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rfa and fake relationships


-Says he needs to fake a relationship with you for a publicity stunt, and although true he just wants an excuse to put his arm around MC

- Usually is confident and bold but seeing them in person made him a blushing mess

-So this is the perfect opportunity to make a move

-“Next party, can you be my fake date? I mean I am the most eligible bachelor, and I think it’d be good press if I was with the actual planner”

-“But I hate having my photo taken, and are you sure it won’t cause scandal”

-“It’d do the opposite! They want to see me in a healthy relationship after glam”

-Finally MC agrees

-They walk the red carpet together, arm laced around MC’s waist

-MC’s dress was the most beautiful thing, Zen was breathless

-Finally nearing the end a paparazzi screamed “Kiss on camera!”

-Right as MC was about to call the guy a freak Zen grabs her and kisses her full on

-In front of everyone

-Which almost turned into making out if MC hadn’t pulled away

-“What was that?” MC’s eyes widen

-“Just giving the audience what they wanted, Besides you kissed back” he winked and smiled

-MC couldn’t focus  the rest of the party and accidentally spills on themselves

-Zen pulls the cliche “you can use my jacket” bit, the nice formal men’s coat drowning her

-And let’s say that night Zen took her home;))))

-Finally the following morning they actually got together for real


-“Oops.. I might have told my dad I had a date to this executive dinner to replace Sara..”

-“And??? Why does this involve me?”

-“Will you go with me and pretend to be my date? I’ll pay you. How does $10,000 sound?”

-“Jumin I’ll do anything for you, you don’t need to offer money for favors,” (wink wonk)

-“Hah. Don’t say things like that to me. But thanks. The dinner is tonight I have a new dress I picked out for you in the closet and I hired someone for makeup. Be ready by five the limo will be here.


-He knew she was going to say yes no matter what

-Cheeky bastard

-The dinner was kinda awkward because it was more of just business discussion

-But MC nodded and tried to be supportive

-Until Mr. Chairman Han started asking her questions

-“So when did you and Jumin get together? How did you guys meet? What is your financial status?”

-“Father please stop you are scaring her,”

-“Just making sure she’s suitable for the Han lineage,”

-When they got back to Jumin’s apartment, MC ranted about how she thought his dad hated her

-“Baby, trust me, he adored you,”

-“Did you just call me baby,”

-It had just slipped out

-And Jumin was blushing

-“Oh.. Ha.. I mean,” Jumin never got choked up, “I was still in a ‘fake relationship’ mindset,”


-“However, tonight wasn’t just a ploy to rid Sara. I usually don’t partake in that thing called, “feelings,”, but I’ve found myself wanting to be with you, MC. You could live here and have anything you desire. Just please say yes, and don’t leave me,”

-And they kiss after MC agrees happily


-MC and Jaehee were ranting to each other about family issues one day when the subject of Jaehee’s parents nagging her to get a boyfriend came up

-“Honestly I just want to tell them I’m gay so they don’t think Mr. Han and I are a thing,”

-“Do it,”

-She chuckled, “Well, though they are accepting I think they’d like some proof, like a girlfriend,”

-“You could find someone to play said girlfriend,” MC hinted, “Maybe she’s sitting right in front of you, and is actually pretty decent at acting from studying Zen’s plays,”

-“You would do that for me?”

-MC quickly said of course and they giggled and continued to talk throughout the night

-Later Jaehee ends up calling her parents sharing the news and they asked if they could meet MC the following weekend on Jaehee’s day off

-When the day came MC was really nervous

-“What if they don’t like me? What if they are secretly homophobic? What if-”

-“Look, don’t worry. I love you, and I usually have a harsh sense of judgement, it’s very difficult to open me up. Yet, somehow you did in only a matter of a day. And If they were homophobic, they certainly didn’t have any objections over the phone. Don’t doubt yourself.”

-“You love me?”

