i actually feel ashamed now but imagine


So long story short an “army” that goes by the name of Venny is pretty good at making celebrities notice bangtan. She got a retweet from wale from an old cover from namjoon and even got tinashe to notice hobi. 

But heres why you SHOULD NOT treat here as the best namjoon stan ever because she is not

*i dont want to bring up the past but a lot of people are comparing her with namjoon because VENNY IS PROBLEMATIC SHE MADE A LOT OF RACIST REMARKS AND NEVER APOLOGIZED OR OWNED UP TO THEM AND EVEN REPEATED THEM UNLIKE NAMJOON*

So basically many armys AND HER claim that the collab happened because of her WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT BECAUSE ME KNOWING NAMJOON HE WOULD OF SAID SOMETHING HIMSELF

so then venny venn diagram releases these on her twitter (WHICH IS NOW PRIVATE COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT)

Okay but e ven before i knew that this was fake I HIGHLY DOUBTED IT namjoon would of done something himself he has the full capability to dm and message intl armys he has done so before

also she sounded soooooo shady i wasnt buying it


so then seeing this beef wale assumed namjoon knows venny venn diagram not knowing the real situation



I feel really bad for her BECAUSE SHE IS SO PETTY

okay but basically i dont know what to do

the whole situation is so petty and stupid, like did this girl REALLY have to do this, being a namjoon stan since pre-debut i wouldnt be this thirsty to get namjoon to notice me, like i dont really know what to do because she already has done it and really cant take it back.

but hey im happy this happened because the twitter memes about her are so funny

peace, love, and support namjoon’s mixtape

*note* so many people are supporting namjoon remember when everyone used to fucking hate him people are giving him so much love i love armys we are amazing we need to protect namjoon 

i feel bad for namjoon bc this is affecting his career, some “armys” are no different from antis using namjoon as a fucking target for everything, i remember him mentioning that he wont feel as if his life has purpose until his music affect the lives of his fans and now when he actually gets to know an intl “army” its about something negative and false accusations against him. Imagine how hard breaking he would feel GREAT START TO HIS SECOND MIXTAPE UGH


atfirst i thought it was stupid to hate on  venny as what she did was a harmless petty joke but this can really affect namjoon’s image in his rap career as wale knows about this

imagine how ashamed he felt goddamn

To all the fans that mobbed Tom at the airport:
Tom Holland is a freaking human being. You guys treated him with nothing but disrespect. Just because he’s a celebrity does not mean he doesn’t need to have personal space. I can tell you right now that screaming and shoving posters in his face does not qualify as giving him personal space.
I understand liking Tom Holland, but if you really cared about him you would never stress him out like that. He was already tired and I can’t even imagine how much more so he was after that.
You guys may like Tom Holland, but I don’t believe for a second you actually care about him. That’s shallow and I hope you all feel ashamed.

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How would the boys feel about a super shy easy to fluster s/o?Like they mention anything remotely sexual and she starts blushing red and stuttering.


♥Shu: Heh, I don’t believe you’re that innocent… I bet you actually enjoy it when I speak about that kind of things.

♥Reiji: Are you blushing again? It amuses me how pure you pretend to be… Somehow it makes me want to taint you.

♥Ayato: It’s so fun to bother someone so shy, hehehe…. Ne, Chichinashi, do you actually imagine the things I say? It’s that why you get so ashamed? Haha!

♥Kanato: You’re a very hypocritical woman. You’re actually doing this to catch my attention…

♥Laito: Fufu~ Bitch-chan is so dirty-minded… I only said something a little naughty, and you’re already blushing~

♥Subaru: Wait, what are you imagining?! I didn’t mean it that way! Goddamit… Don’t take everything I say so seriously!


♥Ruki: Livestock, do you have to panic with every single word I say? Save that red and teary face for your punishments.

♥Kou: Heheh~ i exactly know how you’re feeling right now, M Neko-chan… Even if you hide your face away from me.

♥Yuma: Dirty, dirty Sow! Do you pretend that I believe that stupid façade?! I know you like my dirty-talkin’!

♥Azusa: Ah, my Eve… Is so innocent… Nee, don’t look away… I like seeing that expression…


♥Carla: Why are you always hiding your true emotions? Show me your face and tell me what you’re thinking.

♥Shin: Yeah, yeah. Act innocent now… But you don’t actually complain when I do those things.

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holy shit is it bad that after that almost sex scene i've been imagining cole and lili doing that on cole's house magsjsbsshaj im HHAHAHAHA

Well, that makes two of us!!! hahaha!! I thought the same thing and I should feel ashamed but that scene was all Cole fucking-hot Sprouse and no Jughead scared of intimacy Jones, so a girl is bound to dream ok?? 

Seriously thought Cole needs to freaking chill! I will not be able to sit through any other scene like this, or worse an actual sex scene, if he is being the slamming to walls dominant type. 

Now I’m thinking again about Sprousehart. What did they make of me?!?!

A letter to the people who think Solangelo was unnecessary or the wrong choice by Rick Riordan

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Listen, I get it… You probably have your own reasons for not being a fan of the glorious ship solangelo, much like how I am not a fan of shipping Nico with the ladies or how I hate it when Hollywood whitewashes casts of movies/tv shows. But this isn’t about my obsession with LGBTQ ships or that our country has not yet achieved equality for all, it’s about something else entirely. 


