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This post has a lot of people Big Mad , so let this post be the official DWF response to some of the comments I’ve seen.

If you get reported to the Tumblr mods for malicious speech, then whatcha gonna do then, DearWhitePeople? Complain that white folks are takin’ over Tumblr? XD 

  • If literal and actual Nazis don’t find themselves removed from twitter, I think I’ll be ok. And since you’re up in my notes, I hope you’re also going after Nazis.

“If you’ve ever straightened your hair, you’re a fucking hypocrite”

  • White people don’t have a monopoly on straight hair. This is being willfully obtuse.
  • But more to your point (because you’re presumably targeting black people who are known to have coily hair), forced assimilation doesn’t equal appropriation. It isn’t a hard concept to grasp that black people would feel pressured to carry their hair in western hairstyles when we’re literally losing jobs and getting our hair cut off in school for wearing our natural texture.

It seems as if the only ones truly concerned with color are the so called “people of Color”

  • Why wouldn’t people of color be concerned with race?
  • And the issues that POC face in modern day are as a result of racialized institutions created by white people.

What would MLK Jr. think?

  • I’m gonna need y’all to keep MLK’s name out of your mouths when y’all are obviously not down for the current struggles of black people and people of color. We’ll never know what MLK would think because a white man killed him, but if the published works towards the end of his life are any indication, MLK would have thought more radically than y’all like to think.

So if white people want to stop sharing culture with you, we can stop you from living in skyscrapers, eating European foods like pasta, pizza, sausage, bread and grapes? We can stop you from using electricity and indoor plumbing? Can we also stop you from wearing mass produced clothing and footwear? How about we stop you from enjoying classical paintings and philosophy, or how about any form of government other than tribalism. The list can go on and on. “POCs” have only created music and dance.

Then stop using anything a white man ever invented. Stop listening to any music genres whites creates. Stop eating any dishes whites created. Then you can preach about it.

No, I think the OP’s point was that they regret taking advantage of things produced by ‘white culture’ like penicillin or the Internet.

  • White people, y’all have not invented nearly as much as you think that you did. Like damn. 

So a white man deserves to be castrated for wearing dreads? That’s pretty racist

  • Where does that say that?

Love the wonderful things POC get to say about white people. If this post was reversed and written by a white person, people would throw the race card as soon as it hit social media. 

  • The western world is saturated with white supremacy. The reason y’all struggle to see how POC are portrayed and perceived is because it’s ingrained in society itself

And finally to those on varying levels of the “culture IS meant to be shared” spectrum:

Culture is meant to be shared - among those to whom it belongs. Part of what makes it a distinct culture is a defined in-group.

I believe that sharing cultures is a good thing, when its multi-directional and given freely. If you don’t belong to a certain group, someone who is isn’t obligated to share it with you. 

Culture is a strong identifying aspect of one’s identity and while anyone can be appropriative, white people in the Western World do not have the same historical context of forced assimilation, cultural erasure, and future cultural bastardization that POC have.

Lastly, white people can have culture, but whiteness isn’t it. Being white is not a culture. There is no set of shared practices, beliefs, or experiences associated with whiteness. The only unifying quality of whiteness is white skin. 

And that’s all I have to say about that.

potterlocked16  asked:

Hiii. I love you writing, it is so good! I was wondering if you could write/ if you know a fic in which Draco gets really jealous of someone hitting on Harry and starts acting all possesive and shit? :D

OMG thank you so so much!! :) You’re so sweet! ❤️️
Um, here’s the thing: I am awful at fic recs? I’m so sorry? So I hope you don’t mind I just wrote you a little something? ❤️️❤️️❤️️

“This is getting ridiculous, Draco,” Pansy said as she murmured the incantation to heal Draco’s palm. Draco said nothing. He was still gritting his teeth. As soon as Pansy was finished, he snatched his hand out of her grip.

“Thanks a lot,” he said waspishly.

“Hey, I’m not the one who made you smash that glass. Show a little more gratitude. You’re being a brat,” she said with a scowl.

“Nobody made me smash that glass. The glass was… fragile.” Draco mentally rolled his eyes at himself.

“Right,” Pansy replied flatly. She looked over her shoulder and Draco couldn’t help but follow her gaze. His eyes landed on Potter, sitting at the bar and chatting animatedly with some bloke. Draco balled his hands into fists. This seemed to be his natural reaction to seeing Potter like this. It was how he had accidentally smashed that glass he had been holding.

“I need another drink,” Draco muttered. Pansy’s head snapped back around.

“Oh no, you don’t. Don’t go over there. You’ll embarrass yourself.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Draco growled as he watched the bloke stroking Potter’s arm. This was it. Now he definitely had to go over there.

“Draco,” Pansy called after him, but there was no stopping him now.

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5/6 for andreil pls!! You can combine or do them separately whatever floats ur boat <3

5: “Please don’t do this” (I’m doing them separately im weak, #6 should be out tmrw! also… a phrase with ‘please’ in it.. I’m using up all my dreaming/drunk/dying scenarios)

It’s common knowledge among foxes that waking Andrew is Neil’s job, unless you want to get a fist to the solar plexus. But it’s also true that Andrew is the only one who can extract Neil from his nightmares without scaring him back into the trunk of a car or an evermore bed.

