i actually had a hard time choosing who should be Jean



Disclaimer: this is in no way a fully comprehensive guide. This is just me trying to put together basics for people who are unfamiliar with Kazakhstan/Kazakhs to start their writing/research.

I am an ethnic Kazakh female, citizen of Kazakhstan, Almaty, bisexual, upper middle class, currently in college in the US. My experience is in no way representative of all kazakhs and Kazakhstan citizens. However, I think it’s pretty close to Otabek’s.

This is really, really long and kinda convoluted, but if you can bear it –– welcome!

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anonymous asked:

Hey! If you're still taking prompts, could you write about neil and Andrew having a conversation about Neil's past? Like the stuff he had to do to survive and the stuff he went through with the worlds shittiest parents? Also I'm pretty sure neil has killed people like it makes complete sense so maybe andreil talking about that?

There’s a band of pale blue light nipping at the tops of the trees and sharpening the silhouettes of the houses, but everything else is fresh and dark. Andrew smokes with the pack clenched in his fist, the cherry of the cigarette winking at the street lamps winking at the orange moon.

Their front porch isn’t like the rush of the rooftop, but he can get that same jitter of fear from Neil nowadays, and he’s more portable. He’d left him knotted in the bedsheets an hour ago, and knowing he’s inside somewhere at his back is burning him up. Andrew inhales and focuses on the exhale, the way the smoke still tries to hurt him when it should’ve given up. He likes that nicotine doesn’t leave him alone.

Neil slips out the front door and lets the screen door clatter, and Andrew knows that he’s upset before he sits down two steps below Andrew, holding his own head.

He doesn’t ask; just smokes fervently. The moon bobs its head sympathetically, wind catches the smoke and breaks it over Neil’s head like water on rocks.

It occurs to Andrew that Neil isn’t going to start this conversation, because he likes to think things through on his own, solve them wrong, and tell Andrew about his mistakes later. He’s insufferably convinced of his own problem-solving abilities, then obsessed with the mechanism of his own missteps.

“What?” Andrew asks impatiently. He flicks ash from his cigarette and holds it out in front of Neil’s face. Neil sidles through his own tangled thinking for long enough to glance up. He leans forward and sucks the smoke from between Andrew’s fingers.

When he looks away, gusting smoke from his open mouth, he says, “Matt called. We fought.”

You fought,” Andrew guesses.

Neil looks agitated, blue in the choked light, eyes black and furious. “He was being unfair. He keeps trying to tell me what’s right or wrong lately, because he thinks I’ve been— been deprived, like my experiences were outside of humanity, or morality, and it’s so— condescending.”

“You’re only realizing this now? All of the foxes are condescending. It is the only way they can avoid their own failure.”

“This was different,” Neil says, shaking his head. “I can tell when they’re saying things because they want to see my reaction, and this wasn’t that. He meant what he was saying.”

“And what was that?”

Neil goes gagged silent. He shifts backwards up to Andrew’s stair without looking at him, settling into the groove worn into the wood.

“That killing someone makes you a monster. That murder is the worst thing you can do to a person.”

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Big Girl - Michael Clifford Smut

 i wrote this a while ago i literally have no idea how bad it sucks ass but it probably sucks hard


“Mom no! I don’t need a babysitter I’m 18 for god’s sake!”

“No Y/N! The last time i left you home alone you almost burned the house down! And it’s not like he’s a complete stranger. It’s just Michael.” Her parents were going out for a business dinner and they hired Michael Clifford to babysit her.

Michael was 19, he graduated last year and he took a gap year to travel with his mates. That meant he needed money badly. They were neighbours and her parents invited the Cliffords over for dinner quite often but Y/N never had a proper conversation with him however she knew how cocky he was. He had the biggest ego. Always bragging about himself and trying to show off. Never the less she always had a slight crush on him. There was something mesmerising about him.

“We’re leaving now and he’ll be arriving in 15 minutes. Be kind to him and don’t cause any trouble!”

After kissing her parents goodbye Y/N decided to prepare some snacks to watch some movies. Her parents weren’t going to come back until midnight and Michael probably wasn’t gonna pay her attention, she needed to entertain herself until then.

She was going through movies when she heard the knocking on the door.

“Come in the door isn’t locked.” she yelled. She knew it was Michael. Who else would knock on her door at 8:30pm?

“You know you really should lock the door when you’re home alone. Im kind enough to not kidnap you but someone else might.”

“Haha funny Michael.” she was being sarcastic but she knew Michael was kinda right. She wasn’t gonna admit that of course. Michael’s ego was already big enough.

Michael plopped himself next to Y/N on the couch and asked “So what are we watching?”

“We? So THE Michael Clifford wants to spend time with me i’m honored.”

“Don’t flatter yourself i kinda have to cause there’s nothing else to do.”

“Sure.” she snickered. She knew he was being sarcastic. That was how their friendship was. Sarcastic remarks and mean comments.

They settled on watching a random movie which turned out quite boring.

“Why do you need a babysitter anyways?” Michael asked.

“The last time i was home alone i almost burned the house down so my mom doesn’t think i should be left alone anymore. But im a big girl i know i can take care of myself.”

“Big girl huh?” Michael had a smirk when he said that.

“Yes i turned 18 two weeks ago.”

“Truth or dare?”

“What?” she honestly was surprised by his question she wasn’t expecting this. “Truth i guess..”

“Are you a virgin?” she was taken aback from the sudden question.

“N-no.” she shyly answered. She’d much rather her first time being with Michael. The guy who took her virginity was an asshole. “Truth or dare?” she was already thinking of a smart thing to ask him.

“No you choose one.”

“It’s your turn.”

“Im in charge right now don’t you think? Do as i say.”

“Truth.” she didn’t want to take chances and she was pissed with Michael reminding her that he was in charge. Although the thought of Michael being in charge turned her on.

“What’s your biggest turn on?”

“Dare. Can i change it?” she couldn’t tell him that the thought of him tying her down and fucking her mercilessly while she called him daddy made her panties soak.

“No princess. You chose truth and now you have to answer.”

“Umm i g-guess my partner being umm you know dominant would turn me on.”

“I dare you to suck my cock.”


“C'mon babygirl i know you want to. I know how much i turn you on. I bet you’re wet right now.” He was right. Thinking about him fucking her did turn her on.

She got on her knees. It was the moment she was waiting for all her life wasn’t it?

“Michael i’ve only done this once. I don’t know how to do it.”

“It’s ok princess i’ll guide you.”

She unbuttoned his pants, Michael lifted his hips so Y/N could take off his pants and boxers faster.

When Y/N saw his cock she was amazed. He was bigger than the boy who took her virginity and thicker. She was nervous to touch it let alone put it in her mouth.

“What happened?” Michael needed her mouth. Or her hands. Anything. He just wanted to feel her touch.

“It’s just that you’re bigger than my ex.” she didn’t even care if she was flattering his ego even more.

“It’s ok Y/N it’s not gonna bite see.” He started stroking his cock. “Try it c'mon.” Michael replaced his hand with hers and she slowly started stroking him.

“Ugh Y/N it feels so good. Take it in your mouth please.” how could she say no to him when he ask like that? She took him in her mouth. She struggled to fit him in her mouth but managed to do it. She started stroking the parts she couldn’t fit in her mouth with her hands.

“Yes yes yes babygirl does daddy’s cock feels good in your mouth?” Daddy? She never thought Michael would have a daddy kink. She hoped but she never thought he actually had it.

She stopped sucking for a brief moment and said “Yes daddy.”

“Stop stop come here.” Michael pulled her up and sat her on her lap. They started making out passionately.  Michael tried to take off her shirt and  bra without stopping the kiss.

“Fuck babygirl your tits are amazing.” He massaged her boobs and flicked her nipples.

“Daddy please do something!” “What do you want daddy to do baby? You want daddy to fuck you?”

Y/N could only nod and Michael eagerly unbuttoned her pants and took them off.

“Baby there is a condom in the back pocket of my jeans can you bring it to daddy?” she got up from his lap and bend down to get the condom. Michael couldn’t resist it and spanked her ass. She moaned from the pleasure, turning Michael on.

“You like it when daddy spanks you baby?”

“Yes daddy please spank me again.”

“I will baby girl but all i want right now is your sweet pussy wrapped around my cock. Come here.” He grabbed the condom from her hand and quickly put it on.

“C'mon princess ride daddy’s cock. Show him how much of a big girl you are.” Y/N positioned herself on Michael’s cock and slowly slide down. They both moaned in bliss.

“Harder babygirl. Make daddy proud.” Michael couldn’t take it anymore. Hearing her moans and whimpers were driving him crazy. He needed to have his way with her. He needed to devour her. He spanked her and said “Lay down baby.”

Y/N got up from his lap and laid down on the couch. After teasing her folds for a bit, Michael positioned himself at her entrance and quickly thrusted in. She felt so good wrapped around his cock and without realising he started ramming into her. He was fucking her so good. Y/N could feel a knot forming in her stomach and the aching feeling around her pussy. She reached down to rub her clit but Michael held her hands over her head.

“I know you’re close me too baby. Cum for me, cum for daddy Y/N.”

Y/N let out a loud moan and came around Michael’s cock. Feeling her pussy clench around his cock drive Michael over the edge.

He reached for the blanket on the floor and put it over Y/N. He got up and walked towards kitchen to get rid of the condom when he suddenly turned around and said, “I knew you had a crush on me. I think you’re cute.”

November Third (part eight (a))

@o0o-chibaken-o0o this is getting long so I had to split up the year into TWO PARTS (but I’m sure you won’t mind since it just means +++content). 

bingo l part one l part two part three l part four l part five part six l part seven l part eight (a) l updates to come…

Draco didn’t want to play. But it was an hour until November third. And he knew something was bound to happen with Potter anyway. Better it be under the disguise of a game than something with more weight. They’d never addressed their unconventional conversation the previous year. Understandably, it had been lost amongst greater concerns, what with Harry Potter saving the world and all, not to mention Draco’s life.

It was a game of truth or dare, but, somebody (bloody Pansy) had brought enough veritaserum for everyone. So the stakes were raised.

Draco had already decided there was no way he was choosing truth. That no matter how awful a dare, there could be nothing more awful than being forced to reveal the truth of his feelings. Because that was the only question anyone ever asked in these stupid games. And Draco wasn’t a fool.

But before he was given the spotlight, the content of the dares made the choice a little bit harder. Draco wasn’t fussed that Weasley had been dared to take off his pants or that Pansy had already kissed Luna twice - once on her turn when she dared Luna to kiss her, and then once on Luna’s turn when Luna did the same thing back. (It was technically against the rules to dare someone who had already had their turn - but with Pansy in charge, no one was going to question it.)

What Draco was fussed by, was the dare Potter received from Seamus just after midnight. (The traitor - Draco had thought they’d become good friends this year.) 

“I dare you,” Seamus said without even asking Potter his preference - no one was picking truth anyway, “to give Draco a hickey.”

Draco’s head darted over to see Potter’s reaction so fast, he thought he might have given himself whiplash. Potter was already staring back at him too.

The room was silent - for once - as everyone waited to see how Potter would respond. He could always say no. Pansy had made it clear at the start of the game that anyone could, and should feel free to leave at any time without any repercussions. The veritaserum had been optional too, but no one wanted to be the only one who refused - not drinking it would be telling in itself. 

Draco waited impatiently, scanning Potter’s face for any tell of how he might choose. Potter was still staring back - not giving away anything. Until he raised an eyebrow - as if asking Draco: Is this okay?

Draco shifted his head in the slightest nod - that he hoped no one else would notice - to confirm his consent. He kept his face impassive so Potter wouldn’t mistake his willingness for eagerness, despite the fact that it totally was.

