i actually got it on tape


As you can see I was inspired by my pencil case for this spread’s colour scheme and I really like how bright it looks 😌  I used this new tape I got from Ikea & I have to say it’s a really nice quality! 
I haven’t been doing too well lately but making this spread actually helped me cheer up a bit + listening to my queen & my love Grimes 💕✨

just enj things™

- enjolras has super uncooperative hair when he wakes up (read: highkey hot as fuck)
- he sings under his breath while making coffee and often gets carried away and does this silly dancing thing that once combeferre walked in on with the most smug amused grin and enj just stopped dead in his tracks and then said “i still have that 2008 disco tape ;)) sweaty” yes in verbal convo fight me and ferre went almost pale and he’s got rlly dark skin so u can imagine what happened in 2008
- enjolras once got carpal tunnel from writing too much angry poetry
- enjolras won the literary award at his school every year and he actually went to the same hs as jehan and they weren’t friends yet, so once a desperate and raging jehan convinced montparnasse to climb into enj’s room and take a pic of the certificate bc they wanted to know what it looked like omfg
- they’re so pure they keep saying sorry for that
- enjolras plays the bass
- grantaire plays the lovestruck fool
- bahorel and enjolras deadass have an annulled marriage (viva las vegas)
- enjolras once cried mid-lecture because he was orating as vp of student council and he got SO EMO that he literally shook his head and kept apologising and asked ferre to take over
- ferre was shook
- enjolras hugs better than anyone it’s so warm in those gay arms
- enjolras can do a one-armed cartwheel and he and courf used to make cheerleading choreographies in their spare time in 6th grade
- jehan and courf dated in 6th grade oh my god enjolras kept their Special Love Notebook (™) (no seriously that’s what they called it) (it was a notebook they passed to each other during class & enj wasn’t allowed to look and he never did bc my baby’s honest n loyal) it’s still in his desk
- enjolras got arrested for stealing a frozen pizza once (maybe not SO honest)
- it was for the good of the people
- enjolras is a hoe for sam wilson he’s his fave mcu character
- enjolras once left late after school was dismissed and he started chatting w the janitor, phil, and managed to convince him to go after his dream and now Phil opened his first photography gallery if u don’t think enj has always been an angel ur wrong
- enj broke his ribs in a fist fight, he wasn’t very good at that kinda stuff so after he healed he legit took 4 different self defense classes because “i cannot cope with not being good at this” and ferre literally had a fit bc “enj whaT The Fucj you work a job and u have class every day are u srsly pulling this 9 hrs a week punching shit crap”
- “yes.”
- no worries lols that’s where he met grantaire :)) he was his boxing instructor :)) need i say more
- ok sweaty shirtless r 👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌 ya enj thinks so too
- enjolras is the BEST at naming things. courf once rolled out of bed at 4am just to text him: “mil dollar job idea: u should b professional gelato shop consultant and help them name their flavours i dk what m sayin” [sic]

verkwan feels
  • Vernon: Hey, so I heard you like tapes and CDs
  • Seungkwan: Yadda, yadda, I know what's next. "I'll tape this dick on your forehead so you can CDs nutz". nice try Vernon.
  • Vernon: Actually I was just gonna ask if you wanted to go to the music store with me some time
  • Seungkwan:
  • Seungkwan: precious child

okay that new su like… . . it was SO GOOD until it just backtracked so COMPLETELY. Steven finally got to be MAD, he got YELL and say what we were all thinking! Rose lied to everyone about Bismuth, she shattered PD and was a hypocrite, she abandoned all of her responsibilities and made them Steven’s problem. And when Steven was able to actually come out and say it? Rose just goes “but I love you. do you think I lied in that tape I made for you and left in lion? I wanted to bring you to exist to be you” and steven cries and now he feels bad because suddenly this little kid is told by his MOM that “this is life now, just fucking deal with it steven. just grow the fuck up and deal with it” and thats the end. cue the star-black out and end the episode. thats it. thats literally fucking it i’m so fucking pissed. The resolution to Steven letting his anger out, making the factual accusations at Rose to hold her as accountable as she can be held accountable and all that happens from it is she gets to tell Steven “but I love you” and makes everything okay

