their joy…he’d feel guilty; as if a part of him and his childhood has gone away because he can’t focus on just their dreams anymore. He’s so focused on other things.

Isayama said he used to be into things like Yu-Gi-Oh (tsh, what a nerd), but he’s not anymore. And yet he tries to still be that person that loves that stuff with his friend. That might be how Eren was before they left for Shiganshina, and I bet that’s what startled Armin so much when he saw Eren’s half hearted response about the ocean. But the moment Armin began to doubt the outside world, Eren was there to pick him back up. It could’ve been for selfish reasons (trying to keep that purity alive so he feels he’s still pure in some way too), but it could also be he just doesn’t want Armin to lose his goals. Without goals and dreams, you become nothing.

so yg’s reasoning that nam taehyun, someone who is battling mental illness, is leaving winner is because “they don’t know when he’s going to get better.“ what kind of bullshit reasoning a that?!

they didn’t give this dude even 3 months to rest and get his thoughts together. i understand that his members and maybe even yg were looking to promote this year after a long hiatus, but the way they’re handling this is actually quite disgusting. i’m wondering if his insta with the caption “i just want to sing” was because they were trying to push him out. i don’t even stan winner and i’m annoyed by this. 

i hope he gets the rest he deserves and the chance to comeback under a different label if this is all he still wants to do. best wishes taehyun!

College Au – Kino (Pentagon)

req. “Omg! I read your pentagon college AU and I fell in Love♡♡  It was so cute  May I request one but with Kino pls♡”         

a/n: AH IDK HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS ONE but i hope you enjoy it x

  • this bean
  • definitely a dance major
  • like
  • can u really imagine him doing anything else
  • actually i kinda can imagine him probably minoring in teaching or something bc have u seen this boy with kiDS
  • he is super popular but not the cocky kind of bad boy popular
  • popular bc he’s super nice and talented and humble and good looking
  • probably approaches you first tbh
  • like it was your first day and you’re lost on campus and can’t seem to figure out where your next class is and you’re lowkey freaking out
  • and this caring af bean comes up to you on his way to class to help u out
  • normally you’d be a bit :/ if a random guy came up to you
  • but hyunggu just has this genuine vibe about him and you feel like you can trust him straight away
  • and y’all introduce yourselves and you tell him where ur trying to go and what a relief! this boy knows the way!
  • hyunggu drops u off at ur class and u part ways and go forth with your life thanking the kind boy you saved ur ass
  • and so class has ended and you’re about to go get lunch
  • when you turn the corner and
  • isn’t that?
  • “oh! y/n! wow, we bumped into each other here! hah hah ha.”
  • “oh hyunggu! i was just on my way to get lunch”
  • “no way! so was i! what a coinkidink! let’s have lunch together!”
  • he’s kind of like your best friend in prep that you haven’t seen in years and you’ve finally reunited
  • except you met maybe an hour ago
  • but you find out that you both have a  l o t  in common
  • and you become really good friends
  • you often go to his dance concerts and get dinner together
  • and you lowkey have the biggest crush on him but you don’t wanna say anything bc
  • what if he only likes you as a friend?
  • so you just kinda push it aside and decide to enjoy your friendship because at least you have that
  • one night, after one of your ritual dinners
  • the both of you are just walking through town, looking at some pretty lights that are strung across some trees
  • you haven’t seen them before and you’re curious as to why they’re there?
  • maybe there’s a festival coming? but you haven’t heard anything about it…
  • “i wonder what they’re for?”
  • “they’re for you”
  • it takes a second to process in your mind what the hell kang hyunggu just said
  • you turn to him like ????
  • and he just
  • “they’re for you. i hung them”
  • ????????
  • “i wanted to do something special to confess to you”
  • bOY is he shaking in his boots as he proceeds to tell u his rehearsed speech
  • now listen i swear
  • this boy had this planned for weeks! but was so scared to actually carry it out
  • he thought of so many different things to do and ways to say it and days to do it and
  • he just really wanted to make it special for you, for him, to make it a moment you would never forget (and extremely hard for you to turn down)
  • anyway
  • there’s no way you can tell he would be scared though, he looks so confident
  • (and his hair is hiding his flaming red ears which is a definite plus for him)
  • “from the moment i met you i thought you were beautiful and i love spending time with you and i honestly already feel like we’re a couple but i want to make it official please will you be mine”
  • his words come out so fast and as he speaks his face shows his vulnerability and you’re swept off your feet
  • you say yes obviously
  • and he’s so
  • shook
  • like he knew you’d say yes but when that word left your lips his head started to spin and all he could think about was that those lips were finally his
  • and so he kisses you, smiling all the while
  • and with your heart pounding the two of you stand under those lights, your mind taken back to that first day and how lucky you were to get lost on campus and in turn find the love of your life
On Cursed Child (SPOILERS AHEAD)


