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Could you do hc for a female s/o accidentally getting spray paint on Pharah/Reinhardt/Genji's armor and (the characters I chose) first thought of their s/o as a sister and now they actually are in love with them

Interesting what spray paint on your armor can do to make you realize you actually have a crush one that one friend you thought you’d liked in a sibling kinda way.



  • She’s a bit upset but it wasn’t a huge amount of paint and you’re super apologetic, so she lets it slide
  • Also, you look cute all embarrassed and smiling and stuff, so
  • Wait, what?
  • Well, those feelings are unexpected but she’s not super surprised
  • This kind of thing happens all the time with people who get close enough with each other
  • See every rom-com ever
  • The question is whether you like her back
  • But that’s for after she gets the paint off her armor
  • So she stops your blathering apology with a pat on your head
  • “It’s alright, (Y/N), I just need to clean it off before it dries. If you’ll excuse me?”
  • “Oh, totally! Sorry again, Fareeha! I’ll make sure to clean off before I hug ya next time.”
  • “No problem, just be careful next time.”
  • Little do you know that she blushes faintly as you grin and wave her off to get paint remover
  • Afterwards, she’ll start her not-so-discreet snooping by asking around your friends about you
  • Friends like D.Va, Lucio, and McCree, who no doubt will tell you eventually


  • Would have pummeled literally anyone else if they’d not it
  • He was actually expecting to get pissed off at you too
  • But when he looked at you’re tiny form, paint-covered, embarrassed, and slightly terrified, he felt something completely different
  • Wait, is this what love feels like? It’s been a while, old friend.
  • “E-excuse me??”
  • He snaps out of his his little revel to see you staring at him with huge eyes and flushed cheeks
  • He’s confused
  • “What?”
  • “You just said that thing.”
  • “What thing? I didn’t say a thing.”
  • “Yeah you did. You said a love thing.”
  • “… What?”
  • Shit he said that aloud??
  • “You were hearing things.”
  • “Yes, I just heard you say something along the lines of you loving me.”
  • “That paint must be going to your head, (Y/N).”
  • He’s trying to hard to feign stupidity but his face is just as red as yours is
  • “I… need to go clean my armor before the paint dries.”
  • “Oh. Okay.”
  • “Um, bye.”
  • “Or we gonna ignore this or…?”
  • “I’ll decide whether I want to retire and become a hermit by the time I finish cleaning my helmet.”
  • “’Kay, have fun. No pressure.”
  • Y’all are awkward like what the fuck
  • “Oh, and (Y/N)?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “You look cute covered in paint.”
  • “Rein.”
  • “I’m retiring, bye.”
  • And thus the big blushy man scurries off with you staring after him


  • He honestly doesn’t care either way
  • He’ll figure out how to get it off one way or another
  • Anyway, it’s a neon pink hand print on his left tit the left side of his chest
  • Oddly enough, he goes to tell you to be more careful next time and just kind freezes there
  • You’re still giggling, your body and clothes covered in paint and your smile stretching to your eyes
  • God you were so beautiful
  • S h i t
  • “H-hey, Genj, what’s with the stare?”
  • You’re wiping your eyes, smudging paint across your cheek
  • After a minute he just turns and starts speed-walking outta there
  • Like, shit, he got feelings
  • “Wait, Genji, where’re you going? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to!”
  • “It’s fine, (Y/N), I just need to go get it cleaned off beforeitdriesbemorecarefulnexttimeokaybye.”
  • Cue him going to D.Va for paint remover, then to McCree to spazz out about his newfound crush

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hey, im one of christys (patricksbbygrl) irl friends and i kinda just want to warn you that she thinks you guys are making fun of her for her writing, and she has various mental illnesses and anxiety that causes her to over think things. she feels like shes being teased and it is actually bothering her.

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Do you enjoy having your videos watched by millions of people?

Actually no because those videos were never supposed to be seen by anyone but one person. It makes me feel insecure and embarrassed. So it kinda sucks. But I guess there’s nothing I can do about it now.

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I feel like Severa is an obvious choice

she is ready 

1: sexuality headcanon

*cough* harold *cough* 

yes i had this just lying around on my computer don’t judge

2: otp

…that’s not fair, because she’s cute with like every single girl in existence. 

If I had to limit myself to one from each game, though, it’d be Selena x Oboro from Fates and Severa x Noire from Awakening! sorry van

3: brotp

Laslow and Odin. I absolutely savor strong platonic friendships between these three, they’re great as best buds. 

4: notp

…this will probably be a little controversial, but honestly, Laslow and Subaki. I’m not huge on her with any guy but those two in particular irk me, maybe i’m just too attached to Laslow and Selena as buddies but it just feels wrong and flies in the face of how I think of her character. And I just don’t think a relationship with Subaki would be very healthy for her… 

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

she is the BIGGEST cuddler in existence. she will just cling on to people, esp her partner if they’re making her feel particularly tender. (even in public sometimes, she pretends to be embarrassed but she actually loves it) 

6: one way in which I relate to this character


  • snarky as hell? check.
  • cripplingly insecure? check. 
  • false veneer of confidence? check.
  • can be kinda competitive out of a need to validate personal self-worth? check. 
  • deliberately creates a persona which reveals little about her true self out of fear of being hurt? check. 
  • gets fired up too easily? check. 
  • easily feels guilty and apologetic? check. 
  • blushes at like any praise? check. 
  • is gay as hell? check. 
  • is actually full of love? check. 
  • is a huge nerd who just wants to be loved? check. 

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

sevvy bby why the hell did you try to wrestle that bull 

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

she is one problematic fave with a cinnamon roll heart

☆Pairings: Karabita
☆Prompt: Chibita likes wearing dresses. Karamatsu likes Chibita,even more so when he’s wearing a dress. ☆
☆Ao3: Read here too!


okay!! so this is for mi amiga @karamatsumatsunos!!!! her bday was on jan 8 (sorry this was so late!!) and shes the biggest karabita fan ever so!!! here ya go!!

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The Sandwich Thief - Chapter 7

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It’s nine am when Nico finds him. Jason’s surprised he took so long.

Jason’s spare key is on the ledge above his door, so he lays there on his couch, listening to Nico’s annoyed grunts as he tries to jump and reach it for a whole five minutes before the key is jammed into the locked door and opened.

As soon as they make eye contact, Jason says one word. “No.”

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Am I the only one who is extremely embarrassed by the way Super Junior’s 10th anniversary was celebrated? SM barely acknowledged it. I’m not even an elf (I’m a VIP) but just seeing how Bigbang are still one of if not the biggest group in Asia kinda makes me feel bad for SJ because that could have been them if SM actually cared :/

Sweaters & Cigarettes by lemonoclefox

“Just say it,” Cas says, clearly amused at Dean’s uncomfortable reaction. “Dick. … Or would you prefer cock?” “Stop it,” Dean mutters. “Why?” Cas says, with a chuckle, taking a slow pull on his cigarette. “You have one. I have one. And they obviously like each other. So what’s the big deal?” He looks at Dean, who can feel his face heating up. He can’t believe Cas is so comfortable talking like this. “Are you blushing, Winchester?” Cas says, and Dean doesn’t look at him, annoyed and embarrassed about the heat creeping up his neck. “Shut up,” he mutters unnecessarily, and Cas chuckles, a little bit more benevolently, this time. “It’s fine, I don’t mind,” he says. “Actually, I kinda like it, getting you all flustered. Makes me feel kinda special.”