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who wants to fight against gravity?


Lena wasn’t jealous. No, nope, not at all. Luthors didn’t stoop so low as being jealous. People were jealous of Luthors, not the other way around.

…Okay so maybe Lena was a little jealous.

It’s just that Kara and Jess were suddenly such close friends. Not that Lena was opposed to that! Kara was allowed to have friends, Lena didn’t own her. It’s just… Lena was pretty sure that they were more than just friends.

They went out to lunch and dinner together, movies and other things. They had a regularly scheduled thing every Saturday and, well, Lena had more than just a little crush on Kara. And maybe it hurt a little that she lost Kara to her secretary (not that Kara was something to be won and Jess was a great woman).

But Lena was a good sport, she wasn’t going to sabotage Kara’s love life. Maybe she had Jess work over time more than normal, but Lena always made sure that if she knew Jess and Kara had plans, she’d let Jess go. She’d keep her jealousy and envy under wraps for Kara and Jess. Besides, Jess definitely had more free time than a CEO and Kara deserved someone who could actually spend time with her.

“Do you want to watch that movie you’ve been talking about tomorrow night? Power Rangers?” Lena asked when Kara had stopped by for lunch and Jess had been conveniently away.

(No, really. It was for a very important matter. Lena needed her dry cleaning picked up for that night’s gala. Jess had actually volunteered.)

“Oh, I already watched it with Jess last weekend, but I’ll watch it again if you want!” Kara answered cheerily before shoving another potsticker in her mouth.


“Oh, never mind then, it makes sense that you watched it already with your girlfriend,” Lena said none too nicely.

So maybe she really wasn’t keeping her feelings about Kara’s new relationship under wraps very well after all.

Kara sputtered and nearly choked. “G- girlfriend?”

“Jess? My secretary?” Lena plastered a sweet-looking (she hoped) smile on her face. “You two look very happy together.”

“You think Jess and I are dating?”

“…Are you not?” Lena asked hesitantly. Had she been wrong?

“Of course not! We’re just both part of this club for secretaries of high-powered CEOs!”

Oh. Lena felt really dumb.

“Besides, I like someone else and Jess was helping me with it,” Kara continued.

If not Jess, then someone else. Of course Kara liked someone else. Kara was wonderful and happy and bright and -

“Would you maybe like to go on a date with me?” Kara asked, pulling Lena out of her internal downward spiral. She was holding out a book opened to the cover page, one of Lena’s favorites, with a pressed plumeria as a bookmark and the author’s signature right under the title.

Lena just nodded dumbly.

“When you’re falling in a forest and there’s nobody around…”

I finished watching Dear Evan Hansen last weekend and I just had to. 

- - - 

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small au for hyungwon or the8 please, if it's ok💖💖✨ (p.s : i really love your writings i check them out all the time, the characterization feels so real and the ideas are very good too ! and i hope you're doing well with school and whatever too 💖🌸))

oh my,,,that’s so nice of you to say!!!!! tysm!!!!