• Albus and Scorpius being best friends 

• Albus and Scorpius both being in Slytherin

• Scorpius being a total Cinnamon Roll, and the biggest possible nerd

• Draco being a good father
 and being able to set his ideas and problems aside in an attempt to understand his son

• Draco going to the Potter’s house to confront Harry about his terrible decision to keep the kids apart

• There being a conversation involving Draco and Ginny about how feeling lonely and misunderstood can take you to really bad places

• Engorgimpressed

• Literally every joke actually

• Getting to see the kind side of Draco

• Ron asking Hermione to renew their vows because he loves her too much and he can’t believe they weren’t married in other realities

• Ronmione being ‘constantly surprised’ by their love but always in the most positive and adorable way
• Draco slowly and reluctantly becoming friends with them almost exclusively because of their parenting problems


• Ron running the joke shop and sending everyone stupid gifts for Hogwarts

• Ginny being sarcastic and badass while still being a total sweetheart and good mom

• Ron’s dad jokes

• Wizard nursing homes being the best thing ever

• McGonagall still being principal

• Fred and George / the Marauders trying to get out of the Hogwarts Express and having their asses kicked by the fucking trolley witch

• Harry naming his kid Albus Severus not because he thought these men were perfect but as a way of acknowledging their flaws, the fact that they were great people regardless of them and to remind both Albus and himself that people are imperfect and you should never expect them to be more than human

• Harry being zero anti Slytherin

• Hagrid meeting baby Harry for the first time and being the sweetest thing

• The fact that even though she wasn’t the only one involved in the writing I could still see JK’s hand in there

• The way time-traveling is described

• The fact that I didn’t find the script format annoying at all

• Harry being afraid of Pigeons

• Dudley sending Harry the blanket

• Harry doing most of the cooking

• Ginny writing about sports for the Daily Prophet


• Voldemort and Bellatrix??? I literally have so many questions about this, how was it possible for them to do it? Was Bellatrix even pregnant?

• HETERONORMATIVITY: why have these two characters who are so obviously in love with each other and work so well together flirt through the entire book only to brush it off with some mediocre awkward straight crushes. I literally see no problem in having those two end up together and it kills me that LGBTQ+ kids like myself will once again get no representation at all in the wizarding world.

• Rose being so close-minded, arrogant and reluctant to accept Scorpius. I feel that considering who her parents are she should have known better…

• LITERALLY EVERYONE BEING ANTI-SLYTHERIN like I thought we were over this. JKR confirmed herself that Slytherins aren’t evil and the fact that a (kind of) canon story has the entirety of Hogwarts shaming Albus for being in this house that I personally consider to be wonderful bothers me.

• Harry being a terrible father

• Harry not considering Sirius, Arthur, Hagrid, etc. to be father figures and role models for him

• Hermione being lonely and unsuccessful in a reality in which she didn’t marry Ron

• All the time-traveling mess

• Cedric becoming evil just because he lost the tournament like what the hell? We’re talking about the purest, most generous hufflepuff to ever exist, it has to take more to bring him down

• The rumors about Scorpius being Voldemort’s son, they were so awkward and off topic and I can’t really find a reason for them to be there
• Amos being so mean and blaming Harry for Cedric’s death (I understand he’s old and lonely and everything but still)

• Where on earth is Teddy Lupin????