“Okay,” Potter said quietly to Seamus. “I’ll do it.”

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Tom Holland x Reader (Includes Zendaya and Harrison)

Word Count: 3050ish

Warnings: Suggestive themes because of the song, light cursing, Blushy!Tom, some dirty jokes, the movie Get Out spoilers

Lyrics from:   Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

Billy Joel – Uptown Girl

                       Beyoncé – Partition

A/N: I decided to get off my lazy but and write this for @wingsanddarkness because they requested this a while ago right when my writer’s block hit. This is way longer than it should be

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Second Chance - Part Two

Originally posted by reyskyvalker

Wow. The response I’ve gotten is just…wow. I can’t even. I am so glad that y’all are enjoying this as much as I am! Thank you so much for your comments and likes and reblogs. You are all amazing! Here is the second chunk! I hope everyone continues to enjoy the story! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in the next part!

Also, thanks again to @sannvers for editing and to @mmegaston for doing a final proofread!

Title: Second Chance

Pairing: Eventual Gaston x Fem!Reader

Rating: T

Words: 5,479

Summary: You try to stop Gaston from shooting the Beast and falling to his death, but you arrive too late to save him. As you sit there, sobbing, the Enchantress offers you a second chance to save him.

Tagging: @i-wished-upon-a-star-one-night  @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @leah5684 @princessbelgoof

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KARD reddit AMA

Q: are you guys friends with any other kpoop groups?

Jiwoo- gugudan Mimi unnie and Boys24 Doha oppa

Somin- twice Jeongyeon, and seventeens Mingyu and Seungkwan are my school juniors

J.Seph- gfriends Sowon

BM- day6 Jae and ladies code

Q: do you guys lurk/look at social media like Reddit and Twitter often to see what fans are thinking/saying?

Somin- yes we do. I look at instagram hashtags. Thank you for always cheering us on.

Q: 1- which of your songs is your favorite? 2- which is you favorite choreography? 3- what are your thoughts on being a co-ed group? 4- whats a musical style do you want to try in the future?

J.Seph 1- don’t recall

Jiwoo 2- the next song thats coming out…I think that choreography will be really awesome

Somin 3- I’m really happy about it because we’re very much like a family. I feel like we have a really great foundation because we have two oppas.

Q: Just wondering…whats your reaction to this gif?

a/n: gif cred to hwasuga

J.Seph- oh it’s cute!

Q: What were your initial thoughts/reactions after seeing how large your international fanbase was? what are some of your favorite songs at the moment?

J.Seph- at first I was flabbergasted. I never even thought about it. I saw a picture of our fans in Brazil waiting in line to buy our tickets and it was so amazing. I don’t know these people but they know me. So i wanted to see who they were so I zoomed in and looked at their faces. (laughs)

Q: how did you guys come to know of r/kpop? do any of you frequent this sub and are there possibly any other kpop stars out there that do?

Somin- out tour manager unnie set it up for us! It’s our first time here!

Q: 1- were you surprised to receive so much attention internationally with your pre-debut singles? 2- BM and J.Seph: did you expect to receive so many singing lines (like in rumor), and do you get nervous when you have to perform them? 3- do you think that having many international fans will continue to make kards music more diverse (like how rumor had a latin sound)? 4- what are some of you favorite western artists or other genres of music to listen to?

J.Seph- I was nervous and excited. I want to show a good side of me but I’m still lacking so much. I tried really hard to do my best.

Jiwoo- there are so many genres that we want ti try right now. I think we will definitely continue to be more diverse when it comes to our sounds.

Somin- Tinashe, Ariana Grande / Jiwoo- Beyonce, Rihanna, Kehlani, Alexander Jean / J.Seph- Little Mix!

Q: 1- will you be continuing the “hidden” concept after officially debuting? 2- is there a different concept or sound you would like to try in the future? 3- were any of you kpop fans before beginning training? if so, what groups? if not, what made you want to become an idol?

J.Seph 1- we’re not sure how we’re going to come out again, but we want to keep releasing good content.

Somin 2- I want to try R&B…but honestly I want to try everything.

Jiwoo 3- I liked TXVQ sunbaenims and BoA sunbaenim. I wasn’t focused on being an idol but I really wanted to do great music in general.

Q: who eats the most? who makes the most jokes?

Jiwoo and Somin together- J.Seph!!!!!!

Q: how many times does BM dab per day?

BM- at least 20

Q: bm what advice can you give to other tall guys who don’t want to look really awkward? also, in the Oh NaNa with fun video your necklace flipped up and nearly chipped your tooth! do you have any other memorable stories that were a result of dancing too hard?

BM- all dudes. short or tall.. own it and swagg out with you got. haha I almost lost a front tooth that day.

Q: 1- which music show do you most look forward to appearing on? 2- with your big international following, you seem to be doing better than other co-ed groups of the past. what unique challenges do you face in korea being a co-ed group? 3- what country are you looking forward to visiting most on your world tour?

1- Jiwoo- Infinity Challenge! / Somin- Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

2- J.Seph- Dubai / Somin- Europe and I really wanted to go to America…actually I want to go everywhere. / Jiwoo- Dubai / BM- Greece and London…Spain…Chile is dope too

Q: for BM: what were your motivations for pursuing a career in kpop having grown up in LA? did you ever doubt whether it was the right choice, for example following your appearance on kpop star, and how were you able to bounce back?

BM- definitely had a lot of times where I felt like I should quit..almost did a lot too but I had a lot of good support around me. #blessed

Q: 1- you guys have great chemistry, how long have the four of you trained as a group? 2- co-ed groups are obviously still rare, how did you all react when you found out that you were going to debut together?

1- J.Seph- 5 years / Somin- with the oppas it’s been 5 years / Jiwoo- I joined 6 months ago!

2- J.Seph- at first when I heard it was a co-ed group I was a bit overwhelmed. I saw Somin from such an early age when she was little, but I never thought  that I would be in a group with her. It felt so strange, but as we started to practice and come together, it became really great.

Q: BM, please rate the english level of the other members!

BM- 1 being baby. 10 being able to communicate comfortably…j.speh 3, somin 3, jiwoo 3. all pretty similar

Q: when you guys/gals were kids, what did you first want to be when you grow up?

BM- I wanted to be a lawyer

Q:  I laughed so much when I saw you dancing “Olha a Onda”, a Brazilian song from the 90s. Knowing that your songs so far evoke latin (and thus Brazilian) beats, is there anything each of you would like to learn about our culture? Foods, drinks, clothing, local music genres, anything?

Jiwoo- I want to learn about the food because I love trying new foods.

Jseph- I heard about Carnival and I really want to go. I also want to learn about samba. 

Q:  BM! Are you close with Ladies’ Code’s Ashley? What are your favorite things about being in this group and what do you feel about the amount of love you’ve been getting from the international fans?

BM-  thats my homegirl fshooooo shoot still super unreal to me.. super humbling and super thankful

Q:  BM: Was it hard to make the decision to move to Korea from USA and become an idol? Did your family support you all the way?

BM- I didnt know squat about the language and culture before i came so yeah it was a hard decision. yeupp one hunnit percent they supported me

Q: many kpop artists are encouraged to learn new languages. What new language would you want to learn and perform in?

Somin : English… (laughs) And French! 

(Jseph says : Bonjour) 

Jiwoo: Chinese and Japanese 

BM: Portuguese

Q:  Regarding your positions as ‘King’ ‘Ace’ etc. were they assigned to you or could you choose which card you wanted to be? Also, can we expect a ‘Queen’ member joining in the future?

Jiwoo - We decided together after a meeting.
Somin - I like the black joker though… I don’t think I would fit the other cards.

Q: BM! What’s your favorite bar in LA?

BM- i came to korea before i turned 21 in LA so i havent been able to turn up too much in my hometown yet :[ send me some suggestions!

Q: when did you start getting interested in music?

Jiwoo - When I was around 8 or 9 I wanted to be a singer. 

Jseph - When I was 7. 

Somin - Probably around junior high.

Q: To BM: Got any workout tips? How did you get so “big” :O

BM- i used to be real hefty. turned all that fat into muscle through dieting.. dieting is 70% workin out is 30%

Q:  What are you all most looking forward to during your tour?

Jiwoo: LA, because I am excited to see Matthew oppa’s family!

Q: BM, do you have any advice for someone who is trying to get and stay in shape?

BM- stay strict and have self discipline one your self diet. workout is a MUST stay active

Q: BM how much can you bench press?? I just started so I can barely do 70 ://

BM- i stopped benching after almost snapping my shoulder. i just do flat bench and incline dumbbell presses now

Q: Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

BM: horse sized duck

Jiwoo : 100 duck sized horses… I’m scared of birds

Jseph : Horse sized duck

Somin : Horse sized duck 


Request:  Hi! I LOVE your writings! Can you do 2? In a scenario where you and Archie are both virgins and you made a pact to take each others virginity if you’re still virgins by graduation and then Archie tells you he loves you? lollll thanks <3

2.  “I’ve been in love with you my entire life.”

Pairings: ArchiexReader

Warnings: NSFW, fluff/smut

Word count: 3,466  I got carried away again


Writing Prompts

Requests open

Originally posted by b-l-u-e-l-u-n-g-s

You were worried. Archie was worried. High school graduation was looming and there was that pact you’d made upon entering the prison like halls. Sure it wasn’t the normal best friend thing, but you and Archie had always been a little different. When you’d first entered high school you’d started hearing all the stories. There were wild parties and virginity losing and you just couldn’t seem to get into that crowd. One night of feeling especially left out you’d ended up at Archie’s. You didn’t knock that wasn’t necessary and opening the door, you heard the TV.

You remembered it clearly, Archie sitting on the couch with a bowl of chips, watching some lame ass reality show. He’d turned to look at you, with no surprise, and gestured for you to join him.

Archie had always been able to read you like a book and he had known something was wrong. Well, it didn’t take much prodding and before long he knew that you felt like you were missing out on the high school experience.

That night a pact was made. “Y/N, I promise that before we graduate we will go to at least one party, and if we are both still virgins by the time we graduate I propose we just get it over with together.” The memory made you smile and you had no idea what had made you agree to maybe have sex with your best friend. It might have had to do with the tiny crush you had on him. Or maybe it was the fact that you thought you might be a virgin forever.

Well the first part of the pact was underway. Currently at one of Cheryl’s parties you were both under and overwhelmed with your surroundings. The sheer number of bodies, the smell of sweat, cologne and the flowing alcohol marked it as what you thought was a typical party. You laughed to yourself over the red cups littering every surface not believing that people actually used them.

It was two weeks before graduation and all the graduates had been invited. You and Archie had never been part of any crowd preferring to stick together with the rest of your friends, but jumped at this opportunity. You were finally able to check at least one high school experience off the list. You were definitely out of your element and seeing as Archie hadn’t left your side all night, he seemed to be out of his.

Before the party, Archie had come over to hang out. He’d rocked up in his typical jeans, white tee and his varsity jacket for good measure. You had to admit your best friend was looking good. Especially compared to the matching sweatpants and sweatshirt look you were pulling.

At his arrival Archie had been dragged upstairs to your room. Clothes were everywhere. A shirt decorated your lampshade, your bed was barely visible and you could barely open the door for the clothes in the way. Known for being tidy, Archie definitely looked surprised entering the disaster zone.

“I take it you’re having a little trouble.” There was a slight look of fear in his eyes as he wondered what his role in all this would be.

“Well I think I’ve narrowed it down to two.” While speaking you whipped the sweatshirt and sweatpants off and picked up a black dress.

The dress was simple, but short and tight an exposed zipper running down the entire back.

