i actually have a lot of jason feelings

Jason Todd - sex headcanons

So I guess I went there. I was considering writing an imagine/oneshot with these (hence why so many), but for now I decided to just list em. Not sure if I’ll proceed to write it or not. In the meantime, enjoy ;) 
(s.o. = significant other)

  • When living with his lover probably has had sex with ‘em on every stable enough flat surface and against a couple of walls
  • Takes initiative, usually prefers positions which have him on top
  •  ALL the stamina (and ready to go again the moment his s.o. is)
  • Clothes scattered on the floor is very common, regularly ‘loses’ an item of clothing somewhere under the sheets/on the floor
  • Likes to go down on his s.o.
  • Total tease when he has a lot of time on his hands; always holds out with having actual full-on sex until his lover’s practically begging him for it
  • Gets riled up when he feels his lover’s nails on his back
  • Neck kisses
  • Leaves hickies and is low-key proud of it/does it on purpose
  • Turned on when he hears his lover moan his name
  • Heated kisses or eye contact during sex 90% of the time
  • s.o.: “ Do you feel like it? “ Jason: “Babe, I always feel like it.” 
  • Morning sex is the only thing he  actually *wants* to wake up early for (+ Tries to keep his lover in bed with him in the morning by seducing them as well as possible, usually succeeds. Pretends to feel hurt the times it doesn’t work.)

After sex:

  • Smug af after sex, knows damn well he’s good at it 
  • Innuendoes all around 
  • has the tendency to hold his lover really close to him, spooning or nuzzling their neck. 
  • Still runs his hands over his s.o.’s body but more in a caressing manner
  • ALL the pillow talk, hours on end of pillow talk

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Batfam if they ended up as villains, not heros?

So I’m going to draw a lot of parallels to other DC villains in this

-Bruce would probably be very similar to what he’s like as a hero, just with a very different moral code- sort of a very dark antihero. He’d be a lot scarier, a lot more dangerous, and a lot crueler. He wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone who he deemed as “criminal”. He would be the judge, jury, and executioner of Gotham

-Dick would be a lot like Deathstroke; cunning, skilled, deadly. Canonically he almost became a part of the Court of Owls and could have become a Talon-esque character, so it would be cool to see him become a skilled assassin who lurks in the night and is a thing of legends but is a very real threat that causes people to panic

-Jason would probably be a gang leader (kind of like in Under the Red Hood, but more malicious). He would be a kind of urban legend, with each gang branch having their own twist. He would rule with an iron fist and actually be really successful (which causes a whole lot of issues for the GCPD)

-I feel like Tim would be kind of like the Riddler; quick witted, meticulous, and seemingly harmless but actually surprisingly deadly. He would be very clever and create schemes that would not be easily detected and hard to thwart

-Damian would grow up to become the head of the Al'ghul empire and take over his grandfather’s stead. He would be upheld within the high society but very deadly if crossed (not that he isn’t canonically)

-Barbara would be similar to Poison Ivy; she’s fighting for a noble cause, but going about it in a far more genocidal way than is necessary. She uses her intellect to her advantage in order to make herself more powerful and all the more difficult to defeat

-Cass would have remained an assassin and would have built up a body count that’s too extensive to keep track of. She would be invisible, nobody would have ever seen her and lived, but people know of the threat posed by this mythical assassin that had taken out so many others

famous falsettos au

prepare yourself for farfetched concepts and my lack of showbiz knowledge

  • whizzer and cordelia are famous broadway/stage actors
  • everyone thinks they’re dating and they go along with it while never explicitly saying it
  • they are the two gayest people alive literally how

  • marvin is a “proper actor” as he calls it, meaning he does tv and film acting
  • marvin is, of course, an acting elitist. “ugh… broadway?”
  • can’t believe that his son loves musicals but “hey, that whizzer brown guy is pretty cute?”

  • charlotte is a director
  • she’s only done tv and film but is making the move towards stage things
  • it’s hard but she’s brilliant and i trust her
  • she meets cordelia on a set as cordelia was making a short tv appearance

  • trina is marvin’s ex and also an actress
  • she’s currently more into making a home now with her new husband, mendel
  • she’s taken up writing again during her slight acting hiatus
  • she wanted to be a writer long before she got into acting but she got her first role and got bit by the showbiz bug tbh
  • she has co-written things before but wants her own creation
  • she’s done both tv/film roles and broadway roles – truly a multi-talented machine

  • mendel is still a psychiatrist (and he was marvin’s prior to mendel & trina’s engagement)
  • he’s so loved on social media because of trina
  • imagine shitty buzzfeed articles about how trina and mendel are Relationship Goals
  • mendel was plastered all over trina’s instagram, photobombing and taking cute selfies
  • trina’s fans insisted he got his own instagram
  • he even got snapchat and honestly if you’re not following it, are you really a True Fan?

