i actually drew this yesterday

poor akaashi, it must be so hard being loved by so many dogs

I actually drew this yesterday but whatever. Happy birthday Ink! Don’t eat too much cake ya nerd!

He’s painting rainbows but he’s looking so thoughtful :( What’s wrong little man?

Thank you so much for the art love!! <3 And I’ll make sure he eats as much as he wants :D

I drew this yesterday or smthn, forgot to upload this lmao

@kylerinvention got mad at me because his eye color was wrong but a;bghjrf I didn’t know

Yeah, the explanation for this is…. On Kyler’s Discord server, he’s the ‘dad’ (and also satan???) and I’m the ‘mom’ (I got called a god or smthn) so imean yeah

that’s about it lmao