i actually feel kinda bad for posting these

Betcha all thought I wasn’t gonna make anything for Mermay. ;)))

I meant to do this sooner! But I lost track of the dates and forgot about this a lot do to distractions and life stuff. Here’s an OC in the form of a mermaid just for you guys!

I kinda feel bad for not posting any new drawings in a while. I’m actually working on a Lapidot comic strip but I just can’t seem to finish it. While you guys wait, here’s a hint on what it’s gonna be about

(Also, I’m kinda frustrated cuz I decided to draw human!Peri with freckles but they can’t be seen clearly)


~The Holy Trinity~

So i heard you sinners had a Priest kink for Eddie. sick fucks

also i haven’t posted much of the costest i did the other week and feel real bad so here. Also i have yet to edit my Vampire!Eddie. For shame on me i know. also this Priest!Eddie was kinda inspired by this fic on AO3


Reaper wasn’t actually insulted or hurt, he just wanted Geno to feel bad for him X’D

I was trying to post this on Valentine’s Day, but school kinda got in the way. Sorry bout that and the poor quality of this trash. I can’t draw kissing scenes for my life. I really tried tho :’)
Reaper - @renrink
Geno- @loverofpiggies

I’ve been kind of being going back and forth between feeling vindicated that Hiveswap put what I’ve been saying about the Guardians since forever in the obvious forefront, and being kinda ticked people are acting like this is new information.

Like (Grand)Pa Harley being a very bad guardian is not news!

Guy left extremely young Jade alone with loaded pistols while he decided to have a tea party with inanimate representations of people, which if not for forces beyond his control would have directly caused her death instead of his.

Being dangerously negligent is pretty much his whole thing.

And it’s not isolated - sometime before his death he entered the medium using the transportalizer pads and did he check in with actual, alive Jade? No, he picked up her dead dream self and decided to mourn her and keep her instead of caring for anyone that was actually alive.

You just don’t hear it from Jade because she probably has like, 5 fuzzy memories of him not being dead.

I’m kinda sad that they didn’t make the Akatsuki Summer Vacation part in Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals. It was a hilarious chapter in the manga. :DD

I got some work done, so posting more sketches won’t do harm. I try not to be too critical of my sketches and post more often. I’m just in that point of life that I feel kind of bad if I haven’t done original art for a while. Like I should be building my portfolio better and stuff… But it’s actually very relaxing for me to draw fanart, it lets me to be a goof and not to take things too seriously all the time. Maybe I should do this 50/50 rule for me…

Me and my s/o will be moving to an actual apartment soon. I have never lived in apartment buildings, it’s actually very exciting to me.

I should practice feet more… But I think I have just found a nice traditional technique for me to try out.

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The After Watching Wonder Woman post, which was posted on 7/7/17, has now officially surpassed the Closeted-Connor post, which was posted on 21/1/17, and become the most noted original post in this blog!!!

I’m so very surprised! When I post it I was like “Oh no it’s time to post but I have no idea how about a lame sword joke” but you guys actually like it!! Thanks haha!

And I find it interesting that being a Jaydick blog, the two most popular posts are Gen and Timkon???? Kinda confusing. The third place would be either the “I will kill for you” post or “Stress is bad for baby” post I guess.

Anyway, I’ll keep making Gen, Jaydick and Timkon quotes. Thanks for the supports!

Oh and my inbox is almost empty, so feel free to ask me or send me prompts! Here’s something I’m doing, but don’t let it be the limit.
Sentence Prompt
Send me a dessert
I really should find a new prompt meme, shouldn’t I?

An Azumanga Daioh Parody (Luckyshipping version)
@ilovecrt requested Luckyshipping so…
Yeah that’s all I got for now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Credit to Kiyohiko Azuma for the actual manga and dialog itself

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Who starts putting up decorations in October?
Surprisingly, Germany does. He wants to be extremely prepared for the holidays.

Who buys the advent calendars?
Italy does. He buys one for each room of the house.

Who places mistletoe all around the house?
Italy. He likes surprising Germany with kisses so he never tells him he put them up.

Who wraps the presents for other people?
Germany wraps, Italy places the tags and bows on them. They make a good team.

Who puts the final star/angel on the top of the Christmas tree?
Italy does. 

Who’s the one that hates eggnog?
Neither of them really drink it.

Who’s the one that bakes Christmas cookies for guests?
Germany’s the main one who bakes, but Italy helps him out a bit.

Who sends out the Christmas cards?
Germany does. The Christmas cards have a picture of Italy and his dogs. He’s very formal and polite in the cards, wishing everyone a happy holiday.