You didn’t notice Archie’s hard swallow or him lick his lips, in response to you standing in nothing but your underwear. You wouldn’t have thought anything of it. There were pictures of the two of you, naked in the bathtub, for goodness sakes.

“Archie, some help?” Archie seemed zoned out. You stood in front of him and waved your hand. “Help, please?”

He shook his head and seemed to bring himself back to the present. You turned so the zipper was facing him and felt his fingers shake as they took hold of it. His warm fingers met the warmth of your back and you stiffened. This couldn’t end soon enough or last long enough. It seemed like seconds and hours passed before he was done, and you spun around to face him.

“Well?” Archie’s eyes scanned the dress. “Definitely this one.” His voice was slightly strangled. “You’re sure? You don’t even want to see the other option?” Archie shook his head, if he was going to have to see you in your underwear again he thought he would lose the small amount of control he had.

With your dress on you’d moved to the ensuite bathroom to start your makeup. Archie had followed you and seated himself on the counter.

“Hey you know how this party completes the first part of the pact?” He asked as you were rooting through doors pulling out different odds and ends. “Uh huh,” you said not really paying much attention.

“Well you’re still a virgin, right?” Archie was nothing if not blunt. You looked up at him and blushed. “It’s okay, I am too.” He smiled not meaning to embarrass you. “It’s just you know what that means?” He asked and you did and you kind of regretted the foolish pact.

He sensed that you were not fully behind the idea. “We don’t have to,” he assured you allowing you to back out. “No I made a promise, I just don’t want to ruin our friendship.” Archie hopped off the counter and was about to leave you to finish your makeup, when he turned and said over his shoulder, “Who knows maybe it will bring us closer together.”

After discussing the time and location of the act, Archie had mentioned something about condoms. He was sure he could snag a couple from Jughead or Reggie. You’d been adamant that no, he was going to have to go buy the best he could find.

You argued that you were pretty sure condoms were something not to be cheap about. Archie was not impressed, “you mean I’m going to have to go to the store, out in public, and buy some?”

“Don’t worry I’ll go with you.” You were much more concerned with being safe, than the embarrassment that might come with buying condoms.

“But, but everyone will know.” Archie’s face was showing extreme concern as he stuttered, trying to get the words out. “Know what?” You asked not allowing him to escape easily. “Thatweregoingtohavesex” it came out in a rush and you barely understood it. “Archie how old are you? No one cares. Do you want to do this or not?” That shut him up pretty quickly.

That’s how you found yourself meandering around the aisles of the drugstore on the Southside. Archie finally caved, but only if you promised not to make him go locally.  So now the two of you were standing in front of the boxes, you’d only ever given a passing glance at previously.

Archie was all for grabbing anything and running, and couldn’t get over the fact you wanted to stand there and read the backs of the boxes.

“Where do we even start?” You were definitely feeling overwhelmed. You decided a good compromise was that you’d choose one box and Archie would choose one box and go from there.

“I’m thinking we need something pretty basic, to start off with.” You said with all seriousness. The more time you spent in the aisle the more at ease Archie seemed, he even smiled.

“I mean I know the first time isn’t going to be the best thing ever but I don’t know if that means we should overcompensate with a flavour or something ribbed.” You were pouring over the information on the back. “I mean are they flavoured, because I’m supposed to stick your penis in my mouth? I’m pretty sure my vagina doesn’t care what flavour they are.”

Nothing you said could shock Archie but at the mention of his penis in your mouth his cheeks grew red. “Can we please leave my penis out of it?” He asked just wanting the whole thing to be over. “I’m not sure how that would work.” You smirked.

You finally made your decision and Archie was fine with it, not wanting to choose himself. You made your way to the cashier and put them on the conveyer belt. Archie started piling magazines and candy bars over them.

“What are you doing?”

“Uh, nothing.” He resigned and started to put things back. The cashier swiped and bagged the box without so much as a blink and you paid.

Walking out the doors you heard Archie call out in an almost sing song voice, “Hey that wasn’t too bad.”

Tonight was the night. Your parents had cleared out that morning taking your brother to a weekend baseball tournament. It didn’t take much convincing for them to leave you alone. You’d told them you had a lot of homework and wanted to spend the weekend with Betty and Veronica.

You weren’t lying, having spent the better part of the day writing an essay and you were going to spend time with Betty and Veronica tomorrow. You’d just gotten off the phone with Archie, telling him to shower, go to the bathroom and be over in an hour.

Taking your own advice, you hopped in the shower, hoping it would ease your nerves. ‘It’s just Archie.’ ‘You want this.’ And ‘you can do this!’ were some of the thoughts racing through your brain.

Shower complete, you sat on your bed wondering what was appropriate to wear for a deflowering.  You contemplated asking Archie like you usually would, but thought better of it. You glanced at the black shopping bag, forgotten in your closet. You might have mentioned to your cousin Molly what was taking place this weekend. Molly might have gone and bought you ‘something special’, her words not yours.

You’d taken one look at the classic black lingerie, noted that Molly had good taste and chucked the bag into your closet. You didn’t know if Archie would appreciate the effort or think you were trying too hard. Resigned to not waste Molly’s gift, you slipped the bra and thong out of the bag and slipped them on. Then pulled on your classic sweats, at least Archie would be surprised when you finally got the clothing removal stage.

The doorbell rang, interrupting your thoughts. You were surprised, thinking it couldn’t be Archie, as he hadn’t rung the doorbell in years. As you made your way down the stairs, you were confused as you spied Archie’s tall figure out the window.

“The door wasn’t locked, y’know.” You said opening the door. “I just, I thought this was different. I didn’t want to scare you or anything.” Smiling you couldn’t remember the last time Archie had scared you or looked so nervous.

“Deep breath, Archiekins. It’s just me.” Archie smiled shyly and waited for you to lead him up the stairs. “You don’t want a snack? Water?” You asked trying to be a good host and not stalling at all. “Nope, let’s do this before I lose what courage I have.”

You got to your room and wished you were the type of person to light candles or play music or anything to make your room seem less like your room. You had so many memories in this room with Archie. You just had to remind yourself that you were simply adding another one. Archie had his backpack from which he pulled a CD.

“Here. I made this. For tonight. “ You took it from him and read what he scrawled with a sharpie, ‘First Sexy Time Mix.’ You laughed and knew that this was exactly right; this was exactly what was meant to happen. Suddenly you weren’t nervous, however, you weren’t sure if you could say the same for Archie.

“Okay before anything happens, can we just wash hands?” You asked. “I mean I’m assuming your fingers will be inside of me at some point, or at least they better be.” Archie just shook his head, he was used to your frankness and knew there was no point arguing.

While washing his hands, Archie asked, “Is there going to be blood, do we need a towel or something?” You thought on it, not a hundred percent sure. “Maybe just incase.” Suddenly you were spewing information about how like in medieval times they used to sew sacks of like animal blood inside of them so they would bleed proving they were virgins.

“Y/N, please stop, if the hand washing didn’t absolutely murder the mood, this just might do it.”  You stopped short, went to go put on his CD and lay down a towel, leaving Archie to come to you. He came into your room looking ready to get down to business. You stood as he entered and the tension was palpable. He was taking you in, eyes raking over a navy high school sweater and your red sweatpants that said ‘soccer’ on the bum.

As he studied you, you felt the need to look at him, his ginger hair classically in a quiff, blue jeans, and another one of his many plain white tees. You felt the need to apologize, “I wasn’t sure what to wear.” For a minute Archie didn’t say anything, you not knowing what to wear was nothing new and then he spoke. “I don’t think there is any particular clothing, required for this activity.” You knew then that Archie was finally comfortable.

“Okay, how should we start this?” You asked ever clinical taking an almost scientific approach to the whole thing. Archie closed the distance in response and tilted your face towards his. You both leaned the same way, which brought on a fit of giggles and then suddenly Archie’s lips were on yours. His mouth moved hungrily, maybe even aggressively. His tongue requested entrance and you submitted without protest. ‘I can’t fucking believe I’m kissing Archie’ was the only thought running through your head, with the occasional ‘I really like this.”

Right now you were fine with the mouth exploration, but you knew if you were going to complete your goal things would have to go further. You pushed Archie away, gasping for air. He looked shocked, but realized you were only trying to remove your sweater. Soon the sweater and your pants were on the floor and for the second time you were under Archie’s intense study.

“I never really understood the lingerie hype until this moment” he was breathless. His eyes took in your erect nipples, and your barely there underwear. Suddenly, shy you wished you’d thought to turn the lights off.

You moved to the switch, “Stop, please don’t.” Archie was struggling and seemed to forget his own clothes needed to come off. You moved away from the switch believing the appreciation in Archie’s eyes as confirmation that you looked okay. Your hands soon found the hem of his shirt and with his help slid it over his head.

Next were the pants. Thankfully, he’d left his belt at home so you undid the button and pulled at the zipper, feeling his hardness through the denim. Not without effort, you tugged the tight jeans down his legs and they pooled at his ankles. You stepped back, feeling you had earned the right to admire him. His broad shoulders led to his waist and his legs were muscular. Archie had never been the most confident, having been a chubby kid.

In your inspection you’d skipped over his nether region, covered in a classically ridiculous superhero print. That was definitely the Archie you knew.

“On the count of three.” Archie’s hands found the waist of his briefs. You nodded, swallowing. “Three, two” before Archie reached one you slammed your eyes shut, but heard the fabric swoosh down his legs.

“You can open your eyes.” You could hear the smile in his voice. “I think if I look it in the eye, I won’t be able to go through it.” You were definitely worried. “Y/N, I was in your health class, it doesn’t look all that different from the pictures.” Archie tried to reassure you. “I know. That’s what I’m afraid of.”

You could do this. You were committed. You slowly opened one eye looking at Archie’s open face. Both eyes open, you slowly made your way down, to be greeted by Archie’s not so little friend.

“That’s not exactly what I expected.” Now you’d gotten over your initial fear, you were studying it intently, it definitely could not be described as anything other than ugly. “Is that you know, normal?” You asked wanting as much info as possible. “As far as I know, it’s pretty standard.” Archie hadn’t thought you’d be so interested. “I’m having doubts that it’s going to fit.”

Archie laughed out loud at that, “Well we’re just going to have to see.”

“Do I get to see you now?” Archie was waiting patiently for you to remove the last of your clothes. You took one last glance at his erection and returned to his face.

You reached behind you and undid the clasp of the bra and heard Archie groan as the bra fell to the floor. He was done being patient, before you could reach for your underwear, Archie had pushed you on to the bed.

“Can I?” you answered before he could finish, “Do whatever you need.” He took your left breast in his mouth and your back arched in response. The sensation was unexpected; he raked his teeth over the nipple, already erect. It was the most incredible feeling painful, but with this hidden pleasure. He moved his attention to the other breast blowing air to receive a different response.

You needed something but couldn’t quite put your finger on what it was.

“Archie, I need more.” He took it in stride and moved aside your underwear to have full access to what was hidden.

“You’re so wet. I can’t believe it’s because of me.” The awe in Archie’s voice does not go unnoticed. “I know you need to be as wet as possible before we attempt it, but I don’t know when that is.” He admitted honestly.

“Use your fingers.” Was all you could breathe out, Archie took this suggestion, removing your underwear and spreading your lower lips. He inserted one finger and hesitantly started pumping. “I’m really happy I made you wash your hands.” You got out before a moan escaped. “Shut up,” Archie grinned.

You thought he was going to insert another finger, but stopped him “Archie, I want this to be good for you too.”

You really didn’t want this to be all about you. “Don’t worry, I think it’s supposed to feel pretty good for the guy anyway.”

