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idk how you have no self confidence and yet refuse to listen to anyone telling you that ur being disrespectful about their beliefs/ assuming youre right when they clearly have more authority on the matter as a person who actually follows these beliefs and doesnt collect runes bc theyre "cute"

bc i dont have any self confidence beyond my tiny realm of understanding. runes falls within my tiny realm of understanding because i researched them & i know what each of them means from a lingual and spiritual standpoint, as well as how to use them (like, i literally have a white rabbit fur pelt for them. cuz i know that’s proper, and cuz i also think it looks nice when im using them.) i dunno where u got the idea im collecting runes that r cute, i just said i think the practice & the runes themselves are cute and thats why i use them as opposed to doing it because im genuinely 100% devoted to followin the fuckin word of the aesir.

like i said, this is within my realm of understanding. i know what im talking about, i know abt pagan beliefs & rituals, just because i myself dont devote my faith to following the beliefs doesnt mean i don’t grasp them. i know where i stand & that theres fuckin literally nothin wrong about having runes and not committing to a pagan lifestyle lmao.

like, i could literally just say “okay then im pagan now” and your argument ends because its literally that easy. theres no bare minimum for considering yourself pagan. theres a winding list of pagan faiths to choose from. i could just say “i believe in lots of gods, they are very real to me & i use the runes to commune with them for guidance” and that’d be it. the only thing is that i don’t personally live like that. am i not allowed to use runes suddenly, because i personally attribute the ‘guidance’ to random chance & decide how much faith im going to put into the readings? lmfao. this is stuff i know about.


Hey so I know this game is really old but FUCK it fits these characters so well so.. here’s my Stanley Parable au for camp camp lmao

i’m gonna make my info dump short for yall lmao i hope this read more works

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squip notes: i want one

like yes i watched the show and i know all that shit it ended REAL BAD

but like???

having someone there that isnt you and just being able to talk?? constantly?? and trust them bc they’re not gonna share that shit, they’re in ur fuckin head!! they know what ur thinkin!!! u dont have to hide shit!!

and they !! help you with stuff!! like tell you what to do and instruct you to do things like work out and probably shower and stuff

like!!! my life could WORK

I wouldn’t want to “be more cool” or “be more chill” i just want to SURVIVE. BUT LIKE. ACTUALLY.

whats up motherfucker i dont have issues with people i got issues with myself help me the fuck out with that shit !! you want me to be cool? NAH. how about keep me from fuckin dying and make me a functioning member of society. TRY THAT SHIT!! CHALLENGE ROUND MOTHERFUCKER!!

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what happened with sterek in the finale? everything ive seen is so ambiguous and i actually stopped watching the show SEASONS ago i just still fucking love them

i honestly dont know cause i haven’t watched the show in ages either. all i know is it finally showed the scene of stiles (or derek depending on whose story we’re gonna believe) saving derek in his fbi get up. it was more of a flash back, but they boys were sassing each other like old times and it was amazing!

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we dont really know what elizabeths persuasion power is tho. what if its not an actual power, and its just how the demons conceptualize the positive/peaceful energy elizabeth radiates? her face bringing guilt or change upon people because of how she carries herself, rather than it being some sort of magic. like what diane said about elizabeth swaying her heart at the start of the manga.

Yeah, quite honestly, I think you’re right. I really don’t think she used magic? It seems more like she just has an aura around her and the way she presents herself that make people change their mind; shes determined, courageous, stands up for people, and is pretty true of heart?

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i was tagged by @24q !!! Thank u lovely 💓

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first ♡

first group you listened to: technically red velvet but twice was what got me into kpop ;o

first solo artist you listened to: Zico or Dean idr ;(

first group to actually know their names: seventeen hehe 💕

first bias ever: Hansol Vernon Chwe :*

first song to make you emotional: uhhhh 20 lol

top 3 ♡

top 3 fave male groups? seventeen, sf9, wanna one :>

top 3 fave female groups? exid, pristin and blackpink (+ also red velvet shhh)

top 3 fave solo artists? Sunmi, Suran and Taemin i guess

top 3 fave songs of all time? 20//svt, dont want a drive//exid, love me right//exo

top 3 biases? junhui rosé and hani

top 3 fandoms you’re a part of? carat fantasy and leggo

top 3 choreographies? wee woo//pristin, dont wanna cry//svt, as if its your last//bp

utlimate ♡

utlimate bias group? svt / bp / exid / sf9

ultimate male bias? junhui and hwiyoung

ultimate female bias? rosé and hani!

idk im tagging randomly muah lmk if u don wanna be tagged <3

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he didnt think she’d get this far

inspired by this kinda