i actually hate birds

some days i find myself wondering if i really AM a closet furry

i’m not saying anything but


i had a really good caption for this gifset but then i realized it wasn’t as good as i first thought it was

Signs getting shit on by a bird

♉️Taurus: “.. At least it didn’t land in my food. Or hair- wait fuck”
♊️Gemini: “/: .. This is fine. Kinda. Not really..”
♋️Cancer: sad but forgives the birds and feeds them after
♍️Virgo: actually isn’t okay at all and freaks out in bathroom
♎️Libra: “Ew OMFG.. So anyway-”
♏️Scorpio: “this means war” *chucks bread at bird while it waddles away*
♐️Sagittarius: “this gives me an excuse to leave on an adventure and kill the bird.. Gotta blast!” *never seen again*
♑️Capricorn: wipes and doesn’t rlly care
♒Aquarius: “is this cum or shit.. Can’t tell”
♓️Pisces: doesn’t notice until someone tells them

anonymous asked:

Have you already drawn the winner for your giveaway?

NOT YET! we’ll announce when that happens, i promise!! you still have a little time to reblog!

she-who-hates-birds said:

Hi scout so I was wondering have you ever thought of expanding your god'n'gabeverse into fanfic like say you write a little story about what the actual hell is the gabe and baseball bat drawing or even write about “ the counfoundingly evil duo” that is you and Misha with plants for masks or even one about how exactly Sam finds his shoe again sorry I’m not trying to be demanding and rude and pushy and what not but I just really wanted to ask you about this


would a lot of people be genuinely interested in something like this? i have a VERY long trip back home from LA (17 hours pinballing around the country until i eventually land back in iowa B( ,) and writing a little for a god’n’gabe verse would definitely help pass the time!

i can’t draw very well when i’m traveling, so this could be an excellent way to solve that. so would you guys maybe like some g’n’g fic drabbles, if anything?