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I Brought Soup

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Raphael x Reader

I Brought Soup

Prompt: Hey there! I would love to read something about Raphael getting sick and his s/o wanting to take care of him. Would he be too proud? Or would he eventually give in and just enjoy the loving care? Of course only if nobody’s watching! ;D

Note: I actually had a dream about Raph last night, so here ya go. This turned out cuter than I had hoped :)

Warnings: None??

Word Count: 1105

Raph groaned as he adjusted himself on the couch. Somehow, he had caught a bug. A bad one. And while the big buff turtle was as tough as they came normally, as soon as he got a touch of sickness, he became nothing more than a big baby.

When you showed up to the lair, you had a care package tucked under your arm. Even with his blurry vision and pounding head, Raph still squinted to look at you. You were wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt, but you were still the most gorgeous person he had ever seen.

“Hey, Red. You feeling any better?”

“I am now.” His low voice was soft and hoarse.

“Oh hush,” You shook your head and tried to hide the embarrassing shade of red your cheeks had flushed to. Raph had a way of doing that to you, despite the fact that you were pretty sure he wasn’t into you. “I brought soup.” You held up a thermos and a spoon. He took it in one of his large green hands. “And tissues and a blanket and-”

“You’re too good to me.” Raph managed a tired smirk. He looked like his head was swimming, eyes unable to focus, breaths labored through a stuffed nose.

“And you, my green friend, are very, very sick.” You looked over to him. You had never seen him look so pathetic. “Why don’t you get some rest?”

“And what, miss spending quality time with ya?”

“Sleep, Raph. Now.”

“You’re hot when you’re bossy.”

“And you have no filter when you’re sick, apparently.”

“He really doesn’t.” Leo piped up from across the room. “Listen, thanks for coming to take care of him, (Y/N). We just can’t afford to get sick right now, but Don said you’d be immune to whatever he has so-”

“It’s no problem, Leo. Really.” You smiled. “It’s the least I could do.”

“Well, we’re headed out. If anything happens, don’t hesitate to call.” He and the other two left the lair, leaving you alone with Raph and Splinter, wherever the old rat had gotten off to.

“And then there were two,” Raph muttered. He ate a few spoonfuls of soup before setting it down for a while. “Sorry yer stuck on babysitting duty.”

“I don’t mind. I mean, you did save my life after all.”

“So we’re even?”

“Not even close.” You smirked. “I still owe you big time, Raphael.”

“After taking care of me a few hours, you won’t think so.” He chuckled to himself, leaning back against the pillows of his temporary nest. “I’ve been told I whine like a baby.”

“I have little siblings. I don’t think you could drive me away if you tried.”

“We’ll see about that.”


About thirty minutes after the guys left, Raph had drifted off into a nap. You learned very quickly that he snored like a chainsaw. This was an easy fix, as you had brought some headphones and a book to read in case something like this happened. You glanced up every few pages to make sure he was still out.

After a few hours, when you glanced up, Raph’s tired green eyes were fixed on you, a sleepy smile tugging at his lips.

“Well good morning, Sleeping Beauty.” You tucked a bookmark into your book and set it on the table. Touching the back of your hand to his forehead confirmed your suspicions that the large terrapin had developed a fever. “You need something to get this fever down.”

“I knew you thought I was hot.” He smirked. You rolled your eyes.

“Yes, Raphael, you are hot. You are running a fever. I’m gonna grab some meds.”

“You do that, gorgeous. I’ll be right here waiting.” You walked to Donnie’s lab, where he had labeled everything you needed and then returned to Raph to administer the proper meds. You handed him the pills and a bottle of water and then returned to your spot. “Thanks.”

“Need anything else?”

“I’m all set, Princess.”

“Alright then,” You opened up your book and continued to read.


“Yes, Raph?”

“Can you come here?”

“Um, sure.” You set down your book once again and walked over to where Raph was lying on the couch. His sleepy, sleepy eyes melted your heart.

“Thanks for takin’ care ‘uh me.” His voice was hoarse from all of the coughing and snoring and sinus drainage. “I really appreciate it.” You leaned forward to press a kiss to his warm forehead.

“Any time, Red.”

Raph took one of your hands in his large green ones, admiring each tiny little finger. There were so many.

“Yer hands are so small…” he murmured. “Have ya always had this many fingers?”

“Yes, I have. Are you sure you’re alright? Maybe those meds are kicking in.”

“I’m fine.” He insisted. Suddenly, something occurred to him. “Are yer feet that small too?”

“I think you need some sleep, bud.”


“Sleep. We can talk about foot size when you feel better, alright?”



As soon as he was better, Raph avoided you for at least a week and a half. Every time he saw you, his cheeks flushed red and he left the room. You couldn’t help but laugh a little before returning to your latest book.

But he couldn’t avoid you forever, and you both knew it.

He came around eventually, settling on the couch beside you. The other half dipped under his weight. Raph let out a sigh. You only raised an eyebrow in amusement, waiting to hear what he would say.

“So uh…I realize my fever may have caused me to uh…act different.”


“So I uh, I’m sorry if I made ya uncomfortable and stuff.”

“You didn’t.”

“I didn’t?”

“No, Raph. I actually kind of appreciated the honesty. It was like for once there wasn’t this wall between us.”


“You know, the unspoken wall that you put up to protect your fragile turtle feelings. I understand, believe me, but just so you know, I’ve lived in New York all of my life, so dating a giant turtle would hardly be the weirdest thing that’s happened to me.”

“What now?” He paused. “You’d date me?”




“So uh…”

“This is the wall I’m talking about.”

“I see it now.” He sort of chuckled awkwardly before pausing again. “Ya know, I never pegged ya as someone who’d date a giant mutant freak.”

“And I never pegged you as a freak in the first place.” You winked and got up to get a drink from the kitchen.

‘Huh,’ thought Raphael. ‘I might have to get sick more often.’


content: After hearing some suspicious noises coming out of Dean’s bedroom the night before, Sam decides to confront his brother.

word count: 2,088

“Dean, we need to talk.”

Sam’s voice sounds very serious while he leans against the kitchen counter and folds his stupidly long arms in front of his chest, glaring at his older brother with the familiar I-don’t-support-your-life-choices look. He doesn’t even waste his time with a “Good morning” or something similar and that’s always a bad sign.

Dean, however, isn’t really impressed by that. He places the bacon onto the hot pan at a leisurely pace, ignoring Sam completely, until he finally shoots a quick glance over his shoulder.

“And what’s so important at 7 a.m.?”

Sam huffs impatiently. “You know!”

Dean rolls his eyes. “No, I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking.”

Sam fidgets uncomfortably as if he’d rather be somewhere else and doesn’t want to have this discussion at all. And then he starts to gesticulate, flailing his limbs in Dean’s vague direction, and performs a very complicated dance with his eyebrows.

“How about we talk about last night?”

Quite suddenly Dean’s attention is grabbed, but he keeps himself from acting like a deer in the headlights. Instead he clears his throat and asks, a bit croaky, “What do you mean?”

“Well, just look at you!” Sam says, pointing at Dean’s face with an accusatory expression. “There is that stupid grin I’ve seen so many times and I think it’s even worse than ever before. And let’s not even mention that huge hickey on your neck.”

Dean ducks his head and tries forcefully – and highly unsuccessfully – to fight back a blush.