Now Brinley, what is this representation you speak of and why is it important?

Well I can tell you exactly why.  

I grew up reading Rick Riordan’s books and they most definitely changed my life. When I was in kindergarten, I was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD, and to be completely honest I felt like I was alone. I didn’t know any other kids that had these “learning differences” and I felt stupid. So imagine my surprise and delight when I picked up that first Percy Jackson book and saw on the page a character had both dyslexia and ADHD. In fact, most of the characters in the entire series had both “learning differences.” For the first time, I saw kids like me and they weren’t being portrayed as dumb kids who had no future, they were pretty freakin awesome, which made me feel actually proud and no longer ashamed that I have dyslexia and ADHD. 

Now onto solangelo…. 

As years went by, I discovered something else about myself: that I like ladies a lot more than I like men. I am part of the LGBTQ community and although I am not out to my family yet, as they are extremely conservative, seeing a healthy LGBTQ relationship that hasn’t ended in death or one of them getting married to someone of the opposite gender is absolutely amazing. 

Look at the way Rick Riodan’s books have affected me: they helped me to feel proud of who I am and not ashamed, and now think about all the children that are reading his books right now and that they can see someone else who is like them portrayed in a positive light. You may not like solangelo, but you have to agree, representation is important especially for kids whose families may not support them completely. 

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Sharon and Andy go shopping. Andy refuses to leave until he finds a perfect tie to go with each of Sharon's new purchases. Very fluffy :)

Thanks for the awesome prompt and the beta!


So… tell me again why you need so many new ties?” Sharon gave Andy a once-over in between looking at the elongated pieces of shiny fabric.

“Why not? It’s always nice to have different choices,” Andy smiled at her, holding up a blue tie with white strips.

Sharon shook her head and he put it back in its place at once.

“But you already have many ties to choose from,” she held up a dark purple tie in one hand, and a dark green one in the other. He considered them for a moment before taking the purple one. “Why did you take this one?” she asked, looking at him suspiciously.

“What do you mean? It’s nice.”

Sharon knew there was a reason why he chose the purple one, judging by his calculating expression, and she wasn’t going to let it go without finding out the truth. “They both are. Why the purple one?”

“I…” Andy knew it was useless to try and hide his real motive for this little shopping spree. Sharon was too savvy for his bullshitting, which was one of the things he liked most about her, but it wasn’t easy to get used to.

Sharon folded her arms and waited for an answer. There was no one around in the narrow isle they were in, and Andy knew there was no escape.

“Okay, okay… I… I want my…” he mumbled the rest of the sentence so she couldn’t understand.

“Excuse me? You’re going to have to raise your voice,” she was starting to feel a little frustrated. What could be so bad that he was so ashamed of?

Andy sighed, accepting his fate.

“I just want my ties to be… in many colors,” he lowered his gaze to his feet, embarrassed.

Sharon stayed frozen for several moments, somewhat confused.

“H-how many?”

“Well… a lot,” he looked back up and saw wonder on her face.

“Why?” she squinted at him.

“Because… Now that I’ve had a chance to see your bedroom with my actual eyes and not those of my imagination…” he paused for a moment as he noticed a hint of a smile forming on her lips, “I saw your closet and you have so many dresses in different colors…”

“So… you want to borrow some of my dresses?” she mocked him, still not sure what he meant by it all.

“Uh, actually, for your dresses I’ve got other plans…” he put his hand on one of her wrists and made her unfold her arms, so that he could pull her closer, “which mostly include them getting dropped on the floor -”

“Alright, alright. I get it,” she felt his hand on the small of her back. “Andy… There are people around…” she couldn’t erase the smile from her face. This uncontrollable smiling has been happening pretty often since they started dating.

“I don’t see anyone around,” he brought his face closer to hers, dying to kiss her, but not without permission.

“You’re just trying to avert my attention from interrogating you,“ she was almost whispering now that he was so close.

“Is it working?” Andy was glad to receive her answer in a form of a kiss. It was way too short to his liking, but he knew she didn’t like public displays of affection and it probably took some mental effort for her to do it.

“Shall we go to the women's department?” She smiled. Andy snorted and for a second she felt his chest moving against hers.

“I just want to have more ties that match your clothes,” he finally said it loud and clear.

“That’s it?” Sharon felt relieved. She was starting to wonder what he wasn’t telling her, and some bad possibilities popped in her mind.

“Well… Yeah,” he had the most innocent look in his eyes, child-like. Sharon thought it was awfully cute. She took a step back and resumed the tie-searching.

“How did you even notice we match colors? That's… unusual,” She mumbled, more to herself than to him, but he heard her.

“Actually, Morales pointed it out to me. I can’t unsee it now.”

“Mora… oh! Now it makes sense,” another wave of relief washed over her. “Okay, let’s keep looking for ties, then.”

“Yup, let’s ignore the fact that you just wondered about my sexuality,” he said quietly, eyes fixed on the pink tie in front of him. Sharon tried to stifle the giggle that was struggling to come out, but it was impossible to do.

“I did not, that’s a lie,” she giggled again.

“Even though… Last night… Do I need to remind you what happened when I-”

“Okay, Andrew Flynn,” she wanted to sound serious, but it came out more like a tease. She grabbed his hand and started walking, “we’re leaving.”

“Yeah, I think we should go to your place, I need to take another look at your bed…room,” they turned around the corner of the isle and disappeared from sight.