i actually have like 2 friends so

BTS Beginner’s Guide**

There’s probably quite a few of these out here) but I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring and offer a few videos that have been really helpful.

**I’m still a newbie myself so these videos are basically all for getting to know the band/the music. If any of you have any you would like to add you’re more than welcome.

1) Every BTS MV: Jesus Christ I love this so much. It’s been so helpful not only with actually listening to their music but with learning faces. There are so many of them it’s hard to keep track when you’re first starting out. I swear this video was a god send.

2) This Crack Series: This was the first thing my friend that has been into BTS for a while sent me. Mainly for the intro at the beginning but also because it’s a good way to learn faces.

3) Who is Who?: I can’t count the number of videos like this one I sifted through. Probably close to the thirties. I kept coming back to this one though. Mainly because I feel like it gives good insight into the boys’ personalities and it’s one of the few I’ve found that gives both their real AND stage name.

@mapleymood, @illbeoutofthewoods, and @wearetakingthehobbitstogallifrey all recently sent me the “say five things you like about yourself” and I know I’m supposed to send it to ten people but I never get around to that so I just wanted to thank you three for sharing this <3

1. My plaid flannel collection. I own a lot of flannel shirts and they’re all great and I love how I feel when I wear them.

2. My capacity for insight. I feel like I am actually really skilled at analyzing complicated situations and figuring out what is *really* going on.

3. My love for my friends. 

4. My writing. I do believe that I have talent.

5. My eyes. They’re kind of pretty! :)

There’s this guy at work that I think has a thing for me because he asked my best friend if I was single like a month ago and he knows that I’m single now… and I really hope he doesn’t ask me out because he’s so not my type and I’m not interested and I don’t want to have to awkwardly be like “… no thank you”. >.< Ugh. Actually there are 2 guys that have a thing for me at work that both know I’m single… Think it would be appropriate to say “Thank you but I don’t date co-workers” if either of them asks me out? 

Shit I’ve Heard High Schoolers Say
  • Why stop at capitalism? Destroy everything.

  • Guys it’s been three weeks since I’ve eaten a vegetable

  • At least we have memes to dull the pain of existence

  • An AP student: Oh my god I thought seven was less than six 

  • (while filling the cap of their water bottle with water) SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS 

  • friend one: If all your friends jumped off a bridge wou-
    friend two: probably


  • If cows ruled the world would they drink human milk?

  • student: my calculator is broken
    teacher: your calculator isn’t broken, you’re broken

  • no actually I think you have to be of age to be considered a cougar

  • (during math class on the second floor) student 1: so like how far do you think the distance is from that window to the ground?  
    student 2: enough

  • teacher: has anyone ever been to New Orleans?
    Student: does Popeyes count?

  • my word count on this paper isn’t very high but I certainly am

  • we’re in adult limbo. I’m not a teen and I’m not an adult. I’M SUFFERING, THAT’S WHAT I AM!

  • Look at my… (swings leg up to show shorts) not pants
My experience with the signs in my life
  • Aries female: so stubborn is incredible. A hot head. She knows what she wants and she'll get it. Yells a lot. Cares a lot about her family. Very concerned about her diet. She looks like a cinnamon roll but is a beast inside.
  • Aries male : very intelligent, probably the most intelligent. Can either have a very scientific mind or a very literary mind. Loves to read. LOVES to make puns. Horrible ones. Has the biggest laugh.
  • Taurus female: MY BIGGEST LOVE. Literally the cutest thing. She is so smart and caring and it's true: she loves to eat. Cares so much about everyone, not only her close friends. She almost never get angry but when she does. Ouch.
  • Taurus male: a cutie. Always ready to cheer you up. DOES NOT. BELIEVE. IN. ASTROLOGY. Likes scientific shit. Loves old movies. Always laughs at your jokes. The best friend you can find. Loves Shrek.
  • Gemini female: so strong and independent. Her hair is always on point, so is her outfit. Either very tall or very short. They talk a lot and they love listening to you. Geminis are actually very lovable people. Best companion for a boring class or for lunch break.
  • Gemini male: very bold and confident about himself. Does his own thing. It's not that he is a dick, it's just that he has his own problems to take care of. Except Trump, Trumps is really a dick. Im sorry Geminis that he is in your sign. The cool guy of the class who has a different girl every week. A lil fuckboy but fun to have a chat with. Loves videogames and perfect pal to get drunk with.
  • Cancer female: not a crybaby. Actually HATES to cry in public. More often than you think, very extroverted. Very passionate about what she loves. High ambitions, starts many things and then get bored. So many puns oh god.
  • Cancer male: oh boy. "Nightmare dressed as a daydream". Makes you feel so special. Boyfriend material. Usually dark hair and dark eyes. Not very tall. Adorable. Special laugh. Will do great things in life. Very creative but kinda introvert(?) WILL RATHER DIE THAN CRY IN PUBLIC.
  • Leo female: very close about her private things but she will open up if you demonstrate her she can trust you. Loves everyone. Not that confident about herself. Very confident about the world, tho. Wants to move someplace else and experience. People respect her.
  • Leo male: Stonehead™. Literally smokes all the time to forget about the pain he feels. Hides emotions and then explodes, usually with rage. Either very close to you that he calls you every day, or he'll completely ignore you. Smart even tho it doesn't look like. The lonely wolf.
  • Virgo female: so stubborn and independent. She knows what she wants and she'll get it. Can get very clingy to the people she loves but sometimes neglect other people she loves even tho she doesn't notice. Get mad easily for the little things. The queen. Just listen to her, she knows the shit.
  • Virgo male: cute but doesn't have his own personality. Sometimes gets involved in ugly companies and does things he doesn't want to. Very sensitive but tries to hide it. Actually cares about you even tho he wants to appear a tough boy. Pretends he doesn't care about school, ends up with all A. Probably very good at soccer.
  • Libra female: becomes part of your family if she isn't already. Amazing lipsticks. Always has great stories to tell. Lives in the clouds. Forgets about things easily but won't forget the important things. Has so many passions but get easily distracted when she is studying for an exam. Perfect person to binge watch Sherlock with.
  • Libra male: my everything. Pretends he's a gryffindor but deep down is a slytherin. Stunning. Gets high grade without doing shit. The teacher favorite. The one you can do stupid shit with. Will do anything for you. Listens to you 24/7. Loves tv shows. Very smart. Will probably end up doing something very important. Perfect dad.
  • Scorpio female: actually very sweet and caring, as much as cancer. Never shows off her emotions but you'll know when she cares about you. She's like a mama bear. She'll call you if she feels you are not happy. She'll call you constantly. Extroverted and kind. Best presents ever. Looks naive but very cautious.
  • Scorpio male: ok so my ex fwb was a scorpio and i gotta say they get emotionally attached. Pretend they don't care AT ALL and then calls u at 2 in the morning telling u they love you. Just be careful cause they don't know what they want. Obsessed with electronic things and sex.
  • Sagittarius female: literally on fire. SHE. TALKS. SO. MUCH. I have so many different feelings about her. Either i love completely or I can't stand her. She pretends she knows everything. She's so slow at doing everything, except talking. Laughs a lot. Very sensitive deep down. So loud.
  • Sagittarius male: Pretty introverted. The fire is hidden. He's a freaking badass. If he cares about you, he will show you. Most likely to call you at midnight for your birthday. Very sweet. Goes big or goes home, especially in love. Both a cinnamon and a sinnamon roll. Like if he ain't in the same political party as you, just don't mention politics. That's when the fire shows.
  • Capricorn female: so. she actually cares about you. but she has so much shit going on so she might forget to come at a place you invited her, she won't even apologize but when something happens to you, be sure she'll call. She's absolutely cute and she has been hurt so many times so it's hard for her to trust people completely.
  • Capricorn male: THE FUCKING FANBOY. He loves to travel and to try new things. He is so shy but with his friends he's crazy. Laughs at his own jokes. Extremely sensitive and when he loves, he loves hard. So intelligent and interesting. Absolutely adorable.
  • Aquarius female: the sweetest. she gets clingy to everyone but because she wants to have friends and do things and has a lot of problems but holds everything in and puts her friends first and she's hurt. The most precious human. She needs, she deserves to be loved the most. Learns very quickly and she's very honest.
  • Aquarius male: the devil™. Actually he is funny, like so many jokes, but sometimes it's just too much. He hates when people offend him. Gets on the defensive. Kinda selfish and cares a lot about like 3 people (?). Like he will kill for them. So much drama, boy. Probably failed history and algebra 2 twice.
  • Pisces female: such a badass and a cutiepie at the same time i don't even know how this is possible. she has such a strong personality and loves her friends. Determined and will fight with her teeth for what she loves. You need to have a pisces in your life. She always says she will kill a person but then she just like run away.
  • Pisces male: like just like the pisces female. Cares so much about his family and shows his emotions easily, whether is anger or sadness or happiness. Determined but also insecure about himself, but will do great things.
My favourite BL stories