It’s one of the “fun facts” for fox survival that Nicky recites to newcomers: don’t touch Neil when he’s sleeping unless you want to feel like you’ve just kicked a puppy. Don’t touch Andrew under any circumstances if you like your fingers attached to your hands. When in doubt, get whichever one is awake and let them do their voodoo. If they’re both asleep at the same time, you’re fucked. Take pictures.

Andrew never bothers to correct him. There’s nothing to correct, if Andrew’s being honest (and he always is).

Quietly learning to wake each other is the result of bruising trial and error, a hard-won trust that grew like moss over ruins.

It’s still almost impossible, sometimes. Most of the time. Approaching Neil when he’s whimpering and protecting his face with his hands makes Andrew feel even more like a monster than usual.

Neil whispered to him on the bus once that the split second of disorientation in Andrew’s eyes when he wakes makes Neil scared for him.

Andrew starts to recognize the sheepish look of foxes who need to ask their vice-captain something while his head is lolling around Andrew’s shoulder. He almost always wakes him, it’s a clear subclause in his ‘keep Neil out of harms way’ contract, and Andrew’s dutiful when it comes to deals.

There’s a knock on the door at half past three on a Monday morning, and Andrew startles awake in an empty room. He stews in slow annoyance as the front door opens and closes, muffled voices tripping into the bedroom. He gropes for the light switch in the dark, and Kevin flips it on for him, toothbrush sticking out of his mouth, eyebrows shaking hands across the stretch of his forehead.

They have a brief staring contest and then Matt clears his throat from behind them, knocking awkwardly on the door frame.

“Um… Andrew?”

Andrew looks at him blearily. He’s conscious of Matt’s eyes tracking his hair sticking out sideways, one of Neil’s soft nondescript shirts slouching on his chest.

“We need your expertise,” Matt says, grimacing. Andrew turns to retreat to his bed, unimpressed, but Matt huffs. “Neil’s having a nightmare. He fell asleep in our room.”

Andrew stops.

“He’s freaking out,” Matt continues, soft. He makes eye contact with a wild edge that says he’s refusing to let the blankness in Andrew’s gaze phase him.

Andrew pushes past Matt like he’s rolling his sleeves up, breaking out into the strangeness of the dorm at night. 

The door to the neighbouring room is open and Aaron’s standing just inside, arms crossed.

“He woke me up,” he says cooly as Andrew passes.

“Jesus weeps,” Matt snarks, hot on Andrew’s heels. He’s looking beyond the twins to where Neil is curled on the floor, trembling. Matt’s face pinches with concern. Dan’s sitting on the couch by Neil’s head in a jersey and bare legs, looking like she’s trying to help just by being nearby. The room has the suddenly bright feeling of a fire alarm going off at night, minds alert inside sleep dulled bodies.

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Aladdin and the 40 thieves

Tl;dr robbery problem that’s been going on for years escalates. Management does nothing 👌Guy gets over $600 of stuff stolen from his truck, but it’s honestly HIS fault.

I work at a very nice golf course. We kinda have this problem that’s been going on for 20 goddam years with thevies breaking into cars. I don’t know why we can’t catch these guys I’m seriously suspecting it’s an inside job. These guys are no Al Capone but they’re good at what they do, and they know it so we’re constantly targeted. They bust windows yet no alarms sound, and somehow just slip out??? They’ve stolen guns out of our customers cars, so we’re not about to approach them if we ever do see them. Management won’t hire actual security, it’s cartstaff’s side job to do security whenever they can get to it. What a joke.
Anyway! Recently a customer who just finished his round, discovered his truck’s window was busted and all of his shit gone. He was beyond pissed, not to mention drunk. Him and his friends yelled at any employee they could find and there was almost an altercation. So the police come to file the report, the guy says he had about $600 worth of shit gone. We ask ’ where was your stuff hidden?’. THIS FUCK NUGGET SAYS “ I had my iPad and an iPhone in the passenger’s seat…” …what? WHAT? THAT’S YOUR OWN FAULT????? We have that stupid sign that says “HIDE IT, TAKE IT, LOCK IT” fucking moron. Why would you have $600 worth of shit in your car??? You know the risk you dumbass. That could happen ANYWHERE.

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a headcanon where MC has a really popular vlog channel, like she have 6+ million subs and MC has had the channel for 5 years, like her channel is her main job, and the rfa+v+saeran are caught watching her old videos because they wanted to see what she did and how she was back when they didn't know her. In the end they probably become part of her vlogging? Thanks! :D

Thank you for the ask! It’s really specific tho … are you a vlogger yourself? I don’t exactly know what vlogs actually are?? I’m sorry but but college is REALLY stressful for me and I don’t have time for anything. I’m gonna assume that they are targeted towards a specific audience….

Yoosung and the prankster

- Your vlogs are what shitposts would look like in video

- Always making funny comments, jokes, meme references and pranks

-You do these small skits too

-Yoosung had already seen some of your videos

-So when he first met you, he had a nagging feeling he had seen you somewhere before

-When he knew that vlogging was your profession, he just had to check it out

-He always knew you were very smart and funny but those videos were just amazing. He couldn’t believe how you wrote and acted those things out yourself

- His girlfriend was amazing, beautiful, smart and…. cue shot of you with a pencil stuck up your nose SO DAMN RIDICULOUS

- He laughed so hard he had to clutch his sides and strain to just breathe

-That;s when you walked in

- “Yoosung…. WHAT THE HECK,” you shouted. Isn;t that the correct response when your boyfriend is just rolling on the floor, laughing maniacally with tears streaming down his face?

