i actually have no idea why i keep doing this to myself

Newbie heroes having trouble keeping a lid on it; or alternatively another idea that came from a conversation with my sister
  • Marinette: hey Alya, still having trouble getting an interview with Volpina
  • Alya: actually could I talk to you about that, I may need you to film that for me
  • Marrinette: ok but why
  • Alya: *checks to make sure nobody's listening* because I can't film myself
  • Marinette: *deadpanned stare* ... really?
  • ---------
  • QueenBee: oh my god this is so exciting, I'm getting to hang out with my BFF Ladybug
  • Ladybug: um, we just met
  • QueenBee: no, you guys save me all the time. you come by my hotel and we take selfies
  • ------
  • Ladybug having a sit down talk with QB and Volpina: did your kwamis even mention keeping your identities secret or do me and Chat just get that rule?
Ne Things

- Having a ton of hobbies
- Making a list for these hobbies to keep track of them all because there are so many
- Having a ton of ideas
- Making a list for these ideas to keep track of them all because there are so many
- Never finishing anything
- Making a list for all things unfinished to keep track of what needs to be finished because there are so many

In short: a crap ton of lists never reread because I’m too busy making other lists for things I have too many of.

Klance Spy/Mobster AU

-Undercover agent Keith 

-Follows current target into local nightclub hoping to gather intel

-Instead he finds a hot dancer that he can’t keep his eyes off

-Starts delaying his mission just so he has an excuse to see this boy dance again and again

-Lance is the hot dancer that caught Keith’s eye (obviously) 

-Works for the mob to pay off a family debt

-All he does is dance to bring customers in

-Bartender Hunk that watches out for Lance

-Mob Boss Allura

-Pidge makes all the weapons and gadgets for the agency

-Agent Shiro 

Please send help because I am literally dying thinking about this AU. I need Spy!Keith and Mob!Lance so bad I think it might actually kill me

I get so uncomfortable when I see those inspiration porn stories about how “Ooh look this popular kid had lunch with an autistic kid, wasn’t that so kind and wonderful and now they don’t have to eat alone,” partly because of the obvious rampant ableism and the whole idea that non-disabled people should be sanctified for giving disabled folks the time of day, but also because when I was at school or at work eating lunch was often the only time I got to take a breather and recharge by myself, so you know yes it might be a nice gesture to keep someone company but at least consider whether or not they actually want it first, some people really do *need* alone time and aren’t sitting by themselves because they’re lonely or don’t have a choice