He was intent as he stretched you with a second finger. “I just want it to not be the worst thing you’ve ever done.”

That was it; Archie cemented his role as your favourite person ever. “I think I’m ready for you.” You said wanting to feel Archie inside of you. The look on his face asked you if you were sure. All you did was nod.

You reached for the box of condoms, conveniently left on your bedside table, and passed one to Archie. He slipped it on and spread your legs, placing himself between them.

“You’re sure it’s on right?” You double-checked. “Don’t make me ask you to shut up again,” was all Archie said.

His cock met your entrance and with a look of sheer concentration, he was going as slowly as he could manage.

You gasped, with the pain outweighing the pleasure.

“Do you need me to stop?” Archie was concerned, but not fully sure if he could stop. You bit your lip, “No just give me some time.” You felt yourself adjust and the pain lessen. “Green light” you said giving him a reassuring smile.

Archie thrust forward and withdrew pushing into you with a little more speed. “Faster,” was all you could say, he started to pick up the pace thrusting in and out with ferocity.

“Um, we have an issue.” Archie had stopped cold.

“What?” You said with panic.

“I’m not going to last.” Sighing with relief you reassured Archie.  “Don’t worry, this was better than I thought.” Spurred on Archie gave several more thrusts and with a shudder, spilled into you.

He pulled out embarrassed and full of apology.

“Archie, seriously it’s fine.” He didn’t seem to believe you. “We’ll just have to try again.” At that he looked at you and grinned.

“Y/N, I’ve been in love with you my entire life, I need you to know this.”

“I love you too Archie, forever and always.”

Sexual Tension - Bucky x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) transfers to a new university only to find out her new teacher is a hot jackass. Heated words are tossed back and forth but it ends up making them gravitate even closer.

Pairing: Teacher/Professor!Bucky Barnes x Reader one shot

Word count: 2.8k

Warning: Lots of language and smart remarks. A bit of self-doubt or self-consciousness?

A/N: This is my first one shot so pleaseee bare with me. Many more to come and willing for request! I’m also willing to make more chapters to any one-shot if anyone wants! Your wishes are my command.


You gulped down the rest of your coffee as you entered the university. Lifting up the paper in your hands you studied the number and directions to your first class of the day. Passing a trash can you tossed the empty cup into the bin.

You have to admit, you regret signing up for a class at 8am but you didn’t really have a choice. What makes it worse is that you’re notoriously well known for being early for any event you plan on attending.

You wander down the halls searching for the number ‘111’ to stand out on a door. Beyond searching and searching you finally come across the class you dread on taking. You glanced at the thrift store watch on your wrist; you curse under your breath. The watch read 7:36.

'Maybe I could wander around a bit? For 24 minutes? Damn.’

  You glance around the empty hallway, mentally beating yourself up for being super early. You took a deep breath and opened the door to your classroom. Even if you’re early, nobody will care if you just observe the room that’ll cause years of debt in your name, right? They can’t exactly kick you out, right? ⠀ ⠀

You walk into the room and the motion sensor lights flicker on. The room was practically empty with not a soul in sight. You quietly thanked god and strolled in looking around the desk and tables. There was a messenger bag on the desk in the front of the room next to a plaque that reads 'Mr.Barnes’.

You silently thought to yourself while already imagining a cranky old man sitting at the desk bickering about his students. Your hands trace the letters engraved into the plaque, quickly turn around to look at the leveled tables.

Slowly finding your way to the tables and up a few stairs you look for the perfect seat. You were about halfway up the stairs when you took a seat next to the wall on the left and set your things down, grabbing out your phone. You turned it on and glanced at the lock screen.

'7:46. Great’ you thought, looking at the still empty classroom. '10 minutes wasted on just observing a useless classroom.’

You didn’t know how time flew by so fast, you could have sworn it wasn’t more than 5. You went to take out a piece of gum from your bag as you grew hungry by the second. Skipping breakfast wasn’t the brightest idea. The moment you took the wrapper off and stuck the gum in your mouth you heard a quick giggle from the doorknob. Your eyes flickered up focusing on the individual who decided to finally attend class. When the door opened you heard the voice of a few people clearly lounging in the halls, signaling the students were getting ready for class.

Heels clicked as a redhead walked into the classroom with a very short black dress on. She smacked her gum and twirled her hair giggling at the man who entered after her. He was tall, slicked back black hair and a growing of facial hair. You could see his pearly white teeth shine as he responded to the woman giggling.

You looked at the lady who had the curves in all the right places noticing how she took advantages of her looks and managed to still walk and talk confidently. She was so beautiful, and even if she was made like that or if she was modified she looked amazing. As you looked at her you could feel your heart drop of your own. Why couldn’t you look like that?

You hadn’t even noticed that they both began staring at you, you were too busy comparing her slim waist and hourglass figure to your short and pudgy body. You always kept a strong, cocky and confident glow on yourself, your personality was major ego but it didn’t stop you from envying, wishing to be something special. You knew you weren’t ugly, it’s just you wish you were something more than average. You tried to hide that with sarcastic comments and smug smiles but deep down inside you knew it wouldn’t ever happen.

“Excuse me? Hello are you okay?” The lady was looking at you with concern as she caught you staring at the wall like you were brain dead.

“Can I help you?”

The deep voice made its ways to your ears. You gave a silent chuckle and focused your gaze on the two at the bottom of the stairs. Quickly thinking of an excuse to give them instead of embarrassing yourself.

“Damn, I’m sorry. I was caught in thought.” Was all you managed to spit out before giving a fake but real looking smile at them. You didn’t know what to say, sure you always had a comeback some way or another but for some reason you couldn’t think with them staring you down.

“Can we help you?” The redhead inched her way forward before stopping when you quickly stood up.

“Oh no, no. I’m really sorry I probably shouldn’t be in here for class, should I?” Your respond hinted a little bit of sarcasm; you clearly weren’t thinking before you spoke. You immediately regret your actions because you just gave attitude to two people you have no recognition with. You put your books in your bag. You fixed your black turtleneck and threw on your jean jacket. Dusting off your leggings trying to ease the fact that they probably dislike you now.

You slowly regained your confidence again after keeping your focus from them both, what is happening to you? Was it because you were flustered from being caught in this room? Surely they can’t be mad for that, but you being you, you gave them a real reason to hate you. You chuckled to yourself before slinging your one strap canvas bag over your shoulder.

“Im assuming you’re in the next class scheduled for this room? No worries actually, stay If you don’t mind. I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Mr.Barnes and this here is Ms. Dolores Prescott, she’s also a student in this class.” He smiled at you while giving you a quick hand motion as to come down and join them.

You set your phone down next to your bag and have a small smirk. Did you just get an open invitation to meet your surprising hot teacher after you gave him a smart remark? You made your way down the stairs and to his desk. He held out his hand and you quickly accepting it. Now that you were face to face you saw every detail in his structure. From his baby blue eyes to his muscular shoulders and biceps.

“I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N), I’m a third year student but I just transferred.” The look he was giving you made you feel like he could see right through you. His plump and natural bright pink lips curved and let his teeth shine through.

You focused your gaze onto Dolores who smiled down at you and held out her hand. You shook her hand and then shifted to where you could lean your hands into your jean jacket pockets. Dolores was going to say something but before she could a group of students swarmed into the room and chatted amongst themselves while choosing their seats.

“I guess that’s my cue to get to my seat? Nice meeting you Mr.Barnes, oh and you too Ms.Prescott.” You smiled at them both and awkwardly saluted to them before turning and jogging up the stairs. You fixed the bun in your hair and once again went to look at the time. Before you could there was a loud buzzing noise emerging from the hallways signaling it was 7:55 am, 5 minutes until class started.

You slumped into your chair as you noticed every seat in the room was being filled up except the two next to you. 5 minutes past and the starting class bell rung. You rolled your eyes noticing how you were the odd one out yet again. Mr.Barnes was writing something on the chalk board as two guys barged into the room clearly out of breath.

“Jesus Steve! I’m never letting you drive me here again.” The blonde looked at his friend before giving him the finger and turning to look for any empty seats. They ignored the look Mr.Barnes gave them and made their way up the stairs and plopped into the only opens seats which just so happened to be next to you.

You silently giggled only for it to be noticed by the two oddly attractive men sitting next to you. The blonde looked over at you and gave you a look but then laughed with you. You chewed at the end of your pen giving him a peek at the teeth hidden behind your smile.

He held out his hand and you leaned back in your chair propping your foot on the edge of the table, bending your knee towards you. You gave a quick wink before shaking his extended hand.

“Steve.” “(Y/N.)”

You glanced over his shoulder at his friend who was giving you both a smirk. He focuses on you and gives a small wave.

  “(Y/N) is It? I’m Sam.”

Your gaze immediately turned to the front of the classroom, you were caught off guard by a loud cough.

“Hello everyone. My name is Mr.Barnes. Now I know you are all oh-so-eager to start learning but we may have a little change of plans today.” He uncrossed his arms and pointed to the board behind him.

It read 'Criminology - Behavioral Analysis’

“If you’re in the wrong class, get out.” He stared at the students before making eye contact with you. You continued to chew on the back of your pen wondering why he was giving you such a hard look.


Everyone’s eyes fixated towards the person he was looking at, the person he called out. You didn’t move a muscle but eventually raised an eyebrow.

He gave you this look you couldn’t describe. Only you noticed because everyone was too busy staring at yourself to see him. After seconds of anticipation you set your foot off the desk and onto the floor, leaning into the desk and propped up your head with your hands.

“Thank you.” Was all he could say before turning back to the other students and continuing the ongoing discussion of what he expects from this class. Steve and Sam turn towards you giving you a questioning look.

“Is it me or was that screaming sexual tension?” Sam obviously whispered into Steves ear. He chuckled and crossed his arms before receiving a glare from you.

“(Y/L/N), huh. Already know each other’s names I see?”

“It’s not like that, god you guys haven’t even had a real conversations with me and I’m already regretting this class.”

They smiled and you smiled back. “So, late to class huh?” You said thinking back to when they first entered the room. “Steve is a lousy fucking driver, I’ll tell you that.” Sam patted Steve on the should only to get a eye roll.

“For gods sake Sam, language.”

You hold in your laughter as you look at them. “Language? Really?”

Sam put his hands up and towards you as if he was point it out to Steve. Once again the blue eyed man rolled his eyes.

He and Sam both focused on the talking teacher they openly ignored moments before. They both give an annoyed look at him and the rest of the class who are clearly star-strucked by the teacher.

“So since all that happened-” The older man fixed his white button up sleeves, finishing a story you hadn’t paid any attention to. “We’re forced to ignore anything to do with the class subject for today. Instead I thought it would be fun to get to know each other.”

He smiled at the front row of girls already drooling over him. “You may ask me any question but you must answer the question for yourself as well.”

All the girls practically squealed at the fact that they could question something about the handsome man up front but all you could do was roll your eyes. He was getting ready to pick someone for a question and when he did you could physically see her sweat from the anticipation.

“Hello I’m Betty!” The girl practically shouted and he smiled back which didn’t help her mental state at all. “How old are you?” She blurted out, her face turned red and she quickly covered them. Before he could even answer she hollered “I’m 22!”

“If you’re going to be embarrassed why did you fucking ask it. Bloody hell.” you whisper under your breath annoyingly, once again catching the attention from the two men next to you. They both nodded, agreeing with you silently.

“25. Surprising? I know. We’re all just a few years apart. Most of you are 23, correct? I know I seem very young for this job but trust me, I’m more than capable of doing the job as a 50 year old man.” He chuckled and the women swooned at his signature smile.