  • single dad!hyungwon 
  • loves his son to pieces and hates having to drop him off at the daycare because he’ll literally just hold him like in his arms
  • and his son cries everytime he has to leave and it breaks hyungwon’s heart
  • and the daycare workers are always like ,,,,,sir,,,,,it’s been twenty minutes,,,,,,you might be late for work
  • and hyungwon, hugging his son is like, this moment is Too Precious. I couldn’t give less of a Shit about work
  • (he’s late to work everyday if i didn’t make that apparent enough)
  • wonho and kihyun keep trying to get hyungwon to hire a babysitter and maybe go out drinking with other co-workers but hyungwon is so like,,,,,,suspicious of everyone
  • and he’d literally rather spend the weekend inside with his son helping him learn the alphabet and watching saturday morning cartoons
  • if his son does something like super cute,,,,like once he picked a flower and kept playing with it,,,,hyungwon takes like one million videos of it
  • im not lying, he has like two phones one is full of videos and pics of his son he loves him so much
  • you’re a dog walker who’s always in the park the same time as when hyungwon takes his son there after daycare 
  • and you see this tall,,,,handsome dad with his kid at the kiddie swings and you think it’s really cute
  • and you’re always like wondering where the mom is or something because you bet she has to be gorgeous to be married to someone who literally looks like a model
  • and one day as you’re getting the dogs back on their leashes you notice another owner left the dog park door open
  • and you’re like “that’s rude” but before you can get up to close it you see this tiny boy come waddling through the gates
  • and your eyes widen because!!!!! that’s a kid,,,,,,the dogs,,,,,,,,,,he could get hurt!!
  • and you drop the leashes, running straight over to pick up the little boy and you’re like “you can’t come in here, it’s only for puppies!!” and you look around for their parents but you can’t see anyone
  • but then you notice,,,,,,that hey,,,,,this is the handsome guys son??? and you’re like ??? because where’s his dad 
  • so you close the door to the dog park and try to look around and you don’t notice but the boy wraps his small hands around your neck and cuddles into your shoulder
  • and finally you find his dad running around the park frantically and you’re like “sir!!!!” and hyungwon stops to see you and his son and he’s like oh my god i thought i was going to die,,,,,,i can’t believe he ran off on my like that
  • and you’re like “he came over to the dog park, but thankfully nothing happened but um-”
  • and hyungwon is looking at you and you’re like “i think he’s asleep?” 
  • hyungwon’s eyes go back to being wide and he’s like?????asleep????but he never sleeps in anyones arms but mine??????? 
  • but it’s true when hyungwon leans over to look, his son is asleep in your arms like it’s the most natural thing
  • and you want to hand him over but he’s holding your shirt bunched up in his fist
  • and you’re like “um,,,,,” and hyungwon is like,,,,,,,,,,this is a bit,,,,im sorry
  • and you’re like no it’s fine but actually i need to get the dogs and i cant,,,so could you,,,,,
  • and that’s how hyungwon ends up walking the dogs for you around the block as you hold his sleeping son and you get to talking and he’s so cute, ranting on about how much he loves his boy 
  • and you’re like “what does his mom do?” and hyungwon kind of sighs and is like she’s not around anymore
  • and you’re like oh,,,im sorry and he’s like it’s ok anyway,,,,i think the dogs have had enough,,,,,,,,which dog should we drop off first?
  • and you go around and every one of your customers is like winking at you and pointing at hyungwon like ooooo,,,,i didn’t know you had a husband- and you’re like hES NOT
  • even though you’re literally holding his child and he’s helping you walk dogs. like what do you look like? a family
  • and finally his son wakes up and happily goes from your arms to hyungwons 
  • and you’re like “well, see you whenever??” and hyungwon is like “uh,,,,,actually,,,,,,,if it’s ok with you,,,,,,,,,,,im gonna take him to the zoo this weekend. are you free?”
  • and you’re like OH,,,yes,,,,,,,and hyungwon smiles and it’s the most,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,handsome smile you’ve ever seen
  • and he’s like “good, i think he’ll really like it if you’re there,,,and you know coughs,,,,,so will i” 
College Advice

With one semester under my belt and a so far unblemished GPA, here’s a list of everything I wish I had known before I started college (plus some stuff I figured out along the way):

1. Read the syllabus for your class and then go one step further: pick assignments that you can do ahead of time, like readings, and then actually do them. At least at my university you hit a point about a month or so into school where all of the sudden you have no free time. Earlier on you’re going to have some slow weekends. I’m not saying do it all at once, but if you take away some easy but time consuming assignments earlier the whole semester will feel a little smoother. Important though: You still have to review your notes/work when relevant or you’ll be screwed later on.

