i actually dreamed of him last night

Had a dream last night that I met Tulo… Can’t remember the plot exactly but it wasn’t like I randomly ran into him on the street, I think I was working for him? As his personal assistant or something, scheduling meetings? 

Employer Tulo was quite nice, actually. Like at one point he showed up at my house to pick me up on our way to something, and my sisters (and maybe parents?) were fighting and I was all frazzled about running late and embarrassed, but he was like ‘It’s no problem’ and just patiently sat in my front hall and waited for me to deal with it hahaha


this morning i woke up, i was stretching n i thought to myself ‘o i think i had a dream last night!’ so i sat up n was trying to recall what it was, right? n i was like 'o! i think it was a voltron dream! because i remember keith being there, but what WAS it, what did i dream about?’ n suddenly there it was in my mind, fuzzy bc i stink at remembering dreams, but it was there, the first dream i remember in a long time: I DREAMT THAT MEITHMAN WAS CANON. IM SO MAD. like season two came out n there was actually a mothman character n keith ended up w him, n i was so excited in the dream for some reason, n the meithman tag was trending on tumblr, n no one even knew what klance was, my username was justmeith, n i cannot believe this, WHO EVEN INVENTED MEITHMAN? seriously if someone knos please tell me so i can personally forward them this text post so they understand that their memes r invading my subconscious.

so… u guys heard it here first, meithman for season 2 #CONFIRMED, o my g, im so sorry for anyone who actually read all of this, carry on…..


happy duster + ket for @jaune-valjeen and chess! (he repaints his armor constantly because he can’t decide on anything) because i made myself (and you) sad by talking about him last night and THEN i dreamed about cats and also duster. apparently he sleeps curled up in a ball who knew

Summary: It’s friday night and it’s your weekly tradition to go around the Solo Triplets house to tease Captain Edgelord Kylo about his disastrous dates with Hux, try not to laugh at Matt’s failing career as a radar technician and pretend that you aren’t in love with Ben.

A/N: This was based on a dream I had last night. Except it was just me and this guy I knew in school then I punched him in the face. It was a good dream. Also I wasn’t in love with the guy. I like Kylux and yes I know it’s a terrible ship but may I point out ‘Careful Ren.’ My point proven. Hux doesn’t have a first name because what the fuck Disney are you serious that’s his actual name? Stormpilot is pure love and happiness. Female pronouns.

It was 6pm on a friday night and it was time for you to leave to go to your friends house for the weekend. Kylo, Ben and Matt Organa-Solo were your best friends since high school and there was a unbreakable bond between you all. It never mattered when you turned up but you liked to make an effort for yourself and definitely not for Ben Solo who you definitely did not have a crush on shut up Rey.

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i fell asleep watching supernatural last night & had a crazy dream that barry was in hell for some reason & everyone was freakin out tryin to figure how to get him outta there but len shows up like "give me $20 & that pack of twizzlers on ciscos desk, & ill bust him out." everyone was confused but they handed the twizzlers & cash over. 20 minutes later len walks back in, barry (lookin p/ rough, hells no fun) over his shoulder, eating the twizzlers nbd.. idk man.

this is actually the best thing I’ve ever read wtf?? I have a Lot to say about this so strap in
This technically implies a fuck ass coldflash destiel au, which would be really interesting,
Len as a fallen angel like Anna maybe!! I imagine he wouldn’t have liked the stiff and strict atmosphere up in heaven and after a while of observing humans he said fuck it and fell, and thus lived his human life going against everything heaven believed in
or! or!!!!! We could have some fuckin demon Len action here, who went back to hell himself just to get barry out of this mess!!!! God!!!! Fuck!!!! I love a good coldflash spn au guys!!!!
I read a really good fic once where Barry was a hunter and the angels gave him his speed to stop the apocalypse, Cisco was his partner, and Caitlin was their angel, and all the rogues were demons with Len as the king of hell who kept making deals with Barry just to get a kiss from him, I’m rly in a mood abt this now, thx

okay so my obsession with TMNT 2012 has officially reached a critical point and so I had a very vivid dream last night and here’s what it was:

I was Donnie but I was also watching Donnie from the outside, and the whole team excluding him were captured.

They were all in this huge, huge dark warehouse, filled with rows and rows of expressionless people who weren’t reacting to anything even while the mutants from the Foot Clan were right in front of them. It was completely dark, but I could still see well enough to know that there were tons of people in chairs, just sitting there, staring.