You roll your eyes ignore the follow questions being asked. You put in your earbuds and listened your favorite song while checking social media. After a while nothing new happened and 40 minutes of pointless questions had passed. You had 7 minutes left before the class ended. You continued to do your thing before being snapped out of your thoughts by steve next to you.

You remove the device from your ears and focused your gaze on the guy gave you a stern look before nodding toward the front of the classroom. Everyone was quiet and once again the attention was focused on you.

“(Y/N), is what your doing more important than to pay attention on the first day of your class? I might say; for being 30 minutes early to class I’d expect you to be eager to be educated.” He sarcastically threw his words at you as you practically cackled at his words. Was he serious? Education? Really?

“Please Mr.Barnes enlighten me on what you mean by 'education’. I mean considering I’m here only to learn about criminal law or the act of behavioral analysis. I don’t think I’m paying you to sit here and play a high school game with the students who are clearly head over heels for you.” Spitting it out into his face you earned a few gasps and expected a scolding or a life lesson from the oh-so-wise teacher.

“High school game? Aren’t we just getting to know each other?” The smirk on his face made you even more furious but entertained. He knew exactly what you meant but he just wanted to push your buttons. You knew exactly what he was doing.

“The only ones getting to know each other are yourself and the girls up front who clearly would kill to get their hands on you. I mean I didn’t know what I expected from a young hot teacher teaching students around his age but I somewhat expected a bit more of a professional approach from you. Oh well though, looks can be deceiving.” It practically rolled off your tongue.

You first thought you’d be in trouble for your mouth but by the look on his face you could tell he very much well enjoyed it.

“Young and hot, huh?” He smiled and laughed trying to hide the fact that he was getting red.

Even though he knew that you were right about his new fans he still felt this sensation in his gut. You managed to compliment and insult him at the same time. He was so used to getting girls easily but he could hear the protest in your voice that basically screamed that you weren’t going to be head of heels just because of his looks.

“Really?” You gave him an irritated look. “You sure are optimistic to seek out the positive note inside a insult”

Rolling your eyes, you leaned back into your chair as he chuckled again giving you one last look before checking the time. As if on cue the bell rung and everyone stood up to leave. You walked down the stairs with Sam and Steve smiling to yourself. As you went to leave the room your teacher stared at you from behind. You saw him in the corner of your eye before you full turned to leave the room. All you could hear was the laugh from Sam as he clearly noticed his new teacher staring down his student.

“Sexual. Tension.” Sam chuckled to himself and earned a punch to his arm.

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Curiosity – Part 5 (M)

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Part OnePart TwoPart Three / Part Four / Part Five

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Cam Boy!AU, smut, angst (ooh there be drama in this chapter hehe)

Warnings: oral (female receiving, spanking, intrusion of someones sex life lol

Word Count: 2,502 words

A/N: Lmao, I wrote half of this in class today. I don’t know how I didn’t get caught wow. BUT FINAlly, I uploaded another part whoop whoop. I hope this lives up to expectations of the people who have been waiting a while >.< sorry about the wait!


That wasn’t even close to what you were feeling. You felt used, disappointed, upset, betrayed…the possibilities were endless.

You didn’t understand why Seokjin would ask you to be apart of his cams, but walk into a party a few days later with a random girl on his hips, calling her his so called “girlfriend”. Sure, they looked cute together, but it made you feel used. It was stupid to get your hopes up, there was no way Jin, your best friend, was going to let you fuck him casually for the help of fans in his cams (aye it rhymes).

“You okay? You’ve been staring at her for a while,” Jungkook pointed out as he came and grabbed a seat beside you, referring to Seokjin’s girlfriend.

“She’s stunning.”

“You’re jealous.”

“Am not.”

“There’s no point in lying when it’s so obvious. I swear, everyone knows about your crush on Jin hyung. Apart from him…he’s an idiot.” Jungkook took a sip from the red cup in his hands, hissing slightly at the burning sensation that was felt in his throat afterwards.

“It’s not a crush, don’t make me sound like a teenaged girl,” you huffed, the alcohol starting to catch up to you.

You saw Jin’s girlfriend (What was her name again? Jei? Jia? Frankly, you couldn’t care at that exact moment) giggle and press her lips against his. The ones that were on yours only a few days ago. You tried not to let it show how much it infuriated you, but on the inside you were screaming.

You took a big gulp of the drink that was in your cup, finishing it all and throwing it to the side somewhere, not caring if someone was going to have to clean it up later on. It wasn’t your place anyway.

“Come on Kook, dance with me,” you reached out to grab his hand, taking him by surprise and pulling him into the middle of the room where everyone was practically grinding on one another. You didn’t think of Jungkook as a toy, but right now you just needed Jin’s eyes on you, not his girlfriend. Make him horny and possibly jealous? Seems easy enough.

Maybe you were just a little too drunk, maybe just a little too horny, or maybe just a little too mad, but you didn’t plan on grinding down onto Jungkook so much you would send the child off with a boner that was straining against his tight jeans. Now you were alone and there was no point in staying around anymore. Perhaps you should have just left when you saw Jin walk in with another girl. At least then you would have Jungkook as a friend to keep you company.

You sighed as you walked back into your apartment later on that night, getting out your phone and texting Jungkook you had gotten home alright. Taking off your heels, you slumped down on the couch not giving a crap about taking the makeup off your face or changing out of the tight dress you wore that night.

You were glad you had left

The constant image of Seokjin sucking off whatever-her-name-was’ face was imbedded in your mind. It made you mad, made you sick, disgusted. But it wouldn’t leave. Never did you expect a person like him to be a (lowkey) porn star or to ask his best friend to be involved in one of his videos. You didn’t take him for someone who would play with someone’s feelings like he did to you.

A notification from your phone tore your mind away from the images in your head. You sat up and grabbed your phone from from your purse. Pressing your thumb against the home button, you opened it up to her message.

What the fuck is this!? When did this happen!

You opened the photo and to your disappointment, it was a slightly blurry photo of a half naked Seokjin and his girlfriend. You clicked out of the picture, not wanting to see that at all.

He’s doing a freaking live with a random chick and it’s not you?

What the hell? When did this happen? Who is she?

I can see you reading these messages Y/N…

You didn’t feel like responding to her and explaining why you were a broken mess over the fact Seokjin had gotten himself someone else to pleasure his sexual needs. That’s probably all he saw you as, a toy to fuck when he was horny and then thrown away if he found someone better…which he did by the looks of it.

You tried to ignore the fact he was doing another live, you really did, but you were stupid. Too curious. Opening your laptop, you typed in the link that you had memorised, clicking on the video that had a small ‘live’ button at the bottom of it.

A horrible idea? That’s what this was. This was basically you spying into their sex life, but then again, their sex life was being broadcasted in a way. You wondered how she had even said yes to all this when it had only been about a week since they started seeing each other.

It seemed like forever until the video loaded, a slightly blurred out image of the two appearing on your laptop screen. They were practically almost naked, only Jin’s boxers remained and his girlfriend’s bra and panties. But in a matter of moments, even her bra was removed but not a second passed until Jin’s lips were wrapped around her perky nipples but for some reason, you weren’t able to take your eyes off the screen (even though you knew how much it would hurt you).

Jin’s girlfriend moaned a little at his touch when his fingers rubbed her mound over her wet panties, a small ‘pop’ sound echoing as he moved his mouth off one of her nipples. He glanced up at her and you didn’t miss the smirk he shot up at her.

“Lay back babe,” Seokjin’s voice came out low and husky, turning you on even in this fucked up situation. She obliged, letting her back lay against his soft bed sheets that you remembered from the last time you were at his.

Jin placed fluttery kisses to her smooth thighs. Self consciousness was starting to kick in for you. You can’t blame him for choosing her, she was stunning. She was slim but curvy in the right places. She was beautiful…a handsome man and a beautiful women together. That’s why he went with her, not you. It made sense.

You were too caught up in your own thoughts to even notice that Jin’s plump lips were wrapped around her clit, sucking gently whilst rolling his tongue around it every now and then. It had her arching off the bed as her hands came down to grip at his fading blonde locks. You remembered the night he had done it to you, you remembered the feeling, how good he had made you feel. The rolls of his tongue and the contrast with his teeth as he gently clamped his teeth around it, not enough to hurt you but just the right amount to have you lose your words.

“F-Fuck, Jin…” she moaned out, using her hands to press his face into her pussy even more if possible. It only made him chuckle and let out a strangled groan as she pulled his hair just a little too hard. That had sent all the self control you had out the door. That little groan from Seokjin is what made you die a little on the inside.

At this point you couldn’t even care. You lost your self control and your hand slipped in between your panties, lightly pressing your finger against your clit, sighing at the almost sudden pleasure it gave you.

“Mm, you taste so sweet baby. You wanna cum for me? Around my fingers as they pump into you, yeah?” God how you had missed his dirty talk, you were a sucker for it. You and the girl on screen let out moans at the same time, the only difference was she was actually experiencing Seokjin’s expertise, not thinking about them like you were doing.

“Fuck, y-yes.” Her upper body arched off the bed and she bit her bottom lip as Jin’s fingers eased themselves inside her walls, fingers falling from his hair and gripping the bedsheets instead.

“Shit, you’re so tight babe. I can’t wait to stretch your tight little pussy out with my cock soon,” he only smirked up at her. Jin’s vulgar words made her go a bright shade of red. You were a mess at home. Your fingers were soaked with your juices watching the scene play out in front of you.

One of Seokjin’s hands came to hold her thighs apart as his other hand was occupied with your hole, pumping in and out without a break or without slowing down. He could feel her walls clench around his two fingers which only made him chuckle.

“Close so soon baby?” She only whimpered back, a little embarrassed he was going to make her cum so quick, but he was good with his fingers, no- he was great, amazing in fact. His lips came to wrap around her pea sized bud again. Jin wasn’t able to hold back on rocking his hips against the bed, groaning lowly at the friction that his hard cock was getting. That’s what you needed to hear. His groaning was more of a turn on for you than you would have liked to admit.

“J-Jin, I’m- I’m gonna cum, fuck,” she struggled in getting out any words that made sense, voice slightly hoarse.

“C’mon baby, cum for me, let go.” That’s all it took for her walls to pulse and clench around his fingers, orgasm flowing throughout her body as she moaned out his name like a mantra. Jin didn’t remove his fingers from her heat or his mouth away from her clit until she was weakly pushing him away as oversensitivity started to kick in.

“Open your mouth,” he said, removing his glistening fingers from her with a lewd noise (which made her flush red once again) and holding them up to her mouth. She opened it, taking in his fingers into her mouth as well as rolling her tongue to gather her own juices.

“You taste sweet, don’t you baby girl?” He questioned to which she nodded, a low whine leaving her lips as he pulled her fingers away from her mouth. “On your hands and knees.”

She got into the position, Jin’s hand coming down across her ass making the smooth skin go a shade of light pink. She gasped in shock, but he kisses her cheek afterwards, a soothing action after his rough one.

Seokjin moved back and slipped off his boxers, a low hiss escaping him as the cold air hit his erection. His hand came to wrap around it. He groaned as his hand moved across his dick before he moved behind his girlfriend again. Jin rubbed the head of his dick against her folds, wanting to make her beg before he took away her ability to form coherent words (he’s a tad cocky isn’t he).

“Jin, p-please…”

“Beg for it baby. Come on, beg for my cock.”

“Shit, Jin please. Pl-Please fuck me already, I want y-you to fill me with your cum, please.” Her voice came out needy and high pitched, the way he was rubbing his dick against her folds and her clit made her want the real thing, and fast.

Seokjin chuckled lowly before guiding his dick into her slick heat, instantly groaning at the tightness that enveloped it.

