i actually dont want help though

Slytherin: Hey, Ravenclaw, you said you would help me out if I needed something, right?

Ravenclaw: Yeah, what’s up?

Slytherin: The password to my dormitory is something bigoted again, and I was hoping I could stay in your dormitory. Could I have the password?

Ravenclaw: Of course! Just knock on the knocker and answer the Eagle’s question.

Slytherin: Wait, I have to actually think of things to get in?

Ravenclaw: Yeah, what’s the problem?

Slytherin: Fuck it, I’m asking Gryffindor, they can’t possibly be asked to think.

pro tip:

you know those ‘reblog this post or else _____ will happen” posts? well if you’re someone with anxiety or superstition who gets uncomfortable not reblogging them even though you know theyre fake, but don’t want to actually have them on your blog, keep this in mind:

 the posts only say that you need to REBLOG them, they don’t say anything about deleting it afterwards. that’s what i always do - if i reblog it and delete it five seconds later, they cant get me since i technically followed the instructions! LOOPHOLED  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

natsume yuujinchou

is such a wholesome anime 

its so frustratingly adorable and it has a GREAT main character. He’s nowhere near perfect and oh my god i just want him to be happy. and how he loves youkai as much as people even though they caused him to be an outcast as a kid.

and nyanko-sensei is great too. such a tsundere. pretends he’s using natsume but actually cares for him. his fuckin voice too when he’s in his maneki neko form is great



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hi..i was wondering if you could help me answer something? one of my favorite artists said not to tag their art as kin/id...but im not actually sure what that means and i dont want to ever possibly violate what they want so could you maybe tell me what it means so i dont accidentally offend them somehow? i just don;t know what they're asking people not to do so i don't want to do it

((I sometimes put that on my art too, but only my ocs. I don’t actually have a 100% perfect grasp on the concept though. 

Don’t quote me on this, but from my understanding it’s assuming the identity of another person/thing etc. Someone saying they are kin to a character are saying that they are in some way that character. 

Artists want to avoid people tagging their art as kin/id because they feel like their art is being taken away from them, especially ocs. The art isn’t made for a person to tag as kin. I have nothing against the kin community or whatever, they arent hurting anyone. 

I’d really appreciate it if someone gave a good explanation of kin bc i dont understand it fully))

i reblogged a post earlier abt touchy klance but its smth ive been thinking abt so much lately and im probably coming at it from a different angle than the op so. heres a goddamn essay, formatted entirely on mobile bc i hate myself.

first, keith:

  • hes a straightforward kinda guy, and he trusts his senses above all else. if he can see it, hear it, smell it, feel it, its real. hes hands on–metaphorically, but maybe also literally?
  • i think hes the sort to just… touch things sometimes. feeling is believing.
  • think of that scene at the party on arus where keith pokes lance and he falls over. or the Bonding Moment™ where he just goes and like, grabs lances hand.
  • also like every interaction with shiro. they touch each other so much and it comes from both sides.
  • he canonically doesnt like touching strangers, but friends? a-okay.
  • also touch starvation is a thing that he probably has.

now, lance:

  • i think him being physically affectionate is a common headcanon but?? i cant think of that many examples actually
  • mostly that scene where theyve got those space capri suns and hes leaning against hunk?
  • lance likes to sprawl, and Friends Are Furniture
  • BUT what i can think of are times when lance is totally chill with being touched. because hunk is pretty grabby/has no sense of boundaries and he doesnt seem to mind. i mean theyre both comfy with each other but mostly hunk initiates
  • big family –> no personal space, i guess

the sort of pre-conclusion to all this, is that keith touches deliberately, while lance is more passive about it–keith uses his hands, lance uses people as backrests/armrests/headrests

(also, kind of a lengthy sidenote, but for klance to be,, plausible,, lance needs some character development:

  • right now, to lance, keith is a rival, not a friend
  • if lance gains real confidence in himself (and not his false bravado, genuine confidence) he can stop like… projecting his insecurities onto keith
  • also the rest of the team but keith in particular, hence the rivalry. keith is kinda where lance wants to be right now
  • once he can think of them as equals–by gaining confidence in himself but also by recognizing that keith is only (mostly) human–they can leave the rivalzone and enter….. the Friendzone™
  • this is pretty much all on lance, though keiths actions could certainly help or hinder the process–but keith never instigates fights between them, only defends himself, and he doesnt always do that (im paraphrasing someone elses post here hfhhf)
  • uhh yeah the point is they gotta be friends first, i dont subscribe to that… i-hate-him-so-much-because-i-secretly-have-a-crush business soz)

so ANYWAY, actual conclusions:

