i actually just kinda want to tho

First of all, Sorry for drew it without saying anything.
I am really looking forward to this AU. I really really love baking (Well, I have no talent for that tho) Bread, cakes, cookies.. They feel nice just thinking about it. Actually I wanted to draw bakery to background but I quit it cause I thought It was kinda overdoing.

Anyway, This is a fanart of Eddsweets. @ask-ew-bakery-au
I think it’s still ready now. Break a leg! <3

recursion - (707 x mc)

prompt: sob.

rating: 13+ (spoilers for all routes)

notes: ah. yeah. thanks guys for all your heart wrenching reset theory art. it inspired this monster of a drabble. it’s not even a drabble any more! it’s 2145 words too long! anyway, it’s written in the style of entertain the pain (tho the original version is arranged differently) and references some of my other works. ahahaha. so i thought, wow, this is a perfect celebratory piece.

in other news, there is an epilogue. ask and thou shall receive! though i like this ending too. :3 i hope you guys suffer as i have enjoy. <(_ _)>

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i think i’ve found the root of my “i want a bf even tho i actually kinda don’t” issue…. i don’t really want a boyfriend, i just want to be showered in love and attention and expensive lingeri by a guy who’ll treat me like the princess i want to be… and no guy would do that for a random girl so like……. i need a boyfriend….. for the benefits…. but i’m just not sure any guy is worth the emotional effort even if he does buy me diamonds……

Just started prototyping the battle system today, so there is still much to fix, and make look and feel nice!

tho thanks to the great response on le social medias I’ve decided to prototype this game I’ve had in mind for a long time

KEEP IN MIND! this is just one day into the actually programming side of things so still very… yeah just still kinda rough I guess you can say.

many animations and feel good effects I want to add, and some good funk music too!

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I tried the skin you're using but it shows the ugly mouth creases when adult, does it do the same for you? :o

yeah it does, and if I don’t want them to show I just slap another layer of the leh skinblend over top. or just any other face overlay really! I use a couple so I hardly ever see the creases lol

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Could Taliyah appear in Academy Comic as a student who likes Ekko? I say as a super shy girl that surprises everyone with their magic and especially Ekko, oh well I saw that everyone sent suggestions so I just wanted to contribute something ;;

Heh, thank you for the suggestion tho! 
I’ve actually kinda kicked myself in the ass for not putting Tali in there?? It was too late by the time I realized how well she would fit in this universe. I would really like to include her at some point and possibly even be friends with Ekko.

Ep 5
  • What did you do Miles??
  • Why?
  • I’m not talking about it, Miles x Lola aren’t a thing
  • Miles just wants sex, there’s no feelings there
  • I knew it was coming, it’s just shitty to actually see it
  • bc poor fucking Tristan in the hospital, am I right
  • Okay, Shay was kinda anal this ep
  • Like of course your boyfriend should want to hook up with you??
  • That doesn’t mean you have to do it tho
  • Frankie is the queen of aerie bralettes
  • Miles x Frankie interaction after she sets the house on fire.. I live for it
  • Who thought that was a good plot? Who wrote that storyline??
  • Hunter’s hair looks so good tho
  • I <3 Yael

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hello! ;w; i just want to say that I love your art so so much!!! I actually get excited when I see you've posted more art aaaaaa <3 I was wondering if it would be okay to request saeran with a mc who is kinda short in height and has short dark blue hair? ;w;

Hi!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! OMG!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I hope you like this!! What a akward position tho….what is anatomy anymore… ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

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Max, I just want to ask: I'm trigendered (male, female and agender) and does a relationship with someone who's a gay male count as a gay relationship even tho I also identify as being female? I'm closer to the male and agender aspects of myself but I've been having weird guilty feelings abt being attracted to men and saying I'm gay (I'm actually pan) bc I was born female and still kinda identify with that part of me? Sorry if this makes you uncomfortable, and thanks for taking time to read this.

update: u kno what… i said its fine and then said some stuff but the whole thing was pretty boring and not very reassuring so: Not only is it fine, but i hope yall have a VERY gay and VERY nice day

I know I said I can’t draw ppl for shit, but I think I may have found my style. ^.^ it’s not much, and it may not seem like it takes that long, but tbh it kinda does. but for my first digital drawing of @therealjacksepticeye I’m actually kind of proud of it. There are some inaccuracies tho, and I’m sorry about that. Jack, if see this I hope u like it and just wanted to say I love ur videos and have helped me through a lot tough times. Recently, a lot of things haven’t been making me genuinely smile or laugh, but you always manage to do that, even when I’m in the downiest of dumps. Your positive attitude and energy through the years has taught me this: Once you’re down, the only way to go is up. ^.^ thank you. ✋🏼👁💚


Oh look, a beautiful Sherlock Holmes themed notebook - the lines look kinda weird tho - wait, these are the entire Adventures of Sherlock Holmes just in really tiny text.