God, baby, you feel so good,” he groaned, stilling inside her as he let her adjust for a few moments before he pulled back until his tip remained inside her. He slammed his hips back into her ass, not going slow from the beginning. Skin slapping, moans and low groans were filling the room. His girlfriend wasn’t able to hold herself up, not when Jin was fucking her this good, so her upper body fell into the pillows.

At this point, your head was tossed back, two fingers buried deep inside your heat as your thumb rubbed against your clit. You weren’t concentrating on what was happening on the laptop screen, instead you drowning out the moans of his girlfriend and were focusing on Seokjin’s low grunts and moans that were falling from his swollen pink lips.

“Look at you baby,” he bought his hand down to her ass again, making it flush a shade of pink. “Your cunt is taking my cock so well, so pretty. You’re making my cock so wet babe,” he grunted out. So pretty? It was a lie. His girlfriend wasn’t the prettiest girl in his eyes. He wasn’t thinking about her as  his cock was buried deep inside her. He wasn’t thinking of her when he ate her out.

Jin was thinking of you.

It was wrong, he knew that. But no one was as beautiful as you were to him. No one was more down to earth, no one was more dorky and lovable and cute as you were to him. The only reason he had even gotten hard, was at the thought of you being on your knees taking him into your pretty little mouth. He was imagining it was your pussy that he was pounding, not his girlfriends. It didn’t compare to yours.

Jin let his thoughts run wild at the thought of you. It didn’t take long before he felt himself starting to reach his peak and felt her walls clench around him again.

“You wanna cum again? So fucking greedy,” he muttered, grabbing a hold of her hips with one hand as the other slipped around to her clit, drawing figure eights on it. “C’mon baby, cum for me again. Cum around my cock like the good little girl you are.”

The second he felt her orgasm rush over her, Jin came as well, tossing his head back with a groan at how her walls were clenching around his cock. It was only a few moments after Jin reached his peak that you reached yours, letting out a broken moan of Seokjin’s name as you did.

Seokjin rode out both his and his girlfriends highs, stilling after a little and trying to regain his breath before he slipped out of her and shooting a tired smile to the camera before shutting it off and going back to clean himself and her up.

You on the other hand sat there, catching your breath but still not believing you came while Jin was fucking his girlfriend. You needed to say something to him about this messed up situation that’s for sure. But you thought it was nice to go to sleep for the time being, especially after all that had happened that night.

Feedback is appreciated :)

Social Contract Theory and Fandom Libertarianism

An essay in which I finally get to put my political science degree to work

So I was out walking my dog this morning and ruminating over why I have such a hard time with the conversations in fandom that seem to assume that the only two options when it comes to content are “all fan works must be pure vanilla innocence” and “all criticism is policing and evil.” To be clear, I think both extremes are, well, extreme and lacking nuance. But since I don’t actually see a whole lot of “no one can write characters doing anything wrong” in my corner of fandom (although I’m aware that plenty of it exists other places), I was much more interested in trying to figure out what bugs me so much about the “policing is the greatest evil in fandom” side of things.

Here’s the epiphany I had — people on that extreme end of things bother me because they sound so much like libertarians, much like a lot of us see echoes of fundamentalist purity culture on the other end. And then I got excited because once upon a time I was a political science major and now I get to take my epiphany and my degree and talk about social contract theory like the giant nerd I am :)

Strap in, folks; this got crazy long.

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anonymous asked:

I keep getting creepy texts from this guy and I think he’s stalking me, so I’m really on edge because of him. Would you write something with Hanzo and McCree (separate) finally having enough and confronting the guy? I just want to feel better. Thanks, love!

I’m really sorry that’s happening to you. Stay strong and block the fool. Don’t ever hesitate to ask others for help in a situation like that, remember.


“Hanzo-” you said, trying to keep up with your boyfriend as he strode toward a small cafe on the corner of the street. Unfortunately, your boyfriend was a head taller and had longer legs, so it was hard to keep up with the brisk pace with which he kept. 

Hanzo turned his head, and when his eyes met yours, you quieted. “This is enough, y/n. He can’t just keep harassing you. You literally shook this morning when his message came in!” Hanzo said, voice low, but you could feel the fury behind the calm.

For the last two weeks you had been receiving some really disturbing and freaky text messages from some random stranger. Except with each text, the stranger had made it seem like he’d known where you lived and would hurt you.

Paranoia had started to seep into you and despite the fact that you had originally not wanted to, you had ended up showing Hanzo. 

Furious, your boyfriend had calmly texted him back saying ‘Fine. You want to meet so badly? Choose a place and a time, and I’ll meet you there.‘.  Surprisingly, this is where the guy had chosen and you hadn’t gotten a single say in whether Hanzo could go through with this or not.

In the end, you knew he was right though. If the two of you didn’t face him, the man would continue to harass you and make you scared of your own shadow, and you just couldn’t live like that.

There was only one man sitting alone outside, reading a book. The text had said to look for a man reading. He looked a bit gangly, and wore a pair of run down jeans and a baggy sweater. Despite reading, he had this smug smirk on his face.

Seeing the smirk brought you a new sense of anger, and you just held onto the back of Hanzo’s shirt as the two of you walked over. This stupid sleaze ball, you thought angrily. How dare he make you feel so afraid?

Without a word, Hanzo grabbed the guy by the scruff of his shirt. The man seemed stunned but immediately struggled, but Hanzo hauled him up anyway. There were gasps from the other customers, who stared in shock and horror as Hanzo turned him so that the two stood face to face.

Hanzo’s was definitely the scarier of the two.

“I’m going to make this very clear,” Hanzo said in a quiet, dangerous voice, “And if you’re smart, I suggest you take the hint.”

Hanzo was slightly shorter then the stalker, but no one could doubt the fury rolling off of him. If someone had to choose between who would win in a fight, everyone would pick Hanzo, hands down. 

The man didn’t know what to think, not having man with piercings and blue eyes like steel to show up and confront him like this. He had expected someone…meek, and easy to manipulate and scare.

“If you every text y/n again, I will find you and I won’t hesitate to rip you to shreds. If you think I can’t, then test me. But I swear, when I find you I will not show mercy,” Hanzo hissed, eyes boring into the other mans. You saw fear flash in his face as you peeked around Hanzo.

Noticing the other scared customers once more, you gently tugged on the back of Hanzo’s jacket. “Hanzo…I think he gets it. We should probably go now,” you whispered to him. You’d seen one or two cellphones and really didn’t want to deal with the police today.

When Hanzo didn’t move, you pulled a bit harder. “Hanzo,” you said, voice a soft plea.

At last, he dropped the guy, who immediately pressed back against the wall. “I won’t forget your face,” Hanzo said threateningly, before he slid an arm around you. Turning, Hanzo led you away without another glance.

The two of you crossed the street and moved quickly, stopping in a store maybe two blocks down when in the distance you heard a siren. 

Sitting in the shop, you sighed as you hugged his arm. Hanzo’s face was still stoney, and after a moment you leaned up to kiss his cheek. “Thank you,” you murmured. “I actually feel a lot better.”

Muttering under his breath, you caught the way his eyes softened as he looked away, and he knew it meant a lot to you that he’d dealt with him.


That afternoon you were surprised to find that you couldn’t find your phone anywhere. You’d looked everywhere, and in every room, but no matter where you looked it was nowhere to be found. Perplexed, you decided to sit down at the table with a cup of tea.

It was shortly after you’d sat that the door opened, and your long-time boyfriend Jesse McCree stepped in. The man was holding a bouquet of flowers, always a man of charm when it came to you. Taking off his boots, he headed into the kitchen.

“Hey darlin’,” Jesse said, walking over and placing the flowers on the table. “Missed you this morning.”

Jesse had stayed over last night, but had woken this morning and left before you had even opened your eyes. He’d left a little heart shaped note on the pillow saying he’d be back around noon and that he loved you. You couldn’t help wondering what the cowboy had been doing, since he usually slept till noon and woke up no earlier then ten.

“I missed you too,” you said, though you looked rather suspicious as you picked up the flowers. Usually he got you roses, to be romantic, but this time it was a bouqet of tiger lilies, your favorite. And usually he only got you your favorite flowers when he’d done something wrong.

The room was silent as Jesse grabbed himself a mug of coffee and sat down across from you. After a moment, he reached into his pocket and then slid something across the table toward you.

It was your phone.

“It’s done,” Jesse said seriously, before taking a sip of his coffee. He’d always liked it black, the strong flavor waking him up from his hibernation like sleepiness.

Anger spiked through you, hot and quick. “You took my phone? You-Oh, you didn’t,” you said, before flipping it open and going through the messages. Oh, but he had.

The last few weeks you were getting texts from a stranger. At first they seemed nice, though you tried to ask them to stop texting you. It had turned quickly though to creepy and threatening, the stalker insisting that he liked to watch you sleep at night. Not that it was possible through your apartment window five stories up.

Of course though, that hadn’t stopped you from getting a bit afraid and losing a bit of sleep these few weeks. Especially whenever the stalker commented on eerily similar sounding things to that of your life.

Jesse had only known about it for the last week, and you’d sworn you’d go to the police but you just hadn’t been able to,  wondering if they’d even bother.

“I did what needed to be done,” Jesse said simply.

For a moment you could only stare. “You didn’t kill him, right?” you asked, not wanting your boyfriend to go to prison for murder. That was a painful way of being separated.

Jesse scowled at you. “Of course I didn’t kill him…though I was very tempted. I busted his lip up bad though, and he pissed his pants when I waved my gun at him,” he grunted, fixing his hat on his head.

As angry as you were that he’d done this without your permission or approval, you found yourself rather amused. “Went all gangster and mafia on him, did you? Odd look for a cowboy,” you said, getting up and heading around the table to him.

“A man has to do what must be done to protect those he loves,” Jesse retorted, slipping an arm around you and resting his head against your stomach. He let you take off his cowboy hat, liking how you ran your fingers through your hair. “He won’t be bothering you anymore, darlin’.”

The man was infuriating most of the time, but god, did you love him.

“Thank you,” you said grudgingly, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to his lips. “Though your not off the hook.”

Jesse chuckled, taking another sip of his coffee. “It’d be too easy if I was,” Jesse mumbled. And for the first time in three weeks you felt safer then you have in awhile.

How To Change A Fuqboi (Jungkook)

Word Count: 2,917

Loosely inspired by the song “Fuqboi” by Hey Violet

Rated M (language and suggestive content)

Originally posted by donewithjeon

How to Change a Fuqboi

Volume 1: Happenstance (Jungkook)
Volume 2: For-Getting His Attention (Jimin)
Volume 3: Boning and Binding (Taehyung)
Volume 4: One and Done (Yoongi)
Volume 5: Unintentional Liar (Seokjin)
Volume 6: To Be Loved (Namjoon)
Volume 7: Checklist (Hoseok)


Step 1) Get acquainted*

Obviously, first you need to find him, that “Netflix and Chill” guy who thinks it’s cool to recycle pick up lines from pop songs, ask for “pics” within the first five messages of a conversation, and has the nasty little habit of borrowing his mom’s earrings. They’re everywhere, so really, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

You retrace your steps carefully, gaze glued to the ground. It has to be around here somewhere.

Of course the day you convince your father to let you wear your late grandmother’s silver bracelet, you’d go and lose it.

Maybe it’s along the path you take to your car. Maybe it’s back in your oceanography class. Maybe someone found it and…

Anxiety rips through your veins.

No, it has to be somewhere- you just need to remember where it fell off. Your feet stop carrying you forward as they reach the classroom, bracelet still nowhere to be seen. This is your last chance, so taking a deep breath to futilely fend off the disappointment and subsequent panic, you push open the door.

