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【Japan Official Fanclub Magazine Vol.5】BTS My Biography – Jimin’s part  

The middle school student who loves dancing became a member of BTS

My earliest memory is when I was 4 – 5 years old (nominal age) and we were moving to a new property nearby where we lived at the time. I held the rice cooker’s inner pot and helped my family to move. When I was a child, I loved to go outside to play with my hyungs and friends in the neighborhood every day. We often played football and hide & seek. Once I ran too far away and even ran to the nearby town (laughs).

In primary school, I loved to play with my friends. During the breaks, we often played football. Although I really liked drawing, I hated coloring. My future dreams changed constantly every day, I wanted to become a chef when I watched a cooking anime. When I watched ‘Galaxy Express 999’, I wanted to become the Galaxy Express’ driver, and I wanted to become a pirate when I watched ‘One Piece’.

I have a very good relationship with my young brothers, who’s 2 years younger. Sometimes, we play games together at home, or watch movies. I remember that we watched the anime ‘Dragon Balls’ and the movie ‘The Host’. We’re just like friends.

I got along with everyone in middle school. Although there’re 6 classes in my school, I pretty much knew everyone. I joined the football and table tennis clubs at school, I was happy every day back then.

I became interested in dancing during the 2nd grade of middle school. I used to go to practice punctually after school, and I started to attend a dance academy in 2010. I was also happy in the dance academy. Whenever I had time, I would go practice dance. I’ve also participated in big performances, but I was really nervous. Actually, even now sometimes I still get nervous when I stand on the stage.

A year before graduating from middle school, I started to think about attending an arts high school. I couldn’t even concentrate on studying when I was in the self-study room, I was worrying about “which high school should I attend? what do I want to do in the future…” While I was contemplating, I thought about having a job where I could stand on the stage. So, Busan Arts High school became my target. In dance majors, I wanted to learn dances that’s modern so I chose contemporary dance as my major. During high school, I spared no effort in dancing. At the time, my friends and I only knew dancing, we got together and practiced, messed around and then continued to practice. During high school, I also had to deal with the dance academy’s workload, but I worried about the tuition fees so I said: “I won’t attend the dance academy anymore.” However, the teacher said: “Jimin, you can attend even if you don’t pay.” The teacher took so much care of me, I wanted to repay the teacher so I practiced even harder. I learnt a lot under the guidance of the teacher. I’ve never thought about giving up dance, not even once.

During spring 2012, my middle school dance teacher contacted me so I auditioned and got accepted, then I decided to go to Seoul in May. The first member I met was Hobi hyung. Hyung welcomed me and said, “let’s work hard together!” Other members also came to talk to me, it just reminded me of the time when I arrived, I went to eat with everyone in the canteen. The happiest moment during the trainee life was when we eat and play together. I still have the amusement park ticket that we went together, I still carry that around in my wallet. It’s because it was the first time and first place that all of our members went together to play. So, it’s engraved on my memory. I’ve been carrying that ticket for about 5 years.

In Seoul, I got transferred to the same school as Taehyung. I was in Class 4 but Taehyung was in Class 2, the whole school knew Taehyung. Because Taehyung has a lot of friends so when he came to my class, he said to the students, “be nice to Jimin!” I’m really shy with strangers, but I gradually got close to my classmates thanks to Taehyung.

The most difficult part of the trainee life was the uncertainty of my future. I got anxious when I hear “you might get eliminated this time”, so I wanted to do my best with practicing. If I practiced until 3, 4am, I would sleep a bit and go practice singing at 6am for an hour and then go to school. This routine continued for about a year. At the time, I’ve never thought I could become a member of BTS, but I was chosen as a substitute member. The hyungs said: “we want to debut with Jimin”, and that became my strength. The feeling of wanting to debut with these hyungs grew stronger.

I was so excited when we debuted. The memories of when we had the showcase, we received a cake from our fans for the first time, after the showcase BTS members and staff members all cried, we went on music shows the next day, and Jin hyung cried. No matter how long it has been, I can’t forget those memories.

I don’t have anything new that I want to challenge in the future, I just want to challenge and see how far I can go with the things I’m doing now. I’m also diligently learning Japanese because I want to speak Japanese fluently!

V’s palm reading; Jimin; Suga; Rap MonsterJungkookJinJ-Hope
Q: What do you want to challenge yourself this summer?
BTS Ranking Q1 - 8
BTS Biography - V (Vol.3)BTS Biography - Suga (Vol.2)

Trans: KIMMYYANG (from Chinese - blinglingGI)

This post has a lot of people Big Mad , so let this post be the official DWF response to some of the comments I’ve seen.

If you get reported to the Tumblr mods for malicious speech, then whatcha gonna do then, DearWhitePeople? Complain that white folks are takin’ over Tumblr? XD 

  • If literal and actual Nazis don’t find themselves removed from twitter, I think I’ll be ok. And since you’re up in my notes, I hope you’re also going after Nazis.

“If you’ve ever straightened your hair, you’re a fucking hypocrite”

  • White people don’t have a monopoly on straight hair. This is being willfully obtuse.
  • But more to your point (because you’re presumably targeting black people who are known to have coily hair), forced assimilation doesn’t equal appropriation. It isn’t a hard concept to grasp that black people would feel pressured to carry their hair in western hairstyles when we’re literally losing jobs and getting our hair cut off in school for wearing our natural texture.

It seems as if the only ones truly concerned with color are the so called “people of Color”

  • Why wouldn’t people of color be concerned with race?
  • And the issues that POC face in modern day are as a result of racialized institutions created by white people.

What would MLK Jr. think?

  • I’m gonna need y’all to keep MLK’s name out of your mouths when y’all are obviously not down for the current struggles of black people and people of color. We’ll never know what MLK would think because a white man killed him, but if the published works towards the end of his life are any indication, MLK would have thought more radically than y’all like to think.

So if white people want to stop sharing culture with you, we can stop you from living in skyscrapers, eating European foods like pasta, pizza, sausage, bread and grapes? We can stop you from using electricity and indoor plumbing? Can we also stop you from wearing mass produced clothing and footwear? How about we stop you from enjoying classical paintings and philosophy, or how about any form of government other than tribalism. The list can go on and on. “POCs” have only created music and dance.

Then stop using anything a white man ever invented. Stop listening to any music genres whites creates. Stop eating any dishes whites created. Then you can preach about it.

No, I think the OP’s point was that they regret taking advantage of things produced by ‘white culture’ like penicillin or the Internet.

  • White people, y’all have not invented nearly as much as you think that you did. Like damn. 

So a white man deserves to be castrated for wearing dreads? That’s pretty racist

  • Where does that say that?

Love the wonderful things POC get to say about white people. If this post was reversed and written by a white person, people would throw the race card as soon as it hit social media. 

  • The western world is saturated with white supremacy. The reason y’all struggle to see how POC are portrayed and perceived is because it’s ingrained in society itself

And finally to those on varying levels of the “culture IS meant to be shared” spectrum:

Culture is meant to be shared - among those to whom it belongs. Part of what makes it a distinct culture is a defined in-group.

I believe that sharing cultures is a good thing, when its multi-directional and given freely. If you don’t belong to a certain group, someone who is isn’t obligated to share it with you. 

Culture is a strong identifying aspect of one’s identity and while anyone can be appropriative, white people in the Western World do not have the same historical context of forced assimilation, cultural erasure, and future cultural bastardization that POC have.

Lastly, white people can have culture, but whiteness isn’t it. Being white is not a culture. There is no set of shared practices, beliefs, or experiences associated with whiteness. The only unifying quality of whiteness is white skin. 