I decided to make the list because of my own curiosity(?) and desire to share this with you :P (I made another two list with yaoi/shonen ai recommendation ..you can check it here –> PART 1 and PART 2)

I’m in BL for about half a year and I must say that I really like the genre :) I mean I don’t like the typical yaoi with rushed story and relationships…like i don’t anything typical (shojo,kdrama,anime)
And for those I’m about to talk about you could check it out even if you are not in yaoi genre ;)

1. Doukyuusei

My number ONE story is Doukyuusei (Movie+manga sequels). It’s probably biased because its holding special meaning for me. It was my first BL story and it was actually the movie which made me also read the mangas too. I decided to watch it because i saw a lot of gifs on tumblr and i thought that Kusakabe was a girl (how silly of me). I’m glad i watched it, because it actually changed me as a person, or better my views on people with same sex orientation changed completely –> my family is Quite traditional so I was thought that same-sex relationship was wrong (not acceptable).
The story show us pure feeling about falling in love (it’s not about the gender but about the person–> you are my most important person) and here we have also portrayed realistic, healthy relationship (sweetness, misunderstandings, make ups) =D
The movie i recommend to everyone. Then you’  ll see if you want to continue with mangas.

Author: Asumiko Nakamura

2. Canis Series

This story and it’s way of showing same-sex relationship was definitly far from typical shonen ai.  This story contradicts every comment about manga or anime., especially shonen ai genre where’s lacking depth or meaning or creativeness. The story and relationship are not rushed, the most appealing was ending of first story(it’s still going on).
The art is outstanding compared to other mangas. It really fits the story.
I definitly recommend it…even to those who are not it this genre :)

Author: ZAKK, Hachie Ichie

3. Soredemo, Yasashii Koi wo Suru

Thank god Yoneda Kou made that spin off into a actual story/masterpiece. I love all Yoneda Kou’s work and i have 2 in my TOP 5 :) This story is spin off from Doushitemo Furetakunai and talks about two really good friends when one is in love with another. It can be said that the trope of “gay man and straight man” tends to be overused, but Yoneda Kou pulls it off flawlessly. I like the whole process of falling in love and acknowledging that love-confessing-confusing feeling-akward situations-decide or chose between romantic relationship or brake up the friendship. I read it so many time that I don’t count anymore…and it’s really satisfying.

Author: Yoneda Kou

4.Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai

I just can’t describe with words how many emotions this manga brings out of me. It’s still ongoing so maybe that’s the cause because every new chapter is nerve wracking but satisfying at the same time. When I saw summary of the story i decided to read it because i was really interested in which way/how Will the main character recieve happiness (from summary: This is the story of a man who has never known happiness and of a man who is reborn by getting to know him.). Now that I read it till now I must say that I truly want that Yashiro find his own happiness (the prequel really touched my soul and I just pray that Yashiro would be told that he’s not alone anymore by Doumeki–> look prequel). This one is pretty great masterpiece by Yoneda Kou which i think is really good read for any yaoi fan.