2. The first like two weeks of school as a freshman you are shuttled through dozens of social events, infofairs, and mixers. You may find that you make a lot of friends at first, but then once that one month marker passes you look up from your textbooks and realize you haven’t spoken to another human outside of classes in days. Try to have at least one recurring social thing going on, whether that’s meeting friends for dinner once a week, going to a club meeting or a study group.

3. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Like seriously, if something is just not making sense, you need to get another person involved. Sometimes studying alone and Google only go so far! Office hours are good and so is tutoring. Ask classmates too if you can. I really hated my chem lab, and there was one lab where the data we got basically defied the laws of physics. I ran into someone from my lab section on the street and vented about it- turns out she had the same problem, but more importantly, she knew what caused it! My lab report was still pretty bad due to the nonsensical data, but I had a coherent answer when it came time to explain error.

4. Go to class, participate, and be nice to your professors. If they host optional reviews, definitely go to them. Depending on the prof’s style, you may be able to just sit and listen or they may expect you to bring questions. Have at least one just in case. The reason why this matters (besides networking and engaging in active learning) is that a lot of professors make a component of your grade “participation”. I had a course where I was borderline between an A minus and and A, which could have dinged my GPA. My grade basically was going to come down to a rewrite of a paper. I went to a not very well attended test review and got extra hints about what was going to be on the test and what the professor was looking for, which boosted my final test grade, and though I can’t prove it I strongly suspect my professor used my participation grade to nudge me over the edge to an A.

5. This wasn’t one I learned, but one I realized other people didn’t know: your school very likely pays a crap ton of money to give you access to academic research databases through the library. Use them, oh my god, please use them. For one thing, I’ve found it’s just plain easier than attempting to do regular research- you get lots of good, relevant, generally sound information; you can sort in cool ways (like if you don’t want outdated research you can set parameters for the time of publication); and most have pre-made citations! It’s cool! Even if you don’t have a research project/paper just go on once and dick around a bit, it’s pretty fun. That being said, if you are assigned a project requiring research and citations, don’t do what you did in high school and cite a bunch of news articles about scientific advancements or the results of studies. Go find original sources. You need to learn how to read published research in any case. (I’m speaking from a STEM major perspective but these databases have tons of cool stuff for arts and humanities students too- entire books, anthologies of art, images for use, music files, recordings of plays and performances, etc). But the reason I bring this up- in a group project in a communications course a well-intentioned teammate brought us a random person’s blog post about conflict in the workplace to cite in our speech. She had no idea she had access to like thousands of psychological and sociological research papers, books, etc. on the subject. Another student in that class orally cited a buzzfeed article about procrastination- unless you have a really good reason (like maybe you’re a communications student analyzing listicle style writing or the influence of social media on journalism) please don’t cite buzzfeed.

6. People talk a lot about networking, so I’ll just mention one specific and easy way to do it even if you’re not super outgoing: join a club or organization related to your major/career field. You will meet people who have experiences you can learn from, even if you may compete with them for some things (maybe they tip you off to an internship they had last summer or to a professor’s favorite snack/hobby). You will also potentially meet some staff members from your department who can give you info about research/internships and possibly write you rec letters. This worked for me- I joined an org for students pursuing teaching, I’m one of a few freshman (maybe the only one actually) who attends regularly, and I ended up getting to know the director of the supply room who does the hiring for student interns. Now I have a job as a workroom intern to make some extra money during school. More importantly, it basically lets me meet and work with the whole department who can potentially open up opportunities for me. (Plus according to one intern sometimes you get invited to the staff Christmas party and all the professors get sloshed).

7. Wait to buy your textbooks, but not too long. If it’s a niche book (i.e. your school uses something written by your professor that no one else sells or cares about) there will come a point where they are out of copies and you will have to ask to photocopy someone’s lab notebook every week. Basically, wait until the first day of class, determine what you really need, ask someone who’s taken it before (or ask on your University’s subreddit) whether the book is essential, then make your purchases. Also! If you have to purchase an online access code for homework stuff, check if an online textbook is included. Don’t buy a hard copy in addition to it. It’s not worth it and you may even be able to check a textbook out from the library for that one time you’ll actually read the textbook. (When I say that, I mean you can read it for a few hours in the library- they won’t let you leave with it).