  • the usual instigator of any physical contact?? is gonna be keith
  • like i said, hes straightforward. if he wants to hold lances hand hes just gonna… grab lances hand
  • hes probably also subconsciously craving physical contact because, again, touch starvation
  • lance mostly rolls with it but his idea of initiating touch is gonna be leaning against keiths shoulder or like, sprawling across his lap
  • hugging might be 50/50 though. its the middle ground lmao. i bet they hug differently though.
  • theyll work up to it slowly. starting with bumping shoulders and grabbing arms and working up to hugs and the aforementioned sprawling and platonic handholding
  • until it stops being platonic and then theyre just like… in constant contact all the time. such cuddles. wow.
  • thats a lame note to end on but ive spent all day on this damn essay and im done. read my fanfic b y e

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I've spent so long hating how i look and telling myself i just need to wait until I can get on T and that'll fix it. And even though i AM pretty sure I want the effects of t, im worried that once i'm on it i'll realise i actually dont like the changes, bc im nonbinary. And if T isnt for me and i come off it, i won't know what else to do. Because ive spent 2 yrs waiting with the expectation that T is what I need and want to help my dysphoria go away. But what if it doesnt?? What do i do then??

Lee says:
It seems to me you are pretty confident you want the changes resulting from T. Being non-binary doesn’t mean you’ll regret T- I know a non-binary person IRL who started T a few years ago and is happy with it, and I’m starting T next week and I’m non-binary. It’s natural to get a bit nervous and second guess yourself when it gets closer to actually starting it!

I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about “what if it doesn’t help in the future” and instead practice mindfulness and staying in the moment. If it doesn’t help in the future, you can cross that bridge when you reach it. Right now, you should take care of your current self and not freak out about something that isn’t guaranteed to happen.

If T didn’t help, I think seeing a therapist (who is trans friendly) could help you work out your feelings about your body and help you figure out ways to cope with your discomfort. Hating your appearance could be related to mental illness and not just gender dysphoria. (This doesn’t mean you aren’t trans, it just means you can look at different ways to help reduce dysphoria besides medical transitioning). You still have avenues to explore even if T isn’t the cure-all for you, it isn’t The End™ and you won’t be doomed to unhappiness forever. Things will work themselves out.

You could think about what features of your appearance upset you. Then think about if it’s possible to change them or not. For example, you can change the pitch of your voice, but you can’t be guaranteed to grow a lot of body hair because everyone’s genetics are different. Work on changing what you are able to change through medical transitioning, be it hormones or surgery, and try to accept what is impossible to change. You don’t have to like it, but using coping skills to prevent you from constantly ruminating on it is healthy.

If you’ve spent two years thinking you want T, then ,,, I’m gonna go out on a limb… and say you probably want T and it will be helpful for you. T probably won’t fix everything, but it’ll be a good starting point, and it’ll make you feel better enough to be able to start working on the things that bother you, whether that’s starting to exercise, or bind or pack or change your hair or clothes or whatever things would help you. But I’d try to remember that there’s always something else to do, and nothing is The Only Way And Last Chance To Recover, despite what your anxiety might be telling you.

Followers, if you have anything to add on, please do!

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dude I just found your au for the dragon!michael and I'm as infatuated as Michael with the moon god damnit!! so !! I wanted to make a fic based off it (you had mentioned it was okay in earlier asks) but is there anything that are SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT that need to stay in the fic no matter what?? Other than the main points of the supernatural BMC crew, obviously.

aaaaaah im so glad you like the au and im SO STOKED U WANNA WRITE STUFF ABOUT IT. YEET!!!

personally, im fine with u just going wild :0. heres my main bakunawa!michael tag just in case u wanna peruse through what others and i have discussed. other anons have already helped create The AU of The AU Where Jeremy Is Actually Kinda The Moon, an iteration of the original au that, while i wont write in my fics, is so stunning and interesting id love to see more of it from others, should they want to explore it for themselves!!! so tbh, you can take whatever u want and spin it however u want, bc once u write the fic of a fic, it’s ultimately ur fic now too!! (jus link back to me or goodnight moon bc hhhhhhhh i like validation). so yeah, all in all, go wild!! this sandbox is fun, and u have my full permission to do whatever u want with all the things you interpret for myself. 

