i actually hate this girl tho



- dark and mysterious 

- cocky as hell 

- sweetheart, kitten, baby doll, baby girl, the list goes on

- “i bet you taste as good as you look” 

- “shut up asshole” 

- you want to hate him

- but you like him

- alot

- pretends he doesn’t care, but actually does

- he would beat up your ex boyfriend for breaking your heart 

- secretly inlove with you

- wont admit it tho


- artistic 

- maybe even writes poetry from time to time

- knows how to take care of someone properly 

- always wants to make sure you’re safe

- “i care about you.. alot actually..”

- princess, flower, pumpkin

- sweetest little munchkin 

- cuddles galore 

- always wants to be around you

- he has so much love to give 

- all for you

- and no one else


- shy

- slightly awkwardly 

- stutters a lot 

- blushes a lot 

- casually likes to watch you, but not in a creepy way

- adores you so much

- a flower everyday 

- honey, princess, sweetie, darling

- he likes to bake you things

- always wants to hold your hand

- forehead kisses

- mostly for him

“If I dated a girl, wouldn’t that just be like a bestie that I hang out w all the time and also have sex with? How could I take that seriously” well girl a little ~life hack~ is that you don’t actually have to hate yr partner and think of them as some sort of inscrutable mysterious lazy creature that you live w , while claiming that you ‘married yr best friend’, even tho beyond that pat cliche str8 men and women are *rarely* best friends

Johnny Cade n the cute stuff he does bc hes adorable :’)

-he bites his nails when he’s anxious

-when his parents fight he’ll just sit in his room and bite his nails until they bleed

-he like… never cries 

-like ever

-because he’ll hold it in until he can’t take it anymore and then he’ll just have this massive breakdown and most of the time he’ll just have them in his room alone because he doesn’t want to ask for help

-he goes to school sometimes when he feels like it 

-it gives him a reason to leave the house

-but when he does go to school i feel like he’d just chill in the library a lot and barely ever go to lessons

-he doesn’t understand why he should actually do work because his parents don’t care and it’s not like he’s gonna go to college or anything anyway

-he loves cuddles

-but like, he loves giving them 

-he’ll use people as a pillow 

-i have a feeling he likes confident girls/guys/basically dally what

-like, he likes when people encourage him to do things

-he used to be bullied because he was so dark tan but he nEVER was ashamed of it once

-he still isn’t he loves his skin tone

-he’s actually not that much smaller than dally, he just slouches


-will dance to jailhouse rock with no shame this boY

-doesn’t flirt often but when he doeS

-man he’s actually super confident

-especially if it’s a greaser girl he’s known a while

-he hates sylvia tho

-great kisser bro like he will go from cute peck on the cheek to makeout session on the kitchen counter in like 2 seconds

-not a virgin

-i won’t detail it but yeah. he was 14.

-that one little shit who will pick up a spider and shove it in ur face

-he giggles

[yeah that’s it i’m tired bye hope u like this]

Post Eri-Rescue Idea:

Eri is rescued in some action filled traumatizing way, and Deku is the one that saves her. His line?

“It’s okay! Why? Because I am here!”

Eri is just, she’s seen him before and so she knows he’s got her best intentions at heart so she’s not scared. Nope, she clings to his strength and the hope he gives her like the only lifeline she has (and in some ways it is)

Once they’re in a safe place again, it’s time for Eri to go to the social workers because she’s a tiny child who needs caregivers who know what she needs and they need to have LOTS OF EXPERIENCE with traumatized kids. She’s not having any of it. It’s either Deku or everyone in the surrounding vicinity loses their quirks. So, well, they reach a compromise:

Eri and Deku stay together in a secure location with a child therapist and a pro hero that Deku trusts implicitly. The therapist is government issued, but Aizawa as their pro-hero sure isn’t. 

Eri and Deku bond, as close as brother and sister in the coming days. Eri is getting almost nowhere with the therapist, she doesn’t trust them at all, but she has a wary trust with Aizawa because of Deku’s influence. He’s awkward and cranky but he’s always kind and gentle with her, and he’ll teach her self-defense moves when she asks as he’s teaching her Izu-nii all the stuff he’s missing at school. Things even get fun when All Might visits to talk with them, and with him she sees someone that makes Izu-nii happy and someone everyone respects and cares for, even if he still tries to care for them with his breaking body. She recognizes a lot of Izu-nii in him, and a lot of All Might in her big brother.

When things are finally cleared enough that Eri doesn’t have to be constantly supervised anymore, Deku, All Might, and Aizawa go back to Yuuei while Eri is sent to elementary school for the first time because it’s time for her to be integrated back into society. They promise to go and visit Eri often, because being in elementary school is tough, and everything seems fine for about a week or so.

