i actually have this mag haha

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todomatsu finally gathers the courage to confess to his brothers that he's actually gay; during the events of the series he realized women just weren't really his thing. how do the brothers react?

this one’s a little different from the few other asks i’ve answered but I really like it so yeah here goes 

Osomatsu: “You’re gay? Haha, someone answer that phone because I fuckin called it. But for reals, does this mean I can have all your porn mags or-”

Karamatsu: “Ah, so you’re coming out. Of the closet. The closet which you were hiding in has finally opened. And out you came. You’re out. Of the closet. No longer in that closet. That - that closet of shame. You’ve come out. Of the closet. You’re not into women. You swing the other way. You are a man who likes men. You are homosexual. Nice.” 

Choromatsu: “Eh? Are you sure? Well alright then. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to use protection though! Diseases exist, even in gay men, so be careful dammit.” 

Ichimatsu: “Yeah I know.” “Only cuz I just told you!”  “It’s pretty obvious.” 

Jyushimatsu: “Ah? You’re gay?? Like, you like to shag men? Is that why you always wear girly clothes? No??? So then I can wear girl clothes even if I’m not gay?!?? Whoa!!” and just like that, the world as he knew it changed dramatically for Jyushimatsu 

-mod jyushi

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I saw Annie thanked Rooney Mara in the credits of her short and I just read an article from Interview Mag with Annie and Rooney Mara and I'm literally Rooney like "I was mortified(after she met her). And then I went home and googled you and YouTubed you and I was even more mortified." haha same <3

(rooney was talking abt how she was getting a guitar lesson from annie and afterwards after finding out annie’s an actual guitar playing badass she was embarrassed bc she sucks which would be me except i’d already know who she was and i would just be mortified because i would never have even picked up a guitar in front of her and embarrassed myself to begin with. kind of like when i met her and didn’t look at her and forgot how to make sentences even though i had a whole scenario (or 5) planned out in my head for when i finally did meet her sooo) yah same

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Ever heard of the ancient magus bride? Or Totsukuni no Shoujo? About non human beings taking in young girls and watching over them/becoming their mentors

The Ancient Magnus Bride is my favorite manga at the moment actually! But I haven’t heard of the second one, I’ll have to look that up!

Edit: omg I looked up the second one and I had seen art of those characters before but I didn’t know it was an actual thing! Thanks for giving me that name so now I can actually find it lolol