The professor has long since left and the next session, which you think might be a discussion class, probably won’t start for another half an hour, thus you are mildly surprised to find a student lounging in your exact seat, scrolling through messages on his phone, but also idly fiddling with a VERY familiar piece of fine jewelry.

“Hey!” the rude cry escapes your lips before you can stop it.

The boy looks up, immediately making eye contact and freezing you to the spot. Calling him attractive would do this masterpiece no justice. His muscular shoulders and arms fill out his black t-shirt beautifully, matched with a pair of perfect legs complimented by ripped jeans. And his FACE… his sultry eyes are partially hidden behind sun kissed bangs, hair messily parted slightly to the side in a way that makes it WORK and a jawline so sharp it could split thread.


You immediately know what he is, the coil in your stomach makes it clear, a heartbreaker- nay, a fuck boy. You firmly believe in the live and let live policy, but after the last time, you don’t think you could handle another emotional roller coaster.

It’s almost painful to maintain his gaze, so you drop yours to your feet, voice wavering, “I’m sorry…I… I think that’s my bracelet.”

“Is it?” his voice is the auditory equivalent of tasting thick cake frosting and a smirk quirks the left corner of his lips upward.

“Yes,” you affirm, though sound anything but sure.

“How do I know you aren’t just trying to steal it?” he arches an eyebrow, pinching the bracelet between his index finger and thumb, lifting it for inspection.

You run your fingers through your hair, finding the courage to look at him again, half flustered, half frustrated, “It’s my grandmother’s. Please.”

“Well anyone could say that,” he shrugs, either doing a stellar job at feigning concern or actually (albeit stereotypically) breaking character by showing interest in something that isn’t related to his pleasure, sexual or otherwise.

“Then how can I prove it to you?” you know you sound desperate now, but what else can you do? That’s REAL silver he’s holding.

His smile widens until he’s flashing you a perfect set of pearly whites, “First off, you can tell me your name. I’m Jungkook, by the way.”

*Addendum: acquainted, not to be confused with “friendly” or “intimate.”

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anonymous asked:

ur blog is goals and lol at that svt mtl for the gory horror movie XD ik requests aren't open for this but could you do like svt's ideal types? maybe one for bts too? feel free to delete this ask it goes aganist ur guidelines but like ur ships are so accurate... i ship them myself after reading ur reasoning lol (ooh is it alright if i become glasses anon?? soybean anon is already taken)

BTS’s Ideal Types

Glasses anon?? OMO HOW CUTE WELCOME TO THE MINI FAN CLUB lol no this blog is nowhere near that popular yet and of course I could; thank you for asking so politely! I was thinking about doing this a few weeks ago but decided against it after so many asks started popping in my inbox heuheu

Rap Monster: Namjoon’s ideal type, when discussing personality, would be someone who’s mentally intelligent and able to start an interesting conversation; either on worldwide affairs or facts about the last book you two have both read plenty of times. He’s all for an open-minded person, and would cherish a partner that respects his complex thought process. His partner themselves should be able to understand his random ‘facts of the day’ moments, and still love him even after the daily “oops! I broke it…” line.

When it comes to appearances, he would prefer a fiercer look, something more bold and suggestive. It’ll attract him right away, and he’d want to get to know the person better almost instantly. Heads up, Namjoon stans! If you use makeup, striking colors like red and gold would appeal to him, but lay off the excess makeup. A nude lipstick could work too as it contrasts against all those shades. As for clothing, a tank top that shows off your biceps would work just fine; being physically fit is a plus!

Rap Monster’s ideal type would be someone who’s mentally captivating, and clever on first glance. They may even have a rebellious spark in their eyes; it’ll draw him in.

Jin: Jin’s ideal type, in terms of personality, would be a mature person that understands situations quickly and frequently makes correct choices morally and when it comes down to split-second decision making. He’d love someone who can cook AND eat well, since he very much loves food himself. When it comes to dating, I see him as a pretty traditional person, but because he’s unpredictable, I think it’s safe to assume that he would venture out of the path a little to change some things around.

In a much more shallower perspective (not stating that Jin is shallow in the least), he may be drawn to girls (or boys) that have softer features or someone who appears younger than they actually are, such as singer IU or Korean actress Park Bo Young. As long as their choice of clothing and makeup is down-to-earth and nothing too extravagant, it’ll be a ‘yes, i like what i see so far’ from him.

Jin’s ideal type would be someone who’s mature, warm, and motherly; they should be able to handle themselves well in public. He would prefer softer features over sharper ones, basically someone who’s good-looking themselves.

Suga: Personality-wise, Yoongi might go for a calm and patient lover, one that’s able to handle his sassy remarks and lazy habits of his. I mentioned before in one of my mtls that to me, he seems like the most versatile out of BTS; his tastes probably changes a lot in a person. I’d love to see him with someone nearly just as sarcastic and laid-back as him; but it’s not too hard to imagine him being together with a fluffy, peace-loving unicorn either though.

If we’re going to go by appearances, Suga would probably prefer a more ‘swag’ rather than a polished/cute choice of clothing on his significant other, however, the curious eyebrow cocks up only if the certain s/o suits the ‘swag’ look. If the amount of bling-bling is blinding and way too unnecessary, it’ll decrease the chances of him asking them out and make his potential lover look like they’re trying too hard. Makeup isn’t necessary, but if you want to flaunt your good looks, go all in. Purple lipstick, blue eyeliner works perfectly; just remember not to look like you’re trying extremely hard to impress him!

Suga’s ideal type would be someone who’s laid-back and prefers to stay out of drama/gossip. He’d like it if they dressed similar to his style; ripped jeans with a checkered shirt around the waist would be smiled upon.

J-Hope: If we’re going to go by personality, he’ll go all for a smiley, funny significant other. Hoseok, in my opinion, prefers to be surrounded by positivity rather than negativity, so a pessimistic person wouldn’t exactly click with him, romantically speaking. Sure, he’s easygoing and extremely fun to be around with, and doesn’t select his friends or future lover, but a pessimistic person as his partner in life wouldn’t really be his first choice. Hoseok himself is emotional, so I think he’d do well with a caring lover that is able to comfort him effortlessly.

Regarding appearances, Hoseok would be the hardest for me to decide. I don’t think he has a specific preference of clothing or makeup; he’s just as likely to enjoy seeing his lover wearing jeans and a sweatshirt as he is when his lover’s in a tank top with dangerously short shorts. He also wouldn’t mind the body type of his significant other; Hoseok would like chubby people just as much as thin people. It wouldn’t hurt if his partner could dance though; work them moves J-Hope stans!

J-Hope’s ideal type would be someone cheery and has a positive outlook on life. He’s really open-minded, so he most likely doesn’t have a preference to how his significant other should look like.

Jimin: Jimin’s ideal type would be someone who’s extremely thoughtful and generous; someone who’s polite around adults and mostly places themselves second in most scenarios. They always have someone else on their mind when making decisions, and often is concerned about others’ emotions and physical conditions.  His ideal type wouldn’t be the ones that are easily pushed around though, they should be able to have a voice when unjust actions are committed against them, or someone else.

Appearance-wise, he might like a more subtle choice of clothing on his partner, one that he can compliment on and isn’t too extravagant or revealing. I totally see him loving a mature, sexy look on his significant other though! He’d be really aroused by it, and would give them nonstop kisses on the lips or neck.

Jimin’s ideal type would someone thoughtful and generous, who always thinks of others first before themselves. He’d enjoy seeing his partner in formal wear; whether they decide to go the ‘casual’ way or ‘sexy’ way is up to them.

V: V’s ideal type would be a person who enjoys laughing, and has a beautiful smile. He would be instantly attracted to them, as he’s a sucker for charming and sweet people. He would adore a cute and childish partner that he can frequently spoil and coo over too, and since he’s especially sweet with kids, he would want a partner who’s quite good with or loves children also.

When it comes to appearances, V might like a softer, more ‘girly’ style on his significant other on a typical basis, although he would be (pleasantly) shocked if they dressed slightly more revealing once in awhile. He’s the type that wouldn’t really mind how his partner looks like early in the morning; he’d still enjoy giving kisses to them even if they had bad morning breath and would find their disheveled hair adorable.

V’s ideal type would be someone who has a beautiful smile, and frankly, someone who loves laughing. He’s quite flexible with whatever his partner wears, cute clothing might appeal the best to him, however.

Jungkook: Jungkook’s ideal type would be someone who’s flirty but also mature. He would like being teased a little, so out of all of BTS, he may be the one who’s completely unbothered by the fact he’s dating a noona, and instead may even enjoyed being playfully pushed around because he’s younger. His partner should be patient with him; I see it being a problem relationship-wise if they’re not. Jungkook’s around the awkward transition of adolescent to adult, and he’s, frankly, still slightly impulsive. His significant other taking a few cautious steps to being understanding with him would create a stable and healthy relationship that would last a long time.

When considering looks, Jungkook has made us all aware that Korean singer IU is one of the female idols he really admires. He might prefer a taller partner, but don’t dwell on height too much! As long as the gap between his lover and him isn’t too large, it’s not difficult to imagine him leaning down to kiss the top of his lover’s forehead. Regarding the sensitive topic of makeup, Jungkook would probably choose a lighter makeup-look rather than to a heavy one, but of course, he wouldn’t stress over it much.

Jungkook’s ideal type would be someone who’s patient and playful, in addition to being mature when dealing with decisions that could affect their relationship. He would prefer a taller partner, but wouldn’t mind how they dress, unless they reveal a little too much in public (he gets jealous and possessive quickly).

This piece of work is based off my personal opinion. Feel free to disagree with it, as long as aggressiveness is kept at a minimum ^~^. Keep in mind that we, fans, have no to little idea of who BTS actually looks for in a partner so don’t get discouraged!

Disposable pt 8

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

You woke to the sound of birds chirping and light breathing–neither of which made much sense to your sleepy brain. The only birds you usually heard outside the apartment you lived in were pidgins and the occasional angry crow, nothing like the things singing outside currently. But the breathing was much more concerning. 

You opened your eyes slowly to find yourself eye-level with Min Yoongi’s lips. Oh god. This was bad. You looked further up, and let out a sigh of relief when you saw that his eyes were closed. He would probably murder you if he knew that you had been sleeping half on top of him–with your hand clinging to his shirt no less!

You carefully moved his hand away from where it had been resting on your hip, and then a thought occurred to you. Min Yoongi cuddled in his sleep. It wasn’t just you rolling over on top of him, he had put his arm around you. You fought back a smile. What would he have done if he had woken up first? Screamed, probably.

The mental image was an amusing one, and put you in a good mood (but you were also glad that you had woken up first, not the other way around).

There was a knock on the door, and you froze half-way out of bed. 

“Are you two up? Are you decent? I don’t want to walk in on anything.” It was Hoseok’s voice, and you were about to get up when an arm wrapped around your waist. 

“Come in.” Yoongi said, pulling you closer. Damn he was good at the whole “adoring boyfriend” thing.

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Tell me neither of you bit her! A Thiam!Threesome Smut Part Two

Part One

Scott told us all to get dressed, giving us exactly five minutes to do so before walking back into the room. “Which one of you bit her?” I had never seen Scott so mad. The bites had healed but I still had blood stains on my neck. I honestly didn’t understand why it was such a big deal. It’s not like either of them were alphas biting a human. It was just Liam and Theo.

“What’s the big deal Scott? It was just a bite.” Scott looked at the three of us like we were children he was scolding. “Do you know what biting a beta in heat does?” Liam and I shook our head no, but Theo’s eyes widen in realization. “You don’t think we? We couldn’t have. There’s no possible way both of us!” Now Liam and I were the only ones in the room that didn’t know what was happening. “Can either of you fill us in on what’s going on?”