tho since u asked, i guess here are a few things that i personally would keep constant (aka things i will be Keeping Throughout The Entirety Of My Content For The OG Bakunawa!Michael AU When I Get The Time To Actually Write A Cont.):

  • jeremy is human 100%
  • both michael and jeremy are pining for each other but dont know (yet) >:3
  • MAZ (Minimal Angst Zone)
  • all the things that happened and stuff that was established in goodnight moon, basically

fsdjkfhkds im sorry that this isnt really helpful :(( i really dont know what else to say. im not one to want to impose any set guidelines on any works that will be inspired by my own, because once you start writing it, it’s your city now too!! im so happy you want to write for this au though, and im happy to see whatever you come up with <3

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Hey rob, I'm going to get a haircut soon and I am very scared of the hairdressers being judgemental about my desired haircut and I really don't want to go, but I really want this haircut because it will make me feel more masculine and valid. My schoolmates and teachers are all going to be very judgemental about my hair being shaved though. I really need some reassurance and none of my friends seem to be able to help

Its just hair my dude! If people @ school judge u just tell em that. It’s no big deal to them. Even if they make fun of u they dont actually care, like imagine if one of ur classmates shaved their head. Even if it didnt look good to u it wouldnt affect ur day in any way. And if the hairdresser is judgemental Go to a different hairdresser Ur givin them ur money for Christs sake they gotta just do what u want no question. Good luck I bet ur gonna look dope

(u can ignore ths im just over sharing n rambling ’:))

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so youre basically describing shadows ideal partner as: Rouge? i know you dont ship that but thats what it sounds like.

huh? all i said was he needs someone who can bring him out of his shell GSDJDS. i think rouge is like… his best friend and she can read him very well. but i dont think she has the drive to actually help solve his internal issues, and is more someone who wants to be there for him in practical matters. i think both rouge and shadow have a lot of problems talking about feelings honestly

regardless i hc shadow as gay and honestly dont like a single m/f pairing in sonic. i really love shadow and rouges friendship though

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Questions: What is inprnt? And how does it work? Like can I get a thing from you digitally or is it a physical art piece? Also, are you running commissions through it? How best to support you as an artist? Sorry to ask a thousand questions just really happy at your art and want to support you. Thank you and bless

inprnt is a online shop that artists can use and dont have to deal with printing and shipping! so you do get a physical copy of it!

my commissions are open right now though that’s always a unique piece and i dont put it up as a print for anyone to take. They ARE actual watercolours/inks though, so you do get the original by mail (if youre comfortable with giving me your address)

inprnt gives back a better amount of the money than other sites ive tried, although i do also have a ko-fi if you want to help more ;w;

thank you for asking <333

*walks into a crowded place and mentally shuts down*

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What do you feel about the canon adventure time genderbends? Is it wrong to like them? I actually forget they are genderbends sometimes. I dont want to do anything wrong though. Its so confusing tho cause half the trans people I see are for it and half are against it so I never know whats wrong or right

i’ve never watched adventure time, nor do i plan to. therefore, i am not educated enough on this topic to have a solid opinion. sorry that i can’t be more help!

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hi elle! i'm learning how to edit my screenshots using your tutorials and i wanted to thank you for easily explaining everything! i have one question though and i hope you dont mind. i want to make panoramas/photos without my mayor in it but i cant afford photoshop. do you know a free alternative? (a mobile app maybe?) I think all i need is layers + eraser tool but all the good apps costs money. thank you so much !

heya! awww thank you, i’m glad to help. & yeah I do! check out these two guides here I did on a free program!

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Trouble for the sake of what? The President of the United States just targeted 800k hardworking people yesterday. If he wants to start causing trouble about social issues that matter, go for it. Or if he wants to expose homophobic practices in the industry and flip it on it's head? Then yeah. Fuck things up. But trouble for the sake of trivial industry bullshit like what edit the radio plays? Honestly, this is a career killer. Is that the point?

Hey anon. I think the point is to back up the image they’ve been building around him for years (aggressive, fights on twitter with celebs and fans etc), and ramped up since Jay died. Remember the BIs early this year suggesting he’s unstable and needs Eleanor and his closet to keep him together? The way his team grabbed and used the airport incident to spread the image of someone who might just punch a female fan?  And the whole troublemaking, compulsively swearing, sewn into a shellsuit at all times, turbo chav thing is ladled on top with every time his SM team uses his twitter. Liam Gallagher (who is guaranteed to publicly despise him on cue) is supposed to be his role model all of a sudden? Yeah. Right.  