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Saeran and V waking up with MC for the first time

Hey! Here are Saeran and V in addition to that Waking up with MC for the first time post. Sorry it took a while to answer, I wasn’t really inspired to do them, so… I’m sorry if this isn’t as cute as the original post.


  • He wakes up feeling something tickling his nose.
  • Is his brother pulling that stupid prank he pulled on Yoosung? Does he have whip cream in one of his hands waiting to get splashed on his face?
  • For fuck’s sake, his brother is such an idiot and… oh, wait! That thing tickling his nose is your hair.
  • And Saeyoung isn’t here, but you are. Beside him. IN THE BED!
  • Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Have you two…? Are you… naked? No! He can’t look! He won’t look! No! No! No! Shit, he looks.
  • And you have your clothes on, so has he. Whew, what a relief!
  • Relief? Yeah, maybe a little, but… what if something actually happened? Would it be wrong? Bad?
  • Is he ready for this kind of intimacy? Is he ready to let himself get all of your affection? Does he deserve it?
  • He doesn’t feel like he deserves. Yes, the reason why you’re with him right now is because he had one of his episodes last night and you stayed to calm him.
  • It worked, apparently, as he actually slept. Well, that was new, he rarely has any sleep, he’s so scared of his painful dreams, he didn’t had any that night…
  • But… what about you? Are you okay with this? With him being like this?
  • “Saeran? Are you okay?” you rise your head and he feels his breath being taken away, your hair is a mess, you have bags under your eyes, and yet… you look beautiful!
  • “Y-Yes. I’m… I’m fine. I… am sorry for last night, MC, I…” “Don’t worry, it was all a nightmare, just rest a little more…” you make him nuzzle at your chest.
  • It wasn’t a nightmare, it was real. Yet you stayed until he fell asleep. When did you actually get a chance to sleep that night?
  • He’s so self-conscious and worried, but… your heartbeat… is calming him down… he’s feeling sleepy again…
  • This isn’t a dream, this is real.


  • He wakes up with your breath against his chest.
  • It’s so calm and soothing and… wait, are you two actually cuddling?
  • How did this happen? Oh yeah… he remembers.
  • You two are camping in this beautiful mountain, he managed to bring you along so you could help him with the photos.
  • It was cold at night, really cold as the blankets you brought weren’t enough, so he suggested you two hugged to keep each other warm.
  • He chuckles remembering you clearing your throat in embarrassment, but it was very cold…
  • And you are very warm, indeed. And soft… and your hair smells like heaven and… how can someone be so perfect even at such a vulnerable state?
  • Or is the vulnerability that makes you perfect like this? He grew some afraid of vulnerability for some time after… well, you know
  • But right now, he wants to allow himself being vulnerable around you as much as you are around him.
  • He also wants having you in his arms like this every day and night, but… no, maybe that’s too much.
  • “Jihyun?” oh, your sleepy voice calling his real name… is he really awake? Isn’t this a dream? “Are you still cold?”
  • “A little, MC. Can’t you come a little closer?” you are too sleepy to feel flustered, so you just put your leg over his body.
  • He wasn’t really cold, but now he’s definitely shivering.
Is this real?

Simon gets the surprise of his life when his roommate, Baz, asks him to pretend to be his boyfriend. Everything is going according to plan until the line of what’s real and what isn’t starts to blur, and they both have to make a decision.

For @snowbaz-feda

Also many thanks to @eroticgropefest for the beta!!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Part 2 - Fooling everyone


Penny is staring between me and Snow, trying to figure out why the hell we’re sitting together.

She decides to sit beside him, before asking in a hushed tone, “care to tell me what’s going on? Agatha told me that this morning she saw the two of you holding hands? And, in fact, everyone has been talking about it the whole morning.”

“Uh… Penny, I’m- I’m sorry I should have told you…” Simon starts saying, clearly struggling to find a way to tell her.

I look at him, with my eyebrow raised. Think about the money Snow, come on, you already started this, don’t go back.

Snow is blushing already, just like this morning, when he held my hand the whole way down to class. As expected, everyone kept staring at us, but I couldn’t care less. Finally, I have an excuse to keep him close to me, to fucking touch him. It’s worth all the money.

“As of last night, we’re dating” I tell her. It’s too painful to see him trying to find the right thing to say. Besides, I don’t want to give him any chance to blow this thing up so soon.

Penny stares at him like she’s trying to read his mind, and Snow doesn’t say a word. He’s just letting her come to her conclusions. “Is this really real?” She finally asks.

Snow gently grabs my hand and laces our fingers. Fuck, I still can’t believe this is actually happening. I feel like I must be dreaming. “Yeah… It just, sort of happened?” He says, and gives me one of his smiles, the fucker. I just want to kiss him.

“To be fair, I always wondered if all this fighting between the two of you was something more. I guess I was right.” she tells us, like it’s not a big deal.

Aleister Crowley, Penny, his best friend, thought that this could be an actual thing? Fucking unbelievable, and stupid Snow is looking at her, like what she just said didn’t make any sense.

I squeeze his hand and he looks at me.“She knows and it’s not a big deal, you can relax now.“

I know that he was worried about her, out of everyone, her opinion is what matters most to him. When she gives him a smile before getting up to grab some food, I can see his shoulders relax.

If we can fool Penny this easily, we won’t have a problem fooling anyone else.

I still can’t believe he agreed to this, and I don’t know how long it will last, but I will make the most of it.

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Keep on living (chapter 1) Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 

Summary: You work at the Richard Rogers theater as the assistant to the musical director as Hamilton hits Broadway, and it’s while working there you develop a friendship/crush on Lin who is your nerdy workaholic nerd in arms. Meanwhile you hide the other secret part of your life from Lin and your friends,  keeping secret your abusive partner until you can’t hide it anymore. Expect some angst. 

(I’m an abuse survivor myself. Not all abuse is the same, and so this fic is not meant to be a universal experience.  I wrote this originally as a fluff piece for myself but I realise it doesn’t come across as fluff!

To anyone that may be experiencing abuse then my inbox is always open and I will always believe you. Tell a friend or a relative if you are able to. And there are many support lines depending on your town/state/country, talking to someone helps. Stay safe.)

Warnings: I’m adding a trigger warning for some mentions of emotional and physical abuse.

Word count:  2715


You were late again to rehearsals, that’s when he first noticed that something was wrong.

You were known for your punctuality, often getting to the theatre hours ahead of everyone. You used your tiny office in the basement to write, to go over notes, and to listen to recordings from the sound desk from the previous night’s show. After years of working shitty jobs this was your first job as musical director’s assistant and you weren’t planning on wasting the opportunity. You’d been with Hamilton since they made its transition to Broadway, you lived and breathed this production, and the Richard Rogers was practically your home.

So when you showed up 2 hours late that afternoon hiding behind a pair of oversize dark glasses, you were greeted by Lin’s fake gasp of surprise.

“Aaaaand what time do you call this Y/N?” he called as she skipped over to you, a wide grin on his face while he playfully put his arm around your shoulder. “You bailed on Oak’s birthday drinks last night. I can’t believe you left me in a bar singing karaoke by myself after you promised me a Disney duet medley!.”

He pouted and gave you puppy eyes. Ordinarily you’d laugh along with him and tease him about his failed disney duets (last time the gang had gone out for karaoke he drunkenly sang A Whole New World with Chris but Lin had naturally taken over singing both Aladdin and Jasmine’s parts leaving Chris and everyone else in fits of laughter at the over-excited disney nerd now serenading himself  in front of them) but today you were caught off guard.

