i actually drew with pen for once

Costume research for a promo piece I’m starting. It’s kind of an homage to fantasy, cuz I’ve been reading a lot of that lately, and it’s been on my idea list for a while. There will be a CASTLE and a DRAGON and a LADY KNIGHT with a SWORD. Because, you know, I’m all about the girl power. 

Anyways. I’ll probably go with something like the second one. And if you want to see some much cooler medieval ladies, check out THESE but Hannah Christenson. They are fantastic. 

Once again!!!!! Another Goth picture!!! I actually drew one with pen but…….I feel like posting this one first…..and I lost that one. Welp, I lose alot of stuff Soooooo.

Welp, I hope ya enjoy!! And hasn’t this been like….my…3rd style change for Goth? I’m pretty sure it is hehe!!!!! Also, I think this’ll be my style for Goth for now on because it’s so cute!!! And I almost lost this today because when I had finished my friend stole it from me and said she was gonna keep it!!! And nope! She’ll never steal this precious art!!!

Goth by: @nekophy