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Come With Me

||| @amy-biersack-ashby-carlile-perry asked: could have a TOP sweet and fluffy imagine were he takes time to take care of you between murders |||

Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P) x Reader

Genre: Mafia AU, fluff

Word Count: 557

Originally posted by hotdudesloverextrem

You won’t fall asleep, not this time. You stood up from the couch and began stretching to stay awake. You hoped it won’t be one of these days when he actually comes back in the morning rather than the night. As you were wondering, you heard the sound of the door unlocking. You quickly ran to it.

“You’re back!” you said and jumped in his arms.

“Whoa since when do you have so much energy? I’m really surprised you’re actually awake.”

“I was waiting for you.”

“You always wait for me, or rather you just say that you did and then fall asleep,” he laughed and picked you up.

“How was the job?” you asked.

“Easy,” he said laying you down on the bed. He always says that, even when he met you for the first time or rather saved you. His target was the driver and after he shot him, the car lost control and rolled over a few times. The ones who were still alive after the crash scattered and you watched in horror how he took them out but not because you felt sad for them, fuck those guys but rather because you feared for your own life. You tried to run as well but your leg was stuck between the seats. He came up to the car and ripped the door open. He looked inside to see if anyone else survived and his eyes stopped on you. He stared at you for a few minutes and then reached down, you braced yourself for the worst but he actually pulled you out. He sat you on the car.

“I realize they were planning on selling you?” he asked and you nodded. “Do you have anywhere to go?”

“I don’t. Not anymore,” still keeping an eye on you, he walked a bit further away and made a call, it was short one and then he turned to you again.

“Come with me,” he said, going to his car.

“This may sound crazy but I would if I could…” he looked back and noticed that your leg was most probably broken, so he walked to you and picked you up.

“Not crazy. Brave,” he said as he sat you in his car.

“What are you thinking about?” Seunghyun asked, you completely got lost in your memories.

“The first day we met,” you smiled and patted the bed. He lay down next to you.

“Again?” he laughed and you hit him gently.

“Hey! It’s a very romantic moment,” you said snuggling up to him.

“Shouldn’t I take off the suit first?”

“Just stay put, I missed you,” you told him but as always your wishful thinking was interrupted as his phone began ringing. You pouted when he stood up to answer it.

“Are you going out again?” you asked when he finished.

“I have to. I’m sorry,” you were both silent for a while. “Do you want to come with me?”

“Do I?” you suddenly beamed up, he never wants to involve you in his work no matter how much you beg him.

“Well if it means that I can stay with you longer, then why not?”

“Ah this is so exciting,” you clapped your hands.

“Don’t get your hopes up too high,” he chuckled taking your hand and guiding you to the closet to get ready.

anonymous asked:

5/6 for andreil pls!! You can combine or do them separately whatever floats ur boat <3

5: “Please don’t do this” (I’m doing them separately im weak, #6 should be out tmrw! also… a phrase with ‘please’ in it.. I’m using up all my dreaming/drunk/dying scenarios)

It’s common knowledge among foxes that waking Andrew is Neil’s job, unless you want to get a fist to the solar plexus. But it’s also true that Andrew is the only one who can extract Neil from his nightmares without scaring him back into the trunk of a car or an evermore bed.

It’s one of the “fun facts” for fox survival that Nicky recites to newcomers: don’t touch Neil when he’s sleeping unless you want to feel like you’ve just kicked a puppy. Don’t touch Andrew under any circumstances if you like your fingers attached to your hands. When in doubt, get whichever one is awake and let them do their voodoo. If they’re both asleep at the same time, you’re fucked. Take pictures.

Andrew never bothers to correct him. There’s nothing to correct, if Andrew’s being honest (and he always is).

Quietly learning to wake each other is the result of bruising trial and error, a hard-won trust that grew like moss over ruins.

It’s still almost impossible, sometimes. Most of the time. Approaching Neil when he’s whimpering and protecting his face with his hands makes Andrew feel even more like a monster than usual.

Neil whispered to him on the bus once that the split second of disorientation in Andrew’s eyes when he wakes makes Neil scared for him.

Andrew starts to recognize the sheepish look of foxes who need to ask their vice-captain something while his head is lolling around Andrew’s shoulder. He almost always wakes him, it’s a clear subclause in his ‘keep Neil out of harms way’ contract, and Andrew’s dutiful when it comes to deals.

There’s a knock on the door at half past three on a Monday morning, and Andrew startles awake in an empty room. He stews in slow annoyance as the front door opens and closes, muffled voices tripping into the bedroom. He gropes for the light switch in the dark, and Kevin flips it on for him, toothbrush sticking out of his mouth, eyebrows shaking hands across the stretch of his forehead.

They have a brief staring contest and then Matt clears his throat from behind them, knocking awkwardly on the door frame.

“Um… Andrew?”

Andrew looks at him blearily. He’s conscious of Matt’s eyes tracking his hair sticking out sideways, one of Neil’s soft nondescript shirts slouching on his chest.

“We need your expertise,” Matt says, grimacing. Andrew turns to retreat to his bed, unimpressed, but Matt huffs. “Neil’s having a nightmare. He fell asleep in our room.”

Andrew stops.

“He’s freaking out,” Matt continues, soft. He makes eye contact with a wild edge that says he’s refusing to let the blankness in Andrew’s gaze phase him.

Andrew pushes past Matt like he’s rolling his sleeves up, breaking out into the strangeness of the dorm at night. 

The door to the neighbouring room is open and Aaron’s standing just inside, arms crossed.

“He woke me up,” he says cooly as Andrew passes.

“Jesus weeps,” Matt snarks, hot on Andrew’s heels. He’s looking beyond the twins to where Neil is curled on the floor, trembling. Matt’s face pinches with concern. Dan’s sitting on the couch by Neil’s head in a jersey and bare legs, looking like she’s trying to help just by being nearby. The room has the suddenly bright feeling of a fire alarm going off at night, minds alert inside sleep dulled bodies.

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potterlocked16  asked:

Hiii. I love you writing, it is so good! I was wondering if you could write/ if you know a fic in which Draco gets really jealous of someone hitting on Harry and starts acting all possesive and shit? :D

OMG thank you so so much!! :) You’re so sweet! ❤️️
Um, here’s the thing: I am awful at fic recs? I’m so sorry? So I hope you don’t mind I just wrote you a little something? ❤️️❤️️❤️️

“This is getting ridiculous, Draco,” Pansy said as she murmured the incantation to heal Draco’s palm. Draco said nothing. He was still gritting his teeth. As soon as Pansy was finished, he snatched his hand out of her grip.

“Thanks a lot,” he said waspishly.

“Hey, I’m not the one who made you smash that glass. Show a little more gratitude. You’re being a brat,” she said with a scowl.

“Nobody made me smash that glass. The glass was… fragile.” Draco mentally rolled his eyes at himself.

“Right,” Pansy replied flatly. She looked over her shoulder and Draco couldn’t help but follow her gaze. His eyes landed on Potter, sitting at the bar and chatting animatedly with some bloke. Draco balled his hands into fists. This seemed to be his natural reaction to seeing Potter like this. It was how he had accidentally smashed that glass he had been holding.

“I need another drink,” Draco muttered. Pansy’s head snapped back around.

“Oh no, you don’t. Don’t go over there. You’ll embarrass yourself.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Draco growled as he watched the bloke stroking Potter’s arm. This was it. Now he definitely had to go over there.

“Draco,” Pansy called after him, but there was no stopping him now.

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Former Doctor Who Peter Davison says casting of woman means 'loss of role model for boys'
A former Doctor Who actor has hit out at the BBC’s decision to cast Jodie Whittaker in the role, saying that the decision meant there is “a loss of a role model for boys”.