You pushed the glasses tight against your face.

“Um sorry, I had an emergency, h-had to leave a-and get back home. I uh should get downstairs, there’s um some charts I was supposed to amend for Alex this evening.”

You put your head down and pulled away from Lin’s arm, fumbling for the door to make a quick getaway. Lin, sensing something amiss instantly transitioned from Goofy Lin to Serious Lin in a heartbeat, and ran around placing himself in front of you.

“Hey, sorry Y/N, is everything ok? Are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“Has something happened?” He placed his hand on your shoulder, giving you a squeeze as he lowered his head trying to meet your gaze while you stared at the floor.

You pushed his hand away, too scared to look him in the eye, knowing that if you did you might unravel at any moment.

“I’m fine, sorry, just in a rush.”

You quickly scuffled away, aware of Lin’s eyes following you. You felt like a dick.

You knew how weird you sounded and how rude you were being. You’d looked forward to Oak’s birthday drinks along with everyone else, and ordinarily you’d love to spend the afternoon joking around with Lin. There was even a time when Lin skipping over to give you puppy eyes would have made your heart flutter. You’d developed the most embarrassing crush on him during your first few weeks on the job which left you shy and unable to speak, but you’d pushed those feeling aside, choosing to be as professional as possible. Nobody would have taken you seriously with a silly crush on Lin.

Pippa had once called it the ‘Lin Effect’:

“ Everyone falls in love with Lin” she’d said during those first few weeks of rehearsals.

“He makes everyone in the room feel important and who can’t help but fall in love with that, it’s the Lin Effect!”

Lin had overheard Pippa saying this and for days afterwards he joked with anyone on stage who forget their lines or missed their mark that their lack of concentration was down to the Lin Effect. When you’d accidentally hit play on the sampler during a heart-wrenching rehearsal of Quiet Uptown, accidentally filling the studio with deafening hip hop beats, the cast had erupted into giggles and Lin punched the air and yelled ‘Lin Effect!’ and winked at you. Once you’d seen this goofy side you became less nervous around him and more like good friends. The crippling shyness was gone and in it’s place was an incredibly nerdy friendship born out of long days and nights, rehearsing, and thinking/talking/breathing music with him. And sure, he could still make you feel special just with a look, or by getting excited when you let him hear your own compositions for a half finished music project you’d been kicking around. They way his eyes lit up and got excited, the way he’d smile at you with a mixture of pride and and warmth could make your day. Even as just good friends, the Lin Effect was real.

But you couldn’t think about anyone just now. You just needed to stop and breathe and get to your office before anyone else saw you.

You practically fell into the office you shared with Alex, surprised to find Chris sitting there on the beaten up couch with Pippa, both in fits of giggles as each of them shared an earbud plugged into Chris’s phone. You’d hoped to find an empty room to be alone.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t realise you guys were in here” you said with your hand quickly reaching behind you for the door handle ready to leave.

“Hey Y/N!’ Pippa called, ‘we were waiting for you, come and listen to this!’

You slowly edged your way over to the sofa on Pippa’s command. She scooted up and patted beside her gesturing for you to sit. ‘Here you gotta listen to this, it’s an old Freestyle Love Supreme recording, it’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard, check it out!” She pulled the ear bud out of her ear and thrust it towards you. You took it from her practically in slow motion, looking at the ear bud like you’d never seen an ear bud before.

“Ooh check out the glasses, does someone have a hangover?” laughs Chris. “Man you must be feeling ROUGH today huh!”. You nod along meekly without saying a word, leaving an awkward silence in the air. Pippa looks at you with concern then gently nudges Chris who puts his hands up “Ok ok, I’ll leave you two alone, sounds like someone is in desperate need of some coffee!”

As Chris slipped away you felt Pippa’s eyes narrowing on you

“Y/N what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, sorry I’m just tired. Hungover.” You stammed.

Pippa’s eye’s lowered to meet yours, you were looking down in your lap, something was wrong. “Hungover? But you weren’t out with us last night though, we looked all over for you. Where were you?”

Hearing the concern in her voice was almost overwhelming and you could feel tears in your eyes. You slowed your breathing trying to steady yourself so you didn’t fall apart there and then.

“Y/N talk to me, what’s happened.”

You breathed, swallowed, and raised your head to meet hers. Slowly, you reached up and took off the oversize sunglasses that had shielded your face. As you took them off you still couldn’t bring yourself to make eye contact with her and you stared down at the sofa as you heard Pippa breathe in sharply.

Your face was bruised. Your left eye was swollen and bloodshot, your eyelid was purple, and there was a small cut on the top of your cheek, the skin was tinged yellow as the bruise faded out across your face.

“Oh my god Y/N are you ok? What happened? Oh my god who did this?”

You felt exposed.

You couldn’t tell anyone. He’d apologised, he hadn’t meant to. He wasn’t a monster. You didn’t want people to see that side of him. You weren’t making excuses for him, but he didn’t mean to hurt you, he just got upset and lost control, and it never meant to happen.

You’d been dating Mark for 3 months now. He was amazing, a talented musician, he was so smart, he was creative and enthusiastic and loved you. He really loved you. But he struggled too. His mental health wasn’t great and lately his dark moments had become dark days and dark weeks. He felt so scared of losing you and felt jealous that you were working in your dream job when he was still struggling. He hadn’t wanted you to go out last night, he was convinced you would cheat on him, that you’d drink too much and go home with someone else, scared that your ‘new dumbass theatre friends’ (as he called them) would convince you to leave him. You’d got annoyed, you’d snapped back at him, you hated someone so controlling, you just wanted one night out with your friends. And he’d hit you. He’d actually hit you. You couldn’t tell anyone.

“Y/N who did this?”

“Nobody. I mean.. someone tried to mug me, it’s fine, they didn’t take anything and I got away, it’s totally fine, I’m just tired.” You were bad at lying, your voice sounded strange and you were sure that she knew. You regretted saying it was a mugging instantly.

“Oh Fuck! Y/N that’s horrible, you poor poor thing. Did you call the police? I can come with you to the police station, what do you need?”

You made eye contact with Pippa for the first time since sitting down, her kindness felt so unbearable.

“It’s fine, honestly. I’ve already spoken to the police. I’m ok, I’m just tired.” You even cracked a smile to try and show just how ok you were pretending to be. You were the worst liar. She reached out and pulled you into a hug while she continued to say nice reassuring things. You couldn’t concentrate and you just closed your eyes hoping for some quiet calm soon.

Your eyes snapped wide as the door to your office swung open and Chris stood there.

“Hey I forgot my phone…” He trailed off as he saw your face and you quickly pulled your hair over your face feeling exposed.

“Y/N what happened?” He begun, but luckily, Pippa sensing your desire for the ground to swallow you up, instantly  jumped up pressing his phone into his hands and shooing him out of the office urging him to leave you alone for some quiet time and saying ‘yes she’s FINE’ over the top of his protests while shutting the door in his face.

“Oh god thank you.”

“That’s ok, although people are gonna be concerned. In fact I don’t want you going home alone tonight, I’ll take a cab with you. No ifs no buts.”