- “MC! MC!” he said struggling to hold his breath, “Why didn’t you show these to me before!! You’re so talented and funny.” He waked over to you and kissed you on the lips.

- “You bet… I didn;t get all those subscribers for nothing,” you grin

- So you two ended up getting drunk and watching your videos all night. 

- And ya’all had a deadly hangover the morning after    

- But you were determined to make him appear in one of your videos. 

- He did occasionally appear. Yoosung was adorable a nervous wreck  in those videos and so people started requesting videos with him

- Besides it was so much fun showing off your cute boyfriend

Zen and the reviewer   

- So you were the reviewer

- So smart, sophisticated and clever

- Always reviewing movies, books and sometimes even anime we are all only human, right? 

- You were really clever, detail oriented and organised. 

- You first did this as a hobby but since it really took off, you decided to make this your main job

- When you got home one day, you saw zen intently watching something on the laptop

- He was so engrossed in it that he didnt even seeing you coming

- “Sweetie, what are you doing ?” you asked

- “Gosh! Babe, you scared me!” he said as he clutched his chest. Drama Queen much?

 - You learnt that he was actually watching your videos the entire evening

- “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME BABE??” he asked, “You’re so good at this!! And you have so many subscribers!!”

- “I’m not as popular as you!!” you protested as you sat next to him. He kissed your cheek. 

- He whined a little and proceeded to click the next video

- “My boyfriend Zen;s new movie is amazing,” you proclaimed in the video, “You guys should check it out. He’s such talented actor….” 

- You proceeded to praise Zen in the video. Something you dare not do to his face. You;re a real tsundere… I’ll give you that

- “I mean…. you were pretty good in the movie Zen…” you gave him a little fake laugh. God… that was so embarrassing 

- “ Babe…” zen said as he flung the laptop. 

- Before you could protest, he cupped your face in his hands and kissed you wildly.

- His hands slid under your shirt. “Why don’t we take this to the bedroom?” you suggested. He smirked.  

- The beast was unleashed. 

- So the first video you did with zen was such a hit! Your subscriber count went up!! And you had so many requests!! A lot of people started watching Zen’s movies too. The two of you really had such a positive impact on each others career and life

Jaehee and the coplayer

- You were a cosplayer

- Not unlike Jaehee, you were such a big fangirl too

- You cosplayed everything from anime, manga, video games to comic books

- You’ve never ever missed a convention

- Jaehee being the loving and caring wife that she is, was always the first person to watch your videos and anonymously comment good things about it and anonymously take down the bullies too 

- She enjoyed watching you stitch, wear your perfect makeup and just transform yourself. 

- Sometimes, when you’re in cosplay, she can barely recognise you but she never admits it

- Jaehee helped you make the vidoes. But it never struck you to make her a part of it

- But one day you had this really good idea!

-There was this really big convention coming up and what better way to introduce her to your friends??? 

- “Sailor Uranus and Neptune!” you proclaimed, “That’s what we should go as!”

- “I’m sorry but WE??” Jaehee dropped the cup she was holding. 

- “Yes! Jaehee my darling” you did a dramatic twirl, “You must accompany me!”

- It took a lot of coaxing but she finally agreed

- And boy did you transform her 

- She couldn’t believe she looked like that.

- You always caught her catching glimpses at herself in the mirror

- By God, she was cute. 

- “Thank you, MC,” she smiled as she kissed you really softly on your lips.

- Your beast= unleashed.

- All throughout the convention, you took videos of your wife.  

- Jaehee never knew about this

–When you finally posted the video, it was such a hit!!!  People were going crazy over you and your wife! They requested a lot of videos with her. 

-When Jaehee came to know about this, she blushed beet red. 

- “Mc!! Stop embarrassing me like this,” she cried as she covered her face.

- Now you can finally unleash that beast in peace

Jumin and the musician  

- Jumin Han is a sophisticated man

- And you;re such a sophisticated girl

- You play the violin, the piano, the flute….. name any instrument and you could play it 

-You wanted to work for an orchestra but since your channel took off, you decided to make vlogging your main job

- Why not? YOu really enjoyed the freedom

- You would play anything you wanted. From complicated classical pieces to the openings of really cheesy tv shows

-You would always play something for jumin

- He preferred listen to you live than over the internet

- He really loved how your fingers moved and just how focused you were

- To him, just to see you and listen to your music was such a stress buster

- One day when Jumin found free time, he decided to check out your channel in his office

- He literally hit himself for not having seen your videos before.

- You were just as wonderful on the computer

- When you came over to give him his lunch, you were in for a shock

- Jumin was listening to an original piece by you while a drop of tear streamed down his face. He wiped it off immediately when he saw you

- “Are you one of those single tear people,” you laughed and walked over to him. Whiplash reference  which jumin did not understand T_T

- “Mc…” said as he literally pounced over you. He started to kiss your neck and tried to undo your zipper. 

- “Woah wait, Mr. Han! What is this about?”

- “I’m sorry Ive never seen your videos before,” he said, “You are so amazingly talented MC.”

- “If you want to make it up to me Jumin… then I know just the thing.”