That is, until Eri runs away in the middle of the school day. She’s already snuck into Aizawa’s classroom by the time anyone even notices she’s gone. 

“She’s quiet!” “She’s such a good girl we never thought-” “I just never noticed-”

excuses excuses and more excuses. Aizawa’s still pissed tho and proclaims right then and there that if they can’t take care of Eri then he will. It might’ve been impulsive, but, well, no buts it was just impulsive. So Aizawa has a daughter who won’t leave his classroom, a naive impulsive student of his own who his daughter attaches herself too, and the epitome of publicity porn running down his neck any hour of the day. That’s the only part he hates (besides the fact that he actually has to keep his house tidy now). Even All Might, with all his annoying pep, keeps bugging him everyday. It doesn’t help that his adorable new daughter keeps distracting his students who love her dearly (Tsuyu especially takes a liking to her) and who all SHOULD be studying but he can’t even blame them for giving her affection when she’s had so little of it so far in her life. Even he will turn away when Satou gives her sweets before she eats or when she suddenly has a new toy after passing by Momo’s desk, or she’ll sit inside Shouji’s wing or squeeze into the same seat at Midoriya to watch him teach together. She even makes Bakugou stop his loud outbursts and reflect on his behavior (the sudden anger and violence in his actions make Eri cry and it truly makes Bakugou sit and reflect how he presents himself to victims of violence. A hero can’t make victims afraid to be rescued)

Anyways, Eri becomes Class 1-A’s mascot, Aizawa’s accidental impulse daughter, Deku’s little sister, and All Might becomes a kinda weird uncle 



I can’t pretend that there is any other girl in the entire world for me. There will only ever be one girl. You.

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is it actually good tho i mean no hate or anything but it does just look like another big tiddy girl anime

I am not fucking joking

MCs are lesbians. koboyashi and tohru.

they adopt a dragon daughter kanna (Not really adopt but basically since they live together and take care of her)

Kanna has a lesbian friend 

the only major sexaulization is of the big booby dragon who so far isn’t a major character.

Koboyashi’s work friend is gay, or at least has an interest in men. ((That sounds like the same thing but like it’s not been stated that he loves men just has an interest in ‘butlers’ ))

fafnir comes over just to play dark souls

None of the LGBT things I meantioned play a big role really, minus tohru’s love for koboyashi. I wouldn’t watch this if you’re looking for representation, but it is a great light hearted show so far. Me and my friends look forward to it every week! You’d think it’d be full of fanservice but really there’s not that much.

here are some types of girl group fans i’ve encountered in all these years of listening to kpop:

 the ‘special snowflake’ fan. they think that stanning underrated girl groups no one ever heard of and cares about makes them so much better than the whole kpop fandom. usually very openly bitter and petty towards successful and popular female idols. without a doubt, they hate boy groups too. they think they’re superior because they get wet over hello venus’ lime instead of red velvet’s seulgi or something. still waiting for after school to comeback, but everyone except them knows it’s not gonna happen anymore.

✨  the ‘i love all girls’ fan. nothing wrong with them, i’m just genuinely surprised they actually have the energy to love so many girls and have so many biases. always puts emojis or cheesy stuff in the tags about any girl they reblog. they’re like a girl group encyclopedia seriously. they come in more flavors though: hates boy groups, doesn’t care about boy groups, or likes a few of them tho nothing serious.

 the one-fandom fan. ah, now here it gets a bit more complicated. these fans like a certain girl group very much (and a few others too, but never as much as their true loves whoever they may be), but they don’t shy away from constantly putting down other girl groups to uplift their own biases at any given time. usually the groups who have such fans are snsd, twice, gfriend, red velvet, f(x) or blackpink. they usually spend time on twitter and you will always see them fighting between each other. might use the phrase “queens of [uncomfortably specific thing]” when talking about their fave girls.

✨  the ‘i hate twice’ girl group fan. they are the 2017 version of kpop fans who back in the day used to force themselves to like wonder girls or 2ne1 just to piss off sones and snsd. this new type of fan usually stans other girl groups as long as it gives them the chance to make more tweets about hating ‘twix’ or something. usually the groups they like are successful and popular and have been mentioned above. sometimes this type of fan blends in with the ‘one-fandom’ or even ‘special snowflake’, but ya know, there’s always minor differences. these fans live more for hating twice than actually supporting their faves.