8. Don’t go into any class believing you are “bad” at a subject. I used to say all the time that I hated math and I was bad at it. I really lucked out, because I ended up enjoying Diff Calc this past semester. Because I liked it, I was willing to practice more and I found that I got less frustrated when things were hard. I realized that “being bad at math” was a lie I had told myself, basically, and it wasn’t helpful. Learn to treat your brain as a tool or a muscle. You can learn to do basically anything with enough time and effort, and struggling with something doesn’t mean you’re “bad” at it. It just means you’re working out your brain. I know that sounds corny as hell but it’s true. Having the idea that your intelligence is fixed and limited stunts learning and just makes you feel like crap. Realizing that your intelligence is fluid helps you be kinder to yourself, ask for help when you need it, and lets you focus on accomplishments over failures.

My askbox is always open if people have questions about the transition to college!

Ahhhh, sorry it’s been so long!

First off, no, I’m not inactive! I just had to take a little break.  So I actually decided to leave my job that I worked at for the past three years (I’m a salaried employee working in finance - which probably makes me an old person compared to most of the people on tumblr - I’m 24).  I liked the actual work, and the pay was really high, but they absolutely treated me horribly.  And I just put up with it because of the salary.  But it got to the point where I was really dreading going to work, and just completely miserable, even after I got home.  So, I decided to just give up on that job, and look for a new one….and I was able to get a new job with 24 hours, and the salary is even higher than my last job! I really should’ve done that sooner.  Anyway, I’ve been working crazy hours getting properly trained.  Plus, we (boyfriend, corgi, and I) are going to move closer to my new job, so I’ve had zero free time (my new job is randomly around the block from my bf’s job, so the move will cut both our commute times considerably).  Anyway,  this weekend is the first time in awhile that I’ll actually have some free time!  Sorry I haven’t been able to scanlate lately!  I don’t think I’ve even read any manga in the past few weeks.  I don’t think I’ve ever taken a break from reading manga at all in the past few years (that should really emphasize how busy I was).  I have a million messages at this point, and I really don’t think I can get to them all.  I’m assuming most of them were asking if I was still active, and [demanding to know] when I would release something.  I will try to finish up chapter 3 of My Tongue in Your Mouth (the Nyannya project) this weekend.  The raws are done, it’s cleaned, and uncensored. 

And lastly, I feel like I haven’t done the “random-picture-at-the-end-of-my-post” thing in awhile, so here’s one from my Daria magazine from a few months ago!  I haven’t gotten around to scanlating this series yet (I kinda really want to know which direction this manga is going in first - as not much as happened in the first three chapters).

Photo Credit: Red Beryl ni Sayonara (Michinoku Atami)  

Christmas Comes Early

Summary: Your mom forces you to go to a premature holiday party that you would rather not attend. To your surprise, you end up meeting one of your favorite actors, Jared Padalecki. 

Word Count: 4520 (oops)

Warnings: Smut!, unprotected sex (wrap it up), oral (female receiving), somewhat public sex, casual drinking, cursing

A/N: There’s a first time for everything! I’ve never written Jared before, but this fic came to me in a dream. Hope you guys enjoy! As always, like/reblog/send me some love if you enjoyed! Tagging some people at the bottom I think may enjoy(:

Originally posted by frozen-delight

“Y/N, for the hundredth time, yes you have to come to the party. I’m sick of making up excuses for why you don’t come to events with us.” Your mom sounded so exasperated over the phone, you could practically see her rubbing her temples. Your parents wanted you to come with them to your mom’s best friend’s holiday party around an hour away from your apartment, and you weren’t exactly feeling like going on your first free Saturday in a long time. Plus, the holidays were still three weeks away. Who has a party this early?