Some Christmas headcanons for y’all bc I’ve thought about this for a while now

  • Secret Santas with the demigods aren’t very secret
  • They don’t outright come out and say who they’ve got
  • but that doesn’t really matter
  • you can tell who you’ve got just by noticing some of the details in the wrapping paper
  • leo uses duct tape
  • he also does gag gifts first before giving the actual present
  • piper uses too much paper and always gives out extra little gifts in the days before Christmas (left secretly in their cabin of course)
  • percy uses too little paper and always has to cut and extra strip and tape it on
  • plus, he uses wrapping paper with snowmen and blue snowflakes
  • Annabeth is the gift wrapping Queen
  • perfect corners, straight cuts, nothing wasted
  • and she can find anything
  • blue candy canes for percy? done. that one comic Jason can’t find? got it. the really good chocolate Piper’s dad got her one time but she can’t remember the name of? Give Annabeth a challenge.
  • And Jason? Jason uses gift bags. Fuck that flimsy wrapping paper bullshit
  • Nico doesn’t always participate in secret santa but he is amazing at finding stocking stuffers
  • The others bring him along for his opinions
  • Will likes to knit and most of his gifts are handmade
  • Sometimes Frank and Hazel will be there too
  • Frank usually gives gift cards
  • Hazel bakes countless cookies and cakes
  • And of course, they always head over to Sally’s to exchange their gifts and have christmas dinner
  • Frank puts the log on TV (is that an american thing?)
  • Until Leo finds a channel playing Christmas movies
  • After dinner it’s Hot Chocolate for everyone
  • And they’re all cozy and warm and content as they watch the original Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

ahhhh happy festive demigods (◡‿◡✿

I was not ready for Storm In The Room

What a brilliant episode, honestly. Very deep and very emotional.

We might not have got the answers that we were hoping for - and, if anything, we now have even more questions. Such as “was the actual, real Rose Quartz communicating with Steven somehow from within his Gem? Particularly when she mentioned the tape?“ Because it sure looked that way to me!


This episode was so important for Steven’s character development.

Steven always sees the good in everyone, even the ones like Peridot who the other Crystal Gems don’t want to give a second chance to at first. I find it somewhat ironic then, in the best possible way, that he uses his first “interaction” with Rose Quartz to basically pull her down from the pedestal that the other Crystal Gems have put her on. Like, with Rose it’s always “oh, but she had her reasons” etc; the other CGs always seem reluctant to actually truly face up to the idea that she wasn’t an angel, and it times it almost feels as though they’re making excuses for her.

Steven, though - he just says it like it is. He could have spend that time in the room having fun with the mother who he never had the opportunity to get to know, but he didn’t. And it took some serious courage for him to face the truth in the way that he did. He’s mentioned before that his feelings about his mother are understandably “complicated”, and we get to see that in action here. He feels a lot of love for her, of course - but also resentment. He feels like he can’t live up to her memory because of how highly everybody regards her, but also he feels like he’s inherited a bit of a mess from her and has been burdened with the guilt for some of her more questionable past actions. That’s an awful lot for him to have to deal with, and I daresay that this isn’t the end of the matter.

We, the audience, didn’t get the truth about Pink Diamond. But Steven faced the truth about Rose Quartz - and that’s very important.

This was an absolutely fantastic episode.

Voltron Helmet Tutorial

So I got asked how I made my helmet, so I decided to make an actual separate tutorial instead of just a few progress shots! 


  • EVA Foam
  • Packing or Painter’s Tape
  • Tin Foil
  • Cardstock (optional)

Okay, so first, I took a huge sheet of tinfoil and covered my head, leaving my face out:

then I covered the foil with tape, again leaving my face clear:

I then drew the basic pattern shapes onto the tape:

(again for clarity)

After, I CAREFULLY slipped it off, and cut along the lines. I cut a slit near the top of the side piece so I would know where to dart it on the foam:

I traced these onto cardstock to smooth and even the cuts I made:

I used these the trace onto my EVA, and cut those out. I made sure to cut the edges that meet along a diagonal after I cut the pieces out so that it would bend without showing the seam:

after that I just used hot glue to attach everything together, added superglue along the seams, sanded once dry, and cut the detail piece out of thin craft foam from the pattern i already made:

Paint it to your liking, et voilà!!