the bangtan girl group fan. yes. you read that right. they like a lot of girl groups, but nothing and no one actually beats bangtan in their heart. they usually have aesthetic tumblrs and their descriptions are always like “i’m [name] and i love [bangtan member]”, tho usually it’s jimin, jhope or sometimes suga. but the url is ALWAYS about a girl group, their icon is a female idol, but ya know, their posts say otherwise. might dislike rap monster, tho it’s not always the case.

the ‘i like hardcore concepts only’ fan. these are among some of the most annoying. they like girl groups as long as they have hardcore (no, not sexy) concepts, hip-hop inspired and ya know, other stereotypical masculine bullshit like that. most likely hate cute and feminine girl groups and never miss a chance to say how much they dislike them. is most of the time if not always an army. they used to fall into the ‘i like 2ne1 and boy groups only’ category, but now that 2ne1 is gone, they probably cling to blackpink or red velvet or sometimes f(x). probably stans clc now too.

which one are u? and do u think there’s other types i’ve missed?

why does reverse harem anime have such tasteless and bland men. like. none of them have a personality, they’re just “that trope” and nothing more. sometimes not even that. it doesn’t matter how hot a character is, if they don’t have a personality and layers then they’re unattractive & boring.

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I kidn of want Sana to break down in front of the girls tomorrow because as much as I hate seeing Sana crying I think it would be important for the girls to be reminded that Sana too is only human even tho she always has that" I can deal with everything on my own and nothing gets to me" attitude, i think that since she's always like that the girls tend to forget that everyone has a breaking point

i actually agree!! as much as i HATE seeing her sad and crying, i think it would be a wake up call to the girls bc apparently they see her as this ‘gangster muslim robot’ who is physically incapable of feeling emotion smh but its sad that they would have to literally see her break down in tears to understand that she feels emotions ???

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does Lacy have any special skills like writing or art? (also do you have a fantasy on how you guys met?)

Ya!! She’s a dancer, that’s her special thing :) she also plays guitar & sings as hobbies bc I want her to be able to do duets with me <3

And ACTUALLYYY this is like the top daydream I think about nowadays and I have multiple scenarios bc I can’t decide on a specific one but I really like these ones

  1. Both took the same dance class
  2. Both volunteered to help during the same social event (I’m really fond of this one?? It’s so basic but doing volunteer work w friends is like the more fulfilling feeling??)
  3. Somehow met her at work even tho she’s not an artist and would hate having a sit-down job
  4. I’m really fond of the “both of us work/volunteer at a community center for the performing arts” au bc that way we’re both showing off some of our best talents without competing bc we’re in different fields and also I really really actually want to do this for real, cute girl or not

These all take place in my favourite fantasy world where I have enough social energy and time to do extracurricular activities and meet new people while also handling my job and my webcomic

…..not to be corny…but like i wont love any other group as much as i love girl’s day, they make me so happy,,,im smiling everytime i see them,, theyre always making me laugh, i love them so much, as a group and as individuals, listen they’re so so hard working, always giving their best, they wanted the perfect album, and yes the waiting was a lot of time, but they wanted to choose the perfect songs for the album so we they would like, and also us, and they love us so much, and they’re always so so so grateful, for example at that concert where they couldn’t stop crying, hyeri talking about how they prepared the ‘show’ and how she was so grateful that all of them (fans) were there with them, and minah telling them how special is to her that when u look at the fans and they look right back at her, she was so so grateful for that, and they had so many awful times as a group, one of them how much it took them to get a #1, honestly they always worked so hard and yet they wouldn’t get it, but when they did they were so so happy and grateful, and sojin!!!!! the sweetest and kindest!!!, always taking care of the members, shes so good at it, shes so so so funny and shes always laughing with them but she also know each of them very well, and know how to take care of each member, and like im so !!!! for her, bc she left her home when she was young just to try and make her dream true, and yura, the cutest!!!, she’s always putting an smile in their faces and also the fans, shes the biggest dork ever, shes so sweet and funny, and her personality is the purest thing ever!!!!, wow minah…minah!!! the biggest angel ever!!!!, i just wanted her to be happy 24/7, she always, gave her all for girl’s day, she did so many things she wouldn’t like to do but she did because she wanted more people to know who girl’s day was, and she even said how it was hard for her that people didn’t saw her as a girl group member:( but she still did it all, and she takes so much care of the fans!!!!, like they make fun of her bc shes always ‘did you ate?’ @ the fans, but that’s actually so so sweet, she’s an angel!! im telling you!!!,…hyeri…my….love, the light of my life!!!! wow, i love her so so so so so much, she’s always so so positive and kind with everyone, even tho she used to get so much hate, and people keep making jokes about her, she’s always such a kind person and sweet and she’s laughing and making everyone around her feel happy, and she loves and cares with all heart!!!she loves the girls and her family and the fans so so so so so so much, and she’s the most beautiful person inside and out, and all of them are so special and important to me, i love them so much, and it makes me sad when people said they didn’t deserve to win, or don’t deserve what they have, bc all of them are so hard working, so kind and they deserve so much more