Theo sat down and left it up to Scott. “When a werewolf bites a beta during her heat, he marks her as his mate. It’s a life long bond. They become like one and can hardly be apart from one another.” I sat back and looked at Liam and Theo. Theo seemed to be in shock and Liam seemed to be frozen. “But they both bit me, surely they couldn’t have both marked me.” Theo nodded in agreement. “I don’t know Y/N. I haven’t even marked Malia.” Scott started pacing. “I’m gonna give Deaton a call and see if he can shed some light on this. As for you two.” He pointed at Liam and Theo. “I want you away from Y/N. Now!” Liam and Theo heard the alpha command in Scott’s voice making them run out of my room and down the stairs.

“Stay here Y/N and keep away from Theo and Liam till we figure this out.” I groaned loudly and laid down on my bed. The only good thing that has happened is my heat seemed to have stopped. I don’t know how long Scott would be on the phone with but I didn’t like being stuck in my room. I opened my door to try and sneak down to the kitchen but I saw Scott standing there. “Y/N I told you to stay in your room.” I rolled my eyes and pouted at Scott. “Come on Scott, let me just get something to eat.”

Scott agreed and told me to avoid Liam and Theo. I promised to stay away from them before walking down the stairs. I smiled at the two boys sitting on my couch before going to my kitchen. I grabbed a water and some chips before walking back to my room. Scott was just hanging up the phone when I reached the second floor. “We have a problem.” He told me to follow him as he walked down stairs to Liam and Theo.

“What did Deaton say?” Theo was the first to stand. “Well, it’s not a rare thing for two betas to mark a single mate. We just have to wait and see if you both marked her or just one of you and then we’ll deal with it from there.” Liam spoke up this time. “How will we know who marked her?” I was curious as well. “It takes at least a day for a mark to take hold. Tomorrow we will test it. As for now I need you two to stay away from her, just in case you didn’t actually mark her. I don’t want to risk you guys marking her.”


Tomorrow came sooner than I thought. Scott was knocking at my door around noon, which was about the time I was getting up. I walked down stairs and opened the door. “Yes Scott?” I asked while letting him in to my home. “Look Y/N I’m sorry about how I reacted yesterday. I should have warned you about everything, maybe then we wouldn’t be in this mess.” I gave him a small smile. “It’s ok Scott. I should have listened to you and stayed away from Theo and Liam.” He nodded his head and gave me a smile.

“To say sorry I’m gonna take you for pizza. So go get ready and we can go before my shift at the clinic.” I ran upstairs to shower quickly and get dressed. I tried to not take so long, rushing through my shower and just throwing on some jeans and a tank top. I decided to just tie my hair back, knowing it would get messy riding on the back of Scott’s bike. “Ok Scott, let’s go.” I yelled as I ran out the front door.

Scott drove us to the park where my favorite food truck parked. It had the best pizza I’ve ever had. Scott and I got our food then went to find a place to sit. We found a small park bench under a tree. I sat down and placed my lemonade next to me. “Watch my food Y/N, I’m gonna check if that restaurant will let me use their bathroom.” I nodded and took a bite of my food. Scott ran off leaving me by myself.

Just as I saw Scott run into the restaurant someone called my name. “Y/N? Hey.” Nolan, a boy from my biology class sat down next to me. “Hey Nolan. “I smiled at him and took a drink of my lemonade to wash down my pizza. "What are you doing here?” He seemed nervous and kind of on edge. “I was just eating pizza with Scott. He went to the bathroom.” I pointed to the building Scott had went into. “Oh, is he like your boyfriend or something?” Nolan was cute and he seemed really shy. “No, he’s like a big brother to me.”

Nolan seemed to get more anxious with my answer. “Great, cool. Uh would you like to go out with me this Friday?” He quickly asked before looking around like he was expecting someone to jump out at him. Just as I was gonna answer someone spoke up. “She’s taken!” I looked behind me to see a pissed off Liam and Theo. They were glaring at Nolan who just nodded and ran off.

“What the hell?” Theo grabbed my arm and started leading me away from the park. “Theo!” He turned and growled at me, his eyes flashing golden. I flashed my eyes back and immediately clung to him. Theo pulled me close and sniffed the side of my neck. Liam pressed up against the back of me and started doing the same thing as Theo. I reached back and grabbed Liam’s hand, pulling it around me.

I could smell the arousal grow on Liam and Theo, making me whimper with need. “My truck now.” Theo’s voice was calm, deep, and commanding. Liam and I walked quickly to his truck. Liam opened the door and lifted me inside, instantly attaching his lips to my neck. I moaned at the contact, tugging him closer by his hair. Theo got in the truck through the other side, pulling me against his chest to kiss me roughly.

My head was spinning as their lips kissed every inch of my heated exposed skin. “The truck is too small Theo.” Liam growled after hitting his head on the roof. Theo agreed and climbed in the front seat. He started the truck and started driving us somewhere. Liam kept me busy in the back seat. His hand shoved down my pants fingering me quickly as he sucked marks onto my neck. Each one healed instantly.

Theo pulled over somewhere and got out of the truck, taking a bag with him. He was gone for a few minutes before coming back and telling me to get out of the truck. I did as I was told and followed him to the back of the truck. He had the tail gate down and had made a makeshift bed out of blankets and clothes. He lifted me up onto the tail gate before him and Liam climbed up next to me. They both reached for my shirt, remembering what happened last time I stopped them. “I like this tank top very much.” I pulled it off and tossed it to the side.

Theo started kissing my exposed chest. In that moment I was glad I choose not to wear a bra. Liam unbuttoned my jeans and yanked them down along with my underwear. He spread my legs and started to lap at my clit before shoving his tongue inside me. I moaned against Theo’s lips allowing him to slip his tongue in. Liam started to rub my clit in unknown patterns making my legs tremble.

“Stop teasing me.” I whimpered wanting more than just Liam’s tongue. Theo gave Liam a nod. They both pulled away and undressed quickly. Theo laid down and lifted me onto him. I gripped his cock and lined it up with my entrance, moaning as Theo lowered me down onto him. He pulled me down against him so Liam could push his cock into me as well. I growled at the feeling of being stretched. “Fuck!” Liam gripped my hips and started thrusting, bottoming out each time. Theo bucked his hips hard, rocking me each time.

I dug my claws into Theo’s biceps, moaning for them to go harder. Liam’s claws started to dig into my hips giving me a new type of pleasure. My pussy started to spasm around the cocks making them growl and thrusts faster. I started seeing blurry as my orgasm started to build. “Fuck I’m so close!” Theo growled and gripped my jaw forcing me to look at him. “Don’t cum till I tell you to.” He reached between us and started rubbing my clit.

I tried to hold off my climax, making me shift and bite Theo’s neck. He roared as he started to cum. “Don’t you dare cum!” He growled as my claws dug deeper into his arms. Liam pulled out and let Theo lift me off him. He sat off to the side, breathing hard after cumming. Liam flipped me over and pushed his cock inside me. I moaned loudly as he started slamming into me. My back arched off the bed of the truck when his cock rubbed against my g spot. “Fuck Liam!” Liam licked two of his fingers before rubbing my clit side to side quickly. “Theo can I cum? Please let me cum?” I started to beg Theo.

He smirked at me, enjoying my torture. “Not yet baby.” He leaned over and kissed me roughly before burying his face in the crook of my neck where he bit me the day before. He pressed soft kisses there making my body light on fire with ecstasy. “Hold it baby.” He pulled away and whispered something to Liam who pulled me up against him. He buried his face in the crook on my neck, kissing his healed bite mark. I screamed as everything became sensitive. “Cum baby!” Theo yelled. Liam roared as my teeth sank into the side of his neck. I saw black as I came, my pussy squeezing Liam’s cock sending him over the edge.

Liam kept thrusting riding out both our highs. When we calmed down he let me lay back as he slowly pulled out. Theo didn’t give us time to catch our breath before he was helping me get dressed, he himself was fully dressed. “Get dressed Liam, I think Scott is gonna wanna talk to us.”

Comatose-Chapter 17

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

Logans POV

“Turn this fuckin’ bird around, Stark!” he says as he advances on Tony. “We left her back there! After she saved your good for nothing asses, and you just left her!” He knows he’s screaming, but he can’t stop. You have to be alive, to be whole. He can’t go through this, not again. He needs you like he needs air.

“Turn it around! Why the fuck ain’t nobody doing anything!” he frantically searches the faces of the gathered group, seeing nothing but defeat in them. It has his heart dropping into his stomach.

They won’t go back for you. They think you’re dead.

“She’s dead, wolfman. There’s no point in going back.” The red headed assassin points out, a slight smirk on her face. She’s doing her best to look contrite but he sees right through her.

He growl menacingly at her. “If she’s dead I know who I’m blaming!” He scrutinizes her appearance. There isn’t a speck of dirt on her, or a hair out of place. Suspicion clouds his mind. He’s going to get to the bottom of this. There was never supposed to be that many agents, grabbing Steve by the arm he says, “We need to go back, we need to find her,” his voice taking on a pleading edge.

Steve stares at him dumbly. “I saw what happened. She went to help Buck.” His voice breaks “She tried to save his life.” He takes a deep breath. “There’s no way they survived that.”

It feels as though his heart has been ripped from his chest. You went back to save… him? Why? He was screaming for you, begging you to run, to come back to him and yet you chose to die for someone else?

He sits heavily, dumbfounded by this new information. Was any of it real? Were you merely using him to get over the damaged tin can? Shaking his head, he knows the answer. If it came down to it, you would choose Bucky over him any day.

It was Jean all over again. He was never enough.

Trying unsuccessfully to rein in his emotions, he runs a hand through his hair. He was never going to see you smile again, hear your laugh. He would never again save you from your dismal attempts at cooking, or hear you curse at him when he got a little mouthy.

You were gone for good this time. He couldn’t save you. He had failed again. He can feel the scream bubbling up his throat. Hands digging into the seat below him, his claws slide out. He tries to fight the rising pain, stuff it down to deal with later, but he can’t. He’s lost too much, seen too much, felt too much.

Before he can stop himself, he lets out an anguished roar that seems to shake the plane. No one moves to stop him, or comfort him. He doesn’t register when Steve starts to sob beside him. He doesn’t register it when Storm stands in front of him, trying to dig him out of the dark hole he’s descending into. He doesn’t notice when Sam lays his hand on his shoulder, and he moves to attack. He doesn’t register the screams of his team members as the Wolverine attempts to slash through everything standing between him and (Y/N). He doesn’t register it when Colossus turns to steel and knocks him out cold.

He only notices the welcoming darkness and the reprieve it will bring from the mind searing pain in his chest.

He wakes slowly. Reaching out for your sleeping form, he finds the sheets cold. Confused he turns to face the spot you should be in, finding only empty air. Had you gotten up?

“(Y/N)?” he calls out, his foggy mind trying to figure out where you could have gone too. Maybe you went for breakfast? He turns to face the alarm clock, the time showing 6:32am. Nope, he snorts, you never got up that early

Confused and worried, he sits up, rubbing at his sleep crusted eyes, mind swirling with thoughts. His eyes snap open, the sudden crushing realization that you were, in fact, dead slamming into him like a freight train.

No.. no… it’s a dream, just a dream.

He’s going to wake up and you will  be next to him, smiling beautifully at him. Shaking his head and pinching his arm, he tries to wake himself to no avail.

Oh god, oh no…

You really were gone. There was no way around that. He had to call the professor. Oh fuck. The realization dawns that no matter how hard he kicked against this one there was no way to fix it.

Logan takes a deep breath. For the first time, he lets himself cry.

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