Author: Yoneda Kou

5.Honto Yajuu

I think this one was my first actual yaoi(after Doukyuusei) and I wasn’t disappointed. The story is simple and the relationship is not complicated. The manga is truthfully one of the most refreshing ones. Yamamaoto Kotetsuko is known for one of the most cutest artstyle and stories. And it’s true…this manga is with one Word…CUTE :D <3

Author: Yamamoto Kotetsuko

This are my TOP 5 BL stories…yet i still have some of honorable mentions:

6. Smells like green spirit : great shonen ai…realistic

7. Hana nomi zo shiru : my favourite Rihito Takarais work.

8. Border : for those who like shonen ai and crime genre.

9. Sojou no koi wa nido haneru : one of the most realistic interpretation of gay-straight relationship.

10. Bokura no negai/Neon Sign Amber/Doushitemo Furetakunai : MUST READ ;)  

That’s all…maybe you could send your own top 10 list :D really appreciated :D


okay hear me out

I’ve been listening to these songs 1  2  that were cut from the musical (probably because they made it too long or because they talked about things that were later resumed in other songs) AND I’VE COLLECTED SOME THINGS

We can consider this canon, those are facts that don’t affect the plot and were made by the authors so I’m stuck with it.

1. In this song Cynthia says this: ‘ The missing pills from the medicine cabinet.
The missing kid found passed out in the park.’ so THANKS TO THAT WE NOW KNOW HOW AND WHEN HE DIED. Probably after that first day of school, because he was absent three days after someone found him, he grabbed those ‘missing pills’ and died due to pill overdose.

2. Also in that first song she says he ‘used to love jokes! when he was a little boy? ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ he had a million answers to that one!’ so, like any cheerful little kid he liked jokes that probably turned to bitter sarcasm with the years. 

3. There’s this other song in which Cynthia says ‘ Saw the counselors and the clinics
And the cures a mother tries
Cause maybe they could take away that anger in your eyes’ which means they were trying. He probably was on meds and probably was tired of psychiatrists. 

4. Both songs talk about how Cynthia and Connor fought after dinner every dinner and how Connor pulled himself away with every fight:  ‘ We went to battle every evening after dinner
I thought I knew some way that I’d get through to you,
In the bedroom down the hall
We fought a war where no one walked away a winner
Cause every day you pulled a little more away,
Remember?’ and ‘ All that I’ve thought about is how hard he would slam that bedroom door,
Every night after dinner.
Wild-eyed and weary, from all those nights of fighting a war
Where no one was the winner.’

5. Okay this is not about Connor but we now know Connor and Evan had one thing in common. Heidi about Evan: ‘In the bedroom down the hall
I surprised you with that comic book collection
Next Halloween,
I dressed you up like Wolverine,
Remember?’  and Cynthia about Connor  ‘The years of trick or treating, my spiderman, he stood at 4 foot 2, such a happy child.’

THEY BOTH LIKE COMICS!!! so they could have been friends they actually had things in common and thanks to these songs now we know Connor was a human and not a monster. Sure, he was mean and that’s not nice nor forgivable but at least we know (thanks to a little bit of light) that he was  really trying.

I wonder what would have been of them both if they had talked things out, Evan and Connor I mean. I know mental illnesses can not be magically cured by a lover but having someone by your side (as a friend too) really helps, and they were in the same position so maybe they would have been of help for each other.

anyway that’s all

Some Car Boys thoughts

Just wrapped up the finale and like everyone I’m still reeling from it. I wanted to sketch out a few thoughts on the show that hopefully I can return to at some point.

1) This is the best exploration of games in a work of fiction to date and should be a model for filmmakers and writers going forward. Not only does Car Boys explore modern digital gaming, it does so by using one of the most basic forms of a game: improvisational storytelling. The plot and mythology of the show emerges from Nick, Griffin, and the fanbase’s interactions and interpretations of of the game, culminating in that amazing BeamNG.drive title reveal at the end. Actual play podcasts like Adventure Zone and Friends at the Table have tapped into this before, but this is the first time I’ve seen it done so well in a visual medium. Maybe the most exciting thing about Car Boys though, and what I just can’t stop thinking about is that Nick, Griffin, and the fanbase are not the only ones telling the story, they aren’t even the main authors.

2) Car Boys is technology telling a story about itself. Where most stories about technology (Black Mirror, Blade Runner, etc) are by necessity from a human perspective, Car Boys reverses this and offers something new. The main author of Car Boys is BeamNG.drive. The thrust of the plot is driven not by what Nick and Griffin do to the game, but what it does back to them. The glitches and psychedelic imagery are so haunting because they are beyond our control and maybe even our understanding. What is the game doing and how is it doing it? How do I, the player, begin to understand my place in this digital space? How do I understand what this space is and what its for? This is part of what made the ending of the series so touching. Two small storytellers, lost in a digital infinity still finding meaning.

3) Humans have always looked to the heavens and created stories. We see comets and stars and assign them meaning. We create gods and look for life. Car Boys turns our eyes towards some kind of digital heaven and does the same. It is the best exploration of technology I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to see what Nick and Griffin do next


what a cute concept!!!!!! i bet they would all get along really well too…

i incorrectly self diagnosed autism traits (my stimming) as tourettes and the result was that I learned a ton about tics and tourettes and eventually figured out i didn’t have tourettes. i learned how tourettes typically manifests and how the stereotypes are inaccurate and harmful.

a doctor misdiagnosed my autism as social anxiety and the results included:

(1) my then-therapist disregarding me and accusing me of wanting to “collect diagnoses” for my saying that social anxiety didn’t explain my other symptoms that actual autistic friends had told me were autism things

(2) me not being able to get an autism evaluation until after college, which meant no fucking accommodations in college that would have prevented me from needing to drop classes in order to avoid failing them

(3) due to (1), erosion of trust between me and that therapist, and being fucking depressed and nocturnal for the rest of college as a result (i become nocturnal when my depression gets bad)

so every asshole who is like “but self diagnosis can hurt you and make you less able to get the right care if you’re wrong!!!” can shut the fuck up forever

My experience with the signs in my life

Aries female: so stubborn is incredible. A hot head. She knows what she wants and she’ll get it. Yells a lot. Cares a lot about her family. Very concerned about her diet. She looks like a cinnamon roll but is a beast inside.