“Jake’s not going either!” Throwing your younger brother under the bus wasn’t a classy move, but you grasping at straws here.

“He has a tournament a state away. He can’t help that.”

“But Mom, I don’t think I have time to drive out there. I’m so busy,” you countered.

“You realize we share a Netflix account and that I can see that you’re forty-five minutes into a Black Mirror episode, right?” Shit, caught, you thought. You tried to think of any other excuse that could keep you firmly rooted to your couch for the rest of the weekend, but came up short.

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Nepenthe (Anthony Ramos/Aspiring Actress!Reader)

Woah, I’m finally posting this! I’ve been working on this for weeks, but with everything that happened with my dad and a lot of other stuff that’s been going on, I never really had time to work on it. I’m really happy to post this, but it probably sucks, honestly.

I promised @lamsbur that I’d tag him in this… so here you go!

Warnings: Swearing, Starbucks, Anthony being awkward, and the reader being kind of a dick.

Words: 1400

Nepenthe (n.) something that makes one forget their sadness

“Okay, well, we’re all done. Thank you for coming in,” the woman behind the desk said, cutting your sentence that you had spent hours upon hours memorizing for the past few weeks. You had put your all into this audition, only to be cut off, and you weren’t sure when it would be any different. You inwardly sigh, but force a smile at the woman.

“Oh no, thank you for having me. Have a nice day,” you force out, trying to keep your eyes from reflecting how you were really feeling; like screaming about how much of your life you’d put into this damn thing to get thrown out of the room early by someone with eyeshadow that was too pigmented and a foundation three shades too light for her skin. 

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Hi^^ May you write about Valkyon? Like, he lost Floppy and is super worried, because he can't find her anywhere, and it's been awhile.. Then Gardienne comes to his rescue xD She appears with a very safe and ok Floppy. Valkyon is so relieved, he says something like "Thanks, I love you". And then gets all embarrassed, "It was not what I meant!". And then she says something like "I know, I know, Kyon. But I can dream, right?". And then? How would he react? Be free to write in your way, I love it ♥

Sorry for the late-ish post, Anon. It wasn’t until this weekend that I found enough time to write this.

Because this is a detailed prompt. And I had to oblige with a one-shot. ;)

Actually, this was originally a vignette that sat in my hard-drive for a couple of months, because I didn’t know how to finish it. Until your prompt provided a really interesting ending. So I, uh, hope you don’t mind if I combined them… ^u^’ 

The Musarose was one of the most precious familiars in this world: docile, intelligent, nimble, and innately-affectionate, with a snowy coat that was the envy of all other velvet-obsessed clothiers, and a specially-adapted tail that mimicked a rose in full bloom, right down to the scent. All in a creature barely big enough to fit into a man’s hand even when full grown.  

This was exactly why Valkyon refused to let his out of her nest whenever he was working.

For reasons of its own, nature made Floppy just the right size to fit inside a wild Corko’s mouth. Which was exactly where he found her once, on the day the faux rose on her tail ‘bloomed’ to signal the end of puberty, and Valkyon had cautiously let her explore the beach to celebrate.

The Corko didn’t make it to the sea. And that was the end of all unsupervised outings, as far as he was concerned.

Still, that incident didn’t stop Floppy from venturing out of her nest on her own. She was a wild spirit. At least three times a week, whenever the Obsidian Guard chief dashed to his quarters in the last few minutes of his lunch-break with a sachet full of poisonous ladybugs painfully bargained-for at the market, he would find only an empty nest waiting for him.

Hard-won experience as a rebellious Musarose’s handler, plus twenty years of field training, had taught Valkyon to remain calm, collected, and perfectly methodical in scouring HQ for his errant familiar in-between his jobs for the day. And not simply shake it upside-down to find her before another peckish beast did. (He already tried that the first time she disappeared; it hadn’t ended well. The archivists joined forces to throw him out of the library, and Jamon lost a tooth.)  