Then, because Donnie is amazing and the only one who could, he snuck through the creepy dark warehouse towards his family, and when the Foot Clan guys would look at him, he’d go completely still and idk just Stop Existing somehow and be unseen even when they were looking him in the eye.

And then he gets to this computer but also I get to this computer bc I am Donnie sort of, and Bebop is the one patrolling it because its super important for some reason, and even when he looks us dead in the eye, he doesn’t see us at all. (This was actually a really freaky part, since he was right in front of our face, and everything in my dream was hyper detailed.)

Then a bunch of screens along the walls turned on and played a looping video of footage of Donnie, lots of really awful embarrassing scenes, and what seemed like a partial confession attempt to April. Over and over for everyone to see. I felt Donnie’s pain over that, and I just bleed for this kid. Really.

But then the video zeroed in on this one scene, where Donnie and April had been walking towards and past Casey, who was shouting angrily into his phone about his family, BUT, it turns out that the phone hadn’t even been facing the right way for Casey to do that, and idk how but me and Donnie both knew this was because he’d lied about being in contact with his family, and that it wasn’t something Casey wanted anyone to know.

At that point something even Weirder happens- which is Casey somehow suddenly being free of his ropes, and shouting angrily at the Foot Clan guys and all the blank, expressionless people. And, as he’s winding up, his whole body flickers bright cosmic blue, and his eyes go white, and then he’s the ‘dopest being in reality’ again for a split second.

And at that point I separated from Donnie’s consciousness, and only caught a bit of what he was thinking as he jumped out of his hiding place, but it was a lot of protective anger for Casey. I lost the dream around then, when Donnie swung out his bo and got in front of Casey to shield him from the Foot Clan.


point being I had a weirdass vivid dream, and I’m quietly hoping that because some of my dreams have been mildly prophetic (example, one time I dreamed I was having surgery the day before I had an appendicitis) that maybe at least the parts where Donnie gets to save the day and the positive interaction between him and Casey get to happen come the new season.

I’m praying, even though this was like the weirdest fanficky dream ever.

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Last night i had a dream that Leo, N, and Ravi were at my college and Ravi kept lifting his shirt to show his abs and i got rly annoyed so i stood behind him and just held his shirt up and asked everyone who walked by if they'd seen his abs lmao what

oMFG LOOOL DUUUDE I’m actualLY DEAD what is your passive aggressiveness hahaa 😂😂😂

you were probably imagining this

A fluffy friendship AU that nobody asked for (for purely selfish reasons and because a girl can dream)

MoMo is tired lately

He’s wearing the eye mask Jian Yi got him for Christmas (he bought it as a joke and never thought Red would actually wear it, but he’s secretly pleased every time he does)

So they’re suppose to be leaving for first period already but for some reason MoMo was out late last night (*cough/hetian/cough*) and he looks exhausted [college isn’t easy for him]

Jian Yi tries, but he can’t seem to get MoMo to wake up.

It’s okay though, Jian Yi knows what will help

No matter what happens, Jian Yi will always work hard for MoMo (and make him cups of coffee when he needs it)

cause that’s what friends are for! (ノ◕ω◕)ノ*:・゚✧:゚✧  \(^o^)/

^^^momma bear jian yi doing his best and taking care of MoMo!!!^^^

I had a really vivid dream last night:

I was this raggedy seaside girl who had some sort of arrangement with the local pod of mermaids to deliver them “food” (essentially unsuspecting groups of seamen and sailors). I was really afraid of them, but then I got attacked by the drunk town brute down by the shore and they protected me and pulled him under and ate him and they refused to hurt me

And… now that I think about it that would make a really good comic? And I kinda wanna draw it really bad???

For whatever reason, I had this…bizarre…dream last night about an AU (I think) where Bog was under some kind of curse that made him act like Rumple. Somehow, he came out of it, and Marianne started kissing him, starting with this. I woke up and thought, “I must draw this. For reasons. And for the fandom.”  Oh and there was also this part about him being a Steven Universe-type fusion of two other goblins or something

(I think it was @thatchickwiththeheadphones‘ amazing drawings. They will be the death of me. In a good way.)