  • jason is keeping with his school studies but he’s an aspiring kid actor
  • jason is often between parents with added stress since they’re both famous

  • rumours fly when whizzer and marvin both publicly come out on the same day
  • PR had a field day and the media was going nuts
  • whizzer didn’t really care but marvin was Outraged for no goddamn reason
  • that didn’t stop whizzer from being petty in interviews
    (”i heard that marvin is a nightmare on set, god forbid I ever work with him”)
  • marvin: he did it on purpOSE
    charlotte, exasperated: why the hell would he do that, marvin
  • marvin literally throws the best fit of the year (haha, nice in trousers reference)
  • whizzer is happy to have finally dispelled the rumours that he and cordelia were a thing

  • cordelia has an interview shortly after
    interviewer: so how is your relationship with whizzer faring after the big reveal? how is whizzer?
    cordelia: gayest man i know
  • cordelia is spotted kissing a girl (it’s charlotte but it was a shitty picture)
  • cordelia’s agent is flying off the handle and cordelia just tweets like “i never said i was straight [insert 20 emojis of hearts, rainbows & girls]”

  • whizzer and cordelia are each given a new script to read through for a new musical – both of them love it
  • trina wrote it!! she’s so ecstatic that they like it
  • she wrote a role with marvin in mind and is desperate for him to accept despite his apparent hate for musicals
  • trina went to school with him and knows that he performed in the school musicals, the fucking hypocrite

  • marvin: this is the worst possible thing you could make me do
    trina: i walked in on you having sex with a guy in our home, you insensitive bastard. now read it, asshole
  • guess who loves it?? that’s right, it’s marvin… then he finds out that so does whizzer brown.
  • marvin: i’ll do it-
    trina: yay, thank you thank yo-
    marvin: on one condition: whizzer brown does not
    trina: marvin!!

  • through trina’s flawless persuasion, he finally agrees but he’s not happy about it
  • on their first meetup, marvin is nervous as hell. i mean he hasn’t performed in… years? he’s praying those high school singing lessons do him well.
  • charlotte is pulled in as director because of cordelia’s high recommendation
  • she walks in and cordelia stands up to hug her
  • cordelia: look, look, look, it’s my girlfriend!!
    whizzer: *gasps* nepotism
    cordelia: is it nepotism if she’s not technically my family?

  • cordelia is the lead and performs her Big Emotional Number. the whole room is silent, basically everyone is crying.
  • marvin starts a slow clap that erupts into applause
  • cordelia rushes over to kiss her girlfriend.
  • whizzer, nudging marvin: still hate musical theatre?
    marvin: how di-
    whizzer, turning away: i did my reading
    marvin: hmph
  • he’s a stubborn fuck

  • marvin and whizzer have a duet and the whole room can practically feel the sparks and “god, is it hot in here?” or is marvin just blushing up a storm
  • whizzer is also in disbelief. this arrogant prick gets talent as well?? sure, marvin’s voice is sort of wobbly but there’s heaps of promise.

  • whizzer: wow… didn’t know you could sing. i thought you were the result of further nepotism *eyes trina*
    marvin, smirking smugly: i didn’t know you could sing either and she literally divorced me, whizzer brown
    whizzer, deadpan: ha ha
    marvin: well then, how do i compare to caroline? [co-worker that whizzer once praised]
    whizzer: how did y-
    marvin, grinning: i did my reading

  • marvin & whizzer both had their “oh god, i kind of like this guy” moments

  • they have their first group run through to see if the cast actually has any chemistry and of course they do
  • it’s a huge cast and they do a big upbeat number and everyone is beaming, practically glowing.
  • this is the moment everyone realises this show is going to be a hit

i’m gonna stop here but i have lots of ideas. feel free to send me asks about certain aspects or any ideas you may have!! i’m happy to share more if there’s any actual interest in this. this is super self-indulgent.

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how do you feel abt whizzer being portrayed as a narrator throughout falsettos??especially in "marvin at the psychiatrist" and "jason's therapy". i don't see many people talking abt this so,,i'm rather curious abt your opinion

Well, I actually have a lot of Feelings about this, some might say.

If you really pay attention, he’s more of a narrator only in act 1 (I mean, disregarding his portion as a narrator in A Day In Falsettoland bc he wasn’t the only narrator in that song). And here’s why I think William Finn made Whizzer the narrator in March of the Falsettos (the orginal one-act play) and not its sequel, Falsettoland (i.e.: Act Two).

In March of the Falsettos, Whizzer was the narrator because he was consistently portrayed throughout the play as an outsider. He was the most detached character from the rest of the action. I mean, just think about the plots of the play:

1) Marvin wants to maintain a tight-knit family (Tight-Knit Family, This Had Better Come to a Stop, Tight-Knit Family (Reprise), Marvin Hits Trina, I Never Wanted To Love You).

2) Marvin wants to connect with his son (Marvin at the Psychiatrist, Father to Son, I Never Wanted to Love You).

3) Marvin tries to make a housewife out of Whizzer (Thrill of First Love, This Had Better to a Stop, The Chess Game).

4) Jason is scared of turning into his father and so subsequently acts out (My Father’s a Homo, Everyone Tells Jason to See a Psychiatrist, Jason’s Therapy, March of the Falsettos).

5) Trina is trying to get over the divorce and gathering her life back together (Love is Blind, I’m Breaking Down, Trina’s Song, Trina’s Song (Reprise)).