Someone in the comments summed it up perfectly:

Eric Mattie: 21 Jul 2017 3:56PM

Peter Davison’s comments have been on the mark and empathetic among a flood of disrespectful tactless replies from people who months ago were crying out for  tolerance and acceptance “NOW”.  Real life change takes time. So will this.

His Tweet: “It might be more helpful to be encouraging, and not simply scornful, of fans who are uncertain about change.” has been the silver lining in this deluge of cryout out

Now these comments are again on target to why its sad. Not morally wrong. Just a mourning of a role model for boys.

I appreciation a male hero actually still being portrayed rightly and not being the butt of every joke. I do value and wish for a better portrayal of men in general that goes beyond the a typical generalization that say guys are this or guys are that and that’s it.  I feel  Doctor Who in the past decade has done a great job of portraying are more well rounded male her

Respectfully- Colin Baker is wrong.  Proof?  The media wouldn’t be having the reaction of the little girl screaming in delight about the casting of a girl, as their validation video to the world at large and them saying “The video says it all”

If role models were gender neutral and just as people, than the switch of lead actresses as heroines  over the last several years (think Alias, Hunger Games, NewStar Wars films and the overall  great reception to the Wonder Woman movie) would not be as celebrated and actually planned out and pushed like it has been.  

What is sad is in the name of getting better role models for girls we have to squash and not have the role model for boys be just as validated and important.

My Overwatch Ship Children

Bored while waiting to head out, so I'mma make up some kids of my favourite Overwatch ships/heroes

Ship babies

Genji x Mercy -
Ashe “Archangel” Shimada

. Miracle test tube baby
. Lots of trial and error
. Lost function of his arms and legs not long after being born
. Given cybernetic pieces once big enough to handle the surgery
. Zenyatta is the godfather and keeper of the title “honourary best babysitter ever”
. Very sweet kid, obedient at all times
. More partial to his mother’s Angel motif, so he styled himself that way as he grew
. Eventually succeeded in begging his mom to give him wings like hers
. Unleashed his dragon at 5
. Genji was ecstatic, Mercy was floored
. Met Hanzo before, really likes hanging out with his uncle

Junkrat x Mei -
Jeremy Chung Fawkes, Jie Jiao “J-J” Fawkes, Junior Wei Fawkes, Zhihuán Yi Fawkes (aka the Rat Pack)

. First three were triplets, fourth one came a couple years later
. The triplets were an accident. Jamison clearly didn’t understand Roadhog when he said use protection
. Truth be told, he had bombs in the room as that protection thing
. Mei was uncomfortable, but eh
. Zhihuán came along a couple years later on purpose
. Apparently, Jamie likes kids
. The triplets are called the Trouble Triad by anyone who meets them
. Cunning, shifty little buggers
. But they love their momma and papa a LOT
. They’ll show up with random gifts that they may or may not have swiped off of someone else
. Roadhog is the godfather and designated babysitter since he’s the only one that can handle them
. It was Jamie’s idea to give the first three names that start with J just to match his, but Mei insisted on naming the last one and giving the triplets Chinese middle names
. He didn’t mind, but he calls the youngest one Z-Z because it’s easier to say
. First language is English, but they are fluent in Mandarin Chinese
. Roadhog’s stomach is their favourite nap spot

McCree x Sombra -
Carolina Luna McCree

. Styles herself after her dad A LOT
. Even as a little ankle biter running around in big cowboy boots, a red scarf, and a cowboy hat
. Water gun fights were the best
. Knows how to hack, but not as proficient with it as her momma is
. Dances around the house listening to songs like Suavemente and Papito Chocolata
. Very pretty and built like she should be a model, but is really a huge nerd
. Favourite movie is The Magnificent Seven. The original one with Yul Brenner
. Constantly hugs her dad whenever she sees him
. Daddy’s little princess/cowgirl/nerd
. Has an alarm on her phone at 12pm that says “It’s High Noon” as the alarm tone just for giggles
. Prefers Takis over Doritos, but will eat them anyway

Torbjorn x his wife -
Otto Elias Lindholm

. He’s one of the existing 8 (since no canonical names were given, I came up with one)
. He’s the oldest boy, but not the oldest kid
. A tinkerer, loves to mess with his dad’s tools and spare parts
. Geeks out about robots, much to his father’s chagrin
. Retained his oral fixation long into his adult life. Always has a toothpick or or pencil hanging out of his mouth
. Appears lazy and aloof most of the time. But when it comes to building something, fixing something, or handling hot metal, he’s all in it
. Blacksmiths. Has his own workshop and every where he helps keep his friend’s tools and weapons in tip top shape
. Constantly challenges his dad on who can build a better turret. It’s what they do for fun
. Build armour plating for the cat once. Mom was not pleased
. Great friends with Ashe. Known him since he was still a tyke
. Voted most likely to date an omnic girl. Not really complaining because it’d probably be true
. Bastion is his favourite assistant

Tracer x Emily -
Thomas “Sparky” Oxton

. One word: Hyper
. Off the walls kind of hyper. Sugar rush like hyper
. He’s a happy go lucky kinda kid who needs to be kept on a short leash a lot to avoid him getting into trouble
. Winston is best uncle and godfather. But the poor guy has trouble handling such a hyper kid
. Has a high respect for Zenyatta and the Shambali, just like how his mom does
. Listens to Lúcio’s music a lot and, when he can, attends his concerts
. Kinda of a pervy guy, lets his eyes roam a bit too much
. Born using a donor, Emily is the one who gave birth
. Also a tinkerer like Otto, but more with existing machines than scrap metals

Widowmaker x Gerard -
Jean-Paul “Recluse” LaCroix

(I had this idea that, when she killed her husband, Amelie was pregnant. But Talon kept the kid and trained him to be a soldier once he was old enough)

. Like mother, like son
. Merciless, often playing with his targets before actually finishing the job
. Hates Sparky. Gets on his nerves with how peppy and unrefined he is
. Codenamed after the brown recluse spider
. Assassin style of fighting. Prefers to sneak up on you rather than go head to head, but will do so if he has to
. If you’re on the hit list, you’re as good as dead
. Doesn’t have his personality suppressed. He’s just mean
. Has issues with authority, sometimes not listening to the higher ups unless he feels like it or he goes on missions he wasn’t assigned to
. Isn’t actually allowed to interact with his mother, but knows that’s who she is. It’s blatantly obvious
. He has a biiig issue with teasing Reaper. It’s kinda putting him on the “To Kill” list
. Has an interesting way of dealing with his targets. He gives the females quick and painless deaths, while he takes his time with the males. A cut here, a cut there. Maybe a knife in your shoulder. Lets them try to run, and then finished up the job
. He enrolled himself in highschool just to have something to do when he didn’t have work. Straight A student
. Likes to dance. Actually found the old videos of his mother’s ballets and watches them in his quarters

Lúcio and D.va -
Tito and Yuna Correia dos Santos

. Yuna is older than Tito by a 1 year and 9 months
. Like their parents, they love music and games
. Often seen on the set of their dad’s concerts and the loudest ones cheering at their mom’s gaming tournaments
. Modded out their own gaming PC
. Yuna is an excellent singer, inspired by many international artists from the past
. Tito loves making the beats with his dad, even coming up with special ringtones for everybody
. Yuna and Tito stick together like glue. Pretty much inseparable
. They like Reinhardt’s old music as well techno and dubstep
. Learned to speak several languages during their tours of different countries for concerts
. Always wearing promotional gear for their parents because why not (d.va sweaters, lúcio headphones, phone cases)
. It’s hard being celebrities, but they always find time for family. Even when they’re tired
. Dva taught them how to play videogames early on and they’ve been hooked ever since
. Even made their own little game for themselves
. Orisa is best “momnic”. Efi is best big sis

Non ship babies

Zenyatta -
Kenyatta “Kenya” (yeah, I know. Real original. It’s my mother’s middle name, so get over it…)