You wished you hadn’t blurted out a lie about being mugged. If anything that was just gonna bring more attention on yourself. And it wasn’t the same: people who got mugged were victims of something awful, you weren’t a victim, he said this was something you had done, that you’d made him this angry. Was this your fault? You slipped the glasses back up to your face, wishing for invisibility. You didn’t want any more attention, and you didn’t want anyone walking you home, you couldn’t run the risk of Mark finding out that you’d shown anyone your black eye. He’d wanted you to keep it hidden today, he was so sorry for what he’d done.

“It’s fine honestly Pippa. Mark’s coming to pick me up later so I won’t be on my own. And anyway I’m not sticking around for the show tonight, it’s my night off, i just came in to work on some charts for Alex for a couple of hours, so I’ll be home before dark anyway.”

“Well…ok. Sorry, I know you don’t need babysitting, I’m just so glad Mark will be with you, he’s a good guy, he must have been so worried about you.”

You zoned out as Pippa started praising Mark but hopefully that was enough to keep her from accompanying you home tonight. You made her promise not to tell anyone else what happened but you realised that was going to be impossible, but Pippa had at least promised to tell people not to ask you about it. You regretted lying so much, and what a shitty lie it was.

After much reassuring her that you were fine, she eventually left you to it. And in the quiet of the office you could finally breathe and concentrate on the charts Alex had asked you to work on. For the next couple of hours you worked on transposing music for new chorus members, tinkering with arrangements and for those two hours things were easy. You could get lost in your work, and notes and squiggles on a page were easier to deal with than real life. The two hours flew past in a whirlwind and you piled your folders together and grabbed your bag ready to head out before the evening crowds assembled for showtime.

As you made your way quietly down the corridor hoping to avoid speaking to anyone as you slipped out, at least until tomorrow, there was Lin. He was completely unaware of you as he sat on the floor near one of the prop rooms. His oversize hoodie was pulled over his head and he was staring intently at his laptop, bobbing his head in time to a beat through his headphones. Looking at him now with strands of hair hanging in his face as he absent-minded tucked them behind his ears he looked so lost in his music, so happy. On any other day you would have joined him and wasted time sharing songs and ideas, bouncing off each other until showtime.  On any other day you could have silently stolen a glance and noted how cute he looked while in full concentration mode. But today wasn’t any other day and you needed  a hot bath and some sleep and to figure out what to do.

You breathed in pushing the sunglasses tight against your face and left through the back door silently. The noise of the street hit you immediately and you realised you felt scared. You felt scared to go home, you felt scared to see Mark. You breathed in slowly, it felt like everything was in slow motion today.


You turned round and there was Lin. He’d followed you out, with his hood pulled down and his headphones hanging round his neck,. “I was waiting for you but you snuck out before saying goodbye”

“I’m sorry, it’s been a weird day, I just need to get home”

You eyes darted around, too scared to look him in the face. Did he know? Had Pippa told everyone?

“You’re not sticking around tonight?”

He looked disappointed.

“It’s my night off, I’m not feeling great. I’m just gonna go home.” You forced a smile but it came out a grimace.

“Has something happened?”

Did he know? You didn’t think he knew. But his eyes narrowed and his mouth tensed with concern.

“It’s nothing. I’m fine, it was nothing you don’t have to worry.”

You turned away, just wanting to escape but you felt his hand reach out to grab your arm. You winced as his hand slipped and he ended up grabbing your wrist. Your wrist was sore and tender from last night, where Mark had grabbed you, digging his fingers and thumb into your wrist to stop you from leaving. You gasped out in shock of being touched.

“Sorry I…” You looked back to see him glancing down at your wrist where faint red finger marks on your skin seemed to give you away. His eyebrows tensed and he looked up at you in shock. You quickly pulled your arm away, embarrassed.

“I need to go…” you began.

“Wait, Y/N..”

“Seriously, can we do this another day?”

Your turned to leave once again, only this time to find Mark walking towards you both, his mouth pursed and his eyes sullen. You hadn’t lied to Pippa, he really was coming to pick you up after work. It was something you’d been dreading.


“Hey.” He said, not looking you but staring intently at Lin. Lin broke his gaze away from you, and he turned to face Mark. You couldn’t tell what he was piecing together in his mind from your mood, the sunglasses, and now your wrist. His face was solemn and gave nothing away, gone was the cute smile and soft eyes from just a moment ago. He swallowed and smiled and put his hand out to Mark.

“Hey man, you must be Mark, I’ve heard a lot about you.”


Part 2 coming soon.is here

A concept: Smokescreen and Knock Out both getting stuck in the same wall due to a mishap with the phase shifter.

There’s a lot of blame and bitter insults being tossed around at first, but then gradually it turns to normal conversation as they both resign themselves to the embarrassing situation. They end up actually kind of enjoying themselves after a while (Smokescreen appreciates Knock Out’s dry sense of humor and Knock Out finds Smokescreen to be refreshingly easygoing) even going so far as to drop in some very personal details about themselves here and there.

By the end of it, they’re a bit shocked to discover that they’ve formed some kind of strange connection with each other. The next time they meet on the battle field, they both try to awkwardly avoid one another out of a strange sense of camaraderie.

Waking up after a drunken hook up with your best friend Harry

Or when your roommate Niall endlessly makes fun of you for hooking up with Harry while you freak out…

You roll over and immediately groan at the mounting pain in your head. Why the fuck did you drink all that last night? You open one eye, the other barely opens from the gobs of mascara you forgot to wash off the night before.

The phone next to you lights up with a notification, grabbing for it, you notice the time and groan again. You never get a good night’s sleep after drinking heavily, you’re dehydrated body woke you up at 6 a.m.

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last night i dreamt there was a monster called The Lego Man and he was literally just a lego man but the size of an actual man and he would just stand outside of peoples windows

anyone who saw him would be found dead where they saw him and their hair would be detached like a lego so that was fucked 

On OBSABH chapter 2- the angsty bits

Viktor, sweetheart, what have you done?  (AKA the drawbacks of being an optimist)- part 2

(Part 1 has the happy bits and part 3 has the rest of the angst)

So after my post about the happy, positive, optimistic bits of Viktor in chapter 2 of OBSABH I said I might try to post about the sadder bits.  The angsty bits, if you will.  The bits where you read it and wish Viktor had listened to the voice of reason inside his head and done something different, instead of listening to… other, less rational parts of his anatomy.  So here goes! (Turns out I do indeed ramble too much so this is going to be in 2 parts.)

I’m going to do bullet points because that might make me be more concise (hopefully)

After the Olympics

  • Viktor has the very sensible thought that ‘After getting yelled at for several minutes straight, regardless of whether he could understand the words or not, Viktor was pretty sure that the worst of Yuuri’s animosity towards him probably hadn’t died down like he had begun to think’.  Hold that thought, Viktor.  It’s correct.  Ignore it at your peril.
  • Yuuri was drunk and not in any state to be answering questions so Viktor resigned himself to living in confusion for a little while longer’.  Or to put it another way:  Viktor condemned himself to living in confusion, and also pain, for a few more years. Maybe Viktor should have just asked Yuuri why he hates him so much.  Once Yuuri had got back to speaking English, he may well actually have got some sort of a useful answer out of him.  He knows that Yuuri’s negative feelings towards him had been on his mind, because of the drunken Japanese yelling, so that could imply that Yuuri wants to talk about it.  But at the same time, would that have been a bit immoral?  I mean, Yuuri was drunk, so would asking him be taking advantage of his lowered inhibitions?

Cut here… it’s getting so long already

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I didn’t forget to update you forgot to update. Don’t judge me. Nyeh. 