But today, when the shadow on the sundial’s gnomon on the Arcade threatened to pass the twelve-hour line, and there was still no trace of Floppy in or around HQ, not even twenty-plus years of field work could keep him from worrying. This wasn’t just a routine game of hide-and-seek anymore. This was a rescue operation. This was ripe migraine material.

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Say It: Part 1 (Draco Malfoy Imagine Fluff)


Part two

Not requested- enjoy!

gif not mine

Originally posted by arianavevo

He was eyeing you again during dinner. You hated that white-haired boy’s scathing remarks toward your best friends, but you can’t help with the feeling that you started to like him. He is a pain in the arse, indeed, and every one in your squad agreed.

You quickly stuffed the food in your plate into your mouth and hurried back to your dorm. You promised Hermione that you would be there before 8, so she can help you with studying Potions. You hated the class not because of Professor Snape, but because you had to sit with the one and only Draco Malfoy. He was a huge distraction that resulted you almost failing the class and getting scolded by Snape. But you actually secretly like it, too.

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How do you feel about the population discrepancies re: Hogwarts? JKR said there's ~1000 yet the actual canon estimate is around ~280. Thoughts? How do you envision it?

JKR Also has Remus sitting to dinner with the students at the start-of-term feast on September 1st 1993. According to my full moon calendar, that was a full moon night. She also gives us a detailed timetable of when classes are, but then has events happen on the way to classes that actually take place on the weekend, or has things happen in the common room when they should be in classes. 

Those are just a few off the top of my head, but I actually found a whole list of other things (http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Mistakes_in_the_Harry_Potter_books

At the same time, I’ve had 110 betas look through Debt of Time to catch errors and inconsistencies, and they never leave me wanting. No one is perfect. No book is story is going to be error free.

When it comes to canon, I stick to the majority of it and ignore the rest if it conflicts. JKR is amazing at creating magical worlds, but she is terrible with math and calendars.

Even my own thoughts are conflicting. The castle is huge, so I say “Oh, easily 1000!” And I use that number to visualise the Quidditch Pitch being full up, for instance. But then the Great Hall, while large, isn’t THAT large. Nor is the Hogwarts Express. So that number shrinks in my mind to accommodate. I don’t get hung up about it (not like I do with the calendar issues LOL!)

Woo a tag!

I got tagged by @yunkinodrabbles Thanks! I really love that kind of thing :3

Rules: tag 10 (or not 10) followers you want to get to know better

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July 3rd

Gender: Female

Relationship status: I’m single, sexy and free.

Favorite color: Blue

Pets: Actually I have a cat, her name is Kiara

Wake up time: I wake up at 7:30 AM for my jod… on weekends and days off, I sleep until midday. 

Love or lust?: I like both… but for me lust means love, so in the end I think love is more appeal to me

Favorite Food: gosh, I love Yakisoba or lasagna, the best two things in the world

Cats or dogs?: I already had a dog, I love dogs, but currently I’m madly crazy about my cat

Met a celebrity?: Yes, Nicholas Sparks. I have a book autographed by him.

Last song listened too: Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts xD

First Kiss: Coincidence, I answered a question about it yesterday. There:

I was 12 years old and I was in a kind of club with pool. I made friends with a group of people my age there… one of the boys came to me and said that another boy wanted to be with me (kiss me). I had not spoken until then with this boy who supposedly wanted to be with me… but… dunno, I thought something like “why not?”.

This boy who had asked me, told me to wait for the other boy in a remote place. When this boy arrived, we both got embarrassed … so to break the ice I asked, “So, you wanted to stay with me?” Then he looked at me in surprise and said, “Wait, did not you want to stay with me?” Yes, we were both deceived! kkkkkkkkkkkk We both laughed at the situation and he asked me, “So what do you want to do?” I replied that we could stay and that’s how it happened. He spent the rest of the afternoon with me… but we did not make contact, so I never saw him again.