Aries male : very intelligent, probably the most intelligent. Can either have a very scientific mind or a very literary mind. Loves to read. LOVES to make puns. Horrible ones. Has the biggest laugh.

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the signs' reactions to a friend not answering their call
  • Aries: where the fuck is that bitch i will kill her
  • Taurus: good. now we're left without food. we'll see who's gonna be left without friends in the end if this bitch doesn't answer
  • Gemini: *blocks the person's number*
  • Cancer: guess they'll call me later then
  • Leo: *cries* i fckn swear im never ever gonna call anoyne nor answer anyone.... *calls again, 2 mins after they say that*
  • Virgo: i understand how it feels like to have tons of obligations so there's no way i'm getting mad
  • Libra: daaaaaamn i have nobody to hang out with tonightttttttt
  • Scorpio: bitch we'll see when YOU try to call me. i wont fckn answer the next 42 calls of yours
  • Sagittarius: i called them, if they need me, they'll call me. i don't need a person who doesn't answer my calls smh
  • Capricorn: *never actually calls someone first bc of their social anxiety...... and is a little bit of an narcissist*
  • Aquarius: *continues to call their friend until they finally answer the phone*
  • Pisces: bitch i hope i die now so as a ghost I CAN SEE YOU CRYING AND DROWNING IN MISERY BC YOU DIDNT ANSWER MY LAST CALL

anonymous asked:

Heeey. Sorry if I disturb you by something or anything but could you maybe list some good shows? (It's not a must that LGBT couples are included) thanks a lot ❤️❤️💫

Hi, Anon! 

You’re not disturbing!

So I’m the type of person that watches a pretty random variety of shows so I’m not sure what your taste leans toward exactly. 

If you have any suggestions, make a comment or drop me a message with the show and why you like it! And if you want, make a suggestion on how to make this list better!

** Is for shows other people suggest to me. I’ll comment if I’ve heard of it or seen any of it. 

*I’ll try to put if it’s LGBT friendly. And also I want to put down if it’s diverse or not and a note if you suggest a show is diverse…I’m looking for either the main character that is a POC or more than 1-2 minor characters that show up often enough to make a difference to the plot. Don’t tell me a show is diverse if it’s 3 black characters are just window-dressing…👀

Let me see what I can remember and rec those and what I tried and didn’t like. 

  • -Shadowhunters: I love this trash show. It’s actually not all that great but it’s got some absolute gems of characters you end up watching it for anyway. I def recommend but S1 was watched with a ton of skip Clary/Jace scenes for me. This is LGBT friendly and diverse.  
  • -Riverdale: I tried man, I used to read Archie comics when I was younger but um, this show…I think it’s supposed to be ironically pretentious? It just falls flat for me tbh. It’s popular though so you can check a couple of episodes out to see if it’s your thing. There’s an openly gay character in this that should get more story than he does. Also, kind of LGBT baits too at times so not sure if I trust them completely. 
  • -The Expanse: My sci-fi pick. I love this show. It’s gorgeous, diverse, rich story, funny without trying too hard. I just get sucked into every character. It had one older married gay couple that was really minor characters but I don’t recall any current mains that are. But It’s an inclusive show so I don’t think it’s particularly averse to the idea. Based on books I haven’t read yet! 
  • -Veep: This is like a completely meant-to-be-offensive comedy show with the amazing Julia Louis-Dreyfus. While I wasn’t in love with the last 2 seasons, the first 4 are amazing. No clear cut character you root for in particular but it’s so close to politics you can’t help but laugh/cry. Watch it for the absolutely unapologetic legendary burns. Also, has a lesbian couple in it although it’s offensive comedy so prepare for that.
  • -Archer: Also another meant-to-be-offensive show that’s hilarious but so terrible and inappropriate. I don’t usually like that kind of comedy but I binge watched this when I was sick and got hooked. 
  • -Vikings: I love this show. If you like Game of Thrones, you’ll like this one only it’s got less nudity and more idgaf fight scenes. It’s got brilliant characters, beautiful battle scenes, really interesting storylines, and just good snarky humor. Watch it! Also, they’re not shy about same-sex couples even if they don’t explicitly say it. 
  • -Mr. Robot: Really good show, very different and…I actually don’t know how to describe it? The main has mental health issues. It’s a sociopolitical commentary type show. It’s about hacking and network security and corporation conglomerates in control of our everything and the fight against it. Also from @cherryrebel : mr robot has a shit ton of diversity in both race and lgbt, the lead is mixed race but the actor is egyptian, tyrell is bisexual, gideon is gay, angela, elliot and darlene are implied being lgbt+, i think i’m forgetting about someone but watch that show, it’s the shit 
  • -Legion: A superhero show that’s so incredibly NOT like the other superhero shows. You'll find yourself in a serious mind trip thinking you’re the one that’s crazy. But it’s really really good. Go watch. 
  • -Mozart in the Jungle: About a bunch of musicians and a crazy conductor you absolutely love. It’s really good. LGBT friendly! And diverse-ish.
  • -Luther: One of the best crime shows in my opinion. Idris Elba just does things and you will want to watch him do it. Anything he does is beautiful and brilliant. But the show actually IS brilliant and amazing and go watch!! 
  • -This is Us: one of those, where-the-hell-did-you-come-from?? shows. Really heartfelt stories that make you laugh, cry, and go aww a million times. 
  • -Killjoys: Another sci-fi show I love. It’s got diversity and great characters and great action and story. 
  • -True Detective: Crime detective show. It’s great, very gritty and serious but good stories and character-driven. 
  • -Humans: Sci-fi show about android robots that are part of normal life- they look human and are basically live in maids. Only five of these have consciousness. Really good UK show. Diverse AND LGBT friendly!
  • -Broadchurch: Another good UK crime show. Slow and gripping. @iamacolor mentioned a lesbian character in this one too. LGBT friendly.
  • -The Americans: Russian sleeper spies in America that lead normal lives, have American children, and are like totally Russians carrying out secret missions. 
  • -The Get Down: Great show that was recently canceled :( has about 1 season out. I’m not sure how to describe it and do proper justice. It’s lovely though with amazing characters. Also, LGBT friendly and clearly diverse!
  • -Stranger Things: Great show sci-fi mystery thriller type show. 
  • -Dear White People: Black college students from all kinds of backgrounds dropping truth bombs all around and being amazing. Also LGBT friendly. Go watch. It’s a balanced show with amazing characters. So both diverse AND LGBT friendly!
  • -Brooklyn Nine-Nine: an Amazing funny cop show that manages to be winsome, hilarious, endearing, quirky, diverse, balanced, and just amazing all around. V. LGBT friendly. 
  • -Fresh Off the Boat: Asian family comedy show that’s endearing and hilarious. (Also check out Jane the Virgin for crazy telenovela-esque antics that are hilarious and cute). 
  • -Orphan Black: Sci-fi show about clones. A really amazing show, LGBT friendly. Great story AMAZING characters…most of which is played by one woman. Diverse and LGBT friendly.
  • -Preacher: Great show based on the graphic novel…uhh not sure how to describe it but it’s good. Reth Negga is in it!! 
  • Also adding Sense8 for its LGBT and diversity. Good show but I’ve heard something about the directors/producers being racist? Not sure so I’m recommending with caution because the show itself esp s2 where the nonwhite characters got a better fleshed out plot is good. But since I don’t know what the producers/directors have done, I’m giving a heads up for someone else to fill me in.
  • Poldark: I just started this one 2 days ago. 2 episodes in I’m really enjoying it. It’s from PBS’s Masterpiece series. Aiden Turner as a Cornishman is delicious. So far I adore his wife and immensely enjoying yet another period show.  
  • Grantchester: Adding this to the list after I discovered it on my prime account. I’m only one season in and I love Sydney Chambers and his gruff buddy cop Geordie? This isn’t a show that is going to have you sitting on the edge of your seat. It’s totally a procedural type of show. But it’s characters are likeable, it’s story feels comfortable, and honestly, if it’s a shitty day for you and you just want something that’s easy? This is it. @iamacolor  :)
  • Entourage: So I binged 8 seasons and a movie in a week so let’s just say I fell into this gaping manhole…So it has one very prominently gay character on this show that gets a fair amount of screentime and a plot considering he’s a side character. He’s a fairly loveable character you really enjoy watching develop and grow. However, I should warn people that this show has really colorful language that is quite frankly really sexist and homophobic. For those of you that don’t know, it’s essentially a show about a popular actor from Queens that makes it big in Hollywood and brings along his 2 best friends and older brother to live with him and share in his wealth. If you can get past the language and inherent sexism, it’s actually a decent show about 4 guys with an extremely tight unbreakable, ride or die friendship. Lots of cameos by famous actors and directors, etc. I admit I might have a thing for Kevin Connolly and Adrian Grenier…
  • Jane the Virgin: Okay firstly, I LOVE this show. I wasn’t caught up because I had too much on my plate but like this show is so tongue in cheek and has great Latino rep! Including a character that speaks like 98% in Spanish so it’s great. AND they have LGBT rep so there you go. Enjoy and thank me later!
  • Superstore: Almost disappointed no one reminded me to recommend this show?? It’s basically centered around a store much like Walmart where you have a colorful cast of employees. It’s funny, it’s cute, it’s very socially aware. A disabled character (of color!), a gay character, and a smattering of all sorts. PLUS America Ferrera whom I adore!
  • The Good Place: Great show, great diversity, really funny. I binged it aaaallllll.