-“Oh.. Well I mean in a friend way… I have a love for everyone in the RFA.. Haha…”

-MC was more disappointed then she’d like to admit

-“I love you too.. In a friend way,” She sadly lied.

-The evening went perfectly, and Jaehee’s parents were very fond of MC

-MC could see where Jaehee got her seriousness from

-They were exhausted, and Mrs. Kang thoroughly insisted they both sleep in Jaehee’s old room

-When they got in bed, MC was out cold.

-Jaehee leaned over and confessed to her

-She said what she had always wanted to when MC was awake

-Soon she followed into sleep, and ended up wrapping her arms around MC while doing so

-The next morning, however, MC had all the memories from the night before

-She was only half asleep

-She woke up before Jaehee and didn’t want to wake her, so she stayed soundly in her arms

-When Jaehee finally awoke, MC leaned in and placed a really soft kiss on Jaehee

-They ended up making out, not muttering a single word to each other until they looked at the time

-Jaehee was late for work.

-They quickly left The Kang’s residence, thanking them for the hospitality

-The car ride was a pleasant silence, the radio humming as they drove to the office

-MC spent the day with her as she worked, sneaking in little affectionate kisses in between

-After they went and got coffee, and though neither of them actually came out and asked each other out, they were girlfriends.


-Jumin couldn’t mind his own business.

-After spending a whole night playing LOLOL, and narrating it through the chat, Jumin got fed up with, in his words, “lack of responsibility and control,”  

-He called the one and only, Ms. Kim to his apartment

-Yoosung wasn’t aware his mom had been sent over to his place, so he had MC over,

-They were in a very intense game to say the least

-They both were yelling, trying to tickle one another to mess up

-It lead to MC pinning him to the couch, sitting on top of him,

-When his door opened,

-And low and behold his mother had walked in on MC straddling him,

-He was VERY flustered


-They both got up, getting back to their original spots

-“Oh um hi. I should have knocked. And you might be….?”

-“I’m MC,” she quickly panicked, “Yoosung’s girlfriend,”

-Yoosung’s complexion was the same as a tomato

-“About time you finally found yourself a girlfriend! I’m so proud! Why didn’t you tell me about MC before!”

-“Oh uh.. It was more recent. And why are you here?”

-“A friend of yours, Jumin, called and told me up were addicted to your games.  He sounded worried. He’s such an amazing friend, but anyways, came up to check on you.”

-Yoosung was a mix of mad, embarrassed, and really flustered.

-However he soon got over his anger at Jumin, because he realized having his mom around wasn’t the worst thing that could happen

-I mean he was cooking, had a ‘girlfriend,’ and his grades had risen dramatically

-By the end, He had ended up for the better, and his and MC’s relationship grew steadily


-“Hey MC! Couples get free drinks tonight at this local restaurant! We could fake it and get unlimited doctor pepper!”

-“Sev don’t you have unlimited soda already?!”

-“Yes but this is from hands of a mixologist! It’s totally different than drinking from the can. They add a little extra kick from the ice and the nice fancy glass cups,”

-“Or maybe it’s vodka,’ MC teases,

-“Either way it’s free! Plus don’t you feel better that your god Seven will actually eat something besides chips!”

-“I guess we could go out to dinner,” She giggled, “but I was looking forward to pizza and chips,”

-They both dressed up to the bare minimum

-Nevertheless, he thought MC looked breathtaking

-They took Seven’s red porsche

-“So tell me MC, what do I need to know if I want to properly fake date you?” He smirks

-She smiles, “A lot of handholding,’

-The ‘fake’ date went without a ditch

-They giggled about how great of spies they are and how they actually got away with their mission

-At the end though it left MC more confused than ever because Luciel usually pushes her away but that night she felt closer to him than ever

-Later they cuddles and watched a horror movie when MC decided to be honest

-“Ah, fuck it,” He gave up trying to stay as friends

-They kissed and it was everything they both wanted it to be and more


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