- Needless to say, the great Jumin Han had to clear his schedule so that he could appear in one of your videos 

- And of course your comments section was filled with different variants of “ MC ARE YOU DATING THE JUMIN HAN?”

Seven and the makeup guru

- You are the Queen. bows down to you

- Your makeup is always on point. Please teach me how to do eyebrows Y_Y

- You started doing these makeup tutorials in college

- You got really popular and thought… heck why not get paid for this

- Seven is obsessed with your videos. BOI HAS SEEN ALL OF IT

- The both of you literally stay home most of the time

- Seven loves watching you do makeup

- He gives this really cute commentary when you do it

- “AND SHE SCORES” he’d scream when youre done

- He;s actually really fashionable himself

- “ MC I think you should go with ruby woo for this”

- “Shaddup seven”

- And whenever someone makes fun of you in the comments, he has no mercy.

- YOu never knew about this. But you were pretty suspicious cause the amount of hate went down? Boi never deleted all of it, he was clever like that

- You did the ‘entire face with kids makeup challenge’ on him… while he was asleep

- He never forgave you for that….. secretly he loved it

- He tries on your makeup when you’re not there

V and the food and culture blogger

- You love travelling

-And you have this really wholesome food and culture vlog

- After all that mint eye mess, he’s not dead I promise Y_Y you guys decided to travel the world

- Your vlog was restricted to your country and ever since the world tour the subscriber count went up

- You would do these vlogs where you’d describe the scenery to V

- It was so tastefully worded

- You guys visited usual places, interacted with the most interesting people and the food…. by God it was good

- And V, being the romantic that he is, would say something once in a while that absolutely floored you

- “GOD! V, The scenery is so beautiful”

- “Is it as beautiful as you?” he’d ask as he kissed your forehead

- All in all, it became fluff overload

- V became your permanent partner in this

- You guys had so much fun doing this that it did not really feel like a job

Saeran and the gamer

- You’d do gaming vlogs….. I’ve never seen one in my entire life… and Ive only heard of pewdiepie so no hate pls

- Saeran doesnt play games…… except in the bedroom of course

- He doesnt get why you’re so obsessed

- But he still obsessively watches all your videos…. he’s a complicated boi

- He always reads ALL the comments

- Let’s just say that he’s ruined some lives

- You’ve never gotten a negative comment after he came into your life??

- You asked Saeran to stop but he’s always feigned ignorance 

- You know Saeran watches your videos but he pretends he does not

- He always gives that tiny little cute smile when he watches your videos…. and you know this cause you’re a stalker like that 

- Always says stupid things like “MC, I wonder what those fingers can do??”

- Aaaand you smack him on the head for it 

Fuck Head Office

I have no problem with management at store level. But right now, at corporate level, ooooooh boy.

I work as a sales person in retail. I get paid a base wage,  and commission. The commission I make is a set percentage (3%, to be precise) of the profit I make. So, for example, if I sell a $600 laptop that has a $10 profit margin in it, and a $20 cable with an $11 profit margin in it, I’ll make 30 cents commission off the laptop, but 33 cents commission off the cable, because there’s more of a profit margin. If I was to discount a product down to where the store made a loss (so, for example, if there was $5 profit in something but a customer was an ass about the price and I discounted it by $7, there would be a $2 loss) I would lose the loss amount (e.g. $2) from my total profit for the day, thereby resulting in me losing some of my commission overall. Usually, if a product is negative margin (generally because of a price match with a competitor), I will put the sale under my manager’s sales number. This means that even though the store makes a loss, I do not lose previously earned profit under my name, and because my manager doesn’t get commission, he isn’t personally impacted by the loss either. That’s all well and good and fine. BUT, sales people also have daily and weekly sales targets that we should meet if we want to keep our jobs, so we also need sales to be under our own numbers, and not our manager’s.
Sometimes, we have company-wide sales where the sale prices on items actually have negative margin. The company still makes money after the sale ends, by making deals with product suppliers where the suppliers rebate the stores with any money lost by selling their products at a lower price, after the sale is over. This means that the store doesn’t lose any money, which is great. The downside is, if a sales person processes a negative sale and loses commission, the rebate doesn’t cover them individually, just the store as a whole, so we still lose our commission if we put negative margin sale items through under our own sales number. I’ve been here since June 2016, and it’s never really been an issue, because most sale prices were adjusted to still make profit, so we only occasionally had to put sales under our manager to prevent losing profit. Until recently.
I don’t know what is wrong with the people at our head office, but ever since around Christmas 2016, it seems they’ve decided to just chuck things on sale without worrying about making profit at the time, because hey, the company still gets the money back eventually, who cares about the sales people who partially rely on commission to survive, right??? That leaves sales people with two options:
1. Put all negative sales under our manager and not personally lose any commission money, but risk not meeting our recorded sales targets, and getting put into an “improvement programme”, or being fired.
2. Put the negative sales under our own sales numbers, not lose our jobs, but lose quite a chunk out of our paychecks.

So the choice is to essentially risk getting fired, or not get fired but struggle to survive because you’re losing money all the time. I love my job overall, but my loathing for head office has increased by 50 billion percent, and I become miserable whenever we have huge sales because I know whichever decision I make is going to suck. But the fat cats in corporate don’t care because at the end of the day they’re all still making enough money to live comfortably in the most expensive city in the country, where the average house price is a million dollars (and no, that’s not an exaggeration).