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Never drew Krystal before, but I used to get a lot of requests for her back around 2010-2013 when all I drew pretty much was Nintendo stuff. She came up in a conversation I was having with a friend last night so I decided to give her a go. Never actually played any of the games with her. I’ve only ever played Star Fox (SNES), Star Fox 2 beta, and Star Fox 64. However, I never hated her the way most old school Star Fox players do. I’m kind of neutral on her. I don’t dislike her, but I’m not super into her either. Always liked her design, but never seeing her in a game kind of leaves me with little to say about her as a character. She’s typically a love or hate character with fans, but I give her a simple “she’s cool”.

I drew her in a pose for a handgun, and when I got to the gun, I went retro sci fi style, so I went crazy with the b-movie sci fi grindhouse theme and turned it into a movie poster.

I’m so glad we can finally put to rest the whole “Pidge doesn’t actually like being around Lance/is only annoyed by his presence/is a bully to him” trope.  Because those two were ride or die in season two.  Pidge chose Lance to be her designated sift-through-this-fountain-barefoot-with-me friend. She grabbed his sleeve and was like “This way, Slender Man, we’re going fishing”. Don’t ignore this friendship @Voltron Fandom.


A collection of all the FFXV phone wallpapers I’ve made 

Feel free to use for whatever ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

7 years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook x reader - Part 1

Welcome to my first ever fanfic. Lmao not really sure what to say other than please enjoy. <3

Part 1 - Here  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10.1  Part 10.2  Part 10.3  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20 - Final

“Y/F/N?“ Upon hearing your name, you gazed up and made eye contact with your teacher.

 "Present.” Sighing after he had moved on from you, you quickly snapped your eyes towards the scrunched up paper sitting before you. You really had no interest in opening it as you knew the general message but with the burning stare at the back of your head, you gave in and slowly reached for it. Upon opening the note, you were greeted with the typical message you tend to receive at least once a week.

 'You’re still here? Wow what a stubborn bitch.‘ 

Whipping your head around to glare at the culprit, you found her simply smirking back at you. 

 Hye mi.

 She sat back satisfied with her daily deed done. Making people miserable is something she practically lived for, so you weren’t all too surprised. The sad thing was, you both were the best of friends back at the beginning of middle school and, as cliche as it sounds, it all changed when you reached high school. From the age of 12, cheesy promises to remain best friends were made and upon reaching the age of 16 it was all thrown away.


 To put it simply, Hye Mi was a bitch. A big one. She wasn’t always but when she began to value boys over friendship, something was bound to go wrong. 

And it did.