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The first character I first fell in love with: neil josten
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: kevin day and nicky hemmick* and wymack**
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: i don’t really have one, or maybe jean since it took me a while to actually care for him
The character I love that everyone else hates: idk i don’t think i have one
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: idk
The character I would totally smooch: dan wilds omg honestly tho any of the girls
The character I’d want to be like: i want dan’s drive and renee’s hope to be better and allison’s confidence and matt’s happiness 
The character I’d slap: riko obvi
A pairing that I love: (k)andreil, renison, nicky/erik and tbh i do really like aaron and katelyn together
A pairing that I despise: riko w/ anything that isn’t death lmao

*for reasons that are probably understandable
**neil “unreliable narrator” josten made me feel convinced that wymack was gonna be Not Good and im glad i was mistaken

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its honestly sooo annoying when islamaphobic people try to make sana a villain in this season. i mean they hate it when people read little things in the series that actually come true BUUTTT they all on board to draaaaaag the tiniest detail out to make her the villain EVEN THO THE COMMENT ON EVERYONE BEING ALONE WAS ABOUT HER AND WHAT SHES GOING THROUGH WITH THE NON CARING GIRL "SQUAD" she unfortunatly involved in smmmhh

this is ridiculous… how could eva and vilde be so fucking quick to report Isak to the school to get him expelled yet not report Sara?! What Sara did was wayyy worse than what Isak “did”… all Isak “did” was expose actual texts (still wrong tho) while Sara made up malicious rumors about Vilde

this makes no sense. i’m so annoyed at the girls bc they’re really fucking quick to turn over isak when they don’t even have proof that he did it and they only know bc of Ingrid and Sara (who have been already exposed as fake) how is she willing to blindly follow RUMORS? why wouldn’t she talk to isak instead of going the most extreme route.. esp when Isak is her friend?

why does everyone hate isak so much… like….?? i don’t get it….. Sara is even defending isak at this point (for her own reasons i’m sure…) yet Eva and Vilde are ready to watch him crash and burn? at this point everyone’s a mess… both the girl squad and pepsi max….

I actually hate posts like the last reblog even tho it made me laugh bc certain sports are highly associated w lesbian culture especially butch lesbians and while there are plenty of athletic girls who are straight and feminine it is still overall a “masculine” thing to like and I actually hate jokes about how gay people hate sports bc being athletic is absolutely something discouraged in women, idk like I don’t get when girls reblog posts on Tumblr like “idk what sports are I’m gay!” (although I guess I just did that lol) when that’s specifically a stereotype about gay *men* like don’t throw sporty lesbians under the bus bc sportsball jokes are that important to you

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INNIT THO IT IS LIKE THE ONLY TIME I WILL EVER NOT HATE GUY WITH ALL MY SOUL (apart from when he saved bernie’s life but like.. he was only doing his job y’know)

@ktlsyrtis replied to your post “random patient: *comes on way too strong* serena campbell: how about…”

YES! That’s actually one of my favorite episodes. When all of the guys actually pull their heads out of their asses and stand up for my girl? Ugh, just fucking fling me into the sun!

SERENA CAMPBELL AND HER GANG OF BOYS WHO ACTUALLY STICK UP FOR HER LIKE !!!!! honestly i am so glad that happened it is such a fucking relief from all the grief they’ve given her i feel fucking renewed it is SUCH AN ICONIC EPISODE I’M BLESSED

When I arrived at [Richard Shermanโ€™s] house for the first time - and he had read the script - he was crying his eyes out. Because he had HATED this woman viciously and he said: โ€œShe was just a little girl, I wish Iโ€™d know, I wish I couldโ€™ve helped her.“ And itโ€™s just really sad… but for him this has been really cathartic, because now he can let it go.

Kelly Marcel about working with Richard Sherman on the Saving Mr. Banks script.

#actual cinnamon roll #too good for this world too pure

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damnnnnn girl the amount of salt coming off you @ the rude ass anon is the best thing like it's so funny. yes girl. you tell that anon. make sure all they taste for DAYS is salt. keep yelling, youre adorable and amazing and ily xx (also @ the bitch anon stay away from our fandom like whats ur deal back off dickhead)

Asdfgh thank you very much oml haha :D ye i get v salty when somebody annoys me oops. but honestly thank you thats sweet :) i dont mind this rude anon sending me hate tho its fine, kind of funny actually lol. thanks for being nice tho :)