6) Mendel and Trina fall in love. Mendel gains a new family and fights to keep that family (Love is Blind, Please Come to Our House, Jason’s Therapy, A Tight Knit Family (Reprise), A Marriage Proposal, Making a Home).

By contrast with the other characters, Whizzer doesn’t really have his own subplot (save for the one he shares with Marvin - which Marvin primarily dominates by being the main cause of the problem) or a strong, full-frontal dynamic with any other character except Marvin. His strongest relationship was with Marvin. Whizzer and Trina aren’t really shown to interact directly long enough to have their own conflict/rapport; Jason and Whizzer only have that single moment in “Everyone Tells Jason to See A Psychiatrist”; Whizzer and Mendel rarely interacted and so their relationship is never established as anything more than acquaintance. Compare Whizzer’s relationships with the other characters in contrast with how strong the relationships between the other characters (most noticeably Jason and Mendel, Trina and Mendel, Jason and Marvin, Trina and Marvin, and Marvin and Mendel). In Act 1, Whizzer is essentially a prop kind of character, serving narrator purposes and driving Marvin’s character development.

(I mean, Finn did give Whizzer one solo but that’s really the only time we hear about Whizzer’s character that isn’t in relation/involving another character - again, unlike Mendel and Trina and Jason and Marvin).

All the other characters play a more active role in the play (Jason acts out; Trina struggles with a breakdown; Trina and Mendel fall in love; Mendel and Marvin fight; Marvin fights with everyone) Meanwhile, Whizzer is like a quiet observer to the events, watching them unfold and narrating them as an outsider.

So what does this mean meta-wise, you are probably not wondering? Well, I’ll tell you:

Whizzer wasn’t really considered part of the tight-knit family. Or, more like, he didn’t consider himself part of the family. It was easier for him to be detached and narrate the events. After all, he was also the only character that left the tkf after act one (after his break up with Marvin). The other four characters had to stay and co-exist with one another. Whizzer wasn’t portrayed as having deep ties with any other character except Marvin (and arguably Jason but still, that’s established way more in act 2).

The reason that Whizzer isn’t a narrator in Act 2 is because he plays a more active role in the musical (yeah, no kidding) and subsequently can’t be so detached from the events because they directly involve him.

:: - ::

I mean, so yeah. That’s my opinion on it. I like and understand why he was the narrator in act one and not so much in act two.

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Number 22 for Jasper please! I would love if it is in an AU but it is not necessary. Thank you xxx

anonymous said: Jasper 4?

anonymous said: 20 22 pleeasssee

(no longer taking requests for this particular challenge, sorry!)

things you said after it was over | things you said over the phone | things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

When she heard his voice, Piper almost dropped her phone. She fumbled it and by the time she had it righted and pressed to her ear again, she’d missed half the message.

“- hope you’re doing well, I just wanted to check in. I’ve already said that. Shit, I’m repeating myself. I just… Call me. I’d really like to talk to you. Please, Piper. I miss you.”

The message ended and the automated voicemail voice took over. Piper hung up and stared at the phone, clearly offended.

“What was that?” Annabeth asked without looking up from her essay.

Piper didn’t answer for a moment, fighting the bile she could feel rising up the back of her throat. Well, okay, it might have been tears. Whatever it was, she tried to ignore it, swallowing thickly and forcing herself to reply to her roommate. “Jason.”

Annabeth sat straight up, fingers stilling on her keyboard. “He called you?”

Piper nodded, biting her thumbnail. The roof of their tiny little dorm room was suddenly fascinating to her.

“When?” Annabeth asked.

“When I was in class,” she replied evenly, still looking straight up.

Annabeth bit out a particularly inventive curse word and shut her laptop before swinging her legs over the edge of her bed. Piper didn’t move as she took the two steps needed to close the distance between them and enveloped her in a tight hug. “I’m sorry, Pipes.”

Piper shrugged and made a noncommittal sound, something that might have been ‘don’t worry about it’, or, ‘if you let me go I’m going to collapse’.

“What do you want to do?” Annabeth questioned, pulling back but keeping her hands on Piper’s shoulders. “Do you want to delete it? Call him back? Do you want me to call him back, find out what he wants, and then tell him never to call again or I’ll kill him?”

Piper laughed despite herself. “I don’t know what I want to do.”

“Sleep on it, maybe?” Annabeth suggested.

“Yeah, I’ll just leave it for a bit. And decide in the morning.”

Annabeth didn’t look happy, but she nodded. “Okay, good game plan. Wanna go steal junk food from Percy and watch Legally Blonde?”

Piper sniffled once and nodded, but then said, “Actually, would you mind stealing the junk food and I’ll stay here and get the movie set up?”

Her roommate obviously saw straight through her casual tone, but she didn’t press it. “Sure. You get it ready and I’ll be right back with all the best candy. I’ll grab popcorn, too.”

“Thanks.” Piper smiled weakly as Annabeth left the room.

As soon as the door shut, she threw her phone into her pillow with all the force she could muster, and pressed the heels of her palms into her eyes until she didn’t feel like crying anymore.