The @Louis they present is nothing like the soft spoken, gentle, intelligent, super-intuitive, industry-savvy guy who actually speaks in interviews.  Even the swearing when they focus on it is gentle and harmless when he does it live. But look at Mr Aggro on twitter. The tone is awkward, trying too hard, trying to sound like Louis sounded when he was actually allowed to use his Twitter account, and failing, because they can’t or dont want to carry off the lightness  and affection with which he banters with fans.  I genuinely cannot understand *anyone* who believes this guy is Louis. Using the same emojis he supposedly uses, trying to use his supposed signature punctuation - is that all it really takes?  I fail to understand how anyone who has *ever* seen Louis speak can believe his SM behavior, and yet we have a spotlighted Louis UA suddenly so ‘shocked’ by ‘his behaviour on SM’ they have to dramatically suspend operations in disgust. How oddly helpful for Sony.

A career killer though? I really dont think it is, in itself. But it builds up the negative image they’ve been crafting and that could be useful to them if they want to shove all the blame for crashing his career onto him. Im increasingly convinced thats what the campaign they’ve been running to create Chav! Louis is for.  And no - I dont believe its to create a man of the people image – its not as if Sony have actually tried to run a campaign to increase his sales through it – or indeed anything else.  They havent tried to launch him to a new audience since BTY came out. They’ve just tried to ruin his old one.  If Sony so choose they can eventually claim ‘Louis was just so difficult, immature, aggressive, uncontrollable, unstable… look at the way he mouthed off on twitter though we begged him to stop, the airport scandal… we tried so hard but he was impossible to work with, he wouldn’t listen and we had to take a stand. He brought it on himself….’ Etc. After they’ve soaked him for max promo for their acts and TV programmes of course and made enough off his sponsorships.

ok so. highkey try not to cry challenge but like. there was an open mic night at music camp this summer and even though i had never performed solo in front of so many people and i dont actually know how to play the piano, i really wanted to perform Goner because its so close to my heart. so i learned the song. and when the night was finally there i was so nervous but it was honestly such an amazing experience!!! i would do it again in a heartbeat. anyways, im pretty sure one of my absolute favorite youtubers @crankthatfrank likes this song, so Frank, if youre seeing this, thanks for helping me smile that day even though i was so nervous. and for all the other days i felt like i couldnt gather the strength to do anything. just… thanks.

ps, if you do actually see this, i hope i didnt make you cry, haha <3


i made this because everyone should love the precious pedal cast ;u; spread the love~

you can download 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th stage here,

download/watch the subbed 3rd stage here

misc vids to get you started: murai & hiroki being gayishigaki+midou dancing backstage; shirtless fuku

blogs: pedalstage (cast profiles, selcas), yukitorigoe (pedal gifs), ikemen-cafe (selcas but theres non-pedal stage tho)

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so my best friend tried to kiss me and i was like fuck it so i kissed back and we made out. i actually liked it even though im 100% straight and dont have feelings for her and she told me she wanted more. now we're basically fuck buddies. we mess around whenever we see each other lol she fingers me and even eats me out. we sext and send nudes every now and then too haha and now i really want to fuck her cause she pleases me so much even tho i like dick is that weird pls help

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Ooh I was reading your masterlist and I saw a BTS reaction to walking in on you. Can I have a VIXX reaction for that too?

No problem :)))

***For those who are confused, this is Vixx reaction to walking in on you undressing yourself


Leo: “Y/n, could you- Oh my god, sorry! Hum, I-I’ll be waiting outside, I mean, i-if you want me to and, hum, yeah….” /awkward af/

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Ken: “Should I help you with that?” 😏😏😏

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Ravi: *just stares at you without saying anything, licking his lips*

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Hongbin: *literally chokes on air out of surprise and immediately leaves the room, laughing nervously*

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Hyuk: “Oops, my bad!” *doesn’t actually leave the room and just stares at you, urging you to go on even though he’s there lol* lil maknae be thirsty

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N: “Damn, my girlfriend is so hot… I must be the luckiest guy on earth”

Ok but he would actually say that, dont even try to lie

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hey sorry to bother you but i was wondering what type of noise cancelling headphones did you get? ive been wanting a pair for a while but cant justify getting them to myself without like Knowing theyll be okay

ahhhh I never actually got noise cancelling headphones, but I have a pair of earbuds that are really good at keeping out sound while music/sound is playing?? They’re panasonic on amazon for like $10

If you want legit noise canceling ones though I dont really have any advice ; - ;