  • Gabriel: Emma, can you get me that roll of fabric over there?
  • Louis: I got it.
  • Gabriel: Thank you, but Emma is actually taller.
  • Louis: what? No she's not. We're the same height. We've always been the same height.
  • Gabriel: let us check again. *takes out measuring tape and measures Emma and then Louis* yes. She has exactly one inch on you.
  • Louis: What?
  • Emma: Woah... Don't you see what's happening here? This inch is just the beginning. I'm evolving into the superior sibling ... Bigger. Stronger! *stretches arms into the air and shakes them*
  • Gabriel: like an alpha twin.
  • Emma: *chanting* ALPHA TWIN! ALPHA TWIN!
  • Louis: Oh come on, we both know grandfather's measuring has always been a bit off...
  • Emma: You know, I've always wanted a little brother. Who knew I already had one!
  • Adrien: I was awoken by the sounds of laughter. Go on, show me the object of humor.
  • Emma: I'm taller than Louis!
  • Louis: By one inch!
  • Adrien: Hey. Hey don't get- short with your sister *laughs*
  • Emma: now, dad, I hope you don't think LITTLE of him *laughs*
  • Gabriel: *slightly disappointed* perhaps you should lay off a tiny bit.
  • Adrien: HA! Tiny! Even your grandfather is in on it!
  • Gabriel: No, no I didn't mean that-
  • Emma: Louis will forget, he's got a
  • Emma and Adrien together: Short term memory!
  • Emma: Boom! We are on fire! *high fives Adrien*
Target AU Prompts
  • You’ve been wandering around at Target for awhile and I’m starting to get concerned…are you okay? Can I help you?
  • I chose the cutest cashier, well hello those.
  • I’m sorry I don’t work here…I just happen to be wearing a red polo shirt and khakis 
  • “Alex from Target” situation or Aka why am I going viral I’m just doing my job.
  • You’re a cashier and you always see my weird purchases because I’m always at target. Aka please don’t ask questions on why I need a pizza pool floatie, cat food, a power tool, and duct tape.
  • I work here and you’re at Target everyday and it’s actually pretty entertaining (and kinda cute)
  • Oh HELL NO! I’ve been trying to buy [item] forever but it’s always been sold out, like hell I’m going to let you just walk away with it. 
  • I just started working here and I got stuck working on Black Friday. You’ve worked here for a while and saw me struggling when I was arguing with an angry customer who tried to fight me. Thank you for saving my life. 
  • I spent so much fucking time making sure everything was in it’s place and organized aND YOU KEEP PICKING STUFF UP AND DROPPING IT OFF AT RANDOM AREAS. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO KEEP EVERYTHING STOCKED CORRECTLY.
  • I know this is weird but can I get your opinion on how these clothes fit? I’m not sure how I like them yet and I need a second opinion. 
  • You’ve been staring at the same tub of ice cream for about 30 minutes straight….are you okay??
  • “I’m sorry but you can not purchase a lizard at target.” aka I’ve been having an argument with you for 45 minutes on why you can’t buy a lizard here.
  • I’m a cashier and you just came up to my register with 3 shopping carts filled with random shit. What the fuck dude. Were are you going to put all this? Oh how you need help putting this all in your very small car? Oh god.
If The Basement Tapes were videos of Eric and Dylan crafting or baking: Easter Special
  • Dylan: *filming Eric*
  • Eric: it's April 3rd, 1999. what's so special about this day, V?
  • Dylan: tomorrow is our last Easter before NBK. our last chance to decorate godlike Easter eggs. our last chance to be in the Littleton Easter parade. we need to make it special.
  • Eric: we have so much shit planned and we're going to record it all to show the world how godlike we are. the world will not be ready to see these tapes.
  • Dylan: our Easter celebration will be better than NBK. people won't be able to handle Reb and VoDkA's Easter Eggstravaganza.
  • Dylan: *whispers* reb, can that be the name of the tape?
  • Eric: no
  • *10 minutes later*
  • Dylan: *is filming inside of Walmart* we are at Walmart buying supplies
  • Eric: *looking at eggs* how many eggs should we get? two dozen?
  • Dylan: we need more than that. I'll get a shopping cart
  • Dylan: *goes to the front of the store and gets a shopping cart*
  • Dylan: *rides the shopping cart with his trench coat blowing in the airflow*
  • Eric: *sees Dylan riding the shopping cart towards him* V, what the fuck are you doing? are you 5?
  • Dylan: *reaches Eric* wheee!
  • Eric: omg I wanna try get off
  • Eric: *rides shopping cart back and forth down the aisle*
  • Dylan: *films Eric*
  • Customers: *staring at them like wtf are those weird kids doing*
  • *a few moments later*
  • Dylan: reb, get in the back of the shopping cart and I'll push you around
  • Eric: *says this is stupid but gets in anyway*
  • Dylan: *pushes the shopping cart around the store while riding it*
  • Eric: *hands camera to Dylan*
  • Eric: *stands up* I FEEL SO TALL FOR ONCE IN MY LI- *dramatically falls*
  • Dylan: I got that on tape!!
  • *a few minutes later*
  • Eric: *is filming*
  • Dylan: *filling the cart with cartons of eggs*
  • Eric: ok that's enough, now we need some egg decorating kits
  • Eric and Dylan: *walks to the aisle with the egg decorating kits*
  • Dylan: *puts a bunch in the cart*
  • Eric: I need to get an ice pack for my ass
  • *at the self checkout*
  • Dylan: but we already have everything bagged
  • Eric: *cancels checkout*
  • Eric: *scans one carton of eggs* a dollar and two cents, that's better
  • Eric: *pays* let's go
  • *20 minutes later*
  • Dylan: *filming* we're back at my house to decorate the eggs
  • Eric: we're not going to boil the eggs, we're getting straight to decorating these fuckers
  • Dylan: we've got forty cartons of eggs