  • kara danvers, catco magazine
    • oh, kara kara kara. you were always in danger with your supergirl quotes.
    • i love that snapper just got tired of kara using the same source, regardless of who it was. it wasn’t that supergirl was an untrustworthy source, it was that kara had made her one.
      • in a way, kara made herself useless by relying only on supergirl. (oh, i wonder where that could be headed.)
    • i love that instead of using supergirl blowing up in her face, she blew everything else up in her own face.
      • and she chose to, knowing that it was the right thing to do and that it was going to cost her. she can still mourn that it did cost her, but it wasn’t shock that it happened in the end, just sadness.
    • i hate how disappointed, but also probably a little bit proud, cat is off being somewhere right now.
    • and i haaaaaaaaaaate, in the best possible way, that the stripping away of everything kara has is continuing apace.
      • “maybe being supergirl and having you is enough.” YEAH GOOD LUCK WITH THAT NEXT WEEK.
    • “you’re at defcon 3 with the moxie.”
      • i’m going to miss snapper.
      • (assuming he’s gone. ace reporter (ep 218) might return kara to catco, but it might not. she’s had a taste of the power of using her own voice, and being able to be her own source, and that would be a very interesting way to tackle kara’s pretty heavily established biases in her reporting that they haven’t really addressed. independent blogger kara danvers better gift me with kara on her couch in her jammies and her laptop is all i’m saying.)
    • (one this i did not like one tiny little bit: “supergirl is what i can do, kara is who i am.” oh, show. you have lost your way so bad right now if that’s genuinely what you think. i don’t think you do, but we really need to start pulling these threads together, guys. i believe in you!?)
  • the adventures of alex and maggie, two law enforcement agents without their agencies 😍
    • “you owe me dinner, a bottle of scotch, and one of those flash grenade things.”
      • that’s quite a bet, and alex is sorry she made it.
      • be still my former procedural watching, partner shipping heart.
    • “ride or die. where do we start?”
    • “GO AWAY BRIAN.”
    • (and then that was it??? WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE MAGGIE WITH YOU ALEX, JFC.)
  • all the danvers sister got fired for a bit this week
    • alex losing her shit :(((((((((((((((((
    • alex choosing to help jeremiah and betraying the DEO :(((((((((((((((((((
    • j’onn knowing alex was going to choose jeremiah :((((((((((((((((((((
    • “it was a betrayal and it was unfair and i need you to ask him to put me back on the case.”
      • alex was so, so willing to play with the team. and the team didn’t want her so she made maggie her team 😍
    • j’onn saying J’ONN IS NOT FAMILY :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
      • last time alex nudged kara back from outer space, this time kara got to return the favour.
      • 🙏
      • oh my god my heart.
    • (alex was reckless either way, so she might as well be reckless with the DEO? okay?????????????? no wonder kara never learns to have a plan, jfc.)
  • “you’re the only superman we need.”
      • lillian and secretary alana on the phone is the point where this episode crossed some very special threshold of mustachio twirling that i love deep in my heart. this episode was dark cheese.
    • (this plot makes zero sense, just fyi.
      • lillian’s already attempted to exterminate all aliens in national city. a spaceship to another galaxy or wherever was the backup plan? nah, that’s shady. i don’t trust you, team rocket.)
      • (the possibility that lillian was involved with luthorcorp up until lena took over is like the entire basis for my pet theory that lena knew about cadmus all along. rip, theory.)
      • (does l-corp have any technology that could help locate aliens????)
    • “what are friends for?” what indeed.
      • secretary alana, DID YOU KILL OUR BELOVED JESS FOR THAT JOB? or does lena have multiple assistances like she’s miranda priestly?
      • secretary alana was in the 8th grade in 2007, which would make her about 14 then and 24 now. lena luthor, you were 14 then, too.
    • “Lena?!” kara said excitedly, thoroughly ignoring her pain in the ass manchild.
    • LENA GOT KNOCKED OFF HER BALCONY AND KARA SAVED HER 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
      • (i cannot believe this actually happened. i feel so trolled and i don’t even care.)
      • (i can already predict the discourse re this save vs a certain other save. i can already tell i’m gonna be tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired.)
  • 🌏🚀
    • “it’s blobbed.”
    • those henchmen that knocked lena off the balcony are so fired right now.
    • “i was getting coffee with kara danvers.”
      • kara! you need to stop that!
    • LOIS AND HERCULES ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey, hey. You have commissions on your art blog. But I won't have money until a week or two, how long will you have them open for? (P.s your art is just beautiful! )

I may actually be keeping my commissions open indefinitely. I’ve made almost twice as much in three days than what I make at target in two weeks.

Theres a really, really strong chance I might quit my job and take up art full time, meaning:

  • Commissions stay open.
  • Actual Patreon rewards that I have the time to put out.

  • Convention art tables.

  • Online store items.

  • Applying for real, actual art jobs. 

I’m still thinking it over and don’t want to jump the gun, but I’m honestly sick and tired of trying to do business stuff with my art and just not having the time. I try to do things and then find that I can’t because of school or work or just being exhausted, and I instead take up a retail job that I hate going to and have to drive 45 minutes to be at.

I really hope this works out. It would honestly be a dream.