But look! I bring flowers! And some trees, I guess. But the flowers are the important part. When I was I thinking over the idea for this map, I though “Man that’s going to look terrible, I can’t do flowers at all.” But! I dunno, I think they turned out better than I would expect. I would’ve gotten an in-game screenshot, but it wouldn’t have been able to get everything without looking weird.

On a mostly unrelated to DE note, I made a dude as a short exercise in larger sprites. He looks all:

I’m trying to give him a walk cycle too, but, uh…

Well, it’s a work in progress. 

Dear Future Husband...(Nam Joo Hyuk)

Type: Fluff Angst

Request: Can you do a Nam joo hyuk scenario which you can see the future in your dreams.I mean you can see your wedding your husband your children and the beautiful memories in your dreams and then in reality when you see your future husband you know who he is but he doesn’t who you are.Happy end please.Thanks a lot.

~Changing it slightly! Hope you don’t mind!~

~Also this one is pretty long because of how I wrote it haha~

Since you were young you could remember dreams like this. You swear as a preteen you saw what you would look like when you were an adult and now you could see you looked just like you did  when you dreamed. Then their was the blurry faced man who was always there as well. His tall slim figure as you two hung off of each other. You always smiled in your sleep according to your friends when you had your dreams like this. You could see your son, your daughter, the adorable baby bump you could hear your mother’s voice cooing out “they look just like their father” which made you want to just stare at them and build a perfect face of your husband. 

That’s when you started writing down in a notebook your thoughts about this guy, your future lover.

Dear feature husband, 

What did you do today? Did you have a sweet dream like me about our life together? Mine was a time when you took us, our children and I to the carnival. I wasn’t sure why you did that though. We have two. A boy and a girl. Our daughter can’t even walk yet and you’re wanting her to ride rides. So cute. Our son is a few years older than her, maybe 6 or something like that and he’s a lean boy just like you!!! With a black mop top on his head. 

 I don’t know the name yet of our babies but I think our son’s name starts with a D and our daughter’s starts with a T. We have such cute babies, you know? Chubby cheeked and and chubby little tummy, you know they will be super gorgeous when they grow up. My mother says they look just like you and since they are so cute. I know you have to be too. 

It seems so lame to write to you, like you would see these. I would die if you did. It’s embarrassing to think these things about you. But it helps me relive my dreams of you and I together as the days go on and the dreams become clearer. I’m only 12 there’s no rush right? I won’t meet you tomorrow, Will I?


Y/N  Age: 12


Dear future husband,

This boy in my class asked me out today, I almost told him I was taken by you haha. Just not yet right? I don’t have much to say today, I didn’t dream of you last night sadly. But I think I started dreaming of us before the happy memories I had a 12 year old. :(


Y/N  Age: 14


Dear future husband,

I’m actually really disappointed in you. Today you left me. I told you I was pregnant and you left telling me you weren’t ready to be a dad :( why though? Don’t you love me? Didn’t you want to start your life with me someday? You left me. Do you get it? My sweet little boy. I finally know his name, it’s Daeyeon. I only know it because you made me sob so hard that I was crying to my baby boy. 

How did you make me forgive you? How could I trust you would stay the rest of my life?


Y/N Age: 15


Dear (maybe) future husband, 

I haven’t dreamed of you in a year, that’s why I haven’t been writing much to you. Up until this one I’ve been writing to Daeyeon. To show him his mommy loves him. Even though he’ll never see it…hehe. 

Daeyeon looks like he’s almost a toddler now. Knowing you still aren’t back hurts still but I’m writing this because I met someone else in my dream tonight…he’s really really handsome but I know he’s not the one I end up with because his face isn’t blurred but he’s so kind to me and Daeyeon. I seemed so happy today with him then I saw you. Well you know everything but your face. You had your arms around some other girl and you looked so happy with her. We said our hellos and you told me something that broke my heart so much. You were engaged! I just smiled the whole time, I didn’t want you to see my pain. 

Now I’m really questioning if I really ever forgive you…

The broken hearted ex,

Y/N Age: 16


Dear Man, 

I’m calling you man now. You have become a horrible thing to me. You had the guts to invite me to your wedding. You even hand delivered it to me. I was really proud of myself though I told you to wait and I picked up a pen and marked ‘Not Attending’ and I can’t believe the only time I saw your lips was when I made you frown, when I shoved the invitation into your chest and told you to never come near me again. That I hated you so much. You looked like you were trying so hard to tell me something but I just slammed the door in your face.

My life seems like a Kdrama with you. Are you really worth all this?

Not so happy, 

Y/N Age: 16


Dear future husband, 

I guess I can call you that again. In my dream today it was raining so hard, it made me happy though because I knew it was your wedding day with her. But a cute moment between Daeyeon and I happened when we played in the rain, he was wearing such cute rain boots and jacket. We played until I was soaked because I wasn’t dressed like him just simple clothing. 

We went back inside after that and took a bath together (it was still cute because he’s so young) until the doorbell rang. I answered it in a robe after I wrapped Daeyeon up(can’t leave a child in a tub unattended, he could hurt himself). You were there. Soaked head to toe. Shivering heavily. You told me you couldn’t go through with it. Inviting me was a way to see me, to see Daeyeon again. That you couldn’t stop thinking about me. You told me you didn’t leave when you were saying your vows though, you left when you were at the entry of the reception in front of everyone. 

I know I would forgive you there but I knew it was the start.

Slightly happier. 

Y/N Age: 17


Dear Husband,

Yay! I’m calling you this because we finally married!! I’m dreaming of you less which worried and excites me. Maybe we meet soon! Who knows. I’m kind of glad though, I don’t want to know my whole life with you, I want some mystery. Last night I felt your lips on mine when I woke up, it tingled so much! So much love was there but back to the actual dream!! 

You looked so handsome in your suit. I felt like a princess when all eyes were on me when I was walking down the isle. Daeyeon was our ring bearer. He isn’t sure yet what to think of you but I think he knows you his daddy, that makes me happy. I learned your name started with a ‘J’ as well. I know now that when I meet you, I might not be able to know for sure you’re my ‘J’ until I feel the tingles on my lips when I finally kiss you. I’ll be waiting for you now and think this is the best way to end my letters to you.

Forever your love,

Y/N Age: 19


You closed your journal as you glanced around the park smiling. It wasn’t your first journal, in fact it was like your 4 or filth filled with your dreams from yours since you were 12. Your life with ‘J’ was growing closer. At least you prayed it was or spend your youth dreaming of a man you would never have or meet. You rested your face on your hands as you took in everything completely and you were glad you did because a frisbee with throwing star-like accuracy hit the spot of where your head used to be positioned. “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” a voice calls as you were offered his hand as you stood up locking eyes with him. 

A sweet smile crossed his lips as he looked at you “my name is Joohyuk” he said as you couldn’t contain yourself and pulled him in for a kiss. He didn’t pull back either as he simply melted into the kiss, the world seemed to disappear around you two until you sadly had to pull back for air. Lips tingling the whole time you rested your forehead against his. “I’ve waited so long for you” you whispered “what?” Joohyuk panted as you smiled pulling him in for another long kiss with a lack of protest again as you pulled him down into the grass where the kiss continued until someone kicked him. 