• The way most of the characters from the past were portrayed

• That Harry had to watch his parents die

• James and Lilly Jr. not doing anything to make his brother’s life less miserable

• James and Lilly Jr. actually not being important at all (?)

• The fact that even though this was supposed to be our chance to return to Hogwarts we didn’t get to see a lot of regular life at the school or anything of the sort

• Snape suddenly being so nice

• Double casting in cases like Amos / Dumbledore, Snape / Voldemort, Myrtle / Lilly, Cedric / both James or Trolley Witch / McGonagall

I’m actually so bummed out about this whole Joel Faviere revelation, I mean he obviously deserves the time he gets and all I just mean it’s so weird so think that a man who made music I love and used to listen to to get me through the day and whose message used to make me feel like the world wasn’t all so bad has turned out to be… that. 

I don’t know man, I don’t understand at all. 

Thank god it was discovered and hopefully all those kids can be saved from that kind of exploitation now. 

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How to love yourself? I feel so ugly to have a big nose. A few years ago I suffered bullying at school because of that and I still feel really bad.

I may not be the best person to answer this, since I got a nose job after people made fun of my nose. I don’t regret that I did it, but, I think I could have gotten confidence naturally. I look back at pictures of my nose and think “wow it was kind of cute actually” even though at the time it made me feel like a monster.
I think one of the best things you can do is find some people you think are beautiful that have noses similar to you. Google “celebrities with big noses” a lot of models have big noses too.
Also keep in mind that it’s possible that your nose isn’t big at all, and kids are just mean. I think this was my case. My nose really wasn’t that bad, and chances are, yours isn’t either.
Chin up xx

“Some kids picked on him, making fun of him. He’d always get put in the outfield where he wouldn’t see a lot of action. I remember one time he was hit by a pitch that knocked him over. Someone said he couldn’t feel any pain so what’s it matter anyways and everyone kind of laughed. I felt kind of bad but he didn’t even try to fit in. He ignored all of us.”

If he struggled with sports, he appeared to persevere. On May 18, 2001, a short blurb appeared in the Newtown Bee, the town’s local weekly newspaper, after Adam’s Little League team, Taunton Press, defeated Bob Tendler Real Estate 11-4. It described Adam’s performance as “stellar in the field.”

- Newtown: An American Tragedy by Matthew Lysiak, pg 34

Shameless: Week 2

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I would like to talk about another recurring theme that I have seen from the Netflix hit, “Shameless.” Though Shameless portrays a story about a white family living in poverty that struggles with ongoing problems, theres also this huge theme being portrayed in the show. And it’s called love. 

There is so much love in this show. I want to start with the gay character Ian who is in some kind of on/off relationship with Mickey, who at first was a character that was seen as a “badass” and “manly.” Don’t get me wrong, he’s still badass, but not as manly as we thought. The reason I love these two together is because Ian was the reason Mickey came out and truly expressed who he was. He isn’t this bad kid the doesn’t give a shit about the world, he actually has feelings. Ian has such a strong impact on Mickeys life and Mickey has a strong impact on Ians as well. I think that their relationship not only played a huge turning point in the show, but to us viewers as well. Homosexual characters are now constantly being seen on television, and I’m glad, because Ian and Mickey are a huge reason why I love the show. Im glad a gay couple is incorporated- I think it makes this theme of love spunky, acceptable, fun, and creative. We also see Fiona, the eldest daughter, who dates here and there, but its hard for her to keep a steady and ongoing relationship because how busy she is. So ya, I could go on for hours talking about who dated who and how he dated him, but thats not the love thats truly important here. 

