i actually drew it!

Hey guys? Remember how we always complain about Roy’s mustache at the end of Brotherhood?

I figured out how we can be optimistic about it and make some positives out of it~!

For example…..

ZORO (Antonio Banderas) COSPLAY!!

Three I-Love-You’s for @emyasmina’s “I Love You Fatesona Challenge” 😂😘💕👌

Since I was raised multilingual, I couldn’t decide what I should consider taking as my native language in this case, so I went with my two fluent languages and my mother language x")

The first one is Laotian,
The second one is German and..

This, the third one is Korean.


bb and ivy r basically just an excuse to put them together with a bunch of music anD I LOVE IT

some singin boys and also bonus date pic


It’s An Improvement! (I Think)

So yesterday I drew something and to be honest it didn’t turn out amazingly. 


Today I drew it again, but with a reference that I actually stumbled upon completely by accident. It’s a slightly different angle but it’s the same idea. And this is what happened…

Without reference

With reference

It’s still not amazing, but I think it is so much better!! :D


Due to Regular Show ending I decided to look at old flipnotes since I often drew flipnotes while watching that and Adventure Time. I actually found something I wanted to upload

I made this when I was barely 14. I improved sO MUCH, HOLY CRAP. I MEAN LOOK AT THAT ANATOMY IT’S BAD-

Also why is Sunny here, she isn’t even born yet??? Why is she wearing a Ponyo dress???? Also Huepow’s here???

…I may remake this when I have the time.

Audio is from The Amazing World of Gumball “The Responsible”

anonymous asked:

draw sMOL bokuaka meeting each other the first time

this is based off two of my headcanons!!! 

1) they didnt meet until high school

2) bokuto only started doing his hair that way/dyed it the summer before his third year ( to celebrate his captaining, of course)