. Zenny built her from scratch
. You know how humans start out as babies and then grow up to be adults? Well he translated that into robotics and built her as a baby first. Then, upgraded her into a child. Then, into a teen
. If you’ve ever seen Robots, then you know what it was like
. Her friends call her Kenya or Kenny. She doesn’t mind
. Very sweet and generous, often too sweet for her own good
. Calls Ashe cousin, and vice versa
. The Fawkes kids like her because she gives them snacks everytime she sees them. Junkrat still isn’t a fan
. She’s a therapist, often giving very good advice and helping wherever she can. The Iris embraces you~
. Floats somewhat like Zen does, but she’s still standing upright. Her feet just don’t touch the ground and give off waves of light when she takes a step forward. It looks like Lúcio’s aoe circle
. With some help from Mercy and Winston, she was given the ability to feel physical contact, though it’s a little muted. She can’t feel everything, but she can feel you touch her and can feel being cut or stabbed
. Sparky drools over her and it makes her uncomfortable, often pushing him away slowly with a confused look on her face
. Her face functions a lot like how Snowball’s does but with a twist. Her eyes change colour depending on how she’s feeling emotionally. Like mood rings
. Purple for confusion, red for angry, yellow for docile, blue for sad, pink for love, green for error/repairs need to be made. Kinda like how people turn green when sick

Roadhog/Mako Rutledge -
Warren “Peace” and Te Ao “Chief” Rutledge

. Te Ao is Junkrat’s age, while Warren is D.va’s age
. Backstory time: After the ALF attacked the omniuim and the radiation began to flood out, Mako made sure his kids made it out of there mostly unscathed. Since Mako didn’t come back for them after a couple of years, they hospital that held them thought it best to put them up for adoption. Te Ao, the older sister, wasn’t having that. So she took Warren and ran off to go find him. Took several years, only finding out where he might be after seeing him pop up on TV, eventually hunting him down at Overwatch HQ and telling him who they were
. Te Ao is the strong leader of the duo, but Warren is nothing to scoff at either
. They also have a liking for pigs the way Roadhog does
. Warren doesn’t really like his dad, but gets over it because of Te Ao
. The two get along okay with the omnics around there, but are wary of them because of what they saw on TV about them
. Te Ao finds Junkrat annoying, often hitting him upside his head if Roadhog hadn’t done it already
. Since they didn’t really have a childhood with their dad, they don’t really know how to interact and comes to blows at times over things
. They get over it, though. Usually over food
. No bacon, though. Te Ao doesn’t eat pig, neither does Mako
. Warren doesn’t care what he eats as long as he’s not starving

Shimada Hanzo -
Shimada Tsubaki

. Testy
. She’s a perfectionist, getting irritated when things don’t go the way they should
. For certain things, she has a level of patience. But don’t pass her boundaries. She will cut you
. Has a soft spot for cute things. Has a pachimari keychain attached to each one of her weapons of choice
. Doesn’t just use the bow like her dad. Uses wakizashi and kunai as well
. Released her dragon at 7, somewhat jealous that Ashe had his before her
. Doesn’t hate Ashe or Genji, though. Likes them a lot more than she’ll admit
. When she smiles, it’s always genuine. Otherwise, she doesn’t smile much
. So intent on being the best that she hardly notices when Hanzo praises her for doing very well. Since she’s a perfectionist, she always notices her slip ups
. Hanzo didn’t really want her to become a ninja. He only wanted her to learn how to defend herself, but she pushed herself harder
. Hanzo is supportive of her, but scolds her when she refuses to eat or socialize with friends in favour of training
. If there’s anything he doesn’t want, is for her to miss out on the life she could have

Symmetra/Satya Vaswani -
Lakhi Vaswani

. They tried to put her on the cover of Vogue, but her legs were toooooo long~
. Fashionista. Always has a roll of measuring tape in her pocket and a tablet pad to draw out her ideas
. If she doesn’t like your outfit, she won’t be mean about it. She’ll just be like “Oh! I can make you something better~”
. Peppy, very nice girl
. Kinda sassy at times, though
. Loves to sing and dance
. Oddly enough, she is good friends with Tito and Yuna, Lúcio’s kids. Symmetra isn’t really cool with that, but Lúcio doesn’t mind
. Loves to come up with ideas for Lúcio’s concert outfits, same with Yuna and Tito when they want to join in
. Has a crush on Tito, but isn’t actively demonstrating
. Even though her mom works for Vishkar, she doesn’t. Not her style
. Started a fashion line at 14 years old
. Likes internet memes and says “Here comes dat boi” whenever she sees Lúcio, prompting Tito and Yuna to respond with “Waddup!”

Winston -

. One of the only babies to be born from the gorillas on the moon
. It wasn’t good place for him to be, so Winston adopted him and took him to Earth
. Also wears glasses. Big round glasses
. He was a cute and loveable little fuzz ball as a baby, but sort of grew out of it as he got older
. He’s a bit more like a teenager, but the strong yet nerdy kind
. Doesn’t like being called a nerd. Prefers being called intellectually strong
. Addicted to PB, just like his dad
. Has his own version of Athena, named her Friday. All his friends have a pocket version of her attached to their devices
. Best friend and leash for Sparky. Every extrovert needs a cuddly introvert to balance them out
. Kirby isn’t as socially awkward as Winston is. He’s more or less just uninterested in socializing unless it’s important. He still has friends, though, and they like him
. Appears aloof most of the time. Half lidded, uninterested in things other than technology and working on important things
. Doesn’t like being called Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong. Makes him visibly cringe at you and slide his glasses back up his nose
. Don’t try to bs him. He can see through bs like a window
. Not against calling people idiots

Zarya/Aleksandra Zaryanova -
Sacha “Supernova” Zaryanova

. Supernova is just his nickname. He hasn’t come up with a hero name yet
. Big and tall. Very tall
. Smiles a lot. Nice big hearty smiles for everybody
. Cinnamon roll. You can’t really stay mad at him for long because, well, he’s never really mad at anyone or anything
. Momma’s boy. Loves his mom more than anything in the world! Best momma ever!
. Huge appetite, but is willing to eat less of there’s a limited amount of food and his friends still need to eat
. Looks up to Reinhardt as a hero. Wants to be big and strong like him someday
. As sweet as he is, he doesn’t take well to people insulting his friends or his momma. He won’t necessarily get mad, but he will scare the hell outta you by giving you a nice threat with a genuine smile on his face
. “You should be careful how you talk to friends, da? I wouldn’t want to have to break your face! Hahaha!” 😁
. Loves hugs. Will hug you when happy. Like big fuzzy Siberian bear
. Likes Tsubaki, but doesn’t tell her that and treats her the same way he does everyone else, so it doesn’t really show
. Has a huge teddy bear at home. His name is Vladimir

Gonna add Reaper and Pharah later if I feel like it…

Zynga hiring scam warning

I was recently hit with this horrible scam, i needed some time to recover before speaking about it but please help me spread this to warn others!!

TLDR; Scammers are Impersonating the real company Zynga and are targeting artist looking for work. They try to get you to deposit a check and then have you send it to a “vendor” they runaway with the money and you’re held responsible for almost 5k of fraudulent money. 

Update: Zynga’s HR team is aware of this scam and are doing their best to put a stop to it. 


It started out innocent enough I received an email telling me that they found me as an artist though a looking for work jobsite that i actually use

They told me a VERY nice job was open and that I should apply for it.