Tall or short: I’m kind of tall… I have more than 1,65 for sure. 

Welp, if I didn’t tag you, you can still do it if you want ^^ And if I tagged you and you don’t wanna do it or you already did it… Don’t do it :)

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also offtopic, but I had free time this weekend due to easter and stuff so I took some time to learn the Cyrillic alphabet! I 100% understand* the Serbian one, I'm learning Russian Cyrillic currently (Russian is easier than Serbian imo). idk if I'll ever take time to actually learn Russian as a language but it's nice to understand the writing at least uwu - rx anon // * by that I mean everything except cursive Cyrillic seriously what the fuck

Cursive Cyrillic fucking scares me.

I can hear native Russian speakers already laughing in the distance.

Chuck & the Swaingels photo op from VegasCon feat. @consulting-cannibal, the scribe of God. (and then me just being a fangirl)

Important things to note:

  • What in theory was a slightly complicated pose was actually even more complicated to enact (Chris is a SAINT for dealing with me and my insane poses that entire weekend)
  • Billy tied his wings on upside down
  • Rob was very enthusiastic about the effort that went into this, he felt the need to tell me so twice.
The VCR that ended a 17 year friendship

I was sharing an apartment with a childhood friend, we were in our early twenties - partying a lot and still not having grown up jobs. One of my jobs was bar tending, so I could usually live off my tips and keep my head above water.

We split the bills 50-50, she’d pay them and tell me how much I owed and I’d hand over cash from the tip jar. I didn’t question it because we’d been friends since toddler swimming lessons, but when I lost the bar tending gig (which will probably be another petty revenge story someday) things got really tight for me. I asked my roommate to pay for her long distance calls, which I hadn’t really been keeping track of up until that point. We’re talking $60 in extra charges, so not something that would have broken me if she couldn’t, but the $30 from my share of her long distance calls could have gone towards food or other bills or some decent beer or a concert ticket. Plus, they were her long distance charges…

From her reaction you’d have thought I asked her to whore herself on the streets or murder her family. She asked me how I had the NERVE to ask her for more money when she’d apparently told me weeks ago how broke she was (I remember this conversation, but I didn’t think it was a “heads up I have no money and need you to pay for my phone bill ” conversation. I thought it was just us bitching about the fact that neither of us had money. We were both broke and I’d just lost one of my jobs!) Then she got huffy about how I was essentially taking food right out of her mouth to waste on weed or booze… Which was exactly what she was doing. This girl ALWAYS had weed and smoked every day. It didn’t matter how broke we were, she always had money for weed and cigarettes. This never bothered me because after the rent and the bills are paid, your money is your money, my money is my money. We had actually had that exact conversation before we moved in together! It was a good system! So that’s when I started to get pissed off.

This fight got ridiculous. It ended up lasting days and ultimately destroyed our friendship. She stopped communicating with me directly and it became us leaving passive aggressive notes for each other (I was just as bad, her petty fed my petty and I started asking for my $30 in every note). She was away one weekend with her boyfriend when the VCR* crapped out on me. It was her VCR and I didn’t break it so much as it died on my watch, but it was still my responsibility. I left her a note to talk to me after work - I was tired of this bullshit and I wanted to tell her about the VCR and offer to pay for it to her face and maybe get things back on track again. I got home from work that night to a multi page ALL CAPS screed on what an awful person I was and how I broke her fucking VCR so I’d better be replacing it and I was such a fucking bitch with no respect for her things blah blah blah.

(*For the kids, VCR stands for Video Cassette Recorder. It was a machine that played videos recorded on VHS tapes. You had to rewind them and you could actually adjust the quality sometimes by smacking the VCR. It was often used to record movies when super channel had free weekends. Truly those were magical times.)