 It took no more than a week for her to drop you and develop the handy trait of bitch. She found new friends and apparently expanded her vocabulary as proven with the impressive handful of insults she directed at you and many other innocent students. Her main target was always you and it seemed like it would be for the rest of high school. She revelled in making your blood boil. 

 But you were not a weak girl, god no. Despite you being seemingly someone who is easy to pick on, you always stood your ground no matter who it was and that sometimes was your downfall, as your anger got you into bad situations every now and then.

“Right! It’s the end of the lesson, you are all dismissed. Don’t forget to bring in your slips of approval for the upcoming school trip. Jeon Jungkook, don’t you dare move from that spot!" 

 A groan escaped said boys lips as he slumped back into his seat. Jeon Jungkook. The schools 'bad boy’. The type to uselessly skip and sleep through lessons but manage to get the top grades in the class and linger outside in alleyways fighting with other school gangs or smoke with his friends.

 You roll your eyes at his pathetic attempt to sneak out of the class. Same routine almost everyday. Gathering your things and stuffing them into your bag, you stood from your seat and began making your way towards the door. Except a figure stood in your way.

 "Get out of my way Hye Mi.” She simply tilted her head whilst twisting a brunette lock of hair. Her brows furrowed whilst she looked you up and down and then proceeded to snicker.

 "I see you’re still planning to become a nun, what with your skirt hanging low.“ Her ditsy friends giggled at her cringe worthy insult, boosting her ego and pride. You glanced down at your skirt that rested a few centimetres above your knees.

 "Just because I don’t have my skirt riding up my ass like you doesn’t mean I’m going to become a nun. Plus, at least nuns have some self respect. You should learn from them.” A deep chuckle resonated from the back of the room and you noticed Hye Mi widen her eyes at the sound. Her cheeks began to burn crimson at the sound of Jungkooks laugh. You barged past her having said all you needed to and headed towards the lockers. Once you had finished up, you shut your locker and was greeted with an annoyingly familiar figure. 

 "Hey, Y/N.“ You let out a dramatic sigh. "Go away, Jin Soo. I don’t want to see you.” Another person you disliked was Jin Soo and what are the odds that he likes to make your life difficult too?

 "You know if you weren’t so bitchy we could have actually been friends.“ You scowled at the sentence. He can’t be serious.

 "Maybe I wouldn’t be so bitchy if you hadn’t taken it upon yourself to play with me and proceed to embarrass me In front of the whole school.” Back in 10th grade when you had lost Hye Mi, you seeked comfort and coincidentally Jin Soo came along. After stringing you along for a whole 2 months, he made a scene in the school lunch hall, yelling about how he 'didn’t appreciate the stalking’ and how he 'doesn’t want to come over when your parents were gone’. That gave everyone a reason to practically bully you for the next 2 years. 

“You can’t still be salty over that! It’s been 2 years, get over it. Such a stuck up b-" 

 "Bitch? Yeah, being a bitch is my life goal so I’m not worried over that. Bye, hope you have a crappy day.” Spinning around, you marched out of the school and down the street.

 At least it was Friday. 


 Your Saturday morning was spent shopping with your best friend, Areum. You met the same year you grew apart from Hye Mi and she was there to comfort you after the scene Jin Soo had caused. She was too kind to leave you in the secluded corner of the library, crying your eyes out. Ever since then you only grew closer. 

 "Jungkook was staring at you through the window when you left school.“ "And how do you know that?”

 "Well, considering the fact we normally go home together I was looking for you in your class.“ You smiled sheepishly at the memory of leaving Areum behind. 

"Sorry, I had the usuals on my case.”

 "Understandable. But seriously, I think Jungkook likes you. He’s always nearby, analysing everything your involved in. To be honest, it’s kind of creepy…“ She trailed off at the sharp look you directed at her. You were not going to have any of this. 

 "Listen, he’s 'analysing’ so he can find the perfect way to piss me off. He already gets on my nerves with his sarcastic comments. Please don’t turn this sleepover into a typical 'girls night’” Areum sighed and threw herself on your bed. 

 "What do you suggest we do then?“ Glancing at your phone, you made a mental note of the time. "Well we could go to the shops to prepare for a midnight snack slash movie time.” Areum’s eyes lit up at the sound of that and she whipped back up. 

 "You really mean it?“ Nodding your head, you grinned at her. "It’s only eleven and the shops are literally down the road. As long as we’re back in an hour midnight snack time is still on. Go get your jacket." 

 Areum was gone faster than you could say 'you got no jams’.


 The walk to the supermarket was a short one and gathering the snack was even shorter. However, the walk back… not so much. You and Areum had only made it halfway back to your house before you spotted the subject of your earlier discussion.

 He was leaning against the wall of an alleyway (what a surprise) with the rest of his friends. One of them, a mint haired coloured one who you were sure you heard some people call 'Suga’, was crouched down with a spray paint can in one hand and a face mask on. 

 Not sketchy at all. 

 He was in the midst of spelling out BTS or something when a low whistle was heard. "Well well, what are you two doing out so late at night?” Surprisingly, this did not come from Jungkook but rather the one many called Jimin. 

Everyone’s eyes suddenly turned to you and Areum. “Just keep walking Areum.” You sped up whilst Areum jogged to keep up. Just when you thought you had made it past them without any confrontation you heard Areum yelp. 

Turning around, you noticed someone had grabbed her wrist preventing her from moving further. The name 'Hoseok’ briefly came to mind. However, your anger had already made itself present and your confidence had surfaced.

 Marching right up to him, you grabbed his arm and all but ripped him off of Areum. He simply stared at you with an offended look. “We don’t have time for your bullshit. Bye.”

 As you turned around to leave, a heavy weight latched onto you, a chin making itself present on your shoulder. “You’re such a cutie when you’re mad. I like it." 

Turning your head, you were greeted with a boxy smile from Taehyung, a boy you shared classes with back in your fist year of high school. 

 "Get off me, Taehyung.” He simply pouted and shook his head whilst wrapping his arms around you tighter. “I don’t want to, I thought we were friends Y/N?" 

"Well you thought wrong. Get the fuck off her Tae.” Jungkook was evidently pissed off with how he spoke to Taehyung. “Fine.” He unlatched his arms from around you and took a couple of steps back, his grin coming back. 

