i actually drew the last three today


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Last drawing/info barf for today! Actually I drew this a few weeks ago but whatever. :T

The background is a fractal I made in Apophysis 7x a while ago too, kind of how I imagine Noisulli cities to look like. This would be an example of one of the cities on the oceanic Noisulli moon, Aniram. (By the way there is one Noisulli planet and three moons orbiting it.)

And other side info, because this drawing is a good example of this topic:

(Taken from my written Noisulli notes)
“Noisulli are born/cloned in pairs, one female and one male, which they call each other "soul mates” and always share a connection to one another, positive or negative. Despite being born together, they are completely unrelated to each other and sometimes look nothing alike or have anything in common, even being different sub Noisulli species from each other.
These pairs of Noisulli can decide whether or not they will stay with their other half or not throughout their life (but of course feelings can change over time.) Some choices they have are lifelong friendship/companionship (ex: Ranul and Ralos), being romantic partners (ex: Radec and Latep) or abandoning their other half and living solo (ex. Larips).“