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don't you have something better to do then fetish two grown men? and to target a teenager? and to use gay as an insult? sorry they didn't give credit to your disgusting art. you're fucking 21 go to college or something. get a job! do something useful in your life.


1. you sent this to kip first by accident

2. i am ACTUALLY gay and have 100% never used it as an insult

3. im a senior in college studying gender and sexuality psychology and doing research on prejudice against lgbt+ people

4. i run this blog in my free time because i love dip n pip with all my heart and they helped me get through a really tough time in my life after i started watching them in 2011, before you were born i assume.

At an Interview for a Job at Target

Target: So John. What are your hobbies?
Me: *starts sweating* Umm, I write things.. Like about news articles… and I exercise sometimes, and uh…*whisepers*: I like video games.
Target: Oh great! We’re actually looking for more people in electronics, and a lot of our team here likes video games, so you’ll get along well. Want the job?

Me: Wait, what just happened?

So hey, this fic is for @derolo who mentioned offhand in the Discord that she never received a fic for the Perc’ahlia vacation because the person she prompted flaked out. I got a little offended at the idea that anybody could participate in a fic exchange and get absolutely nothing in return so I asked for her prompts and told her I’d fill one myself. Among others, one of the prompts was “Boxing Ring” so here we are, in Kima and Allura’s Platinum Paladin Gym.

Vex doesn’t see him come in, mostly because she’s busy taking swings at her brother and backing him into a corner.

Vax is grinning at her around his mouthpiece like the asshole he is, blocking her punches right up until she sweeps his feet out from under him. The look on his face as he goes down is priceless. From outside the ring, Vex can hear Grog laughing as Vax picks himself up.

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Hi! Congrats on your followers!!! You'll be in the thousands in no time. 🙈🙈🙈 For the AU list, can I request greek mythology au and assassin au ideas?? Thanks!!!

Thank you Anon! 

I’ve already compiled a list of assassin aus over here !! (Though I didn’t particularly think they did much justice so I’ve thought of a couple more to add to it)


  • “We’ve been best friends for a long time and I’ve never told you that I’m actually an assassin… until you catch me breaking into your lover’s house (I didn’t even know you guys were still serious) and it just so happens you were there too… I guess the black clothing and gun in my hand is a giveaway?”
  • “I came to kill you, and it turns out you saw me coming but you didn’t actually care about me killing you oh my god, now i feel really bad and I kinda wanna give you a hug??”
  • “You called me in the middle of a mission! What the hell you nearly got me killed! WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT WAS MY FAULT WHY THE HECK WERE YOU CALLING ME WHAT WAS SO IMPORTAN— oh.”
  • “I wasn’t entirely sure what to put on my job description on this dating website so I just made something up and now that we’ve actually met it turns out that you’re really interested in that job which I don’t know shit about, so in order to avoid further questioning I just kinda blurted out that I was an assassin??? Oops? (i hope this doesn’t ruin our date)”
  • “What do you mean being an assassin doesn’t count as a hobby?”
  • “We were both assassins and have been assigned to the same target, on purpose or not I don’t care I just know I have to kill him first.”


(I was a bit confused so I just decided to focus on immortal beings? Hope this is all right, but I tried my best!!)

  • “We used to be really good friends ages ago but somehow we lost contact and holy shit I think I just saw you in the supermarket and omg hey! — wait, why do you look exactly the same as you did all those years ago?” Immortal being AU 
  • “I’m a god and I decided to go visit the mortal world because I was a bit bored, I really should be looking where I’m going before I — and mother of Zeus I didn’t know mortals could be that hot” God AU
  • “Whenever I see you you’re always wearing sunglasses or some time of attire to cover your eyes, everyone keeps saying that you can turn people to stone with just a look, that’s so weird isn’t it?… That’s a joke right?” Medusa AU
  • “I pushed you into the pool/sea and the water moved around you so you could stand and now you’re just standing in the middle of a pool and everytime you move the water moves, wHAT THE FU—” Related to Poseidon AU (not sure how to name this haha!)
  • “I’ve always been into Greek Mythology and I absolutely love it, you could say I have a bit of an obsession but once I died I had to visit the ‘underworld’ and part of me is wondering if — OMFG IT’S YOU HADES OH MY GOD.” Hades AU
  • “Additionally, I thought this mortal would be upset or something but once I saw them they just started; hyperventilating? And then they started rambling about Zeus or Poseidon or something god are all mortals this annoying?” Hades AU
  • “We’re on our first date and it’s going alright other than the fact then all these people come up to you and keep complimenting you, and I mean damn I know you’re a catch and all but could you stop flirting with everybody for one second???” Hedylogos AU

requests open!

You know, and I also think that a huge aspect of what goes into the “epidemic” thinking, or when people say “but we didn’t see kids like this in school when I was a kid!”

is not wanting to have to think about how the kids that they themselves bullied and abused in school, were probably autistic.

or that the adults who are the routine targets of societal abuse–who wind up homeless, who can’t keep a job or who are underemployed for their education, whose lives depend on the social safety net, who it’s okay to call lazy takers…many of them have actual learning or developmental disabilities that had no chance of being recognized when they were children,

So, by magic, autistic kids didn’t exist in large numbers before the 1990’s, autistic adults didn’t exist in significant numbers before now, and the people who you’ve worked to marginalize, the kids whose lives you made miserable, just wouldn’t be normal so they deserved it.  They weren’t possibly actually disabled in ways that we now recognize as commonplace.

