i actually don't know what's gotten into me

the moving goalposts.
  • trans woman: I'm a woman.
  • transmisogynist: No you're not, women dress femininely whereas men aren't pressured to wear makeup or maintain a feminine appearance.
  • trans woman: Well, I dress femininely, and I am pressured to wear makeup and maintain a feminine appearance as my failure to do so is punished with harassment and violence. So, do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, you're not a woman, women experience misogynistic oppression, like catcalling and gendered wage gap.
  • trans woman: I experience both of those things, people see me as a woman and mistreat me accordingly. So, do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, you're not a woman, woman is a biological class. You're a biological male.
  • trans woman: I'm on HRT, and my hormone levels are within the average range of cisgender women. I've undergone physical changes due to HRT that have made my physical body more similar to the average cis woman. So, do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, women have vaginas.
  • trans woman: I've undergone vaginoplasty. I have a functioning vagina, labia majora, labia minora, and clitoris. This is very personal, but, i can, in fact, orgasm. Do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, women have XX chromosomes. That's the REAL factor that determines our social role.
  • trans woman: So, are you seriously claiming that everyone goes around treating other people based on their chromosomes, a quality that can only be factually known by a medical test?
  • transmisogynist: Yes!
  • trans woman: But I've never gotten chromosomally tested. I don't ACTUALLY know what my chromosomes are. Have you ever gotten chromosomally tested?
  • transmisogynist: No, but–
  • trans woman: Then your argument is completely flawed. You know with certainty that you present as a woman, are seen as a woman, and are mistreated as a woman, but you believe that those things are totally disconnected? That, instead, your chromosomes are what people are really seeing when they look at you? That's completely preposterous.
  • transmisogynist: Well, what I really mean is, your birth assignment is what really counts, because that's when male socialization is initiated, which determines your entire mindset and outlook on the world, as well as how you treat other people.
  • trans woman: It is true that socialization influences how we view the world. But let me ask you a question, you are female-socialized, right?
  • transmisogynist: Damn right.
  • trans woman: And female socialization includes subservience to men, right?
  • transmisogynist: Yes, very much so. My parents were extremely traditionalist and imposed very strict gender roles on me as a child.
  • trans woman: But right now you're not subservient to men at all, right?
  • transmisogynist: Hell no. I'm a radical feminist, I'm a lesbian, I do not share the class interests of men and I work towards women's liberation from men as a class and, ultimately, the end of the restrictive system of gender.
  • trans woman: So, logically, this would be an example of how your gendered socialization DIDN'T control your outcome as a person. Sure, you had to actively resist that socialization, but you've moved past that.
  • transmisogynist: Yes, that's true, but the same can't be said about you, you're clearly male-socialized.
  • trans woman: Hell no. I'm a radical feminist, I'm a lesbian, I do not share the class interests of men and I work towards women's liberation from men as a class and, ultimately, the end of the restrictive system of gender.
  • transmisogynist: No, that's wrong! You can't be a lesbian, you're a male!
  • trans woman: Don't say that to my wife, she's gonna be pretty mad if you tell her she's not really a lesbian. She's been a lesbian for years, I seriously don't see how my gender is any different than the gender of her last girlfriend.
  • transmisogynist: You can't be a feminist, either! You're a male, there's no way you can understand the struggles of being a woman!
  • trans woman: Didn't you post one of my essays on gender on your facebook wall?
  • transmisogynist: Er, well, yes, but, that's before I knew that you were trans! See, this is more of your deceptive duplicitous behavior, concrete proof that you cannot overcome your male socialization or produce ideas that deserve consideration as contributions to feminism.
  • trans woman: But didn't you praise that shitty liberal Male Feminist guy's anti-transgender article?
  • transmisogynist: Yeah, but, at least he isn't calling himself a feminist, just a feminist Ally. So he's being honest and knowing his boundaries while helping feminism.
  • trans woman: And didn't you praise that conservative politician's proposed ban on transgender people being able to use the restroom? Why the hell would you ever side with a conservative? You realize that he's the same guy who has previously worked to defund women's healthcare services and repeal gay marriage? Supporting him in any capacity gives him political capital that he'll be able to leverage for future reactionary policies, because he is literally an anti-feminist politician.
  • transmisogynist: But he's one of the few politicians who's willing to stand up for a ban on transgender people in restrooms.
  • trans woman: Yeah, because he's an out-and-out bigot against LGBT people and women. He's literally creating legal contexts for male violence against transgender women, something that you've PREVIOUSLY stated you're opposed to, but now apparently you're for it.
  • transmisogynist: What male violence? It's just a legal protection for vulnerable women and girls in the sanctified space of the public bathroom.
  • trans woman: The male violence of police officers, prison guards, and prison inmates. That's the male violence that you're totally fine with exposing trans women to. If you really gave a shit about reduction of harm, you would support my right to use whatever PUBLIC RESTROOM I wanted, and support gender-neutral restrooms. After all, butch cis women have been harassed and gender-policed in restrooms in states where that law was in effect, and had security guards called on them. Isn't that a fucking travesty? I support butch women's right to use women's restrooms, and if you support trans bathroom bans, you DON'T. Cis and trans women share certain class interests, and often times if you work against trans women's' class interests, you're ultimately going to harm cis women's class interests as well. We suffer a wage gap too, which is why so many of us are FEMINISTS.