The love that I’m also talking about is the love the Gallaghers have for each other. They are always there for each other, no matter WHAT. Even if they’re fighting, they’re there. They are even there for Frank half the time(and thats SHOCKING)! Although this show may seem so badass, and funny, theres such a stronger message. The message of family. The Gallagher’s have such a complicated family but they all work together somehow and someway. Thats a huge message that society needs to be able to see, that love is everywhere. Even in an environment like this. The Gallaghers may be a little messed up and not your average family, but the love is what binds them together and gets them through each and every day. 

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Unpolular opinion: I am actually kinda worried for Melania Trump, I have a suspicion the cheeto might be abusing her in at least a few ways. Sme goes for Ivanka. And I feel really bad for Barron, he will probably be bullied a lot, both IRL and on the internet. I really hope he gets to walk away from this without some kind of damage. He is just a kid, and he can't help who his father is.

strongly agree tbh im concern

i feel bad for fujisaki. not trash dad, not the abusive asshole that we all know and hate, no. i mean fujisaki kouto, the poor boy that probably won’t remember what happened when trash dad leaves his body. (if he leaves his body) the poor boy that is probably actually very sweet and kind and just wanted to be friends with hiyori. the poor boy that is being manipulated against his will. the poor boy that hiyori will likely never look at the same way again. poor kid. :c

idk, I finally sat down today and watched Inside Out. 

I thought I’d hate it, but actually, it’s pretty damn good! Really cheesy, I have a few problems with several aspects of it. 

But the main idea behind it has me excited, because I work with kids, and I can’t get over what a good set of metaphors this is. For kids learning to deal with their emotions, this is an AWESOME way to kind of put everything into perspective and explain that every emotion has a purpose, everything you feel has a reason behind it, and it CAN be controlled and used for good means and bad ones. 

Anyway, since I’m warming up to work on commissions, I drew some little Chekhovs in a control room because why not? Kind of a cool way to view consciousness.  

  • *Kai calls Yixing*
  • Kai: Hey, hyung. I gotta tell you something.
  • Yixing: Sure! What's up?
  • Kai: I'm... dating Krystal.
  • Yixing: ...
  • Yixing: Hahaha! You really had me going there, buddy!
  • Yixing: April Fool's! Haha, you kids are such pranksters!
  • Yixing: You got me good, man. Right?
  • Yixing: Right?
  • Yixing: K-Kai?
  • Yixing: You, uh, you still there?
  • Me: and then the whole Gravity Falls fandom was curled in a fetal position crying on the floor and Alex was laughing at our pain and I MEAN THE FEELS ALONE and there's all these theories now that Dipper's not Dipper and I'm kind of scared to actually watch what happens next because it's gonna BREAK US and
  • Mom: this is a kid's cartoon
  • Me:
  • Mom:
  • Me:
  • Mom:
  • Me: in one episode taxidermy animal heads were gushing blood and intoning bad omens and deadly prophecies and one time a twelve year old child was possessed by a demon who threw his body down the stairs and stabbed it with forks

So, Merlin teaches Chemistry. I love this a lot. I can see him being the science teacher who just really loves science and makes really bad puns and occasionally does demos where he burns copper powder to make flames the color of the Goblet of Fire.

But he’s also firm, but fair. The kind of teacher that kids who act out in class would call “strict” because he scolds them for it, but if you actually pay attention and aren’t a twat, he’s the best teacher ever.

And I can see him grading tests with a glass of wine and making sarcastic comments the whole time.

There have been two videos and already feel like I know so much about these characters.



Gin: Heh heh… I kind of feel bad now… 

        But take that, you brat!

Shinpachi: *adjusts glasses* Gin-san, what are you doing?

Gin: I’m showing an idealistic spoilt kid what living realistically is like.

Shinpachi: *sweat-drops* Actually, Gin-san, I think you should use the blog to show more about us, what the Yorozuya is like. Here, I’ll do the next post.

Gin: *Grabs a carton of Strawberry milk, last week’s issue of JUMP, and collapses on the couch* Go ahead.