  • Dylan: *sets up camera so it's recording them*
  • Eric: where are your cups, we need cups to put the dye pellet things in
  • Dylan: *points* up there in that counter
  • Eric: *tries to reach it* I'm too short *climbs on top of counter*
  • Eric: take the cups and fill em all with water *hands them to Dylan*
  • Dylan: *fills the cups with water and puts them on the table* now we need to put the dye things in
  • Eric: *takes the camera and films the dye pellets going in then puts the camera back down so it will record them decorating eggs*
  • Eric and Dylan: *are sat down at the table*
  • Dylan: *to the camera* now we are about to begin decorating our godlike Easter eggs
  • Eric: pay close attention as this is a special routine that will make your eggs very godlike, this is a two man job btw
  • Eric: *picks up an egg* V, hold the blue water for me
  • Dylan: *grabs the blue and holds it* now Reb will gently lower the egg into the liquid
  • Eric: *slowly puts the egg into the blue* ok now we wait
  • Dylan:
  • Eric:
  • Dylan:
  • Eric: ok now we can take it out, go ahead V
  • Dylan: i'm not putting my hands in there, it's going to stain my fingers
  • Eric: use the spoon, jfc V
  • Dylan: *uses spoon to take the egg out*
  • Egg: *falls onto table and breaks*
  • Dylan: this is why we're supposed to boil them, now there's egg yolk and blue dye all over my mom's Easter tablecloth
  • Eric: *uses paper towel to clean up the mess* but we can't boil them, I have plans
  • *3 hours of egg decorating later*
  • Eric and Dylan: *covered in egg yolk and egg dye*
  • Table: *is a mess*
  • Eggs: *are drying on the Easter kit egg dryers*
  • Dylan: *tells the camera* we are almost done!
  • Eric: we have 8 eggs left
  • Cat: *jumps onto the table*
  • Cat: *sits in front of the camera*
  • Dylan: Rocky, you're blocking the camera, shoo
  • Cat: *walks across the table and knocks over all the egg dye*
  • Eric: *throws a tantrum* THAT CAT GOT EGG DYE ALL OVER MY TRENCH COAT!!
  • Dylan: *angrily* SAME
  • Cat: *runs away*
  • Dylan: how are we going to finish the last 8 eggs??!
  • Eric: *storms out of the house* I'M GOING TO BUY MYSELF A NEW TRENCH COAT
  • Dylan: *follows* WAIT FOR ME
  • *a short drive later*
  • Dylan: *filming* me and Reb came to the mall to buy new trench coats, as you can see *awkwardly films self in the mirror* we have already bought some new ones, *yells* Reb get over here and show off your new trench coat
  • Eric: *walks over* it looks exactly the same as the last one
  • Dylan: *continues to vlog around the mall*
  • *10 minutes later*
  • Dylan: *filming* I just adopted a bunny
  • Dylan: *films the bunny sitting inside of a pet carrier*
  • Eric: *appears out of nowhere* I go to the bathroom and you buy a fucking bunny are you serious
  • Dylan: he was only $20
  • Eric: omg let's just go
  • *back at Dylan's house*
  • Eric: *filming*
  • Eric: *zooms in and out of eggs* the eggs are dry and looking very godlike, v show em off to the camera, one by one
  • Dylan: *picks up an egg* this egg is black with purple spots, it is very creative and godlike *places egg in a giant bag*
  • *471 eggs later*
  • Dylan: those were all of our eggs
  • Eric: *films self* we're going to take them all in my car at midnight and go on a little rebel mission across the neighborhood. we're going to throw one egg at each house until we run out. me and V are the official Easter bunnies of Littleton. this will be the best damn reb-
  • Dylan: *screaming* CAPTAIN CARROT IS MISSING!!!! I CAN'T FIND HIM!!!
  • Camera: *captures a 'what the fuck' look on Eric's face*
  • Eric: why couldn't you name him "the destroyer" or something
  • Eric: *sets camera down on the floor and forgets to turn it off*
  • Eric: *mumbles* captain carrot are you serious
  • Eric and Dylan: *in a different room looking for captain carrot*
  • Dylan: *yells* CAPTAIN CARROT!!
  • Captain Carrot: *is filmed hopping across the floor and out of the window*
  • *a few minutes later*
  • Eric and Dylan: *comes back into room*
  • Dylan: where could he be??! I paid $20 for that rabbit
  • Eric: I don't care, we need to go on the rebel mission, get the eggs
  • Eric: *picks up the camera*
  • Dylan: *grabs the bag of eggs with a pout on his face* let's go
  • Eric and Dylan: *gets in Eric's car*
  • Dylan: *takes camera from Eric*
  • Eric: *starts to drive*
  • Dylan: *sees captain carrot outside* CAPTAIN CARROT!!!!!! *dives out of car*
  • Eric: *stops car* what the fuck
  • Captain Carrot: *runs into the street*
  • Dylan: no captain carrot, get out of the road!!!
  • Car: *approaches Captain Carrot*
  • Captain Carrot: *runs*
  • Car: *passes*
  • Eric: *gets out of car*
  • Eric and Dylan: *are running after Captain Carrot*
  • Captain Carrot: *runs and disappears in a hole*
  • Eric: we need to go, Captain Carrot wants to be free
  • Dylan: *sighs*
  • *some time later*
  • Eric: *slowly driving down a street*
  • Dylan: *throwing eggs out the window at houses* FEEL MY WRATH
  • *the next day*
  • Eric: *filming* it's 11am, me and V are about to crash the Easter parade
  • Dylan: we're going to run into the parade right when the Easter bunny gets there and we're going to pull off the guy's head
  • *about an hour later*
  • Parade: *is going on*
  • Dylan: *filming*
  • Eric and Dylan: *waiting*
  • People: *cheering*
  • Easter bunny float: *starts to appear*
  • Eric: there it is
  • Dylan: and there's the Easter bunny *zooms in*
  • Eric and Dylan: *runs into the street and climbs onto the Easter bunny float*
  • People: *gasping*
  • Dylan: *still filming*
  • Eric: *pulls off the head of the Easter bunny*
  • Children: *gasps*
  • Eric and Dylan: *gasps* BROOKS??!
  • Security: *starting to come forward*
  • Eric and Dylan: *runs away and takes the Easter bunny mask with them*

