i actually have a headache from reading


For the Anon who requested 232 (hey don’t raise your voice at me) and 227 (your eyes are red. Were you crying?) with Hotch.

You wipe up the evidence of the tears, you shouldn’t let them get to you like this. The bullying has always been present, you just never noticed how bad it was until recently. The BAU had become your family. The one that actually loved and cared for you, one that had your back.
“Hey.” Hotch says softly.
“Hi Hotch.” You say keeping your head down, mock reading the file. You have a hand on your forehead, further blocking your face from Hotch’s view.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. I just have a headache.”
“You’re lying to me.” Hotch says, “Why are you lying?”
“It’s nothing Hotch.”
“It’s something.” He presses and you snap.
“Aaron! Let it go!” You cry looking up at him.
“Hey! Don’t raise your voice at me!” He growls the anger evident in his voice. At least until his eyes meet yours. “Your eyes are red. Why are your eyes red? Have you been crying?”
“It’s nothing.”
“Your family?” He asks softly. Hotch knows the history with them, he’s seen it first hand.
“Yea. Assholes.”
“I’m sorry.” He says giving your hand a squeeze.
“It’s fine. There’s nothing you can do.”
“I could block their numbers from the office.”
“How about emails?”
“Those too. We do work with Penelope Garcia. Do you want to talk about it?”
“It was my dad. He wants me to come home. I don’t want to go home Hotch, she’s going to be there. She’s going to undermine me. I can’t keep doing this with every new wife he has.” He sighs softly.
“When does he want you to come home?”
“Thanksgiving. I can’t Hotch. I can’t do it.”
“You can tell him you already have plans. JJ and Will asked Henry and I over. Come with us?”
“I can’t. I wasn’t invited.”
“Yes you were. JJ told me to bring that girl I was seeing.”
“What?” You ask stunned. You’d been so good at keeping your relationship on the down low.
“I’m pretty sure she didn’t know it was you.”
“We’ve been good.” You say as his fingers brush your cheek. “I’m sorry I yelled at you.”
“Me too.” He presses his lips to your temple then straitens up. “Let’s go talk to Penelope.”
“Can you tell I’ve been crying?”
“Okay let’s go.” You sigh and just before you go out the door he pulls you to him in a tight hug.
“You know we love you right?”
“I do. Thanks Hotch.”

In keeping with the unintentional recent theme of my blog, Quite Long Text Posts, here is a list of things I am really enjoying about Poe Party:

-The way that authors are generally being killed off in iconic ways from their books (although I have not read enough by George Eliot to know if that holds true for her).

-The way that Charlotte Bronte has been written as a not-actually-especially-nice person who is overconcerned with reputation, which kind of correlates with her behaviour after her sisters died.

-HG Wells

-Sean’s excellent ability to portray Poe as someone who is perpetually developing a headache.

-”At least… this dress… is fab”.

-HG Wells asking Lenore about fashion and taking an interest in that, whereas so often male characters in film/TV act as though it’s frivolous and women who like it are lesser somehow.

-Annabelle telling Hemingway and Poe off (they 100% deserved it).

-”Very dear to me… VERY DEAR TO ME.”

-Poe has a cupboard full of ravens, because of course he does.

-Even though this is a lovely goofy comedy, I got genuinely tense when they all split up, because I like most of the characters and don’t want them to be murdered.

-The set design looks great and I’m so impressed by it.

-The mix of one-liner, character-based, and physical comedy. It seems really well balanced to me.

-HG Wells inventing brilliant things and never being taken seriously is hilarious.

-All the Emily Dickinson gags. Aw, poor Emily.

-The authors having constant “who’s the best author” ego matches, which of course they would.

-Literally everything Poe says.

-HG Wells’ suspect wall with promo pictures.

-Initially I wasn’t particularly into the first couple of episodes, but I have rewatched them several times and they get funnier every time, because I know the characters more. It’s impressive to make something with such high rewatchability.