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I'm genuinely confused by what your posts mean. I think I'm missing something. Can you please explain?

alright see in the future pls just be more specific about what you’re confused about because i make a lot of posts usually in rapid succession that cover like a lotta ground but like i’ll just summarize my whole stance the best i can:

piper is quite obviously written to be straight. rick has characters who aren’t straight and we know this because they say so, and piper is not one of them. piper discusses no discomfort or questioning of her sexuality, piper is written to be very happy with her boyfriend. she is written as a straight character.

now, quite a few of us agree that while piper might be intended to be straight, she really….doesn’t come across this way, at all. she’s got a fuckton of subtext with annabeth. a fair few people think j*siper is questionable. she’s rebellious and intentionally alternative in fashion/dress/style in a way that many lgbt are irl. her sexuality pretty much banks entirely on her relationship with jason, and like i said, there’s plenty of room to question their relationship.

so, you can headcanon her as bi, or a lesbian, or even straight if you really want to, and it won’t be wrong and it won’t be erasure bc piper is literally written to be straight. straight characters are in zero danger of being underrepresented, and so there’s no need to police how people choose to interpret her sexuality. if you see piper as bi, that’s cool, especially if you see your own experiences reflected in her! but the problem comes when people start telling lesbians that they are NOT allowed to see their experiences in piper. you’re forbidden from reading piper as a lesbian because that’s bisexual erasure, when it’s quite plainly not bisexual erasure, since piper isn’t written as bi.

like, she’s a botched “straight” character. it’s impossible for headcanons about her sexuality to be erasure.

which is why i said this:

if y'all could please fucking stop confusing “do we actually have sufficient proof that this female character has real and genuine feelings for this male character or did we just fill in the blanks for insufficient writing bc we’ve been conditioned to see het romance even when it’s not really there” with “we don’t care that this female character is attracted to men” that would be [great] 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

saying “piper’s attraction to jason is questionable bc compulsory heterosexuality is a bitch that makes things a lot more complicated than just dating someone of the opposite gender” is one thing. saying “we don’t care that piper is attracted to jason and it’s okay for us to ignore that” is quite another. people keep treating them like they’re the same thing. they’re not.

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“If I die, I’m going to haunt you" - Jason Todd because I feel this is cannon somewhere

we gamble A LOT in my house

“This is bullshit,” Jason mutters, shuffling his cards in his hand. To your right, Damian squints at his own hand; you have to resist the urge to smirk. After an hour of playing poker with the two of them it’s evident that they’re both terrible.

“I start the bet with two chocolate chip cookies and one snickerdoodle,” you say, sliding the homemade-by-Alfred cookies the three of you are using instead of actual money.

Damian grumbles as he slides his last thin mint into the middle of the table but Jason, Jason is another story. He slams his cards onto the table in anger, cookie crumbs flying everywhere.

“You’re cheating! There’s no way you’re out playing both of us like this!”

You just shrug, face as impassive as possible. Across the table, Damian brushes crumbs off his coat and scowls.

“He’s right. It’s got to be statistically impossible for someone to win as many times as you have.”

“If that’s how you boys feel, that’s how you feel. How about you call the bet Jay and we’ll see if I’m still on a winning streak.”

Jason shoves is cookies towards the middle of the table, breaking two of the in half.

“Ante up, boys.”

Damian flips his hand over, smirk finally breaking out as he proudly shows off his full house. Jason throws his onto the table, crossing his arms in a huff.

“Two aces, Jason? Really?”

You can’t help it, you’re smiling now as you flip your hands over.

“Read ‘em and weep boys, I’ve got a straight flush.”

You cackle as you pull your cookies towards you. Damian doesn’t say anything as he stands up, chair falling over backwards. Muttering underneath his breath he storms out, cursing more than a thirteen-year-old boy should.

You smile at Jason as you take a bite out of one of the chocolate chip cookies.

“When I die,” Jason starts, voice shaking in anger, “I’m going to haunt you.”

“Isn’t that what you’re doing now?” You ask through a mouthful of cookie, crumbs falling onto your shirt. Jason flushes red and you scoot back away from the table before he has a chance to flip it.

“By the way, someone let Alfred know these are the best damn cookies I’ve ever had.”

My current theory is that Polly was pregnant, and Jason was selling his possessions so the two of them would have money to run away together and escape. Jason got involved selling drugs with the Southside Serpents, Polly got sent away by her parents, and Jason was leaving on July 4th to go find her, to find a place to live and settle, when he was killed.

Follow your Heart

Characters: Dean Winchester, Mary Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Y/N (Reader), John Winchester (mentioned), Bobby Singer (mentioned), Amara (briefly mentioned), Lisa Braeden (briefly mentioned), Ben Braeden (briefly mentioned), Cassie (briefly mentioned)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Hunting injury (brief), Dean’s self-loathing, mention of character deaths (John and Bobby- as in canon), SPN feels (lots of canon used, with a small divergence to fit in my reader)

Wordcount: 6100ish (I swear I have no idea how this happened!!)

A/N: This is written for @i-like-your-assbutt’s Jason Manns “Covers with Friends” writing challenge. My prompt song was Simple Man - I drew inspiration from the lyrics more than I actually used them in the fic, but a line or two got stolen and squeezed in there.