I thought no harm right? It was a really nice job so i probably wouldn’t even get the position but, like many freelance artist needing the work, I decided to apply anyways

I go an email the next day saying that they liked my portfolio and was selected to move on to get interviewed! I was so excited about the opportunity at an interview that i went to sleep early on my birthday in order to wake up the next morning to do this “interview”   

unfortunately I think i’ve lost the messages to this “interview” but they had me do it all over text?/ google hangouts. At the time this seemed suspicious but the man conducting this interview seemed on the up and up? every quested they asked sounded like a real interview question, they asked me about my experience and if i knew how to use a list of industry standard programs. I got good feed back and by the end of it all He had me convinced that I did great and that i had gotten the job. At this point i was easily swept away all doubt gone They said they were going to send me a contract letter and everything.

But then finally came the scam

After convincing me that i had gotten the job they told me they’d pay me in advance to be able to buy everything I needed to work from their “trusted vendor” 

Thank fully The whole time I had been speaking to friends about this, One of which actually knows people who work for Zynga and pointed out to me that all the emails and names were fake. I was able to back out and block them all before things went too far but if i hadn’t they would have had me send them four THOUSAND dollars of fraudulent money that i would have been held responsible for. 

SO PLEASE these people are horrible and purposely targeting artists! They are going out of their way to impersonate a legitimate company to trick people /looking for work/ out of what little money they have. I’ve also heard that other artists have been hit with a similar scam recently but i cannot say if it was the same.  If you’re an artist please keep an eye open and if something feels fishy trust your gut and don’t bother with it!

Protection// Im Jaebum (Part 12)

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Supernatural, Vampire

Summary: After being saved from an absolute stranger, you find yourself in a different world; A world you never knew existed, a world where you find yourself less protected than before.

Author’s Note: I hope you enjoy!

xoxo Sara


Changkyun grabbed Yugyeom’s wrists tightly as Jooheon undid the shackles that confined him. Without giving him even an inch of wiggle room to try and escape, Changkyun dragged him to the middle of the floor, pushing his elbow into Yugyeom’s back and kicking him behind his knees so he would kneel down.

“Make him face his friends,” Tiffany said, lifting her head so her eyes can meet yours, “I want them to see his face as they watch him die. I want her to know that she’s the reason as to why this is happening.”

You felt a pain in your chest, as if a knife were going right through your heart. You looked at Yugyeom, his eyes already on your tiny frame as he let a soft, yet weak smile grace his lips.

“It’s okay, (Y/N),” He said softly, “I’m perfectly fine with taking the fall for you.”

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Aladdin and the 40 thieves

Tl;dr robbery problem that’s been going on for years escalates. Management does nothing 👌Guy gets over $600 of stuff stolen from his truck, but it’s honestly HIS fault.

I work at a very nice golf course. We kinda have this problem that’s been going on for 20 goddam years with thevies breaking into cars. I don’t know why we can’t catch these guys I’m seriously suspecting it’s an inside job. These guys are no Al Capone but they’re good at what they do, and they know it so we’re constantly targeted. They bust windows yet no alarms sound, and somehow just slip out??? They’ve stolen guns out of our customers cars, so we’re not about to approach them if we ever do see them. Management won’t hire actual security, it’s cartstaff’s side job to do security whenever they can get to it. What a joke.
Anyway! Recently a customer who just finished his round, discovered his truck’s window was busted and all of his shit gone. He was beyond pissed, not to mention drunk. Him and his friends yelled at any employee they could find and there was almost an altercation. So the police come to file the report, the guy says he had about $600 worth of shit gone. We ask ’ where was your stuff hidden?’. THIS FUCK NUGGET SAYS “ I had my iPad and an iPhone in the passenger’s seat…” …what? WHAT? THAT’S YOUR OWN FAULT????? We have that stupid sign that says “HIDE IT, TAKE IT, LOCK IT” fucking moron. Why would you have $600 worth of shit in your car??? You know the risk you dumbass. That could happen ANYWHERE.

anonymous asked:

a headcanon where MC has a really popular vlog channel, like she have 6+ million subs and MC has had the channel for 5 years, like her channel is her main job, and the rfa+v+saeran are caught watching her old videos because they wanted to see what she did and how she was back when they didn't know her. In the end they probably become part of her vlogging? Thanks! :D

Thank you for the ask! It’s really specific tho … are you a vlogger yourself? I don’t exactly know what vlogs actually are?? I’m sorry but but college is REALLY stressful for me and I don’t have time for anything. I’m gonna assume that they are targeted towards a specific audience….

Yoosung and the prankster

- Your vlogs are what shitposts would look like in video

- Always making funny comments, jokes, meme references and pranks

-You do these small skits too

-Yoosung had already seen some of your videos

-So when he first met you, he had a nagging feeling he had seen you somewhere before

-When he knew that vlogging was your profession, he just had to check it out

-He always knew you were very smart and funny but those videos were just amazing. He couldn’t believe how you wrote and acted those things out yourself

- His girlfriend was amazing, beautiful, smart and…. cue shot of you with a pencil stuck up your nose SO DAMN RIDICULOUS

- He laughed so hard he had to clutch his sides and strain to just breathe

-That;s when you walked in

- “Yoosung…. WHAT THE HECK,” you shouted. Isn;t that the correct response when your boyfriend is just rolling on the floor, laughing maniacally with tears streaming down his face?

- “MC! MC!” he said struggling to hold his breath, “Why didn’t you show these to me before!! You’re so talented and funny.” He waked over to you and kissed you on the lips.

- “You bet… I didn;t get all those subscribers for nothing,” you grin

- So you two ended up getting drunk and watching your videos all night. 

- And ya’all had a deadly hangover the morning after    

- But you were determined to make him appear in one of your videos. 

- He did occasionally appear. Yoosung was adorable a nervous wreck  in those videos and so people started requesting videos with him

- Besides it was so much fun showing off your cute boyfriend

Zen and the reviewer   

- So you were the reviewer

- So smart, sophisticated and clever

- Always reviewing movies, books and sometimes even anime we are all only human, right? 

- You were really clever, detail oriented and organised. 

- You first did this as a hobby but since it really took off, you decided to make this your main job

- When you got home one day, you saw zen intently watching something on the laptop

- He was so engrossed in it that he didnt even seeing you coming

- “Sweetie, what are you doing ?” you asked

- “Gosh! Babe, you scared me!” he said as he clutched his chest. Drama Queen much?

 - You learnt that he was actually watching your videos the entire evening

- “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME BABE??” he asked, “You’re so good at this!! And you have so many subscribers!!”

- “I’m not as popular as you!!” you protested as you sat next to him. He kissed your cheek. 

- He whined a little and proceeded to click the next video

- “My boyfriend Zen;s new movie is amazing,” you proclaimed in the video, “You guys should check it out. He’s such talented actor….” 

- You proceeded to praise Zen in the video. Something you dare not do to his face. You;re a real tsundere… I’ll give you that

- “I mean…. you were pretty good in the movie Zen…” you gave him a little fake laugh. God… that was so embarrassing 

- “ Babe…” zen said as he flung the laptop. 

- Before you could protest, he cupped your face in his hands and kissed you wildly.

- His hands slid under your shirt. “Why don’t we take this to the bedroom?” you suggested. He smirked.  

- The beast was unleashed. 

- So the first video you did with zen was such a hit! Your subscriber count went up!! And you had so many requests!! A lot of people started watching Zen’s movies too. The two of you really had such a positive impact on each others career and life

Jaehee and the coplayer

- You were a cosplayer

- Not unlike Jaehee, you were such a big fangirl too

- You cosplayed everything from anime, manga, video games to comic books

- You’ve never ever missed a convention

- Jaehee being the loving and caring wife that she is, was always the first person to watch your videos and anonymously comment good things about it and anonymously take down the bullies too 

- She enjoyed watching you stitch, wear your perfect makeup and just transform yourself. 

