i actually hate them they're awful

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i actually hate waiting on children. yes. children aw good sometimes but i'm just not a fan of them. they're loud and messy and one kid grabbed my hand and made me drop plates and then screamed and laughed and screamed at me to get him lolly pop like. control ur kids the mom just laughed at it when he demanded shit from me. worst thing ever.

I don’t blame the children. I blame the parents.


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I'm so sorry you and all the other amazing people who I follow face the hate and ignorance and illogical thinking from antis daily. I will NEVER understand focusing so much on something you despise, let alone genuinely obsessing over it. I have noticed that the hate and desperation have escalated since the first TMZ article we predicted- correctly I may add- dropped. And, if my theory is correct, I actually feel sorry for antis. They're obvious PETRIFIED that we may be right. They're terrified +

+ that they’re wrong and that everything they have been TOLD has been a lie. I get it, must be awful to consider that the people you love have lied, but NOTHING excuses their behavior and attitudes. At the end of the day, we are the ones supporting L & H. Half of the antis who claim to love them WILL leave if we turn out to be right  (and everything indicates we are). I just hope antis can deal with whatever it is that’s making them such bitter, awful, meanspirited people as soon as possible. X

I totally agree. And thank you very much, bub. <3


i do a lot of drawings of people from tumblr and sometimes they aren’t totally awful?

(left to right, top to bottom)
vangoghkid blupoop prettygrrrl
pssyriot brian-emo
lizardbby 17bllshit ossie-clarks

shinoa squad...

I’m actually crying because yuu and his entire squad are like the shittiest kids ever and guren just threw them at shinya. I can literally see shinya initially thinking “okay we can still finish this, i got this” to “i now see why guren hates this planet” within like 5 seconds of being in charge of these awful kids.