i actually just got it today

I have never once denied a child food because they didn’t have enough money. People treat poor kids so badly and it is really horrifying to see. Today I might have (would never break a RULE at work over a $1 fruit) given a kid a banana because we throw em away daily and he was a little short. But at my old job at a grocery store we always got this woman who used WIC checks (which you have to be reeeeeally broke to use and even broker to actually use because they are so restrictive) and who sometimes got shit because some of the cashiers were too lazy to just run the checks through properly the first time. And I was sitting on my lunch break and her daughter came up (she recognized me, because eventually the lady came to my lane when she saw me because I could run the checks) and told me about a girl in her class who had my name and we had a little 3 or 4 minute convo about her class and her mother looked like she was going to cry and it was so upsetting to think it must have been so unusual for someone to just talk to this super smart and incredibly kind little girl, just because her mom was poor. That’s horrifying to me. I’m almost crying as I type this.

I got picked to direct a short film for school today, like out of 21 people I was picked. It just feels good to know that the one thing you have always wanted to do with your life is actually something your good at.

I don’t actually have any pretty progress pics from today, I kinda just jumped straight into it and didn’t stop sewing until I got it in my head that I needed to draft a new sleeve pattern for Winter’s Ball Eliza (more on that tomorrow). 

But here’s how far we are with the Burn Dress! Both the front base, the entire back and the strap portions are stitched, the next major step will be estimating how much of the swiss dot material I will need to use for the ruched from and sleeves plus making the piping for those areas. Also there is absolutely nothing fun about being a perfectionist because I spent an hour with a ruler and a converter app trying to figure whether I should be using 3/32 wide cord or 5/32 for accuracy’s sake. IT SUCKED.

But other than that, got an unexpected amount of work done and I’m very pleased.


Realized I haven’t posted a picture of my babe in far too long, he’s just as cute as ever ❤ Little turtle was sanitized prior to touching the babe, he was a gift from Rocky’s niece since he got the new car. It’s sooo nice, haven’t bought the travel system but he said tomorrow morning we can go get it.

He’s 36+3 today, still on 4 liters which sucks but hopefully they can do a trial this weekend or next week to see if he can come down. I actually woke up to a crying baby too! Which irritated me later on because he shouldn’t have been crying for so long. I was dog tired from working all day and I heard his alarm go off, the lesser warning kind, and him making whiny noises. I woke up but was so tired I fell right back asleep thinking the nurse would tend to him.

30 minutes later alarm is still going off, he’s in full screaming crying mode and I jump out of bed as I hear the real alarm go off as he starts breathing 15. Go to his crib and he’s totally unswaddled with his arms and legs flailing around and his face is beet red. The nurse hasn’t come in the whole time so I try to calm him down and get him reswaddled with his pacifier and 30 minutes later he’s finally calmed down enough to fall asleep. I get back onto the couch with Rocky and just as I’m about to fall asleep his nurse walks in asking what he was crying about and starts unswaddling him and wakes him back up. I wanted to tear my hair out 😭 Then I was watching her do his cares from the bed and she didn’t do his exercises which pissed me off since they help with mineralization of the bones which he needs. I missed her name but next time we go I’ll ask the charge nurse about removing her. The first nurse I’ll have to kick but if she can’t do her job then she can’t take care of my son.

So, as some of you may know, I got diagnosed with depression earlier this year. In addition to anxiety, and the autism. 

Just started on my antidepressants today.

Holy moly guys- is this how other people actually feel as a baseline? Just, holy cow I’m not used to good feelings not fading away quickly and just, being content??? And not having to fight down negative emotions constantly? This is going to take some getting used to but good gravy how do people live with constant low level emotions.

I took the dog for a walk simply because it’s nice out and a walk sounded nice. I encountered a neighbor while out walking and didn’t have that voice in the back of my head screaming in panic throughout the encounter. 

It’s a good day guys. I think I could get used to this.


Decided to log back in just to show off the fact that I actually put an outfit together for work today and I didn’t just grab clothes off the floor 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😂

I have an appointment with a therapist today, I got started on my GA job yesterday, I finally stopped PMSing so I’m not crying at the drop of a hat anymore 😂, and I have a stupid amount of schoolwork for this next week lol. But I’m alive and surviving and missing spewing my every thought on the internet lol. Almost done with week 2! 🙌🏼

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Hello :)))))) how are you not freaking out over the vmin today the fansign the tv show everyhring sjsknsnakdbahbdhs in freaking outt :")

*takes a long drag from a burned down cigarette*

I’ve been at this game for a long time, kid. There is… so little that they could do to shock me at this point.