Thanks to my sweet sassy sis Rach aka @mysupernaturalfics for helping me flush out the plot and to my Erin aka @blackthite7 for being the amazing beta that she is. Love you girls.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

“CAAAAAAS!” Mary’s heart clenched as she heard the desperation and grief in her oldest son’s voice. She dropped the book she had been holding and rushed through the library to the war room, with Cas close behind her as he appeared from the hall.

She hated herself for being relieved that her son’s looked relatively unharmed. Dean had some cuts and bruises while  Sam had clearly taken a blow to the head, but they were fine. Y/N, on the other hand, didn’t seem fine.

Mary watched her son’s lower Y/N to the floor. Sam stepped away to give Cas room, but Dean didn’t move from her side. Even from a few feet away, Mary could see the tears in his eyes. Never in the short time she had known him had she seen her oldest like this. Like a small broken boy, and she wanted nothing more than to hold him. Sam placed a calming hand on her arm and gently shook his head when she looked up at him.

The distance between her and her first born in that moment were killing her, but Sam knew him better. Mary trusted her youngest to know what was best.

Dean didn’t take his eyes off of her. His hand gently pushed her hair out of her face, and he let it rest on her neck.

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I see you complaining about Scott Lobdell's mischaracterization of Jason a lot, but what exactly don't you like about it?

*cracks knuckles*

i am so glad you asked, anon.

okay. first of all: lobdell’s characterisation of jason isn’t my least favourite characterisation. that dubious honour goes to fabian nicieza’s jason in robin v2, as broken down by luka over here. but god, does it irritate me. bear in mind that i didn’t read all of rhato, because i couldn’t read too many issues before i just gave up. (warning: major saltiness beneath the cut.)

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I feel like they're only bothering to use Jason more and write him well bc they've realized how big his fanbase is. Only took them yknow, several years or so...

this is why i will throw money at video game developers that use jason. 

jason fans have a lot to thank rocksteady for, not least of which is actual, decent jason characterization, a fantastic and unique take on his story without just copy-pasting his comics one, and basically catapulting jason’s popularity into the stratosphere by exposing him to a lot of new fans in a different genre. 

injustice 2 is capitalizing on that popularity and hopefully DC comics is aware now of what they accidentally created. 

Prey, Highschool Teacher AU. Prey Week

I’ve had this AU idea stuck in my head now for a couple of days, but I’ve been too lazy to write it out, so now I finally felt like doing it. Sorry for any and all grammatical and spelling errors. I’m not really good at writing.

•Alex Yu is the principal of a highschool that is highly praised for having some of the best testing scores in the world, Transtar Highschool.

•Alex is very concerned for his younger sibling because Morgan seems to be drifting away from him and losing interest in the goals of the school.

•Morgan Yu is vice principal, but often doesn’t act like it. A lot of the students think He/she is cool, unlike Alex. Morgan often forgets what he/she is supposed to be doing. He/she is low key dating a local mechanic that is hired to fix broken circuitry and stuff around the campus.

•January is Morgan’s self created, smart AI, phone because he/she is constantly forgetting things and usually needs directions, reminders, etc. Morgan doesn’t want anyone knowing about January.

•Morgan has trashed atleast three other AI’s due to them always giving false directions/reminders or just constantly crashing.

•Jason Chang is Morgan’s assistant. He has a huge crush on morgan, and enjoys working for him/her.

•Both William and Catherine Yu are on the school board of education. They both hold Alex and Morgan to high standards for running the school, and aren’t afraid to get them removed from their positions if they think they can’t handle it.

•Mikhaila Ilyushin is a local mechanic. She has a friend at the school who continuesly breaks stuff so she can constantly get hired and investigate the disappearance of her father who went missing after volunteering for a blood drive at the school.

•During her time there she develops a crush for Morgan Yu. Eventually she finds out that the feeling is mutual and they end up dating.

•Danielle Sho is the overseer of the school’s wifi network and works with a friend, Zachary West. She honestly hates working for this school. She’d rather be at her old job as the lead singer for a band rather than this, but it pays well so she’s fine with that.

•Danielle often talks shade about coworkers with her friend, Skye Braxton.

•One day Danielle notices Zachary talking to this cute janitor. She asks him who she is. Zachary tells Danielle that she is, Abigail Foy, a friend of his from his dnd group.

•Danielle eventually gets the courage to talk to Abby, and develops a relationship with her. Abby then invites Danielle to join her dnd group. That’s where she also meets Elias Black and Emma Beatty.

•Elias Black is one the school’s security officers. He’s also a huge nerd when it comes to dnd.

•Emma Beatty is one of the school’s P.E. teachers. She often also tries to get her fellow coworkers to exercise and stay healthy (mostly Alex).

•Sarah Elazar is the head of security at the school. She doesn’t feel like school security is taken as serious as it should be. She’s always concerned for everyone’s well-being and takes her job seriously.

•Dayo Igwe is one of the top science teachers in the school. He believes that Alex Yu is usually right when it comes to managing the school. He practically admires Alex.

•Walther Dahl is an inspector for the board of education. He is also ex military. He often intimidates the employees of Transtar Highschool, and finds this entertaining.