Update: I had a really weird dream last night

I had a dream that I saw Hamilton with my dad and we ended up getting front row seats. So the show starts, and when they get to My Shot, Leslie walks on stage with a cardboard box. The box is actually filled with like 50 snakes, and @linmanuel starts flipping out because THERES LIVE SNAKES ON THE STAGE and he actually starts messing up his lines and changing the entire plot of the show. I don’t really remember very many of Lin’s flubbed lines but I do remember him saying this:


So, in conclusion, I had a dream about seeing a Broadway Musical about how Alexander Hamilton became a lion tamer and how Aaron Burr became a clown in a professional traveling circus.

The end. Sorry about the snakes @linmanuel


Part One

You woke up the next morning to an empty bed, you briefly wondered if last night was a dream.

‘Good morning love, come on down for breakfast.’  Peter said as he walked into your tree house.

‘Breakfast? Oh shit its daylight! Why didn’t you wake me sooner? I have to throw something together real quick. The boys must be whining like crazy.’ you babbled as you jumped out of bed and put on your boots.

‘Actually, breakfast has already been cooked.’ Peter smiled.

You gave a confused look which only made him smile more.

‘Come on, we’ve got a surprise for you.’ Peter said before leaving, motioning for you to follow with a wave of his hand.

You followed him down the rope ladder and you were shocked to find all the lost boys standing in one straight line in front of you and Peter.

‘Boys don’t you have something to say?’ Peter said sternly.

‘We’re sorry Mom!’ they all said before bowing.

You don’t know what happened with you, you don’t know if it was the shock or something like it but the second that “mom” hit your ears your eyes just watered.

‘Hey are you OK?’ Peter asked in concern, you looked up and saw the boys had the same look on their faces.

‘I-I’m fine its just, after so many years…I finally got called Mom.’ you whispered quietly, trying to get it together before you started sobbing uncontrollably.

‘We made you breakfast, to apologize for how we have treated you, Mom.’  Felix said handing you a bowl of left over stew from last night.

‘Thank you, even though I know Peter is making all of you do this, thank you none the less.’ you said as you wiped your eyes and took the bowl.

The boys continued to surprise you by actually sitting down around camp…and eating. No throwing things at each other, no shouting or fighting.

‘So how do you like it? All the boys listening to you?’ Peter asked as he sat next to you.

‘They’re not listening to me, they are listening to you, as always. In all honesty its kinda weird, I don’t think I have just sat down and ate a meal without any interruption since you brought me here.’ you realized.

‘Well I cant have that now can I? Later tonight I will be taking you away from camp. To have a romantic dinner by the pond, I’ll even cook.’ Peter said as he put his arm around your waist pulling you closer to him.

You could do nothing to stop the blush.

‘Peter, what are you doing?’ you whispered.

‘Setting up our first date as a married couple. I have to keep my loving wife happy don’t I?’ he smiled as he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

You saw his eyes look down at your lips, before he began leaning in.

‘Wait, Peter, right here in front of everyone?’ you asked, looking around.

‘Right, not in front of the kids, maybe later tonight then love.’

i had a dream last night where i was playing CPI and herbert’s missions were added? he had a higher pitched voice than the stop motion specials and was pretending to be a pirate for some reason… he also used the word “ain’t”(i think he had a slight southern accent)

i dont remember much else aside from being on the ship with him and launching myself out of a cannon but it was. Interesting

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ok so last night i had a dream i fucked jungkook in a public restroom and b i t c h it was one of those super realistic dreams where you can actually feel stuff like his dick was so soft and smooth and kdfgjdgng. it was great, he wasnt to massive or anything but he was thicc and he kept whispering dirty things in my ear and we had to keep quiet because public and dfghdgdf. i really r e a l l y want him to fuck me now OTL


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Just wanted to share with you that Gadreel had a lead role in my dream last night?? Like, and I know how sexy that sounds, but it was actually super trippy and not at all how I wanted it to go (I'm sure you can imagine). I looked in a mirror and called his name 3 times like bloody Mary and my reflection totally faded into another dimension where he was staring back at me and he coaxed me in with him??! He had this super seductive smirk on his face though, so I'm upset that the dream ended there.

I imagine that where it ended, it began for your alternate universe self, and they pretty A+ fun together.


i havE, never been blessed,, with such happiness before,,,,,,, i have very few cards of him ok and i didn’t get this card i wanted so bad at the salty sorbet event after tryign os hard dang it gave me traumas abt scouting so i was so scraed to do the chara scout today but gOD STILL LOVES ME IT SEEMS…… and? last night i actually had a dream about him?? now i got his card that’s fREAKY illuminati confirmed