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Owari no Seraph Chapter 51 TRANSLATED

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(( Okay normally I would have plenty of stuff to say and what my opinion is and blah blah blah and also not to forget SCREAM ABOUT LEST BECAUSE MY SON IS GETTING MORE SCREEN/PAGE TIME AND I’M REALLY HAPPY ABOUT THAT AND I WANT TO SEE HIM IN REAL ACTION AND JUST SHINE AND BE INCREDIBLE BECAUSE HE’S JUST ABSOLUTELY PERFECT I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF HIM AHHHH…also hi I am very tired lol just–please enjoy the chapter thank you ;; ))

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OH RIGHT - I actually had to do redraws for this chapter bc goddamn some of the korean text were out of whack and stuff so yeah i had to cover up some spots by redrawing but… I HAVE NEVER DONE REDRAWS FOR MANGA BEFORE SO I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT BRUSHES TO USE ETC. SO IM SORRY IF IT TURNED OUT SHITTY LOOKING BC I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING AHHHHHHHHHH–


Yknow the like combo of me being depressed + autistic makes me being a writer. Tricky i guess

cause like. i almost rarely actually have the motivation to write, but when i do im only able to write about my special interest

which would be great and all except my special interest isnt what the contents of my novel ideas are so like….. im basically unable to actually work on those things anymore bc they have nothing to do with my special interest

its even gotten to the point where im considering just like switching the names to ppl from the used so i can actually WRITE instead of just stagnating or whatever

Anyways im just rambling but its just annoying

Friends with benefits III

Pietro x reader

Warning: swearing, under age drinking

N/A: final part! hope you enjoy!!

Part 1-


Part 2-



“Y/n, are you there?” Tony asks through the earpiece that sits uncomfortably in my ear.

“Yeah, sort of, Im getting drained and oddly hunger. Can we get pizza after this?” I propose, Someone chuckles over the intercom.

“Sure but I think we may need a code purple. Too many of them and not enough of us. Steve and Nat are down and I’m heading your way, unless there is a code purple. Then if you dont mind, I’ll stay in the jet.” I laugh slightly, I wish I could too Pal.

“Get everyone to safety and then head to the jet. Its a code purple bitches.” I state with a slight smirk on my face. Ever since I heard Pietro that day I have avoided him. I didnt tell anyone why, but between the fact every room he was in I would avoid and how I through myself into my work, it was pretty obvious. Even with my new suit I still couldnt full control some of my abilities, but others I can extremely well. Code purple was a last resort, even if Bruce was here.

“We are clear, light em up.” I can hear the light smile in Tonys voice, we have never had to use code purple before, I think we are all excited to see what happens.

We are at a Hydra base, It was supposed to be simple, god were we wrong. They have triple the fire power we anticipated, simply too much. I focus my powers to do what I have trained for. I project to them a false reality, a perfect world, designed just to their desires. Then I make a storm, mostly electricity, that soon strikes every person on the field.


“Nat, I dont know if I can go.”

“This party is for you. It would be rude if you didn’t, plus you need to find yourself someone new, get your mind off Speedy.” I sigh, I know she’s right, I fucking hate that she’s right. I fucking hate this tight dress. These heels. This make-up. I want to train, not dance but drinking did sound good, If I could get my hands on some.


Third person POV

He was there. With someone. She nearly wanted to puke at the sight of them. Knowing how shitty he made her feel, how betrayed, and yet he still made her heart flutter. The one person she learned to trust the most, love the most, turned the thing she despised about herself against her. Fuck him. She wasn’t going to let him ruin her night, her party.

 “LADY Y/N, ARE YOU ENJOYING THE PARTY?” Thor yells from across the room causing her to chuckle. She roams over to him and Steve, whom are drinking some Asgarden liquid, damn she wants a drink. Steve smiles at her when she approaches the two men, Thor was already smiling to begin with. 

“Yeah, Are you?” He seems to be happy but its hard to tell with him, he’s either happy or angry, shes only ever saw the two moods. She didn’t want to ruin his happiness with her sorrow so she put on a big smile.