You simply stared back at him and an awkward silence settled in. It was broken when the shaking of the spray can was heard and a heavy sigh.

 "Fuck, this is why I sleep instead of leave the house. To avoid awkward shit like this.“ Suga then continued his piece of 'art’ and you took that as your cue to leave, grabbing Areum on your way. 

 "Don’t I get a thank you from saving you from this idiot?” Jungkook called after you whilst Taehyung let out an offended 'hey!’. 

“Hey! Where’s my thank you?”

 "Maybe when you stop wearing your ass as a hat.“ You replied, speed walking down the street. If you had bothered to turn around you would have seen the satisfied smirk that made itself present on Jungkook’s face. 

Friendship vs queerbaiting

“Can we stop shipping all (m/m) friendships as romance?”

First of all, no. Why should we? Shipping is supposed to be fun, and we can ship whatever we want as long as the characters are fictional. With real people it’s a little trickier but this is not about real people shipping so I’ll leave it at that. People don’t usually choose a ship, shipping happens a little like falling in love: we find ourselves attracted to the dynamic of certain characters and the ship just kind of happens.

Shipping is not activism, like people often remind here. We fans don’t need to ship the ship with the most under represented dynamic, we should ship the ship that makes us happy. It’s not homophobic if you don’t ship the popular gay ship. Its not racist if you ship the main character with the white person instead of poc bc you feel like these two have a better dynamic. And so on. But I need to add here that if a queer/interracial couple is canon but you ship them in a straight/white relationship with someone else it’s a little… questionable at least. It depends the dynamic and the history of these characters and so on, but I’m just saying that there are exceptions to the rule I just presented.

So, if you feel like friendships between two men are under represented you have no right to tell people they shouldn’t ship it because you prefer their dynamic as something else than romantic. And also: where did the idea come that they are under represented? The sole reason why so many non canon ships are m/m friendships is because THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Plus, all kinds of friendships are shipped, f/f and f/m too but they’re much rarer in mainstream fiction which is why they are also less popular in fandom. If you think “Fandom only ships canonically straight white men”, look at Clexa for example. They only had one season together, and it got to the top of tumblr’s most shipped list immediately. Stormpilot is very popular and it’s interracial while neither is white. Don’t blame the fandom for something the creators are responsible for.

The idea that we shouldn’t ship friendships tells something about how our society portrays romance - an instant connection, physical attraction, something that consumes your soul after the first glance and makes you leave everything, even your friends and family behind. As if you were ready to die for them after one conversation, one night together, sometimes even just one look. This doesn’t sound healthy or even normal to me.

Romance and friendship are not mutually exclusive. Healthy romances are often build on friendship, and even if infatuation comes first and dating second, any couple who has been married for years will tell you that the secret to a happy marriage is being good friends too. Best friends, actually, since they have to spend most time together. Of course I’m not saying we shouldn’t ship different kinds of dynamics, I enjoy love/hate relationships as much as the next person, but popular ships that are accused of queerbaiting are usually canonically close friendships.

Drawing a line between close friendship and queerbaiting can be tricky, I admit. Sometimes even if I do think something is queerbaiting I understand the opposite opinion, sometimes not. Often, the opposite argument is something like this: “Yes, they clearly do love each other very deeply, deeper than most friends, but that’s because they’re like brothers/siblings.” And I’m like… no. I know brotherly love is a saying but it isn’t really… a thing. For people who aren’t actually brothers. Because there are two things that make people siblings: 1) Biology, as in they are genetically siblings. 2) They have been brought up as siblings, they have the same parents and have known each other since birth.

Often siblings are both, but there are adopted siblings, and biological siblings who haven’t met each other before adulthood. So if you can’t check either of these for your ship, it’s not incestuous. No matter how brotherly you think their love is. Because yes, people can form strong bonds to people outside family, but even childhood friends don’t have the experience that siblings have. They don’t have the same parents and the same happy family memories or shared trauma. They’ve never had the kind of authority that a parent is, who is close for both and able to decide who’s right about the fight and who gets a punishment, who gets the bigger cake slide etc. And when you’re biologically related the biology actually affects your relationship: it’s just part of surviving the natural selection that we protect those who are genetically like us. Also there’s a natural repulsiveness towards our relatives which prevents us from getting mutant babies. These things obviously apply to adoptive siblings too, but not to “bros”.

So if someone says that these two characters have a deep connection but it’s brotherly, sure, they can think that, but they have no way of getting actual evidence for their claim. Whereas if I think some characters are in love I can present evidence. I obviously can’t prove it unless it becomes canon, but I can make it pretty clear why I think so.

Now, I’m all for having male characters be close friends without it making them gay. We need to show that men should be able to talk about their emotions with each other, just like female friends do. It’s proven by many studies that straigh men are likely to have their girlfriend/wife as their only emotional support, and that needs to change. Male friend supporting the other when he talks about his crush on a girl: hell yeah. Male friend supporting the other when their parent dies: hell yeah. Male friends talking about games and selfcare and literature and their interests just like female friends do: HELL YEAH! I would like to see male friendships where they need each other because they have shared interests and memories and because they can be open with each other. Being physically comfortable with each other. All that.

But, you see, most so called friendships that are popular as ships and accused of queerbaiting, are not what I just described. These friendships are codependent. If the other died or was taken away from the other the other wouldn’t just be sad for a year or so, but they would lose their grip of life and themselves. They are contradictory, and the characters are bad at describing their feelings for each other, unaware whether the “friendship” is mutual, surprised when the other shows that they care. They are full of misunderstandings, and the narrative seems that there’s something that they’re going towards. Normal friendships are solid and stationary, and while they do change with time and circumstance, they’re not constantly evolving as if what the people involved have right now is not what both want.

Friends have fights over petty things, and sometimes just can’t be around each other. These characters usually fight - if they fight - because they leave things unsaid and the viewer is forced to think: what did they mean to say? There’s tension, neither of them knows how to quite be around the other but they need them like they need air. It is sometimes even shown that even if the other is in a relationship with another person, they can’t share the most important parts of their life with that person - they need their “friend” for that. As if love was just physical, no common interests or chemistry needed.