“Dude you ditched us like 10 minutes ago to suck on this chick’s face” the male told him as Joohyuk looked at you before reaching behind you tossing the frisbee out. “Sorry I’m gonna stay here with…” “Y/N” “Y/N okay? Okay, see you later” he said waving him off his friend who rolled his eyes and left as you were pulled in for another kiss by him. It was much short but you ended up straddling his lap “this feels really right for some reason” he whispered as you chuckled. “You don’t even know” you tell him before you kissed him again. His hands rested on your back as he tugged you closer to him. 


Joohyuk looked through many boxes in your closet looking for the box you had marked as baby clothing just in case. In this case it was for your third child. Swear words left his mouth as one of the boxes tipped from beside the baby clothing sending the box to the ground. Sighing he caught sight of the bright notebooks, he couldn’t make out what they said so his curiosity was even more peaked than ever. 

He walked the box over to your bed with the journals on top before he grabbed the top one. He noticed the messy writing on it but could still tell it was yours. The first one had hearts around the title ‘Dear Future Husband’ he smiled largely before grabbing the next one the hearts went to ‘:/’ beside the same title of ‘Dear Future Husband Daeyeon’ he grabbed the next frowning as he saw the sad face clear on it and grabbed the next where he saw it was happy again.

He glanced at the open door before grabbing the first journal again and opening it to the first page. ‘Dear future husband’ he smiled as he could hear your cute little 12 year old voice ring through his head before he continued reading.


You carried your 2 year old daughter Taehee to her room. Her legs were swinging different ways as her limp passed out body was against you. You opened her door and tucked her into bed before you heading to check on Daeyeon the ever so cute 7 year old who was passed out on his bed as you turned off his light, tv, and saved his game before shutting down his gaming device. Your hands pressed to your belly as you waddled slightly entering your room. 

You caught Joohyuk wiping his eyes as he sniffled “baby what’s wrong? You’ve been in here for hours. Did you not find Daeyeon’s old clothing?-” “I’m so sorry” he spoke as you looked at him in concern. Your eyes drifted to the journal in his hands before he sniffled again. “You weren’t supposed to know about these” you mumble as you sat down on the bed. “This all came to you in dreams? Your future husband, our life played out almost exactly like this” he starts as his voice wavered and eyes welled again. 

“You knew all the horrible things I was going to do to you somehow” he said as tears slid down his cheeks. You fanned your face feeling the warmth take over and the fear you were going to cry take over. “Why?” he asked as you gave a shaky smile cupping his cheek rubbing some of the tears away. “Sweetie, I knew that in the end we would have a great love” you whispered as he took your hand. “I wish I never hurt you. I wish I stayed with you told me about Daeyeon. I missed so much about him” he rambled as you shushed him “I don’t wish anything different. because I have my dear husband” you say pulling him in for a kiss. “I love you so much” he whispered as pressed his forehead to yours. “I love you too Joohyuk” you told him.


“Jinyoung” you whispered as the lights in the lecture hall turned on signaling that the video being shown was over, classmates would be packing up to leave, and that also means, your classmates would be able to see that the school’s heartthrob had fallen asleep on your shoulder.

 That’s right, Park Jinyoung. You and Jinyoung weren’t close friends or friends to say the least. You’ve had a couple of classes together through out the years, and became acquainted. But besides conversations in class or small talk outside, you really never spoken.

 He was film major, you a Chem, also, he’s a year ahead of you. The only reason you guys even had some classes together was because it was a G.E or you have free space in your schedule for an “elective”. You had no idea you’d be in the same class with him this semester either. You were surprised to see him in the class on the first day. It was a Greek mythology class, and you had always love the subject growing up, so that’s why you decided to take it and you were only in your third year so you wouldn’t have to worry about your thesis for two more semesters, but you had no idea why he was taking the class. As far as you knew he was done with all his G.E’s and would be graduating this spring. You had assume he’d spend the last semester dedicated to the thesis he’d have to turn in for his major a month before graduation. Most students did. So why was he there at a night class, that he didn’t need or really had the time for? You aren’t complaining though. Whatever the reason, it gave you the opportunity to see him for his last semester in college with you. And you were nonetheless even more grateful that he suggested that you’d be class buddies, save seats, take notes for, or study with each other. So here you were, in class nearing the end of the semester with him next to you, and apparently asleep on you. 

 "Humm?“ Jinyoung hummed half asleep snuggling closer to your neck.

 "Jinyoung, wake up” you whispered again, this time patting him on his arm. He only snuggle closer. 

 "5 more minutes babe" he said. Your heart literally jumped out of your chest. Park Jinyoung just called you babe? 

 "Uhhh, Jinyoung?“ You said awkwardly, checks burning up. Jinyoung eyes shot open as he realized that he wasn’t in his bed, and that you weren’t actually his GF, like he was dreaming about. 

 "I-uhhh-I didn’t says something stupid right?” He asked straighten himself from his position. He didn’t mean to fall asleep on you. He was just so tired from staying up all night finishing the final draft to his thesis paper. He knew taking this class would take a toll on him. It would have been the smarter route to just focus on his thesis paper for the his last semester, but he needed an excuse to still see you, so when he overheard you talking to a classmate last semester in psychology about this class he jumped at the opportunity. 

 "You-uhmmmm. No…. you didn’t say anything stupid" you said standing up and began to head down the stairs to leave the room. 

 Jackson, one of Jinyoung’s close friend who got dragged into taking the class with him, was sitting behind the two of you. As Jinyoung stared after you Jackson started chuckling. 

 "Why are you laughing?“ Jinyoung asked turning around as he stood up to leave. 

 "Five more minutes babe” Jackson mocked as he ran ahead of Jinyoung hoping he wouldn’t be punched by Jinyoung for making fun of him. Jinyoung stopped walking as he heard what his friend just said. 

 "I actually said that?“ He spoke aloud. 

 "Yep!” Jackson yelled peaking his head back into the lecture hall. Suddenly Jinyoung booked it for the door making Jackson think he was gonna be punched so he held his arms over his head in defense, but Jinyoung completely ran passed him searching for you. You were already out the building and down the steps when Jinyoung caught up to you. 

 "Y/N!“ He yelled as he ran up behind you. You turned at the sound of your name, stopping abruptly causing Jinyoung to basically run into. You could feel yourself falling backwards but his arm quickly wrapped around your waist pulling you forward into him. You both kind of stop there staring at each other because you both quickly realized that you faces were only inches apart. 

"Hi” he greeted smiling. 

 "Hi" you replied blushing. 

 "Look Y/N, I -“ before he continued there was a loud cough beside him. It’s was Jackson trying to nonchalantly look in different directions. "Yes?” Jinyoung asked with a hint of irritation. 

 "Ummmm. Not to like make things awkward, but uh… why are you holding her like that?“ Jackson asked trying to stifle his laugh while pointing out that you and Jinyoung had indeed held the position of when he caught you from falling. You both quickly straighten yourself up and looked anywhere but each other. "Well…” Jackson began as he walked away, “you may continue” he gestured and disappeared around the corner. Jinyoung rubbed the back of his neck. 

 "Ah, yeah, Y/N, when I called you babe earlier it was because-“ you cut him off.

 "Ah it’s fine Jinyoung, I understand you were sleep talking. " 

 "Well no, but yeah, but…” for the first time Jinyoung was having trouble forming words. 

 "No? But yeah?“ You questioned confused. 

 "Well you see, I… I wasn’t exactly sleep talking, because I was semi awake…”

 "So you meant to call me babe?“ You asked still confused. 