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Hey lovely I've had an idea bouncing around my noggin lately.. What about an angsty bughead fic where Juggy gets concerned that Betty's going to hurt herself like Polly? I don't know why, maybe she did or something.. Just a thought.. Love your writing! ❤

I’ve gotten a lot of angsty requests lately and I’m actually really enjoying writing them! Thank you so much!

He was scared. Jughead jones was actually so terrified, he found it difficult to focus on anything, including his novel.

It wasn’t the “I’m gonna fail my history test” type of scared, it was more “I’m losing the one person in this world who really matters to me.” Type of scared

Betty was falling. No one seemed to notice but him, but what he was seeing was enough to scare even the toughest socially awkward teenager.

Everyday, the bags under her eyes would get darker, her palms were almost always bloody, and he hadn’t seen her laugh in almost a month, and then their was tonight.

The gang had been having a late night study session, when they brought up the upcoming midterm Veronica had jokingly said

“It’s pretty much the end of our lives if we fail the calculus midterm, right bets?”

Betty’s eyes became glossier than normal and she nodded

“Yeah totally, the end of my life.”

Jughead stared at her for a little but Betty didn’t meet his eyes, she kept her face towards the window, staring blankly outside.

While he was walking her home she had turned to him

“Thank you Jughead, you’re my best friend, you’ve been so great through everything, I’m really proud of you, I want you to know that. ”

His heart race sped up.

“Why does it sound like you’re saying goodbye?”

She smiled sadly

“Because I’m going inside.”


“Bye juggie”

Then the door had slammed, echoing through his ears.

He had gone home and hadn’t done a single thing but think about the beautiful blonde angel.

This wasn’t doing him any good, grabbing his beanie he was out the door, fast as he came in.

Before he knew it, he was standing under Betty’s window. He was not athletic, and he most definitely should have thought this through, considering the only way in, required climbing a tree and sliding through the window.

“Okay jones, you got this.”

After about twelve failed attempts to mount the tree, he finally made it to the top, balancing on the tree and sliding in through the window.

There was betty, laying on her bed, eyes closed with her ear buds in her ears.

Beside her bed was an orange pill bottle and he immediately snatched it from the dresser, effectively grabbing her attention, she jumped up knocking her her earbuds out.

“Jughead?! What are you doing in here? How did you get in here?! Did you climb that tree?!” She said in a panicky ramble, eyes wide.

“I ask the questions here! Why is this pill bottle by your bed, what are you doing with all of these ?”

She looked at him confused

“Jughead, those are my sleeping pills, why do you care about those?”

He shook his head

“ you don’t need to sleep! You need to stay alive! You can’t die Betty, the gang needs you! I need you. I’m sorry I haven’t been there, I didn’t know what to do.. it’s my fault, I’m just so emotionally stunted.” He was rambling and Betty cut him off

“ woah woah woah! Die? Who said anything about dying? I need those pills because I have nightmares. I’m depressed Jughead not suicidal.” She said softly.