(Also jk I’m actually at work and fully plan to fling myself onto my bed and squeal like I just got asked to prom when I get home. Cannot wait to dive into this content and do backstrokes in it)

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Soooo I just got diagnosed w bronchitis today and the printout read 'organism unknown', which got me thinking about some tiiiiiiinnnnyyy lil critter like worms or slug-things whose larvae are inhaled and which grow and breed in the lungs. Plus if poor Harve's never encountered them before, he might just write it off as normal pneumonia, not realizing he's a host until he chokes up a bloody egg-sac or a ball of baby worms....

1. Oh man sorry hope you feel better!
2. That diagnosis actually makes sense if you think about it but DAYUM it sounds fucked up haha. Thank you for thinking of me. ;)

3. DannnnnnnnGgG I really gotta expand my parasitic body horror horizons beyond tums more often because what a good scenario ahhhhHhhhH.


After that episode, I got so many messages on Instagram from fans that said, ‘I was raped three years ago and today I told my parents, because of your character.’ That touches me. It makes me very happy to know that people don’t see it as just a show. It actually touches people and helps girls feel stronger.

What's in my pencil case? ・ 310816
Woke up late today and didn’t have much to do since I’ve packed my korean textbooks into my suitcases;;; So I decided to test out the new pages app (it’s technically not new it’s been ages) because I’ve finally got the chance to try it with the new laptop! I’m not experienced with photoshop or illustrator so I’ll just freshen up my skills on the pages app hehe. (you can actually get a lot done with it!)

My pencil cases are also EXTREMELY boring because I’m extremely boring I’m so sorry… I actually have a few more things in my second pencil case but it’s just a USB and some memos so~

Song of the day: I Like That - Sistar
My pictures I got of the queen herself today 🤗

I swear Christen takes this backpack everywhere she goes! This was when she had just walked out to go to the photo booth where the professional pictures would be taken. When I went up to her to take the photo op the first thing she said was “Hey I like your jersey” & smiled at me. I swear I got so happy, my nerves managed to calm down but I just could’t believe that actually happened. I thanked her, then left to go freak out with my friend about meeting her 😆

This was about 10 minutes later? We were waiting in line to meet her again to get her autograph, at this point I was more calm given that I had met her earlier but I was still freaking out. 😅

I had recorded my whole interaction with her but this was when I gave her my gift and she was like thank you. After she opened it her reaction was priceless. She was like, “Awww, thank you that’s so nice” 😊 I felt relieved lol.

Now she was signing my jersey & I was happy, all I could think about was how I was going to frame that jersey and praise it forever lol

Can you believe she was looking at me that way? 🙂 Before I left I told her how I waited 2 years to meet her and she told me she was glad that we finally met and that she would see me soon when the NWSL season starts. 😬

Tony’s top three kinks would include:

pairing: tony x reader

requested: yes

warnings: literally just filth also i got carried away w it bc my tony feels are over the roof today lol enjoy

top three kinks series: bucky / steve / pietro / t’challa / peggy

a/n: request things here and let me know what you think

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Was up until late last night annotating journals for my seminar today. I was so stressed before hand, but the seminar was actually enjoyable because the papers now make sense! I think the key is to just have a go at answering questions, even if you’re not sure you’ve got the right answer. I’m now waiting for my laundry to finish, so I’m the meantime I’m going to order college stash and maybe a new planner because my old one is too small.

Okie so I watched all of the current episodes of Yuri!!! On Ice last night with my mum and oh my god. Anyway I got bored in class today and decided to message my mum and this happened. Actual quote from my mum during episode 5 “Are you sure the fact that they say it’s an ice skating anime isn’t just a cover up so they can make a gay anime, because I’m pretty sure Viktor is just in it for the attention from hot guys like Yuri, cause why else would he move to Japan to coach a man that copied his routine and then take baths with him, suggest that they sleep together and also ask if he wants him to be his boyfriend? I mean doesn’t that just scream I’m a gay Russian man who craves Japanese Yuri?”