It lets them believe that “we didn’t have these kinds of people when I was a kid, therefore I’m not a person who has abused and bullied and actively marginalized autistic people.”

The one that got away/ Victor Zsasz one shot.

Name: The one that got away

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Victor x Reader

Theme: M-mention of wounds. Also there is general angst and fluff.

Requested by amazing @mistressofcobblepot. (Can I have a request? With Victor and reader where the reader is Victor`s next target but he found himself attracted to her. Smut or fluff doesn`t matter. And I leave it up to you how it ends, if he act upon his attraction or gets the job done.)

Honey, I really tried to follow your request. Hope you will like the outcome <3

I also wanna thank my dearest @queencobblefreezestuff@myregardstothereader@jokesterwrites@under-oswalds-umbrella@minpov@gotham-city-tales@luciebell-writes@just-a-little-crazy@rawrcoptergaming@taintedmarker@thequeenofgothamxo@emberandshadow

Originally posted by thewinchesterdaily

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I love your post on the personality and psychological makeup of spies. Would you consider doing a similar one for assassins? Would there be a lot of overlap?

It depends. When it comes to the real world, spies are much easier to get solid information on. There’s a fair number of autobiographies, and interviews, to say nothing of confirmed former intelligence officers like John Le Carre and (ironically) Ian Flemming, who went on to become published authors.

But, assassins? Not so much.

A couple months ago, The Howard Journal of Criminal Science published a fairly interesting analysis of assassins in the UK. And, this is honestly the best source I’ve found to date.

They break assassins down into four groups. The Novice, Dilettante, Journeyman, and Master.

Novices make up the bulk of contract killers. These guys aren’t really assassins. They like the idea of getting paid for killing someone, but that’s their only claim to the title. In reality, we’re just talking about petty criminals here. They have no specialized training, and tend to be hires of convenience. They also, usually, strike targets in their own community. For police, this makes them very easy to identify.

Dilettantes are another variety of amateur assassin. These are older individuals, who will take a contract opportunistically. They’re not, nominally, criminals, and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We’re talking about the Walter White of contract killers here… only, again, these guys aren’t very successful. There’s actually an example, where a dilettante was unable to carry out the hit after he spoke to the intended victim. As with novices, there’s no specialized training, and they tend to stay close to home.

Journeymen are getting into actual assassin territory. These are professional, methodical killers. They’re more likely to make repeated hits successfully, but they’re also likely to get caught. They come from a mix of backgrounds including ex-military, and career criminals. As with Novices, they rarely travel for a hit, so police can usually find them during the course of their investigation.

Masters are the assassins you’re probably thinking of, and, like I said at the beginning of the post, there isn’t actually a lot to go on. They do exist, but they’re contracted, travel to a location, execute a hit, and leave. Which makes them very hard to identify for a criminal investigation. The assumption is these guys are ex-military or career criminals, but a lot of this is supposition and guesswork. Ideally, this means you’re looking at normal ex-military personality types, with a bent towards the kind of goal oriented ex-special forces outlook.

Unfortunately, as the article points out, a lot of research into assassins is built off of failure, and the master specifically exploits weakness in law enforcement investigation techniques to avoid detection. I’m actually making this sound more dramatic than it really is; if there’s no connection between the victim and their killer, any criminal investigation is going to be dependent on the killer making some forensic mistake, or being identified by other means. When we’re talking about masters, there is no local connection, so there’s no real way to identify them.

So, ex-special forces: I know I’ve talked about these guys before, but the most common personality is very disciplined and goal oriented. While ex-military can encompass a wide array of personality types, special forces programs demand soldiers who can operate autonomously for extended periods of time. Without exception, we’re talking about people who can set goals, determine the best means to achieve them, and then formulate and execute a plan. The ones I’ve met that I know actually were special forces were extremely laid back and reserved individuals, (the ones I’ve met, that I’m not sure about, weren’t.)

If your assassin is a master, then you’re not going to be looking at an unstable psychokiller. These are people who kill someone for their job, and go home.

The article excludes state sanctioned assassins and political assassins, and I get why. They were looking at killers for hire.

With state sanctioned, we’re talking about the exact same kind of special forces outlook that you get from masters, so that much is easy. With political assassins, we actually are talking about zealots and fanatics, some of the time.

Unfortunately, a lot of state sanctioned assassinations are politically motivated, so you have a professional targeting someone for a political foe.

There’s a fair amount of material on fanatics targeting political figures, from Hinckley’s attempt on Reagan’s life because he wanted to impress Jodie Foster… no, seriously, that was why, to the assassination of Lincoln, there is a massive range for the psychologically unstable to the politically radicalized, with a little bit of everything in between.

These guys are pretty easy to research, they get a lot of attention regardless of success or failure. I’d caution against using a master in that role, simply because the attention the hit would generate isn’t in their best interests.


final note i promise! alksdjf i know that sometimes it’s the healers fault. we can’t all be perfect. sometimes we have a bad ult or are in shitty a shitty placement/position. it’s just the fact that it seems that healers are called out and blamed for losing is so much more often than nearly anyone else, that makes us so frustrated and talk so much about it. the only other heroes i see with this issue are widow and hanzo. they also get blamed for losing when they’re doing an actual good job! no one ever blames the soldier 76 who won’t target the pharah, or the reinhardt doing nothing but holding his shield up. its like it’s never the offense or tank’s fault that the team isn’t doing well. 