Got these Shan Yu & Falcon model sheet set from Van Eaton Galleries (won the Ebay auction). They don’t fit on my scanner so I taped them to the wall and took the pics with my phone (some of them are blurry since I couldn’t hold my phone straight).

I was pretty lucky to randomly stumble across the auction on Ebay. 

Although these are studio xerox copies and NOT the actual original drawings, I’m pretty happy with them. There are total of 18 artwork, but I’m just sharing 10 :P

The last image is an early concept art of Shan Yu by Pres Romanillos. I love the Shan Yu design they went with, but I kind of wish they went with that design since he looks 1000X badass (and scary).

One of the falcon’s model sheets has an image where he’s with his prey; is that an ARMADILLO? Armadillo…? Really, in Mongolia (or China)? O_o

And Shan Yu is six and a half “evil” heads tall. “EVIL HEADS TALL”. LOL.

Passportkey to Paris


Guess who got portkeyed directly into the apartment of a government official today? Jonathan, that’s who! Seriously Emily? A VHS tape? You used a VHS tape and then left it sitting around your desk?

You’re lucky your girlfriend wasn’t stepping out of the shower. Actually, I’m lucky she wasn’t stepping out of the shower. I’m fairly certain Adalina could kick my ass.

anonymous asked:

Mckirk!au. Jim & Bones are agents & best friends w lots of missions. Jim gets captured a lot because he's a klutz w glasses while Bones is the broad-shouldered agent who always saves him just in time. "Dammit, Jim! I told you not to open that box filled with sleeping gas!" "Mmmph. Mmmph!" "You were supposed to wait for me by the hall while i got the files!" Leo grumbles as he takes the tape off of Jim's mouth. "Bones-" "Shut up." He pulls Jim for a hug & smashing their lips together.

I love your thinking!