“Isn’t depression just a gateway to suicide?” He asked panicky.

She grabbed his hand and sat him down on her bed

“Sometimes that is the case, but I’m getting help. I don’t wanna kill myself, I’m just tired almost all the time, and I find it difficult to focus. I know I haven’t been much fun to hang out with and I’m sorry, but I’m working on getting better. Actually talking to you about all this, makes me feel a little better.” She smiled at him.

Releasing the breath he was holding

“So you don’t plan on leaving the earth anytime soon?”

She laughed

“Nope Jughead, you’re stuck with me for as long as the good lord sees fit.”

Flopping back on her bed he sighed

“Thank god.”

She Layed down beside him

“So you need me huh?”

He closed his eyes

“More than you’ll ever know Betty Cooper”

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I just read When to Let Go (kendylgirl)--why has this series not gotten more love?? No one's heard of it, but I don't know why. It's worth a mention!

Hi Nonny!

Oh, I actually haven’t heard of it! Thank you for letting me know about it!! I like Rev-Reich stories, so here’s one I can add to my MFL list! Thanks!

When to Let Go by KendylGirl (M, 22,109 w. || Friends to Lovers, Reverse Reichenbach, Sacrifice, Forgiveness, Angst, Love, Implied Drug Use) – What if it were John who had to die to thwart Moriarty’s plans? John’s supposed death shatters Sherlock, and when he returns, it will challenge the pair to forge a path of forgiveness, to peace, and to find a way back to each other. Part 1 of When to Let Go 

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So I trust Mod-chan has been aware of the current situation going on with the Hideyoshi/Inuchiyo event? Regarding Hideyoshi's epilogue and sexual assault. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this? I don't know how to feel...

I actually wasn’t aware at all, but I checked the tags to see–I’ve not even gotten to Hideyoshi’s event, much less bought his prologue, but at this point I’m tired enough of this ES as is, so I could care less about spoilers.

This post will discuss, as anon has asked, sexual assault and the like, so just a fair warning.

What are my thoughts on it? Aside from the fact that Voltage will not let this stupid love triangle nonsense with Hideyoshi and Toshiie go (trust me I am TIRED), it’s like… I’m disappointed, but I saw this coming. From like a mile away. The whole premise of this event (”drinking under the moonlight” AKA “perfect place for tipsiness so we don’t have to consent”) has left so many shady opportunities open as is, and I’m just not surprised at this point that this is what Voltage has ended up doing with Hideyoshi. 

You know who else has had problems with sexual assault? Toshiie, in his main story. And let’s not forget Shingen has his common route along with some borderline moments in his events that I can’t even begin with to go on that discussion. There’s hoards of incidences where NPCs try to assault MC for the sake of drama… Do we see the pattern yet? This isn’t new. Voltage–along with many, MANY otome franchises–have been writing in cases of sexual assault and ignoring consent for ages now. 

I repeat, this is absolutely nothing new. It’s completely common.

That’s not a good thing.

The problem here is that Voltage–and again, many other games/companies in the otome genre are guilty of this–normalizes this. They make this seem okay when a man is forceful, when it’s really, really not. It’s not sexy, it’s not cute, it’s scary. If I’m going by the summary I’ve seen of Hideyoshi’s epilogue (thank you, @suzunesays), then MC is clearly scared in the situation. And for some weird reason, Hideyoshi says some pretty concerning shit as is–so not only are they normalizing this kind of behavior, but Voltage is making their characters suffer to make it happen. Just because a character is implied to get around a bit (and Hideyoshi has been known to be a bit of a womanizer) doesn’t mean that consent just gets blatantly thrown out the window. 

But I want to reiterate again that Hideyoshi’s not the first character to suffer from this kind of writing–Voltage has done it tons of times before both in and out of SLBP, and I won’t be surprised if they do it again. I hate it a lot. Because I might be older and can understand that it isn’t okay, but what about the younger audience who has access to this game (because they do, don’t deny it, Voltage)? Why would you try and make that seem normal to young girls who are trying to explore these concepts safely in fiction? It’s not okay.

