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i’d like to thank the people that are still friends with me even after i disappear for months at a time only to reappear and spam them with 23 walls of text in 8 minutes

I was playing roadhog in a quickplay match (sidenote: I’m a terrible tank) and I accidentally used my ult when in the spawn room after respawning, and a zenyatta happened to be there, so I wrote

“pls don’t judge me zen”
to which he replied: 

“don’t worry, I hear it happens to a lot of guys”

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pls gimme a munday selfie babe, I need to see ur gorgeous face

(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ aah well okay but only because a cute boy at school called me adorable today so im in a pretty great mood hnn

i am the 2P Queen yesyes

and thank you for the 7,600+ followers! ★

oftd featuring. tezri propie


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How are you feeling today?

Actually pretty good! I got some alone time today so I could meditate on the events of yesterday, and I’ve come to a realization. You guys are my family. I don’t need anyone else. Thank you guys for sticking with me. :)

I’m a stickler for the fact that Zoro has never once been named as the First Mate of the Straw Hats by Oda, the character info in the volumes, or by any member of the Straw Hats. Many fans believe that Urouge called him it on Sabaody, but that was a mistranslation and Urouge only called him the “second member” (which is not just another name for First Mate). And even if he had said it, what does Urouge know about the Straw Hats other than the obvious fact that Zoro has the 2nd highest bounty on the crew? Nothing, so what he says doesn’t matter.

Is Zoro more-or-less the de facto first mate? Basically. He’s an invaluable crew member who is vital in protecting both the crew and the Captain and helps to maintain the cohesion between them during times of crisis. However, does he do any of the actual jobs first mates do? Does he manage the crew’s stock? Does he manage the crew to ensure they’re doing their jobs? That sounds like Nami. Has Luffy indicated that Zoro will be the new captain in his absence? Also no

He’s the 2nd strongest, and he’s the most important after Luffy in times of crisis, but neither of those things are the definition of a First Mate. Nami’s the one who does the job of a first mate on a daily basis, and Usopp has Luffy’s verbal designation to be the next Captain if Luffy isn’t able to.

There’s a lot left unsaid here about the relationship between Luffy and Zoro, but it remains that Zoro is not the First Mate of the Straw Hats in any official regard. His title has always been “swordsman” and nothing else. Not all crews even have First Mates anyway, so it’s not as though anyone has to be the First Mate in the Straw Hats.


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