ANYWAY, the VCR was hers, true. However, I owned ALL of the movies. So, I gathered them up and pawned them to buy her a new VCR. The TV was also mine, so I put that in my room along with the PlayStation, the computer, and the shitty stereo. The couch was mine, but I was feeling nice so I just took the cushions. And the kitchen chairs. Did I mention she was having friends over that evening? Her and her friends had nowhere to sit and nothing to do except admire the brand new VCR (still in the box!) and the copy of Caillou I’d left behind for her nephew. She had a portable stereo, but most of the music was mine and her speakers were fuzzy and hard to listen to above a whisper. I could hear her bitching about me through the walls and talking about how petty and immature I was being. I asked them to keep it down because I was having trouble hearing my game. I’d also left the passive aggressive notes on display on the kitchen table, so her friends could feel free to peruse and get a sense of how THAT started.

She moved out the next month and I wrote her a cheque for her share of the damage deposit, minus $30.

The bitch of it is, if she’d just covered her damn long distance calls or told me flat out she couldn’t afford it that month but would get me back as soon as she could, there would have been no problem.

tl;dr roommate and I were fighting about money, I accidentally broke her VCR and pawned all of the movies to buy her a new one after she blew up at me for it.

EDIT I am losing it over the Caillou hate. We may have found the thing that can bring the world together and usher in an era of peace.


My (446) pictures from Lunar Eclipse 2 this weekend are up on Flickr. As always, feel free to use any of them for edits; credit/a link back would be nice. Thanks! :)

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Dethan + 31. “Wanna, like–I mean, if you’re not busy.. We could get lunch? Or even just coffee if you don’t have a lot of time?”

“Do you wanna, I mean if you’re not busy, would you like to get lunch some time? Or maybe even coffee if you don’t have much time?”

Danny looked up Ethan and smiled softly. It had been such a shock to see him again after all these years, and even now, Danny could feel himself drawn to the other man. “I actually have some free time this weekend,” He replied. “We could do dinner and a movie instead, if you’re interested.”

He watched a smile spread across Ethan’s face. He couldn’t remember the last time he saw Ethan smile like that. “Dinner and a movie? I would love that.”

“Great,” Danny said, pulling his phone out to get Ethan’s number. “It’s a date then.”

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Wow! I love the new blog look. Are we still calling you Mrs Mon, or is it Mrs Min now, lol? Or do we double-barrel, and call you Mrs Min-Mon? Haha. I've never watched Scandal, but I can most definitely say that I am nowhere near as cool or badass as Olivia Pope/Kerry Washington! Thank you to the anon who sent in the drabble request (and you for writing it, of course) - I have to say that drabble made my weekend. There's nothing like a fantasy date with Bangtan, haha. I hope you had a nice [1]

[2] break with your sisters, and a nice weekend. Sadly the weekend has disappeared too quickly! BTS text anon (btw, my work is actually keen for me to take some time off, so I may just find myself with some free time in May…)

Yay thank you! Or rather, let’s all thank Michelle for saving my technology-illiterate ass time and time again. Okay - I really wanted to protest these outrageous allegations, but Mrs Min-Mon sounds so gosh darn cute that I might as well accept that fate. 

Oooh, I don’t know what kind of shows you like, but Scandal was a really good one to watch! I randomly watched a couple episodes on a plane once and when I got home I binged all the seasons that were out at that time. Also don’t be silly, you are just as cool as her, if not cooler. I should know <3

If you liked that, I hope you will also enjoy the Hobi fluff I am about to upload :D

Ugh I had so much fun with them here. I was so busy and always on the run but it was so worth it and I can’t wait to move home and hang out with them all the time. They are seriously good times and I miss them already.

Yeah, as always the weekend was way too short. How was yours? Did you to anything fun?

I AGREE WITH YOUR WORK! And may I add, Tokyo is very lovely in May and also I will be here. Plus, it’s getting warm enough to hang out outside at night which is always fun :D