I think on one hand, we need to understand that for one, Voltage’s writing is inconsistent and thus their characters are, too–you don’t have to characterize Hideyoshi this way (or Shingen, Toshiie, or anyone else who has had this assault narrative written for them), and that’s fine. These three characters are actually some of my favoritesBut you do have to be critical of the media you consume. You cannot ignore the fact that this is what Voltage has given its audience, and you have to say something about it.

All of us are tired of reading stories where we don’t feel safe.

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I find myself distancing myself from the phandom as well. Love the boys, but the phandom has just gotten toxic, especially with the shipping. I don't know what drama is currently going on either. The only thing phan-related I follow outside of their videos and actual accounts is phanartists. It's just kinda sad that a lot of fandoms have gotten this way to the point of me barely wanting to associate with the show/youtuber/etc.

Yeah.. I just… 1) don’t have time to be invested in the actual phandom; and 2) drama really exhausts me.. like, emotionally. I usually have an undercurrent of anxiety, and nothing makes me more anxious than people arguing over simple things. I sometimes feel like the phandom is completely separate from actual Dan and Phil, in that as a phan, you are able to enjoy one without the other. At least, that’s what I try to do. 

NOT TO SAY the entire phandom is toxic - again, I love being a part of a large group of creatives, making art and edits based on all the content, and enjoying it all together. But yeah, any negative stuff? Sign me the f out. 

anyone have any suggestions on how to increase the loading speed of the flash player on fontstuck because it loads so goddamn slow

My favorite part of Philosopher’s Stone

Albus Dumbledore had gotten to his feet. He was beaming at the students, his arms opened wide, as if nothing could have pleased him more than to see them all there.

“Welcome,” he said. “Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Drarry is my OTP!

“Thank you!”

I just want to know that maybe I will be okay. |  Ref

Little Fox Girls

So I have been hesitant for a while to post this, but a friend’s urging has convinced me I should. A while back, June 19th one of my favourite tumblr poets, Raquel posted this in reply to somebody getting one of her quotes tattooed: i love how this came out and i love you for getting through what you did. honestly every time i hear a story like this, like yours, of a little fox girl who learned her teeth and tail and how to own the night with eyes of fire: it makes my heart sing.
keep shining.

So, I wrote a poem.

We are more than just pretty bodies
We are more than just decorations to be set upon a mantlepiece

We are little fox girls
Who earned the right of their tails
And learned the might of their teeth
And how to own the night with eyes of fire.

We are more than just somebody to throw pet names at
We are more than the countless terms of “babygirl”, “sweet thang” and “hot stuff”

Oh, we’re hot alright
Because we’re burning
Burning this box you have built around us
Sending flames into the sky.

We are not your toys
We are much more than that.
We are not stories,
But We are legends in our own right.

I have always been a lioness,
A wolf with fangs bared,
Cat with claws unsheathed.
I am a dragon with beating wings and pounding heart,
Ready to destroy you with one swing of my tail.

I am a little fox girl,
Trained in the ways of cunning,
Of deception,
And the swift, cruel jaws of death.

I have never been too gentle,
Never soft enough
Or proper enough
To be considered a princess.

I am queen.
Fierce ruler of my own kingdom
That I have grown within myself.

And us little fox girls
All over the world
Shall rule on,
Forever strong.

We are little fox girls,
Who learned our teeth and tail,
And how to own the night with eyes of fire,
And our hearts,
they sing.

- CER // Little Fox Girls
June 21st (Father’s day!), 2015
1:27 - 1:31 am

edit 10-5-15: you can locate more of my poems @ soulsofink.tumblr.com !!!

edit 12-29-15: I’m going to be auditioning to do LFG for my talent show!!! Hopefully getting music to it courtesy of my talented friend and maybe another friend will be reading with me. So excited!!!

edit 3-2-16: I read it at the talent show last Monday and it was amazing!!! People liked it and I’ve gotten such a great response. Also, 1,000 NOTES OMG I HIT THAT MANY WHAT THE ACTUAL?!?!