 “VERY MUCH, MAN OF IRON DID A GOOD JOB.” She smiles and nods, he always did, she thought. Speaking of Tony she should probably go thank him, she excuses herself, getting both of them a quick hug. She walked until she reached a hallway and ducked down it, focusing her powers to transform herself into someone else, she looked a bit like Emilia Clarke and she wasn’t complaining. As long as she looked over 21. 

After that she wanders over to the bar, praying they don’t card her. “Three shots of tequila please.” She says sweetly, holding up three fingers wiggling them a tad. The bartender doesn’t question it, he looks bored out of his mind, he only slides the shots to her. She takes them all with in minutes.

 She had the power from Steve she could mimic and she wouldn’t feel a thing but seeing him all over that girl, grinding on her, kissing her. It made Y/n’s skins crawl, crawl all the way under a blanket and cry. She wants to do what any woman in her Position would do and drink her feelings away. But as the alcohol kicked in the more She couldn’t control her powers, she was a light weight, only drinking a few times in her life.

 She ducked down the hallway once more and was about to change back until she saw him. With the girl pushed up against the wall, her legs around his waist, his lips on her neck. The tiny moans escaping the girl were barely audible. She felt strange watching but she couldn’t help it. She changed her appearance with the flash of a light catching his attention, her gave her a strange look as soon as his face left the girls neck, Y/n chuckled to herself. “Had to get a drink someway.” She mumbles and with that walks away. She walks out of the hall, Nat catches her eye with the waves of her hand, shes sitting with Tony and Bucky at the bar. She stumbles over with a pattern of bumping into someone and apologizing continuously. She sits on the stool, it moving under her, they take notice of her intoxication, lightly chuckling at her motions.

 “Who the hell gave you tequila?” Tony asks, sliding Nats drink he had just made to her, leaning on the bar, his hands under his face. 

 “I dont know his name but I wish he would give me more.”

 “How did you even get some? You’re like 12.” She changes into the form once more, crossing her legs, leaning on the bar just as Tony did.

 “Am I 12 now, Stark?”


 The party has died down, the team was all gathered on the couches, chatting among themselves. Y/n was talking to Bucky, seeing how he was getting on in the modern world, he was good company. Y/n was still drunk off her ass, Bucky gave her a drink after her practically begging and promising she wouldn’t tell.

Pietro was still with the girl. She was beautiful, bright eyes and glowing skin. Y/n started to feel sad seeing the couple together, her on his lap, she laid her head on Buckys shoulder. They were all listening to one of Thors intense stories. Buckys arm slips behind her, wrapping around her waist.

 “Pietro, baby why are you so tense?” She heard the girl say, his eyes were on Y/n making her tense up as well. Bucky rubbed her arm, calming her down slightly but she still felt his glares regardless. Bucky was a great friend to her, and thats all that her was, she would never feel for anyone, at least anytime soon, the way she did for Pietro. She hated it. Then the couple starts to make out again and she couldn’t take it anymore.

 “Excuse me, I need to take this.” She says quietly, grabbing her phone that wasn’t ringing, rushing out of the room while holding back tears. Once she got to her room she let it all out, sobbing into her arms that were resting on top of her legs. She was shaking, she didnt know if it was the alcohol or maybe that she was holding it in for so long, never allowing herself to cry before

. “Y/n?” Someone asked with a knock, she thought it could be Bucky, it sounded like him. But to her surprise it was Tony.

 “Are you okay?” “Just peachy.” She tries to sound fine, her room was dark enough he couldn’t see the redness of her eyes or the tears staining her cheeks, her voices cracks into a sob telling Tony she was obviously lying.

 “What happened? Whos butt do I need to have Nat kick?” Tony was always good for making her laugh when she was sad, or really at anytime. 

 “Its nothing, Im fine, I promise.” This time her voice is more stable, less shaky and weak. Tony sits on the bed next to her, wrapping a blanket around her slightly shaking shoulders.

 “First, I know you’re lying but if you dont want to tell Uncle Tony, thats fine. Ill try and respect that, although, no promises.” She cracks a smile making Tony smile. She liked the name Uncle Tony for it, it was fitting.

 “Second, I have a feeling its Pietro, call it a hunch or maybe the fact you have been ignoring him for the past month but just know, you’ll be okay. It may seem like the end of the world now but soon, sooner than you would think, you’ll be okay.”