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I kinda would have liked for the funny value to see them come back from Vegas and bullshit everyone that they didn't get married, but everyone can tell because they're so happy and then Vic and Marlon instigate a raid of their suitcases and find the certificate. But for selfish reasons I'm very happy they can't go haha. I hope they get the holiday tho.

I am actually kinda gutted that they won’t get to go and marry there. In acatully think in would have loved that. I obviously want to see them get married and I’m glad they are but I’ve always wanted them to just fuck everyone else off and do it on their own.

it was slow and rusty and difficult but i got myself to draw a little bit

it was a lot less than i usually get done in the amount of time it took but it was at least something

i kinda ran outta that draw energy tho

the thing is i actually felt AWAKE during it

now im all tired again lol

can i just… keep going pls?? cuz now i just feel like plopping back into bed but i dont want to

pxllidum replied to your post “can i just say, watching the fandom reaction to ks is so wild when…”

yeah, i was in a pretty abusive relationship myself for almost three years, which is why i’ve lowkey been kinda worried about reading KS. it’s super, super good to hear that the author isn’t romanticizing the abuse tho, like…. god is that a huge relief bc HAHA i know some people in the fandom will, which JUST MAKES ME AUDHVIUDH

honestly the amount of people i’ve seen who may romanticize the relationship is so minuscule? the people complaining about it have taken over like 90% of the tag but tbh i don’t think i’ve seen a single person who wants them to actually be in love and be happy. all the people i’ve seen who have read it know it’s meant to be a horror story above all else. it’s not a romance, it’s not a ‘yaoi,’ it’s a horror story.

it bothers me because if yoonbum was a girl, we would not be having this sort of discussion. it would just be seen as the horror manga it is, disturbing and dark as the story may be. no one would blink twice. but because both main characters are men, suddenly it’s meant to be marketed as a romance?? what???

anyway… yeah speaking as an abuse victim (who is still undergoing abuse from someone i live with), i can say with 100% certainty that hardly anyone views this relationship as romantic, almost every single fan wants sangwoo in prison or dead, it is a relationship of captor/captive, not happy cuddly boyfriends lol.

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:O can we have a hint abt ur crush? im just curious, if you dont want to thats ok!

uhhhhhhhhh hnmnggng ,,,,,idk if i am,,comfortable w doing that haha. but, i will say its ???? someone i am mutuals w on tumblr.edu.com/myspace 

but thats all im saying, bc i dont want them finding out that would be.,.,kinda awkward i think 

since there r other ppl who kno that zavala is a good, ill make an actual post

reminder that zavala crochets, and actually had a class for other titans, and probably just any guardian who wanted to learn

that he in all honesty just wanted to do his best, and to make sure the city was safe and defended, and that he did what he could as commander

zavala is a soft man who was kinda shoved into a position of leadership and was told to basically “learn as you go” even tho he was commander and the titan vanguard, one of which he wasn’t training for when he apprenticed under saladin 

even tho he got “a stick up his butt” in the process, he still loves all the guardians and city very much and became a pretty amazing commander (with the help of ikora ofc)

I’m laughing tho like all of these school headcanons going around but honestly imagine Noodle as an actual student like
Her teacher would be like, “Okay class time to work on some math.” And she would just yell from the back of the room
“Nah math is boring.”
“Excuse me little lady do you want to go to the principal?”
I could imagine her takin after good ol’ Muds and bein like “I don’t fucking care.” But in a super like not even angry way just kinda like??? I don’t care
Murdoc ends up calling and complaining to the school for suspending her and Russel is horrified that she dropped the f bomb in front of her teacher (of course Murdoc high fives her and is like “yeah don’t take any shit Noods”)