•Jada Marks is the most experienced bus driver at the school. She often refers to herself as Captain. This has caught on, and now everyone calls her Captain Marks. All of the other bus drivers think of her as their leader.

•Will Mitchell is the head “chef” at the highschool. The food is mostly just frozen so Will and the other cafeteria workers just reheat it. Will actually becomes a good friend of Morgan’s.

•Morgan actually made Will an AI buddie on his phone to cheer him up because he usually felt lonely or depressed while working. Will named it Skillet.

•Danielle wasn’t impressed or amused by Skillet.

•Lorenzo Calvino is the oldest of the teachers at the school, and his age is finally starting to mess with him. He’s starting to hallucinate a bit.

•Miyu Okabe is a student teacher who works under Lorenzo, and honestly cares for him.

•Mathias Kohl is one of the school’s councilers. Nobody actually likes him, or interacting with him.

That’s all I have for now. Feel free to add on if you want.

Simsrena: It’s a birthday!

I was hoping to get this update out a little earlier than tonight but I er… I ran into a few issues…

I thought I lost my Simsrena game…

All that hard work!!! All that time I’ve wasted dedicated to my babies sims!!!! I’ll have to start all over again and who knows if they’ll ever have a Cam or twins again or if they’ll even like each other this time! AND THAT HOUSE!!! THAT HOUSE THAT TOOK ME HOURS TO BUILD!!!!! AND THE LENGTH OF TIME IT TOOK TO GET BERNIE AND SERENA TO WOOHOO!!!! 

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So after some mild panicking… LOL! It wasn’t mild, there was nothing mild about my level of panic! I mean, I’m surprised that my neighbours didn’t come to check on me - there were some very interesting words that left my mouth at a high pitched frequency. 

So what did I do? I called my sims guru - aka The Girlfriend.

All hail The Girlfriend for calming my arse down enough to get me to restart my game… All was where it should be when I rebooted.

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Anyhoo, life in Simsland got off to a busy start once I got the bloody game going. It’s Cam’s birthday! YEY! Which means, despite the fact that Bernie and Serena had only just gotten to bed after being up all night with the twins, Cam still thought it was a great idea to wake them up at 6am. Oh the joys of being a parent!


Woohoo! And they even had cake (which Serena had to make twice because the first one she started eating before Cam came downstairs… don’t worry babe, we’ve all been there. Am I right?). I have no idea where the twins are

So Cam, you’re another year older. You’re getting closer and closer to the day you’ll go to university, leave home, get a job and pay your own bills and pay rent that is way higher than it should ever be which means you can never save enough money to put down a deposit on your own place…

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Cam obviously got a lot of birthday presents seeing as though he’s… yeah I have no idea how old he is now. But he can sleep in a normal bed now so that’s… good? Sims are weird. And I still have no idea where the twins are.

His favourite present, and one I can’t get him to stop playing with, is his phone. A PHONE! I had to wait until I was 13 until I got my first fucking phone. My life was like, so hard!

Anyway, Cam has been walking around taking pictures of everything. Enjoy a flirty Serena! This is not the time to mention that I took at least 20 screenshots of this picture because they’re fucking simulated versions of fictional characters and I do not have a problem!

With age, also comes responsibility or so I’m told, I actually have no idea. Responsibility? I don’t know what that is but it must have something to do with spending your evenings playing the Sims, right? Let me google it and he’s learning to help out around the house. His room is still a bloody mess but he’s now much happier being a big brother to Jason and Ellie!


So if you ask me, it looked like Cam had a pretty awesome day. And obviously, Bernie was a little sad at how quickly he’s growing up. 

There were lots of hugs…

Lots of pictures on Cam’s new phone…

And lots of our Big Macho Army Medic being the badass BMAM that she is!

And then this made me think of this…

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Oh god… I’m having a Bernie Wolfe attack… someone send for help….

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That’ll do. Thanks babe!

And cause I can’t help myself, lets end this on another one of Cam’s photos….

This was obviously supposed to be a post about Cam and him having a birthday but… what can I say? I got distracted. I have Berena on the mind and I’m not even sorry about it. 

And just to be clear, I do not need to reevaluate my life choices and reflect on what the wrong or right depending on how look at it turn was that brought me here.

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Actually, I think I really do need help. SAVE ME FROM THIS MADNESS!!!! But not right now cause I’m still having fun