  • So Jim’s got really skilled fingers, right? Generally, steady hands, and he’s extremely skilled. He was an actual part of the Bomb Squad before he joined the special forces and ended up becoming friends with Bones. So how does someone so smart gets himself in so much trouble? Bones is suffering a headache when Jim’s voice calls out through a mic that he’s compromised; underestimated the number of bad guys on the agreed upon location. So Bones has to get in stealthily, else they might shoot Jim dead before he has a chance to save him. He gets to a safe spot, and snipes the one guy closest to Jim. Jim takes out the other two near him, and Bones snipes another two people. Jim stumbles out of the building, and Bones follows suit. “I can’t believe you, you freaking idiot,” Bones says, but he pulls Jim into a tight hug. Jim laughs. “I’m sorry,” he says, his own arms finding their way around Bones’ back.
  • That doesn’t mean he’s learned, though. Jim’s fighting off a drug lord. And generally, Jim’s quite strong. He can handle these things. Bones is nearby, taking out the bigger, stronger bodyguards. And Jim does fine until the guy he’s up against literally throws a grenade into the bags of cocaine, and it explodes into a thick cloud. Bones knocks both men out, and rushes over to the sound of the explosion. The bad guy’s gone, and Jim’s on the floor. He’s fine, but he’s high as a kite and it’s definitely probably an overdose. “C’mon, big guy, let’s get you to a hospital,” Bones sighs, pulling him up from the floor. “I’m fine,” Jim says, repeating it louder and more than once as Bones sits him down on the ground outside and calls an ambulance. He crouches down in front of him, taking off Jim’s thick black framed glasses and he cleans them with his shirt. Jim reaches out and touches Bones’ cheek. “I can feel you grumpy at me when I touch your cheeks like that,” Jim says. “That doesn’t even make sense,” Bones replies, ruffling the white powder out of Jim’s hair, and Jim leans in to the touch like a cat. “I love you, Bones,” Jim says, smile stupid on his lips. Bones laughs, sitting next to Jim while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. “You too, kid.”
  • Jim’s been taking on a mission by himself. One Pike told them repeatedly not to take without enough evidence. Human trafficking is a dangerous thing. The bad guys can also move around pretty quickly and hide the evidence. And still, of course, Jim goes out when there’s a chance he can save innocent lives. Jim is stupidly brave like that. When Bones finds him, Jim’s being interrogated, head pushed under water ‘til he almost passes out, and then he’s asked about how much the feds know. Of course Jim doesn’t say anything. Bones struggles to fight the baddies off, and by the time he’s done, Jim’s face down in the water and he’s not breathing. Bones drags him out of the water, fingers on his neck to feel a pulse. “Come back to me, you son of a-” he grits his teeth, palms pressed on Jim’s chest. He presses down repeatedly, hoping to pump some air into his lungs. When that doesn’t work, he tilts Jim’s head back a little, pressing their lips together in an attempt to save him using mouth-to-mouth, altering between that and just pressing his hands on his chest again. “Come on, Jim..” he mutters, a sense of panic rising inside of him the longer Jim is just not moving. But then Jim comes back, coughing up water and turning around to throw up all that residue water on the floor. Bones lets out a relieved sigh. “Don’t you ever do that again,” Bones warns him. Jim groans, sitting up straight with Bones’ help, and he smiles at him. “You kissed me,” Jim says. “I saved you, that’s not a kiss.” Bones protests. Jim grins. “Next time you kiss me, at least make sure I’m conscious.” So he does. Jim is conscious now. Bones curls his fingers in Jim’s damp t-shirt, yanking him in for a kiss.
  • The next time he saves Jim, it’s something small. It’s something he can deal with. Bones is slowly waking up in his bed, missing the empty spot next to him. He hears Jim curse loudly, and so he instantly gets up. Jim’s in the kitchen, hand in the running water in the sink. “What did you do?” Bones asks. “Just.. burned my hand trying to fry bacon.” Jim explains with a shrug. He somehow looks stunning in just his briefs, messy bed-hair and his glasses. It’s all kinds of unfair. Bones takes Jim’s hand, gently drying it up before applying some burn relief cream to the red skin. Jim smiles. “What am I gonna do without you, Bones?” He asks, and Bones grins. “Crash and burn,” he replies, bacon long forgotten when he kisses Jim and presses him against the counter, feeling Jim’s arms slide around his shoulders.