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Amazing prompts😍 Any prompts for how someone would earn forgiveness? One of my characters did something and the other needs to forgive them but I don't know how they'd earn it? Like what grand act would they do?

Thank you!! (I’m on mobile rn so I’ll tag this later!!)


“What else am I supposed to do? I’ve gotten you flowers, chocolate, a basket of puppies, what else do you want?”

“I don’t know, to actually hear you’re sorry?”


“You really.. really didn’t have to get a plane.”

“But I wrote an apology letter in the sky!!”

“..Still very unneeded. Where did you even get the money?”


I still like you. Tell me you do not like me, and maybe it would hurt enough that I would let go. I am not sure.
—  10:34pm thoughts// actually, no, I’m not fine and certainly not okay

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Do you know what twist and shout is? If so tell me your feelings bout it.

i know what it is but I’ve not read it.

there’s enough angst in the actual story for me, i don’t need more!

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I'm afraid to call myself bi anymore. Me and some other bi friends keep being called being transphobes JUST because we're bi, or being told we're actually pan because we like genders besides cis. There's so many posts about how bi is wrong and outdated, it's gotten so confusing and I don't know what to call myself anymore. Is there even a difference?

That’s ridiculous and I’m sorry you’re dealing with it. Bisexuality means attraction to two or more genders, that’s all; it is those other people who are being transantagonistic when they insist that attraction to non-cis people means you can’t be bi. And yes, there is a distinction; pansexuality, as currently defined, is “attraction to all genders” or “attraction regardless of gender.” Ayin has pointed out before that, according to the “you must be pan!” worldview, it does not have a valid sexuality - it is attracted to people of a variety of genders, but not to men or masculine people.

  • Person: You are never going to have time to write or anything. I mean, you are going to have a baby soon!
  • Me: Yeah. Sure. Whatever. *keeps typing*
  • Person 2: Do you really want your kid finding out their mom writes shit like this?
  • Me: I don't care.
  • Person 3: You are a mom now. Don't you think you should stop?
  • Me: *flicks them all off and types while breast feeding*
  • Person 4: Couldn't you use your energy to do something productive?
  • I've actually gotten a lot of shit from people irl who knew I was pregnant and a writer (I really need to upload stuff I do >.>). I keep hearing about how I'm never going to have time, or energy, or that I should be ashamed of 'wasting my time' on this 'stupid, useless hobby.' I guess I'm not the only one who hears this because someone else (not saying names in case they don't want people to know) asked me about these things when we talked about it.
  • My advise: Ignore those idiots. They don't know what they are talking about or are just bitter that they gave up their hobbies when they had kids. Having a baby is extremely emotionally taxing. Professionals even expect new mothers to have to step away to cry it out (which yeah, I've done that. it's not easy.). Do you really think giving up something you enjoy is going to make it all feel better? HELL NO! In fact, it might increase the risk of you becoming depressed! At first, the baby will sleep for hours at a time. Spend a few of these quiet moments to indulge in your hobbies. At first you might be too tired, but once you get into it again you will find that the boost of hormones actually might make it easier for you to get inspired. Can't devote to making something good? Write a sloppy outline. draw a very simple sketch. write out bits and pieces that you don't want to forget. get the idea down somehow so you can come back to it when you feel more capable. That is good to do in general, but it is especially important during these times when you can't devote the mental power to recalling things you didn't put down somewhere. hell, I forget that I have to put a check in the bank if I don't write it down, I can't expect myself to remember a story idea!
  • Just remember that keeping your health in tact is one of the most important things you can do for you and your child (whether you have one, are thinking of it, or are currently expecting) Emotional health is just as important as physical, and IDK about all of you, but letting my artistic side out is what keeps me together. I don't think I would be capable of being a good parent if I had to give it up.
  • So if anyone tells you that you have to give up doing what you love if you have a child, tell them to shut the fuck up and mind their own business! It's ideals like that that make people think that having a child will ruin their life. I love my baby. I love my art. I love myself. I refuse to let anyone tell me that I am doing it wrong.
Play Along

The (overheard, unintentional) prompt: “You know those pianos they put in airports? So I was waiting for my flight, and this one guy was playing a really sad tune. And suddenly, this other guy walks up with a violin, all smiles and good cheer, and starts accompanying him?  He seemed so into it, but the piano guy just glared at him and stormed off. I thought the violinist would keep playing, but he seemed so sad, and he went after the pianist instead. I dunno if they knew each other.” Thank you, random citizen.