Living With Jason Todd and Dick Grayson

  • There would be A LOT of fighting
    • Lesbihonest here, Jason and Dick don’t get along. The only way they will is if you yell at them. They hate it when you yell. No matter how soft the yell is.
  • Jason loves to make dick jokes
    • It’s unusual for him not to make one when Dick is there
  • They both fight over you
    • Sometimes, it’s in the “I want to be with them” way but others it’s like “I want them to hold my hand when we watch this scary movie” way
  • Don’t get me started on pets
    • They love bringing home a new pet. Every single day you’ll get home and there’ll be this new animal
  • Kor’i will come over and, of course, she’ll be jealous of you
    • If anyone has read the comics we know that Kor’i has had a thing for both Jason and Dick. Therefor, she’ll feel threatened when she’s told you’re living with both of them. 
  • Threesome jokes
    • Of course, you guys would never have an actual threesome (unless you’re into that sorta thing  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ), but there’ll be a lot of jokes about it. Especially, if you’re a girl.
  • The apartment is always a mess
  • It also usually smells love leather, spandex, blood, smoke, gun powder, and strawberry conditioner (Dick loves his strawberries lol)
  • When it’s movie night you usually end up squished between the two of them, not that you’re complaining
  • You know all about what they do when the sun goes down (you’re not stupid lol)
  • Not to mention the fact that you get kidnapped like 99% of the time
    • Much like Bab’s, you’re the boy’s “Oracle”. You help them whenever they need it which ends in you being caught in the middle of everything
  • They have a secret base in the same apartment building
    • It’s like the Batcave but for teenage boys
  • Most of their friends show up and stay with you guys for a few days
  • They also tend to ask you out
    • You usually decline unless they make a great offer. Like, this one time, Wally came over and offered to take to do some paintball and then to dinner. Of course, you said yes
  • You’re the master of dick puns btw
    • Dick puns are like  🔥 🔥 🔥
  • Then there’s the whole “they want to keep you safe but you know how to take care of yourself” thing
  • You’re also the cook of the house and the mother/father
  • You also clean everything or nothing at all
  • You may have also seen both of them naked  😏

Well, that’s all I could come up with. I hope you enjoyed ^-^

I actually forgot I drew this during thr end of class today. I don’t have pens to outline it ((or a mouth on him…)) but have this so far :)


Look at his bab feeling guilty Jay has gone through a lot of shit tbh
Regarding the Finale and the upcoming Season Two

So, I feel like the finale’s purposeful hinting that Jughead’s possible joining of the Southside Serpents might create tension between him and Betty — given that she obviously gives him a concerned look when he puts on the oh, la la~ jacket, which understandably dampens his spirits some, more on that later — is a sort of red-herring.

The same way the pilot queer-baited viewers, the finale is V→A→B→J-love-square-baiting the audience and stirring up drama just to keep us guessing until Season Two premiere.

The finale established Varchie and Bughead as canonical ships, with the former going from semi-dating to actual dating, and the latter being a solid supercarrier (is it? or is it still a dreadnought?). And while sure, both vessels can hit turbulent waters and, hey, Riverdale is an adaptation of Archie comics, so V/A/B tension is expected (although I have an inkling the A/B part of it might be just from Archie’s side) — we have been hit over the head so many times with the Jughead/Betty and Archie/Veronica soulmate parallels that I honestly think that the show-runners intend those two ships to be eventual endgame. Please, please let Bughead be endgame. #CrossingFingers #HopingNoOneJinxedIt.

But back to my original point; it being that I have a few theories regarding the Southside Serpents storyline. One of which is that Jughead will eventually accept being a Serpent — hopefully with Betty’s support, but maybe without — in order to uncover the truth about the drug-ring in Riverdale and clear the Serpents of the allegations. He and Betty are too much of Intrepid Reporters to let that one go. Plus, Betty’s speech to her mother and then later to the town hinted she will take the truth by its dirty underpants and drag it into the light. 

Maybe he won’t even join them in any official capacity, and his putting on the jacket was just the show-runners teasing the audience, but it was a very clear symbolic gesture that his allegiance is now with the Serpents and the Southside, and he will take their side over that of the people of the…err, I guess the Northside…? (Southside is still part of Riverdale, right? Does the better off side of town have a name?) 

Somehow I feel like Betty will join him on the whole support the Southside…side. *face-palms* being real eloquent here. But as much as I would want a serpent!Bughead with Betty going all ‘Full Dark, No Stars’ on everyone’s asses, I am fairly sure Jughead will ultimately return to Riverdale High after an indeterminate amount of time at Southside High. As much as the Southside accepts him, Betty was right in saying he is Riverdale and he will return to where he is needed soon enough. 

Plus, from a meta point of view, it is clear the entire core four is having some sort of Coming of Age storyline with Betty becoming a more confident person who stands up for what she believes in, Jughead coming to terms with his insecurities and finding both a place and the people he belongs with, Archie’s whole find-yourself arc, and Veronica unlocking a well-rounded-person achievement and becoming better, just as she promised to herself to do. So, Jughead’s season two storyline will obviously bring him back to Riverdale High. 

All in all, the show-runners are trying for Romeo&Julet, Westside Story vibe for Bughead in the finale, but ultimately I think it is Varchie that will play out the star-crossed lovers theme in Riverdale, given the blatant allusions to the Hiram Lodge-Fred Andrews antagonism, while Bughead will have a more Neutral Good take on the Bonnie&Clyde-esque Battle Couple of Justice and Truth.

If it wasn’t blatantly obvious already, I could probably gush about Bughead moments in Sweet Hereafter for another 3k words, but I shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t. Though I will say this: hand-holding while running through the forest is a pretty underestimated romantic gesture. And now, I’ll try to reign in the Yes, that is my OTP! vibes. 

Tangential observation, but I think the reason why Jughead was #WhenHeSmiles over the jacket was because it was concrete proof, along with the whole biker-gang spreading out at his doorstep, that what FP told him — “Serpents take care of their own” — wasn’t just him wishing on a star and stubbornly holding out on the law, but actually adhering to a code. So, Jughead got validation that his father wasn’t just being a stubborn moron and screwing himself over by not taking the deal, but was “sticking by his own”.