  • But then it’s Bones who’s in trouble. Jim and himself are running after a perp, chasing him down the crowded streets. Bones is closest to him. As soon as he gets a clear shot, he just takes it. The body collapses against a fountain. That’s something he’ll never get used to. He runs up close to him, but only then notices the bomb strapped to the guy’s chest, infrared light aimed directly at Bones’ chest. Bones freezes immediately. “Stay back,” he warns Jim, who, of course, doesn’t listen. Jim comes closer, deep frown on his face. “Don’t move, Bones. Whatever you do, don’t move.” “What is that light?” Bones asks. “Looks like a proximity sensor. It can detect movement,” Jim explains, and that sounds terrifying. That sounds absolutely terrifying. “You need to get out of here,” Bones says, somehow itchy everywhere, but he’s too afraid to move. Jim shakes his head. “I’m not going anywhere, partner.” He says, reaching out for his phone. “I’m gonna need an EOD suit, and then I’m gonna get you out of this mess.”
  • Bones doesn’t know how much time passes. It feels like forever. He’s in the burning sun, the square has been evacuated, and Bones feels drenched in his own sweat. His legs feel heavy, and Jim refuses to leave his side. “If I don’t make it,” Bones starts, but Jim’s not having any of it. “Stop it, Bones.” “I’m serious, Jim. If I don’t make it, I want you to look after Jo, alright?” “Bones, you’re gonna make it out.” “Just promise me this.” Bones persists, and Jim grits his teeth. “No, you’re not going anywhere.” He says firmly, and it’s just not up for discussion. When Jim’s old squad team arrives, he finally walks away. Bones thinks about running, but he’s never gonna make it to safety on time. At best, it’d be third degree burns and maybe some life long damage done to his head by the debris from the fountain. At worst, he just wouldn’t live. So he stays. Alone. Eyes closed, and he thinks of Joanna, and of Jim, and how his life up until this point hasn’t been as bad as he likes to think sometimes. Jim comes back, dressed in a thick green suit and he shoots Bones a grin. “You’re in safe hands with me, sweetheart,” Jim says, and Bones opens his eyes again. “You look stupid.” Bones says, and Jim laughs. “At least you never lose the ability to insult me, even when your life is quite literally in my hands.”
  • Jim disables the bomb just fine. Or, not just fine, it starts beeping dangerously fast at first and Jim looks briefly really nervous, until he disables it completely. Bones just feels like his legs are giving in. Jim takes off his helmet, thick arms wrapping around Bones’ shoulder to keep him up. “There. Saved you, you little damsel in distress,” Jim says, and Bones leans in. “Shut up, you and your stupid suit.” Bones breathes, kissing him right there on the street, but Jim’s making no attempt to stop him. “I think we’re pretty even now, right? You saved me once, I saved you.” Jim says when he pulls away, and Bones raises an eyebrow. “We are not even.” Bones says, and Jim walks him to the ambulance for a mandatory checkup. “Totally even.”

This and the Trump pussy tape shows that sexual deviancy is pretty much the only leverage they’ve actually got when they want to shut down someone on the right nowadays, I’d say because it’s one of the few things where both sides have some common standards at least on the surface. 

tl;dr the public doesn’t need to know about whatever degenerate shit you may do, it can very well come back haunting you. 


Feb. 13, 2017// stationery

(given up on the study challenge)

my current stationery collection! my friend got me mildliners (omg they’re so nice) and I got som Muji washi tape as well, which is also really nice.

mentally preparing for the OBA (provincial music festival) this week! I’m actually so excited yayy

Riarkle is ALIVE

Y'all, I got exactly what I expected out of Riarkle in last night’s taping. We got the dawning of a realization.