A focus on Mikasa and Izzy bonding over having silly sort-of-brothers and overall being the cool sisters they are, musician Ereris, airports are awesome.

Read on Ao3

Keep reading

  • Principal: Hey, you there. *doesn't even know my name bc I'm just that avoiding of principals*
  • Me: Wut hi
  • Principal: Is that a hickey on your neck?
  • Me: No
  • Principal: What is it then? *stern face that I really hate on people*
  • Me: *taps violin case on back*
  • Principal: Could you be more specific please and don't assume everyone knows what's in there. *stern face intensifies into scowl*
  • I think I may or may not have gotten on her bad side but you know what I'll chuck violin mutes in her face

I’m sure y’all have seen this image macro going around, but I bet you DIDN’T know that the excellent Steven Brust – go read his Vlad Taltos books, or Freedom and Necessity – has actually written LYRICS to go with it!  

And here they are, reproduced with his permission (h/t to the equally excellent Ellen Kushner – go read Swordspoint, right now – through whom I found them).

When I outline well I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the one who builds a plot for you.
When I edit, yeah I know I’m gonna be
The one excising all the adverbs just for you.
If I research, well I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the one who’s learning about you.
And if I get stuck, hey I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the writer getting stuck on you.

And I would write five hundred words
And I would write five hundred more
To be the one who gives you all the
Feels you’ve never felt before

When I write heroes, yes I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the one who bases them on you.
And when I worldbuild, I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the one who builds a world for you.
When I contract for the book I wrote
I’m gonna sign the whole advance over to you.
When I publish, yeah I know it’s gonna have
It’s gonna have a dedication just for you.

Awww!  I want someone to build a world for me!

Fun fact, which I learned from an actual Scottish person recently: “haver” does not in fact mean “to throw up on someone’s shoes because you have gotten drunk next to them,” no, it means to babble foolishly. As you do when you’re drunk. 

– Petra

Psych {Sentence Starters}
  • "You cannot sit here in a dark car all alone. You'll be picked up for mopery."
  • "I could give you the details, but then I'd have to kill you."
  • "I'm just trying to keep the streets safe."
  • "Just because you put syrup on something doesn't make it pancakes."
  • "I cannot thank you enough for believing in me!"
  • "Just so you know, if you go to prison, I will not wait for you!"
  • "I'm sorry, but was this chicken seasoned with molten lava?"
  • "I don't lose things. I place things in locations which later elude me."
  • "I had no idea you were so serious about bowling."
  • "I haven't snuck into your apartment for weeks. Which reminds me, you're all out of peanut butter."
  • "To be honest, I'm burnt. I just wanna take a nap."
  • "No, and frankly, I could care less."
  • "I can't believe this. You lifted your look right off this mannequin!"
  • "Great. Now you've gotten me kicked out of a funeral."
  • "His responses to my interrogation were hostile at best."
  • "I don't even know how that ridiculous urban legend got started."
  • "What part of 'stay put' is confusing to you?"
  • "Trust me, you don't want that. It'll put a big hole in your future."
  • "You can't judge someone by the tales they tell."
  • "Actually, all I have is the phrase 'I have a foolproof plan'. Beyond that, I'm wide open."
  • "I think I broke my back, and my neck, and my arm."
  • "What, is that rude? Am I supposed to share?"
  • "Why do people say, 'I could care less' when they really mean, 'I couldn't care less?'"
  • "I did get you a donut. And then I ate it."
  • "Where'd you get that juice box and does it come in grapalicious?"
  • "I'm just saying, technology is way overrated."