Side-bar: Who else teared up a bit when FP told Jughead in a roundabout way that he was proud of him; please, raise a hand? 

Also, I think that Archie and Cheryl might not have a romance arc, as much as a substitute-sibling arc where a lot of Cheryl’s unresolved feelings regarding Jason will be projected onto Archie, who actually is a legit good person and probably is the best choice to be their recipient.
I just really want those two to bond, okay? 

In the same line of thought: Poor Cheryl. She needs a hug and some decent friends because her face in that scene where she was talking to Jughead and Veronica was about to ask her if she was okay, but was interrupted by Archie (or was it Kevin?) who ran there to tell them about Betty’s locker, well, it was just heartbreaking. Seriously #GiveCherylAHug2k17. 

I’m fairly sure that Hiram is behind Fred’s shooting. That’s the reason why Hermione was so keen on buying him out; she was trying to protect her friend-slash-ex-lover from her husband, who, need I remind you, had already used violent underhanded tactics against Fred before.

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Hiram is involved in the drug trafficking and Clifford landing him in jail was his attempt at cutting Hiram out of it. But it might be just me. I tend to assume Hiram has his fingers in all the pies. All of them.

P.S. Can we go back to Jason, pls? In one of the first episodes Archie said Seventeen-years-old and how he will be remembered?, and when you look at Jason in hindsight, that line can’t help but break my heart. 

Although I tend to think of Jason as a Base Breaking Character given how much of his characteristics are expositioned via other people’s subjective opinions of him, so he is very much subjected to Alternative Character Interpretation, he turned out to be a pretty solid kid. I mean, I used to think Cheryl was just waxing poetic about her bro-bro, viewing him through rose-coloured glasses and all that, a point that seemed to have been confirmed in episode 3 with the score-book, but…maybe he wasn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing like I assumed.

The kid got his girlfriend pregnant, wanted to do the right thing by her, loved her enough to defy his family (Fridge Logic moment, but if Jason and Polly’s babies are ultra-super-Blossom, something Mama Blossom was totes okay with, then why didn’t the Blossoms want him to date Polly? I get why Coopers didn’t want that. Hal is anti-incest and Alice is very anti-Blossom, but C&P are very cool-with-casual-incest parents, so Jason dating Polly wouldn’t have been that horrible a thought for them to swallow.), and started being a drug mule in order to get the funds for them to run away. Which, I guess, was how he figured out Clifford’s involvement with the drug trafficking. Maybe he wanted to do something about that, too; he did have drugs stashed in his getaway car.
Jason wasn’t the most upstanding citizen, but he tried to do good and was killed for it.
…just…poor kid.

P.P.S. Also, slight confusion over here at my end. Let me get this straight. Jason got drugs A from the Serpents to move them somewhere. Since FP claims they don’t deal with hard stuff, drugs A might be marijuana or something. Somehow Jason found out that Blossoms traffic drugs B, which might be cocaine or something equally hardcore. The same drugs he had stashed in his getaway car. But since the show insists on calling all drugs just ‘the drugs’ and using virtually identical packages in their footage, I am still not sure if drugs A≠drugs B.
Give me evidence, I beg you. 

Rant over? Rant over.

It feels so obvious right now that they are trying to paint SB’s Patient 6 as the real Jason that it would be better if it was actually BM’s Jason as the real one. It would be soapy and shocking. Just explain the differences in personality that everyone is suddenly mentioning by saying that being shot brought back a lot of Jason Quartermaine’s personality that had been lost by the original car accident. 

Personally, I have so many problems with this retcon if they do it the other way around. I know others have mentioned it but Robin left her family to help BM’s Jason and almost lost everything for him. It would feel so cheap and terrible for her story to change it. Also, there is Scout. What are we gonna do with her if she’s not really Jason’s daughter? 

I just really have no idea how I will feel if SB is really the real Jason because we don’t know how long he is staying.  Would they really undo the last three years of work with BM’s Jason just to please SB for a year stint or less? Gosh….I’m so confused.

   OK BUT !!! i feel like in the PJO verse schmendrick, as a son of Hecate, would actually have ?? a lot of trouble. like, he’d probably be very powerful, but he’d also have an extremely strong scent like percy or jasons.

assuming that gaea is the most known presence, two of her children ( Rhea and Cronus making up the main pantheon ) Coeus and Phoebe, then made Asteria. and two of her other children Crius and Eurybia made Perses. Perses and Asteria made Hecate. 

so for like percy, it’d be Gaea - Cronus - Poseidon - Percy

and for Schmendrick it’d be Gaea - Phoebe - Asteria - Hecate - Schmendrick

it is one step further away from Gaea however he’s?? just as close to the titans. both perses and asteria are full-blooded titans, being that both sets of their parents are from the original titans created by gaea. idk. i feel like him being closer to the titans makes him more at risk?? it’s been a while since i’ve read the PJO series so PLEASE correct me if i’m wrong bc i do want to make this as accurate as possible.