 “Thank you Tony.” He nods, patting her shoulder a few times before standing up. He walked over to the door, stopping when he reached it.

 “Nat will always be here to kick his ass, you should have saw how badly she wanted to punch him after you left.” She laughs, smiling to herself. She decides to go get some tea, hoping it will calm her. She scurried into the kitchen, avoiding Clints concerned looks and Thors deadly glares toward Pietro. She quickly makes the tea, dunking the bag in, gingerly adding creamer.

 “May I talk to you?” She looks over to see blue eyes, the blue eyes she could drown in, if she allowed herself too. 

“You can talk, I can’t promise I’ll listen.” She is hoping he doesn’t notice the redness of her eyes or the stains on her cheeks. She probably looked pathetic, standing in a tight red party dress with a throw blanket wrapped around her arms. Honestly, she felt pathetic too. 

 “You are just so-” He stops, groaning, his hands rubbing over his face in frustration. 

“I”m sorry if you are hurt because I wont let you in my pants anymore but-”

“You honestly think thats why Im upset? I don’t know about you but I thought we were actually friends.” She scoffs, sipping her tea.

“Well so did I but friends do not say shit about their friends behind their back.” 

“What do you mean?”

 “I’m too damaged for you. Actually, so damaged that Wanda couldn’t even help me with whats going on up there. I maybe a little off with the wording but I’m sure I have the main idea down.” Realization flashes across his face, she picks up her tea that was in an ironman mug about ready too walk out.

“You know-”

“Save it. You know I was ready to pour my heart out to you, tell you I love you but you said that and you took a little piece of me and ever since then I have been falling apart, not knowing how much that little piece meant but Im not allowing that anymore. Im taking that damn piece back and finding myself someone thats not a selfish lying asshole.” She began to storm out, nearly smashing the mug in her hand out of anger.

“I’m not running after you, you can go and find your own damn prince charming!”


 “I cant take her cold shoulder anymore!” Pietro yells, pacing the floor in front of Wanda whos arms were crossed and has a smirk on her face. She knew he liked the girl, as soon as she stepped foot in the common room with a smirk and a ‘I’m a badass’ attitude, he couldn’t get enough of it. He liked the way she knew how powerful she is, yet, always refrained from using them until she had to. He liked how she always is in sweater twice her size and how her hair was always up. Wanda likes seeing her brother having feelings for someone that weren’t just sexual. 

Although it hurt her to see how it hurt Y/n. As soon as Wanda left she went to go see how Y/n was, the whole team was giving her space but everyone still checked on her without her knowing. She was watching Supernatural, Wanda could tell by Deans voice, She has already watched a few seasons with in the short 3 day span. Too many seasons for anyone’s liking but hers. The whole team was beginning to worry about her. Hopefully that would all change after tonight, the girl had agreed to go on a date that Nat had arranged, It was about time for her to get ready. Nat was already marching down the hall to meet Wanda outside her door, the duo planned on tag teaming her. They looked at one another with sly smiles before walking into her room, she was just laying in her bed with a pair of pajama shorts, that has pineapples on them and a hoodie. 

“Alright, get up. We are here to make you break-up with Dean.” Y/n groaned rolling over, falling out of her bed, the girls all begin to laugh. It was the first time Y/n has in ages, or three days, same difference. Nat started on her makeup as Wanda did her hair, for a witch and an assassin they were amazing at glamour. By the time they were done she has a sparkling smokey eye, blood red lips, and voluminous curls. She looks like a barbie version of herself. She doesnt want to go on a date but she needs to get over him. She deserved to. 

“We also picked out this.” Nat says while holding up a black curve hugging dress with a sweetheart neckline and lace traveling down the arms. Wanda was currently in hers and Nats room savaging for shoes, preferable heels. “May even make a certain Solvakian realize what he was missing and why he is an idiot.” 

“Thanks Nat. For everything.” Nat only nods, giving her a quick hug then leaving her to herself to change. She strips out of her dirty lounging clothes and pulls on the tight dress and then the red heels Wanda has left outside her room. She checked her purse, making sure she has her keys not realizing she was heading for the white haired man. 