- Sometimes, when you’re in cosplay, she can barely recognise you but she never admits it

- Jaehee helped you make the vidoes. But it never struck you to make her a part of it

- But one day you had this really good idea!

-There was this really big convention coming up and what better way to introduce her to your friends??? 

- “Sailor Uranus and Neptune!” you proclaimed, “That’s what we should go as!”

- “I’m sorry but WE??” Jaehee dropped the cup she was holding. 

- “Yes! Jaehee my darling” you did a dramatic twirl, “You must accompany me!”

- It took a lot of coaxing but she finally agreed

- And boy did you transform her 

- She couldn’t believe she looked like that.

- You always caught her catching glimpses at herself in the mirror

- By God, she was cute. 

- “Thank you, MC,” she smiled as she kissed you really softly on your lips.

- Your beast= unleashed.

- All throughout the convention, you took videos of your wife.  

- Jaehee never knew about this

–When you finally posted the video, it was such a hit!!!  People were going crazy over you and your wife! They requested a lot of videos with her. 

-When Jaehee came to know about this, she blushed beet red. 

- “Mc!! Stop embarrassing me like this,” she cried as she covered her face.

- Now you can finally unleash that beast in peace

Jumin and the musician  

- Jumin Han is a sophisticated man

- And you;re such a sophisticated girl

- You play the violin, the piano, the flute….. name any instrument and you could play it 

-You wanted to work for an orchestra but since your channel took off, you decided to make vlogging your main job

- Why not? YOu really enjoyed the freedom

- You would play anything you wanted. From complicated classical pieces to the openings of really cheesy tv shows

-You would always play something for jumin

- He preferred listen to you live than over the internet

- He really loved how your fingers moved and just how focused you were

- To him, just to see you and listen to your music was such a stress buster

- One day when Jumin found free time, he decided to check out your channel in his office

- He literally hit himself for not having seen your videos before.

- You were just as wonderful on the computer

- When you came over to give him his lunch, you were in for a shock

- Jumin was listening to an original piece by you while a drop of tear streamed down his face. He wiped it off immediately when he saw you

- “Are you one of those single tear people,” you laughed and walked over to him. Whiplash reference  which jumin did not understand T_T

- “Mc…” said as he literally pounced over you. He started to kiss your neck and tried to undo your zipper. 

- “Woah wait, Mr. Han! What is this about?”

- “I’m sorry Ive never seen your videos before,” he said, “You are so amazingly talented MC.”

- “If you want to make it up to me Jumin… then I know just the thing.”

- Needless to say, the great Jumin Han had to clear his schedule so that he could appear in one of your videos 

- And of course your comments section was filled with different variants of “ MC ARE YOU DATING THE JUMIN HAN?”

Seven and the makeup guru

- You are the Queen. bows down to you

- Your makeup is always on point. Please teach me how to do eyebrows Y_Y

- You started doing these makeup tutorials in college

- You got really popular and thought… heck why not get paid for this

- Seven is obsessed with your videos. BOI HAS SEEN ALL OF IT

- The both of you literally stay home most of the time

- Seven loves watching you do makeup

- He gives this really cute commentary when you do it

- “AND SHE SCORES” he’d scream when youre done

- He;s actually really fashionable himself

- “ MC I think you should go with ruby woo for this”

- “Shaddup seven”

- And whenever someone makes fun of you in the comments, he has no mercy.

- YOu never knew about this. But you were pretty suspicious cause the amount of hate went down? Boi never deleted all of it, he was clever like that

- You did the ‘entire face with kids makeup challenge’ on him… while he was asleep

- He never forgave you for that….. secretly he loved it

- He tries on your makeup when you’re not there

V and the food and culture blogger

- You love travelling

-And you have this really wholesome food and culture vlog

- After all that mint eye mess, he’s not dead I promise Y_Y you guys decided to travel the world

- Your vlog was restricted to your country and ever since the world tour the subscriber count went up

- You would do these vlogs where you’d describe the scenery to V

- It was so tastefully worded

- You guys visited usual places, interacted with the most interesting people and the food…. by God it was good

- And V, being the romantic that he is, would say something once in a while that absolutely floored you

- “GOD! V, The scenery is so beautiful”

- “Is it as beautiful as you?” he’d ask as he kissed your forehead

- All in all, it became fluff overload

- V became your permanent partner in this

- You guys had so much fun doing this that it did not really feel like a job

Saeran and the gamer

- You’d do gaming vlogs….. I’ve never seen one in my entire life… and Ive only heard of pewdiepie so no hate pls

- Saeran doesnt play games…… except in the bedroom of course

- He doesnt get why you’re so obsessed

- But he still obsessively watches all your videos…. he’s a complicated boi

- He always reads ALL the comments

- Let’s just say that he’s ruined some lives

- You’ve never gotten a negative comment after he came into your life??

- You asked Saeran to stop but he’s always feigned ignorance 

- You know Saeran watches your videos but he pretends he does not

- He always gives that tiny little cute smile when he watches your videos…. and you know this cause you’re a stalker like that 

- Always says stupid things like “MC, I wonder what those fingers can do??”

- Aaaand you smack him on the head for it 

Target Employee! Mingyu

hey guys! here is the second installment of my Seventeen shopping mall employees au, wow thats long. but alot of people enjoyed my Vernon imagine and gave me such positive feedback! i really appreciate it, and i hope you all will enjoy the rest of my writing! 

  •  this boi in target would be a freaking legend
  •  he’s organised, punctual, efficient etc
  •  loves his job sm
  •  close to being store assistant manager
  •  proud af of himself
  •  struts around with his cute smile
  •  is THAT employee that askes everyone “do you need help with anything?”
  •  all the other employees have to ask him for help constantly
  •  that would only make his self-esteem get higher
  •  he knows he’s good at his job
  •  you walk into target, holding a list of new appliances that you need for your new apartment
  •  kinda confused bc you weren’t familiar with the area and lowkey had trouble finding target in the first place
  •  anyways
  •  you walk to the microwaves and stuff when a tall figure approached you
  •  “hello, would you like any assistance today?” the calm voice spoke
  •  you turned and saw a boy smiling at you
  •  “um yeah actually, I need everything on this list” you show him
  •  he leans his head towards yours to read the list
  •  he smelt good
  •  wow not creepy at all
  •  “okay, well you’ve come to the right person, I’m kind of a legend around here”
  •  “oh really now?”
  •  “mhmm” he hummed, leading you towards the kettles
  •  whilst walking through the store together, he started making small talk
  •  “how long ago did you move here?” he asked
  •  “um like Monday”
  •  “you’re organised, I like it”
  •  you blushed at his comment
  •  you looked at his name tag ‘Mingyu’
  •  nice name
  •  he was hella helpful
  •  he even pushed the trolley for you while you grabbed which appliances you liked
  •  “Mingyu we’ve been walking around for like an hour, I think I have everything”
  •  “no no but y/n, what about spoons and forks?” he whined
  •  you rolled your eyes, giggling at his childish manner
  •  you had literally been walking with him and talking for so long
  •  you were worried he was gonna get told off for like bludging or something
  •  “ok noW I think I’m done” you huffed, taking a look at your trolley full of stuff
  •  “yeah I’ll help you check them out”
  •  (or check you out whatever lol)
  •  “thankyou for this, I probably would have been here for hours without you” you complimented him
  •  “ah that’s alright, come by again soon, I like talking to you.” He smiled softly
  •  your heart did some flips yo
  •  you couldn’t stop blushing wow
  •  he finished scanning your stuff
  •  being the clingy lil boy he is
  •  he helped you load the stuff into your car
  •  like what a man
  •  “you didn’t have to do this for me” you kept telling him but he kept ignoring it
  •  “y/n, I want to help.”
  •  You sighed, feeling at ease when he spoke to you
  •  You were about to go
  •  But he grabbed your wrist
  •  Lmao cliché
  •  But still
  •  Cute
  •  “do you wanna, hang out another time? I just had a lot of fun today but like I get if you don’t want to I just thoug-“
  •  “I would love that” you interrupted his stuttering
  •  his smile was so big
  •  it took over his whole face aw
  •  you exchanged numbers
  •  his name set as “mingyu the cute target dude”
  •  “I can’t figure out a name for you!” he whined
  •  “y/n, with 3 love hearts thanks” you joked
  •  but he wasn’t playin
  •  so you got your hearts
  •  and that’s that
  •  isn’t mingyu the sweetest
  •  ok bye now
  •  this was fun

Regarding the Flood’s return in Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare, some people are saying that it invalidates Halo 3′s ending, but I think it does the opposite.

