i actually hate them they're awful

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i actually hate waiting on children. yes. children aw good sometimes but i'm just not a fan of them. they're loud and messy and one kid grabbed my hand and made me drop plates and then screamed and laughed and screamed at me to get him lolly pop like. control ur kids the mom just laughed at it when he demanded shit from me. worst thing ever.

I don’t blame the children. I blame the parents.


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Just gotta say I LOVE your turned good AU!! I really like the idea of Pennywise being super protective of all the losers, like parental instincts kicking in BIG time (which is interesting considering Penny was pregnant in the book and all) and just informally adopting all of them and hating their actual parents (cough cough, Bev's dad) with a fiery passion. Murderous alien spider clown adopts eight human children

It’s like the equivalent of buying a bunch of chickens with the intention of eating them but then ending up loving these dumb clucky fragile beings and keeping them in your yard instead. 

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A new kid moves into town, and it seems like they're VERY lazy. They even hate noise, just like Robbie, and like to hide in quiet places to do nothing in silence. However, they're not actually lazy, they have an invisible disability: fibromyalgia. They have trouble running and sometimes even walking, and no amount of sportscandy can give them enough energy to be "normal". Please give them a happy ending. Thanks for taking prompts, you're so cool!

I hope this ending is happy enough! Thank you for naming the child. I am awful at name picking lol

Add this to the list of things I have researched for Lazytown! Hope it’s all accurate!

Sportacus set Ziggy back on his feet, much to the boy’s relief. Trixie, Stingy, and Stephanie ran over to make sure he was okay. Sportacus looked up at the tree Ziggy had been hanging from, “What were you doing up there?”

“I was trying to see into the new kid’s house!”


“She won’t come out and play,” Trixie complained, “And the teacher never makes her go to music or gym class.”

“And she’s always going to the nurse’ office,” Stingy added, “She gets headaches a lot.”

Stephanie was nodding, “She also looks so tired in class. Maybe she’s lazy because she doesn’t get enough sleep?”

“Wait,” Sportacus put up his hands, “You’re talking about Julia, right? The girl who moved in last week?”

“Yeah! She’s almost as lazy as Robbie!” Ziggy said.

“I spoke with her mother when they moved in. Julia isn’t lazy,” Sportacus explained. All four kids looked confused, “Julia is… sick.”

“She doesn’t look sick,” Stingy huffed.

“Her sickness is hard to see. It makes it painful for her to move around a lot. It also makes it hard to sleep.” The kids all exchanged looks.

Stephanie crossed her arms, thinking, “Would eating sports candy make her feel better?”

Sportacus shook his head, “I’m afraid that won’t fix everything. I’m glad you all are concerned for her, but don’t force her to play if she doesn’t feel up to it.”

At that moment, Pixel came running up to the group, “Hey! Were you still trying to talk to Julia? I just passed her playing with Robbie in the park!”

Stingy, Trixie, Stephanie, and Ziggy all looked up at Sportacus. He shrugged.

“Make sure she’s doing a cool super hero pose!”

“I will never understand kids and their obsession with super heroes.”

Julia giggled as Sportacus and the other kids approached. Robbie was kneeling on the pavement, sketching with chalk. As the group got closer, Julia stopped giggling. She looked up at the six of them and edged closer to Robbie. It was then Robbie noticed them. “Don’t step on any of my work,” He ordered, gesturing at the other drawings on the blacktop.

Sportacus stepped forward and smiled warmly at Julia, “It’s good to see you again.” She gave him a little wave. Sportacus turned his attention to Robbie, “What are you doing?”

“We were both out for a walk and we ran into each other. We started talking and I had chalk with me and long story short none of your business go away.” Sportacus chuckled and stepped back.

Ziggy came up to stand beside Julia as she colored in the hair on the super hero Robbie was drawing. “Um, Julia? I’m sorry we were mean before. Do you want some of my chocolate?” He started frantically pulling brightly wrapped candy out of his pocket, “You can have any kind you want!”

Julia bit her lip, ‘”Thank you, but I can’t have chocolate. It has caffeine in it.”

“O-oh. I’m sorry!”

“It’s okay!” She looked around, “Uh, do you want to draw a cape on my super hero?”

Ziggy grinned, “Okay!”

“Can we play too, Julia?” Stephanie asked.

“S-sure! Yeah!”

Chalk was passed around and soon everyone was coloring on the pavement. They tried to keep from shouting to each other, since it made Julia flinch. Robbie and Sportacus stood off to the side, watching them slowly get to know the new kid.

shinoa squad...

I’m actually crying because yuu and his entire squad are like the shittiest kids ever and guren just threw them at shinya. I can literally see shinya initially thinking “okay we can still finish this, i got this” to “i now see why guren hates this planet” within like 5 seconds of being in charge of these awful kids.

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I'm so sorry you and all the other amazing people who I follow face the hate and ignorance and illogical thinking from antis daily. I will NEVER understand focusing so much on something you despise, let alone genuinely obsessing over it. I have noticed that the hate and desperation have escalated since the first TMZ article we predicted- correctly I may add- dropped. And, if my theory is correct, I actually feel sorry for antis. They're obvious PETRIFIED that we may be right. They're terrified +

+ that they’re wrong and that everything they have been TOLD has been a lie. I get it, must be awful to consider that the people you love have lied, but NOTHING excuses their behavior and attitudes. At the end of the day, we are the ones supporting L & H. Half of the antis who claim to love them WILL leave if we turn out to be right  (and everything indicates we are). I just hope antis can deal with whatever it is that’s making them such bitter, awful, meanspirited people as soon as possible. X

I totally agree. And thank you very much, bub. <3


i do a lot of drawings of people from tumblr and sometimes they aren’t totally awful?

(left to right, top to bottom)
vangoghkid blupoop prettygrrrl
pssyriot brian-emo
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