-Everyone waiting anxiously until Christie shows up and then… oh, no.

-I don’t know how easy it is to get lighting to be “dark and atmospheric” yet still see everyone, but given that lots of feature films can’t manage it, I’m guessing it’s tricky. Not being able to see what’s going on bugs me SO MUCH in TV and I like the lighting in this webseries.

-George Eliot announcing that SHE… is a WOMAN!, and everybody being frustrated that she doesn’t, you know, point out the killer instead.

-The clear inspiration from And Then There Were None, especially the note. I loved that book but also I had to sleep with the lights on for two nights after I read it (I wish I were kidding), so I like seeing it affectionately spoofed.

-Seeing how far Shipwrecked has come since ATTV (which I also loved, but this is such a massive step up in terms of scale, and it’s really exciting). It makes me wonder enthusiastically about what will come next.


This is a true story.

Back in the 1990s, a girl committed suicide after viewing an image posted in an old newsgroup.

The image was of a figure–which some identified as a woman–standing in the middle of a lonely road. The figure is transparent to the point that its legs are barely visible and is illuminated by an unknown light source coming from the direction of the camera. Whether it’s headlights, a handheld flashlight, or the light of the camera itself isn’t known for sure, as the actual source of the image has never been identified. No facial features can be made out, but the figure is most easily identified by its long, bony appendages which partly resemble a spider’s legs. Those who have seen the image or know of its existence have come to know the figure in it as “The Wanderer.”

The first known Wanderer account occurred in 1996. Jane, a college girl who was visiting her family during the holiday season, had an interest in the paranormal. She saw the Wanderer image on a newsgroup along with a message reading “Do you see me? I can see you too.”

Dozens of other users saw the same post. Most didn’t think much of it–just that it was somehow “funny.” Some actually complained that they experienced headaches while they looked at the image, and similar claims have been made by others since.

According to Jane’s family, she suffered from nightmares in the nights after seeing the image. She claimed she would wake up and see the Wanderer outside her window. Sometimes it would scrape the glass with it’s spider-like limbs, but usually it would just stand there and stare at her. She would find herself unable to move while in its presence, as if many unseen hands were holding her down. Even if she closed her eyes, she would still see it.

Her family was sure she had just been frightened by an image online and was having nightmares as a result, until Jane complained of seeing the Wanderer in her waking life as well. She was convinced it was following her. She would see it even while she was in a room full of people or out in public, even though no one else saw anything. Jane’s family feared for her sanity, but only assured her that the Wanderer wasn’t real.

Jane, however, only got worse. She began going to extreme lengths to stay awake at night. It started out just with caffeine and staying active, but quickly graduated to cutting herself and screaming all through the night. Before long, she wasn’t sleeping at all. She was convinced that, if she slept again, the Wanderer would take her.

Her family knew they couldn’t just wait and hope for the best. Jane needed help. But when Jane’s mother knocked on her daughter’s bedroom door, she received no answer. She carefully opened the door, not wanting to disturb or startle Jane, but still she heard nothing.

Jane wasn’t in her bed. She wasn’t sitting at her computer. She didn’t appear to be in her room at all, until her mom checked the closet.

There, Jane was found curled in the corner. Blood reddened the front of her body, having drained from the long slit across her throat. She was clutching a bloodstained note which read, “It can’t have me now.”

Jane’s case is not isolated. Through the rest of the 90s, dozens of others went missing or committed suicided after viewing the image of the Wanderer. Since the turn of the century–despite my best efforts at locating the image–it seems to have disappeared. Recently though, I posted on a newsgroup asking if anyone had heard of the Wanderer. I’ve done this many times before and usually there’s one or two people who have heard the story, but no one who has seen the image. This time was different. Shortly after posting, I received an email in my inbox.

The subject of the email was “I CAN SEE YOU.” The body only read, “Do you see me? I can see you too.”