In my latest videos there actually was a scent in the box!

My tag ‘tracking horse’ is a bit outdated. After doing some research, I decided that actually tracking was going to be too hard to teach to them. I’m more on the nosework route now - basically comparable to, like, 'drug sniffer dogs’?

My goal is to eventually have them sniff out the scent (with indeed the indication being shoving their nose as close to the scent as possible (I mean, horses ain’t gonna sit or lie down lol)) in an area full of distractions.

If it’s possible, at least! I still have a ways to go yet before I can start harder challenges and being able to control/actually check if they’re truly smelling or if I just did a really good job of teaching them to target, lol.

Hope this clears things up! If my project is successful I will definitely summarise my process :)

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eyyy question for your cool vento analysis skills: I see la Squadra represented with rather distinct personalities in fanon - like for example Melone as cheerful and easygoing - and I was wondering where ppl get that from because in canon we mostly only ever see them in "I will defeat you!!" mode, and if those interpretations are in line with what we know abt their personalities based on the text?

This is a really good question, friend! Thank you for this question! And I’m glad you mention Melone in particular because I’ve wanted to talk about him for a while!

Fandom will often (not to say always) do this thing where when it takes ahold of a character, it will inevitably end up reducing them to two or three characteristic traits. Sometimes these traits are pretty in line with the way the character acts in their source material (Pretty much everybody will agree on Josuke being a sweet, helpful sort of guy), sometimes they will be insanely popular despite being contradicted by the source material (see exhibit “CLAMP Kakyoin” where his characterization as a gentle, soft-spoken type goes in direct contradiction with the information stated in his character sheet, for example). This is not a criticism, but rather an observation - after all, fandom is just a group of people enjoying themselves, and we all enjoy characters differently.

What we call “fanon personalities” are usually extrapolations on these character traits. Take Bruno for example: His fanon personality is usually that of a kind, borderline affable dad-figure. This is not innacurate per say, after all it would be wrong to say Bruno does not have some parental qualities to him, and it is stated in canon that he is a very kind soul - to the point he’s told his kindness will be his downfall one day. He has this sort of “perfect son in law” aura to him. Little old ladies love him! However by extrapolating on these particular canon traits, most of the time people forget or don’t take into account that Bruno by his own admission is a hot head who acts before he thinks and has a pretty quick temper despite his helpful nature. He gouged out a comatose Luka’s eye (whom he later killed in cold blood because he wasn’t useful anymore) and chopped his fingers off for the sake of having something to intimidate Giorno with. He slapped the ever-loving lights out of a 14 year old Narancia. He did it because he cared about the kid, sure, but still, that’s pretty far from the choir-boy representation you see him have in the fandom. Bruno is more likely to dish out tough-love and grunt at you approvingly like a rugged fisherman than he is to read you a bed time story (Trish’s never-ending communication problems with Bruno? they all rely on this particular character trait). Long inspirational speeches are Giorno’s forte, not Bruno’s. And yet, ONLY taking these latter traits into account would also be restrictive and only give a partial (and probably pretty negative) view of his character. That’s how fanon works: people focus on the traits they like best or find more interesting.

It’s the same for the Squadra, with more or less accurate results.

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Arrow fic: Cabin in the Woods (Oliver/Felicity, Team Arrow, Humor, 1/1)

Oliver/Felicity, Team Arrow. Rated Teen (just to be safe). 2888 words.

So, this is super ridiculous. But writing it made me happy.

Not sure on the time setting for this - between seasons 2 and 3, I guess? That everyone is happy here is all you need to know, really. Cross-posted to AO3. @machawicket​, @jsevick​, @bethanyactually​, because I think you’ll all get a kick out of it.


8:20 pm

The stakeout had been Felicity’s idea, but the cabin had been Oliver’s.

And, really, she could see his reasoning. If they were going to stake out suspected arms dealers deep in the forests north of Starling City, having an inconspicuous cover was certainly a good idea. The location made for an excellent vantage point over the alleged drop sites, and Felicity had become quite adept at setting up a mobile system through which she could eavesdrop on any nearby electronics.

So it wasn’t the idea of the cabin that she took issue with so much as the execution of the cabin.

Which, as they all discovered upon arrival, was exceedingly poor.

“Oh my god, Oliver, what is this place?” Felicity asked, instinctively taking a step back and colliding with Roy’s shoulder.

To begin with, the power situation was obviously precarious at best. There was exposed wiring in what Felicity assumed was the kitchen (a cabinet, a dirty sink, and an unplugged mini fridge does not a kitchen make), and the lights flickered and dimmed unpredictably in the main room.

Then there was the bathroom, which was just barely above horrifying, with a shower head that hung down from the ceiling by a hose and a plate with one screw, and a tiny toilet in the corner. It didn’t even have a door, just a sickly green shower curtain hanging by a rod in the doorway.

Oliver didn’t seem to understand the question. “It’s a cabin.”

“No, Oliver, this is a Saw movie waiting to happen.” She clutched her light overnight bag to her front, afraid to set it down on the dingy floor. She turned to Diggle and sent him a look, silently asking him to intervene.

He shrugged as if to say we’re here now, what do you want me to do? “Where did you say you found this place?”

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