 "Well yeah, but no…" 

 "What?” You asked 

“For the love of all that is good!” You hear Jackson exclaim coming from behind the corner where you thought he had disappeared. “He likes you! He’s always liked you!” Jackson explained looking at you. “And I know you like him too! All you guys do during class is steal glances at each other. Only god know how you both still manage to keep your grades up!” He huffed out of breath.

“You- you like me?” you asked looking over at Jinyoung who was a few shades away from resembling a tomato. He chuckled nervously.

“Well it’s wasn’t exactly how I wanted to tell you.” he stepped forward grapping your hand. “But yes I do like you, I really like you. See I was dreaming of you, so yes I was technically calling you babe, but no I didn’t to say it out loud.” You blushed smiling back at him.

“Well I don’t mind if you did call me babe.” you said flirting.

“That’s great! Now let’s grab so dinner!” Jackson yelled happily  throwing his arms around you and Jinyoung. 

“Way to ruin the mood man.” Jinyoung said under his breath. But never the less he was grateful that he no longer had to hide his feelings. 

Typical Day 02

Part 1, Part 2

Description: What can you do when it happens everyday?

Genre: Angst (possibly triggering)

Pairing: Oh Sehun x reader

Word Count: 1,433

Originally posted by my-eccentric-mind

You woke up the following morning to the sound of hushed whispers coming from outside the bedroom. You looked over to see the bed empty and the door wide open. You sat up, supporting yourself with your hands. You couldn’t help but yelp out as pain trickled through your right arm as it came in contact with the bed. Memories of last night played back in your head.

“Y/n?!” He barked, causing you to jump a few feet in the air, fear lacing your facial features once you realized you hadn’t done what you were told. You rushed to get night clothes and change quickly, knowing Sehun was probably beyond furious. You attempted to run past him to put your dirty clothes in the hamper, but one of his hands wrapped tightly around your wrists, causing you to stop in your tracks as well as whimper out in pain. He had a knack for inflicting pain onto you. The clothes that you had previously been wearing, now lay on the ground in front of your feet.

“You never listen do you. You’re such a pitiful excuse of a person.” Sehun snarled lowly in your ear. This was the first time in months that he wasn’t yelling at you, but that only meant he was in the mood for something much worse. The last time he didn’t yell at you, he made you sleep outside, no blanket, no pillow, and he striped you down so you were practically naked. It rained halfway through the night, not that you were asleep anyway. “I’m sor-” “Don’t. Your apologies aren’t worth shit to me.” His grip on your wrist only got tighter. Tears began to form however you refused to let any fall. That would only make things worse.

“P-please let go.” You said timidly, trying to loosen the hold he had. You couldn’t get him to budge, bringing you that much closer to tears. You hated crying, in front of Sehun and because of him. You couldn’t quite help the latter though. He was so rough with here recently, slinging you around like you were some type of toy. “Sehun-n please,” Your voice cracked while you said his name. It was honestly quite strange. That was another thing you didn’t really have permission to do anymore. Instead of punishing you, he simply let go. You lost your balance as he released your wrist, and fell to the ground. “I can’t believe I ever loved you.”

The memory made your chest feel tight. Yeah Sehun said stuff like that to you all the time, but sometimes the words stuck with you. You cleared your head. Now was not the time to let him get to you. You continued out of the bedroom, and cautiously crept down the hallway, not wanting to be heard or seen by anyone.

“I’m such a shitty person. I just keep making things worse between us. I have no idea what’s gotten into me, or why I’m like this.”

“That’s not fair to Y/n for you to keep her here and treat her like this.”

You recognized the first voice as Sehun’s, but the other you weren’t too sure about. From time to time Sehun would have some of his buddies over, but you were never allowed to be around them. You either had to go to the grocery store or stay locked up in your room. You knew you probably shouldn’t but you stood there to hear more. Sehun would get beyond pissed if he found out you were listening in on one of his conversations.

“She’s the only thing I have left. My parents died less than a year ago. If I let her go, I’ll have absolutely nothing.”

“I understand that, but she’s so unhappy here. Have you seen her lately, she’s afraid of her own shadow, and that’s all because of you.”

You finally recognized the voice as Chanyeol’s. He was Sehun’s best friend, and had been since high school. You used to hear stories about the crazy antics they did together all the time, not to mention Chanyeol was practically with you guys everyday. The more you thought about it, the more you ached to be back in the beginning days of your relationship with Sehun.

“She just means so much to me. I despise myself because of the way I treat her. Once I realized what I was doing, and how it was hurting her, I saw just how much of a monster I really was, but what can I do about it now?”

“If you love her as much as you say you do, then you’ll change.”

You were shocked to say the least. You thought Sehun had relinquished all feelings of care and compassion long ago. That was something you couldn’t even remember coming from him. All you knew now was his nasty, ruthless persona, which you were met with regularly. You stood there speechless, not that you would say anything if you knew what to say anyway. You knew better than to interject into Sehun’s conversations.

“I never meant to hurt her. I was so… lost without my parents Chan. Both of them dead and gone in a car accident, at the same time. I didn’t know what to do or how to get on without them. Instead of turning to Y/n and grieving to her, I turned away and closed off. I started being mean and ugly to her, and as time passes, that’s become my biggest regret. I should’ve just told her what was wrong. I should’ve told her that my parents had just died. I should’ve went to her.”

“There were lots of things you could’ve and probably should’ve done differently, but you can’t change the past Sehun.”

“I know.”

“So what are you gonna do? Are you gonna let Y/n go? Are you gonna change how things are and the way you treat her?”

It was silent for a while. Things were so quiet that for a moment, you didn’t think he was even going to give an answer. But eventually he did. His voice had become small, and by the pauses in his statement, it was almost as if he was… crying? That couldn’t be right. Oh Sehun didn’t cry, of all things.

“I want to change. I want to be better…do better… for her.”

Although silent, tears began pouring from your own eyes. You were dumbfounded. He couldn’t be serious! Of course you hoped he was, however he just couldn’t be! He actually felt bad about the way he’d been treating you? He’d said all those vile and vulgar words to you, but never… meant them? You couldn’t quite wrap your head around everything. You turned around to walk back to the room. Although you had avoided it coming through, you missed the pair of shoes lying in the middle of the hallway, and tumbled down with a groan. “Y/n?” You heard Sehun shout from the living room. You tried to scurry to your room before he came around the corner. But by the time you’d stood up, he was right there with you. Up close you could see he had been crying. His breathing was labored, and his cheeks were tear-stained. He looked so vulnerable and helpless. You didn’t even know how to react.

“I’m sorry for everything Jagi.” He pulled you into his arms, softly wrapping them around you. You flinched at first. You weren’t used to being touched by him unless he was hitting you. “Things are gonna c-change around here. I’m so sorry.” Deep down you could see he was being guienne, and you couldn’t be more excited. Things were actually going to change. Sehun wasn’t going to…hurt you anymore!

The happiness was short lived when you were violently shaken awake. “Get up.” Sehun growled. He’d thrown the covers off, and pretty much dragged you out of the bed. You cried out in pain as Sehun had grabbed you by the same wrist he had last night. His grip now even tighter as he pulled you into the bathroom. “You have work to do. I want it spotless.” Sehun slammed the door behind him. You looked around, soothing the bruise on your wrist with gentle rubs. It was a dream. It was all a dream. Everything that had just happened to you, hadn’t happened. You’d dreamed the whole thing.

