i actually don't like how it turned out


Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)


have some bakudeku content i made for their ship week and of course missed

the theme was: Backs 

  • back hugs
  • sleeping on backs
  • crying into backs (idontliketheCOLORING)

Guess who’s a Whovian? Nah, don’t guess, it’s pretty obvious. Anyway I actually forgot to upload the things I did for the convention months back. These badge designs were some from then. Thought I’d best put em up before I forgot again. Have a good day folks! I’ll be around. 


So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

Shit the Foxes said on talk shows
  • Neil: So Kevin comes in at like 1 in the morning, brand new tattoo on his face, and he's drunk as hell but he's making this surprisingly coherent speech about being the deadliest piece of the board, and I'm just sitting there not saying a word because I don't know a thing about chess.
  • Dan: There's a video on my computer containing cuts from every single time Andrew sent a ball flying into someone's head set to the Donky Kong theme song. It's two and a half hours.
  • Allison: Neil has this thing where bad things happening to him are like a matter of fact. Once, he and I met up for lunch, and when the bill came he asked if he could pay me back later because he got mugged on the way over. As it turns out, what I mistook for Neil being a picky eater was actually Neil trying to eat without upsetting a shallow stab wound.
  • Renee: I don't drink alcohol because you can't account for what you'll do when you're drunk. Though sometimes that turns out fun. About a year ago we found out that Matt knows how to sing Sweden's national anthem backwards by heart, and that was hilarious. But on the other hand I've had Allison and Nicky competing on who can break a glass with their voice at three in the morning, so.
  • Matt: Kevin is definitely seems like everything in his life is about Exy, but get to know him and you realize that he has plenty of interests, it's just that he has no concept of doing things in moderation. So it's less a stick up his butt and more like, I don't know, a pool noodle or something.
  • Aaron: Neil doesn't have a concept of money, a fact which on any given day swings between hilarious and flat out tragic. He refused to pay $15.90 for new pants but said he'd pay for my med school if I stopped making fun of his new haircut. To be clear, both of these things happened in the same conversation.
  • Nicky: I love God, I do. He's always in my heart. But I guess God has abandonment issues because every time I see a commercial for a McFlurry I can just feel him testing me.
  • Andrew: The thing about the Foxes is that the stress level on any given day can fluctuate so wildly you get whiplash. One day you're getting yelled at for not blocking a shot, the next you're getting yelled at for "obstruction of justice" or whatever it is the Feds call it when you remind them that they can't come in without a search warrant. Why Wymack does this willingly is beyond me.
  • Kevin: On the one hand, the Foxes are much less organized, not to mention a smaller team. Every game, we're at an almost immediate disadvantage. On the other hand, Ravens are contractually forbidden from Irish coffee. So overall the decision isn't hard.

Inquisitor Challenge → Round One: Race

No, I’m not Tal-Vashoth. Tal-Vashoth are rebels. You can’t rebel against something you’ve never seen. I’m Vashoth.


The Avengers as music albums.

palenoface  asked:

Yo I just watched season 4 and I was wondering... Is it just me or Shiro is confusing Keith with mixed signals ? First he asks him to lead then he gives him orders but after that he's all "you're the leader keith you have to make a decision" I mean what the hell ? It's all so confusing I don't get it

And now that I think of it it might be one of the reasons why Keith leaved Voltron to join the Blade…

Yes, Shiro has actually contradicted himself on numerous occasions. But I like to think that this is because of Kuron. Despite having the same memories, Kuron does not share the same values as Shiro.


If Kuron ends up not being a legitimate thing, and it turns out the Shiro from season 3 and 4 was in fact the real Shiro, then I’m going to pretty disappointed on how the writers treated Shiro’s character. Shiro has proven time and time again that he’s a father figure first, and he’s a general leading people into war second. He cares about his team, but in season 3 and 4, he brushed aside his team’s feelings.

If you ask me, the Shiro from Season 3 and 4 seems to follow the mentality of “The mission is more important than the individual.” Which is funny because that seems to be the mentality of all the Galra, whether they’re part of the bom or not.

anonymous asked:

Assuming "Who shattered Pink Diamond" will be treated as an actual murder mystery, how do you think the show will treat Pearl and Garnet in the matter? Like will it turn out there's a lot they don't know either, or will they be obstructionist for reasons?

i have one major distinction - pearl knows more than garnet does. garnet is the one who jumps to defending rose’s alleged shattering. she seems to know as much as most. but pearl… pearl shuts up, covers her face and avoids

she was rose’s confidant. all that means thus far is she knew about a “secret armory” the others didn’t, but there’s gotta be more. yes, she hypes their relationship up as much as possible, but she was with rose before garnet. before anyone. her truest, most loyal follower. and she just… shuts up. several times.

her faces are not that of someone who’s merely uncomfortable - she’s actively trying not to speak, even though it’s after steven ‘knows’ rose shattered pink. i don’t buy that she’s just “upset” for a second. rose’s most loyal aide, and she’s yet to say a single word on pink diamond, leaving it to garnet every time?

pearl’s afraid. there’s something about the whole situation she’s anxious to keep to herself. and this is very significant, because if any character knows exactly what happened - except rose and pink, who obviously can’t share - it’s pearl. the diamonds don’t know. jasper didn’t use the word “shatter”, but the justification of her revenge hinges on rose’s guilt, so she doesn’t know either.

blue zircon tried to piece it together, but she assumed plenty - that just because the simple shattering doesn’t make sense, rose couldn’t have been involved. except… there’s absolutely nothing to prove that. rose is a very powerful gem, who had no trouble getting past blue diamond’s defenses in ‘the answer’. and nothing proves it “had” to be someone with authority either. 

what really tells us (the audience) something new is the sword - designed for a fair fight, it can’t shatter gems… and yet, an important set piece in the “murder”. many seem to assume it was a different sword, but:

it’s pictured in the homeworld databases.

eyeball - the eye witness - describes it as “huge”. she remembers what it looks like, and it wasn’t one of pearl’s standard-size rebellion era swords. 

it seems rose’s sword did play a part… which means that, in some form, so did rose. and i think pearl knows that, because she was around from the beginning… which means that, if steven figures out it can’t have been as simple as it looks, pearl might finally have to talk. 

anonymous asked:

hi viria! so, I wanted to know how you typically picture Hermione's hair to look like? because I noticed in the romione/hinny fanart you did of them in the gryffindor common room, Hermione's hair was like brick red. But in the deathly hallows kiss pic it turned out to be brown-ish. Was that like, intentional? or let's just say the lighting? i don't mean to sound rude, it's just a bit confusing on how her hair color actually is in some arts.

Don’t worry, you don’t sound rude at all! 

I’d say it was intentional? Generally, I imagine Hermione’s hair as a simple “dark brown”, in my head. Whenever I draw I pick different shades of dark brown because of the lighting and general colour palette of the image? I try to choose those that work well with background and everything else!

I try to leave the same tone/similar contrast to the skin, but mostly not the colour. Since one particular colour can look good with light background, but completely blend with dark, so it changes slightly *v*