Who knows all the words to twelve days of Christmas?
Neither of them really know the words, but Italy still sings it like he does. Germany knows a bit of it German.

Who’s the better snowman builder?
Italy is good at building snowmen and Germany is good at building snowdogs.

Who starts snowball fights?
Italy does. Sometimes it results in a snowball fight, and other times it just results in a lecture.

Who’s the one that wakes the other on Christmas morning by playing Christmas songs really loudly?
Neither. Italy sleeps in late and Germany doesn’t really listen to Christmas music.

Who has the ugliest Christmas sweater?
Germany. He doesn’t see it as ugly, though.

Who still writes from Santa on the gifts?
Italy does since he’s the one that puts the tags on all the gifts.

this is the last one i’m going to be doing, guys. i’ll get back to doing regular requests now.

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"No it's not a hippo, it's just drew carey."

Ahh, gotta love Ryan’s hoedowns~ xDxD

I just used this as an excuse to actually draw Drew as a hippo xD Now my mind is trying to figure out who would be which animal in this AU (and then I remember that I can’t really draw animals so… Yeah~ xD)

I hope it’s okey! :D
//Finished version is worse than sketch… And that basically sums up my entire blog~ xD//

I feel like it’s been a while since I posted some OFF art
This is something I’ve wanted to draw for a while and I’m happy with it
Except you can’t really see the skull much but o well
Also I actually kinda drew in my headcanon that batter has two rows of teeth but it just looks like you can see the other side of teeth but that’s what’s going on there
One more thing this is actually traditional I just filtered it and it looks awesome
Off/thebatter by mortis ghost


a faint clap of thunder,
clouded skies
perhaps rain comes
if so, will you stay here with me? 

— the garden of words, (½).

part two | sanvers fic on ao3

hello. i haven’t posted anything in a while, my blog has been on queue for an entire week. so i feel kinda bad. but here’s a thing. if you’re interested, you should give the ost a listen, it’s amazing and i love it.

Hello my angels

I feel like I don’t share much of my personal life with you because idk i am always scared that me posting text posts is just annoying?? Let me know if you guys are actually interested in me kinda sharing my life (good bad and the ugly no holding back, just me being 100% real about my life) Fav this is that’s something that you’d like!!

Bus Rides- Chapter 4

The phandom is kinda having a bad time right now, so to make you all (just kidding nobody’s gonna read this) feel better, your favorite undiscovered (because I suck) writer is back with more of her first trashy Phan AU!! *whoop* As always, thanks for being one of the five people who actually read this and please give me feedback and prompt ideas if you have them. :)

Chapter 1- https://grammatically-correct-phan.tumblr.com/post/158379272181/bus-rides-chapter-1

Chapter 2- https://grammatically-correct-phan.tumblr.com/post/158405408586/bus-rides-chapter-2

Chapter 3- https://grammatically-correct-phan.tumblr.com/post/158438877216/bus-rides-chapter-3

Chapter 4 Word Count- 1085

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Me: the previews for the rest of season 5 really sounds amazing and it’s kinda impressive that the show is actually making some decent decisions. An actual arc relating to another space War, Lapis leaving, Lars actually leading a team of space aliens to fight bad guys

Also me: but it wasn’t properly built up so the payoff feels pretty damn unsatisfying, especially considering how aggressively pacifist the show has felt lately.

And knowing the show never likes to commit to having long arcs/battles (i.e. Jasper’s arc, Lapis accepting the gems, Malachite and the Cluster squeezed into a half hour special, Steven turning himself in only to return home four episodes later) this will probably last 10 episodes at most. Worst case scenario is that it’s squeezed into a Stevenbomb.

Also also me: but CONNIE’S BACK.

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Sorry to bother you, you've already done 9 characters with this already, but would you mind doing the shy s/o kissing comfort headcanon with Bakugou? ;~; sorry if someone has already asked for him before I could slide into the box, I just woke up and your posts were the first thing I saw

Sure sweetie, I don’t mind! 

Bakugou Katsuki

  • He actually stiffens up at first and gives his s/o a “what was that for?” kinda look. He’s not used to his s/o initiating kisses like that! When they tell him that they noticed that he’d had a bad day and that they wanted to make him feel better, he softens ever so slightly and mumbles a “thanks, I needed that.” at his s/o.
  • He’ll ask if they can kiss him like that again if he’s had a bad day, usually indicated by him pulling his s/o into his lap and cuddling them lots.