There was an image attached with the message. I can’t verify whether it’s the real Wanderer image or not, but I must warn you that, if you choose to view the image, you do so at your own risk.

anonymous asked:

I've been taking 20mg Adderall XR for almost a year now and since then my life has gotten drastically better. I have a full time job, I started college, I'm actually doing well in school, and I'm even trying to build up my savings. However, I'm starting to feel REALLY dependent on my medication, to the point that I don't trust myself at work or school without it. Also, I tend to rebound really strongly and have horrible withdrawal on days off. Is it normal to feel so dependent on my meds?

Yes! I am also dependent on my meds—not only my ADHD meds, but my thyroid meds, my asthma meds, and my migraine meds. I’m also dependent on my glasses to read without getting a headache and to drive at night without being dazzled by oncoming headlights. It means that I actually need these things to function and I’m not just using them for funsies.

At some point, I had to accept that I am just a little messed up, but with help from doctors, optometrists, and therapists, I can live a full and healthy life. Going off my meds and taking off my glasses will not make me less messed up; it will only ruin the full-and-healthy-life part of the equation.

I choose a full and healthy life.



I would like to personally blame @ask-spiderpool for the spideypool trash I have become over the last few weeks.

I’m caught up with the entire blog, I get notifications on my phone whenever it updates, and of course I draw these two losers like I actually have a clue how to draw Wade (I don’t).

And in case you can’t read the bubbles in the third picture because my handwriting and layout is atrocious:


Wade: You’re gonna get prolapsed anus from sitting there so long, Petey!

Peter: Pretty sure that’s not how you get prolapsed anus…

Wade: Sore back and a bad headache then.

Peter: Already got both in spades, pal. (Life of a college student for ya)


Anyway @ask-spiderpool is brilliant and hilarious and you should all go and follow now go go go

Monster Movie - Part 2

Word Count: 1220

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

A/N: It’s super short, I know. Sorry. 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Hey.” You walked back into the motel room in the middle of the night after girl’s night with Jamie and Lucy. “You’re still awake?”

“No way I’d sleep until you were back.” Dean chuckled, standing from the table and pulling you into a hug. “So…you won.”

“I did.” You chuckled. “I always do.”

“So…” His hands played with the hem of your shirt.

“No.” You smacked his hands away with a sly smile. “You’re not gonna be dehymenated here. I wanna make your first time special. Take you on a date and shit.”

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The Morning After

Word Count: 1052

Warnings: This is attached to like every oneshot post so why not? There are none! Unless some cute Niall time isn’t what you’re looking for.

A/M: So this was requested multiple times and I’m glad it was cause it gave me even more of a reason to write it.
This here would be my first official one shot and is actually the Part Two to the preference I wrote, Sleeping Over. So I’m just saying you might wanna read that first. But up to you.
If there’s other one shots in the near future is to be determined. But this is what I got. Enjoy?:) Gif is definitely not mine.


You woke up to a headache and bruises on your legs. You sat up on the bed, your hand resting on your forehead in an attempt to make the headache go away, and as you looked at the bruises you realized where they could have come from, after tasting the disgusting aftertaste of vomit and morning breath.

After adjusting to the morning light and closing the window blinds you looked around the room to realize that you weren’t in your room.

“Niall?” He wasn’t there, and you tried thinking back to yesterday.

You had told him that you wanted to get drunk.

“What a smart idea that was” you thought sarcastically to yourself, feeling quite exhausted.

And then you said that you’d crash here, and he had agreed to that.

That was all you could remember, besides the shots and the drinks, that now did NOT seem like a great idea at all. But now you worried.

Where was he? And hopefully you didn’t do anything for him to drop you out of his life.

You couldn’t deal with something like that.

You first went to his bathroom and found some mouthwash, just something to get rid of the terrible taste, and aside from the burn it did the trick, and you went down the stairs.
The place was quiet, and you wondered if he was even here.