“I’m sorry.” She says quickly, looking at her feet, trying to avoid his eyes and get around him. She can feel his eyes all over her body making her feel self couscous. 

“Where-where are you heading off to?”

“Cant find prince charming by sitting in my room, can I?” She says with a smirk, hoping her words had burned through him just as his stares did to her. She left him mouth gaped and the only sound is her thick heels hitting the dark hard wood floors.


When she returned everyone, the whole team, was spread everywhere. She tried to escapes down a hallway but with no luck, Thor was blocking it, she didn’t have enough energy to move him. She saw Buck and lightly smiled, going to sit by him. The only person missing was Pietro, she figured he must be out with a girl. When she sat she noticed a yellow post-it note.

You are where we first met. Now go to the place where we first kissed.

She was hesitant at first, that is until she felt Buckys reassuring hand squeezing her shoulder. She got up and head to her room, she remembered that night well, almost as if it was only last night. She smiled as the memories flood her mind. Laying on her bed was a bright blue post-it note standing out against her purple comforter. 

This was the moment I realized how much I cared for you, now go to the place you said you loved me. 

She heads to the kitchen to find no post-it, she checks all the counter tops and everything on the counters until it hits her. She opens the cabinet closest to the fridge and pulls down her Ironman mug she keeps for ironic reasons, on it sits an orange post-it.

This is where I realized I was an idiot. Please turn around so I can tell you myself.

She focuses a minute on the scratchy hand writing, smiling to herself, a cough interrupts her daydreaming. She turns around to face the blue eyed, white haired speedster. She crosses her arms, shifting her weight to one of her hips, a smirk never leaving her face. 

“I’m so sorry Y/n. I was an idiot, I probably still am but now I know. I love you. All of you, your gifts and beliefs, all of it. I was just scared. I have seen so much bad, even caused some of it, I didnt want to drag you in that or anyone for that matter but I already did that by being an idiot and avoiding my feelings. I am Done, I love you. Would you please forgive me?” His face is full of hope, every single inch of it. Her smirk shifts into a smile as she hesitantly nods. He scoops her up in his arms for a hug with in a split second. Soon kissing her, it starts out needy and fast but soon slows into passion. He kissed her lips like they were air and he couldn’t breathe. They break for air, a smile over taking both of their lips.

“I love you too Pietro.”

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Ate Mon, how did you do those custom link bars?

okay so like, i have all the images uploaded in my drafts as a text post (note: NOT a photoset, nevr a photoset) so i can get the image addresses bc im too lazy to use imgur or whatever. 

this is actually a bad idea bc i think tumblr links disappear after a while but i never have themes long enough for me to care. tumblr removed Upload Static Image so u cant rly use their permanent image hosting anymore (dang staff why)

so what u wanna do is right click and choose Copy Image Address to get something that looks like this > 

any image hosting site will give u a link like this if it ends in .jpg or .png ur good

so there are two codes u gotta learn here, the first is <img src=“http://PIC/”>, which lets u insert an image. just insert an image. it won’t really do anything but show up. replace PIC with the httpsdfgjhkdlsf.png image.

the next is <a href=“http://LINK”>BLAH</a> which lets u put links on things. if you replace LINK with a url, BLAH will go to the url when you click it

so basically u gotta put it together. put a link on the image u insert.

pls pls pls remember </a> or else the link will never end

also remember to put “” s before and after the urls or they wont work

and don’t copy paste a “ because somehow it doesn’t work if u do. type it in manually

this is an example, sorry it’s messy but yk whatevs. it’s the code i use to link to my art tag. title=“sjdhgfl” is an extra code you put if you want hover text

so if u click this

itll link to my art tag

sorry i cant explain it any easier :u

I had this idea that if Donna had been brought back into the universe properly, she would have looked super awesome if they had given Wonder Girls n52 outfit to her instead of Cassie (except with a navy blue/silver color scheme) My main issue with Cassie’s New 52 look isn’t necessarily her costume. I actually think the outfit looks pretty cool. My issue is with the fact that said outfit is being poorly drawn onto what should be the body of a 17 year old girl. Cassie’s old costume suited both her needs and personality, but that’s just my opinion.