Remember: “Don’t expect it to be big, loud or obvious” “A lot of times it comes [to me] when it’s quiet”. These are words to keep in mind during the episode. Sometimes explosions are actually implosions- and it seems like this is what we got from Farkle. The internalizing doesn’t make it any less real.

Farkle’s reaction to losing Riley, the WORDS he says to her in this episode, and the fact that they did 8-11 takes of Farkle in a particular scene is all VERY POSITIVE for Riarkle.

All we need now is season four.

anonymous asked:

I see many blogs talking about wjsn. Can you please recommend me what should I watch first because I know nothing about them yet, you all got me curious ๐Ÿ™Š

Oh my gosh, am I bringing new people into the amazing WJSN fandom? 🙊🙊🙊😆 I would recommend watching them on Weekly Idol and on Stardust. Their comeback showcases (1 and 2) are really interesting too. Plus they actually sing live sometimes during their showcases, like wow. TALENT :’) Sadly, their other vlive videos take a while before they’re subbed, but they can be good watches too. 

And once you get more invested, their Uzzu Tapes and their reality show (My Cosmic Diary) are decent watches too. You can easily find them with subs on Youtube. They’re sort of like a bunch of random clips like the newer Twice TVs, but once you’re too deep in the fandom, anything is entertaining. With the Tapes and their reality show, you’ll really get to know the personality of each member~

WJSN are very entertaining and truly underappreciated! I highly recommend checking them out if you have time! Stan talent y’all. (Plus they’re all super cute too!) ^^ 

I would like to point out something, in particular, about the sentiment in this scene that might make you appreciate it, even more...

A video posted by @riarklematthews on Sep 16, 2016 at 1:32am PDT

^^Video cred to @riarklematthews, on Instagram. 🎥 ❤️

Okay - so I just watched this scene, once again, but this time, on Disney Channel via my TV set. Fortunately, I got much clearer picture and sound quality than when I watched clips on Instagram, Tumblr, or Youtube.

Before watching GM GLONY on TV, it was really hard to tell if Farkle was actually crying, though we knew he was through the info given out by people who went to the taping. He is, in fact, holding back tears.

First of all, let me just say that I am absolutely thrilled that Disney found a way to cover the Holocaust. This was a very serious time in world history and Corey did such an amazing job as Farkle, conveying the shock, sadness, and grief that one would experience when learning something as tragic as your ancestors being wiped out by Nazis. I hope this episode inspired its viewers to not only read up about their own history, but also about the Holocaust and, in Zay’s family’s case, slavery.

Of course, in response to this new information that Farkle learned about his family, Riley comforted him with a hug - but I want to break down this scene for you because, as some of you may know, I study Psychology at the graduate level and I work as a counselor, currently. Part of being a counselor is being very observant of body language and interpreting it.

In the case of this scene, I’d like you to notice Farkle’s emotional expression when he says the line, “…My whole family…”

Farkle is choked up. He could not even finish the last syllable of the word “Family”. He is trying to keep it together as he is certainly not comfortable being emotional around his friends, as evidenced by the fact that he avoided the subject for half of the episode. However, if you look closely, you can see tears forming in his eyes.

As soon as he gets himself together, after voicing his mutual sympathy to Zay, he goes on to talk about the Christian Rescuers saving his great-grandfather. This was the first moment, after becoming emotional, that he turns his head to Riley…

Originally posted by riarkleilove

It took Riley literally two seconds to realize that Farkle could really use a hug.

What’s interesting about this is that she did not hug Farkle until he looked her way.

Why is this interesting, you ask?

Because the moment he looked her way, they made eye contact.

Farkle still had tears in his eyes, Riley saw them, and her immediate response was to comfort him with a hug.

It was exactly what he needed.

This may seem like something pretty small, but as someone who studied human behavior and emotions, this is huge.

It means Riley loves Farkle so much, she does not like to see him cry.

This love could be labeled as platonic, right now, but it is the selfless kind of love where you are in-tune with another person’s emotions and what they need to feel better that could potentially blossom into a beautiful, romantic relationship, down the line.

Because of this small, but significant observation, this scene speaks to me in a much sweeter way, than before. ❤️️♠️