In Installation 08′s control room, Guilty Spark tells Johnson that the ring isn’t finished. It will be completed “in just a few more days”.

With the Gravemind rebuilding itself on the new ring, the Flood hot on their heels, Johnson replies that they don’t have a few more days. He makes a decision, though the scene isn’t framed in that way, to go ahead and fire the ring before it’s ready.

The Flood surviving adds a consequence to that.

Halo 3 gave us the personal consequence, as Guilty Spark kills Johnson then and there. Cue emotional death scene, etc etc. But nobody pauses to think over what the long-term implications are for firing an unfinished ring - even Cortana says “Halo. It’s so new. Unfinished. I’m not exactly sure what will happen when we fire it.”

As we know, Halos have to be specifically tuned to target organisms capable of hosting the Flood supercell. There’s no reason to believe that an unfinished ring is going to do the job properly, especially when the act of firing it literally tears it apart - that’s a pretty clear statement about how unready it was for use.

Thus, the choice Johnson made temporarily ended the Flood threat - but not permanently, which might’ve been accomplished if they fired Installation 08 when it was ready.

The Flood survived in the wreckage of High Charity (I don’t know what we did to it in Halo 3, we’re never actually shown, but shooting three generators with small-arms fire is definitely not enough to destroy the single largest non-Forerunner construct in the setting) and have been patiently waiting for new hosts to arrive. I think this was a good direction to go that builds on Halo 3′s narrative, rather than disregarding it.

Fuck Head Office

I have no problem with management at store level. But right now, at corporate level, ooooooh boy.

I work as a sales person in retail. I get paid a base wage,  and commission. The commission I make is a set percentage (3%, to be precise) of the profit I make. So, for example, if I sell a $600 laptop that has a $10 profit margin in it, and a $20 cable with an $11 profit margin in it, I’ll make 30 cents commission off the laptop, but 33 cents commission off the cable, because there’s more of a profit margin. If I was to discount a product down to where the store made a loss (so, for example, if there was $5 profit in something but a customer was an ass about the price and I discounted it by $7, there would be a $2 loss) I would lose the loss amount (e.g. $2) from my total profit for the day, thereby resulting in me losing some of my commission overall. Usually, if a product is negative margin (generally because of a price match with a competitor), I will put the sale under my manager’s sales number. This means that even though the store makes a loss, I do not lose previously earned profit under my name, and because my manager doesn’t get commission, he isn’t personally impacted by the loss either. That’s all well and good and fine. BUT, sales people also have daily and weekly sales targets that we should meet if we want to keep our jobs, so we also need sales to be under our own numbers, and not our manager’s.
Sometimes, we have company-wide sales where the sale prices on items actually have negative margin. The company still makes money after the sale ends, by making deals with product suppliers where the suppliers rebate the stores with any money lost by selling their products at a lower price, after the sale is over. This means that the store doesn’t lose any money, which is great. The downside is, if a sales person processes a negative sale and loses commission, the rebate doesn’t cover them individually, just the store as a whole, so we still lose our commission if we put negative margin sale items through under our own sales number. I’ve been here since June 2016, and it’s never really been an issue, because most sale prices were adjusted to still make profit, so we only occasionally had to put sales under our manager to prevent losing profit. Until recently.
I don’t know what is wrong with the people at our head office, but ever since around Christmas 2016, it seems they’ve decided to just chuck things on sale without worrying about making profit at the time, because hey, the company still gets the money back eventually, who cares about the sales people who partially rely on commission to survive, right??? That leaves sales people with two options:
1. Put all negative sales under our manager and not personally lose any commission money, but risk not meeting our recorded sales targets, and getting put into an “improvement programme”, or being fired.
2. Put the negative sales under our own sales numbers, not lose our jobs, but lose quite a chunk out of our paychecks.

So the choice is to essentially risk getting fired, or not get fired but struggle to survive because you’re losing money all the time. I love my job overall, but my loathing for head office has increased by 50 billion percent, and I become miserable whenever we have huge sales because I know whichever decision I make is going to suck. But the fat cats in corporate don’t care because at the end of the day they’re all still making enough money to live comfortably in the most expensive city in the country, where the average house price is a million dollars (and no, that’s not an exaggeration).

Three years have passed

A/N: I’m sorry for the delayed but here I leave more Gajevy drama for all of you. Special thanks to @ranunculus-fox for helping me. BTW. I think I should change the genres of this fanfic XD Which ones would you think it will suit more the fic? Also, Sorry if I make Makarov a little out of character.
 Fairy Tail

Couple: Gajevy

Rated: T

Status: On going

Summary : Tired of being “the damsel in distress”, Levy left the guild without telling anyone except Master Makarov. She spent three years far away from Magnolia learning new spells to improve her skills. But finally, is time to return home. What’s that strange magic she learned? 

Chapter One:https://otakugirlkrod.tumblr.com/post/158442724445/three-years-have-passed

Chapter Two: https://otakugirlkrod.tumblr.com/post/159584893235/three-years-have-passed

Chapter Three: https://otakugirlkrod.tumblr.com/post/159780767225/three-years-have-passed

Chapter Four: https://otakugirlkrod.tumblr.com/post/160171984995/three-years-have-passed

Chapter Five: https://otakugirlkrod.tumblr.com/post/162149897065/three-years-have-passed

Chapter Six: Some pieces of the puzzle

The kiss was delicate, but brought warm feelings to both of them. Levy’s soft and warm lips responded to Gajeel’s actions. He didn’t know what exactly happened and why he acted that way but he was sure that he tasted a salty tear in her lips. This new feeling made Gajeel feel different. Why are we doin’ this? Gajeel thought as he opened partially his eyes and saw every little detail in her face. Her eyes were shut and some trails of tears were visible in her delicate skin. He admired every detailed and closed his eyes again. Gajeel held Levy by the shoulder and deepened the kiss.

Levy groaned and pulled apart abruptly. “I-I’m so sorry. I-We shouldn’t…” She got up of the couch but stopped in her tracks. She looked down and noticed that Gajeel was holding her left arm.

“Where ya’ think you’re going?” He looked at her intensely.

Levy looked away and said. “It’s not your obligation to help me Gajeel…” She sighed. “You don’t have to feel sorry for me.”

Gajeel tilt his head to the right and looked at her confused. “What the hell are ya’ babblin’ about?”

Levy looked directly to his crimson red eyes. “You don’t have to do any of this.”

“What exactly?”

“I know what are you doing, Gajeel.” She released her arm from his grip. “You don’t have to pretend you have feelings for me.”