But then as you made it to the last step, you heard the TV and you sighed a little bit of relief. He turned around just as you did, and you froze in your spot, unsure really of what to do.

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So I got stood up twice in the last two days. Same guy. Don’t really know why. He took my shirt off when we were making out on our first date and kept it? I’ve never had that happen before so I didn’t know how to react. I was too busy trying to keep the fact that my clothes are more important to me than a lot of things (people) under wraps. Probably one of the reasons I’m single. But yeah haven’t heard from him since. I thought we had a nice date and it ended with us making out on the couch sooooo. What? I’m very confused. Slightly hurt. I was planning to wallow all day today but instead I went to the gym and started reading Outlander. Monster of a series in terms of size, probably longer than A Song of Ice and Fire. Pretty excited though, I’ve heard good things. But more importantly- can I just have my tank back?!

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Can you recommend some narry fics for me please? Need some distraction from uni or I'm going insane haha xx

Yikes. I hope all turns out well, in the end. Okay, here we go:

Whatever @missing-headache writes is genuinely pure gold, really, and here is Jessica’s work. She’s also very nice, so be sure to give her your love because she deserves to feel like the little unicorn she surely is. @leprechauncupcakes has this amazing way of making you feel and feel and feel till you can’t anymore, and then feel some more from your grave, and Kaylee’s masterpieces are here and here. @narryhadalittleliam actually is the epitome of amazing, and though I have yet to sit down and read his works because of shit, I know they’ll definitely blow me away. Ryan is my personal rockstar, really, and I am so, so glad I somehow found him/he somehow found me. I helped @niallhoranisasecretfurby write a little something, and Nora’s rocking it all over the spectrum, really; here is her lovely work, and give her some kisses for me. @little-cather is wildly talent, and I don’t know her name but I know she’s a force to be reckoned with because of this right here. @narrymusings is a legend, and she doesn’t take any shit; have a look here and bow down to her creative loveliness [I couldn’t find a link to her writing but I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to help you, if you ask nicely].

If you like or prefer Wattpad, I have this cute little reading list on my profle called ‘we fit.’ and it’s all the Narry I’m reading or have read. Quite the collection, too. 

This is a crappy collection, and while I tried, it doesn’t look like it. These amazing authors are what inspire and drive me to attempt to do what I do; without them, I know I would be trash, and I don’t think Kaylee knows how much she means to me, but that’s okay. Jessica, too, and Ryan as well, though I’ve gushed over him continuously. Nora’s my baby and @narrymusings and @little-cather are purely diamonds. Trust me.

And if anybody has any suggestions, feel free to send them in. ;)

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getting a harry potter tattoo is so overdone u dont have to get every mainstream tattoo that turns up on your dash.

Were you there when I was a little kid and sat at the end of my mum’s bed listening to her read the books to me? Because they are some of the only good memories I have with her from then.

Were you there when I was small and dressed up as Hermione for world book day at school?  Because I wanted to announce to the bullies that actually, I was proud of being a ‘boff’ and they couldn’t scare me anymore.

Were you there when I was a teenager and was so sick from starving myself that the hunger pains wouldn’t let me sleep, but the headache was too bad to have a light on?  Because the only entertainment I had through those long painful nights was Stephen Fry reading me those audio-books.

Were you there on the train with me the day my dad died? Because those same audio-books were the only thing that kept me from crying my eyes out in a carriage full of random commuters.

Were you there while I was sat outside my mum’s room at night listening to her sobbing and keeping watch after the second suicide attempt I had walked in on?  Because reading those books were the only thing that kept my head from replaying the worries that if I couldn’t go to work, I couldn’t pay her bills - but if I left her to go to work her next attempt might actually work.

And lastly, were you there when reading those books over and over again taught me lots about grammar and spelling? No - clearly not, because if so there wouldn’t be at least six mistakes in your ask.