Sehun wasn’t going to change anytime soon, you decided, picking up the worn down cleaning scrubber and the bottle of cleaning solution that sat under the bathroom sink.

NCT Dream taking an Exam
  • Mark: looks okay but is actually almost dead. probably haven't had any sleep for 2 weeks. claims to have not done enough review. aces the exam
  • Renjun: completely collected. is sure he reviewed enough. confident in himself. found the exam easy
  • Jeno: finished the test ahead of everyone. is he a genius? or did he give up and left everything up to fate? ya never know. all you know is that you're completely jealous because he gets to leave an hour early
  • Donghyuck: asked you for a pen. stared at the blank space for the first thirty minutes of the exam. nosy af after the exam. asks the others how they found the test. "what was your answer for number 5? what about the essay?"
  • Jaemin: went to school carrying a pile of textbooks. actually watched netflix last night. only remembered to review this morning. he screams "mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell!" and it echoes down the hallway
  • Chenle: you barely even saw him in class. says "i studied a bit". probably didn't even study at all. tops the exam. is a genius
  • Jisung: appears inside the examination room looking lost. is not sure if he found the right room. panicking inside. still managed to get good results
More Than Just A Boss (Taemin AU) Pt.8

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Type: Angst Fluff

You stayed up until around two before you passed out completely. You weren’t woken up by Taemin the following morning or anything just the cries of Hajoon. “Where is he?” you asked yourself seeing it was nearly 10 in the morning as you bounced Hajoon. You clicked on Taemin’s number bringing the phone to your ear where you hear right away that the ‘We’re sorry the person you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please try your call again’ you drew the phone away from your ear. You quickly clicked Minho’s number who actually picked up right away “I must be dreaming or something if you’re calling me” he says as you smile lightly. “Have you seen Taemin?” you asked “he didn’t come home last night?” Minho asked as you could tell he was just waking up. “He’s not picking up either” you continue as you took Hajoon to the kitchen to get her food. “So hears the truth, I took Taemin out to a bar last night” he told you as you sighed. “So he had a one night stand?” you asked him. “Most likely” Minho said “do you need him or something?” he asked “no I don’t I just wanted to make sure he was alright” you told him “alright. Call me if he’s not back” he said “I will and thank you” you say as he chuckles.


The concern became more and more real as day turned to night and he still wasn’t back. “He’s still not home?” Minho asked, you called him after you put Hajoon to bed. “No” you said as you tapped your finger onto the couch “I can come over if you need me to-” but the door opened “I think he’s back” you say ending the call. Taemin stepped back into the home with a large smile on his face “hey” he said as your jaw clenched. You rolled your eyes and got up “I’ve been great thanks for asking. I met a great girl-” “I don’t care, the only girl you should worry about is your daughter” you tell him. “You told me you would call” you say as he sighs “I know but this girl Seungsin-” “I told you I don’t care, Lee Taemin” you repeat heading to your room. “If you do this again we’ll have problems” you say as grabs your arm “your job is to watch my daughter while I’m away” he spoke. “Yeah? But you should at least tell me that you won’t be coming home for I don’t know two days” you growl ripping your arm from him.


The next few months you really began worrying about Taemin. Whoever this Seungsin girl was had began changing him. He started staying out for days and days. He even came home drunk one night and woke up his daughter because he was yelling.  He missed some of Hajoon’s big moments her first tooth, first time she crawled, stood, and even when she took her steps with your help. And worst of all he didn’t feel guilty. You were guessing this was what he was like before he became a father but you just did your job. 

“So he hasn’t been home in how long?” Minho asked as he sat beside you. His head was rested on his hand as you two had been hanging out more. “3 days now” you respond as you took a sip from your glass. “You could just quit” he says as he downs the rest of his glass “who’s going to watch Hajoon then? Her mother? Taemin? They’ve both become useless parents” you say chugging the rest of your glass. You reached ontot he table grabbing the bottle but before you could pour more he stopped you “you don’t need more” he said as he pulled the bottle away from your grip “come on I need this” you say leaning over until you were face to face with him. You opened your mouth to say something but nothing came out. He looked you in the eyes before he leaned in. You held your breath expecting him to kiss you but he did. He simply inhaled “you reek like alcohol” he whispers closing your mouth. He pushed you back lightly before he recorked the bottle. “You’re done” he hums as you groan. 

“You know I always feel bad for Taemin, when he falls in love. He falls so hard” Minho says as he comes back into the living room. “Expect to be incharge of another kid. Or be fired” he spoke as you give him a look “I’m not going to raise another mistakes child” you tell him as he chuckles. “You can always come work for me then. Babysit me” he jokes as you smile. Soon the front door opened and closed loudly followed by loud laughing and sounds as Taemin walked in with the woman you were guessing was Seungsin. Taemin stopped the two of them when they realized you were there with Minho. “Hey so can you guys go” Taemin asks as he wraps his arms around her. “Yeah sure just let me get your DAUGHTER” you say as he nods “alright thanks” he said. You sighed getting up, you walked into the nursery “Joonie” you coo picking her up she whines as you grabbed the prepacked bags you had done weeks ago for this moment. 

You walked out as she started waking up more “dada” she said as Taemin came into her view. Taemin looked over at the word “what?” he asked as he looked at her. “Come on” Minho says as he rests his hand on your back “dada” Hajoon repeats as Taemin’s eyes softened. “Taemin” you say turning to face him “congrats on hitting Yeoeun level in parenting” you tell him as he seemed to snap more out of it. 

Headcanon No. 6

Blog they’d run:

Jeff: Guro/Gore art blog (posts under an alias, huge following, he posts his and others’ art)

Jane: Witch Blog (posts under and alias, small following and she loves all of them)

Laughing Jack: Fashion Review (posts under and alias, everyone wants his opinion, thousands of followers)

Eyeless Jack: Cannibal recipe blog (everyone who follows it thinks it’s a joke and the recipes aren’t real and that someone is blogging like they’re Jack. Has most followers out of all the pastas)

Ben: Blog centered around video games. Especially Overwatch and LoZ. (doesn’t post personal things, no one knows stuff about him, good amount of followers)

Masky: Vaporwave Aesthetic Blog (posts under an alias, gets followed by all the porn bots, not many followers)

Hoodie: City Landscape Photography Blog. (Same as Ben, none of his followers know anything about him, people like his blog, many followers)

Toby: Creepypasta blog. (posts under an alias. followers think his headcanons are oddly accurate. He has the actual pastas come up with dialogue for asks Thousands of followers.)

(but like imagine if they were real and actually ran blogs. like they’re among you)

(I’m sorry this was a dream I had last night and had to post it)

And more of the Sheith soulmates AU

Voltron fanfic. Probably rated T when it’s done. Definitely Shiro x Keith. Here I get situational with Pidge/Katie’s pronouns. Feedback is always welcome.

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There was no indication that this would be anything other than a team fight against a beast until they were lined up at the entrance. Shiro was in the middle, with Ch’varr beside him and Xi behind him. Matt was up front.

Then the master of ceremonies spoke over the loudspeakers. “Today, we will find the strongest among these gladiators. Those who survive the encounter with the mighty Myzax will go on to greater glory.”

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happy duster + ket for @jaune-valjeen and chess! (he repaints his armor constantly because he can’t decide on anything) because i made myself (and you) sad by talking about him last night and THEN i dreamed about cats and also duster. apparently he sleeps curled up in a ball who knew