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  • kara danvers, catco magazine
    • oh, kara kara kara. you were always in danger with your supergirl quotes.
    • i love that snapper just got tired of kara using the same source, regardless of who it was. it wasn’t that supergirl was an untrustworthy source, it was that kara had made her one.
      • in a way, kara made herself useless by relying only on supergirl. (oh, i wonder where that could be headed.)
    • i love that instead of using supergirl blowing up in her face, she blew everything else up in her own face.
      • and she chose to, knowing that it was the right thing to do and that it was going to cost her. she can still mourn that it did cost her, but it wasn’t shock that it happened in the end, just sadness.
    • i hate how disappointed, but also probably a little bit proud, cat is off being somewhere right now.
    • and i haaaaaaaaaaate, in the best possible way, that the stripping away of everything kara has is continuing apace.
      • “maybe being supergirl and having you is enough.” YEAH GOOD LUCK WITH THAT NEXT WEEK.
    • “you’re at defcon 3 with the moxie.”
      • i’m going to miss snapper.
      • (assuming he’s gone. ace reporter (ep 218) might return kara to catco, but it might not. she’s had a taste of the power of using her own voice, and being able to be her own source, and that would be a very interesting way to tackle kara’s pretty heavily established biases in her reporting that they haven’t really addressed. independent blogger kara danvers better gift me with kara on her couch in her jammies and her laptop is all i’m saying.)
    • (one this i did not like one tiny little bit: “supergirl is what i can do, kara is who i am.” oh, show. you have lost your way so bad right now if that’s genuinely what you think. i don’t think you do, but we really need to start pulling these threads together, guys. i believe in you!?)
  • the adventures of alex and maggie, two law enforcement agents without their agencies 😍
    • “you owe me dinner, a bottle of scotch, and one of those flash grenade things.”
      • that’s quite a bet, and alex is sorry she made it.
      • be still my former procedural watching, partner shipping heart.
    • “ride or die. where do we start?”
    • “GO AWAY BRIAN.”
    • (and then that was it??? WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE MAGGIE WITH YOU ALEX, JFC.)
  • all the danvers sister got fired for a bit this week
    • alex losing her shit :(((((((((((((((((
    • alex choosing to help jeremiah and betraying the DEO :(((((((((((((((((((
    • j’onn knowing alex was going to choose jeremiah :((((((((((((((((((((
    • “it was a betrayal and it was unfair and i need you to ask him to put me back on the case.”
      • alex was so, so willing to play with the team. and the team didn’t want her so she made maggie her team 😍
    • j’onn saying J’ONN IS NOT FAMILY :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
      • last time alex nudged kara back from outer space, this time kara got to return the favour.
      • 🙏
      • oh my god my heart.
    • (alex was reckless either way, so she might as well be reckless with the DEO? okay?????????????? no wonder kara never learns to have a plan, jfc.)
  • “you’re the only superman we need.”
      • lillian and secretary alana on the phone is the point where this episode crossed some very special threshold of mustachio twirling that i love deep in my heart. this episode was dark cheese.
    • (this plot makes zero sense, just fyi.
      • lillian’s already attempted to exterminate all aliens in national city. a spaceship to another galaxy or wherever was the backup plan? nah, that’s shady. i don’t trust you, team rocket.)
      • (the possibility that lillian was involved with luthorcorp up until lena took over is like the entire basis for my pet theory that lena knew about cadmus all along. rip, theory.)
      • (does l-corp have any technology that could help locate aliens????)
    • “what are friends for?” what indeed.
      • secretary alana, DID YOU KILL OUR BELOVED JESS FOR THAT JOB? or does lena have multiple assistances like she’s miranda priestly?
      • secretary alana was in the 8th grade in 2007, which would make her about 14 then and 24 now. lena luthor, you were 14 then, too.
    • “Lena?!” kara said excitedly, thoroughly ignoring her pain in the ass manchild.
    • LENA GOT KNOCKED OFF HER BALCONY AND KARA SAVED HER 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
      • (i cannot believe this actually happened. i feel so trolled and i don’t even care.)
      • (i can already predict the discourse re this save vs a certain other save. i can already tell i’m gonna be tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired.)
  • 🌏🚀
    • “it’s blobbed.”
    • those henchmen that knocked lena off the balcony are so fired right now.
    • “i was getting coffee with kara danvers.”
      • kara! you need to stop that!
    • LOIS AND HERCULES ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
INTJ in Scream

Originally posted by orzigan

INTJ: Hello

Killer: I’m lurking-

INTJ: (hangs up) Why do I answer unknown phone numbers?


Killer: Hello, I’m lurking outside your door with a knife and I’m going to kill you.

INTJ: Well good job ruining your surprise, but seriously since you specifically targeted me and my house, this is personal. We most likely know each other and live within 10 miles of each other. After deducing who knows I have a home phone and ergo, the number to it, you have been to my house, and had a reason to call me before. A call which I actually answered. Also, you know where to hide.

However, there is the possibility that this is the wrong house and I’m just messing with you, because given how you described yourself, and this situation, you would have known if I was lying. Be it that I was claiming not to be myself, or this wasn’t my house. You also would know if I was a stranger, someone you’d just generally kill anyway for kicks and to strike fear into the general area. Apparently you have nothing else better to do.

Going back to my “this is a personal attack” theory, of an intimate nature, I obviously offended or displeased you somehow-Jerry.

Jerry: Oh sh-

INTJ: I’ve also been behind you in the bushes this entire time.

Jerry: How, oh F-

INTJ: We know which one of us was voted most likely to be a serial killer in high school Jerry, oh don’t you, don’t you run Jerry! I am Batman, I am Batman!

It has been a very challenging quarter of the year. I have been straining to be tough as I can. Just every aspect of life has its own mess to offer. I may not be showing my weak side to anyone, but I am in so much botheration. I can’t concentrate on anything that I do because I can’t help myself not to over think.

Right now, I am here in the waiting area of my most hate place, the hospital. I am patiently hoping for any update about my grandma who is currently in the ICU, unconscious. One of my closest aunts who is pregnant has been also diagnosed with Gallstones. Seeing my aunt in intolerable agony is excruciatingly painful. It is affecting my performance at work. I am under so much pressure as a supervisor to help the team hits the targets. I always feel exhausted and can’t invest my best to help my agents. Actually, I’ve also lost my interest in working. But I need this job because I have so many bills to pay and I don’t have any other means of income. Because of all of this, I lost my appetite in eating and I feel like force feeding myself every time I try to eat. I actually already lost weight. And even thought many times of merely putting it all to its end.

The worst part is I can’t tell my anxieties to anyone, not even to my partner. Of course, he is not naive. He is very straight forward in asking what’s wrong. Not that I don’t want to share, but I can’t share it because I fear that maybe I am really the problem.

Zevran Arainai is demisexual

Hear me out.

I know Zev’s a pretty sexual dude, but he literally never says that he is attracted to people, just that he’s got a shit life so he takes every opportunity for fun (and sex is objectively cool, unless you are sex repulsed; I’m talking here of endorphines and such)

He does spend a lot of time somewhat jokingly hitting on everyone, but to me it is both a coping mechanism, and an automatism he learnt with the Crows (he’s known for seducing his targets before finishing the job, after all).

I don’t think he is aro, because he can fall in love with the Warden, though he certainly closed himself off from feelings (have you seen this dude’s past, I don’t blame him for protecting himself)

Here’s the kicker though: if you romance him, he reaches a point where he suddenly refuses sex and backs off from your Warden. Now I get that it’s probably written as “fuck, as those romantic feelings”, but it could actually be “fuuuuuck, I’m sexually attracted to you now?? I used to only sleep with you because I was bored and I like sex, but now I?? actually think of sleeping with you at random moments??”

Let me tell you, as a demisexual person, suddenly realising that you are sexually attracted to someone is VERY weird. And could definitely result in freaking out and backing off.

In conclusion, Zevran is a demisexual panromantic lil elf dude who hides his true feelings behind A LOT of sarcasm, and he’s never thought of his sexuality that much because he thinks everyone is like him, having sex if it presents itself, not ACTIVELY seeking out specific people because they’re attracted to them.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.