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This is my piece for the Dog Days of Summer Writing Challenge. This is the first piece that I’ve actually posted that’s about a wrestler. I will admit I had a bit of difficulty writing this because I couldn’t decide on who to write for and then I was afraid that it would be too out of character but fuck it, yolo. The following list were my prompts:

Quote 7: Wait no I didn’t-I didn’t mean it like that!

Location 12: The side of the road in the desert

Situation 1: The car has broken down and you two are fighting.

I would love feedback but please, make sure it’s creative criticism and not hate/complaints because honestly I don’t have time for that. Normally I do not get anything like that but I know wrestling fans tend to be a bit crazy( I mean that in the nicest way possible.)

Pairing: Marty Scurll x Reader, Pete Dunne x Reader;
Word Count: 3,562
Warnings: mentions of smut, mentions of suicide
A/N: Literally just repeating myself, I would LOVE feedback.

Below the cut you shall find probably the greatest fic I have ever written.

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Modeling and Something More - Dylan Sprayberry Imagine

Modeling and Something More - Imagine

Prompt/Request: Omg so like what if you did a Dylan Sprayberry imagine were the reader is a grungey rebellious model/actress. And Dylan and Her have a photoshoot together,maybe you can add a smut-ish make out session like when they are in there dressing rooms??

A/N: OMG so I wrote this and had so much fun! I didn’t write the smut part though. This is nothing like what I usually write but it was a change. Im so sorry if the kiss scene was awkward since I didn’t know how to write a hot makeout session. The ending is kind of bad but I don’t know.. Anyways this one is kind of long so yeah! Nonetheless, I hope the person who requested this enjoys this anyway and tells me what they think about it. PS: THIS IS THE CLOSEST I HAVE EVER/WILL WRITE TO SMUT. (maybe ;) ALSO, I KNOW THIS ISNT TW BUT ITS DYL SPRAYBERRY AND I PRODUCE WHAT MY READERS WANT :D

Pairing: Dylan x Reader

Word Count:  2004


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Your POV

I made my way towards the studio I was expected to be in 5 minutes for the photoshoot with another male model. Of course I was familiar with who I was going to be working with. Heck, he was a good friend of mine.

My heels tapped against the marble tiles as I walked into the empty and open elevator ahead of me. I pressed the button of the elevator, the button showing a lit up number 6. As the elevators closed and began to move, I went on my phone to check any new updates. Being a model and actress at the same time gets your life pretty busy. Especially if you’re known as the bad girl-rebellious famous person. I check my Instagram and it’s not long until I’m finally on the 6th floor of the building.

The doors open and I’m greeted with the fresh smell of coffee and people working. From where I was standing, I could already see the photographer and makeup artist working today. I think the noise of the elevator attracted the attention of everyone as I stepped out of it. Everyone but my manager, Beth who was already holding her notebook and yelling at everyone.

“Has anyone seen Y/N? She’s supposed to be here in 2 minutes!” She growled, scribbling in the pages of her notebook.

I chuckled silently as I snuck up behind her and tapped her shoulder. “Calm down Beth, I’m here. Relax.”

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