Obviously there will always be some things that can only be shared with a certain person and that person may not be your lover, but at least in my opinion it makes sense if your romantic partner is the one who gets you the most. Especially if the love is supposed to be ideal or even supported by the audience which mostly is the case in fictional romance. And if the “friends” have most in common with each other, have shared their most vulvenerable moments with each other and seem to have romantic chemistry to many of the viewers, why not make them a couple? Because they are both straight men? (Or women, but most often men since most main characters are men.)

The argument against queer ships is usually just “not everyone is gay”. Yes, well, obviously not. Some people are straight, that’s true. They don’t feel attraction to the same sex even if their life depends of it (So I’ve heard. As a bisexual myself this sounds like a weird concept. Whatever.)

And the conversation continues: “I think these two men you ship together are both straight, so they can’t feel attraction towards each other.”

“Fine, that’s your opinion. But how do you prove that?”

“He slept with a woman/flirted with a woman/ loved a woman etc.”

“Bisexuality. Exists. Also, some gay people try to date the opposite sex before they admit they are gay, because society teaches that’s the normal thing to do. They could be in denial, or pretend to be straight so they don’t get beat up or something like that, it’s often hard to be queer. But once again: BISEXUALITY EXISTS.”

So, the person saying they’re straight is usually just basing their thoughts on heteronormativity, thinking that they’re straight until proven otherwise. Fandom, on the other hand, looks at how the character acts around different genders and bases their opinion of their sexuality on that.

Back to “Not everyone is gay”. What do people even mean when they use that phase? I look at the fictional universe that I love and see zero canon queer people, or maybe two minor characters that were in one episode. The world is filled with characters, and I’m only pointing at a few of them and saying that they seem to have potential for a romance, why not? Straight people already have almost every popular character, is it really too much to ask if we could get one or two too? That’s not everyone.

The fans don’t want the show/book/movie to become a romance suddenly, we’re in this fandom because we like the thing that makes it what it is. We’re just asking to acknowledge the romance that literally is already there. WE’RE NOT ASKING FOR A SEX SCENE. We’re asking for something that could make the people who watch/read the thing from their heteronormative viewpoint see that it was actually queer all along. So that they would stop ridiculing us queer people for “seeing things that aren’t there.” Something very small will do: Hannigram didn’t even have to kiss because everything needed to make a romance were already there, they just needed one conversations to make it clear that yes, Hannibal was in love with Will and yes, Will did ache for him too. Simple. Korrasami just walked off together in the end. With both cases the fans were happy, and it proves that the idea that “fangirls just want to see two men fuck” is wrong. We just crave to be represented.

The final argument against the queer interpretation is: “Relationships are complex, and sometimes you don’t fall for the person who seems to be the perfect match for you.” Yes. Real life is complex. Sometimes love is just physical, often you don’t fall for your friend. BUT. As a writer, you’re not trying to recreate real life. You’re showing things and emotions that are important to the story, so why make a multi season/movie/book arch for a relationship between two men if you’re just going to pair them off for someone else?

As a person who’s into writing I get really confused by these things. One of the first lessons I learned that I still hear daily is: “show, don’t tell”. If you’ve shown us the two men falling for each other, telling that one or both of them suddenly love someone else won’t fix it. And if every other character in the universe seems to think these two are a couple then it’s not very hard for the viewer to see that too.

I am tired of hearing about “platonic love stories”. The creators have called so many popular ships that, as if it somehow excused their queerbaiting. Platonic and love story are each other’s opposites, and platonic love stories don’t exist - unless they’re talking about the platonic concept of love: that humans had four legs, four arms and two heads but they were too powerful so the gods divided them in two, and that’s why people need a soulmate. But usually they don’t mean that - however, sometimes they do. Thank gods for Hugh Dancy. But when creators literally call the ship a love story between two men yet insist it’s not romantic, it probably aren’t the fans who are reaching. If it’s a love story, let it be a love story.

It’s Difficult (WTLYBF) - 2

It was a normal day. Well, almost. Normally Tae would be over, the both of you laughing and being cute without anything else on your mind. Except for your feelings for him, you’d never be able to avoid that. Even after 2 weeks, you weren’t the slightest bit over him. To say the least you were disappointed and angry at yourself. He loves another, stop thinking that way.

With a blank face, you grabbed the remote and paused the movie you were watching. Sighing, you rubbed your temples. You weren’t feeling too well. You chose to ignore it and lay down, wanting to nap. You were about to close your eyes when your phone buzzed. It was silent in your flat, the buzz was loud. Sitting up, you grab your phone and slide it open. A text from Tae.

You’d usually add a heart as well, but nothing was like usual anymore. It didn’t feel that way, at least. You didn’t want to be fake and pretend you were happy; because you were the complete opposite. Inside, you were sobbing but outside, you just let a tear roll down. You decided to text Jungkook to actually hang out. You’d obviously rather wrap yourself in blankets and cry while your sad music playlist was playing loudly; but that wasn’t going to solve anything. It was healthier to go out and have some fun with your other friend.

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My biggest questions after season 4 BTW spoilers!!

1. Is shiro still a clone because the writers really made me question if what I believe to be clone shiro is actually the real shiro! So good job writers

2. Did Lotor learn to dislocated his shoulders or is he just really double jointed or was it just the spur of the moment thing like well I guess my only way out if this is just to dislocate my both shoulders lol

3. What is going to happen to Narits cat???

4. Does Shiro have a family back on earth or not?

5. Still what is Keith and Shiro relationship?? what is they’re backstory on earth?? I need to know!!

6. Are Lance and Hunk childhood friends or did they just meet at the academy and become friends there?

7. Why does Hunk never really talk about his family back on earth?? does he have one??

8. Is Matt 25 or is he younger because I’ve seen some people say he’s the same age as Shiro and same people say he’s younger Idk

9. Is nerits cat the same cat from Honerva (harrar)

10. When and Where the did Lance learn this because it doesn’t just come out of nowhere